Dead Sexy

The Nintendo DS is one of the most honored and successful pieces of hardware out there. The touch-screened handheld has sold over 13 million units worldwide and has been completely out of stock in Japan for months. So why are we about to tell you to ignore it and look forward to the next big thing? Because the trim and slim Nintendo DS Lite wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with its overweight, yesterday's-news big brother.

No one was really complaining about the regular DS' size, but one look at the Lite and you can see a marked improvement. It's about 40 percent smaller than its heftier doppelganger and just a bit lighter, too. Size and weight only matter, however, if the design fits in your pocket, something the Nintendo DS kinda didn't do too well. The DS Lite features a similar clamshell cover, but when closed it makes a perfect, sleek rectangle. The unit's not too far from a larger iPod in total physical size - maybe an iPod and a half.

Above: The Nintendo DS Lite. Start waiting in line now.

If you've handled the new Game Boy Advance SP or even the GBA Micro, you've seen first-hand how shockingly sharp and bright their screens are. The same can be said of the DS Lite's four new brightness settings. One is the dimmest; two is equivalent to the current DS. Cranking it up to four gives you ultimate clarity in normal conditions and even looks sexy with bright-ass, fluorescent lights blaring overhead. The picture's so vibrant it actually makes the graphics appear better, no joke. We're not ones to unnecessarily ooze over relaunched hardware, but holding a DS Lite in our hands made us converts on the spot.