CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Cheats

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Michael gilbert

    A Secret Hair

    When on the first crime (in and out) go to the cloth on the bed next to the dead lady and use the magnifier. Then use the tweezers to pick up the hidden hair.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by gamer23

    Seceret Items

    In the level where Grissom gets kidnapped try getting a few items including the substance on Leda's book case then go to Brass ask him to re-open the hotel when he says no and gives you the items take the items back to Greg. Then drag the items on to him and he will tell you the items contain the same substance. Then if you have enough try asking Brass again and you MIGHT get in the hotel. BEWARE!!!! it only works if you have the substance and the murder weapon from the first case.