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Dragon Quest goes girlie – ever wanted pink slime lingerie?

It’s been mentioned many a time how absolutely massive a deal the Dragon Quest game franchise is in Japan, but it’s still a bit hard to conceptualize until you see things like the amount and variety of merchandise available overseas.

Take this new line of Dragon Quest themed clothes and accessories, for example. The Dragon Quest for Girls + Artist line is sponsored by Japan’s Parco department store chain, and features numerous Dragon Quest-themed items created by up-and-coming fashion designers. The clothing is specifically designed for women with smaller sizes and female-form-fitting underwear, so tough luck if you’re a male wanting to flaunt your love of candy colors and adorable monsters – and somehow, we doubt anyone’s girlfriend will be willing to equip a Dragon Quest bra unless she just happened to be a huge gamer herself. But hey, there are still plenty of accessories available, including all sorts of pink-colored slimes.

If you want to browse the full selection (there’s quite a bit), as well as see a movie of the actual products on display, you can drop by the official Dragon Quest for Girls + Artist website. The fashions will be available in Parco’s massive Shibuya flagship store, but they’re also available for order online – provided you have a Japanese shipping address, of course. The prices are also quite high – especially considering the current yen/dollar exchange rate – but that’s also par for the course for Japanese fashion in general. Owning pink slime pajama pants? Priceless.

Aug 26, 2010