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  • Xbox | Submitted by xbox master210

    How to Kill the Boss Who Throws Knives At You

    If you are getting pretty ticked cause the boss who throws knives at you keeps on killing you well here's a hint use the shot gut when you are at close range and use the second hand gun at full power but don't use the double barrel shotgun cause it only has 2 shots and also don't stay in one spot while shooting him cause he will kill you pretty fast but doing this is pretty hard though so if you aren't that good of a shot at shooting moving objects practice on the level before the boss and when you think you are ready then try this hint

  • Xbox | Submitted by OutlawPickle

    Special Kills

    Whenever you kill an enemy try to think of the coolest way to kill him. For example, if you have some dynamite try blowing up the guys or aim for the explosive barrels. Sometimes the enemies are on platforms that can fall down from you shooting it, the good thing about doing this is that 1) you'll kill the guy on it 2) you'll kill anyone underneath the platform and 3) you'll get legend points. Basically just kill the enemies in the most exotic way you can!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Scott Lewin

    Hint for James "Big Guns" Grissom at Thunder Falls

    When you finally get to the end of thunder falls and have to face "big guns" this is what you got to do. First go pick up some dynamite. After that, you light it. Wait till the fuse starts to get short. The hurl that piece of crap at him. If it hits him some of his life should go away. If it lands by him, barely any of his life should go away. The other way you can do it is throw the dynamite UNLIT and shoot it when it gets close to him. This is extremely hard though. But it also hurts him a little more. Do either of these ways quickly. Right after you do this turn around, because two people come. Shoot them and then turn around and do the same thing. Then turn back around cuzz two more guys will come. They don't stop coming so be ready. It is very annoying. You should take your chances at poker in the beginning so you get a lot of ammo. This is a very hard level.

Dead Man's Hand Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    All Ammo

    Highlight the New game and press L+R at the same time. Then start the game.