Conan dev sorry for shrinking breasts

Age of Conan developer Funcom has apologised for accidentally reducing the breast size of all of the female characters in its MMO.

Above: "I went to bed a cup sizeD andI woke up anA! Oh the humanity!"

The apology comes after many Age of Conan users spotted the breast reduction on their female game characters and complained on the official forums, even providingevidenceof the boob job.

"Funcom can confirm that some of the female models in the game have had the size of their breasts changed," the company said in a statement. "This is due to an unintended change in data that was introduced in an earlier patch, data which controls the so-called morph values associated with character models and the size of their respective body parts.

"We are working on a fix for this and your breasts should be back to normal soon."

A strong performance is expected from the head-chopping MMO, which has already lobbed GTA IV off the top spot in several European countries. You can read all about the babes - and their appropriately-sized boobs - inthis feature.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 3, 2008