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Dragon Age: Inquisition Romance guide

Cassandra Pentaghast 

Preference: Male Inquisitors, open to all races.

Much like the rest of the romantic options, the earlier you flirt with Cassandra, greater the likelihood of a romance. Best sure to complete the Unfinished Business and Promise of Destruction assignments, which are her Inner Circle Quests.

You cannot be a worthy suitor without knowing how to bestow tokens of affection. Ask Verric to create a new issue of Swords & Shields as it's a Guilty Pleasure of hers within her gift quest.

Even disagreements - if you truly believe your position is correct - can build a foundation for a relationship. Pay attention to a conversation with Cassandra at Skyhold. Disagree with Cassandra’s skepticism that something isn’t going to lead to anywhere. Keep disagreeing until she relents. She’ll admire your conviction.

A relationship with Cassandra is an exclusive one. You need to break up with her before you can pursue another love interest.

Dorian Pavus 

Preference: Male Inquisitors, open to all races.

Dorian’s personal plot comes before romantic pursuits. First complete Last Resort of Good Men, then speak to Dorian about your feelings for him. Continue to stay romantic and eventually Leliana will bring Dorian’s romance plot, The Magister’s Birthright, to your attention. It is crucial you do not kill Pochard in order to continue your romance with Dorian. After you’ve finished this, find Dorian in Skyhold to consummate the relationship.

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