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Detroit: Become Human PC release date set, and you won't be waiting long

The Detroit: Become Human PC release date is set for December 12. After debuting as a PS4 exclusive back in April 2018, the sci-fi adventure game will arrive on the Epic Games store for $39.99. It won't have any new director's cut content or anything like that, but it will be another chance for new players and longtime fans alike to see where their personal stories end up (and how many of their characters survive).

Detroit: Become Human takes place in a near-future version of the former Motor City, with the booming android industry having replaced the ailing automotive sector. Players take control of three different androids with three very different relationships to their human owners/superiors. Each android's story is shaped by choosing their responses in dialogue and handling their reactions to tense situations.

Our Detroit: Become Human review for the original PS4 version found it to be the best game from the story-focused studio yet.

"OK, it’s unlikely every plot line in the game will resonate on such a deep personal level with everyone, but Detroit: Become Human’s creator, Quantic Dream, has finally achieved what it has been threatening to do for decades - it’s made an interactive story capable of provoking genuine, honest, and varied emotions from its players, without most of the cheap tricks and emotionally manipulative moments we’ve seen in past games. It’s a neat parallel for the characters on which the game is based; an achievement that feels far greater and more meaningful than the sum of its parts."

We still don't know what story Quantic Dream is working on next, but the studio has confirmed that it's aiming for all of its future projects to be multiplatform from the get-go.

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