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The Darkness 2 Relic locations guide

Strong Silent Type

9. As soon as the chapter starts, make your way to the right and go up the small set of stairs. The Brothers of Men relic will be in front of the loading bay and behind the truck in the corner.

Once you are back in control of Jackie after using the Darkling, exit the office with the board of pictures and directly ahead will be the Key of Mictlan relic on a table to the left in the next room.

Deal With the Devil

As soon as you regain control of your actions and pull yourself up, the Thumb Screws relic will be in the corner, to the left of the rack you were strapped to.

Once you escape the burning brothel and make it to the fire escape, hop down to the roof tops and head for the stairs on the right. Go up the two small sets of stairs and down the next. While going down, look to the right to see the Fool’s Phylactery sitting on a balcony.

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