Dominate WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2008

Who’s the boss?
If you want to be the best damn general manager, you’ve got to be as merciless as Vinnie Mac. These are the seven habits of highly effective GMs.

1) Be ruthless
Yes, HBK might be your favourite wrestler, but you can’t get sentimental about him. As long as they’ve got the same popularity, Divas and Superstars have exactly the same effect on ratings, so if your favourite wrestler’s down to the last week of his contract and you can trade him for someone better, he’s got to go.

2) Impose discipline
Got a wrestler with a morale problem? Ditch him. He’s a bit upset? Lose him. On the other hand, don’t trade away any wrestlers who are in the middle of a hot rivalry - this does wonders for their popularity.

3) Don’t ignore the little guy
Whatever brand you’re on, Rey’s one of the best wrestlers you can get. If you’re managing the SmackDown brand then you’ll need a cruiserweight who’ll make for popular title matches - and if you’re in charge of the Raw side of things you’ll want to stop SmackDown from doing the same thing. The little fella’s Mexican gold.

4) Use your jobbers
The real WWE does this to build up its stars, and so should you. Sign a couple of cheap wrestlers to short-term contracts just so they can lose to your stars again and again. This’ll drive up your big hitters’ popularity, and you can always ditch the losers later. Whatever you do, don’t use them in the Pay-Per-View.