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Crysis and UTIII sales bomb

Dec 17, 2007

Both Crysis and Unreal Tournament III on PC have experienced underwhelming sales in the US. According to sales data released by research chaps NPD Group, Crytek's super-hyped shooter has shifted just under 87,000 units since its release on November 13. And while Call of Duty 4 shifted a massive 1.57 million units on Xbox 360, we can't locate sales data for the PC version (oddly enough).

In the UK, Crysis debuted at number 11 in the all-format software chart compiled by ChartTrack, dropping down to 25 in the following week. It then disappeared off the top 40 entirely. Meanwhile, Epic's Unreal Tournament III on PC has fared poorly in the US, selling just 33,995 units.

Could lackluster sales of such high-profile titles be down to the touted system specifications needed? Could non-hardcore gamers have been turned off by hearing about how much these games were going to push systems?

It's all very well developers are creating works of visual glory, but when you have to pay through the nose to run them at the level we're shown in pre-release video and screenshots, it's enough to make you want to go and buy a console instead.

Courtesy of CVG.