Dance Dance Revolution: Extreme Cheats

Dance Dance Revolution: Extreme Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock All Extras

    Finish all missions to unlock all the dancers, songs, nonstop courses and Oni Courses

  • PS2 | Submitted by Courtney Revia

    Song and Option Unlocks

    Un Deux Trois

    Get fifty "A" or greater ranks (except in beginner mode).

    Road of 2MB Oni course

    Beat MAX. (period) as your extra stage.

    Additional Dancers option

    Beat every Nonstop course.

    Paranoia Survivor MAX

    Get an "AA" rank on every song in the Paranoia Bros. Max 2 Oni course. Note: Sometimes you might see it on your song list, but you cannot play it on challenge. You will only see it a few times.

    Brand New Songs Nonstop course

    Beat A Stupid Barber.

    The Legend Of MAX

    Pass The Legend Of MAX as your extra stage.

    Tomorrow Perfume

    Get an "AA" rank or greater.

    Trip Machine survivor

    Get an "A" or better rank on Trip Machine Survivor under Heavy mode as as semi-final stage.

    Keep On Liftin'

    Pass every Nonstop course.

    U1 (dancer)

    Play MAX. (period) as player two.

    Emi (2) (4th) (dancer)

    Beat fifteen songs with Emi (1) (4th) as a dancer.


    Get an "A" or greater rank on V (for Extreme) challenge.

    Reverse Oni course

    Beat any song in Reverse mode.

    Angel's Oni course

    Beat ten Oni courses.

    Brand New Songs Oni course

    Beat the Brand New Songs Nonstop course.

    PARANOIA Survivor Max

    Get an "AA" or greater rank in all songs in the Paranoia Brothers course under Heavy mode.

    Slow Road of Oni (Oni course)

    Get an "A" or greater rank in bag heavy mode.

    True Demon Road Oni course

    Beat 20 Oni courses.

    Ultra 16 Oni course

    Beat the Legend Road Oni course.

    Try 2 Luv. U

    Get twenty "A" or greater ranks (except in beginner mode). Alternately, Beat Lesson mode.

    From GF & DM Oni course

    Receive an "A" or better on Mikenko Rock in Heavy mode.

    From IIDX Oni course

    Beat one Oni course.

    IIDX Boss Oni course

    Beat V (for EXTREME) challenge with an "A" or greater rank.

    Legend Road Oni course

    Pass True Demon Road Oni course.

    Legendary Road Oni Course

    Play every Max song. Max songs do not have to be beaten; just played.

    Max Quartet Nonstop course:

    Pass MAX. (period) as your EXTRA STAGE.

    Rap 5 Oni course:

    Get an "A" or greater rank on Daikenkai challenge.

    Rebellion of Oni (Oni course)

    Master Light, Standard, or Heavy mode.

    Naoki Premium

    Beat the Naoki Neo-Standard Nonstop course.

    RevenG and TaQ Oni course

    Beat five Oni courses.

    Darkness Oni course

    Beat any song with the "dark" setting.

    Paranoia Survivor

    Beat Paranoia Brothers Oni course. Alternately, Beat any of the songs in the course under Heavy mode.

    Credits option

    Beat One More Extra Stage; every Nonstop course; or the Paranoia Brothers Oni course.

    Dancer options

    Play any course in Nonstop mode.
    Endless mode

    Get 100 "A" or greater ranks (except in beginner mode)

    2MB (Dancer)

    Play MAX.(period) with player one.

    A Stupid Barber

    Beat the Funky Groove Nonstop course. Alternately, successfully Beat Lesson mode.

    Burnin' The Floor (Momo Mix)

    Beat the Naoki Neo-Standard Nonstop course.