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Directory of hotness

Regular GamesRadarers will know that we like to take our viewers straight to the sexy whenever we possibly can. It's a service we're happy to provide. And this week we've got a celebratory Week of Babes that is guaranteed to take things straight to the sexy and - gasp - beyond.

As themed weeks go, a Week of Babes is pretty self-explanatory, so we won't insult your mantelligence explaining in pointless detail the absolutely smack-in-the-face obvious. To summarise, though, there'll be plenty of game-related pictures of babes and a bare minimum of words. Check out our Week of Babes schedule below and see what tickles your fancy.

Monday 7 July

Top 7... Shower Scenes

Sexy Cosplay Gallery

Tuesday 8 July

Promotional Game Babes

Overlooked Babes

Wednesday 9 July

Wii: Official Machine of Babes?

Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers EXCLUSIVE

Bond Babes

Thursday 10 July

The Babes Behind the Babes

Most Revealing 'Oops' Shots

Friday 11 July

Sexy Fan Art Gallery Update

Gaming's greatest Anti-babes