Doctor Who "Lets Kill Hitler Tops August iPlayer Chart

And that’s despite the fact that it was only available for four days

Doctor Who continues to dominate the BBC iPlayer service’s charts. “Let’s Kill Hitler”, the first episode of the second half of series six, was the most requested show on iPlayer in August, with nearly one million downloads, despite the fact it was only available for the last four days of the month, points out .

In those four days it was accessed 0.99 million times, beating Top Gear episode six into second place. Torchwood: Miracle Day episodes four, five and six came in third, fourth and fifth for the month with around 0.7 million requests each, though enthusiasm seemed to be wavering by episode seven which was 16th with around 0.5 million requests.
Also, the recent repeats of the first half of Doctor Who series six on BBC Three in the past few weeks meant that those episodes were available for download again too on iPlayer. The result – “The Impossible Astronaut” is now the most accessed iPlayer episode of the year with 1.93 million requests so far, putting it ahead of Come Fly With Me episode two with 1.86 million requests. Third for the year so far is “Day of the Moon” with 1.72 million requests.