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Best Destiny 2 Forsaken weapons and how to get them

Destiny 2 - best Legendary weapons

Nameless Midnight (Scout Rifle)

Why we love it: Only available from Zavala, Nameless Midnight is a solid Scout Rifle entirely in its own right. Equipped with Precision Frame, Red Dot 2 MOA, and Flared Magwell - all of which boost precision, range, handling speed and reload speed respectively - it’s quicker than a lot of other legendary Scouts you’ll encounter, too. But it’s the Explosive Payload that really packs a punch here; forcing projectiles to detonate on impact, it turns this humble Scout into a monster in PvE and Crucible. 

Perseverance (Auto Rifle)

Why we love it: It’s early days, granted, but so far, Auto Rifles seem to be one of the better gun types to take into the Crucible. Perseverance in particular has caught our collective eye, and not just because it looks badass. Pumping out at 720 rounds per minute it’s certainly fast enough, let’s face it, but a boosted reload speed when empty helps you secure those crucial it’s-them-or-me Guardian deaths. With improved stability/accuracy as the mag gets emptier, too, it’s a beast. Don’t infuse this one.

Tarantula (Linear Fusion Rifle)

Why we love it: Linear Fusion Rifles are new to the Destiny world, but man, we’re having fun experimenting with this one. Like Nameless Midnight it has Precision Frame - which fires a long-range precision energy bolt - but it also has Hammer-Forged Rifling which improves range, and Smallbore which also increases range, as well as stability. Throwing Corkscrew Rifling into the mix balances your barrel, as well as increasing range, stability, and handling speed. And there’s Particle Repeater to constrain recoil and Snapshot Sights which speed up your shots the longer you look down the sight… What a combination, eh? 

MIDA Mini-Tool (SMG)

Why we love it: By the time the MIDA Mini-Tool falls into your lap you might be hellbent on racing through your quest line, but don’t write this nippy sub-machine gun off too soon. You’ll move faster with it equipped, plus get greatly increased Handling and slightly increased stability, along with fast reload when your mag runs dry, too. Equip it at the same time as your shiny Exotic MIDA Multi-tool - everyone’s go-to monster for Trials, it seems - and you’ll also get further speed benefits when using the other MIDA. Nice, eh?

Martyr’s Make (Auto Rifle)

Why we love it: For a solid Crucible performance, you won’t go wrong popping Martyr’s Make into your secondary slot. Boasting 49 rounds and shooting at 600 rounds per minute, right now it seems one of the best ways to take down Guardians running around with the MIDA Multi-Tool. Offering a well-rounded, sturdy Adaptive Frame, you can choose from a SUROS projection that gives a short-zoom sight that also buffs your handling speed and range, or pick the APO-26 Front, which offers a SUROS red-dot that does the same. But it’s Ricochet Rounds that really do the damage, bouncing off hard surfaces, which is deadly if you combine that with High-Impact Reserves, which intensifies the damage dealt by the last few rounds in the chamber. It’s lethal. Enjoy it.

Steel Sybil Z-14 (Sword)

Why we love it: There’s a good selection of Swords available for your Power Weapon slot now, but we’ve been particularly impressed by the stats of Steel Sybil Z-14, a sword that drops as a Crucible reward. With Adaptive Frame making it well-rounded and sturdy, Jagged Edge and Honed Edge boost damage (although the former does so at the cost of your ammo), while Enduring Guard buffs efficiency at the cost of defense, and Burst Guard does vice-versa. Whatever you choose, though, it’s a quick, effective way of shutting down Guardians in CQC. 

Curtain Call (Rocket Launcher)

Why we love it: The jury’s still out on what the Destiny 2’s Gjallahorn will be, and while many seem to think the Raid Rocket Launcher Sins of the Past is pretty amazing, not everyone is Raid-ready just yet. In the meantime? Check out Curtain Call. An Aggressive Frame gives high damage and high recoil, while Volatile Launch gives a greatly increased Blast Radius at the cost of a slight de-buff to your handling and projectile speeds. Hard Launch helps manage the latter, though, while Countermass means it’s weighted for vertical recoil and boosts stability and handling. 

And that’s not all. Thanks to High-Velocity Rounds you’ll find the projectiles are really speedy, as well as quick to reload, while Black Powder makes the explosives more effective at the cost of your blast radius and stability. Add in cluster bombs - rockets that spawn bombs upon detonation - and you’ll be hard pressed to find another Legendary Rocket Launcher as effective as this. 

Better Devils (Hand Cannon)

Why we love it: Another weapon touting Adaptive Frame, Better Devils is a reliable, sturdy weapon with an array of rolls to tweak to your particular play style. Fastdraw HCS makes it light and quick, boosting handling at the cost of stability, whereas Steadyhand does the opposite. Sureshot HCS, however, is a Pinpoint Hand Cannon sight that increases range, a godsend to Hand Cannon lovers who don’t want to get in too close. Be careful, though; equipping Sureshot means you’ll dip a little handling speed and stability. Worth it, though, given you have Extended Mag, and Explosive Payload detonates projectiles on impact.

Eystein-D (Pulse Rifle)

Why we love it: The only Pulse Rifle in our line-up, Eystein-D touts a High-Impact Frame, so its slow to fire, but deals out huge damage - especially if you’re standing still and aiming down the sight. GB Iron sights give a short zoom, whereas those Ricochet Rounds (yep, it’s not a surprise so many guns in our list are touting this perk, right?) bounce off hard surfaces for added damage. Coupled with High-Impact Reserves - rounds that do significantly more damage as you reach the end of the magazine - it’s a deadly combination to anyone stupid enough to take you on...

Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun (Shotgun)

Why we love it: A gift from Hawthorne (unsurprisingly), this shotgun is lightweight and speedy, giving you superb handling and movement when it’s equipped. Rifled Barrel means it has better range than most other shotties, which is boosted even further Smoothbore (at the cost of your projectile spread, though). With Tactical Mag adding increased stability, reload, and magazine size - or Assault Mag, which is optimised for quick combat - you’re going to be the Guardian we love to hate in the Crucible… Especially as Full Auto Trigger System means holding down the trigger will fire at full auto. You’ll be unstoppable. 

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