Doctor Who The Impossible Astronaut Final Consolidated Ratings

And now for the good news

The final consolidated ratings for “The Impossible Astronaut” are now in (in other words, including those people who recorded it and watched it within a week), and it’s very good news.

8.86 million and an audience share of a massive 43.3%.

That’s an increase of 2.3 million on the overnight figure, and combined with the fact that the episode was number one on iPlayer for the week, supports Steven Moffat’s assertion that overnights mean virtually nothing these days.

That figure compares very favourably with the final consolidated figures for other series premieres: “New Earth” had 8.6 million, “Smith And Jones” 8.7m and “Partners In Crime” 9.1 million.

Hopefully “Day Of The Moon” can pull off a similar feat.