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    Destiny of Spirits Trophies

    Trophy List

    Spirit Master (Gold): All areas have been freed.

    Great Trainer (Silver): Reached Spirits' max level 100 times.

    Legendary Summoner (Silver): Acquired 100 Spirits through summoning.

    Coming of Age (Bronze): Freed your first zone.

    Tactician (Bronze): Made 100 normal attacks with elements that had the upper hand.

    Friends to Lean On (Bronze): Rented a support Spirit 10 times.

    The Lord of the Spirits (Bronze): Completed your first trade.

    Quinceañera (Bronze): Got a single Spirit to level 10.

    Junior Master (Bronze): Cleared the tutorial.

    Smooth Sailing (Bronze): Freed 4 zones.

    Battle Master (Bronze): Won 10 battles in a row.

    Familiar Face (Bronze): Logged in 30 days in a row.