Dog's Life Cheats

Dog's Life Glitches

  • PS2 | Submitted by freakychick101

    Chicken Problems

    At the Farmhouse in Clarksville

    You can make Jake grab one of the chickens and bring it over to the water and throw it, the chicken will walk on water. If you hold the chicken long enough it will lose all of it's feathers. And if you switch dogs and play with Lopez the Chauwawua and grab one of the chickens without throwing it and you run out of time, when you next see Lopez he will still have the chicken in his/her mouth.

Dog's Life Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Menu

    At any time during gameplay, bark (by pressing SQUARE) three times, growl (by holding SQUARE) three times, then break wind (by pressing LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN). Now press SELECT and you'll find a new option called "Cheats" at the Settings menu. This option allows you to switch dogs, increase the number of bones in your inventory, select any stage and move your dog to any position in the current level at any time.

Dog's Life Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Bone in Clarksville

    Beat the digging challenge take control of the dog that you beat and make it go through the crack in the greenhouse pick up the bone and give it to Jake

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    What to do With the Other Dogs

    Ok, this is what you do when you have control of the other dogs in the game. with chiwawa (the first dog) you go into the big house (their is a little dog flap that is open). You go into that flap and you should see a door, turn right and there should be a space somewhere in the middle of that space you will see a bone, pick it up and chiwawa will automatically take the bone to Jake

    After you have released all of the dogs from the dog pound and collected over 90 bones go back to the pound and go up to the house. Go inside and jump onto the box and press the switch. A door will open,go through it and stop all of the machines before they turn daisy into cat food. once you save her there is a cut scene and then the credits will roll down. Congratulations you have just beaten a Dogs Life!

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Free Food

    Walk around and go heaps fast into a box or crate and it will break and food will come out of it so you are not hungry anymore.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Eggs

    At the Clarksville center in the mission were you have to collect eggs for the cool boy find the arrow that has a chicken on it follow it there's a fence blocking your way in run heaps fast into the 2 middle boards to break them and get in bark at the chicken that's there and it will drop eggs bring them to the boy keep doing this until the mission is complete

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Past The Dog Cacther's Dog

    You will need a certain amount of bones to get past the dog catcher's dog to get to a new area here's how many bones you need to get to get to that area. you need to have 1 more bone then the dog catcher's dog to progress.
    Lake Minniwahwah 16 bones
    Boom City 51 bones
    Boom City Dog Pound 71 bones

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Bones

    At the farmhouse, go to the side of the barn and u will find a ball. throw it thru the b-ball hoop 3 times 2 get a bone. leave the farmhouse and repeat this 2 get free bones

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Some moves have to be unlocked by doing Doggy Doo games
    Sit down: Press Down.
    Lie down: Press Down while sitting down.
    Sit up: Press Up while lying down.
    Stand up: Press Up while sitting down.
    Shake body: Press Left, Right, Left.
    Beg 1: Press Left, Right, Up.
    Beg 2: Press Right, Down, Up.
    Beg 3: Press Left, Up, Down.
    Beg 4: Press Left, Left, Right.
    Beg 5: Press Left, Down, Up.
    Fart or poop: Press Left, Right, Down.
    Pee left: Press Left, Down, Left.
    Pee right: Press Right, Down, Right

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jtrapp13

    Dirty Dog

    During Gameplay

    When Jake gets to be dirty, at the farmhouse area, there is a lake. Go to swim in it, then get out of it and shake Jake off (Left,right,left) then he will be clean