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Dragon Age: Inquisition Romance guide


Preference: Female Inquisitors, open to all races.

If you’ve never romanced anyone in a Bioware game before, Blackwall is a great “gateway” love interest since he’s easy to get along with. Opportunities begin after Haven’s destruction, which is when you can tell him how you feel. He won’t be ready to return your feelings just yet, not until his quests are complete and you keep up that positive rating.

You’ll know things are going well if he calls you to The Storm Coast during his Gift Quest. Blackwall will eventually leave the party to fulfil his personal quest, Revelations. When he accomplishes this you can send him to the Grey Wardens or let him choose his own destiny.

Finally, look for Blackwall in the stables at Skyhold when he returns to the Inquisition to consummate the relationship.


Preference: Female Inquisitors, open to all races.

Yes, Sera is open-minded about races, though expect an easier time if you’re a Qunari. It is also key to complete The Verchiel March mission. If you are already romantically involved with another character, Sera will ask you to talk to your love interest before any courtship with Sera can begin. This will then open the A Woman Who Wants For Nothing mission, which you need to complete. Finally you will need to make sure that all friend and friendship hub topics are done before you can be with Sera.

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