Cloverfield sequel is official

Yes, it’s not even in Blighty’s cinemas yet, but monster movie Cloverfield is already so successful that the suits at Paramount want more.

There’s no fresh word on what shape the follow-up will take – and without a script written it’ll be a while before it rears its head – but director Matt Reeves has been talking up possibilities, including the idea that more than one group of New Yorkers were filming the beast’s rampage.

While JJ Abrams and co wait for the writers’ strike to end, Reeves will be turning his attention to something he was trying to get made even before Cloverfield was a twinkle in Abrams’ eye:

The director has just signed a deal to make The Invisible Woman.

It’s a thriller with a distinctly Hitchcockian feel that sees a former beauty queen turn to crime to help her family. "Matt has created a truly original and compelling character and story," said John Penotti, the honcho of GreeneStreet, where Reeves has set up the movie.

Variety has all the goods.

Source: ( Variety )