Driveclub Bikes at night in the rain is incredible (and terrifying)

One of the most surprising announcements at PlayStation's Paris Conference (well, apart from that little leak beforehand) was that of Driveclub Bikes. Sure, most games get bike DLC at some point, but the game is called Driveclub. It should arguably be called 'Rideclub'. But never mind what it isn't, because what it is deserves your attention: It's very, very pretty. Just look at this real-time footage that I recorded earlier today, showcasing a thunderstorm in India. The game goes from evening to night in sped-up time too. Why? Because it's a dirty little show-off.

Driveclub Bikes is available for £11.99/$14.99 if you've already got Driveclub, or £15.99/$19.99 as a standalone download.