Control the Frontline, win the war

1) The front line - Where the action happens. This'll shift as the game progresses, but it's the only place to score points.

2) Robot wars - Best left hanging back so they don't get shot while they're fiddling with their controls. Make good use of them.

3) Sharp shooters - Spawning this far back isn't always advisable, but it lets you get your bearings and gear yourself up.

4) Let's roll - Tanks spawn at preset points and can be tagged by either team. Getting a convoy together is a great feeling.

5) Bomb the base - These can hang back and still cause massive devastation.

6) Brand new heavies - These boys are vulnerable in close combat, but essential for taking down tanks. Protect them.

7) Hello Nasty - Shotguns are brilliant for infighting, but they're helpless against tanks.

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