X-Men: Next Dimension for PS2 Guide/Movelist version 2.52 updated 1/22/03 by Azraelswrd (created 10/20/02) azraelswrd@hot mail com (it's spelled wrong so I don't tip off SPAM bots) copyright of Azraelswrd 2002 ***DISCLAIMER*** I claim that this entire work is a product of my own so please don't rip me off and copy it and say it's yours because that would be really lame and let's everyone know you're socially and morally weak!!! PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MY WORK!!! ^_^ Best viewed if both the numbers and = line up: 123456 ====== ===================== = Table of Contents = ===================== I. Update History II. Introduction III. Characters 1. Cyclops 2. Wolverine 3. Gambit 4. Storm 5. Beast 6. Phoenix 7. Toad 8. Mystique 9. Sabretooth 10. Magneto 11. Nightcrawler 12. Rogue 13. Forge 14. Juggernaut 15. Havok 16. Lady D 17. Betsy 18. Bastion 19. Sentinel A 20. Sentinel B 21. Psylocke 22. Bishop 23. Blob 24. Dark Phoenix IV. Story Mode V. Stages VI Secrets / Glitches Unlocking Secrets Known Bugs/Glitches VII. Character Analysis VIII.In the Future... IX. Credits X. My Records XI. My Complaints Game Glitches Technical Issues ********************************************************************** ********************* I. UPDATE HISTORY ************************* ********************************************************************** (I'll only list version changes) 1-20-03 - Ver 2.52 - added section for MY GRIPES and MY RECORDS for posterity 10-27-02 - Ver 2.51 - added list of known bugs in "Secrets" - added secret taunts - removed combos and put them into separate COMBOS list 10-25-02 - Ver 2.50 - added more moves/combos to everyone - added End Boss 10-21-02 - Ver. 2.00 - revamped the entire guide: Cleaned up the specials and added combo trees for basic button taps. Added Dark Phoenix and included her moves. Also added combos from Drake3 and Robert Garcia. Added costumes and included the UNLOCK EVERYTHING code. 10-20-02 - Ver. 1.00 - Guide/Movelist created ********************************************************************** ********************* II. INTRODUCTION ************************ ********************************************************************** Well, it's another X-Men game from Activision. This time around, they have implemented 3-dimensions to their fighting game engine and it shows this time! We have most of the character returning (sans Spidey and Xavier) plus some new characters that really do add to the game with different styles and combos. I made this guide/movelist to encompass the specials and supers and to be used as a general reference guide for the game mechanics. For combos, please see my other document (X-Men Next Dimension Combo List). publisher: Activision rated: TEEN media : DVD-ROM release: 10-16-2002 format: PS2, GC, XB This game has several modes of play: STORY - Fight a preset story with fixed character selections ARCADE - Fight 9 battles of 3 rounds and the final match is 7 rounds VERSUS - Human head-to-head competition SURVIVAL - how far can you go? PRACTICE - multiple options to focus your skills ********************************************************************** ********************* III. CHARACTERS ************************* ********************************************************************** =========== = Legend: = =========== S square punch 1 T triangle punch 2 X kick 1 O circle or "O" kick 2 R1 throw R2 + forward Punch counter R2 + back Kick counter R2 + down Low counter L1 power transfer (follow the buttons highlighted) L2 + d-pad 8-way movement up, L2 flight (10 seconds) *some characters only* sidestep up tap up sidestep down tap down b,b dash back f,f dash forward (hold forward to run) f forward b back u up d down /\ jump or hold up \/ land from a jump qcf quarter circle forward (down, down-forward, forward) qcb quarter circle back (down, down-back, back) _ or + and * hold down the direction on the d-pad for 2 sec then release ! stunning hit ~ do the next move VERY QUICKLY!!! Otherwise it won't come out! ws do the move from crouching to a neutral position ========================== = Terms and definitions: = ========================== knockdown when the opponent hits the ground hard and either bounce or are slow to recover. Great opportunity for follow up attacks! stuns momentarily causes the enemy to keel over in a "stun" animation. Follow up with any attack for a guaranteed hit, but must be done quickly or they will recover. air seek special kind of attack that sends the opponent flying very high and gives you the opportunity to chase after them with an aerial combo or even a super combo! juggles any attack that causes the enemy to fly into the air, but not an AIR SEEK. However, the enemy cannot block so they are still open to attack! projectile an attack that produces a ranged damage effect, most likely in the form of a missile or beam. I noted moves that produce these effects to help differentiate from non-projectile moves. NOTE: Some of the names are either changed (for sake of brevity) or ones I made up myself because they weren't listed. Try the moves for yourself to see what they do. That's why I tried to note the important attacks with the above mentioned characteristics. I've listed damages and hits to combos, supers and throws to give you an idea of what things are worth doing. All damages were performed against an AVERAGE TOUGHNESS fighter (refer to "VII. CHARACTER ANALYSIS" for more details) Only the MAX hits/damages were recorded so not all hits may get in all the time. If you need to find a character quickly, use the SEARCH function of your word processor and type in the name of the character. EX: In MS Word, hit Ctrl-F. Type in the name. Hit return until you find it. If you want combos, check my COMBO FAQ. ======================================================= 1. CYCLOPS - (Scott Summers) ======================================================= S S high jabs S S T knuckles S S T S low beam S S T X knee S S T X X side kick *knockdown* S S T X O high kick *knockdown* S S T O mid kick S S T O O round kick S S X low kick S S X X head kick S S X O mid kick S S X O O round kick S T low punch S T T! elbow stun *stuns* S T O mid kick S T O O round kick *knockdown* S X knee S X T knuckles S X T S low beam *projectile* S X T T upper *juggle* S X T X dash knee S X T X X side kick *knockdown* S X T X O jump kick *knockdown* S X X axe kick *knockdown* S X O mid kick S X O O round kick *knockdown* S O mid kick S O O round kick f+S! super gut punch *stuns* b+S,S 1-2 combo T! elbow *stuns* S mid beam qcf+S beam bolt *projectile* qcb+S optic uppercut 1 b,f+S beam sweep 1 *projectile* T T! elbow stun *stuns* T T S fist up *air seek* T T T beam standing *projectile* T O mid kick T O round kick f+T,T elbow launcher *juggle* d+T,T pop punch *juggle* f,f+T spinning double fist *juggle* T fist juggle beam *projectile* b+T,T down fist, uppercut *juggle* b,f+T beam sweep 2 *projectile* qcf+T anti-air beam bolt *projectile* qcb+T optic uppercut 2 X T knuckles X T S low beam *projectile* X T T upper *juggle* X T X dash knee X T X X side kick *knockdown* X T X O jump kick *knockdown* X X axe kick *knockdown* X O mid kick X O O round kick *knockdown* f+X X S kicks-beam *projectile* X beam 2 *projectile* O! beam 3 *stuns* *projectile* T beam 4 *projectile* qcf+X low beam bolt *projectile* qcb+X power flash kick 1 O O round kick *knockdown* f+O,O jump snap kick *knockdown* f,f+O power roundhouse d+O S sweep beam *projectile* qcb+O power flash kick 2 *air seek* /\ qcf+S_T air beam bolt *projectile* /\ qcb+S_T air beam sweep *projectile* ::SUPERS:: X+O Hyper Flash Kick 15 hits - 5990 *Level 1* f+S+T Hyper Rush Combo 25 hits - 7248 *Level 2* S+T Ground Shot 1 hit - 10200 *Level 3* *projectile* /\ S+T Air Concussion Beam 33 hits - 10098 *Level 3 air* *projectile* b+S+T Concussion Beam 38 hits - 15542 *Level 4* *projectile* ::THROWS:: R1 Beam Away 3 hits - 3801 b+R1 Body Slam 1 hit - 3700 /\ R1 Shoulder Toss 1 hit - 3200 ::RECOVERY:: T Optic Beam 1 hits - 3200 *projectile* ::TAUNT:: T+X Visor Clean Down + T+X Neck Stretch <> ::COSTUMES:: 1A - yellow/black "X" 1B - red/black "X" 2A - red/black 2B - yellow/black 3A - all black 3B - all red 4A - black/gray 4B - teal/gray ::ARCADE BOSS:: Dark Phoenix ======================================================= 2. WOLVERINE - (Logan) ======================================================= S S mini lift *air seek* S X low kick S X X round kick S X X X slide S X X X T claws up S X X X T S claw mid S X X X O foot spring f+S claw catapult T T! rolling blades *stuns* T S claw upper *air seek* f,f+S slicing tumble *air seek* qcf+S slash frenzy (upper) *air seek* T T claw chest f+T claw thrust and repel f+T S gut stunner *stuns* S head kick T ankle slash O jump kick O jump roundhose T bowl over *knockdown* f+T T T bull slashes f,f+T adamantium d+T low slashing b+T upper claw T follow strike df+T! rolling stab *stuns* qcf+T slash frenzy *knockdown* X X mid kicks X X X slide X X X T claws up X X X T S claws mid X X O pop kick d+X slide qcb+X leap short S claw slice *knockdown* T claw dive *knockdown* X_O swivel kick *knockdown* O O spin kick O O S claws mid O O S T claw sweep O O S T O pop kick O O S T O O jump kick O O S O ankle kick O O S O T mini rage O O O jump kick d+O pop n' slide *knockdown* f+O overhead kick qcb+O leap long S claw slice *knockdown* T claw dive *knockdown* X_O swivel kick *knockdown* /\qcf+S_T frenzy slasher ::SUPERS:: b+S+T Animal Instinct 1 hit - 2000 *Level 1* *stuns* S Beserker Lows 10 hits - 6600 *Level 1* T Beserker Highs 5 hits - 6500 *Level 1* *air seek* S+T Precise Cut 20 hits - 7760 *Level 2* /\ S+T Spiral Slice 9 hits - 6390 *Level 2 air* f+S+T Berserker Fury 5 hits - 12500 *Level 3* X+O Assassination (healing) *Level 4* ::THROWS:: R1 Multiple Stabs 5 hits - 3790 b+R1 Matrix Kick 2 hits - 3600 /\ R1 Air Whip 1 hit - 3400 ::RECOVERY:: T Rolling Claws 2 hits - 2470 ::TAUNT:: T+X Come, Get it ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black X jacket 1B - brown X jacket 2A - dark brown jacket w/ jeans 2B - brown jacket w/ jeans 3A - brown/tan Weapon X 3B - blue/brown Weapon X 4A - blue/yellow Weapon X 4B - black/red Weapon X ::ARCADE BOSS:: Sabretooth ======================================================= 3. GAMBIT - (Remy Entienne LeBeau) ======================================================= S S S! pole jabs *stuns* S S S T pole down S S S X low kick *knockdown* S T pole smack S T S staff lift *air seek* S T T staff sweep S T T O! stun kick *stuns* S T T O S flash staff *knockdown* S X quick knee S X X snap kicks S X X T T O S staff full combo S X O round kick S O mid kick S O O pole kick f+S angry cajun staff S pole bash O T T! pole poker *stuns* T overhead staff *knockdown* X ankle trip *knockdown* b,f+S black jack 1 *projectile* qcf+S ante up 1 *projectile* qcb+S! magic wand *stuns* T S staff lift *air seek* T T staff sweep T T O! stun kick *stuns* T T O S flash staff *knockdown* f+T! extension *stuns* T staff sweeper S burning staff f,f+T outta here b,f+T black jack 2 *projectile* qcf+T ante up 2 *projectile* qcb+T pick a card S straight *projectile* T low card *knockdown* *projectile* X fold O full house *projectile* X O round kick T big swing S outta here T short swings X X cajun kicks (3-hits) X X T T O S staff combo b,f+X surging staff 1 O O pole kick f+O stomp kick O pole kick *knockdown* b,f+O surging staff 2 *air seek* f,f+O spinning roundhouse O surprise kick X+O Alternate Stance (can't block, dash, sidestep, or throw) S 3x staff swings (normal) X! poke *stuns* T leg sweep O pole vault *knockdown* S+T double tap /\ qcf+S_T air black jack *projectile* /\ qcb+S_T air black jack 2 *projectile* ::SUPERS:: S+T Charged Staff 1 hit - 5400 *Level 1* /\ S+T Aces High 6 hits - 6480 *Level 1 air* b+S+T One Eyed Jack 2 hits - 7100 *Level 2* f+S+T 52 Card Pick Up 61 hits - 11773 *Level 3* *projectile* d+S+T Kinetic Holocaust 20 hits - 15300 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: /\ R1 Sniper Card 4 hits - 3601 R1 Trip and Card 6 hits - 3300 b+R1 Fisherman 3 hits - 3300 d+R1 Shoulder Check 3 hits - 3201 ::RECOVERY:: T Pole Vault 1 hit - 2600 ::TAUNT:: T+X Card Shark Down + T+X Staff Twirl <> Forward + T+X Come on <> ::COSTUMES:: 1A - blue body, brown coat 1B - brown body, dark gray coat 2A - blue body, no long coat 2B - brown body, no long coat 3A - red body, brown coat, red eyes 3B - gray body, black coat, red eyes 4A - red scarf, blue body, brown coat 4B - yellow scarf, yellow body, black coat ::ARCADE BOSS:: Bishop ======================================================= 4. STORM - (Ororo Munroe) ======================================================= /\ L2 Flying S S lightning spin 2 S S S windstorm S S T spin 3 S S T X kick *juggle* S S T O leap kick S S T b+S lightning bolt *projectile* S T light punch S T T upper *air seek* S T O high kick S T O O! kick 2 *stuns but can't attack afterwards* S X mid kick S X X high kick S X X X axe kick S X O axe kick *knockdown* b,b+S! gale force *stuns* f,f+S wind scroll f+S X S! elemental combo *stuns* O T wind charge T wind lifter *air seek* O O high round qcb+S ball lightning *projectile* /\ qcf+S air ball lightning *projectile* T T upper *air seek* f+T lightning ball 1 *projectile* S lightning ball 3 *projectile* T O high kick T O O! kick 2 *stuns but no attack afterwards* f+T! lightning charger *stuns* T T air combo *projectile* b+T windstorm qcf+T lightning bolt *projectile* qcb+T 2 ball lightning *projectile* /\ T T punch-lightning *projectile* /\ qcf+T air ball lightning *projectile* X X high kick X X X axe kick *knockdown* X O axe kick *knockdown* f+X X O hurricane combo f+X X O T windstorm f+X X O T O high kick *juggle* f+X X O T O S ball 1 *projectile* f+X X O T O S T ball 2 *projectile* f+X X O T O S T S ball 4 *projectile* f+X X O O high kick *juggle* d+X X kick launcher *air seek* db+X slow axekick *knockdown* <> b,f+X lightning summon #1 *projectile* qcb+X ball lightning 2 (can be aimed up or down) *projectile* /\ qcf+X gale force O X axe kick *knockdown* O O leap kick f+O roundtree kick S ball lightning *projectile* T ball 2 *projectile* O! spinning kicks *stuns but no attack afterwards* b,f+O lightning summon #2 *projectile* d+O slide /\ qcf+O gale force 2 ::SUPERS:: X+O High Voltage 3 hits - 5940 *Level 1* (min range) b+X+O The Cyclone 7 hits - 5355 *Level 1* (min/max range) /\ X+O Eye of the Storm 20 hits - 7360 *Level 2 air* S+T Hyper Bolt 12 hits - 7212 *Level 2* /\ S+T Air Hyper Bolt 14 hits - 7210 *Level 2 air* b+S+T El Nino 5 hits - 11500 *Level 3* f+X+O Drenched 42 hits - 12600 *Level 4* (min/max range) ::THROWS:: R1 Whirling Dervish 1 hit - 3885 /\ R1 Slam Dunk 3 hits - 3600 b+R1 Light Blast 2 hits - 3501 ::RECOVERY:: T Lightning Bomb 1 hit - 2600 *projectile* ::TAUNT:: T+X Black Cloud d+S+O Arms Crossed ::COSTUMES:: 1A - dark blue w/ stripe 1B - red w/ stripe 2A - dark blue 2-piece 2B - dark brown 2-piece 3A - blue suit w/ stripe 3B - purple suit w/ stripe 4A - turquoise full suit 4B - red full suit ::ARCADE BOSS:: Forge ======================================================= 5. BEAST - (Hank McCoy) ======================================================= S S elbow S T claws S T T! stun claw *stuns* S T T T claw lift *air seek* S T X leg lift *air seek* S T X S handspring S T X T jump claw S T X X head flop S T X O leg press S X elbow S X T claws S X X stun claw S X X X leg lift *air seek* S X X X S handspring S X X X T jump claw S X X X S head flop S X X X O leg press S X X O leg drop (beast) S O backhand S O X stun claw *stuns* S O X X leg lift *air seek* S O X X S handspring S O X X T jump claw S O X X S head flop S O X X O leg press S O O shoulder butt f+S S backhands f+S S O leg trick (hand) f+S S O O low kicks f+S S O T low-high punches f+S S O X low-high punches (hand) f,f+S beast roll b+S paw pounce 1 *knockdown* qcb+S spring kick 1 qcf+S cyclone hammer *knockdown* T T! stun claw *stuns* T T T claw lift *air seek* T X leg lift *air seek* T X S handspring T X T jump claw T X X head flop T X O leg press f+T T! stun claws *stuns* f,f+T! flying slaps *stuns* T double slaps *knockdown* b+T paw pounce 2 qcf+T cyclone loft *air seek* qcb+T spring kick 2 X T claws X T X leg lifter *air seek* X T X S handspring X T X T jump claw X T X X head flop X T X O leg press X X stun claw *stuns* X X X leg lift *air seek* X X X S handspring X X X T jump claw X X X S head flop X X X O leg press X X O leg drop (beast) f+X X X kick transform (hand) f+X X O O X O O multi-kick combo <> b+X flip kick X flop kick *knockdown* f,f+X cartwheel *knockdown* b,b+X sling shot left O X! stun claw *stuns* O X O falling tree (beast) O X X leg lift *air seek* O X X S handspring O X X T jump claw O X X S head flop O X X O leg press O O shoulder butt f+O O somersault launcher *air seek* b,b+O sling shot right b+O stumbled up O rising twister /\ qcf+O air beast roll X+O Hand Stand (can't block, sidestep, counter) S rolling dash (beast) X high kicks (hand) T vertical split (hand) X low sweep (hand) X sweeps! (normal) O leaping body (normal) d+X+O Beast Stand (can't block, sidestep, counter) S low jab (beast) X vertical split (normal) *knockdown* hold forward during X -> hand stand <> T leaping throw (normal) O low kick (normal) O leaping body (normal) ::SUPERS:: S+T Hand Plant Hell 2 hits - 5800 *Level 1* d+S+T Flat Out 11 hits - 8800 *Level 2* /\ S+T Ballistic Beast 26 hits - 7750 *Level 2 air* (varies) f+S+T Seismic Slam 4 hits - 10000 *Level 3* b+S+T Furry Flurry 13 hits - 15500 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: R1 Slap n' Whack 4 hits - 3701 /\ R1 Air Diversion 7 hits - 3650 b+R1 Beasteiner 1 hit - 3600 R1 Apocalypse Tomb Pillar 2 hits - 5000 (Make sure the pillar is behind the target) ::RECOVERY:: T Head Flop 2 hits - 2660 O Rising Twister 2 hits - 2025 <> ::TAUNT:: T+X Fascinating d+S+O Capoeira Dance ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black suit 1B - brown suit 2A - blue fur n' speedos 2B - white fur n' speedos 3A - dark blue-gray 3B - red 4A - yellow goggle 4B - white goggle ::ARCADE BOSS:: Toad ======================================================= 6. PHOENIX - (Jean Grey-Summers) ======================================================= /\ L2 Flying S S fire jabs S S X axe kick S S X X ankle kick S S X X X axe kick S S O high kick S S O X turn kick S S O X X axe kick S S O X O flame crash S S O O high kick S S O O O flame kick S T slaps S T T push off S T X! dual kicks *stuns* S T X S fire! S T X S S fire toss *projectile* S T X X fly kicks *air seek* S T X O high kick off S X ankle kick S X X embers *projectile* S X O high kick S X O X turn kick S X O X X axe kick S X O X O flame crash S X O O high kick S X O O O flame kick S O high kick S O X turn kick S O X X axe kick S O X O flame crash S O O high kick S O O O flame kick f+S T TK grab *stuns* O double kicks X lift kick *air seek* S+T flamers *projectile* b,b+S flame kiss *projectile* qcf+S firebird *projectile* /\ qcf+S firebird *projectile* T T push off T T b+S TK grab *stuns* S fire bird *projectile* T T T fire shove T X! dual kicks *stuns* T X S fire! T X S S fire toss *projectile* T X S X T T fire up *air seek* S fireball *projectile* T X X fly kicks f,f+T T fire upper *air seek* b+T,T bird dive T second dive f+T! psy force *stuns* T psy bolts *projectile* ws+T psy juggle *juggle* qcf+T twin firebird *projectile* /\ qcf+T firebird 2 *projectile* X X hi-lo kicks X X X rocket kick X X O axe kick X X O O flame kick f+X X X KO kicks *knockdown* f,f+X! pump gut kick *stuns* X rising kicks *air seek* O rocket kick b+X X low-ember *projectile* d+X X leg lifter *air seek* /\ qcf+X blazing arrow *knockdown* O X turn kick O X X axe kick O X O flame crash O O high kicks O O O flame kick b+O earth ember *projectile* b,b+O solar flare *knockdown* *projectile* /\ qcf+O blazing arrow *knockdown* ::SUPERS:: S+T Confusion 1 hit - 4700 *Level 1* *projectile* /\ X+O Searing Arrow 1 hit - 5700 *Level 1 air* f+S+T Searing Flight 9 hits - 2340 *Level 2* *projectile* S S T S+T follow up /\ S+T Air Searing Flight 7 hits - 5250 *Level 2 air* *projectile* b+X+O Searing Column 17 hits - 7667 *Level 2* X+O Empathy Shell *Level 3* (lasts 20 seconds) b+S+T Spiral Inferno 73 hits - 16651 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: qcb+T Psychic Toss Up 2 hits - 3801 /\ R1 Fire Swirl 1 hit - 3600 R1 Headache 9 hits - 3560 b+R1 TK sling 1 hit - 3500 R1 TK Object Smash 1 hit - 4000 (Make sure the object is near both Phoenix and target) ::RECOVERY:: T Rising Flames 4 hits - 3060 ::TAUNT:: T+X Feel the Burn Down + T+X Bored Stretch <> d+S+O Shoulder Rub ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black leather 1B - red leather 2A - black/red 2B - black/gold 3A - black bare midriff 3B - red bare midriff 4A - red/yellow headband 4B - blue/yellow headband ::ARCADE BOSS:: Juggernaut ======================================================= 7. TOAD - (Mortimer Toynbee) ======================================================= S S tongue! S X low kick S X T pop down *knockdown* S X X mid kick S X X S venom spit *projectile* S X O axe kick S X O X sweep S X O X X leg drop (frog) S X O O handspring S X O O S tongue hit S X O O T fist leap S X O O X slide S X O O O leaper S O axe kick S O X sweep S O X X leg drop (frog) S O O handspring S O O S tongue hit S O O T fist leap S O O X slide S O O O leaper f+S S! groin punch *stuns* qcb+S! saliva slap *stuns* qcf+S venomous spew *projectile* T S spin jab T S S low blow *stuns* T S S T tongue lash T S T upper *juggle* T S T S lick T S T S S lick 2 T T pop down *knockdown* T T T upper *juggle* T T O axe kick T O axe kick T O X sweep T O X X leg drop (frog) T O O handspring T O O S tongue hit T O O T fist leap T O O X slide T O O O leaper f+T leapfrog *knockdown* df+T frog slide *knockdown* ws+T tongue lash qcf+T acid stun *stuns* *projectile* X T pop down *knockdown* X X mid kick X X S venom spit *projectile* X X S X slide X X S X O leg drop X X S X O X ankle kick (frog) X O axe kick X O X sweep X O X X leg drop (frog) X O O handspring X O O S tongue hit X O O T fist leap X O O X slide X O O O leaper b+X back flop b+X X frog stance (frog) qcb+X ponder skipper L S whip tongue X slide T head dive O bicycle kicks qcf+X ponder skipper R S whip tongue X slide T head dive O stomp O X sweep O X X leg drop (frog) O O handspring O O X slide O O O leaper O O O O leaping lunge b+O mule kick *air seek* f+O slashing low kick O weird kick O hook kick T juggle punch *juggles* f,f+O amphibious spin X X low slide b,b+O front flop T tongue launcher *air seek* qcf+O fly trap X+O frog stance (frog) S long tongue S tongue up S leg drop T uppercut S T tongue sweep and slide S+T tongue lash X low kick X kick- 2 stomps (normal) X+O (normal stance) O stomp (normal) O stomp 2 (normal) O stomp 3 (normal) /\ qcf+X_O frogleg drill ::SUPERS:: S+T Bullfrog Body 2 hits - 5400 *Level 1* /\ X+O Flying Toad 3 hits - 5705 *Level 1 air* f+S+T Crazy Legs 10 hits - 7385 *Level 2* *air seek* d+S+T Swamp Stomp 5 hits - 10600 *Level 3* b+S+T Paddle Tongue 6 hits - 15300 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: R1 Circus Trick 6 hits - 3550 /\ R1 Big Stomp 3 hits - 3400 d+R1 Chest Flip 2 hits - 3300 b+R1 Horseplay 3 hits - 3300 R1 Apocalypse Tomb 1 hit - 3700 (Toad and target must be behind the pillar but Toad must not be) (in between the target and the pillar) ::RECOVERY:: T Bicycle Kicks 10 hits - 2420 ::TAUNT:: T+X Toad Bored Down + T+X Fly Watch <> ::COSTUMES:: 1A - brown/orange 1B - green/gray-green 2A - green/brown with normal skin 2B - maroon/gray-green with normal skin 3A - purple with goggles 3B - red-pink with goggles 4A - blue with blonde hair 4B - tan/brown with blonde hair ::ARCADE BOSS:: Storm ======================================================= 8. MYSTIQUE - (Raven Darkholme) ======================================================= S S shocker *knockdown* S X O taunting kicks f+S pity slaps f+S X quick kick f+S X O fake kick f+S X O S S shocker *knockdown* b,b+S concussion shot *projectile* qcf+S beam scheme *projectile* qcb+S trick shot 1 *projectile* T! T T battery attack *stuns on 1st* T X S S shock combo *knockdown* T O gun-flash kick *air seek* d+T T sweep-gun lifter *air seek* b+T gun lifter *air seek* f+T cold steel f+T T T gun lifter *air seek* f+T X ankle kick f+T X T back shot f+T X X side kick f+T X O axe kick *knockdown* f,f+T! rifle butt *stuns and turns them around* S gun twirl qcf+T high beam scheme *projectile* qcb+T trick shot 2 *projectile* X X mid-high kicks X O O triple lows *projectile* f+X high kick O axe kick b,b+X leg sweeper R *knockdown* b+X reverse sweep b+X S gun twirl b+X T! gun sweep *stuns* b+X T X 2 kicks b+X T X O 3 kicks *knockdown* b+X X X triple threat b+X X O bounce kick *knockdown* b,f+X omni sweep ws+X front kick *stuns* qcf+X low beam scheme *projectile* O O spin roundhouse O X O O many kick combo *projectile* f+O overhead kick f+O X sweep f+O X O flash kick *air seek* b+O powder flash qcf+O ground blast *projectile* f,f+O two step b,b+O leg sweeper L *knockdown* /\qcf+S_T air beam scheme *projectile* ::SUPERS:: X+O Gun Shot 4 hits - 4301 *Level 1* f+X+O Carried Away 17 hits - 7825 *Level 2* S+T Revolver Rush 35 hits - 10500 *Level 3* *projectile* /\ S+T Air Revolver Rush 32 hits - 10240 *Level 3 air* *projectile* d+S+T The Assassination 3 hits - 15500 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: /\ R1 Mercy Kill 4 hit - 3800 R1 Guillotine 2 hits - 3680 b+R1 Skyscraper DDT 1 hit - 3450 qcb+O Hurricane Flip 1 hit - 3300 (won't work on Blob) ::RECOVERY:: T Double Shot 2 hits - 3800 ::TAUNT:: T+X Pathetic Down + T+X Locked, Cocked, & Loaded <> Forward + T+X Not Worth My Time <> ::COSTUMES:: 1A - white suit 1B - orange suit; purple skin 2A - dark blue leather 2B - dark red leather 3A - dark blue suit with yellow implements 3B - red suit with yellow implements 4A - skimpy white suit 4B - red skin with white skimpy suit ::ARCADE BOSS:: Nightcrawler ======================================================= 9. SABRETOOTH - (Victor Creed) ======================================================= S S claws S S S swipe 1 S S T swipe 2 S S T S swipe 3 S S T S S stun claw *stuns* S S T S S S iron chest *knockdown* S S T S X kick S S T S X X sweep S S T S X O boot down *knockdown* S S T S X O O drop kick S S T S O kick S S T S O X kick S S T S O X X sweep S S T S O O kick 2 S S T T backhand S S T T S stun claw *stuns* S S T T S S iron chest *knockdown* S S T T T slash down S S T T X kick S S T T X X sweep S S T T X O boot down *knockdown* S S T T X O O drop kick S S T T O kick S S T T O X kick S S T T O X X sweep S S T T O O kick 2 S S T X kick S S T X X sweep S S T X O boot down *knockdown* S S T X O O drop kick S S T O kick S S T O X kick S S T O X X sweep S S T O O drop kick S T backhand S T S! stun claw *stuns* S T S S iron chest *knockdown* S T T slash down S T X side kick S T X X sweep S T X O boot down *knockdown* S T X O O drop kick S T O kick S T O S mid S T O S T smack S T O O kick S T O O O boot away b,f+S spinning backhands qcb+S cruel aggression b+S body shredder 1 S ankle trip *knockdown* f,f+S razor stampede 1 T S swipe 3 T S S stun claw *stuns* T S S S iron chest *knockdown* T S X kick T S X X sweep T S X O boot down *knockdown* T S X O O drop kick T S O kick T S O X kick T S O X X sweep T S O O kick 2 T T backhand T T S stun claw *stuns* T T S S iron chest *knockdown* T T T slash down T T X kick T T X X sweep T T X O boot down *knockdown* T T X O O drop kick T T O kick T T O X kick T T O X X sweep T T O O kick 2 T X kick T X X sweep T X O boot down *knockdown* T X O O drop kick T O kick T O X kick T O X X sweep T O O drop kick d+T shovel up *air seek* qcb+T raging bulldog *stuns and turns them around* b,f+T body shredder 2 f,f+T razor stampede 2 *air seek* X X sweep X O boot down *knockdown* X O O drop kick X O X kick X O X X sweep f+X charge boot S! head butt *stuns* S follow up b+X knee smasher X leg sweep qcb+X dusty scratch 1 O S mid O S T smack O O kick O O O boot away b+O pop kick *knockdown* O drop kick d+O! critter kick *stuns* f,f+O kick the door down qcb+O dusty scratch 2 /\ qcf+S_T meat grinder ::SUPERS:: S+T Spin Cycle 1 hit - 6636 *Level 1* /\ S+T Power Hammer 1 hit - 5600 *Level 1 air* f+S+T Ground Pound 1 hit - 10650 *Level 2* *air seek* b+S+T Feral Beatdown 6 hits - 7000 *Level 2* X+O Rampant Strength *Level 3* (healing) b+X+O Berserk Rage 5 hits - 16500 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: qcf+T feral ddt 2 hits - 4600 *stuns* (dashes) qcf+X ill treatment 2 hits - 4735 *stuns* (dashes) b+R1 Suplex 3 hits - 3700 qcf+S torment 2 hits - 2200 (won't work on Blob) b,f+S+T tormented 2 hits - 2400 (quickly after qcf+S) u,d+S+T torture device 4 hits - 2600 (8 hits - 7200) (hit ground) R1 Flying Power Slam 2 hits - 2200 b+S Neck Ringer 6 hits - 3701 (quickly after R1) u+S Upward Toss 2 hits - 700 (8 hits - 6601) (~ neck crack) /\ R1 Aerial Death 2 hits - 3000 u,d+S ground death 7 hits - 5300 (quickly after R1) ::RECOVERY:: T Smash Claws 1 hit - 3200 ::TAUNT:: T+X Fight Me Down + T+X Worthless <> d+S+O Throat Slash ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black 1B - blue pants, brown shirt 2A - orange "animal" suit 2B - gray "animal" suit 3A - orange 3B - blue white 4A - brown shirt/pants 4B - black shirt, blue/white camouflage pants ::ARCADE BOSS:: Wolverine ======================================================= 10. MAGNETO - (Erik Magnus Lensherr) ======================================================= /\ L2 flying /\ qcf+S_T EMP *projectile* /\ qcb+S_T high EMP *projectile* S slap S X head kick S X X triple axe S X O over kick S X O O dash knee S X T! high-high-low *stuns* S X T T big bounce S X T S shoulder S X T O dash knee S X T O O foot stomp S X T O O T upper *air seek* S X T O O T T EMF S X T O T move punch S S T S stunning crusher *stuns* T finisher *knockdown* S T T! stun blow S T T S shoulder ram S T T T bounce S T T O dash knee S T T O T dash punch S T T O O step down S T T O O T punch up *air seek* S T T O O T T EMF S O hook kick S O O knee S O O X ankle kick S O O X T straight *knockdown* S O O X O dash knee S O O X O O step down S O O X O O T upper *air seek* S O O X O O T T EMF f+S S S rapid jabs T bounce T! double palm *stuns* T T T capture T T T S smack down T T T X_T rack'em up T O axe kick T O O knee T O O X ankle step T O O X O dash knee T O O X O O boot stomp T O O X O O T lift up *air seek* T O O X O O T T drop T O O X T straight f+T T upper *air seek* T EMF f,f+T vicious hook f,f+T T! stun punch *stuns* f,f+T T! S shoulder ram f,f+T T! T bounce up f,f+T T! O dash knee f,f+T T! O T straight f,f+T T! O O boot step f,f+T T! O O T upper *air seek* f,f+T T! O O T T EMF qcf+T magnetic gush *air seek* b,f+T force boost *projectile* b,f+T boost 2 (as they're coming down) b,f+T boost 3 (as they land) X X axe kick X T! stun blow *stuns* X T S shoulder ram X T T big bounce X T O dash knee X T O T straight punch X T O O T upper combo *air seek* X T O O T T EMF X O hook kick X O O dash knee X O O X ankle kick X O O X O O T upper combo *air seek* X O O X O O T T EMF f+X groin kick *stuns* f+X T bounce f+X O step down f+X O T upper *air seek* f+X O T T EMF qcb+X core press 1 *knockdown* *projectile* qcf+X core press 2 *knockdown* *projectile* O O axe-knee O O X ankle step O O X O dash knee O O X O O boot stomp O O X O O T lift up *air seek* O O X O O T T drop O O X T straight f,f+O dash knee *knockdown* qcf+O magnetic lure b+O f+T snap kick-lift *projectile* b,f+T boost 2 (as they're coming down) b,f+T boost 3 (as they land) ::SUPERS:: S+T Hyper Magnetic Gush 1 hit - 6325 *Level 1* *air seek* f+S+T Ion Stream 27 hits - 7695 *Level 2* *projectile* X+O Projectile Shield *Level 2* (13 sec) /\ S+T Air Ion Stream 17 hits - 6545 *Level 2 air* *projectile* b+S+T Toss Across 15 hits - 11190 *Level 3* d+X+O EM Concussion 33 hits - 15411 *Level 4* *projectile* ::THROWS:: R1 Ion Toss 4 hits - 3700 b+R1 Narcosis Slam 4 hits - 3650 f+R1 Lacerating Lariat 3 hits - 3625 d+R1 Magnetic Vertigo 4 hits - 3600 /\ R1 Iron Cross 10 hits - 3300 ::RECOVERY:: T Shockwave 1 hit - 3200 ::TAUNT:: T+X Show Off Down + T+X Stare Down <> ::COSTUMES:: 1A - burgundy 1B - purple 2A - black 2B - red 3A - blue no gloves 3B - red no gloves 4A - red/purple 4B - crimson/white ::ARCADE BOSS:: Cyclops ======================================================= 11. NIGHTCRAWLER - (Kurt Wagner) ======================================================= S S jab S S S push *knockdown* S S X over kick S S X S sword sweep S S X S S sword up *air seek* S S X X 2 low kicks S S X X O! mid kick *stuns* S S X X O T push S S X X O O slide *knockdown* S S X O over kick 2 S S X O S roll rapier S S X O T big swords S S X O T S sword up S S X O O flip kick *air seek* S S O roundhouse S S O T! thrash *stuns* S S O T T blur steel S S O T S tail blade S S O T S S tail blade S S O T S S S sheath S S O O sweep S S O O O flip kick S T saber down S T S! roll rapier *stuns* S X low kick S X X over kick S X X X 2 low kicks S X X S sword sweep S X X S S sword up *air seek* S X X T sword down S X X T S! roll rapier *stuns* S X X O over kick S X X O S roll rapier S X X O T big swords S X X O T S sword up S X X O O flip kick *air seek* S X O roundhouse S X O T! thrash *stuns* S X O T T blur steel S X O T S tail blade S X O T S S tail blade S X O T S S S sheath S X O O sweep S X O O O flip kick S O roundhouse S O T! thrash *stuns* S O T T blur steel S O T S tail blade S O T S S tail blade S O T S S S sheath S O O sweep S O O O flip kick qcf+S! rolling rapier *stuns* T T sword lifter *air seek* T S rolling rapier *stuns* f,f+T blurring steel b+T sword lifter *air seek* qcf+T tele-slash X X over kick 1 X X X 2 low kicks X X X O! mid kick *stuns* X X X O T push X X X O O slide X X S sword low X X S S sword up *air seek* X X T sword over X X T S! roll rapier *stuns* X X O over kick 2 X X O T big swords X X O T S sword up X X O O flip kick *air seek* X S push X O roundhouse X O T! thrash *stuns* X O T T blur steel X O T S S tail blade X O T S S S tail blade X O T S S S S sheath b,b+X acrobatic evade 1 qcf+X slide and slash qcb+X ground BAMF L_R left or right /\ qcb+X ground BAMF L_R left or right O T! thrash *stuns* O T T blur steel O T S tail blade O T S S tail blade O T S S S sheath O O sweep O O O flip kick f+O rainbow kick *knockdown* S roll rapier T big swords S sword up O flip kick *air seek* d+O slide O flip kick *air seek* ws+O vault kick *air seek* qcb+O air BAMF L_R left or right b,f+O reverse divekick *knockdown* b,b+O acrobatic evade 2 /\ qcb+O air BAMF L_R left or right /\ O mad tail spin ::SUPERS:: S+T BAMF Confusion 9 hits - 5396 *Level 1* X+O Chaotic Combo 3 hits - 7900 *Level 2* b+S+T High in the Sky 5 hits - 10501 *Level 3* f+S+T Dimensional Rage 14 hits - 10605 *Level 4* (tap T S for 6 sec) ::THROWS:: d+R1 Swashbuckler 3 hits - 3501 R1 Nice Trip 3 hits - 3500 /\ R1 Tele-Driver 3 hits - 3500 b+R1 Tail Spin 3 hits - 3300 ::RECOVERY:: T Tele-Sword 1 hit - 3200 ::TAUNT:: T+X Tail Taunt ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black 1B - red/burgundy 2A - red/black 2B - yellow/black 3A - dark blue 3B - dark red 4A - black w/ white boots and gloves 4B - very dark blue ::ARCADE BOSS:: Mystique ======================================================= 12. ROGUE - (unknown) ======================================================= /\ L2 Flying /\ qcf+S_T sugar and spice *knockdown* S S! stun jab *stuns* S S S upper *air seek* S S T over punch S T jab S T S low jab S T S S upper *air seek* S T S T over punch S T T punch back S T O mid kick S T O T slap S T O T T upper *air seek* S T O T O ankle kick S T O T O S! stun mid *stuns* S T O T O T over punch S T O O leg lift *air seek* S T O O T chase punch S X knee S X X low kick S X X T upper *air seek* S X X X boot stomp S X O side kick S X O T punch S X O T T upper *air seek* S X O T O ankle kick S X O T O S! stun mid *stuns* S X O T O T over punch S X O O leg lift S X O O T chase punch S O side kick S O T punch S O T T upper *air seek* S O T O ankle kick S O T O S! stun mid *stuns* S O T O T over punch S O O leg lift *air seek* S O O T chase punch f+S rogue rush 1 T launcher *air seek* S S finisher f,f+S! shoulder charge *stuns* qcf+S jaw splitter 1 *juggle* qcb+S belle ringer 1 *knockdown* T S low jab T S S upper *air seek* T S T over punch T T punch back T O mid kick T O T slap T O T T upper *air seek* T O T O ankle kick T O T O S! stun mid *stuns* T O T O T over punch T O O leg lift *air seek* T O O T chase punch df+T pop fly *air seek* b+T hammer fall *knockdown* f+T rogue rush 2 T love tap S S! zip rusher *stuns* S air starter *air seek* qcf+T jaw splitter 2 *air seek* qcb+T belle ringer 2 *knockdown* X X low kick X X T upper *air seek* X X X boot stomp X O side kick X O T punch X O T T upper *air seek* X O T O ankle kick X O T O S! stun mid *stuns* X O T O T over punch X O O leg lift X O O T chase punch b+X boot stomp O T punch O T T upper *air seek* O T O ankle kick O T O S! stun mid *stuns* O T O T over punch O O leg lift *air seek* O O T chase punch b+O leg lift *air seek* /\ qcf+O bluegrass bash *throw* qcf+O southern charm *throw* *absorb* qcb+X absorbed ability (after using southern charm) Bastion homing orbs *projectile* Beast handspring Betsy psi dagger *throw* Bishop beam fists *projectile* Blob earthquake *projectile* (full screen!) Cyclops head beam shot *projectile* D. Phoenix solar flare Forge mine toss *projectile* Gambit 150% damage 6 sec Havok low plasma *projectile* Juggernaut head charge Lady D long arms (2-hits) Magneto core press *projectile* Mystique hurricane flip *throw* Nightcrawler BAMF! (tap left or right to determine location) Phoenix psi bolt *projectile* Psylocke ninja uppercut Rogue short elbow Sabretooth 150% damage 6 sec Sentinel A ion balls *projectile* Sentinel B ion stream *projectile* Storm lightning drill Toad venom spit *projectile* Wolverine health recover ::SUPERS:: X+O Take Your Breath 2 hits - 5000 *Level 1* *absorb* /\ S+T Hyper Belle Ringer 1 hit - 5500 *Level 1 air* b+S+T Brown Sugar 16 hits - 7600 *Level 2* S+T Bone Breaking Blows 5 hits - 8760 *Level 2* f+S+T Meteor Punch 3 hits - 10780 *Level 3* f+X+O Around the World 4 hits - 15000 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: /\ R1 High Tease 2 hits - 3700 b+R1 Back Therapy 4 hits - 3600 R1 Volley spike 3 hits - 3300 ::RECOVERY:: T Sky Punch 1 hit - 3200 ::TAUNT:: T+X Kiss Me (stuns for 1 sec) ::COSTUMES:: 1A - red/blue 1B - dark blue/olive 2A - yellow/black 2B - lt. red/black 3A - pink 3B - red 4A - green/yellow 4B - purple/pink ::ARCADE BOSS:: Magneto ======================================================= 13. FORGE - (unknown) ======================================================= /\ qcf+S_T air shell discharge*projectile* /\ qcb+S_T mine drop *projectile* S S gun slap S S S gun whip S S S T gun pop *air seek* S S T gun lift *air seek* S T gun slap S T S gun whip S T T elbow push S T T S rifle slam S T T T slap away S T X quick knee S T X T elbow push S T X T T T Forge combo S X! groin kick *stuns* S X S gun punch S X S S gun slap S X S S T gun pop *air seek* S X S T gun lift *air seek* S X T slap away S X O low kick S X O T gun lift *air seek* S X O X dash knee *knockdown* S X O O kick away S O roundhouse S O O dual kicks f+S sneaky elbow S gun pop *air seek* T T T T bullet barrage *projectile* X T T T Forge combo *knockdown* qcf+S low shell discharge*projectile* T gun slap T S gun whap T S S gun crash T T elbow T T T wide punch T X quick knee T X T elbow T X T T angry elbow T X T T T Forge combo b+T backhand *air seek* df+T flare shot *air seek* qcf+T shell discharge *projectile* qcb+T deadly spider *projectile* f+X! groin kick *stuns* X T T T Forge combo O O dual kicks b+O roundhouse *knockdown* qcb+O duck and cover qcf+O mine toss *projectile* /\ O drill kicks qcb+X reload X! trap shot *stuns for 1 sec* T beam shot X launch orb *juggle* O plasma flame *anti-jump* R1 spread shot R2 double helix shot qcb+S primary weapon *projectile* (whatever is currently LOADED; default = trap shot) ::SUPERS:: S+T Semi-Automatic 11 hits - 5192 *Level 1* *projectile* /\ S+T Blazing Barrel 5 hits - 5000 *Level 2 air* *projectile* f+S+T The Neutralizer 1 hit - 7300 *Level 2* *projectile* (no super 8 sec) X+O Outer Orbit 1 hit - 10750 *Level 3* S_T_X_O DETONATE! d+S+T Machine Gun *Level 3* <> *projectile* then tap repeatedly (can vary between buttons) S = small bullets 26 hits - 5600 *juggles* T = green bursts 21 hits - 6300 *juggles* X = purple ions 33 hits - 9900 *juggles* O = blue shots 21 hits - 8000 *juggles* b+S+T Tribal Spirits 52 hits - 14820 *Level 4* *projectile* (tap S/T or X/O rapidly!) ::THROWS:: d+R1 I'm Shocked 3 hits - 3651 b+R1 Plasma Core 3 hits - 3300 R1 Boot Shot 4 hits - 3501 ::RECOVERY:: T Proximity Charge 1 hit - 3200 *projectile* ::TAUNT:: T+X Gun Cock ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black/yellow suit 1B - black/red suit 2A - blue suit w/ headband 2B - tan/brown camouflage suit w/ headband 3A - dark blue suit 3B - red suit 4A - blue/yellow X suit 4B - green/gray X suit ::ARCADE BOSS:: Storm ======================================================= 14. JUGGERNAUT - (Cain Marko) ======================================================= S S backhand S S S axe swing *stuns* S S O juggie upper *juggle* S T power fist S T T power sweep *stuns* S X low pokes S X X left hook S X X X backhand T T finisher *stuns* S X O foot stomp S X O X headbutt *knockdown* S X O T grounder S O juggie upper *juggle* f+S! dual fists *stuns* b,f+S double smash 2 hits /\ qcf+S hammer fists T T power sweep *stuns* f+T shoulder ram df+T hammer head (2 hits) d+T groin jab *stuns* b,f+T rush punch X X low pokes X X X backhand T T stun punch *stuns* X O foot stomp X O X head butt *knockdown* X O T grounder f+X funny punches X X more humor *knockdown* X T knuckles *stuns* T knuckle down *stuns* O juggle lift *juggle* b+X X X 3 slaps b,f+X upper burst *juggle* qcf+X ramming speed O foot stomp *semi-stun* O X head butt *knockdown* O T grounder b+O uppercut *juggle* b,f+O overhead slam *knockdown* ::SUPERS:: X+O Steamroller 4 hits - 5600 *Level 1* /\ S+T Air Rampage 2 hits - 6200 *Level 1 air* S+T Jackhammer 2 hits - 7900 *Level 2* b+S+T Annihilation 3 hits - 11940 *Level 3* f+S+T Insanity 11 hits - 15300 *Level 4* d+O+X Projectile Shield *Level 1 & 3* (15 sec) <> (projectiles will not stun him) ::THROWS:: qcf+O cyttorak grip 3 hits - 4101 qcb+T get down here 2 hits - 3900 *anti-jump* d+R1 Triple Smash 4 hits - 3800 b+R1 Stampede 4 hits - 3700 R1 Arm Swing 1 hit - 3550 /\ R1 Piledriver 2 hits - 3300 ::RECOVERY:: T Fist Stomp 1 hit - 2650 ::TAUNT:: T+X Come On (it does damage!) ::COSTUMES:: 1A - brown armor 1B - blue armor 2A - white armor 2B - red armor 3A - blue armor w/ gold knuckles 3B - red-brown armor w/ white knuckles 4A - brown armor plain 4B - black armor plain ::ARCADE BOSS:: Rogue ======================================================= 15. HAVOK - (Alexander Summers) ======================================================= S S high jabs S S X mid kick S S X X! stun kick *stuns* S S T knuckle up *juggle* S S T T plasma up *air seek* S T mid punch S T T! stun elbow *stuns* S X mid kick S X X! stun kick *stuns* S O high kick S O O calf kick df+S mini-launch *juggle* b+S smashing fists S S punches T! stun elbow *stuns* X O forward kicks *knockdown* f,f+S rushing low chaos b,b+S chaos combo qcf+S high plasma blast *projectile* T T! elbow rush *stuns on 2nd hit* S plasma fist X dash kness O side kick O twin kicks f,f+T twin chaos rush b+T! lateral blows *stuns on 2nd hit* b+T,T havok hammer *knockdown* b,b+T swinging uppercut *juggle* b,b+T,T chaos uppercut *air seek* qcf+T low plasma blast *projectile* qcb+T plasma splitter *projectile* X X! roundhouses *stuns on 2nd hit* f,f+X X O 3 kick combo b+X X X! slice kicks *stuns on 3rd hit* b+X T T knee-punch-beam *projectile* O O calf kick f+O O knee-side kick *knockdown* f,f+O spear kick *air seek* b+O sky kick qcb+O sensational kicks *air seek* /\ qcf+S_T plasma blast 1 *projectile* /\ qcb+S_T plasma blast 2 *projectile* ::SUPERS:: f+S+T Universal Meltdown 9 hits - 5860 *Level 1* S+T Cosmic Burst 14 hits - 7630 *Level 2* /\ S+T Air Cosmic Burst 14 hits - 7000 *Level 2 air* X+O Omni Blast 1 hit - 11300 *Level 3* b+X+O Plasma Bomb 1 hit - 15700 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: b,f+O plasma pulse 3 hits - 3700 (can't throw Blob) R1 back kick 2 hits - 3600 b+R1 angry slam 1 hit - 3400 ::RECOVERY:: T Omni Pulse 1 hit - 2650 ::TAUNT:: T+X Flash Knuckles Down + T+X Leg Stretch <> ::COSTUMES:: 1A - blue DOT suit 1B - red DOT suit 2A - red/black "X" suit 2B - black/yellow "X" suit 3A - black BULLSEYE suit 3B - red BULLSEYE suit 4A - black suit 4B - yellow suit ::ARCADE BOSS:: Cyclops ======================================================= 16. LADY DEATHSTRIKE - (Yuriko Oyama) ======================================================= S S quick jabs S S S stretch S S T low stretch S S T T low 2 S S T T T low 3 S S T T T S! sneaky stun S T! stun jab *stuns* S T S palm S T S T stretch *knockdown* S T T power palm *knockdown* S T X wheel kick *knockdown* S X low kick S X T! stretch *stuns* S X T! T T blade lift *air seek* S X T O O wheel kicks S X X sweep S X X T stretch S X O hook kick *knockdown* b+S! stun palm *stuns* S S triple punch T T claw sky *air seek* T O claw-kick *juggle* qcf+S deadly roll S finger lifter *air seek* X slide O flips *juggle* f,f+S samurai charge *air seek* f+S ninja pull in *projectile* b+S! upon hit *stuns* qcb+S skewered 1 *projectile* T S power palm *knockdown* T T claw lift *air seek* T O flip kick *juggle* f+T! chest exam *stuns* (2 hits) S rib spreader b+T T! stun palm *stuns* T death blows X wheel kick f,f+T deadly needle *knockdown* qcf+T telescoping lash *knockdown* qcb+T skewered 2 *projectile* X X sweep X X T stretch *projectile* X T! stretch *stuns* X O hook kick *knockdown* d+X X kick slide qcb+X deadly flip *knockdown* O O head kicks O O O wheel kick b+O O ankle-high kick *knockdown* b+O X overhead wheels X more wheel kicks O ankle slice T long arms *projectile* f+O split kick T low-high stretch *projectile* f,f+O piston kicks *juggle* qcb+O reaver strike d+X during kick /\ qcf+S_T reaver spin ::SUPERS:: S+T Ravasso 7 hits - 6500 *Level 1* X+O Reaver Raze 5 hits - 8100 *Level 2* f+S+T Violent Extremities 9 hits - 11300 *Level 3* b+S+T Lotus Blossom 13 hits - 15680 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: b+R1 Judo Flip 1 hit - 3450 R1 Unhappy Return 1 hit - 3650 ::RECOVERY:: T Surprise Reach 1 hit - 2650 ::TAUNT:: T+X Loathing ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black uniform 1B - red uniform 2A - orange/gold uniform w/ mask 2B - cyan/blue uniform w/ mask 3A - black/white cyborg 3B - red/white cyborg 4A - yellow/white uniform 4B - black/white uniform ::ARCADE BOSS:: Wolverine ======================================================= 17. BETSY - (Eliazbeth Braddock) ======================================================= S X ankle kick S X X high kick S X X X roundhouse S X O hook kick *knockdown* S T gut jabs S T T backhands S T O high kick S T O X roundhouse S T O O hook kick *knockdown* S O snap kick f+S T knife combo T T blade thrusts *knockdown* 4 hits O O cartwheels (5 hits) X overhead kick qcf+S ripline fists *knockdown* T T backhands T O high kick T O X roundhouse f+T dual tap (2 hits) b+T hand slash T stun punch *stuns* O high kick *juggles* O side kick d+T low dual tap (2 hits) qcb+T! piercing knife *stuns* qcf+T ninja assault *air seek* X X high kick X X X roundhouse X O hook kick *knockdown* qcf+X severing swirl b,b+X kendo hop 1 qcb+X dragon tooth /\ qcb+X air dragon fang O snap kick f+O round-axe kick (2 hits) f,f+O high kick X ankle sweep S! stun blade *stuns* b,b+O kendo hop 2 d+O double sweep ::SUPERS:: S+T Psionic Wings 9 hits - 4780 *Level 1* X+O Ninja Fury 6 hits - 7300 *Level 2* b+S+T Head Trauma 13 hits - 12751 *Level 3* f+S+T Mental Embrace ? hit - 16250 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: d+R1 Telepathic Link 1 hit - 3850 R1 Illusion Kick 2 hits - 3641 b+R1 Catapult 3 hits - 3601 /\ R1 Blade slice 3 hits - 3400 ::RECOVERY:: T Cartwheel 1 hit - 2650 ::TAUNT:: T+X Bow of Honor ::COSTUMES:: 1A - dark blue swimsuit 1B - red swimsuit 2A - green 2-piece swimsuit 2B - orange-brown 2-piece swimsuit 3A - blue and gray space suit 3B - gold and gray space suit 4A - royal blue swimsuit 4B - black swimsuit (she seems a little TOO pale!) ::ARCADE BOSS:: Sabretooth ======================================================= 18. BASTION - (unknown) ======================================================= S S jabs S S S over punch S X knee S X S! stun jab *stuns* S X T stun upper *air seek* S X X quick kick S X X X snap kick S X X X O axe kick *knockdown* (not combo) S T body blows S T T jab S T T T punch upper *air seek* S O mid kick S O O! stun kick *stuns* f,f+S uppercut *juggle* qcb+S homing orbs *projectile* qcf+S low beam *projectile* T T haymaker upper *air seek* f+T double tap (2 hits) qcf+T high beam *projectile* qcb+T death stab f,f+T gut buster uppercut *air seek* X S! stun jab *stuns* X S S beam off *projectile* X S T elbow X S T S low blow *knockdown* X S T S T body blow *knockdown* X S T S T S straight *knockdown* X T stun upper *air seek* X X quick kick X X X snap kick X X X O axe kick *knockdown* (not combo) qcf+X crouch dash qcb+X crouch evade O O! stun boot *stuns* f+O rocket kick (2 hits) b+O high angle kick f,f+O spin kick *knockback* qcb+O crazy kicks /\ qcf+S_T air beam 1 *projectile* /\ qcb+S_T air beam 2 *projectile* ::SUPERS:: S+T Search Light 8 hits - 7600 *Level 1* f+S+T Hyper Beam 15 hits - 8550 *Level 2* /\ S+T Air Hyper Beam 22 hits - 8580 *Level 2 air* X+O Hyper Ground Pound 18 hits - 11340 *Level 3* b+S+T Celestial Death 15 hits - 13500 *Level 4* (variable damage) ::THROWS:: d+R1 Sky Toss 2 hits - 4001 b+R1 Beam shot 3 hits - 3900 /\ R1 Knee Job 2 hits - 3750 R1 Off the foot 4 hits - 3501 ::RECOVERY:: T Ion Response 1 hit - 2650 *projectile* ::TAUNT:: T+X You're Next ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black and purple suit 1B - green and blue suit 2A - orange suit 2B - blue suit 3A - VIBRANT orange suit 3B - VIBRANT blue suit (TRON anyone? ^_^) 4A - flat black and dull purple suit 4B - trendy black suit (tie, jacket, and even shoe coverings! It's 007!!!) ::ARCADE BOSS:: Dark Phoenix ======================================================= 19. SENTINEL A - (unknown) ======================================================= S S backhand f+T double fist T glow smash O! step 1 *stuns* O step 2 S S S! stun clobber *stuns* S S T robot punch S X stun boot S X X big step S T swipe S O! stun punt *stuns* S O O big step qcb+S low mutant macabre S follow up (after 7 hits) qcf+S binary orbs *projectile* f+S elbow hack *knockdown* b+S hand down S backhand S! stun spin *stuns* T straight punch T! stun axe *stuns* T T axe juggle *juggles* b,b+T death hammer qcf+T six-two slam qcb+T high mutant macabre T follow up (after 7 hits) f+T,T double fists X! shin kick *stuns* X big step f,f+X gut buster qcb+X mini tremor O! O big step *stuns* b,b+O jaz knee qcb+O major tremor d+O big sweep *stuns* f+O stagger kick S shoulder tap S finisher f,f+S_T crashing fist ::SUPERS:: d+S+T Ground Pound 1 hit - 5750 *Level 1* /\ S+T Air Death Hammer 1 hit - 5800 *Level 1 air* b+S+T Macabre Mash 25 hits - 9144 *Level 2* S S S S T follow up S+T Hyper Beam 14 hits - 7840 *Level 2* X+O Power Up *Level 3* (Damage 150% 10 sec) f+S+T Mutant Massacre 1 hit - 10700 *Level 3* f+X+O Dial-A-Combo 9 hits - 14660 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: R1 Headbutt 3 hits - 3700 b+R1 Gravity Slame 2 hits - 3600 /\ R1 Head Smash 2 hits - 3500 ::RECOVERY:: T Hammer Smash 1 hit - 2650 ::TAUNT:: T+X Disapproval ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black body, purple head 1B - dark gray body, blue head 2A - purple and magenta body 2B - brown and blue body 3A - red and black body 3B - blue and gray body 4A - dark brown-gray body and purple head 4B - green body ::ARCADE BOSS:: Magneto ======================================================= 20. SENTINEL B - (unknown) ======================================================= /\ L2 flying S S glow fist S S O high kick S S O O roundhouse S T jabs S T S glow smash S T T uppercut *air seek* S T O round kick S T O S low slash S T O S S ion break *crappy projectile* S T O X back kick f+T surprise fist S T O O axe kick *knockdown* S S glow punch b+S glow ball *projectile* f+S T mid punches T mega lifter *air seek* S ion push b+S backslash S overhead-ion drop *crappy projectile* T upper *air seek* b,b+S homing orbs *projectile but its SOOOOO slow to fire* qcf+S ion stream *projectile* qcb+S ion uppercut *air seek* /\ qcf+S ion ball *projectile* T S glow smash T T uppercut *air seek* T O round kick T O S low slash T O S S ion break *crap projectile* T O X back kick f+T surprise fist T O O axe kick *knockdown* b,b+T ion beam *projectile* b+T backhand slap b+T T! stun jabs *stuns* b+T T T glow fist b+T O! stun kicks *stuns* b+T O O sky kicks *air seek* f+T T maiden masher f+T T S punch 3 f+T T S S finish punch f+T T S b+S ion ball *projectile* f+T T X big boot f,f+T! shoulder smack *stuns* qcf+T ion fountain b,f+T ion dart d+T arm sweep T juggler fist *juggle* /\ qcf+T air ion beam *projectile* X X leap kick f+X boot stomp b+X projectile shield *0 sec* (it's more for parrying projectiles) /\ qcf+X ion arrow O S low slash O S S ion break *crap projectile* O X back kick O X f+T surprise fist O O axe kick *knockdown* f+O O high-roundhouse f,f+O! side kicks of doom *stuns* O fly kicks *air seek* b,b+O binary orbs *projectile* d+O pop kick *juggle* df+O launcher kick *air seek* ::SUPERS:: f+S+T Ion Beat Down 6 hits - 6775 *Level 1* *air seek* /\ X+O Hyper Ion Dart 7 hits - 3500 *Level 1 air* S+T Hyper Ion Beam 12 hits - 7404 *Level 2* /\ S+T Air Hyper Ion Beam 14 hits - 7000 *Level 2 air* b+X+O Power Up *Level 3* (150% damage 10 sec) X+O Ion Macabre ? hits - ??? *Level 4* (tap S/T or X/O!!!) ::THROWS:: b+R1 Sky High Service 2 hits - 3701 qcb+X Set, Serve 3 hits - 3501 (won't work on Blob) R1 Burning Hand 7 hits - 3401 /\ R1 Swirling Madness 2 hits - 3120 /\ qcf+O ion catch ? hits - 2800 ::RECOVERY:: T Ion Ball 1 hit - 2650 *projectile* ::TAUNT:: T+X Going down d+S+O Slams Fists ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black body, purple face, white hair 1B - blue body, black face, red hair 2A - purple and magenta body, gray face and hair 2B - brass and teal body and face, orange hair 3A - red body and face, white hair 3B - blue body and face, red hair 4A - black body, HUMAN FACE, brown hair 4B - dark blue body, HUMAN FACE, brown hair ::ARCADE BOSS:: Magneto ======================================================= 21. PSYLOCKE - (Elizabeth Braddock) ======================================================= /\ qcf+S_T silken dagger /\ qcb+S_T needle palm S T! kitana slash *stuns* S X ankle kick S X X hook kick S X X X round kick S X O axe kick S O high kick f+S low palm T throat jab O outside crescent O cartwheel X leaping sword qcf+S ninja assault 1 T! kitana slash *stuns* T O hook kick T O X round kick f+T charging sword b+T sword slice T! sneak attack *stuns* O O kicks qcf+T ninja assault 2 *air seek* X X hook kick X X X round kick X O axe kick qcf+X! severing swirl *stuns* b,b+X kendo hop 1 qcb+X,X,X dragon tooth f+O double kicks *knockdown* f,f+O spin kick X low spin S! psi stab *stuns* T high palm b,b+O kendo hop 2 ws+O flip kick *air seek* ::SUPERS:: S+T Ninja Fury 9 hits - 4780 *Level 1* /\ S+T Heaven's Dagger 4 hits - 5200 *Level 1 air* X+O Ninja Wrath 6 hits - 7300 *Level 2* f+S+T Steel Slaying 26 hits - 10582 *Level 3* b+S+T Ninja Light Show 23 hits - 14468 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: /\ R1 flying slice 3 hits - 3700 R1 wristlock 3 hits - 3400 b+R1 catapult 3 hits - 3301 ::RECOVERY:: T Cartwheel 1 hit - 2650 ::TAUNT:: T+X Bow of Honor ::COSTUMES:: 1A - red and purple suit; purple hair 1B - cyan and blue suit; light blue-purple hair 2A - black suit; purple hair 2B - purple and magenta suit; blue hair 3A - blue pants and top; bare midriff 3B - gold and silver pants and top; bare midriff 4A - blue pants and top; red headband; bare midriff 4B - black pants and white top; bare midriff ::ARCADE BOSS:: Lady Deathstrike ======================================================= 22. BISHOP - (Lucas Bishop) ======================================================= /\ qcb+S_T taking no chances *projectile* S S jabs S S T jab S S T T spin elbow S X kick S X X leg shot S X X X round kick S X T body blow S X T T punch lift *air seek* S T slap S T T punch lift *air seek* S O kick S O O! stun kick *stuns* S O O X axe kick *knockdown* qcf+S single blast *projectile* f,f+S jawbreaker *juggle* T gun finish *projectile* qcb+S concussive break *projectile* T T punch lift *air seek* d+T! gun punch *stuns* qcf+T staggering blast *projectile* qcb+T simage blast *projectile* f+T love handles T head shot X X leg shot X X X round kick X T body blow X T T punch lift *air seek* O O! stun kick *stuns* O O X axe kick *knockdown* qcf+O advancing fire *projectile* qcb+O retreating fire *projectile* f,f+O! snap axe kick *stuns* b+S+T Free Parry 1 hit - 5500 (looks/acts just like his Lv.1 super) <> ::SUPERS:: S+T Channeled Parry 1 hit - 5500 *Level 1* (counter-attack) (counters ANY attack thrown at him) X+O Bullet Crazy 12 hits - 7920 *Level 2* b+X+O Don't Jump at Me 14 hits - 6160 *Level 2* f+S+T Mutant Tumble 7 hits - 11300 *Level 3* f+X+O Professional Hit 3 hits - 15800 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: /\ R1 Backbreaker 2 hits - 3800 d+R1 Pistol Whip 6 hits - 3600 R1 Gut punch 3 hits - 3401 b+R1 Over the Top 2 hits - 3201 ::RECOVERY:: T Counter beam 1 hit - 2650 *projectile* ::TAUNT:: T+X Chuckle ::COSTUMES:: 1A - blue suit with red stripes 1B - purple suit with yellow stripes 2A - blue and orange suit 2B - purple and pink suit 3A - blue and yellow suit 3B - red and white suit 4A - blue banded suit 4B - black banded suit ::ARCADE BOSS:: Magneto ======================================================= 23. BLOB - (Fred J. Dukes) ======================================================= S S! stun slap *stuns* S S S slap S S T push S S X big kick S S O big stomp S S O S right punch S S O T backhand S S O X low kick S S O O booty tap S T slap S T S punch *knockdown* S T T backhand *juggle* S X! stun boot *stuns S X X kick S X O big stomp *stuns* S X O O booty S O big stomp *knockdown* S O S straight S O T backhand S O X step S O O booty f+S double punch (2-hits) qcb+S sit down slam T S punch *knockdown* T T backhand *juggle* d* T two scoops f,f+T belly bump d+T belly lifter *juggle* b f+T cranium crash X! mighty kick *stuns* X X kick X O big stomp *knockdown* X O O booty f+X! stagger kick *stuns* f,f+X double hammer b f+X aftershock *projectile* O S straight O T backhand O fall down X stumble forward O tremors! *projectile* O X step b f+O tremor *projectile* O O stomp n' bump (2-hits) d+O T trip, bump, thump (3-hits) b+O reverse low kick f,f+O blunder run O mass tremors *projectile* ::SUPERS:: S+T Belly Flop 1 hit - 6300 *Level 1* f+S+T G-Force 1 hit - 6000 *Level 2* X+O Seismic Stomp 5 hits - 11250 *Level 3* d+X+O Bottoms Up 1 hit - 15000 *Level 4* ::THROWS:: d+R1 Teeter Totter 7 hits - 4518 /\ R1 Backdrop 2 hits - 4300 R1 Bear Hug 5 hits - 4000 b+R1 Cross Slam 2 hits - 3800 ::RECOVERY:: T Ground Tremors 1 hit - 2650 *projectile* ::TAUNT:: T+X Truffle Shuffle ::COSTUMES:: 1A - black suit (can see belly and chest) 1B - red suit (can see belly and chest) 2A - blue pants w/ red suspenders 2B - black pants w/ black suspenders 3A - blue "X" suit full body 3B - red "X" suit full body 4A - black suit (covers chest and belly) 4B - black and yellow striped suit (covers chest and belly) ::ARCADE BOSS:: Phoenix [note: Blob is immune to normal throws and some command throws (Phoenix, Mystique). He is still vulnerable to Beast's Beast stance leaping throw - Apeboy] ======================================================= 24. DARK PHOENIX - (Phoenix Force) ======================================================= /\ L2 flying S S high jabs S S X axe kick S S X X ankle kick S S X X X crash kick S S X X O hook kick *knockdown* S~T slap S~T T straight S~T T b+S S TK firebird combo *projectile* S~T X! stun kicks *stuns* S~T X S fire fist S~T X S S fireball *projectile* S~T X X fly kicks *air seek* S~T X O rocket kick S X low kick S X T fire fist S X T X axe kick S X T X X ankle kick S X T X X X crash kick S X T X X O hook kick *knockdown* S X X hotfoot *juggle* f+S push T TK snag *stuns* O kicks X fly kicks *air seek* S+T duel flames *projectile* f,f+S psy-bolt X ankle kick T flame push b+S ember ignition S flame kiss *projectile* T fire BOOM! *projectile* X fire pillar *projectile* O fire ball *projectile* b,b+S blazing vigor *projectile* qcf+S fire bird *projectile* /\ qcf+S air bird 1 *projectile* T T straight T T b+S TK pull *stuns* d+T TK slam T fire pillar *projectile* T T T flame punch T X! stun kicks *stuns* T X S fire fist T X S S fireball *projectile* T X X fly kicks *air seek* T X O rocket kicks f+T T fire starter <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Doesn't seem to do anything??? f,f+T T turn and burn *air seek* S fire toss *projectile* b,b+T fire revolution b+T fire fade back T swoop 1 T swoop 2 qcf+T fire birds *projectile* /\ qcf+T air bird 2 *projectile* X T flame punch X T X axe kick X T X X ankle kick X T X X X crash kick X T X X O hook kick *knockdown* X X hotfoot *juggle* *projectile* f,f+X! ember kick *stuns* X lift kick *air seek* d+X X leg lift *air seek* /\ qcf+X searing corkscrew 1 O S fire fist O S S fireball *projectile* O S X ankle hit O S X S fire push O S X T fire pillar *projectile* O X! stun kick *stuns* O X X fly kicks O X O axe kick O X O O crash kick O O round kick b+O hot foot *projectile* b,b+O cosmic radiation *projectile* /\ qcf+O searing corkscrew 2 ::SUPERS:: b+S+T TK Confusion 1 hit - 3500 *Level 1* (stunned 1 sec) /\ X+O Searing Arrow 1 hit - 4000 *Level 1 air* f+S+T MOSU Cell 10 hits - 6000 *Level 2* (drains life) b+X+O Ember Column 17 hits - 8160 *Level 2* S+T Scorched Sun 25 hits - 11300 *Level 3* (tap buttons!!!) X+O Phoenix Embodiment 28 hits - 11480 *Level 3* /\ S+T Air Scorched Sun 25 hits - 11300 *Level 3 air* (far away > dmg) f+X+O Cosmic Comet Chaos 45 hits - 16965 *Level 4* (tap buttons!!!) ::THROWS:: qcb+T Migraine ??? (it's listed in the game but I can't do it) b+R1 TK Whip 1 hits - 3500 R1 Sky High 2 hits - 3801 ::RECOVERY:: T Fire Pillar 1 hit - 2650 *projectile* ::TAUNT:: T+X Caustic Resonance Down + T+X Back Stretch <> Forward + T+X Shoulder Rub <> ::COSTUMES:: 1A - red and yellow suit with black face 1B - black and red suit with black face 2A - black and purple EVERYTHING! 2B - red and purple EVERYTHING! 3A - yellow and red suit with human face 3B - silver and cyan suit with human face 4A - red suit with yellow sash and human face 4B - purple suit with red sash and human face ::ARCADE BOSS:: Blob ********************************************************************** ******************** IV. STORY MODE ********************* ********************************************************************** This is the walkthrough for the mode. It doesn't matter who you choose. Everything is pre-set. Only difference is the last battle against Bastion and Magneto. Lose it and you fight him with Phoenix. The timed battles are with Forge, Magneto, and Cyclops. These battles are against a Sentinel A and you have 50 seconds to beat him. If time runs out, you lose the match. CHARS: [Forge] STAGE: *Sentinel Invasion streets only - 9:35pm* vs Mystique vs Nightcrawler CHARS: [Cyclops - Wolverine - Forge - Phoenix - Gambit - Storm] STAGE: *Danger Room - 10:15am* vs 3 other X-Men CHARS: [Wolverine - Phoenix - Gambit - Nightcrawler] STAGE: *X-Mansion - 1:42pm* vs 3 out of 4 Brotherhood mutants (Juggie, Mystique, Sabretooth, Toad) CHARS: [Forge] STAGE: *X-Mansion outdoors* vs Sentinel A (50sec and you must KILL HIM!) CHARS: [Beast - Phoenix - Nightcrawler - Rogue - Havok] STAGE: *Morlock Sewers - Rogue, Phoenix - 3:27pm* *Apocalypse Tomb - Havok, Beast, Nightcrawler - 4:30pm* vs 3 out of 4 Brotherhood mutants (Juggie, Mystique, Sabretooth, Toad) vs Sentinel B (Bastion's forces can now freeze your super meters) Pausing the game will let the freeze wear off! <> CHARS: [Magneto] STAGE: *Savage Land pool - 5:14pm* vs Sentinel A (50sec and you must KILL HIM!) CHARS: [Magneto - Mystique - Juggernaut - Sabretooth] STAGE: *Savage Land* vs 4 X-Men (Beast, Rogue, Havok, Cyclops) CHARS: [Magneto] STAGE: *Savage Land pool* vs Sentinel A CHARS: [Wolverine - Magneto - Cyclops - Gambit] STAGE: *Magneto's Citadel lava pits - 6:10pm* vs Sentinel B vs Sentinel A CHARS: [Cyclops] STAGE: *Magneto's Citadel lava pits* vs Sentinel A (50sec and you must KILL HIM!) CHARS: [Wolverine] STAGE: *Asteroid M - 12:01am* vs Bastion (Wolverine has no super meter) CHARS: [Magneto (or Phoenix if Magneto loses) ONLY] STAGE: *Asteroid M* vs Bastion Here is a breakdown of Story Mode stats: ---------------------------------------- 22 total fights (23 if Magneto loses the fight with Bastion) 12 levels/stages of combat 14 different characters to use 9 mandatory fights (with no choice of characters to use) NAME # FIGHTS # MANDATORY FIGHTS Forge - 6 3* Wolverine - 9 1 Cyclops - 6 1* Phoenix - 10 1 (only if Magneto loses the fight with Bastion) Gambit - 8 Storm - 3 Nightcrawler - 6 Beast - 3 Havok - 3 Rogue - 3 Magneto - 9 3* Mystique - 4 Sabretooth - 4 Juggernaut - 4 # FIGHTS = maximum fights he/she can participate in # MANDATORY FIGHTS = fights he/she must fight in * = 50sec timed battle vs. Sentinel A ********************************************************************** ********************* V. STAGES ************************* ********************************************************************** The best way I've figured out to do the transitions between areas within a stage is by either doing an air seek combo at the very edge or any knockdown attack or combo that sends the opponent flying across the room. I'm describing the transitions in each stage. Every stage has breakable objects but I noted those with pillars/columns because some characters have special throws when near them. Damages listed are during special cutscenes. Sentinel Invasion CONSTRUCTION SITE: - knock back from left side (facing sign) and hit neon sign (3000 dmg) - knock back from right side (no sign) and fall onto rooftop (3500 dmg) - knock up and fall into street (3200 dmg) - hit into walls (3000 dmg) - throw into objects (2900 dmg) ROOFTOP: - knock off edge and onto street (3200 dmg) - knock through building and onto street (face the building) (3000 dmg) STREETS: - knock into cars (3000 dmg) Savage Land CLIFFS: - knock off front and land in lagoon (3100 dmg) - knock off side and land on ledge (either side) (3000 dmg) - knock into dino bones (2900 dmg) LEDGE: - knock off edge into lagoon (3000 dmg) LAGOON: - knock into dino bones (2900 dmg) Xavier's Mansion HALLWAY/SITTING ROOM: - knocked into the office at the end of the hallway (3200 dmg) - knocked outside through window (near the fireplace) (3100 dmg) - breakable column (your back to it + b+R1) (2900 dmg) XAVIER'S OFFICE: - knocked outdoors through window (3100 dmg) GARDEN: - after 1 round of fighting concludes, the court will open - knocked into open hangar door (3000? dmg) - basketball hoop (your back to it + b+R1) (3000 dmg; Toad = 3700) (for Toad, make sure the target and himself are NOT on the court) (Toad CANNOT have the hoop behind him for it to work) - knocked into wall (3000 dmg) - knocked into stairs (3000 dmg) - thrown into chairs (in front and enemy has back to it + R1) (2900 dmg) HANGAR: - knocked from the hangar lift into the hangar (3000 dmg?) - hit onto the elevator controls and ride into hallway (3200 dmg) Danger Room (no transitions, but the room will shift in Arcade and Story Mode) - PRACTICE ZONE - nothing - COLISEUM - knock into stone columns (3000 dmg) - WAR ZONE - thrown into crates (2900 dmg) - knocked into tower, barrels and truck (3000 dmg) Asteroid M CONTROL ROOM: - smash through glass wall down shaft into sub room (3100 dmg) - stairs (3000 dmg) SUB ROOM: - heavy combo breaks the glass floor into the generators (3100 dmg) GENERATOR ROOM: - breakable glass columns (your back to columns + b+R1) (2900 dmg) Morlock Tunnels SUBWAY STATION: - hole leads to sewers-catwalk (3000 dmg) - stairs (3000 dmg) SEWERS: - knock enemy off edge into lower sewers (3000 dmg) LOWER SEWERS: - big crates (enemy in front of crate + R1) (2900 dmg) Magneto's Citadel THRONE ROOM: - knock off the balcony into the lava pits (3100 dmg) - wall (3000 dmg) - staris (3000 dmg) - terminals (3600 dmg) LAVA PITS: - rocks (3000 dmg) Apocalypse's Tomb TREASURE ROOM: - knock them off the open sides (4000 dmg) - crates (enemy back to it + R1) (2900 dmg) CATACOMBS: - heavy attack on the floor (3100 dmg) - stone pillars (enemy back to it + R1) (Beast = 5000 dmg; Toad = 3700) (for Toad CANNOT have the pillar behind him for it to work) (Toad needs to face enemy and be between the pillar and enemy) CRYPT: - any attack into the column of light will transport back to main hall (3600) - stairs (3000 dmg) ********************************************************************** ***************** VI. SECRETS / GLITCHES **************** ********************************************************************** (almost everything is listed in the ASSETS under OPTIONS, but here they are again for easy reference) UNLOCK FMV's beat arcade mode with that character UNLOCK 3RD COSTUME (3A and 3B): beat arcade on Expert with that character UNLOCK 4TH COSTUME (4A and 4B): get over 30 wins in Survival with that character UNLOCKED BASTION AND 2ND COSTUME (2A and 2B) FOR ALL 24 PEOPLE beat story mode with Magneto's ending (Magneto vs Bastion) UNLOCK SENTINEL A: beat arcade with Cyclops UNLOCK SENTINEL B: beat 20 matches in Survival mode UNLOCK PSYLOCKE beat arcade with Betsy UNLOCK BISHOP beat arcade with Gambit UNLOCK BLOB beat arcade with Bishop UNLOCK DARK PHOENIX in Story Mode, lose the "Magneto vs Bastion" fight. Then get a PERFECT with Phoenix in "Phoenix vs Bastion". UNLOCK EVERYTHING CODE: <> at the main menu hold L1 and press right right left left down up circle. You will hear a funny noise ("Shway!") that will tell you did it right. KNOWN BUGS/GLITCHES: -------------------- ~GAMEPLAY~ Nightcrawler - cancelling his T S attack into the Level 4 super then doing S X O T will freeze the opponent's controls and not end the super. Time will continue to run down and Nightcrawler cannot build up any more super meter. Match will ONLY end by time or if sufficient damage is dealt. Bishop - doing the b+R1 then doing a standing O and hitting the target at his head level will cause the opponent to be stuck frozen in mid-air. Bishop cannot effect the enemy anymore. The enemy will still recover red-bar health in this state, so make sure you have more life and win by time. Works against everyone EXCEPT Blob (since he's unthrowable by Bishop). Rogue - air throw on the Subway Station level causes her opponents to fall very slowly, giving her time to do another combo on them. This can be abused into a veritable extended combo that will more than likely kill the opponent. <> Mystique, Havok, Toad - occasionally during their air throws, they will stay stuck in mid-air doing their throw animation. Only an attack from the enemy will dislodge them. Happens at random. Sabretooth - doing a b+R1 on an opponent close to the wall, the opponent will slide back towards the wall AFTER the throw. Gambit - after the first round of fighting, Gambit will not be able to move or defend for the first second of the next match! There is nothing he can do about this. Just hope your opponent doesn't do a very long combo... Anyone - Sometimes, after a perfectly timed air seek jump, the character misses the enemy for some strange reason. Occurs more often if too close to the wall. ~VISUAL~ Mystique - her Level 4 scope-sight only appears once for every stage you're on. Even if you fight different people on the same stage, the scope will not appear again until the stage changes. Apocalypse's Tomb (Room 2) - after breaking the floor once before, there will be a large black hole. Coming back here again, you can be thrown/knocked back onto the dark hole and not fall! Works with Toad. Apparently, you cannot go back to the Crypt Room once you've been there once. Sentinel A - during his winning cutscene after each match, he punches the camera and the glass breaks. However, after he does it once for a stage, the glass break sequence will not happen again even though he still punches the camera. Forge - sometimes his beam attacks are invisible. They still hit, but damned if i can see them. Happens most frequently on Savage Land stage - pool area. Any stage - sometimes, it is possible to hit an opponent into a wall and they will be trapped. I've experienced this on numerous occassions on various levels. ********************************************************************** ****************** VII. CHARACTER ANALYSIS ******************** ********************************************************************** (sorted by toughest to weakest) NAME DMG % GROUP I 1. Juggernaut 0.90 2. Blob 0.91 3. Sentinel A 0.92 4. Sabretooth 0.93 5. Wolverine 0.94 6. Bastion 0.95 7. Rogue 0.95 8. Sentinel B 0.96 Dark Phoenix 0.97 VS supers 9. Magneto 0.97 10.Bishop 0.98 GROUP II 11.Beast 1.00 12.Cyclops 1.00 13.Dark Phoenix 1.00 VS non-super attacks 14.Forge 1.00 15.Gambit 1.00 16.Havok 1.00 GROUP III 17.Betsy 1.01 18.Psylocke 1.01 19.Lady D 1.01 20.Toad 1.02 21.Mystique 1.03 22.Phoenix 1.04 23.Nightcrawler 1.06 24.Storm 1.06 DMG % = Percentage of damage the character takes from attacks Group I - since these characters have damage reduction FOR EVERY HIT, try to limit the number of hits you do on them, as the more hits will equal less successive damage. Keep in mind when you do a multi-hitting super against these characters will do MUCH LESS damage than it would on a baseline character. Group II - baseline toughness, so it doesn't matter on the number of hits in a combo. Any combo that connects on them will suffice. Group III - since these characters take damage poorly, increase your # of hits since each hit will generate more damage than on a baseline character. As long as it does damage OR has lots of hits will work well against them. I also believe the full life bar for EVERYONE is 30,000 points. This makes sense since most Level 4 supers do around 15,000 damage and takes off HALF the life bar on most people!!! (thus any combo that does more than 30,000 dmg is a full life combo) ********************************************************************** ****************** VIII. IN THE FUTURE... ********************* ********************************************************************** Any help would be greatly appreciated for any missing unique combos/ specials/supers for the characters. Plus if you see a mistake, let me know! If you do submit a combo, could you please include the damage and hits you got against Cyclops. It's fine if you don't, but then I'll have to check it myself and if I can't do it successfully with a high percentage of success, then I won't include it unless it's extremely unique or special (EX: does 40000 dmg against Blob!) then I'll put it in the combo list. FUTURE UPDATES: - which series each suit is from (been out of comics for last few years) - on the lookout for more bugs/glitches/CPU double standards THINGS TO LOOK INTO: D.Phoenix has 2 moves listed, yet don't seem to work: f+T T qcb+T Send all queries to: azraelswrd@hot mail com (take out the space. add ".") ********************************************************************** ********************* IX. CREDITS *********************** ********************************************************************** My Thanks goes out to: - Sony for the Playstation 2 - Marvel for getting me into comics with so many cool characters - Activision and Paradox for making the game - GameFAQs for allowing me to post this - GF X-Men Next Dimension message board for being so nice and helpful! ^_^ My personal gratitude for those who helped me make this a better work: - Cycloptikis for how to get Dark Phoenix and tip on "other" taunts - El Gimpo for the secret Juggie super and combos - Bad Storm for the Forge super and Storm combos - PX message board for the UNLOCK code - Drake3 for Storm combos - Robert Garcia for Gambit, Cyclops, Rogue combos - The Exalted for Nightcrawler tip and secret taunts - Anthony Whyte for combos and unlisted moves for Bishop, Storm, Beast - Knobody for the Pause tip in Story Mode - James "liu kang" Che from Paradox Development for the Beast combo - Rory Scott for Sentinel B's arcade boss - Eric Dunham for Havok stuff - Rob Depew for Rogue's absorb on Dark Phoenix - Apeboy about Beast and Blob tidbits - Matt Juarez for Rogue's throw glitch ********************************************************************** ********************* X. MY RECORDS *********************** ********************************************************************** I put this after the CREDITS because this section really has no benefit or impact toward the game. Just a little scoresheet o' mine. I wish they had left the old Record keeping system in XMMA1 and XMMA2, cuz now the only thing that they keep a record of is your Survival wins. No more individual character usage and win ratios. Oh well... Anyways, here are my Survival records: (I thought I did better with some of them, but I guess I forgot to save it!!!) (I cover that in MY GRIPES) (I sorted my list by number of wins) Bishop - 89 Blob - 51 Magneto - 31 Beast - 30 Wolverine - 25 Gambit - 24 Rogue - 23 Bastion - 22 Cyclops - 19 Mystique - 19 Toad - 16 Lady D - 16 Psylocke - 16 Betsy - 15 Havok - 15 Dark Phoenix - 15 Sabretooth - 12 Sentinel B - 12 Phoenix - 11 Storm - 10 Nightcrawler - 10 Juggernaut - 9 Sentinel A - 8 Forge - 7 (I can do better than this!!! >_<) ********************************************************************** ********************* XI. MY COMPLAINTS *********************** ********************************************************************** Well, no game is really perfect and this one is no exception. Here's a list of problems that I found with it that the player should be made aware of. Some of them are very peculiar so don't surprised if you're noticing certain strange things happening in your game... Now these are the problems that I've experienced, so they may not affect you. However, I think a game can only get better IF it receives a certain amount of criticism. That way, future products will improve upon past mistakes. It's the only way for some games to grow and be successful. If you don't like to read about complaints or constructive whining, then don't read any further... /////////////////////// ----------------------/ CPU DOUBLE STANDARDS: / ----------------------/ Yes, the computer can play with a different set of rules from you, so be aware. And yes, they give the CPU the advantage. About the only thing going against the CPU is its predictability in combo strings. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - can auto-track fairly well during attacks/combos - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- One example is Gambit's qcb+S (he stabs with his staff quickly). Jumping over this against the CPU causes Gambit's staff to gain tracking and he will follow you until you land, then gets the free attack on you because you also can't block the right direction in mid-air during a jump. Suck's doesn't it? Now, should you do this, all you will end up is sucking damage as Gambit is stuck stabbing at nothing while the CPU is behind you... Another incident was when Mystique did her drill sweep (b,f+X) and I saw her doing it so I jumped over her. I was very surprised as her drill went to my previous position THEN it flew to my current position hitting me before I even landed. The moral of the story: YOU CAN'T OUTMANEUVER THE CPU. IF IT WANTS TO HIT YOU, IT WILL!!! ----------------------------------- - has the reflexes of an electron - ----------------------------------- Not much that can be done about this since this is prevalent in 99% of all fighting games. No matter how good a human is, the CPU set on the right mode, will always demolish a human because a machine won't make a mistake or get nervous or forget the timing on a move. //////////////// ---------------/ GAME GLITCHES: / ---------------/ Yes, they can be fun to do but they are pretty cheap at times and downright cheesy if you're going up against another human doing them. I'm sorry, but I don't prescribe to the theory that if its in the game, its fair. A freeze glitch just isn't cool cuz it's inescapable and you have no choice but to sit there and await for death... LAME!!!! ---------------------------- - Gambit's starting freeze - ---------------------------- I don't know why or how this happens, but it does. This is only a problem in Arcade mode since the glitch kicks in AFTER one round of combat has completed. The freeze lasts for about one second, but considering your enemy most likely has some super meter by now and is itching to dish out some payback, you're in deep doo-doo. Only rememdy I see is holding back and hoping you block in time. If you're on EXPERT mode, forget it - you pretty much said "HIT ME WITH YOUR FIRST COMBO!!!" and they will oblige. ------------------------- - Bishop's throw glitch - ------------------------- It's a freeze glitch. It sucks if it happens to you. No escape except by clock running down. If someone is doing this to you, hit them. It's your only recourse. ------------------------------ - Nightcrawler's Lv.4 glitch - ------------------------------ It's a freeze glitch. It sucks if it happens to you. No escape except by clock running down OR if your opponent is gracious enough to kill your frozen hide. If someone is doing this to you, hit them. It's your only recourse. ---------------------------- - Rogue's air throw glitch - ---------------------------- Ok, it's not a freeze glitch (thank GOD!) but it's just as bad cuz it lets Rogue do a near infinite on the poor sucker who gets trapped in it. At least it only works in the Morlock Sewers - Subway portion of the level. If someone is doing this to you, hit their controller so they miss their timing on the air seek... Hey, fight cheese with more cheese! --------------------------------- - walls interfering with combos - --------------------------------- You'd think walls are great for trapping some sucker and getting lots of free hits in, but NOOOOO!!!! Instead it causes your timing to be off and they have chances for escape, plus the wall adds which means you can forget any of your extended combos on the ground. After two bounces off the wall the opponent automatically falls to the ground but is too fast for a knockdown or ground combo to capitalize. Against bigger characters, its not as bad, since they take longer to fall down, and are still open for more hits. In the air, you will most likely face the wrong direction resulting in a completely missed air combo. The moral of this story: DO NOT DO COMBOS INTO THE WALLS!!! --------------------------- - throws resetting damage - --------------------------- Now I think this is just plain CHEESY!!! Not only are throws unescapable once you're grabbed, but it now resets the damage counter. What this means is that if you get thrown and are stuck in a position where you cannot defend yourself i.e. a knockdown or bounce, and if your opponent can follow up with another attack, the damage will be at MAX damage. Thus, some of the most devastating combos involve normal throws linked into supers. //////////////////// -------------------/ TECHNICAL ISSUES: / -------------------/ --------------------------------- - Autosave... What's autosave? - --------------------------------- Nothing worse than getting 50 wins in Survival mode, but forgetting to go to the OPTIONS menu then MEMORY CARD and then SAVE DATA then confirm that you want to save 2 more times... Wow! That's a lot of steps to take just to save. Why is there no Auto-Save feature or option when you quit/complete a mode like in most other fighting games??? It's just another hassle you have to remember to do that is really unnecessary if you ask me. Plus on a side note, in the LOAD DATA option, there is no confirmation - it just does it, which sucked cuz I hit it once when I tapped down too many times and then accidentally loaded my old data, erasing my newly earned Survival records. *sniff* No way in HELL I'm gonna do Sentinel B all over again!!! --------------------------- - Loooooong Loading Times - --------------------------- Yikes! I guess its just the architecture of the PS2 and its limited RAM, but this game can take a while to load. I'm not kidding!!! I've clocked a new Stage loading is roughly 30 seconds, and a new character-same stage loading is roughly 7 seconds (not too bad). Going back to the main menu has a load time of about 14 seconds. --------------------------------------- - Data Loading on Startup Unnecessary - --------------------------------------- Why does this game NEED to confirm a data load every time you start up the game? What purpose does this serve other than to delay your gaming? I know this sounds anal, but it still does detract from the enjoyment of the game just a little. I have never played a fighting game before where I had to tell it to "load the game data". It's either on the Memory card or it isn't... ------------------------------- - Game Controls Too Sensitive - ------------------------------- I bring this up because I can say that I'm a veteran of many Street Fighter games and this game has one glaring problem in that the sensitivity to moves is VERY precise, especially on qcf and qcb motions. In the Capcom games (where the art of QCF was honed to an artform) they give you some leeway and even room to buffer the move and still expect it to execute. Not necessarily in this game. Some characters like Rogue can, because her move buffer seems to be much greater than Havok's. This can be seen during a normal game and my numerous attempts to fire out a plasma beam (qcf+S) but instead I get jabs. On the other hand with Rogue, I have no problems doing her uppercut (qcf+S). When I'm in doubt I just do a HCF (half-circle forward) instead of a QCF. This way pretty much guarantees me success and reduces the chances for error. Plus another bad thing about the control sensitivity is in flying. Sometimes, when I jump up to do a special air-only attack, I instead start to fly (I never even hit the L2 button, just jumped up). Very dangerous considering you just did something you weren't ready for and you can't block either, and must now quickly get down without dying. Consistent problem for flyers (Storm, Phoenix, Magneto, Rogue, Dark Phoenix, Sentinel B), which really sucks because they have combo starters from the air that are very good because they are hard to counter. Since I have a 80% of flying by mistake, I never risk doing those moves. What a pity!!! ------------------------------------------ - Secrets take too long to unlock FAIRLY - ------------------------------------------ 3rd costumes: requires 14.52 hours (not as easy as it sounds) 4th costumes: requires 10 hours (not as easy as it sounds) Dark Phoenix: depends on your skill and luck Yes, these numbers are estimations but based on how the game plays (and loads) these figures aren't too far off the mark. THERE IS A MASTER UNLOCK CODE, but that's just too easy. Items given have no value than it would if it was earned fairly. Goodies should take "some" skill and patience to unlock but not so ridiculously arduous as this because I do try to have a life outside of gaming... Here's the the math... TO GET THE 3RD COSTUME, YOU NEED TO BEAT ARCADE ON EXPERT WITH THAT CHARACTER: Arcade mode has 9 rounds of 2 fights and the 10th round has 4 fights = (9 x 2 = 18) + 4 = 22 fights/character worst case you take 99 seconds to beat a fight 22 x 99 = 2178 seconds -> 36 minutes 18 seconds/character ***assuming no continues and not including loading times between fights*** 2178 seconds/character x 24 characters = 52272 seconds for all 24 characters. 52272 seconds -> 871.2 minutes 871.2 minutes -> 14.52 hours for all 24 characters TO GET 4TH COSTUME, YOU NEED AT LEAST 30 WINS IN SURVIVAL WITH THAT CHARACTER: 30 fights and worst case takes 50 seconds/fight = 1500 seconds/character 1500 seconds -> 25 minutes (not including loading times after each fight) 25 minutes/character x 24 characters = 600 minutes 600 minutes -> 10 hours for all 24 characters!!!! ***not including loading times after each fight*** note: getting 30 wins in Survival is very difficult, as the damage taken is carried over to the next round with some life given back due to how fast you win. Plus the CPU starts off easy, but then slowly gets harder and harder. TO UNLOCK DARK PHOENIX, GET A PERFECT AGAINST BASTION WITH PHOENIX: Easier said than done... This really depends on your skill and luck. I was not able to do this (trust me, i tried), so I resorted to the unlock code just to get one character... yes, I hate doing it but I had run out of time and patience. EXCELSIOR! Good Luck True Believers!</p>