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Diablo III boss guide

Siegebreaker Assault Beast

This powerful beast is no joke. He is a living breathing death machine and if you are not careful you will be his next victim. He is a pretty straightforward boss – he mainly just swings his arms and occasionally charges. Both of these attacks do a lot of damage and it takes only a second for you to go from 100% to dead.

Ranged characters will have a better time in this fight since they can keep a large distance between themselves and the demon. If you are going to melee him you will likely need to do some hit-and-run tactics as simply soaking up his hits will be problematic. He doesn't have a whole lot of health so if you stay mobile and use some good guerilla warfare he will fall to your assault.


The Maiden of Lust shows off her arachnid form in this boss fight. She is fairly weak and employs only a few attacks. The first is a spider web snare that simply slows your movement. The second is spit missiles that fire in a cone-like area. It’s fairly weak so even if you’re hit it shouldn't hurt much. Her final attack involves her crawling away to summon swarms of little spiders. They are very weak but even weak enemies en masse can kill you, so make sure to wipe them out quickly. After that she shouldn’t be much of a problem.