Destiny The Dawning event guide - how to get the three new Exotics and the Lysander's Cry Sparrow

Lysander's Cry Sparrow

To get your hands on Lysander's Cry, you'll have to head back to the Crucible maps to find a new Dead Ghost. 

The Sparrow certainly isn't the fastest, so it won't be massively beneficial for the SRL. But it's a nice one to add to the collection.

Dead Ghost - Bannerfall

As always, the easiest way to grab a Ghost on the Crucible maps is in a private match on Control. Tweak the settings and head to Bannerfall.

Spawn in and make your way to point B.

With the control point in front of the tree, go through to the area to the right.

Drop down and walk under the platform on the other side.

There's a doorway on your left, beneath the furthest end of the platform.

Nip inside and pop over to the shelves on the left.

The Dead Ghost is hiding behind a box on the bottom shelf, on the right.

The Tower

The Sparrow is almost yours. Get over to the Tower Hangar, stat. 

Head up the first set of stairs that takes you to the floor beneath the FWC.

Make your way around to the left of the next staircase to access the area underneath.

Head to the back and turn left to spot a gift on top of the crates here. If you don't have the Dead Ghost, rather than seeing Lysander's Gift, you'll see the text 'For One Who Stood at Bannerfall'.

Open it up and the Sparrow is all yours.

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