SKIES OF ARKADIA WALKTHROUGH BY ADK : VERSION 1.4 : Hi to everyone, thanks for reading my walkthrough of Eternal Arkadia. I want to say that i use the american version of the game but as sometimes you need to take decision i note the good answer for those who plays the japanese version and don't understand anything to katakana or simply japanese (believe me those people exist). I haven't finished yet the game and i'm not block. This walkthrough is the result of many hours of play. i'll update it. Note that i take all my time and search every secrets i can. I don't want to finish the game as soon as possible. Visit my homepage to find all my walkthrough : the menu are in french for the moment cause i haven't the time to prepare the english menu but it's not difficult to find what you want. Version 1.0 : 11 hours of play. Version 1.2 : 22 hours of play and i decide to open a section for the Pinta's quest and for the homepage of the game. The section you don't see are under construction. Other section appears. Version 1.3 : 35 hours of play. Will i ever end the CD 1 ? new sections appears and also the magics section opens. New charaters also. Version 1.4 : After 55 hours of play. So long so good. After 40 hours and 2 minutes of play i complete CD 1. Now Begin the walkthrough for CD 2. Thanks to every people who sent me e mail for misconceptions, in the walkthrough. I haven't answer to them cause of lack of time but i thanks them all in this new version. Also i tried to correct some faults in the text. Thanks also for the mail of congratulations i received, it's so cool. Now is the program : 1 REVIEW 2 STORYLINE AND CAST OF CHARACTERS 3 BASIC BATTLE STRATEGY 4 IMPORTANT ITEMS 5 THE SWASH BUCKLER 6 GENERALITY ABOUT THE GAME 7 CREW MEMBER UTILITY 8 WALKTHROUGH FOR CD 1 9 WALKTHROUGH FOR CD 2 10 PINTA'S QUEST INFO 11 THE HOMEPAGE OF THE GAME 12 LIST OF SKILLS 13 LIST OF MAGICS 14 FAQS AND CREDITS 15 PERSONNAL NOTES 1 REVIEW : At least a true RPG for my Dreamcast. I despaired because i have played all the potential RPG of the dream from Evolution to Napple Tale and each time i was disapointed by the RPG part in those games. Well, i have wait specially the english translation to be sure that i won't miss the storyline. It's incredible. The game is exactly what i expected from sega and even more. Since i have played a long series of RPG on other SEGA machine i have find here a mix of most of them. (Story of Thor, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Lunar and even a little of Final Fantasy for the design of some people unfortunately). This time Sega gives all he had to create the best RPG ever made. My absolute reference was Lunar Eternal Blue on SEGA CD and now i change for Eternal Arkadia on Dreamcast. What can i say about the presentation, well it's full of cinematics. There aren't any FMV here. Fortunately the cinematics are excellent and numerous. I regret that Sega didn't include a song in the game but maybe next time. The graphics are incredible. They are various and full of color. The brightness effect are too numerous to talk about each one and they are all wonderful. It's a pleasure for eyes. The character design at the beginning seems to recall Final Fantasy, especially Alfonso and his style of army but that fact change rapidly. The design is new however,Sega refuses to use the same as in Phantasy Star for example. This design reminds me Napple Tale in more serious and with a better work. The decor are really various, you can visit a giant map in the sky and then an island and a dungeon. The monsters of each dungeon are different. Last i cannot end this part without talking of the skills. Like in Phantasy Star 4 they are impressive but this time, Sega uses the same engine as in SHINING FORCE 3 scenario 3. The Cutlass Fury or the Alpha Storm are perfect example. Like in Streets of Rage 3, even the monsters and Boss have their own fury. The animation is in full 3D. You can rotate the decor like in Grandia and you can even search in a first person view like in The Ring. The skill are well animated and the background is really excellent. I was surprised by the animation of the boat. It's slow and awful not in 60 images per second like i expected but i discover that it depends of the engine you have and that's where Sega corrected the error. I have appreciated that we can use ladder and not only see a poor cut scene like in Code Veronica, also in some dungeon you can play a remake of tomb raiders or use some plateform. Switch are also of the fest. The dungeon follow the classical rules of the " there is only one way out ". If you find an isolated room or multiway, it's just to reach a chest and a treasure. The sound is ... ultra cool !!!!. Sega creates a real RPG atmosphear and think that while i'm writing this i have the music of the battle in my head and even some town or dungeon music. I have a little regret for the music of the boss but Sega includes something i love : The music changes depending on your situation exactly like in Langrisser 3. The music pass from Danger, equal, advantage and extreme danger when the hero will die soon. The english voices suprised me. It seems that for the very first time, Sega made a casting. Like in Shenmue you have good voice acting. In Eternal Arkadia it's limited to some AH AH or LET'S GO but it brings life to the game and it's pleasant to hear. The maniability is cool, the interface is simple and all menu are clear. At the beginning the battles with your boat are difficult but a tutorial helps you and then air battle turn into strategy. On the contrary of what i though at the beginning it's completely different from Panzer Dragoon Saga and it's more exciting. Remember Albator and the pirates rules, they are all respected here. I simply regret that i can't increase the speed of my character in the city but what's done is sufficient. What's really disapointed me was the english instruction manual. It's the half of the japanese one. NO STORY, NO CHARACTER INTRODUCTION, NO ENNEMY, NO BOSS, NO PLACE TO VISIT. Are we barbarian ? NOOOOOOOO. I have read the japanese manual and it seems but it's not sure that there are more than Pinta's quest for the mini game. And i don't know if it was removed or change. ( in fact i don't find anywhere the pinta quest in the japanese manual). The game is full of secrets and discoveries to make (Evolution 1 and 2) and it's good to see that Sega didn't forget this point for the lovers of exploration like me. In one game, Sega changes my mind about RPG, you can think that this game is simply a mix but there are tons of originality like to win magic you must choose the proper color for example. It's a good lesson for Square and his poor Final Fantasy episode and unfortunately for Game Arts which i blame to not create a LUNAR 3 for Sega. I can't imagine what will be Phantasy Star On Line and a possible Shining Force 3 scenario 3.2 Sega promised in the past but i'm sure that they will be best than this one and i can't wait i want them now. Eternal Arkadia is the best RPG ever made and like we say in french : CONSOLE DISE ! . PRESENTATION : 17/20 GRAPHICS : 19/20 ANIMATION : 19/20 SOUND : 18/20 MANIABILITY : 18/20 INTEREST : 20/20 FINAL NOTE : 99% ADK. 2 STORYLINE AND CAST OF CHARACTER : The world of Arkadia is full of island floating up the sky. What's sure, according to old tale that grand parents talked to young, is that there was a silver civilization that bring joy and peace. Nobody knows exatly how the world turn into this ashes of island because the legend have no foundation. Many people believe in the power of the moon and the world is divided in six religions depending on the color of the moon stones. This world exist due to the help of moon stones that fall from the silver star (ask to Game Arts about the silver civilization ... hey it's a joke come back). Moon stone are used to power boat and army. This world is rule in the way of military by the Imperial Army of Valua. The terrific Lord Galcian, supreme commander of the air force of Valua, makes fear to everyone in the name of empress Theodora. A great war happened between Valua and Nasr and the winner was Valua. The Nasr kingdom rules the economy. Due to the alliance, the peace is now real. Around these people wing the Black Pirates who lives to steal to everyone and the Blue Rogue. The story begins with Vyse, son of Captain Dyne (Lunar... hi hi joke) leader of blue pirate, who steals to the rich to help the poor. The arrival of Fina (heroine of grandia 2, ...ok i stop that) will change all his destiny. Fina the mysterious girl who appeared from nowhere. The thread of destiny awaits you hero, play Vyse and takes real decisions, give full orders to a crew and maybe you'll have a chance to save the world from the imperial family... VYSE : Son of captain Dyne, Vyse is a real good fighter. The Cutlass Fury saves him more than one once. His interest for Fina is not really clear but what's sure is that he likes so much Aika and cannot leave without her near him. AIKA : Under a style of missed boy is a cool character with true feelings in her heart. Listen to her quietly before to take a decision. Her skills are various and she has a good magic power. She is more a fighter than a healer. DRACHMA : This old man chase a giant fish called Rhacknam. Nobody knows why or when it's began but he wants to kill him. I personally never trust him and what he did in the game didn't surprised me but i must admit that he is a strong fighter and without him Vyse is a bit lost. FINA : She is a descendant of the silver civilization. She comes in Arkadia to search for the five colored moon crystals. She wants to avoid a second cataclysm. But so far, anyone remember of the first. You must help her if you want to discover the truth about your world. GILDER : Is the Don Juan of the game. He lives for two things, 1 meet a new woman each day and 2 escape from his true love Clara. He doesn't want to admit it but he loves her so much. Don't underestimate this guy, he is really strong. (Update 1.3) ENRIQUE : is the prince of Valua. As he cannot convince his mother to stop the war he joins the air pirate to save the world. Enrique is the best fourth party member you can dream. It's a real brute. (Update 1.3) EMPRESS THEODORA : She rules with a strong and cold hand the empire. She wants the six moonstones to conquer the world. Can anyone stopped that old girl ? LORD GALCIAN : (he reminds me the chief of the army in Grandia 1 but i have promised to stop my references) The terrific commander of the Valua army have no rival. No one can oppose him without risking his life. He rules the fifth fleet of Valua and have a strange interest in Ramirez. ALFONSO : is a traitor and a poor admiral. Beware of that guy because his role is not really clear for the moment. His role is to be the most stupid soldier of the valua army. (update of 1.2). RAMIREZ : is the lieutenant of Galcian. He obtains a promotion in the game and become an admiral. Ramirez seems to have a link with Fina. He is of the silver civilization like Fina. BELLEZA : Is the spy of the army. She knows everything in the kingdom and there's no secret for her. When i hear how she speaks i think she trust to much in Theodora. She is clearly a fool to think that unificated the power bring peace and order, but the world needs dreamer like her to exist. DE LOCO : is the commander of the green fleet. That guy has a real problem with Vyse and the reality. He thinks too much, invent dangerous thing and is too stupid to admit that he has lost. How can someone like this could be a general ? (update of 1.2). VIGORO : is the most macho man a girl can meet. He lives only to conquer the heart of all of these cute ladies. Aika knows of it a bit. (update 1.3) GREGORIO : Commander of the second fleet, Gregorio like so much the prince. However you must beat him in battle if you want to continue the quest. (Update 1.3) BALTOR : is the chief of Black pirates. You fight him only two times. Too bad that the black pirates haven't a better place in the story. They are so funny when they lose... This section will be updated each time i'll meet a valuable character. For the crew of the Albatross i think they are not sufficiently important. 3 BASIC BATTLE STRATEGY : Normal battles : 1 you must use all the skills to win. For example, when Vyse is surrounded by ennemy, if you use COUNTERSTRIKE, you can be sure that every ennemy will received a normal hit and not a normal counterstrike (half of the normal hit). 2 heal your party with potion instead of spell, keep your MP for strong magic. 3 Of course if you choose the proper color on a certain monster you will kill him rapidly, but during the course of the game, it's better to give a different color to every members so all the magic can be learn by everyone. I think it's better than specialize a fighter in certain color. 4 For the boss, there's no real technic, the issue depends of the skills you use at a certain moment. 5 Press B repetively when an ennemy hit you, it increases the chance to counter attack (like in Shining Force 3 on Saturn). SHIP BATTLE : 1 Unfortunately, when you take a decision if it's not the good one you'll run to a game over. When you continue you begin at the same point as in the first time you try. You haven't win exp but also NEVER use an item. 2 the tutorial explain it, but when you see a C you must concentrate your firepower in this turn to increase the damage. When it's yellow or red you must keep your guard, even if it's not good each time. When you see a special sign you can use the special attack. 3 Those battle are long, so be sure you have the time to play them or you'll load it the next time you play. I think that's all because the rest is up to you. What will be the greatest RPG if i say all what must say. 4 IMPORTANT ITEMS : Moon berries : with those moons you can learn new skills. Zivilyn Bane items : In some dungeon you will meet a special fighter, the Zivilyn Bane that guards expensive and strange items. I'll search more on them but if they are useless you can sell them to obtain money. You can sell them for money. (update 1.3) Cham : it's Cupil food. I give the location of each i found but maybe there are more. Abirik Cham : Cupil gain a level by eating one. (update 1.3) Chom : Don't give them to Cupil. (update 1.3) Piry Box : This box cast Piry (a melee magic). This box can be used more than one once on the contrary of other box. So if you need magic for free... Captain's stripe : Give more hp to your current boat. But don't forget to heal each time your boat it one of these medal. Repair kit and other upgrade version : Heals the boat. Sacri/Sacres etc crystals : Heal you. Sacrum crystal : heal 1000 HP of all the party member. Daccat's coin : sell it for 20 000 gold. Cool. 5 THE SWASH BUCKLER : (update 1.3) Just a word about this. It's your popularity in the game. You can check it by reading your title in the menu. It increases when you make a good decision and of course decrease if not. It also decrease if you run from a battle too many times. Conclusion : Fight to increase it. When it's high, people in the party makes a lot of critical hit. 6 GENERALITY : In the sky, with each boat you can fish. when you see a band of fish, approach and press A to capture them. You can sell them. Some fish cost a lot even if it's wrong at the beginning of the game. Your battery in the VMU lose its power quickly if you don't find quickly a cham. Also it seems that all animations of Cupil eat the battery power. You need money ? search the discoveries before the guild give the hint. You will obtain a lot of money. 7 CREW MEMBER UTILITY : POLLY (cook) can restore one character MP. Find her in the tavern of Sailor's island. MARCO (sailor) can double the number of SP for the next turn. Cool to use a moon stone cannon. You find him in the Delphynus. PINTA (delegate) can protect the ship from ennemy cannon fire for a full turn. You find him in the weapon shop of sailor's island. Lawrence (helmsman) increases the ship speed. Pay 10 000 gold to recruit him. KHAZIM (gunner) : increases damage of the main cannon. Find him in Nasr after the destruction. TIKATIKA (look out) if you have find ixa'ness village you can recruit him in Horteka. He increases the hit %. DOMINGO (look out) if you have 30 discoveries you can recruit him in Gordo's bar in north ocean. He increases the chance of critical hit. BRABHAM : power up the Delphynus. (engineer) IZMAEL : Build every thing you want. (buider) OSMAN : (merchant) increases the chance to find expansive items. KHALIFA : Equip yourself with a Suiran Blade (buy it in Yafutoma) and visit her. She joins you. She increases the chance to find special items. MOEGI : After you save her country, she comes with you. She can increases the magic defense in battle for 1 turn. (delegate) BELLE : You find her in the port in Crescent Isle once you return after Yafutoma. (gunner), she increases the power of the sub cannon. HANS : (engineer) increases the magic defense. Hans comes after you saved Yafutoma. DON (helmsman) increases the dodge %. ILCHIMYS : (artisan). After you can go up the cloud, visit his house and ask him to join. He refuses. Later come and ask again (the text has changed) and be sure that Vyse has the Riselem spell and he joins you. 8 WALKTHROUGH FOR CD 1 : The game begin in action by a short cinematic and a first battle between Vyse Aika and two soldiers. It's time to Focus and experiment the incredible Cutlass Fury of Vyse. Then after another scene you will play a second battle against four soldiers. Then you'll visit the first dungeon of the game. VALUA IMPERIAL SHIP : Take the chest here. You can now go in the corridor and arrive in a room with two floors. Go upstairs after the battle. In the new corridor you find a chest then go right becuase the door is blocked. Use the ladder and you find Alfonso betrayed his own vice captain. Then he charges Antonio to kill you. BOSS : ANTONIO : Relax, it's the first boss, this beast isn't too much difficult. Use the Cultlass Fury and even if it takes time he will die. This dungeon end by the escape. Now on the boat, you can talk to Fina. Choose between one of the three answer, it is of no importance. Then visit the boat and go upstair. Talk to Captain Dyne and then you'll take the command of the ship. Your mission is to go to Pirate isle. Go straight, it's simple. During your trip you'll maybe encounter monsters, if so don't worry, if the battle is long it's normal. Near pirate isle push A to land. Scene. You are now in the underground. Dyne calls you and Fina. Go as up as possible and find Dyne's office. During the dialogue choose to answer 2 to increase you popularity (you hear a sound). Then you can begin to talk to everyone. Just before you leave the office, click on the bookshelf a first time, then a second to discover a secret passageway. Use a ladder and take the chest. Then visit house per house from the top to the base. Equip yourself and Aika if you can and buy some Sacri crystal. Buy talking to the guy on the top of the pole , near the exit you'll learn that there is a second chest to find in this cave. Now exit to the city. Here you'll meet lot of people. Aika left the team. You can play with the child and find them : Jimmy is hide behind a white curtain, Lindsy is near your house, Pow the dog is also near your house and Alan is near Aika's house. Then Jimmy talk of the bookshelf in Dyne's office (but don't think that i need this to find the secret, it's very classical). If you want to laugh, click on the Handkerschief on Aika's house. Enter the garden to collect an item. Near Vyse's house is a stone : click on it to find a secret way to the second chest. Use the moonberry to learn new skill. Enter your house and Aika comes. Climb the big ladder to watch a scene. Fina looks at the moon strangely. You will see another scene where everyone eat and then sleep. On the morning talk to Vyse's mother to obtain items and to Dyne to obtain a new color of stone for battle. Exit and save before you take off. To take off search the only part you haven't visited with the vice captain near your boat. Then you take the boat to go to shrine island. Go north until you meet the island. Click on it to land. SHRINE ISLAND : 1 : Enter the dungeon... 2 : Go right and exit. Put the crystal in the hole to see a scene. On your right is a chest. Choose to drain water (answer 1). 3 : reenter and follow the way. some circle will shine once you pass in front of it. You must switch them on. 4 : Exit by the new door and follow the corridor. Use the ladder then open the door. 5 : You can switch on more switch (three near you) and thenexit and take the chest.Now reenter and go upstairs, switch on the other circle. Exit. 6 : Take the lader and enter. 7 : switch on two more circles and take the chest. Exit. 8 : Take the ladder and follow the way to the save point. BOSS : THE SENTINEL : When you enter, the sentinel raise to protect the stone. Nothing difficult here. You take the stone. Meanwhile the Imperial Armada destroy completely your island... Take your boat and go home.Now go to Dyne's office to talk to your mother. Choose to rest first and then save the other members. Personnaly i found strange that your mother let you leave the island with a poor boat (if it was my mother she never let me leave the island with poor equipment to save my father...) Buy a lot of Sacri crystal and then take off to the north east. When you see a fog, a giant arc whale attack you. Choose to retreat (answer 2) but it's useless and the boat is destroy. You awake and meet Drachma who saved you from the death. He wants you to take him two box. Go downstair take the box and look at the scene. Then he will allow you to lead the Little Jack to Sailor's island. Go northeast under a mountain channel and land on the island. Drachma leaves you. He wants to find a cannon. You decide to collect information about that so he can help you more. Visit the town. At the guild buy the info for 5 gold. Then talk to lawrence(purple hair guy near the two merchants) and then take a chest near him. In the weapon shop you discover Pinta and obtain the mini game. Talk to the guy which can't sell anything and you'll learn about the harpoon cannon. Go to the bar and talk to Drachma. He accepts to take you to Valua but you need to find a passeport. Go to the guild and talk to the guildmaster. Then answer 1 to an old man : You protect him from the black pirate Baltor and he gives you his passeport. Now take a rest at the inn near the weapon shop and save. Exit of the town. Now move to the east. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : BLACK BEARD : This battle is a tutorial, follow the rule and you will win. You must answer to go behind him to win (answer 1). Now you can power up the little jack with the captain stripe item. After a scene you obtain the passeport. Once you can move go est again and click on a small island to find the guilstone. Sell the info to the guild. Then heal and save. Now take off to the north and watch two long cut scene. You land in lower city area 1. Find the shop to equip yourself and then search a tunnel with a chest inside. Then you'll meet a boy named Marco. Click on the lever to take a mini train and reach the second part of the city. Find the inn and stay for 80 gold. During the scene, choose to sneak into the coliseum. Then you'll chase Marco in a mini game, you must jump from roof to roof by using the yellow arrow. After the scene, save and prepare for the next dungeon. Go to the sewer entrance where you find Marco. SEWER : I hope that you have a lot of sacri crystal and sacres crystal with you. 1 : Go straight and take the ladder. Go left and climb the stair. 2 : When you have a choice go left to take a chest in an isolated room and then go straight. 3 : the map will erase because you enter a new zone of the dungeon. You have a second choice. Go straight and find two chests. Then go left. Beware of the crack on the ground and save. 4 : go to the boss, he waits in front of the ladder. BOSS : BLELGOCK : This giant slime is not difficult but he can poison your hero. To cure them use a curia crystal. Save after defeating him or you'll have a bad surprise. SAVE (for those of you who don't read the line up). BOSS : EXECUTIONER + 2 SPELL WARDEN : This fight is a difficult one. The warden mustn't "increm" the excutioner. If they do, Aika die in one tacle of the boss and Vyse in two only. Sometime the CPU use it each turn. I have find a combo to avoid that, hope that it works also for you : Vyse and Drachma attack the left warden, Aika attacks the right warden (normally none use the increm spell).Then Vyse makes a Cut Fury on the right warden and Aika increm Drachma. Then kill the poor executioner. Back in the sewer, save and enter the new corridor. Take two chests then talk to Dyne. You must answer to save Fina and you receive the thunder moon stone from your father. Then exit by the new corridor. scene.You arrive in upper city. Save and then find the train. You jump on it. NOW you must run from Galcian or you'll die. After a long run you finally meet Fina. BOSS : 2 ROYAL GUARDS : Beware of the one who heal him. The other can take a counter posture, never strike him. This battle can be long if you do anything. Galcian asks a question and answer 1 to him. After the scene you are on the boat. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : IMPERIAL SHIP : Honestly, focus and keep your guard until you can use the harpoon cannon. If you have more than 15 SP, shot. In one shot the imperial ship fall... Now you are free. Back to pirate isle, accept to help Fina (answer 1). You meet CUPIL which is Fina's weapon. You must give him food to increase Fina's power damage. Take the chest near. Save. Go in the underground and search on the metallic bridge the first cham for Cupil. (go in the item menu and use it on him, look at your VMU and you'll see he is happy it's a mini game in the game). You can find another Cham in shrine's island. Now go to sailor's island and meet Domingo. Then go to the guild and buy two more mini quest. Buy a sub cannon or two in the shop where the guy couldn't sell anything. With a sub cannon you can concentrate more firepower in one turn. You can also equip Drachma and Aika. Last go in the light house in the town near the weapon shop and find the third cham for Cupil. (Cupil become a blade). Now come back to pirate isle and search the small island near the waterfall of the beginning of the game. You find the pirate grave. Sell the info to the guild. Now head east and now you can go through the rockwall and see maramba. Don't land yet. Search a floating lake and you discover the wandering lake, sell the info and you will have a lot of money. Now you can land on Maramba. Drachma left the team. In the town (divided into two part) go to the inn and go upstair. Exit and collect the fourth cham. Then go down and find the weapon shop to equip yourself. You hear of the treasure of the sewer (don't sell Drachma's equipment). Now find the way to the dahbu, the giant creature of the town. With him you can jump on roof and talk to the guy who jump like an epileptic one. Go inside his house and find an armor. Exit and take the dahbu, search all the roof here to see if there is a chest then go to the second part of the town. Now land on a roof with a chest and collect 300 gold. Then land where you can reachj the ground. Go in the inn here and look at the dancer Bellena. Choose to stay. Answer 1 to Aika next then exit as soon as you can. Now take the ladder and visit the sewer. There are switch to open the metal gate. Look carefully the wall to see them. You can take good item and the one you saw in the first part of the town inside a ruin. Then exit, take the dahbu to the first part, and go to the inn. Then you can go to the port and meet Bellena. Talk to her and answer 1. Then go east to the temple. You discover it. TEMPLE OF PYRIM : remake of tomb raider... 1 : Take the first wheel barrel and go to the other side. Use the second to reach an isolated room. Before you take the chest you fight monsters. Then head to the normal way. 2 : Take the ladder and avoid the boulder. The path left is useless. Go down and avoid a second boulder. 3 : The two boulders of the side must be in the hole so the third can reach his own hole and open a door. 4 : You find a chest. Go right and follow the way to another chest. Explore a bit the multi ways here to collect many items. Then find a way to the room with four wheel barrel. Put the red one in the red hole and the blue in the other hole (logic). 5 : Take the new door. Go left to collect a Cham and avoid the boulder. Go right to collect a chest then go down. 6 : pass this hot room and collect a chest. 7 : You will find a switch and a path. Take the path and collect the chest. Then go down to the barrel. 8 : Use the blue barrel of the side first and the red one last. (the blue on the right, then the second on the right, then the one on the left and the blue that go straight. Last use the red one). Now come back to the switch and use it. 9 : save your game. BOSS : ROCK WYRM : This dragon can stone the hero. My advice is to focus Vyse until he can make a Cut Fury. then The dragon attack usually Fina or Aika so use one of her to cure the stone and focus when you can. Really it's an easy fight. 10 : Walk on the monster and collect the red crystal. Exit and save. SAVE (or you will regret it). You discover that Bellena is Belleza the admiral of the red fleet. After the scene you are in the little jack. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : RECUMEN, THE RED GIGAS : This red gigas is invincible. The idea is to not use any repair kit. To do that concentrate all your firepower on the turn he shots. Then he shots but miss you.Then you can choose to fire his head (1) or fire his feet(2) but either give to the same end : a failure. Then you must choose to retreat. Now direct the little jack on the LYNX (answer 1). AIR BATTLE FIGHT : THE LYNX : this boat has a magic cannon. it can perform a three it combos that destroy you in one turn. Concentrate your firepower and focus as you wish but you must take this decision to win : 1 catch off her guard (2) 2 try to get behind her (2) 3 stop the little jack (1) Then you will be behind the boat and you must fire the harpoon cannon to win. After the scene you learn that you must go south through the wind. You have new cannons, a new engine and it's time to go to Maramba and save. Before You live this area you can find the Topple Rock in the mountain east of the city of maramba (on the same island). You also can go east of Shrine island and pass through the stone reef. Search on an island here the Sky Coral. Then you can go on new adventures. Now head a little west then south. There is a cut scene. In this area you can find the sky anemone near the curtain of cloud. The travel to the new continent is very long and difficult. The battle are monstruous with monster that can cast Eternum (the level 2 of eterni never miss his victim). The giant storm in this airspace creates winds if you are in the bad direction. So are you lost in the sky ? it's normal. Use your map and search on it the I4 (details horizontal and vertical). Once you are near the new continent you will see an island with root, there will be a cutscene. Then the music change and some tam tam appears in it and the monsters change also. Find an island with a boat and on the other side (I4) is the village Horteka. In this airspace you can find the black market, buy new weapons for your ship and buy and sell new infos. When you decide to land in Horteka, you find that the people are not so friendly cause of the Valua of course. One ask if Fina is Quetya and Fina answer now (she has a link of course...). Then you decide two things : 1 find a moon stone for fuel 2 talk to the elder of the village to clarify the situation.Don't waste time to explore or talk cause no one will answer now. Use the woodbridge then the ladder and go straight. Use another ladder and near an entranceis a cham for Cupil. Enter and you will see a boat in bad shape. Talk to Hans and he gives you a moon stone. On the other side of the boat are in a chest 25 sacri crystal. Then exit and come back to the first ladder. Go left and use the ladder near a pole. Then follow a wood tunnel and find the house of the elder. Talk to him. He says to go north to find the king. Then to the woman to heal. Then you can explore the village. Near the house of the elder is a ladder, climb it and then the next ladder to collect a chest. The guy who jumps like an epileptic one will later says to you the location of the golden man. Then come back to the first pole you see and use it to reach a moon berry. Use the ladder near the save point at the entrance of the village and use the pole then the way to slide to the bar. Clim a floor or two to collect a chest behind a door then in the third floor is the exit of here. Equip yourself wisely then take off to the north. There will be a cutscene. You see De Loco's ship. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : THE CHAMELEON There is nothing difficult here. You have to use the Increm spell for the little jack. THen concentrate the cannon or the torpedo before uses the flamethrower. The harpoon cannon is the best weapon to end quickly this battle. Go now to the king's hideout and talk to him. He wants you to save Isapa who actually knows where is Rixis the lost city where is stored the green stone. Take the boat and go south to a big mountain. It's moon stone mountain. MOON STONE MOUNTAIN : PART 1 : Follow the way to the save point. Save the enter. Vyse and compagny walk on the alarm. Too bad... 1 : Enter and collect the cham on the left. Cupil become a Sword. 2 : On the fork, go right to collect some info about sign on the ground. Then from this room, go straight. 3 : Pass only on the cross. Then go left. 4 : Again walk on the cross. PART 2 : 5 : Go left. Then in the middle way is a cham. You will see a path that leads you to an elevator. It's off now but later you will come again here and use it.Now exit. 6 : Follow the way and open the door to collect items. Follow the way down. 7 : In this room fall left (walk on the circle) to collect DE LOCO DRILL. Then come back to the room before you fall (sorry...). Pass the circle of the right. Then fall left. 8 : Follow the way and open the jail of Centime. He activates the elevator. PART 3 : 9 : Use the elevator and go straight first to collect DE LOCO MAIL. Then come back and go right (don't forget to open doors here). 10 : if you wish come back to 5 : to use the other elevator and obtain a moon berry. You are free to not do this. 11 : Once back follow the way to another elevator. Follow the way until a cutscene stops you. Alfonso is here and wants a revenge. PART 4 : 12 : You arrive in a corridor with two guards. Battle them, then open the three other doors than the one they guarded to collect items. Then open the last door and meet that clown of Isapa. A scene shows De Loco again. That guy really disgust me. 13 : Go to the elevator by the only way open. 14 : it's time to save. BOSS : ANTONIO 2 : As stupid as the original but a little longer and powerful. Then you will laugh because Alfonso will be really ridiculous and De Loco too. Centime thanks you and ask you to come and see him in Horteka. Go to Horteka and meet him to collect a propeller. It increases the speed of the ship. Then talk to the king to learn the riddle of the lost city. You must find a bird and a golden man. If you remember the epileptic guy in Horteka go and see him to learn that the golden man is north of Horteka. Buy the infos at the black market and search the bird first near the great lake. Then come back to the hut of the king and on the top of one of the mountain here is the golden man. Then the golden man indicates to go west. So you go and between some mountains you will find a stone, click on it and you have finished. Now go to the black market and sell the infos and then go to Rixis. RIXIS THE LOST CITY : a remake of Grandia... IT APPEARS THAT YOU CAN BE REALLY BLOCK IN THIS DUNGEON IF YOU USE THE TELEPORT DEVICE THAT GOES TO THE EXIT. TO AVOID THE PROBLEM? CREATES A SECOND SAVE FILE IF YOU DON4T WANT TO RESTART THE GAME FROM THE BEGINNING. I HAVE WARNED YOU... (Especially i will have no pity from this moment on for thoses who don't respect the warning. Update 1.4). 1 : Put the two jewels to open the door of the city. Enter.You will see a guy in a cut scene that looks like a ghost. Go right and find stairs. Use the left or the right path. 2 : There are two set of stairs (damn i talk like the guy who wrote a faq for tomb raiders 4). Take the one on the left. Click on the teleport. 3 : Go down to collect an item then up then down... 4 : Pass the gate search a path to find the stone cutter in a chest. 5 : Now come back to the stairs and take the right one cause left is broken. (scene). 6 : There is a chest near the stair, don't use the teleport up because it leads you to the entrance. Take the one near the stone ground. 7 : When you arrive go up to collect a cham. Go down then to take a chest then the teleport. Use the stair now. On the first floor you find a chest and on the second a teleport. The teleport of the left leads you to a chest and a way. Take the chest. 8 : Come back and use another teleport to reach another chest and don't use the third cause it leads you to the entrance. Now use the teleport and walk on the path. 9 : follow the guy, other path are useless, however you must force him to run to a teleport so choose wiely the direction from where you come to chase him. 10 : take the teleport and save. Climb the stair. BOSS : RIK'TALISH : It's a poor bird with some skills. The monster is long but not difficult. There will be a long cut scene. You must know save and prepare to fight the green gigas Grendel. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : THE CHAMELEON (ENHANCED BY A MOON STONE cannon) : As usual cast Increm. You will have to take some decisions here but don't worry. For the first time you are really free and i can add there is no trap. Fight as you wish. I choose to fire (answer 1) then to make a short retreat (answer 2) then i fire the harpoon cannon to beat him. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : GRENDEL, THE GREEN GIGAS: This must be an easy fight in comparison of the one with Recumen. (i find immediately the technic). There is no technic , choose to approach and fire the feet (2) and fire again and again after you cast Increm. As the battle will be long you will cast a second time Increm. Near the end of the battle Grendel acts strangely (like if you loose in Space Channel 5). Concentrate and wait the moment to use the harpoon cannon to make him fall in the river. Now the peace comes back. Return to the king and collect the green moon stone. You can buy new infos on discoveries. Search under the island of Horteka the garpa fruits. Then you can head north through the ex iron gate to reach north ocean. Cool because pass again south ocean wasn't in my plan. update 1.3 : Before you advance anymore in the story you can choose to make some miscellaneous things. Remember that if you don't make it now it will be too late after. You can find the Ixa taka palace on the ground near the golden man. You can find the ixa'ness village in the forest on the island north of moon stone mountain. You can also find a bear rock in a rock island in south oecan. Go to Maramba. There search an island high in the sky with the sand fall on it. Go south of here and down to find the oasis. Near the sky coral you can find a silver moon pit. Now return to Horteka to advance a little in the story line. Go north through the iron gate. Continue north, In the first island you see is the will'o wisp to discover. Head south of here and press A until you find the mysterious ring. North east of the will'o wips is a rock island near the sky rift with the giant throne. Go north of here to meet a special annemy. AIR BOSS FIGHT : GORDO AND THREE MAD CHIEF : This battle against Gordo is not so hard if you kill first his chief. You learn that Drachma has a son who were killed by Rhacknam. Beware because near this battle is an imperial ship you will fight if you don't move quickly. Go north. Near the sky reef is a yellow island with the light house on it to discover. Cutscene where you arrived in Valua airspace. You will soon arrive near the Maw of Tartas. Before landing search in the mountain on the right the ancient palace. Then land in Tartas. You will fight with valua soldiers. Then answer 1, you will help Drachma to kill Rhacknam. There are 3 choms here and then exit. You pass the night on the little jack. Now walk on the boat and go to the bridge in 1F. In the next scene you will learn the full story of Drachma. Then another scene occurs. Find Rhacknam in this area. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : IMPERIAL SHIP OF THE 6TH FLEET : This boat is easy. Be agressive (answer 2) and he dies with your harpoon cannon. After a long cut scene, the little jack is destroyed. find the life boat to escape and then Drachma left your party. The party is divided in two, Vyse and Aika + Fina. Drachma is supposed dead but maybe you can see him again later. Nothing sure. Don't forget Rhacknam is not dead but just injured. Vyse land on a deserted island. Follow a way to the top of the island to learn it and then search the way to the cave. Go right to find Gonzales bones and map. Enter the cave and go left to collect a moon berry. Come back and and pass the night when you find the room in this cave.then pass the night. MEAN WHILE : Fina and Aika were saved by Clara an air pirate.They land on Nasr city. Visit the town a little then save. Pass the night in the inn. MEANWHILE : Vyse must hunt to survive. Find 18 meats to end the hunt.You can find a chest with 1827 gold inside in the room you use to sleep. Then you must find 5 woods for the fire. search the forest ground. Last you will find 5 moonstones in the forest. Then Gilder arrived and save you. Go to Nasr.Vyse can pass the night at the inn of Nasr then. MEANWHILE : Aika and Fina must find the weapon shop to talk to the old merchant they helped and obtain an abirik cham. Cupil becomes a star. Then go to the bar to talk with the bartender. He gives you youe wage and a cham. Last go to the inn and heal Pedro. You obtain Pedro's map. MEANWHILE : Vyse go to the Nasultan castle in this town to warn the nasultan of the danger. MEANWHILE : Aika takes a boat. Go east and follow the mountain. Press A until you find the Ruins of Rolana ,once the green mountain end, on the ground. Sell it for a lot of money. Then search West of crescent isle between two mountain the skull rock, sell it. Go north near crescent isle is the daccat's cave. Find the cham here and save. Read the inscription on the door. MEANWHILE : Vyse and Gilder goes to daccat's cave and wait ahead of the door on the purple ground. DACCAT'S CAVE : This dungeon is simple and original. When you are block with a party try the other one to unlock the one with which you were block. Begin as Vyse, find the chest and push the lever, then aika find a chest and also push a lever etc... In one of the room, use the wheel first for Aika then a second time for vyse. There are two chams here and only Aika find them. Then you arrive in a big room with a wheel. Observe the movement of the stair to allow each party to reach the purple ground. Then you can save and after a scene you joins the other party. BOSS : SINISTRA AND DESTRA : Those two are horrible. Concentrate your fire power on one head. Near the end of one head, the two use each turn the death waltz power so don't forget to "increm" all the party. Then one head is a poor challenge so destroy it quick. Go to Nasr. Ramirez Destroys the town and capture yourself. Answer 1 and surrender. GRAND FORTRESS JAIL : Now exit of the jail when possible. Go to the other doors and kill 2 guards. Save. Go to 2F with the elevator. Heal beafore fighting the boss here. BOSS : VIGORO : This one is stupid, he confuses Aika each time she is normal. So use one guy to cure her and the other to hit Vigoro. Really easy. You obtain the cannon room key. So use the elevator to reach this room. Scene where Enrique appears. you are in the cannon room and exit by a whole (where the bullets pass). Go left of the stairs and take the external elevator. Scene. Pass this corridor and heal before. Fight two guards and save Fina. You obtain the harbor key. Go back to the external elevator. Open the door on the right. In those corridor avoid the light to avoid battle. Take the moon berry in the chest of 2F and fight Zivilyn bane in 4F to obtain the unholy dagger and then exit by 3F. BOSS : DRALKHOR TANK : Easy fight if you cast increm for every one. Then the prince comes. After a scene answer 1 to him (you trust him). Now you are on the Delphynus. AIR FIGHT BATTLE : THE IMPERIAL ENTRANCE : You have just to concentrate the power of the moon stone cannon and fire with it. Now visit your boat. In the main room is Marco and a moon berry. You can visit the other room if you wish and then talk to Gilder. Answer 2. Gilder left the team while Enrique joins the force. Here are some miscellaneous things i advice to do if you wish to continue the quest safely. Go to Sailor's island and recruit Polly, Lawrence for 10 000 gold and Pinta. Equip yourself , heal and save. Go to Nasr and equip the boat, yourself and recruit Khazim and Osman. You can sell Daccat's coin for 20 000 gold at the guild. In this city is a chest you can take because the boulder free the way to it near weapon shop. Go north of Nasr and search the mountain with ice. You will see some boulders. Near it is the stone city. Go north of it to find the philosophy stone. Go to the skull rock, north of the skull rock and not of the continent and high in the sky is the balloon flower. Sell all infos and then land on Crescent Isle. You meet Brabham and Izmael. Yu must give 25 OOO gold to one and 75 000 gold to the other. If you have followed my walkthrough no porblem. Then choose your flag (the one of Vyse is the best and also it changes the icon on the VMU). Now that you can go through sky rift, search the north dannel strait near Nasr to find the ship graveyard. Return to Horteka and use the shortcut provided by the sky rift to do it. You can recruit Tikatika if you have find the ixa'ness village. Go to the part of the village with Centime and promise to Hans to recruit him. He will joins later once the boat of his father will be ready. Now go to Esperanza. From Maramba go south and pass the sky rift. Then in this new area head north. Land there. Enter the town and use the ladder you see to find a cham. Cupil becomes a cutlass. Follow the way and find a chest with gold inside. Then come back to the town. There is a house where a lever makes a ladder appears, it's the light house. Collect the chest here. You can find near the merchant a moon berry in a chest behind some tree. Then equip yourself in the merchant shop. Then go to the bar. Talk to the guy with a bottle. Scene where Don introduces himself. Go to the port and save. Talk to Enrique; You pass the night, then return to the Delphynus for a long fight. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : THE SECOND FLEET : FIRST LINE / IMPERIAL SMALL SHIP : Easy, be aggressive and increases the moon stone cannon to beat this boat. SECOND LINE / CLASSICAL IMPERIAL SHIP : Choose 1 (be aggressive) and use the moon stone cannon to beat this boat (don't forget to cast Increm). FINAL LINE / THE AURIGA : Use Increm and Quika to win. After the congratulations go to the inn to heal and pass the night for free. Then go to the dark rift and search a vortex. Near here is the blimp wreck west of the entrance and on an island. Now go to north ocean and recruit Domingo in Gordo's bar and you find a cham here. The bar is really easy to find. Come back to the rift and enter it. Save. THE DARK RIFT : Here you can win a lot of moon berries. So fight often. A dungeon for the boat. Cool and original. I'll play again Albator here. In the first room collect the chest (shining boat) then go left in a hole and search the other exit. In the second room go straight to a shining exit and collect the black moon stone. Now exit and sell the info. Come back to this room and exit by the west exit (the one down), because all the other are wrong. Here search items and follow the light to the exit. In the last room save and go straight. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : ANGUILA : Choose to stay in front of the beast (answer 1) each turn and fire. Then the beast exit so i hope you have a lot of SP to fire on it and last choose again to saty in front of the beast to finish it. Then you can exit of the dark Rift. Update 1.4 : Go to the east when you exit to find the guardian walls. Go north to find the Ugui's nest. Pass the sky rift from here, go north until a scene arrive. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : TENKOU SHIP : you must use the torpedoes to destroy the boat. AIR BOSS FIGHT : JAO AND MAO : Choose to fight (answer 1) and kick their butt. Just in the same direction is the Spice Island (press A quick after the fight). Then continue to discover Yafutoma. (press A). Land on the city. Scene. Then you learn you must travel to Mount Kazai. Here you can heal and save in the guest house behind the palace. In this city there are 2 chests. One can be reach by using a boat after you use a lever to move the bridge and the other is behind the backdoor of the item shop. Don't forget to buy a Suiran Blade and to equip the boat with Torpedoes and Yamato Spirit. Talk to the ship part merchant and ask him (answer 2) to take you to mount Kazai. MOUNT KAZAI CAVE : 1 : Take the rope and follow the way to the water. 2 : Use your suit to go underwater. 3 : Use the switch to fill the hole. 4 : Exit by the left and follow the way. Use the switch and go underwater. Use the new path to fill the main room with water by using the switch. Come back to the main room. 5 : Use the north exit. Follow the way. You'll see a fork after an ice room. Go right and then underwater. To the south you find a way to an item guarded by Zivilyn Bane. Then come back underwater and use the other way. Go left at the fork and use the switch to fill again the main room. 6 : Use the exit of the right in the main room. Choose to fall underwater by using the north pool. Follow the way to the last switch. Come back to the main return. 7 : dive now in the hole full of water. Exit. You see a rope but don't take it. Just follow the way. 8 : At the fork left is a cham, straight leads you to a moon berry in a chest. Go left and fight with 2 aluspheres. 9 : In this room you can use the switch to reach other part of the dungeon and arrive safely in the last room. Or you can choose to follow the way and open the wall. You'll fight 6 groups of Aluspheres. Anyway you come to the last room. 10 : Use the last corridor and save. Use the teleport device. BOSS : TORTIGAR : This turtle is not so difficult, just cast increm and focus when she is invincible. You must use Aika and Fina to heal. Once you have upgrade Vyse and Enrique with Increm you are sur to win. (cut fury and royal blade). Return to the village and pass the night. You notice that Belleza has come. After the scene go to the port. Choose to wait and see (answer 2). After a cut scene, Moegi helps you to escape. On the right of this passage is a chest and then you can go left. You discover the power of the Yafutoman. EXILE ISLAND ( TENKOU ISLAND after you learn it). Save. Follow the long way to the temple. You can find a Cham here. Cupil becomes a Spear. After a scene the prince Daigo asks something to you. Answer 1 to help him. Go to the port. After the scene you must reconquer the Delphinus. After the fight on the main bridge, go to the command room of the delphinus. BOSS : MURAJI AND 3 SOLDIERS : Easy fight. Don't waste your time. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : THE DRACO (Vigoro's ship) : Cast Increm and use the moon stone cannon. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : BLUHEIM, THE BLUE GIGAS : Hey there ! it's the dragon of Panzer Dragoon Saga ! It's the most impressive fight i have seen for the moment. Bluheim is powerful and speed and so cool. Bref, the goal is to win so cast Increm and fire with torpedoes and moon stone cannon. The other cannon are useless. They always miss the gigas. Once you have win, you are in Yafutoma where the classical congratulations arrive. You obtain the blue crystal and can do some things. The current level of Cupil must be a spear. Use 1 chom so he regurgitate all cham and abirik cham. Give to Cupil all the cham and then the abirik cham and he becomes a Claymore. Well as you see the mix is necessary. Also it seems that the Claymore is the last evolution of Cupil. However continue to give him Cham and Abirik Cham. You decide to go east and you leave the village. END OF CD 1 AT LEAST. 9 WALKTHROUGH FOR CD 2 : Here are the miscellaneous things to do to unlock all the secrets. As usual it's now or never. You are free to not search the discoveries. Go north of Mount Kazai. High in the sky and point toward the north. Wait until the Wander birds appears and click on them to discover them. Head a little east. On the wall is a big island. You'll find there the Dheerse. Return to Mount Kazai and and go north until you pass the sky rift. Find Ryu Kan's island. Go north and you see a small black island. North north eats of here is another island, go on the top of it, Continue North north east to find the invert Isle. Return to Ryu Kan's island and go east this time until you see a snow rift intersect with a dark rift. Go west and use A until you find the Mystic Orchard. Now follow the Snow rift constantly until you see a big hole. It's the way to your home, but before that continue until you find an island cut by the snow rift. Search there the Grieveing Prince. Return to the hole to arrive in known skies. From here go directly to Crescent isle after you sell the infos and win a lot of cash. Scene where you discover that the world is round. Answer what you wish ( i answer 1 personnaly). Brabham the engineer and Izmael the builder joins the crew. Talk to Belle in the port to recruit her. There is a cham behind the building with the cannon inside and another outside near the flag. (maybe this cham appears later so if you don't find it search it later). In your island you can equip the boat in Khazim's shop and buy items to Osman. Give to her 2000 golds. She can increases the shop. Use the external elevator and enter the meeting room. You decide to go south and find the purple moon crystal. Sleep then talk to Domingo in the meeting room so you obtain items. You can ask Izmael to build new things. Order exit of the isle and come back for the result. You can do this to build all you can. You can leave the isle. Recruit Don at Esperanza. Talk to the woman at the bar. She asks you to talk to her mother in Maramba (the kabal skewer lady). Go in Maramba and talk to her then come back to Esperanza. The daughter gives you a kabal skewer. Talk to the mother at Maramba and she eats it but don't like it. Talk again to the daughter and she asks you to find 3 ingredients : Gentle, Khale, Kabal. If you have made the discoveries when i said to do it, you have the Khale. For the kabal, go to Gordo's bar and he gives one. Go then to Nasr, collect the cham near the two lovers, and talk to the item merchant. Use the talk option and he sells you Gentle for 500 gold. Then come back to the daughter and she prepares new kabal skewer. Bring it to the mother and she forgives her daughter. Go for the last time in Esperanza and the daughter gives to you an abirik Cham. Ouf. Just by curiousity i return to Maramba and the mother has disappeared.Recruit there Khalifa if you are equiped with the suiran blade. In fact she goes to Esperanza during your travel to Maramba. Retrurn to Horteka to recruit Hans. There is a ship who asks for 10 sky sardis (you have it normally but if you need to fish them they live near the Pirate grave the first discovery). Give it to him and he gives an Abirik Cham. Return to Crescent Isle and build all you can. Talk to Polly and give her 1000 gold. Then if you talk again to her after exiting and returning she asks 10 grudles to cook a polly special. I don't know where to fish them but maybe she gives a special items after she prepares the polly special. Go north of Crescent Isle and pass the sky rift. You see a big island. Search near the craters on it the Giant Squid Nest. In this sky you can fight a giant squid to obtain a better deck for your boat. Return to Esperanza and south of there is a sky rift. Pass it to discover the land of ice. Search in the continent a small mountain. Go north of it and find the frozen giant. Go to the ice continentand search a place where mountain are separated by a path. Follow the pass south south west to find the Ice bird. Go eats of here and when you see an aurora in the sky push A to discover the Aurora. Near this area is the entrance to the purple cave. Sell the infos before going there. Come back and click on the ice ground to find the entrance of the lost Ice city. (A5 on the map). You enter the Ruin of ice. RUIN OF ICE : 1 : Enter and find the CHam here. 2 : Answer 2 to the quizz (power of ice) and slide. 3 : Open the door and follow the way to the second quizz. Answer 1 (maybe two). 4 : Go to the third door and follow the way to the last quizz. Answer 2 (will and spirit). Slide to the capital. 5 : Use the device ahead of you. Follow the way. You find a chest with ice splitter. 6 : Come back and take the new bridge (i think it appears after taking the chest but maybe i miss it). Take the way of the left after the bridge. 7 : On the left of another path is an item guarded by Zivilyn bane. Take it and follow the normal way to another device. 8 : On the right is a cham, straight a blade and left you can save. Go to the boss. BOSS : VELTARN : No difficulty here. Increm, Blessing, royal blade, cutlass fury, etc. 9 : Use the device and go right to take a moon berry, then enter the room. Scene where you find Drachma near... Rhacknam! After the scene you collect the purple crystal and Dracha leaves you. (answer 1 to Aika). Retrun to Crescent Isle. Now you can go high in the sky and below the cloud also. I see a great advantage because in those area there are no fights. The convenient is that you lose a tons of exp. High in the sky near your home base in a rainbow. Search there the rainbow island. Then go south south west and you see a red object. It's the iron star. Return to Domingo in the meeting room and he gives you an item (you have 50 discoveries). Find the square K4 on the map in ice land and go below the cloud. You see a huge island, it's southern cross. Follow the direction of the cross (south) and you find a new entrance for the ruin of ice. You collect a moon berry. Take the device and you exit by the other entrance. From this exit, go east and then to the square C2. Search in this square a place where the screen turn dark. Point to the east i think to look at the purple moon. Click unitl you find the eclipse point. South of here is the looper's nest in the corner of the lonely island here. Above the cloud and near south ocean i find the ghost ship. This thing move fast and describe a circle. If you don't find it immediatley like me wait a little it appears. Go in Ixa taka airspace and find a water fall in the sky. Search on the right ground to find a the alupas. Near here find Rixis and search in the area the pyramid where was the green crystal. Go south and use A to discover the observatory. In mid ocean near home search the moon stone lake above the cloud. It's easy and visible. Go to Tenkou island and south of here is a small osalnd with the mother tree on it. Go below Valua. You'll find an isalnd with the valuan wreckage. The dancing star are to the north of here (near it is the entrance to the yellow dungeon). Search north of the dancing star to find the rabbats (push a repetively). Go under shrine's island to find a lonely rock with the flying machine on it. It's on C4. Go east and push A to find the bottomless pit. Go to L10 and stop. Circle on yourself until you find the giant fish. I'm sorry for the last discoveries the Flutterflies but it's too difficult to find. Even with the clue given by an ermit above the sky of ixa taka. If you find it you obtain the last item of Domingo. Flutterflies are visible and are a group of insect. (it's somewhere in mid ocean). High in the sky near north of Crescent isle and near the sky rift is the house of Ilchimys. Land there and find a Cham. Use the two talk options. Exit. Come back later and talk again. The text has changed. Try to recruit him and he comes if Vyse has the Riselem spell. Return to Crescent Isle and give him 1000 gold so he increases his shop. Then exit and talk again to him and for 4000 gold he offers an ilchimix that can heal all HP and MP outside a battle. Go to the dancing star and enter the Maw of tartas. MAW OF TARTAS : 1 : After the save point, there are 2 ways. Go right. The chest here are symbolized by a yellow crystal with a transaprent top. (there is two in this dungeaon). Take the first chest. 2 : Now go left to the other way. You arrive on a new fork. 3 : Go left to collect a moon berry. 4 : Go right to save and enter the last room. 5 : Go up to the yellow gigas. Scene where the yellow gigas awake. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : YELIGAR, THE YELLOW GIGAS : Nothing difficult because he is weaken by the seal of the silvite. Explodes him with torpedoes and moon stone cannon. Go to Crescent Isle and find the cham near the flag if you haven't take it before. Go in the meeting room and find Gilder. Scene. Go near shrine island and below the cloud and search Dangral island. Land there. 1 : Take the ladder and enter the corridor. Scene. Use the ladder. 2 : Follow the way and click on the red ground to watch a scene or a chest. Do it each time you see a red ground. You look at a fan here and straight is the last scene you must watch. Come back left at the fork and cut the power of the fan with the lever. 3 : Take the way of the fan. The door of the left is closed. On the right there are two doors. Take the left one and visit each room for items. Then exit of here and use the right one. 4 : You see a door and an opening. Use the door and click on the schematics. Scene. 5 : Go all the way back. Scene where Gregorio gives his life to save the prince. Escape of here. Return to Crescent Isle. Talk to Brabham. Scene. 10 days later the Delphinus is ready to go in Deep Sky. Enrique announces that he wants to left the team and return to Valua.Go under Shrine's island and search the vortex. VORTEX : You have to go down until a scene stop you. Then Enrique explain how to extract Fina's ship. Use B to show you where to search and A to extract. I used the ten sonars to cover the map and then i extract a piece of Velorium. Fina's ship is in the south of the map. Don't waste time to search each square cause of the annoying battle each time. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : THE CHAMELEON : Destroy him with the torpedoes and magics only. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : THE CHAMELEON (ENHANCED WITH THE HARPOON CANNON) : Kill De loco and say bye bye to deep sky. Return to Sailor's island and meet Baltor. AIR BATTLE FIGHT : THE BLACK BEARD 2 : Easy fight. Use Marco then focus and concentrate all your firepower in one turn. The boat has 40 000 point only. Then land on Sailor's island and say bye bye to Enrique. You can go back to Crescent Isle. 10 PINTA'S QUEST INFO : I open this section for some reason. Also ot's the first mini game i have experienced because Arkadia was so great that i wanted to know all about this game. You meet Pinta the first you visit the weapon shop of Sailor's island. She or he i don't know joins the crew. Then press start. To down load the mini game you need 83 blocks. If you want to play with it you must switch off the dreamcast and use the VMU alone. I see some advantage in this game. 1 : The more you explore the game (Skies not the mini one) the more the map in the VMU will be enormous. 2 : Pinta gain experience. The more she or he has the more gold you collect. 3 : You can upload Pinta to take the gold and the potential items she or he found. Of course Pinta find valuable items if she has a lot of exp. 4 : You will encounter different danger : A wind and you must press a ,or b i don't remember, to resist. You will see another boat and fight. You can meet a merchant who exchange items with you. Those events are random and occurs after a certain levels. 5 : During the game you can change when you wish of area and explore a new one. 11 THE HOMEPAGE OF SKIES OF ARKADIA : Well i haven't visited it yet because i haven't an american dreamkey and especially because internet is very expansive with a dream in my country, but i'll visit it one day or another. If you can give me infos about the items and things you can download for this game e mail me at 12 LIST OF SKILLS : DRACHMA : TACKLE : a super high impact damage the ennemy. Use 10 SP. (affect one ennemy) SPIRIT CHARGE : Drachma increases by four the number of the SP. Use 0 SP and needs 2 moon berries to obtain it. HAND OF FATE : A mountain rises under Drachme and he creates a big hand to stomp the ennemy. The ennemy dies instantaneously except if it's a boss. Use 25 SP and needs 4 moon berries to obtain it. (affect one ennemy) I think it's all for Drachma. Think that he leaves the team so if you want to see these skills increase him first. VYSE : CUTLASS FURY : Vyse makes a fury that looks like the Mirage sword in Shining Force 3 and looks like Julian (the hero of the scenario 3 for incult). Use 7 SP.(affect one ennemy) COUNTER STRIKE : When Vyse is surrounded by ennemies, activate this skill and he will offer a nice counter attack to everyone.(all ennemy) Use 1 SP and needs 1 moon berry. RAIN OF SWORD : Vyse looks like a god and jump in the air to summon a lots of thunder sword. (affect all ennemies). Use 14 SP and needs 2 moon berries to obtain. SKULL SHIELD : Vyse summon an old air pirate to protect the party. Useless. Use 5 SP and need 2 moon berries to obtain. AIKA : ALPHA STORM : Aika shot circles of fire to burn the ennemy. Can make combos if use correctly. Use 4 SP and needs one moon berry to obtain. DELTA SHIELD : Aika creates a triangle where magic can't affect the party. Also she blocked the magic of the party. I have never success with this spell. Just try it and forget it. Use 2 SP and needs 1 moon berry to obtain. LAMBDA BURST : Aika uses four fire psycho boomerang to kill all ennemies in the battle. Use 8 SP and need 2 moon berries to obtain. EPSIOLON MIRROR : Aika creates a shield for herself that heal 10 MP and also she is invincible for one turn. Use 10 SP and need 2 moon berries to obtain. OMEGA PSYCLONE : Aika uses her boomerang to launch a fire tornado on the foes. Even if it's the most impressive of her skill i find it less powerful than the lambda burst. Use 12 SP and need 4 moon berries to obtain. FINA : LUNAR GLYPH : Fina asks the moon to hit an annemy. It can stone the victim. Use 3 SP and needs one moon berry to obtain. LUNAR BLESSING : Fina cast a blessing spell that heal all members by 200 points per turn. Use 12 SP and needs one moon berry to obtain. LUNAR CLEANSING : Our dear Fina clean every one from bad status except death. Use 6 SP and need 2 moon berries to obtain. LUNAR WIND : It's a dispell spell. Useful some times. Use 6 SP and need 2 moon berries to obtain. LUNAR LIGHT : Fina uses the power of the moon to cure, heal and revive any of the party members. Very impressive. Use 18 SP and need 4 moon berries to obtain it. GILDER : GUNSLINGER : Gilder ask the ennemy to dance for him. Can make combo. Use 9 SP and need 1 moon berry to obtain. AURA OF DENIAL : Gilder protect the team from 50 % of damage. Useless. Use 5 SP and need 2 moon berries to obtain. Gilder has a third skill so i hope i will see him again. ENRIQUE : ROYAL BLADE : Enrique looks like Medion (hero of shining force 3 scenario 2) and use hir rapier to kill the monster. Excellent. Use 9 SP and need 1 moon berry to obtain. JUSTICE SHIELD : Enrique summon a shield to protect the party. Useless. Use 4 SP and need 2 moon berries to obtain. THE JUDGEMENT : Enrique call an ennemy to the coliseum of Valua and launch a dragon to punish the ennemy. After that he receives the congratulations of Valuan people. Very impressive and ultra powerful. Use 16 SP and need 4 monn berries to obtain. THIS SECTION IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND I WILL UPDATE IT SOON. It's useless to e mail me the new skills. Wait till i finished the walkthrough and send me only secret skills if they exist. 13 LIST OF MAGICS : You spent 1 MP each time you cast a spell. GREEN MAGICS : SACRI : heal 500 HP. Cost 2 SP SACRES : Heal 1000 HP. Cost 4 SP. SACRUM : Heal 1000 HP of all allies. Cost 8 SP. SACRULEN : Heal all the HP of one ally. Cost 6 SP. NOXI : The ennemies receive a poison cloud (all ennemies). Cost 3 SP. NOXUS : Lv2 of the Noxi spell. Can poison an ennemy (all). Cost 6 SP. RED MAGICS : PYRI : The classic fire spell. Cost 2 SP. PYRES : Ray of fire kill all ennemies. Cost 4 SP. PYRUM : All ennemies receive a meteor shower. Cost 6 SP. PYRULEN : All the battlefield explode to kill all ennemies. Cost 10 SP. INCREM : Increase all stat for one friend. Cost 4 SP. INCREMUS : Increase all stat of all allies. Cost 16 SP. PURPLE MAGICS : CRYSTALI : The classic ice spell. Cost 1 SP. CRYSTALES : A pick of ice emerge from the ground. Cost 2 SP. CRYSTALUM : A strange ice thing hit an ennemy. Cost 3 SP. SYLVENIS: Close the skill of a monster. Cost 2 SP. PANIKA : Confuse the ennemy. Cost 3 SP. BLUE MAGICS : WEVLI A wind can kill the ennemy.combo if the other is in good range. Cost 2 SP. WEVLES : A great wind affect every ennemies. Cost 4 SP. WEVLUM : A super wind kill every ennemies. Cost 6 SP. WEVLEN : The wind explodes to kill an ennemy. Can make combo. Cost 8 SP. QUIKA : All allies speed increase. Cost 6 SP. SLIPARA : Every ennemies sleep after the spell (theory). Cost 6 SP. YELLOW MAGICS : ELECTRI : Thunder hit the ennemy. Cost 2 SP. ELECTRES : A great thunder hit all ennemies in the range. Cost 4 SP. ELCTRUM : An explosion of thunder kill all ennemies in range. Cost 6 SP. ELECTROCULEN : A super thunder ball destroys the monster. Can make combo. Cost 8 SP. DRILN : One ennemy is weaken (theory). Cost 3 SP. DRILNOS : All ennemies are weaken. Cost 6 SP. SILVER MAGICS : CURIA : One status ally is restored. Cost 2 SP. RISAN : You have 50 % of chance to awake a death friend. Cost 4 SP. RISELEM : You awake a friend with all his HP. Cost 8 SP. ETERNI : You have 50 % of chance to kill an ennemy. Cost 5 SP. ETERNES : You have a chance to kill all foes. Cost 10 SP. 14 FAQS AND CREDITS : I need money : Search the discoveries before the guild give the hint. I can't beat the red gigas : You must increase you fire power with a sub cannon or two. I'm block in Rixis cause i take the teleport to the exit. I can't come back : You can come back, but you need to press A and the direction you want to go once you are in the teleport devices. It appears however that many people experiment a true bug and can't go back. I don't want to play this game, it's mix of old and there is no originality. There are a lot of originalities. The section with the boat and the crew, the discoveries and the system of magic. Also the story is a real good one. And i haven't talk of the other to not spoil the fun. Thanks to Napalm who check each version of this faq. Thanks to every one who post this walkthrough in their site. Thanks to Sega for this awesome RPG. This walkthrough is copyright, so please ask the permission to post it in your site. 15 PERSONNAL NOTES : OK THAT'S ALL FOR THE MOMENT. Be sure i'll update this soon. For any other infos e mail me at The next time i'll probably finish this game. ADK, the Eternal sky wanderer.</p>