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Drag Me To Hell Poster

According to Shock Till You Drop director Sam Raimi’s return to the horror fold has been worth the wait: “When it comes to horror, this film proves Raimi has not lost his touch. Drag Me to Hell is an achievement in the fact that it's PG-13 and scary (the film made me jump several times) and, better still, an original story. Not a remake. Not a sequel. Simply a balls-to-the-wall tale about a young woman whose life is shattered by a curse placed upon her by a vengeful gypsy. It pushes the boundaries of its rating with some first-rate fright gags, it features a taut, smart script and there are amiable characters to invest in. Alison Lohman's Christine is a character you feel for. That you root for, more importantly."

The site also has the hi-res version of the poster – just click on the image below to see it in all its glory.