Destroy All Humans! 2

You might think that ammunition for this high-end artillery would be a problem, but Crypto can now transmogrify many things around him into ammo, so it's possible to re-supply mid-mission if the need arises. Crypto can also call his saucer to his position, rather than parking it in one place and then hoofing it everywhere else, including all the way back after a successful mission.

As if that wasn't enough, a device called the Gene Blender enables you to earn new powers by abducting certain collections of people. Think of it as a sort of butterfly collection, except with people. In fact, collecting at least one friend in the real world is a good idea as well - you can play through the single-player game in co-op mode.

Start learning Furon now - you'll want to know it when the invasion starts this autumn.

Above: The tree-hugging '60s is sure to give the writers plenty of scope for humour