Digimon Battle Spirit Cheats

Digimon Battle Spirit Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by Nathan Gannam

    How to unlock all the hidden characters

    To unlock Impmon,Beat the game with 300, or more D-Spirit, and having beaten Impmon (an easy way to do this is to first go to "Options" and set the time to the max and put the difficulty on easy) (Impmon can't digivolve)
    How to Unlock Virus Agumon (digivolves to BlackWargreymon): Beat the game with any 2 characters.
    How to unlock Lopmon:Beat the game with any 3 characters, except for the ones you
    used to get Agumon (Virus)
    How to Unlock Gabumon(Digivolves to Omnimon): Beat the game with all the normal Digimon and the two Digimon
    you've unlocked.
    How to Unlock Extra Agumon (Digivolves to Omnimon): Extra Agumon is unlocked with Gabumon.
    Save the password given at the end of the game. You can enter them into Digimon Rumble Arena for PS1

  • GBA | Submitted by Thomas Corbin

    How to beat Millenniummon

    First jump on to the highest platform and then jump and hit then he will become small then avoid him until he becomes big again but this time jump onto the platform and get calumon and digivolve to mega then repeatedly
    jump and hit till you defeat him

Digimon Battle Spirit Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Thomas Corbin

    Score Ranking

    Go up to 2P mode and press B inside of A and you will go to score ranking.

  • GBA | Submitted by Thomas Corbin

    Change Color

    Go up to a character and press right or left to change its color (you might need to beat the game a few times).

  • GBA | Submitted by Thomas Corbin

    Hidden Digimon

    If you beat the game with 2 characters you get Black Agumon.
    If you beat the game with 3 characters you get Lopmon.
    If you beat the game with the rest of the characters you get Gabumon and a 2nd Agumon (they both turn into Omnimon).

  • GBA | Submitted by Luat Nguyen

    More Digimon

    You can get two more digimon[Garumon and 1 more Agumon] if you use Wormon to beat the game in easy mode.On the select digimon screen, if you press the left or right button, you can change the color of the digimon and use it.

  • GBA | Submitted by Thomas Corbin


    If Digimon battle Spirit is to hard go to options and turn level to easy. if you want to hear sounds go to option and click sound test and search for the sound you want.If your time is to short/long go to options and click time and press right or left and choose how long you want it to be.If you want to erase your data go to option and click erase data (warning decide before you click it).

  • GBA | Submitted by Thomas Corbin

    Secret level passwords

    1st secret level password is Kimjoy
    2nd secret level password is Linmon
    3rd secret level pasword is Royboy
    4th secret level pasword is Minnyn
    5th secret level pasword is Serius
    6th secret level pasword is Qrious
    7th secret level password is KENSAN
    (use these in Digimon Rumble Arena)