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ClassicRadar: The sexual politics of the Mushroom Kingdom


Daisy is someone else we've got a lot of sympathy for, and a lot of respect too. Like Peach, Daisy has suffered a genuine kidnapping experience, but unlike Peach, Daisy got on with her life instead of degrading herself for an easy ride. She got captured by Tatanga, sure, but she seemed to really appreciate Mario's help and now takes every opportunity to make the trip to the Mushroom kingdom to hang out at sporting events and parties.

Being the mature and genuine one of the two princesses,she cares about the guy andunderstands the issues that make him so over-eager to please. She'scan see the bigger picture and is probably trying to talk him out of the Peach loop herself. And she understandably has a serious grudge against Peach for the way she treats Mario, and would simply love to see her die in a fire. Hopefully one day Mario will belt up and realise what he's missing right under his nose, but if not, we hope she'll hook up with Luigi. They'd make a cute couple after all they've been through.

Bowser Jnr.

In Super Mario Sunshine we heard claims from the Bowser clan that Peach was actually this little chap's mother. Peach denied it, but we got no other explaination for his existence.

Frankly, after examining what's been happening in the Mushroom Kingdom for the last twenty years, we really don't want to think aboutthat questionany longer.

Originally posted Dec. 9th, 2008

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