From: Carl Chavez Newsgroups: Subject: NBA Hangtime FAQ, v0.70 Date: Sat, 25 May 1996 22:52:35 -0700 This is the second posting on Usenet of the Hangtime FAQ; minor updates are posted often on the Hangtime Web Page at ------------------------------------------------------------------------ NBA Hangtime FAQ v0.70 Last modified 25 May 1996. created by Carl Chavez ( The specific URL for the NBA Hangtime Page is "" And at "" are the FAQs for: NBA Jam Classic NBA Jam TE NBA Jam Attributes for game versions 1.0/2.0/3.0 NBA Hangtime (this FAQ) NBA Hangtime Code List NBA Hangtime Strategy Guide NBA Hangtime Trivia Answers NBA Hangtime Character List Rampart as well as the Bub and Bob Page! IRC: #HANGTIME maintained by Ken Steiner ( --------------------------------------------------------- NEWS: --------------------------------------------------------- 13 May 96: NBA Hangtime will be released for 32-bit home systems by Christmas 1996. November 15 looks like the tentative date. High Voltage, a software developer in Chicago, is doing some or all of the conversions. It will be network-capable! --------------------------------------------------------- GAME DESCRIPTION: --------------------------------------------------------- *D There are two versions of the game out--the final version (most locations by now) and the beta chipset (it's in Chicago and I know it's in New York City at the Broadway Arcade; that's the one I played). *0 How to tell if a machine is a beta or final version: when you enter codes, there will be a flash for each code. The final version only flashes after you've locked the code system. Also, the outdoor court does not have cheerleaders in the beta version. *D, *! The graphics have either been completely overhauled or redone from scratch by Sal DiVita. The animation is running at a brisk 60 fps, the players are larger and the colors are a lot brighter. Anyone who calls this a Jam TE rehash is blind. The players and court are 50% larger. There are over 50 secret characters and space for over 500 created players per machine. *D Neil Funk, the announcer for the Chicago Bulls, is doing the play by play, and he recorded about 1600 speech samples for Hangtime. There's also an original rap soundtrack by M-Doc. *D The start of the game offers you three options instead of two. CREATE A PLAYER lets you do just that--for the price of one game, you create your own character, choosing their height, weight, jersey colors, head, nickname, skills (you're given X amount of attribute points to distribute as you wish), the whole nine yards. You'll also enter a six-character name and a four-digit PIN number (the three-initials-&-birthdate thing is long gone). The better you do in the game, the more attribute points you're awarded, and the better your individual player becomes over time. The second option, ENTER NAME, lets you enter your character or secret character info. And of course, there's a third option to just go into the game without any character codes...and I can't remember what it's called. *D New moves include spins, fadeaway and lean-in jumpers, alley oops and something new called "double dunks." Say Pippen has the ball and goes up for a fancy dunk. Rodman will *also* go up for a fancy dunk, and when he flashes, you can dish off to him and have him complete the slam. There's no way to describe it except really impressive. *D After every game, a Trivia screen pops up. You earn points for answering NBA trivia questions right. When you earn 100 points, you can enter a sweepstakes for NBA prizes. I'm not sure what the grand prize is, but I believe it might be a trip to the All-Star game. I think there's also a Hangtime machine or two to be won. *D Keeping with tradition, most of the Midway staff are in the audience. Mark and Sal are clearly visible in the front row on the sidelines; licensing director and "Pinball!" author Roger Sharpe (ROG AUG 1 in Jam TE, with the moustache) is apparently one of the coaches. More to come as they're spotted. *3 "...finished the game (beat all 29 teams)... It ended saying there will be a "Maximum" Hang Time coming out on November 1--...guess this is like Midway's "Ultimate" MK3 upgrade..." *D When the season starts again in the fall, Midway's issuing a chip upgrade to keep the teams fresh, put trades and rookies into effect, etc. *C The "push" move is slower in Hangtime than in NBA Jam Classic/TE. However, you can now nudge players a bit to mess up their shots. *0 There is still "fire" in NBA Hangtime. Make three shots in a row and you can have high-probability shots until you earn around 24 points or until your opponent scores. *0 There is now also "team fire"! Simply make three alley-oops or double dunks in a row and you will have team fire for 25-40 seconds, even if your opponent scores! --------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTER CREATION --------------------------------------------------------- NBA Hangtime allows you, for the cost equal to one period of the game, to create your own character. First you enter a six-character name for your player (like FOREGO). Next you enter a four-digit (and/or space) PIN for your player. A screen comes up with a depiction of your character on the upper right. A column of options are on the left side of the screen. They are: --View stats See your win-loss record, points for and against, trivia point score, number of world records held, and what teams have been defeated --Choose attributes A new character has 40 attribute points which can be distributed among the following attributes: --Height Your height can range from 5'7" to 7'6". One point = one inch. Height probably slows you down a bit, but helps to block. --Weight Your weight can range from ??? to 295 pounds. One point = ???. Weight is probably related to how easily you knock others down or resist being knocked down with a push or dunk. --Head Choose from one of ??? heads. No cost. --Speed How fast your player will move. --Dunk Players with higher dunk values get rejected less during dunks and can jump from farther out. --Steal Players with higher steal values swipe at the ball and block or grab passed balls better. --Shoot Instead of 3-PT, there is the shoot attribute. It appears to be similar. Higher shoot values mean more accurate special shots like fadeaways and double-pump layins. --Block Players with higher block values jump higher for blocks, resist Powerful or Dunking players better, slow down players trying to move past them, and probably (?) are better at messing a player's shot up when they're nearby but not jumping. --Power Powerful players can knock down other players when dunking, laying up, leaning in on a jumper (maybe?), or shooting a running jumper (maybe?). --Choose uniform Your player can wear any of the 29 NBA uniforms or can choose from one of ten custom uniforms. No cost. --Choose privileges Your player starts out with two special priviliges. They can be one of the following: --No Tag Arrow I think this hides the arrow of your teammate so that you and your opponent don't know where your teammate is. --Big Head Gives your character a big head. --Hidden Attributes Your attributes will not be shown as a bar graph anymore. --Hidden Turbo The amount of turbo you have left is not shown. --Drone Big Head Your CPU teammate (not human teammate?) has a big head. --Super rebound You rebound better. I believe that your character will try to 'home in' on the ball after you jump for it. I assume certain characters have this. Rodman, for example, rebounds a lot. (Strangely enough, I seem to get less rebounds with this privilege. I may be wrong.) This may be the "auto rebound" from the pre-release version. When your player becomes a Grand Champion, another privilege becomes available: --Smarter CPU drone Your CPU teammate plays better. This won't help if you have an idiot human for a teammate! These privileges appear on a pre-release version. They may not be available on the final version. --Break backboard Probably not allowed by the NBA for the final version... --Auto rebound This may be the old name for "Super Rebound". --Back door ??? Probably a debugging tool in the pre-release. --Change nickname Change the six-character name you use for this character. Change the PIN, too, I believe. No cost. --Change sound There are ??? digitized sounds for custom players' names in the database. They range from "Viper" and "T-Rexx" to "Large Marge" or "Pongo". No cost. --Save and exit Save changes to character. No cost. You gain two attribute points for every three games won. To allocate them to your character, you must spend more money and select CREATE A PLAYER again. Enter your old name and PIN and the character will appear with his or her current statistics. Needless to say, it's cheaper to wait a while before upgrading a character! HIDDEN ATTRIBUTES: There are hidden attributes in the game. PASS controls the speed of your players' passes. There does not appear to be a way to adjust this directly during character creation, but it is probably a function of your height, weight, and speed. CLUTCH is another hidden attribute. It affects your character's success of play in the last 10 seconds of any period. It is probably a function of experience: the more games you've played (and won), the better your clutch. --------------------------------------------------------- SELECT A TEAM: --------------------------------------------------------- On the team selection screen, you'll see various bar graphs depicting the attributes of the two selected players on each team. Press DOWN or UP to select a team. Press TURBO to see the team's popularity, winning percentage, offensive and defensive rankings. Press PASS, LEFT, or RIGHT to change players, and press SHOOT to select the players. TURBO will also change Dennis Rodman's hair color. His hair can be blonde, blue, red, purple (default), black, green, and two other colors. --------------------------------------------------------- KEY: --------------------------------------------------------- L, R, U, D = left, right, down, up T = turbo S = shoot P = pass + = while doing other actions , = do this, then do next Ex:(T, T) + L = press turbo twice while pressing left may also be given as a multiplied number. Ex:2xT, L = pressing turbo twice, then press left --------------------------------------------------------- MOVES: --------------------------------------------------------- There are several new moves in NBA Hangtime. When this list says "while running", it means that you're moving while holding turbo. Thus, a pull-up jumper will happen if you're running, but if you're walking then you'll do a normal jumper. -MOVE- JOYSTICK MOTION FROM -block- hold button until on-screen ball is near, then hint release Blocking (and goaltending) is now much more dependent on your timing. You can't just press SHOOT while on fire and expect to swat all incoming balls away; you now have to stand in the right spot and time the swat. -defend- depends *C Stand as close to the ballhandler as possible. If he or she shoots, the shot has a better chance of missing. Even with a thirty-five point lead and CPU assistance on, you can still mess up a player's shot this way! -hook shot- (D or U) + S *C There is a way to make it a turnaround hook shot. Perhaps a circular motion after starting a hook shot? -Spin Move- (T, T) while running *4 But you must have enough turbo power to do it. -Alley oop- without ball: cabinet (T + S) to call for ball with ball: P or S while other player jumps/flashes The double dunk is a variation of the alley oop. Instead of lobbing from the floor, you're lobbing to your teammate in midair. -Double dunk- P or S while other *C player flashes -Triple dunk- *6 Hard, but same concept as the double dunk. -fadeaway jumper- push away from basket on-screen while shooting hint -lean-in jumper- while facing up or on-screen down, push left or hint right while shooting -pull-up jumper- (T + S) while *C running? (Could this move result in a "charge"?) -charge- ? (Chat session said that charging exists) While dunking, you can decide to lay up by pressing the shoot button again. However, if your teammate is flashing, you will pass to him or her instead of laying up. Beware. When making a jumper, you can control the amount of time you hold the ball by holding SHOOT. Because players now flail their arms around to block (they don't stick their arms up for several seconds) there is a better chance of shooting over a defender. However, your shot percentage does go way down with a quick or slow shot. --------------------------------------------------------- CODES: --------------------------------------------------------- There are many new codes in NBA Hangtime. *4 There appears to be a counter of button presses at the bottom of the screen. The number blocks act as counters. They count how many times certain buttons were pushed. (No, wait! I have proof!) During the match-up screen tap turbo twice. [200] -Nothing, right? Tap it twice, tap left. L+[200] BANG: outdoor, roof-top court! Now Try this: Tap turbo twice. (Nothing) [200] then tap turbo twice more, then tap left. L+[400] Roof-top court again. See? it only counted how many times you hit the button So, you CAN enter more than one code at a time. *C HOW TO ENTER MULTIPLE CODES: It seems that you need to do all necessary button presses for a code, then press the direction for that code. Then continue to enter more button presses and press more directions. Press down to finish. I'm not sure whether or not you need to have a total number of button presses equal to the total of all the codes' presses. Example: one multiple code I know is Hyper Speed + Shot %. 5xT, 5xS, 2xP, D, CW [552] To add rooftop court to that, is it (2xT)+L, 5xT, 5xS, 2xP, D, CW [752] or is it (2xT)+L, 3xT, 5xS, 2xP, D, CW [552] Which one???????? COUNTER DEFINITION: Digit: 1st 2nd 3rd Button: TURBO SHOOT PASS In this FAQ, all codes will be given with the motions and button presses, followed by the counter reading in brackets ([]). You may get the code working even if the counter on the screen may not the counter in this FAQ; see the above example for an explanation. All codes are entered at the "Matchup" screen, unless otherwise noted. Once you press down, all codes are locked in and no more can be entered. --------------------------------------------------------- CODES AFFECTING GAMEPLAY: --------------------------------------------------------- MOTION AFFECT FROM U + T = random select (on team select screen) *7 2xS, 5xP [025] = baby mode *5 (P, P)+R [002] = Computer assistance disabled *4, *J Team with large lead will not be handicapped. (T, T)+L [200] = outdoor court *2 *D The rooftop code is apparently different on the beta and final machines. *0 Beta machines have no cheerleaders, released machines do. ? = quick hands *J rotate joystick CW once = shot percentage *J If you're having trouble getting it to work, try *6 pressing down to lock the code system, then rotate the joystick. With the following codes, press down AFTER the button presses. If you do it before pressing the buttons, the code system will lock and you won't be able to put in any more button presses. (T, S, S)+D [120] =quick passing *0 (T, S, P)+D [111] = Tournament mode *J Disables secret codes and hidden characters. 5xT, 5xS, 2xP, D [552] = hyper speed (CPU also gets it...?) *J --------------------------------------------------------- CODES AFFECTING GRAPHICS: --------------------------------------------------------- Code Effect Contributor (T, S)+ U [101] = big head *1, *! (S, T, P)+ R [111] = ABA ball (red, white, blue) *! --------------------------------------------------------- CODES FOR NEW CHARACTERS: --------------------------------------------------------- Name PIN Character Contributor AMRICH 2020 Dan Amrich *D (himself!) Writer, SLAM magazine. Also a heavy contributor to this FAQ! DANR 0000 Dan Roan *M, *0, *D Host of WGN's "Bull's Eye", a Bulls pregame show. TURMEL 0322 Mark Turmell *5 Developer of NBA Hangtime. SNO 0103 Sheridan Oursler *6 Developer of NBA Hangtime and some great pinball games. ROOT 6000 ? *6 DIVITA 0201 Sal Divita *0, *! Developer of NBA Hangtime, was Nightwolf and robots in MK3. MUNDAY 5432 Larry Munday *M, *LM Writer, Play Meter Magazine and friend of Mark Turmell. The following have been seen by reliable sources, but no code is known: ? ? Ehrlich *C Ehrlich's head changes when he shoots. This looks like a bug. ? ? Japple ? ? Cary Mednick (ref?) ? ? Vinikour ? ? Air Morris *D Willie Morris, local Chicago basketball player and model for the animations. ? ? Hedrick ? ? Larry Johnson Forward for Charlotte Hornets. ? ? M-DOC Rapper of the Hangtime theme. ? ? Jason Kidd Point guard for the Dallas Mavericks. ? ? Marty Martinez ? ? Fitzgerald ? ? Bardo ? ? Karl Malone Forward for the Utah Jazz. ? ? John Tobias Developer of Mortal Kombat. ? ? Carlos Pesina Mortal Kombat fighter model. ? ? Ed Boon *D Developer of Mortal Kombat, voice of Rudy in Funhouse, programmed Taxi. ? ? Scottie Pippen Forward for the Chicago Bulls. --------------------------------------------------------- THANKS TO: --------------------------------------------------------- e-mail address name or handle Affiliation *C: Carl Chavez me *D: Dan Amrich SLAM magazine *J: via Paul ? NBAJin (?) *M: Midway Design Midway Games *LM: (confidential) Larry Munday Play Meter magazine *0: Jerry Cattell previous NBA Jam FAQs *1: The BIah ? *2: Par4ryan ? *3: John Bailon Sunnyvale Golfland *4: Hawk Black Talon, Inc. *5: Bryan Alfaro Diversions game room *6: Ken Steiner ? *7: Mark R Coates ? *!: public chat sessions on America Online with Midway programmers Thanks also to John Bailon for reminding me to put the information on how to change Rodman's hair color into the FAQ. --------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 1996 Carl Chavez and contributors. This document may not be published for profit without prior written consent from Carl Chavez and _all_those_listed_in_the_"Thanks To:"_section_ _of_this_document_. This document may be distributed for free. I WILL aggressively pursue any major violations. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Carl Chavez | | Visit the Bub and Bob home page: | | Everything about Bubble Bobble and all its derivatives! | | NBA Hangtime Page: | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------+</p>