................................................................................ . . .DN8NNDNNDNNDDNNNNNNNDDNDDDNN. .D. . .,ND.. . ........... ..=NN.. ........D:N:....... . . .. .ZD.. ..,$D . ..==MO . DDDNN8...?88D8NND.. ..........,,+ZDD. ...+D? ..=MN$. .~+NO. N. ..=I. ..=MD... ..+N.,,,,.,.....MNNNNNNDMMNNND. ..=MN8. ..=OM . D. .=MM. .~$DNNNDNDDND:===~..=====N+ .N$. =....NN. ..=MN8. .=DN ..D. .=MN...~O8..=ND$~.+DNNN7. =NNDZ.. .=MI.~MN7.:D8....=MN8. .=NN NN. .=MDMMMMNN..=N8..=N..~N7. =N?..=N..?NI.~NDN .?N. ..=MN8. .=MN NN. ...=M=....:N .=N8 .+N..~M7..=D..=MD..?DI.~O. ,=MD. ..=MN8. .=MN .DD....=MN. .=NM..=M8..+N..~M7..=N..=NN..?DI.....?ND. ...=MN8. .=NN ..N, ..=MM. .=NN..=M8..+N..~M7..=N. =?. .+NI.=N..=MN. ..=MN8. .=DN .DI ..=NM. .=8D?.:ND..+N..~M7..=N. =NN .?NI.=MN..IM. ..=MN8. .=ON.. .N7 ...7N. .=NDNDD:...=D.~=D$..=D. =MD..?D:==+MN.=ND....=MN8. .==MD .DI.:=====..=NN....DNNDDDNDD===+ONDDND.~=NDNZNNND.~MZ...=MN8. ..=~ONN+. .N=$MMMMNI..=NN:...~DMNNIDN8.....,:7NNNDDNN..NNDDD=.+MD.+MN8. .=IM8 . .NMN....D..=NNN:...+DDN~..ZNNI..D7..,MN?. ..,NNNDDDNI8NNN8. .=8N D? .+D.=NIMN: ..?D..=D...+N..=ND..=M?...+N....8N.....=MN8. . =OM. ,. .N.MD =MD: ..?D..=NN..+N. =ND7.~M?...IM...=8N. ..=MN8. .:7M . . .N8N...=MN: ..?N..=ND..+D..=~..=$N?...IM...=ON.....=MN8. ..+M. DD= =NN:...?N..=Z .:?D.....=NN7....IM...=ON: ...=MN8. ..=M?. N?:DI. ..... ..?N...:=MMDD..=~.~ONN+...IM....=+MN. .=MN8. ..=MD DI. .8NN: ..?D..=NNNN=N. =D..=NN?...IM...=MD. ..=MN8. .=MD. .N?. =MD: ..?D. ~Z. .=D. =ND =MN?...IM...=MN. ...=MN8. .=DN. NI. .=MN: ..?DDD,.==MMD..=ND?.=M?...IM...=MN. ...=MN8. .=?N.. .NI. .=MN:...?N..NDMNNDNDNDNDD.,+NN...,..,=MD. ...=MN8. .==M?. .D?. .=MD.====ND,.8O........ :N, ~MNN..=OMMND. ...=MN8. .~=MN.. ..D, ..=NDNDDDDDDDD. .+DDDODD=NNND.......=NN$ .....==NM, ..NO,===+8MD. .. .... ONNN=........=8N ..... .==8MD. . . .NNMNNDDNO,. .. .8D8 .,~~====================MM.. ..... ... ..IND.====?7ONNNNMMMMMMNNN8Z?=====MN ..DNMMNNDDDN8O7?=~,,:::=+7O8DNNNNNNNNNN.. .I:...... . ......... .......... ......= F A Q B Y E C L I P S E AKA CHAOS_ZER0, A C E H _______________________________________________________________ | | | For Playstation 2 | Rated T (Teen) | Gameplay FAQ | RedOctane | |_______________________________________________________________| | | | E c l i p s e | ace_flow@hotmail.com | Guitar Hero II | |_______________________________________________________________| ________________________________ | | | O Mighty Table Of Contents | |________________________________| If you want to find a certain section, hit CTRL+F on your keyboard, and type in the code of the section. [Sec. #] [Sec. Name] [Sec. Code] i. Intro [int] 1. Controls [ctr] -SG Controller [csg] -Basic [cba] -Star Power [csp] -Advanced [cad] -Difficulty Lvl. [cdl] 2. Interface [ifa] -Score [isc] -The Rock Meter [irm] 3. Career Mode [cmo] -Starting a Band [csb] -The Store [cst] -Earning Songs [ces] -Encores [cen] -Venues [cvn] 4. Practice Mode [pmo] -Playing Sections[psc] -Slowing Songs [psl] -Practice Tips [ptp] 5. 2-Player Mode [2pm] -Versus [2vs] -Co-op [2co] -Pro Face-off [2pf] 6. Misc. Tips/Info [msc] -Song List [msl] -Cheats [mch] -Secrets [mse] -Characters [mcr] 7. Closing/Outro [out] -Final Thoughts [oft] -Update Info [oui] -Updates To Come [ouc] -Legal Stuffarz [ols] -Contact Info [oci] -Thanks [oth] Now, without further ado, I proudly present to you my humble - but hopefully helpful - Guitar Hero II FAQ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Intro [int] ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hiya. My name(s) on GameFAQs is(are) E c l i p s e(Chaos_Zer0, A c e h :P), but you can call me Ace. This guide was conceived at first by the lack of a GHII FAQ, but then evolved into a full-fledged FAQ project. This is, however, my first FAQ, so cut me a little bit of slack. :P So, my friends, are you ready? Let's rock. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Controls [ctr] ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _____________________________ | | | The SG Controller [csg] | |_____________________________| If you bought the bundle for GHII with both the game and the guitar controller, had the controller from GHI, or bought one seperately, this is your standard weapon of attack. It has a strum bar, five fret buttons(green, red, yellow, blue, orange), and a whammy(vibrato) bar. ____ _ _ _ _ _ |_1__| |_|_|_|_|2| ___ _ ___|3| Yes, I suck. Deal with it. 1 designates the strum bar, while 2 are the fret buttons. 3's the whammy bar. D: So, for a basic control map... Strum bar: Strum/navigate menus Green Button: Play green note/Confirm Red Button: Play red note/Cancel Yellow Note: Play yellow note Blue note: Play blue note Orange note: Play orange note Whammy bar: WHAMMEH BARRRRRRRRR! _____________________________ | | | Basic Controls [cba] | |_____________________________| There is a tutorial in the game, but if you're too lazy to go through it, this is how the controls work. Notes scroll down the screen vertically. Note colors and positioning are the same as the guitar. There are large circles at the bottom. When a note (circle) is on the same fret and reaches the larger circle, you have to hold the note button and press on the strum bar. If you can, prepare for a note early! The guitar controller works the same way as a real guitar in a sense, as you can still play higher notes even while holding a button on a lower fret. Just to be clear, green is the lowest fret, orange is the highest. Chords are a group of two or more notes that are played simultaneously. When you see them, hold both of the fret buttons and hit the strum bar regularly. No problemo, right? The final basic note is a long note. Long notes are easy to see, as they're just notes with a long line behind them. To play a long note, play the note as usual, but KEEP THE FRET BUTTON HELD! You don't need to hold the strum bar down, but HOLD DOWN THE FRET BUTTON. I can never seem to say it enough. :) _____________________________ | | | Star Power [csp] | |_____________________________| Ah, yes. The cooked-pancake, sizzling bacon, and choo-choo train wonder that is STAR POWER! :D In short, Star Power doubles your score multiplier, and it makes the crowd go CRAZY. It almost makes you feel drunk. Almost. But now, onto the actual Star Power thingy. There's an in-game tutorial for this too, if you were wondering. Lazyhead. D: When you see a note that looks like a star instead of a circle, that's a Star Note. They usually come in strings of 4-5, though they're sometimes made of one Long Note. Every time you hit the whole string of notes, your Star Meter will partially fill. When you see a Star Note that's also a Long Note, get the whammy bar going(That sounded suggestive... <_<) by pushing it towards the controller quickly back-and-forth. This'll extract(read: pwn) the Star Power of the note. When you see the message saying "Star Power Ready!", tilt the neck of the guitar to the sky and get ready to rock! I strongly suggest you learn how to play with the neck up, so you won't feel like you have to rush the movement of the guitar. Make it fun. :D _____________________________ | | | Advanced Controls [cad] | |_____________________________| AKA HAMMER-ONS AND PULL-OFFS AKA AWESOME D: ...Yes, there's a tutorial for this too. :| Before we start, I should probably say these techniques are a must in the Hard and Expert levels for those strings of extremely fast notes. Why? You'll see. Hammer-Ons are just that. Hammering on notes. To do them, you've gotta have two or more notes that are extremely close together on the note chart THAT GO UP IN FRETS. Hit the first note, and without strumming again, hit the next note(s). If done successfully, you'll hit the notes with only ONE STRUM! Pull-Offs are the exact opposite of Hammer-Ons. Same thing, but going down. Hit the first note, release, and hit the next without strumming. Simple, no? :D Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs can be combined, so for example, you can go from green to red and back to green again if they're close enough together. _____________________________ | | | Difficulty Levels [cdl | |_____________________________| Easy section. Too bad I can't say the same for the people actually playing Expert. :( Four difficulty levels - easy, medium, hard, and expert(aka wtfwtf). Easy: Play with only the first three frets (green, red, yellow). Really easy stuff. Rarely any chords. Medium: Four notes this time, with the addition of the blue note. Bit harder, not that much, though. :D Hard: All five notes - wave to orange. Gets a bit harder here, but if you're persistent, you'll make it through. :) Expert: This is where we seperate the boys from the men. But that's not exactly politically correct, so the adults from the kids. If you've done extremely well on this(4-5 stars on all songs), sleep in peace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Interface [ifa] ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _____________________________ | | | Score [isc] | |_____________________________| Wee! Numbers! Actually, no. Boo. But whatever. Score is accumulated by hitting notes. Every ten notes, your multiplier goes up until it hits x4. The multipliers are x1(not shown), x2,x3, and x4. What's awesome is that even your multiplier doubles! So if you had a x4, you'd then have a x8 multiplier! How awesome is that? Believe me, it's veryyyy awesome. :) When you're done a song, you'll get a star rating from 1-5 and your score. Hit more stats to see other info about the song you just played. _____________________________ | | | The Rock Meter [irm] | |_____________________________| The Rock Meter is that thing on the bottom right corner of the screen while you're playing. Y'know, the red/yellow/green one that says "Rock". :o You start right in the smack middle, at yellow. If you miss notes and just do badly overall, your meter will move to the left, towards the red part. If you do good, it'll move to the right, towards the green! If it starts flashing red, it's time to give it your all! This'd be a good time to use any Star Power you have, 'cause you're about to fail. :) Great little thing, isn't it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Career Mode [cmo] ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _____________________________ | | | Starting a Band [csb] | |_____________________________| Navigate to Career Mode from the main menu, and select an open band slot. Here, you enter your band name, choose your character, and then your guitar. These selections can all be changed later, so don't fret. LOL GET IT? FRET FRET? LOL? D: _____________________________ | | | The Store [cst] | |_____________________________| You earn money by playing gigs in any level besides Easy. The higher star rating you get, the more money you get. Using the money you get from a gig, you can buy things in the store like guitars, finishes, songs, outfits, and even other characters! Some of this stuff is actually worth buying, so don't just be like, "lol ntrly watvr". Take a look at this stuff. The bonus videos are pretty cool too. They show how the songs are made, and what a day at the workshop is like. Pretty funny. :) _____________________________ | | | Earning Songs [ces] | |_____________________________| There are three different ways to earn songs. During your first playthrough of career is when you'll unlock most of your songs. See how it says "complete 3/4 (or something else) to continue"? When you fit the requirement, the next "tier" of songs is unlocked. Yay, more hell. There are 8 tiers in easy, and 8 tiers in the other modes, if I'm not mistaken. The next way is through the Store. There are 24 unlockable tracks that are NOT(I REPEAT NOT) cover versions of the song. Oh, man, I love the store. The final way is through an encore. Keep reading. _____________________________ | | | Encores [cen] | |_____________________________| When playing career mode on anything but Easy, you'll be asked to play encores, but only after finishing the ammount of songs required on each tier. This is the last way to unlock songs. You'll be asked if you want to actually play it, but you do. Right? _____________________________ | | | Venues [cvn] | |_____________________________| Straight from the website of love that is Wikipedia: The venue system in the game has been altered slightly. Every venue is ina different city, and the career mode has the band traveling from town to town in order to find the next arena. The venues are: * Nilbog High School gym, where a battle of the bands is taking place. This is the first venue of the career mode. * The Rat Cellar in Boston, Massachusetts. * Blackout Bar in Providence, Rhode Island, the black and white room featured on the OPM demo. * An updated version of the RedOctane venue in Brooklyn, New York that appeared in the first Guitar Hero. * Rock City Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. * The Vans Warped Tour in Austin, Texas, which has a graveyard theme. * The Harmonix Arena in Oakland, California. * Stonehenge in England. * A bedroom practice venue for the Training mode (Demo) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Practice Mode [pmo] ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _____________________________ | | | Playing Sections [psc] | |_____________________________| Here, I'll explain how the sections in Practice Mode work. Say a song has 7 parts to it. An intro, 3 verses, 2 choruses, and an outro. Intro Verse 1 Chorus 1 Verse 2 Chorus 2 Verse 3 Outro That's the sequence of the song. If the second verse is really kicking your butt you can select just that. Intro Verse 1 Chorus 1 Verse 2 - Chorus 2 Verse 3 Outro - = selected. Now, if from Chorus 2 on is giving you a bit of trouble... Intro Verse 1 Chorus 1 Verse 2 Chorus 2 - Verse 3 | Outro - You can select all of those sections and play those only. This really helps if you want to get a solo or something down, but you don't feel like going through the whole song over and over just to get that part. Great thing. :D _____________________________ | | | Slowing Songs [psl | |_____________________________| This is the next great feature of the practice mode. :) If there's a solo that's really hurting your feelings(Awwww), you can slow down the section or song so you can play each note better. There are four settings. Normal, Slow, Slower, and Slowest. Not hard to understand, am I right? Easy stuff. _____________________________ | | | Practice Tips [ptp] | |_____________________________| -If you're not confident about a song, play it section by section, slowed down if you have to. -Don't be overconfident, either. 5-starring a Hard song feels better than being owned on an Expert one. -If you really like a song, try playing on harder levels as you go along. Focus on the one song, and keep practising it. For example - I really liked Strutter, but I kinda sucked. I kept practising, and I eventually got to 5-star it on Hard. :D -Something that's pretty impressive to do is memorize the solo or outro of a song that's not too easy. If you play at parties, have fun, play the solo, and strike a pose! To make sure they know you've memorized it, have fun and show off your mad skillz. Turn your back and play! :P Send your tips in! Check the contact info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ 2-Player Mode [2pm] ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _____________________________ | | | Versus [2vs] | |_____________________________| That's right! The old versus mode from Guitar Hero is back, and ready to rockkk! You and your buddy each play different parts of a song, usually alternating. You both have a seperate score, and the winner gets bragging rights. That's it, though. _____________________________ | | | Co-op [2co] | |_____________________________| Okay, so he's mad at you for totally owning him in Versus. Let him share the fun of winning by playing Co-op mode. ...That was really cheesy. Anyways, yeah. In Co-op, one person plays lead guitar, while the other plays bass. You can use a regular good ol' Dualshock to play if you don't have another guitar controller, but that's not as fun. :( You both share a score, and a star meter. You both have to activate star power at the same time to use it! Cool, huh? Just make sure you don't uppercut each other with the neck of the guitar. :D _____________________________ | | | Pro Face-Off [2pf] | |_____________________________| Okay, so now your buddy's cooled off a bit, but they still think you won because you got the easier part. Time to prove him wrong. Pro Face-off is a no-holds-barred(no clue what that even means) versus match, with you both playing the same parts. If you win here, your bud's got no more excuses. u win lol!!1! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Misc. Tips/Info [msc] ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _____________________________ | | | Song List [msl] | |_____________________________| Credit goes to Wikipedia for the list. Yay Wikipedia! Main setlist 1. Opening Licks * "Shout at the Devil" - Motley Crue * "Mother" - Danzig + * "Surrender" - Cheap Trick * "Woman" - Wolfmother * "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight" - Spinal Tap + (Encore) 2. Amp-Warmers * "Strutter" - KISS + * "Heart-Shaped Box" - Nirvana * "Message in a Bottle" - The Police * "You Really Got Me" - Van Halen * "Carry On Wayward Son" - Kansas (Encore) 3. String-Snappers * "Monkey Wrench" - Foo Fighters * "Them Bones" - Alice in Chains * "Search and Destroy" - Iggy Pop and The Stooges * "Tattooed Love Boys" - The Pretenders * "War Pigs" - Black Sabbath (Encore) 4. Thrash and Burn * "Cherry Pie" - Warrant * "Who Was in My Room Last Night?" - Butthole Surfers + * "Girlfriend" - Matthew Sweet + * "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" - The Rolling Stones + * "Sweet Child O' Mine" - Guns N' Roses (Encore) 5. Return of the Shred * "Killing in the Name" - Rage Against the Machine * "John the Fisherman" - Primus * "Freya" - The Sword * "Bad Reputation" - Thin Lizzy * "Last Child" - Aerosmith + (Encore) 6. Relentless Riffs * "Crazy on You" - Heart * "Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart" - Stone Temple Pilots * "Rock This Town" - Stray Cats * "Jessica" - The Allman Brothers Band + * "Stop" - Jane's Addiction (Encore) 7. Furious Fretwork * "Madhouse" - Anthrax * "Carry Me Home" - The Living End * "Laid to Rest" - Lamb of God + * "Psychobilly Freakout" - The Reverend Horton Heat * "YYZ" - Rush (Encore) 8. Face-Melters * "Beast and the Harlot" - Avenged Sevenfold * "Institutionalized" - Suicidal Tendencies + * "Misirlou" - Dick Dale * "Hangar 18" - Megadeth * "Free Bird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd + (Encore) Bonus tracks * "Arterial Black" - Drist + * "Collide" - Anarchy Club * "Elephant Bones" - That Handsome Devil * "Fall of Pangea" - Valient Thorr * "FTK" - Vagiant * "Gemini" - Brian Kahanek + * "Jordan" - Buckethead * "Laughtrack" - The Acro-brats + * "Less Talk More Rokk" - Freezepop + * "The Light that Blinds" - Shadows Fall * "Mr. Fix-it" - The Amazing Royal Crowns * "The New Black" - Every Time I Die * "One for the Road" - Breaking Wheel * "Parasite" - The Neighborhoods * "Push Push (Lady Lightning)" - Bang Camaro * "Radium Eyes" - Count Zero * "Raw Dog" - The Last Vegas (Winner of the "Be a Guitar Hero" Contest) * "Red Lottery" - Megasus * "Six" - All That Remains * "Soy Bomb" - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives + * "Thunderhorse" - Dethklok * "Trogdor" - Strong Bad + * "The X-Stream" - Voivod * "Yes We Can" - Made in Mexico + designates rhythm guitar as an alternate instrument in co-op mode, replacing bass guitar. All other songs feature bass. _____________________________ | | | Cheats [mch] | |_____________________________| Well, these aren't really cheats, per se, except for two. Check 'em out. Enter these at the title menu. The letter correspond to the color of the button. (G=green, etc.) Air Guitar: Y,Y,B,O,Y,B Flaming Head: O,Y,O,O,Y,O,Y,Y Eyeball heads for the crowd: B,O,Y,O,Y,O,B Monkeys heads for the crowd: O,B,Y,Y,O,B,Y,Y Horse Head: B,O,O,B,O,O,B,O,O,B Hyper Speed Activate/Deactivate: O,B,O,Y,O,B,O,Y (LOL OH BOY) Performance Mode: Y,Y,B,Y,Y,O,Y,Y To unlock Pro Face-Off, beat career mode on any level. _____________________________ | | | Secrets [mse] | |_____________________________| There are a few "secrets" in GHII, like new guitars in the shop, and additional bass guitars in co-op. Credit to GameFAQs for these. :) First the regular guitars. "Snaketapus" Guitar: Beat Hard Mode "The Log" Guitar: 5-Star every song on Expert Battle Axe Guitar: Beat Expert Mode Casket Guitar: Beat Medium Mode Eyeball Guitar: 5-Star every song on Hard Fish Guitar: Beat Easy Mode USA Guitar: 5-Star every song on Easy Viking Guitar: 5-Star every song on Medium Now, the basses. Cream SG: Get 5 stars on 20 songs in Co-Op Gibson Grabber: Beat 20 Songs in Co-Op Mode Gibson Les Paul with the Cherry Sunburst Classic skin: Beat 40 Songs in Co-Op mode Gibson SG Bass: Beat 10 Songs in Co-Op mode Gibson Thunderbird: Beat 30 Songs in Co-Op mode Hofner Bass: Beat every song on Co-Op mode Lava Pearl Musicman Stingray: Get 5 stars on 10 songs in Co-Op Natural Maple Gibson Grabber Bass: Get 4 stars on all co-op songs. Natural Sunburst Gibson Thunderbird Bass: Get 5 stars on every song in Co-Op _____________________________ | | | Characters [mch] | |_____________________________| There are eight characters you start with in the beginning, and 3 more you can purchase for the shop. The available ones at the beginning are: -Axel Steel -Johnny Napalm -Izzy Sparks -Judy Nails -Pandora -Eddie Knox -Casey Lynch -Lars Umlaut The ones you can unlock are... -Clive Winston -Xavier Stone -The Grim Ripper (Yay Scythe!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Outro [out] ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _____________________________ | | | Final Thoughts [oft] | |_____________________________| Hopefully, this FAQ has made you a better Guitar Hero player. :) So, yeah, it's been a wild ride writing this. The first version was actually written in 2 days due to a lack of something to do and the fact that there was no FAQ for this game, yet it was the most wanted! So, here it is. I will update - please do email me with your feedback! _____________________________ | | | Update Info [oui] | |_____________________________| 28/12/06 - Version 1(one) submitted to GameFAQs. _____________________________ | | | Updates to Come [ouc] | |_____________________________| None really, maybe tips from experts? :DDD *Nudge* _____________________________ | | | Legal Stuffarz [ols] | |_____________________________| Yeah, yeah, legal boring stuff. You're probably gonna skip over this, but whatever. This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without any permission from the author. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Copyright 2006 Carlo Pacis-Lim Sites permitted to feature this FAQ: GameFAQs(http://www.gamefaqs.com) Sites NOT permitted to feature this FAQ: cheatcc.com If you want to feature my FAQ on your site, please email me. Contact info is at the bottom of the page. :) _____________________________ | | | Contact Info [oci] | |_____________________________| Email: ace_flow AT hotmail DOT com OR ace DOT silver AT gmail DOT com MSN: ace_flow AT hotmail DOT com Sorry, but I don't have AIM or Yahoo!. Just email me if you want. :) _____________________________ | | | Thanks [oth] | |_____________________________| CJayC for the creation of a great site like GameFAQs. GameFAQs for being the first one to host the FAQ. Me for actually writing this guide. :o By the way, if you send me any tips, etc. you'll go here. :D So, it's been great. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Let's rock. ;;DDGG ff######ii ..LL########GG ;;ffEEff####WWGG;; ;;LLGGjjKKKKLLtt.. iiGGDDEEWWDDLL.. iiDD####KKKKLL.. iiLLjj.. ttDD########LL.. ;;DDWW##GG.. ttDD########GG;; ;;KKWWWW##.. ttDDWWWWWW##DD;; ;;;; iiEEWWGG,,GGffttEEWWWWWWWWDDii ::jjffLLKKDDKKWWLL.. ..EEWWWWWWEEtt ..ffjjLLKKWWWWGGii ttWWEEtt ttffLLKKWWff;; ;;ffjj ..LL.. jjLLKKWWWWtt ;;ii;;jj;; ttLL jjKKWWWWWWWWffiiLLttii iiWWKKGG ttWWWWWWWWWWKKiiii ttWWLL ;;WWWWWWKKWWKKLL ..ttKKGG.. EEWWWWttGGKKDD ..ttLLLLLLii LLWWGGLLKKEELL..;;LLjj.. DDKKDDKK;;ffffttjjiitt ::KKWWKKLLLLttjj;; ;;KKEEGGffttff ..ffGGLLii</p>