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Check out Guillermo del Toro's awesome Simpsons Halloween opening

Every year, The Simpsons rolls out its Treehouse Of Horror Halloween special, and this year it's very special indeed, because Guillermo del Toro directed the episode's opening couch gag (or should that be 'ouch gag'?).

An epic, movie-reference-stuffed sequence, it's a typically intricate, eye-popping piece of work from the master director - we've watched it three times and we still haven't spotted everything.

Among the filmic nods are everything from a Pacific Rim -inspired monster fight, cameos for Blade, Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth 's Pale Man, plus Smithers as - what else? - a fairy in servitude.

And look out for Hitchcock, Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe, too.

Check out the opening to Treehouse Of Horror XXIV below…