STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT (PlayStation 2) Version 2.4 By KindUndrTheMtn Copyright 2004-2005 by Tim Filla =============================================================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Basic Gameplay and Controls 3. Units 3a. CIS 3b. Republic 3c. Empire 3d. Rebels 3e. NPC's (None-Player Characters) 3ea. Gungans 3eb. Royal Palace Guards 3ec. Wookies 3ed. Geonosians 3ee. Tusken Raiders 3ef. Sarlaac 3eg. Jawas 3eh. Ewoks 3ei. Jedi 4. Maps 4a. Clone Wars 4aa. Naboo: Plains 4ab. Naboo: Theed 4ac. Kashyyk: Islands 4ad. Geonosis: Spire 4ae. Kamino: Tipoca City 4af. Rhen Var: Harbor 4ag. Kashyyyk: Docks 4b. Galactic Civil War 4ba. Tatooine: Dune Sea 4bb. Tatooine: Mos Eisely 4bc. Rhen Var: Citadel 4bd. Yavin 4: Arena 4be. Yavin 4: Temple 4bf. Hoth: Echo Base 4bg. Bespin: Cloud City 4bh. Bespin: Platforms 4bi. Endor: Bunker 5. Galactic Conquest 5a. General Info 5b. The Birth of the Rebellion 5c. The Dark Side Rising 5d. Attack of the Clones 5e. Revenge of the Sith 5f. The Galactic Civil War 5g. A Galaxy Divided 5h. The Clone Wars 5i. The Balance of the Force 5j. Planet Order 6. Instant Action 7. Vehicles 7a. CIS 7b. Republic 7c. Empire 7d. Rebels 7e. All Faction Vehicles 7f. Turrets 7g. Creatures 8. Weapons 8a. CIS 8b. Republic 8c. Empire 8d. Rebels 9. Multiplayer 9a. Splitscreen 9b. Online 10. Cheats 11. FAQ 12. Strategies and Tips 13. Battlefront II Preview 14. Contact 15. Copyright 16. Version History and Plans 17. Thanks =============================================================================== 1. Introduction Well, here you are. My guide. Hope you enjoy it! This game is similar to the Battlefield games, except this is Star Wars, which in my opinion makes it better. This gives you diversity of units, each with special abilities, and maps which each have effective strategies. This guide was made mostly by me, but now, a good deal of it has been made by the readers. My Thanks section is growing very long! If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please see the Contact section. =============================================================================== 2. Basic Gameplay and Controls Here you will find the basic objectives and controls of the game. Basic Gameplay: The game's point in battle is to reduce your enemy's reinforcement count to 0. You can see the enemy's reinforcements at the top of the screen. There are two bars and numbers under them. The green bar and number is you, and the red bar and number is your enemy. When the green bar goes all the way down and the green number (that starts at either 200 or 250) is 0, you lose, and it will say "Defeat" on the screen. If the red bar and reinforcement number is all the way down, you see "Victory" across the screen. A commander will keep you updated verbally on your status, like saying "Our reinforcements are taking casualties" or "Victory is imminent!" and other phrases. The second and more difficult way of winning is holding all the command posts for about 20 seconds. Ok, let's clear up what reinforcements are and stuff. This is not stated in the game or any booklet or strategy guide, but visualize this: there is a star- ship overhead (which there is) and it has 200 men on it, and there are 200 men on the battlefield. The number of reinforcements represent the number on the star-ship. If one dies on the battlefield, one has to come down from the ship to a command post, and that means one less is on the ship. If there are no people on the ship for one side and there are on the other side, then victory is assured for the team that still has reinforcements. Let's also say that there are groups on the ship that are each assigned to a command post. If that command post is taken, they can't spawn, and die slowly. That's not really how it is in the game, but gives you a good perspective on how reinforcements work. So, in summary, to win the easiest way is to capture command posts. Your fellow soldiers will do this, but you have the power to lead attacks, and you are a whole lot smarter than your computer friends (I hope). You can use battle strategy and good combat skills. If you try to win just by killing and not capturing command posts, then most likely you will lose, unless you are depriving the enemy of taking main battle routes or holding them at one command post while your allies take other ones easily. Controls: D-pad: Commands Up: Move out. Right: Follow me. Down: Hold your position. Left: At ease. Left analog stick: Move/strafe Right analog stick: Aim X: Jump Square: Reload Triangle: Get in vehicle Circle: Tap once to crouch, tap twice to lay prone R1: Fire basic weapon R2: Change basic weapon R3: Zoom L1: Fire secondary weapon L2: Change secondary weapon L3: None Aircraft Controls: D-pad: Commands Up: None Right: Pile in Down: None Left: Move out Left Analog Stick: Navigate Right analog stick: Aim X: Take off/Land Square: None Triangle: Get out/get in Circle: None R1: Fire Basic Weapon R2: Switch Position R3: None L1: Fire Secondary Weapons L2: None L3: None Vehicle Controls: D-pad: Commands Up: None Right: Pile in Down: None Left: Move out Left Analog Stick: Navigate/Strafe Right Analog Stick: Aim X: None Square: None Triangle: Get out/get in Circle: None R1: Fire R2: Switch positions R3: Zoom L1: Fire Secondary Weapon L2: None L3: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obbreviations I use: MAV: Medium assault vehicle (i.e. AT-ST) HWU: Heavy weapons unit (i.e. ARC Trooper) TS: Transport ship (i.e. Republic Gunship) SV: Scout Vehicle (i.e. Speeder bike) NPC: Non-player character (i.e. Tusken Raider) =============================================================================== 3. Units Each unit will help you do something different, like snipe people or blow up vehicles. Units rated on a 1 to 10 scale, 10 being the highest. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3a. CIS Units: Battle Droid Basic Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonator, Concussion Grenade Class: Soldier Usefulness: 8 When to use: When you want to kill a lot of soldiers These guys are only found on Naboo: Plains and on Naboo: Theed in Historical Campaigns. Super Battle Droid Basic Weapons: Wrist Blaster, Tri Shot Secondary Weapons: Wrist Launcher Class: Soldier Usefulness: 9 When to use: Anytime These are good. They can rapidly deplete forces with there Wrist Blaster, and can destroy stuff with the Wrist Launcher. Assault Droid Basic Weapons: Missile Launcher, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Mines Class: Heavy-Weapons Usefulness: 8 When to use: To destroy vehicles Assault droids are basically used to destroy vehicles with their missle launcher and to set traps with the mines. Pilot Droid Basic Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Fusioncutter, Health/Ammo Dispenser Class: Pilot Usefulness: 8 When to use: To destroy large groups and repair vehicles and build turrets You will want to use these guys when you have a lot of vehicles. They can also build turrets. Assassin Droid Basic Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Recon Droids Class: Sniper Usefulness: 8 When to use: In places where you can see long distances and to scout enemy territories The Assassin droid is a sniper, so put them either a long distance away from enemies or on a highly elevated spot. Use the recon droids to quickly move into enemy territories. Droideka Basic Weapons: Repeating Blasters Secondary Weapons: Personal Shield Class: None Usefulness: 9 When to use: When you have to kill A LOT of soldiers These units are feared by enemies and loved by allies. They can destroy dozens of troops without taking damage. You might think: "These are way to slow!" and they are. But press triangle to go into roll form, where you can roll anywhere. NOTE: cannot use vehicles/turrets ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3b. Republic Units: Clone Trooper Basic Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: EMP Grenade, Concussion Grenade Class: Soldier Usefulness: 8 When to use: To destroy troops These are your basic soldier units. They're the same thing as Battle droids, except they're clones. ARC Trooper Basic Weapons: Missile Launcher, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: EMP Grenade, Mine Class: Heavy-Weapons Class Usefulness: 8 When to use: To destroy vehicles ARC (Advanced Recon Commando) troopers, are the vehicle-destroying units of the Republic. I think they look the coolest of all the clones... Clone Pilot Basic Weapons: Plasma Disrupter, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Fusion Cutter, Health/Ammo Dispenser Class: Pilot Usefulness: 7.5 When to use: To repair vehicles and kill tightly grouped enemies Clone Pilots are a little different than the Pilot Droids. They can shoot out plasma plasts, which are electrical beams. Hold down the trigger for maximum damage. Clone Sharpshooter Basic Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: EMP Grenade, Recon Droid Class: Sniper Usefulness: 8 When to use: Elevated spots and to scout Clone Sharpshooters are your basic snipers. Not much different than the Assassin Droid. Jet Trooper Basic Weapons: Pulse Launcher, Commando Pistol Secondary Weapons: EMP Grenade Class: None Usefulness: 9 When to use: To reach far away spots and destroy droideka shields Jet Troopers take jumping to a whole new level. Press X twice to use your jetpack, which can let you stay in the air for long periods of time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3c. Imperial Units: Stormtrooper Basic Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonator, Concussion Grenade Class: Soldier Usefulness: 8 When to use: To destroy several enemies Stormtrooper are again your basic soldiers. Nothing much. Shocktrooper Basic Weapons: Missile Launcher, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Mines Class: Heavy-Weapons Usefulness: 8 When to use: To destroy vehicles The shocktrooper is another assault unit, use them to destroy vehicles, turrets, and special buildings. Imperial Pilot Basic Weapons: Mortar Launcher, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Fusioncutter, health/ammo dispenser Class: Pilot Usefulness: 7 When to use: To repair vehicles and destroy groups Use to repair vehicles and launch little grenades on enemies. Scout Trooper Basic Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonator, Recon Droid Class: Sniper Usefulness: 8 When to use: To snipe and to scout Basic sniper units. Dark Trooper Basic Weapons: Blast Cannon, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonator Class: None Usefulness: 9 When to use: To suprise enemies and close combat Dark Troopers are like Jet Trooopers, except their jetpacks go faster and wear out quicker. And they have shotguns. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3d. Rebel Units: Rebel Soldier Basic Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonators, Concussion Grenade Class: Soldier Usefulness: 8 When to use: To deplete enemies Rebel soldiers are, again, soldiers. They have no armor, but have more will than any other soldier class. Rebel Vanguard Basic Weapons: Missle Launcher, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonator, Mine Class: Heavy-Weapons Usefulness: 7 When to use: To destroy vehicles and set traps Vanguards are efficient at destroying the Imperial walkers. Useful on Hoth and on Yavin 4: Temple, and on Endor: Bunker. Rebel Pilot Basic Weapons: Blaster Cannon, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Fusioncutter, health/ammo dispenser Class: Pilot Usefulness: 8 When to use: To repair vehicles and close combat Rebel Pilots carry shotguns, making them efficient at close combat and at repairing vehicles. Rebel Marksman Basic Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol Secondary Weapons: Thermal Detonator, Recon Droid Class: Sniper Usefulness: 8 When to use: To snipe and to scout Rebel Marksmen are your snipers, and I think they're the only female units in the game, if they are females (I'm not sure). Wookie Smuggler Basic Weapons: Bowcaster, Grenade Launcher Secondary Weapons: Time Bomb Class: None Usefulness: 8 When to use: To sneak past groups of enemies These are the only playable Wookies in the game. They can take more damage than any other unit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3e. NPC's (Non-player characters) There are a few units that you can't play as. They will appear yellow on the map. They only appear in historical campaigns (except Tusken Raiders and the Sarlaac). 3ea. Gungans Weapon: Boomers Classes: One (no name) Toughness: 7 Map: Naboo: Plains Alliance: Republic You will want to watch out for their boomers. They are kind of like grenades that burst into electricity when they throw them. In groups, they destroy the AATs easily. 3eb. Royal Palace Guards Weapon: Blaster Rifle, missile launcher, fusion cutter, etc. Classes: Three: Soldiers, pilots, heavy-weapons Toughness: 8 Map: Naboo: Theed Alliance: Republic These guys are about normal fighting skills, they aren't anything special. 3ec. Wookies Weapon: Bowcasters, missile launchers, fusioncutters Classes: Soldiers, heavy weapons, pilots Toughness: 8 Map: Kashyyyk: Islands, Kashyyyk, Docks Alliance: Rebels/Republic You are probably going to say, "You can play as these!" but you can't. The Wookie Smugglers are a little bit different from the regular Wookies. 3ed. Geonosians Weapon: Sonic Blaster Classes: One (no name) Toughness: 7 Map: Geonosis: Spire Alliance: CIS These ones have very weak weapons. The sonic blaster barely does any damage. They are not to be feared. They can move fast, so try to shoot them on the ground. 3ee. Tusken Raiders Weapon: Blaster Rifle, Sniper Rifle Classes: Two, Soldiers and Snipers Toughness: 8.5 Map: Tatooine: Dune Sea Alliance: None These are tough. Do not underestimate them. They will strike both sides, so basically there are three enemies on the Dune Sea. You do not need to kill all Tusken Raiders to win, though. 3ef. Sarlaac Weapon: Tentacles Classes: One (only one appears) Toughness: Unbeatable Map: Tatooine: Dune Sea Alliance: None The Sarlaac is an invulnerable doom thing, that will destroy everything that comes near it. Stay away from it. It is unbeatable and a problem. 3eg. Jawas Weapon: Fusioncutter Classes: One: Repairers Toughness: Not warriors Map: Tatooine: Mos Eisley Alliance: Both Jawas go around constructing turrets and repairing vehicles. Don't kill them unless they help the enemy. Every kill of one of these counts as a minus. 3eh. Ewoks Weapon: Spears and rocks Classes: One (no name) Toughness: 6 Map: Endor: Bunker Alliance: Rebels These guys are hard to see, so don't be a stormtrooper and walk into one as he stabs you. 3ei. Jedi Weapon: Lightsaber Classes: Count Dooku, Mace Windu, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker Toughness: 10 Map: Count Dooku: Kashyyk Islands, Mace Windu: Geonosis Spire, Darth Vader: Tatooine Mos Eisley, Luke Skywalker: Hoth Echo Base Alliance: Count Dooku: CIS, Mace Windu: Republic, Darth Vader: Empire, Luke Skywalker: Rebels Steer clear of these guys. They will deflect your bullets, and kill you with one slash of their lightsaber. Killing Strategy: Draw them toward the edge of a drop that will kill you, shoot a missile right next to the Jedi, and he will fly up, and plunge into the pit, killing him. He will respawn. Best levels to kill on: Bespin: Platforms, Rhen Var: Citadel, Kamino: Tipoca City Second Killing Strategy: Run over with a speeder bike (or push him around with a vehicle). Third Killing Strategy: Make them chase you, then turn around and run back- wards. Then shoot at his feet. Fourth Killing Strategy: Use grenades, and throw them at the feet of the Jedi, and down they go! Much like the first one, just use grenades. Fifth Killing Strategy: Land a starfighter on him. Sixth Killing Strategy: Step on him with an AT-AT (this one is kind of hard). Seventh Killing Strategy: (Only for Tatooine: Dune Sea) In a vehicle, push him into the Sarlaac pit or make him chase you to the Sarlaac. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still having problems with the units, or don't know when to use one? Go to Tutorials on the main menu, and there will be intros to all the unit classes, vehicles, and the ones you get at the start of Historical Campaigns, and the one you get at the start of Galactic Conquest. =============================================================================== 4. Maps Here we are, the main walkthrough. Scale: Easy, Average, Moderate, Hard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4a. Clone Wars 4aa. Naboo: Plains Default Player: CIS Difficulty: Easy Command Posts: The Redoubt, The Command, The Center, The Pillars, The Heads Key Command Post: Center Recommended Unit: CIS: Any Republic: Any Rebels: Any Empire: Any MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH This level's historical campaign appearance is simple. The Gungans will throw their boomers at you. This can be challenging, because it's like dozens of EMP grenades everywhere, but are easy to kill and have no guns except for their turrets and your AATs will lay waist to them. Spawn at the command post with the vehicles. If you have the option, take the starfighters and demolish the enemy vehicles. If not, grab a speeder/STAP or if you want a tank or walker and head to the Center. Bad name. Be creative, LucasArts! Take that command post, and then you have to drive back the enemy so that command post isn't under attack, though it probably will throughout the course of the battle. If one of your command posts fall, take it during your spare time. If you are in historical campaign, your next job is to get the shield down. Just take down one fambaa (or however they're spelled) and the shield will go down and your legion of troops will attack that, leading to the Gungand defeat. Your ally tanks will shoot the shield if it's up just like in the movie (except they won't realize that they're not doing anything) until the shield is down. Some- times they will go in, but usually it's you and your ground troops. If you are on the ground, it's hard to last long inside the shields, due to the boomers and turrets. If you're in a tank it's also hard to last, though you will live considerably longer. Now, if your not in historical campaigns, your going to want to launch an attack on their vehicle spawning command post, though it's usually very will guarded with vehicles and a lot of troops and turrets. If you capture one of the lesser command posts as the Republic, a huge group of Gungans will spawn at once. I really don't like the Gungans, because they all sound EXACTLY like Jar-Jar (I have nothing against Jar-Jar, but a dozen Jar-Jars is enough to drive you INSANE). They also think they are going to die, which is mostly true, but hearing about it OVER AND OVER is quite annoying. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4ab. Naboo: Theed Default Player: CIS Difficulty: Easy Command Posts: The Office, The Palace, The Guard, The Embassy, The Rotunda, The Plaza Key Command Post: Palace/Rotunda Recommended Unit: CIS: Super Battle Droid/Battle Droid Republic: Clone Trooper Rebels: Rebel Soldier Empire: Stormtrooper MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH If you have the Palace to start out with, spawn as a heavy-weapons unit and place a mine at each entrance. If you have the Rotunda, put a mine on each bridge. Get in a tank (if there are any left) and go to the place with a path to the side command posts and one to the Palace and another to the Rotunda, although that one is blocked off by pillars and then stairs, making it impossible to drive a vechicle through there (unless they were a scout vehicle, which you don't get here. There you should find reasonable competition between the many, many soldiers and the tanks. The Palace is usually under battle, so if you don't have it, take it with your tank, and if you do have, DO NOT let it fall into enemy hands. You have enough allies and enough turrets to drive back the foes. It's also mildly difficult, but you have some cover in case you get killed, and since there is so much battle, the dead usually drop off health and ammo. A wise choice would be to capture a side command post to give you a good staging point for an attack on the big one (Palace or Rotunda). If you have the Palace to begin with, you are in a slight advantage, because for some reason the Rotunda is very easy to get if you already have one of their side command posts, which are also easy to get if you have tank at your disposal. The Royal Guards are your enemies if you are playing in Historical Campaigns. They are, in my opinion, easier than clones, because of their tanks. The pilots (not the unit pilot; the ship's driver) in the clone tanks are not exposed, only the main gunner. In the Gian Speeders (also only in Historical Campaigns) the pilot and the main gunner are vulnerable, so when the Gian Speeder is fighting an AAT you can sneak up and shoot the two drivers, disabling the vehicle. Combat is always fierce on this level, so soldiers are a wise choice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4ac. Kashyyyk: Islands Default Player: CIS Difficulty: Average Command Posts: West Harbor, East Harbor, North Village, Village Center, South Village, Landing Zone Key Command Post: North Village/Landing Zone Recommended Unit: CIS: Super Battle Droid Republic: Clone Trooper Rebels: Rebel Soldier Empire: Stormtrooper INTRODUCTION Kashyyyk: Islands is my least favorite of the two Kashyyyk levels. It is fairly simple in Historical Campaign, but the Wookies do have a lot of health. Spawn as any unit (preferably a soldier) and get to the starfighter, not a transport ship or bomber. They are slow and are torn through by the star- fighters. This way, you can tear through the enemy's bombers or transports. This will not work in Historical Campaigns because the Wookies do not have vehicles of their own. Taking the skies is not difficult unless it is on multiplayer, because it is two on two always in the skies, and a regular dog- fight. On the ground, a good strategy is needed. ALTERNATE FACTION WALKTHROUGH Empire/CIS: The Landing zone is not a good place for ground units to spawn, but gives you an excellent place far away for your ships to spawn in peace without battle raging around them. This is, however, a good spawning point for snipers , as they can shoot across the valley to the South Village. A better Empire/ CIS spawning place would be one of the northern harbors. The West Harbor is on an island of its own and a straight divides you from the Village Center, which is the main command post for your enemies. Snipers can pick off enemies in the Village Center, but be prepared to fight other snipers going for both you and the infantry crossing the dock or fording the water below you in the valley. As a soldier, you can try to avoid snipers and get the big advantage of the Village Center. Watch out for enemies around the buildings, and reinforcements from the South and North Villages. Droidekas are simply devastating on this level. Get the droidekas in the village, and the defenders will give way and lose to you. Republic/Rebels: This level is a lot more difficult for the forces of good. Your ships spawn in the middle of battle. You are also surrounded. You can try to risk to gather a lot of men in some ship and strike at the Landing Zone, which allows them to have no ships and no more waves coming from the south. With the ships you gained there, you can start destroying the ground units that are fighting against your men at the Villages. The Republic Gunships are esp- ecially good at that. The Rebels have it the hardest on this level, because one going for the Landing Zone will have to do either alone or with one other ally. The Republic can use a gunship to take it and have a strike team, which will probably win. In the village, you have to use all your droideka-killing skills and your keen eyes to take them down. Droidekas are hard to see, until their shields are up, and when that happens your most likely dead, or you have to take cover while droids rush in on your command posts. A Jet Trooper is good on this level, because he can easily dispatch droidekas and can fly over and shoot attacking droids. If the Landing Zone is in your hands, they will have less reinforcements, but there will be more attackers in the north, which may weaken your defenses and might even allow the villages to fall. You need to keep and eye on your map to see if any enemies have snuck past you. Try to not bring battle here in Galactic Conquest until you've secured Rhen Var. Even risking orbital censors to be used here is a bad choice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4ad. Geonosis: Spire Default Player: Republic Difficulty: Moderate Command Posts: Techno Union Ships 1, 2, 3, Spire, West Bunker, East Bunker, Derelict, Assembly Area Key Command Post: Derelict/Techno Union Ships Recommended Unit: Republic: Clone Trooper or Pilot CIS: Droideka INTRODUCTION Geonosis is a long and complicated level. In Historical Campaign, it intro- duces you to the Clone Army. There is no way of giving a good walkthrough of the level without dividing it into two parts, so that's what I'll do. ALTERNATE FACTION WALKTHROUGH Republic: First things first: get in a Gunship. Load up on allies. Gunships are virtually indestructable on this level. The only thing that can possibly take them down are the Geonosian Starfighters. Go on the west side of the Spire and take down the Hailfire Droid and Spider Walker, and if you want get out and take the command post. This clears a path for your AT-TE allies. I advise you not to get in an AT-TE on this level. They move slow and everyone concentrates on killing them, so they go down fast. Anyway, get back in your gunship and go as high as you possibly can, so your almost eye-level with the tip of the Spire. Shoot down on the Techno Union Ships, using your guns and missiles. If you run out of missiles, go back to the Derelict and refill your ammo. Then head back and finish up the dirty work. Once that's done, your probably going to want to return to the Derelict and exit your ship. Then fend off the enemies from the Derelict (and there will be enemies nearby). Once you've secured the area, proceed north to the Spire. The Spire is easy to get up to, because the defenses are weak there because they all attack the Derelict and such. Once the Spire is taken, their forces will start to crumble at a good rate. Hopefully by now they only have one command post, two tops, and that one should be one of the bunkers. Those are easy to take but hard to keep. They aren't necessary to win the battle, but stop the CIS's hailfire droids and spire walkers from spawning, and gives you an excellent staging point to attack the Spire. Without the Spire and the Techno Union Ships, the CIS is doomed. CIS: The separtists have it harder on this level, because in the movie they lose. First things first: spawn at the Spire and hop in a Geonosian star- fighter. Take down both gunships (preferably before they take off) and start attacking the Assembly Area. With that down there won't be any more gunships, which are one of the two big threats to the precious Techno Union Ships. If you see an AT-TE reach one of the bunkers, go and take it down with your star- fighter. The reason for this little ship your in is the doom of the AT-TE threats. The Assembly Area takes a long time to destroy, and unfortunately can't be taken. Keep your eye on the map for units advancing to your front to the north, and if any command posts are captured go and get 'em, although there is a possibility of losing your starfighter. You should have a warning on the state of the Spire, because it takes a long time to capture and hopefully you will see it blinking before its too late. Another good way to destroy the AT- TEs is the Hailfire Droid, which has missiles equipped for just the purpose. The Spider Walker can be effective too, because of the powerful beam shot out of it. The Derelict should be captured by you, too. Land your starfighter right up next to it, and go in. Defending yourself should be simple in there, because there is only one way attackers come in, except the tiny space they can crouch and go through, but unless you're in multiplayer odds are this won't happen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4ae. Kamino: Tipoca City Default Player: Republic Difficulty: Moderate Command Posts: Cloning Center, Beta 2, Beta 1, Beta 3, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3 Key Command Post: Cloning Center Recommended Unit: Republic: Jet Trooper CIS: Any (Droideka) MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH Kamino does not work on my disc. I haven't played it since I went over to my friends house a while ago. Oh well. The first few minutes is scurrying around getting command posts for both factions. It is easier for the CIS because they are a lot closer to everything. The main goal for both factions: secure the Cloning Center. That means defending it as the Republic and getting it as the CIS. It will spell doom for the Republic if it is in the CIS hands, and is quite hard to capture back as the Republic, because of: droidekas. I hate droidekas. The battle outside is mostly battles on the bridges between command posts. It's hard if you are the Republic and encounter droidekas, but for the CIS its not that hard and if there are no droidekas its not that hard. The best thing to do as the CIS is try to get the Cloning Center and keep it, then try to take all the command posts possible. The Republic should take all possible command posts and defend the Cloning Facility. Simple. The Jet Trooper is good at flying from command post to command post, avoiding the tur- moil at the bridge. The Droideka can easily secure the bridges and allow his allies to proceed. Turrets should be manned by the defenders of a command post because they are useless to attack and very helpful to defend. In this battle it is hard to sneak up on enemies because there are a few routes you can go by. This makes defenders have to watch only one or two positions with turrets or on the ground. The Cloning Center, though, has several bridges coming to it, making it a little harder to defend. But the main room only has three hallways to watch, so that makes it easier. Also, it is heavy so that you have more warning about enemies trying to approach. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4af. Rhen Var: Harbor Default Player: Republic Difficulty: Moderate Command Posts: Western LZ, Ice Caves, Lighthouse, Citadel, Fortress, AT-TE/AT- AT Key Command Post: Lighthouse Recommended Unit: Republic: ARC Trooper/Pilot CIS: Assault Droid Empire: Shock Trooper/Pilot Rebels: Vanguard ALTERNATE UNIT AND FACTION WALKTHROUGH Republic/Empire Soldier: The soldier's main job is to secure the area for the passing of your walker. The first thing that should be done is spawning at the Ice Caves. The Ice Caves will normally have an on going battle at the end of it, and unless you are the Empire, avoid this. The Empire can probably take down the enemies, but the Republic has it harder because of those dang droidekas. If you are the Republic, get out of the caves and pray that there is still a MAV at the Western LZ. If there is, lucky you! You can either escort the walker or ride up to the Lighthouse. If you survive out of the Ice Caves, go to the Light- house. Another but longer way is to spawn at the walker and either walk or ride to the Lighthouse, or wait until a MAV comes and get in that. Either way, get to the Lighthouse. Once you're there, do the obvious and capture it. Now go up on the deck that is to the right of the stairs heading to the Ice Caves, if you are looking at the Ice Caves from the Lighthouse. If they have con- structed turrets there, take them down. Then head to the stairs that lead to the frozen lake where the walker should be on. Take down that turret. That takes care of the left flank of the walker. Now either man a turret or head over to the Fortress. Either way take down that turret sitting out on the front porch. If you are in a turret shoot down the MAVs coming in to attack the walker. If you are at the Fortress, take that command post, but watch out there are many places to hide there. One that is taken, go up the front right stairs if you are facing the Lighthouse. Up those stairs is another walker threat, a turret. Take that down, and the walker should be turret free, except for the Citadel's turrets which are clearly visible and in range of the walker and can be taken down by it. Finish up by taking the Citadel. Take any lost command posts. Pilot: The pilot's job on this level is manning the vehicles (how unexpected). the recommended thing to do is man the walker. Simple and easy. An AT-AT (if properly manned) can survive the whole battle and get at least sixty kills. It's harder in an AT-TE because of the AATs which are stronger and the fact that the AT-TEs are weaker than the AT-AT. Either way, that is the easier choice. Another choice would be to man a MAV at the Western LZ and escort the walker. Finally, you can go and take the Lighthouse (which is harder as a Pilot) and construct those turrets. You can also go around repairing vehicles and dispensing health to the soldiers and snipers fighting the brutal war in the large courtyard. Heavy Weapons Unit (HWU): You're job is like normal; take down vehicles and secure the areas with mines. Spawn at the Western LZ, and put a mine on one of the MAVs and a few at the entrance to the Ice Caves. Now go and refill your ammo and get to the the courtyard somehow. Once you're their, you need to take the Lighthouse, although it may be difficult. Once you've done that, you mine up the stairs leading to it, the exit of the courtyard in front of the walker, or the exit of the Ice Caves. Now sit back and blow the crap out of the enemy MAVs. You may die a few times because the MAVs will pick you off if they see you, so continously relocate. Sniper: The sniper class has a few oppurtunities. There is the Lighthouse oppurtunity, in which you take the Lighthouse and lay prone in front of the stairs leading into the main courtyard. Fire into that, and you should always have enemies to fight. A more difficult idea is capturing the citadel, but it most likely wouldn't work for a few reasons: 1) snipers are not equipped for capturing command posts, 2) that area seems to be a Jedi haven, 3) it's a heavy command post. But if by a miracle you can take it, you can stop a lot of enemy vehicles from spawning and you have a sniper oppurtunity that you can either shoot to the Fortress or to the courtyard, or pick off enemies that are behind or under your walker. A way to clear out the Citadel is the simplicity of the recon droid. Jet and Dark Trooper: The Jet Trooper here has an interesting secret (sent in by DarthWaffle7). Start at the Western LZ. Jet up on top of the entryway to the Ice Caves. Then make your way through the few pathes that there are for a longtime (the jetpack is useless) Eventually you'll make it to the top. You can see everything from up there. If you attempt to jump, you will slide, per- haps down the mountain. If you simply walk off the edge, you will fall and die. If you jump off, you'll slide down, take no damage, and wind up in some random point on the map. Ok, back to the main strategy. The Jet Trooper should spawn at the walker. Jet to the Lighthouse. Use your pistol to dispatch normal foes and EMP launcher for droidekas and groups, and as the Dark Trooper use your shotgun for everything. The Lighthouse should not be hard to take. Once that's finished, jetpack over to the Fortress. It may take a few tries to take the Fortress. After that, fly over to the Citadel. The Citadel is normally taken in the last minute or two of the battle. It is kind of hard to take because it is heavy and enemies are always behind the pillars. Rebels/CIS Soldiers: The main rule for soldiers here: do not get massacred by the walker. A soldier may want to man a vehicle. If you want to do this, see the Pilot section for details. Your units will normally take the Lighthouse, so do not bother with it unless it is taken by the enemy. A load of troopers will come out of the Ice Caves. You may have some fun up there (droidekas especially). The Ice Caves is not a hard command post to take. You may die once or twice, but if you clear out the entryway, your home free. Once that's done, you should first check to see if you have all your command post (the walker can clear the way for a lot of enemies) and if not, go get 'em! If you have them all, proceed to the Western LZ, the daddy of all enemy command posts. The exit of the Caves is full of brutal warfare if you control the Ice Caves, because that's where your allies will go. If you manage to liberate enough enemies to have peace, destroy the guarenteed mines in front. There will always be mines unless you are fairly early in the battle in doing this. It will take a few lives usually to capture the Western LZ, if you do it at all. Go back and get any lost command posts. See the Republic/Empire strategies to capture them. Pilots: The Pilot NEEDS to man a vehicle. In truth, you are kind of advantaged if you are the Rebels. Go behind the beast and fire away, the only thing that can hit you are the vehicle and missile launcher equipped escorts. The easiest thing you can do the whole time is to continously take down the walker the whole battle, keeping the thing away from the main courtyard. You could go to the Western LZ and have a vehicle assault there. It is easy, even for one vehicle. Just blast everything and make sure the turret is down, then head in. The Pilot has a simple strategy, but a hard one to execute. HWU: You know what to do already. Get the Lighthouse and blast the crap out of every enemy vehicle without getting hit. Or place mines on the vehicle and ride through enemies without getting hit. Enough said. Sniper: The sniper should just go to any command post and snipe. It's your job and you should do it. There aren't any battle strategies you should use, just get 'em at the Ice Caves and coming to the courtyard. Don't get hit by the enemy walker. Droideka: The droideka should go to the Ice Caves and blast all crap that comes out. The walker can spot you easily, so watch out for that. Do not try to threaten the escorts of the walker. It ain't gonna work. The only other thing to do is to guard a command post, but that's boring. Wookie: Get in a vehicle and run under the AT-AT (after destroying all escorts) and plant time bombs on the legs, then run! Otherwise, do what a soldier does. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4ag. Kashyyyk: Docks Default Player: Republic Difficulty: Moderate Command Posts: City Hall, Pier One, Pier Two, Dock One, Dock Two, Beachhead, Landing Key Command Post: Landing MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH This level, Rhen Var: Citadel, and Tatooine: Dune Sea all compete for my favorite level. This level has sparse ground fighting, but good vehicle-to-man or vehicle-to-turret fighting. This will give you a great oppurtunity to use your missile launcher and your sniper skills. The best place to start for the Empire/CIS is their main command post, the Beachhead. Take a scouting vehicle to the Landing (do not use a droideka, they will drown unless you want to scoot all the way there. This is a great advantage to the Republic). Once you are there, your enemies may have already captured it, but most likely they haven't. The fighting is easy there, but watch for snipers. If you see a shot from a sniper rifle, take cover in the logs further up on the beach. They don't give you the greatest cover, but they will have to suffice unless you want to die. Recon droids are more popular units of war here. They are used a lot due to the mass amounts of snipers. To be a sniper, see the alternate strategy. The Republic and Rebels best bet is to either be a soldier or heavy- weapons unit. The heavy-weapons unit should not challenge their medium assault vehicles head on at the beach, but should use the convienent Wookie-made plat- forms. Go as close to the Beachhead as you can without falling, and stand within a short walking distance to an ammo droid. Here you can fire away at the MAVs. A soldier should spawn at City Hall and go straight to the Landing, or spawn at one of the Piers and walk down the bridges. Anyway, go to the Landing. The logs that are used as sniper's cover is better used for cover from a vehicle. The fighting is not difficult at the Landing, but constant. Some enemies will blend in well with the water, and will flank you from three sides. You could attempt to take one of the Docks, and that is not easy and not hard. You just have to have a good weapon for rapid dispatch. Once there, turn around and watch for spawning enemies and enemies coming up from the stairs. On this level you really have a free will, because of the various tasks of each unit. Every unit here has a separate task. Soldiers is the dirty ground fighting, pilots man vehicles (or supply soldiers with health), HWUs take out the vehicles (or else do nothing), snipers are always having fun ;) and special units use their abilities (except droidekas. They are disad- vantaged here). Alternate strategy (from Adurbin 09): This level is also my favorite in the game for any side you chose. Appear at Pier 1 or 2. Be a sniper (note: the overall technique has nothing to do with sniping). Run along the tops towards that weird hut looking thing. Throw detonators down near the docks to slow the enemy. When you get to the ammo and healing droids, stop by them and look at the other pier. Now send a recon droid of the edge and it should land on the dock. call an air Strike in the middle of the enemies and wait for them to blow. If you want to call another immediately after go ahead. As long as the ammo droid lives, you have unlimited air strikes. If you are at the point where they only have eight reinforcements stop and just snipe them.(note: You can shoot enemies with the recon droid. this gives you a chance to get a tremendous amount of head shots and will lose their lives so some snipers can actually go through that level without dying and possibly shooting the rifle). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4b. Galactic Civil War 4ba. Tatooine: Dune Sea Default Player: Empire Difficulty: Easy Command Posts: Bluff, Homestead, Tusken Camp, Cistern, Sandcrawler, Dune Sea Key Command Post: None SEPARATE FACTION WALKTHROUGH Empire/Republic: Start out at the Sandcrawler, and grab a speeder. Zoom over to the Homestead, under that big arch. Then jump off the speeder at the top of the Homestead. Run down into the Homestead, and stand by the health droid, and kill the attackers until you have captured it. This should drive the Rebels from this area, and bring in some troops and a vehicle. Then, the Rebels will flock in from the Bluff. You should get in an vehicle, but be prepared for a ton of missiles and concussion grenades. You might encounter a combat landspeeder. Hold back the foes, and once you got that in control, jump out and slowly take the command post. Then, they might have taken the Sandcrawler or retaken the Homestead. You can take those back if you want, but if you have got the Bluff, you should be close to winning. If there's nothing to do, or taking the Bluff is too hard, get in a medium assault vehicle and head up to the Tusken Camp. Then, massacre the tuskens! This is an easy way to get a lot of kills with no resistance; the tuskens have no grenades or missile launchers, only blaster and sniper rifles. And, there is always action at the Cistern. For Snipers: get in a starfighter, and land on one of the stone pillar things. Then, snipe away! The only danger you might have is if enemy starfighters destroy yours, and your stuck. The only way to get down is if you jump off and land in a vehicle. Rebels/CIS: Ok, start out at the Bluff. Get a medium assault vehicle and get a copilot. Siege the Dune Sea or Sandcrawler, but be prepared for medium assault power. Take them down, but it may be difficult. The Dune Sea is VERY hard to get, because you are surrounded by turrets and vehicles when you try to take it, and seemingly endless troops spawn there. The Sandcrawler is easier, but you have no cover, so being a soldier could help here. The enemy has a knack for taking the Homestead, because it is extremely simple to take, read the guide above this one. If you are frustrated or bored, there is always the three-way clash at the Cistern, or some starcraft to battle. The Empire and Republic have unit disadvantages, because the CIS has the almighty droidekas, and the Rebel Pilots seem very tough, but on this level, you're sort of wandering, searching for a fight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4bb. Tatooine: Mos Eisely Default Player: Empire Difficulty: Easy Command Posts: Market, Shops, Hangar, Cantina, Warehouse, Housing Key Command Post: Shops/Hangar MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH Start out at either the Shops or Housing. Then go to either the Shops or Housing. Jetpack units help, because you can get there faster (duh). Once you're there, take it. To take the Shops, you're going to run past an inter- section that 9 times out of 10 has soldiers coming up it. I suggest strafing past it, firing some shots, and leave the people following you to take care of it. Then run until you get to a short wall connecting two buildings, then jump over this, then go to the next wall, where the Shops should be. There should be a bunch of enemies in there, but as long as you are on this side of the wall, they can't get you (I think). And you can't get them. When you're ready, jump over. If you are the Empire, take out Pilots first, because in this tight little area shotguns are lethal. If you are the Republic, take out the droidekas (if any) and then the Super Battle Droids. Then wipe out the rest, and stand by the health droid (if it's still alive) until you get the command post. To get the Housing, you're probably not want to go down to go down the road that leads straight to them from the Shops. There is a lot of battle there, and a turret defending the Housing. Go around, but not from the Cantina past the Warehouse and Market, but the other way, past the Hangar. Weave through the buildings, and get on top and jump from rooftop to rooftop if you can, then get to the Housing secretly, and kill all who are near. Then finish up by either getting the Hangar or Warehouse (or Market). The Hangar is tricky, because you either need to get in through the well-guarded battle- field of the front, or the open doorway to the back. The open doorway has two turrets by it, which aren't usually armed, but as the Clones, there might be an AAT. I suggest not going in an entrance, but spawning as a Jetpack unit, then going up the top. You're not going to make it up in one trip, but when you're at the roof, just clean out the sail barge, then jetpack onto the barge, empty out the ground troops either with you're primary weapon or a turret, then wait till you win the battles outside the Hangar, then your allies may come help you, and they may not. The battle should be ending soon after that. If you are trying to capture the Warehouse/Markets, it would be best going for the Warehouse. I suggest going from rooftop to rooftop, then shooting the guards, then falling into the Warehouse, and capturing it. TIP: If you have the Ware- house as any faction, place mines at the entrances. The entrances are narrow (except one) and perfect for mines. The CIS is in an extreme advantage here. They get an AAT, and the Jawas can heal them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4bc. Rhen Var: Citadel Default Player: Empire Difficulty: Average Command Posts: Observatory, Ruins, Watch, Courtyard, Terrace, Crypt, Keep Key Command Post: Keep/Watch MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH Citadel is a fun level for me, because no vehicular combat and some good combat with any weapon (except, that is, missile launchers). You only begin with one command post, so when the level starts you have to scurry around to get the best ones. The ones you are going to want to get are the Keep and the Watch. The Rebels and CIS have an advantage in getting these, because it is a lot shorter of a run from the Courtyard to the Keep than it is from the Observatory to the Keep. The Empire and the Republic will get there first if you spawn immediately and run as soon as you spawn on the most direct route. You don't have to do everything perfectly, but you will approach it as soon as you see enemies coming from the stairs in front of you. Toss a grenade there (I've got up to seven kills with one grenade there) and run up the stairs to the keep. An enemy or two will come up and challenge you for the Keep, but you can beat them. Enemies may also come to the Keep from the Terrace (which normally is captured by the Rebels or CIS) and the Watch (which is captured normally by the enemy of the player). Make sure you have the Keep in your possession, because if captured by your enemies (they usually try to take it halfway through the level). The Watch is another important command post, and one that is easy to capture and critical for the Empire and the Republic. Three guys will spawn on the narrow walkway at a time (if the Rebels have it). They shouldn't be hard to kill. Go to the far edge of the Watch, so you can see everyone spawn. The turrets won't be up until someone has stable control over it, and hopefully you'll have the stable control. Now, the leap of faith. If you are looking at the Keep from the Watch, you will see and valley like thing to your left and right. Look down to your left at the health and ammo droids. Jump down next to them. You will lose some health, depending on where you drop from. Some spots (mainly to the right of the Watch) will deprive you from a lot of health. The left side won't lose you as much health. Use the health droid to regain your health. From there, if you are the Empire or Republic go right through the pillars to the Courtyard. The Courtyard only spawns one man at a time, so it is not hard to take. The two entrances sometimes have enemies in them or nearby outside. As the Rebels/CIS, go up to the Ruins. That command post is a usual hunting ground for Jedi, so be on your guard. From the valley there is a set of stairs left of the bridge heading to the watch. They will lead you right to the Ruins, which is an average command post to capture. From there you can either snipe over to the Observatory or continue to the Observatory. The Observatory is normally held by your enemy, no matter what faction you are. There you will find the highest intensity battle of the level. There are grenades flying everywhere, people storming down the stairs and what not. It is easier to defend this command post than to capture it, because capturing it requires being able to see all the scattered units outside and inside of the huge room that houses the command post itself. The Crypt switches sides more than any other command posts. At the beginning of the level it usually goes to the Republic/Empire, because they only have a short walk from the Observatory to the Crypt. It switches sides so much is because the Terrace, and extremely well-guarded command post which belongs to the Rebels/CIS for most of the battle, is about the same distance to it as the Observatory to the Crypt. The hallways allow for easy fighting and sneaking up on your enemies. Once in the Crypt you should duck behind the big stone thing in the middle next to the command post. Enemies are sometimes hard to find, but don't often spawn there. Most of the units on this level dress in white, so they are harder to kill out- side in the snow than inside the blue Crypt. The Terrace is the hardest command post to capture and the easiest to defend. Turrets line the stairs good. The easiest way to get it is from the Crypt. A direct assault from the Courtyard is not a wise idea, because of the overload of snipers and turrets. If you do manage to capture it, then it is normally late in the level, and it should end soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4bd. Yavin 4: Arena Default Player: Empire Difficulty: Moderate Command Posts: Altar, East Box, West Box, Gate, Arena Key Command Post: Arena MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH This level may seem hard at first, but once you know what your doing, it's not that tricky. Start out either as a sniper or a jetpack unit. If you are a sniper, spawn at the East or West Box, whichever you have. Then simply snipe into the opposing box. The snipers in the other box will shoot down into the Arena, which will sometimes turn the tide of the battle in the Arena which is nearly eternal. If you are a jetpack unit (soldiers will work too, but take longer) spawn at a box and head straight for the Arena. Fight there, and either empty out or stay out of range of the turret. That thing is very dangerous, as well as the snipers up there. As soon as you have a fair grip on the Arena, go up the slope to the enemy's box. The troops up there will either be leaving or snipers, except the turret. Take them out, then hide behind the health droid and capture the command post. You can have cover, gain health, and capture a command post at the same time. How convinient. Now, once you take that, the enemy should be driven from the area. Now you have to go out- side. I suggest going to your command post, either the Gate or Altar, and grabbing the best availabe vehicle, then drive it around to their command post. Normally, they should have a lot of troops left when you attack this command post, so any ground attacks die within seconds. If you are in a vehicle, you will last longer. I don't recommend going in for the command post, just have a killing spree, until your vehicle is almost down, then throw some detonators and RUN. Only when their troops drop below thirty should you go for the command post. Otherwise, you will die. Alternate Stategy (from Adurbin 09): There is an almost perfect approach to taking the Alter,if on the Rebel side. At the beginning of the level, appear at the Gate and grab a landspeeder. Drive it over to the Alter, but DON'T attack the AT-ST's. They WILL win. Drive up the stairs, and stop when you run into the main entrance. Get out and run inside. If you are a soldier you will have more of an advantage. If you are doing this at the beginning of the game, 99% of the time only 2, or 3 people appear. If you are looking at where you entered, they will always appear in the right corner. I guarantee you take the Alter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4be. Yavin 4: Temple Default Player: Rebels Difficulty: Moderate Command Posts: Temple, Altar, Dry Pool, Forest Ruins, Viaduct, Fountain, Over- look Key Command Post: Viaduct MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH The Temple. I don't like this level very much, but I have to write about it, because without it this wouldn't be a complete guide. Take a speeder bike as any faction to the Forest Ruins. There you will find good combat throughout the battle. Then, take either the Viaduct or the Alter. The Alter is the easier of the two to take, because you can see your opponents when on top, and it is not always well guarded. AT-STs prowl about that area, so watch out in defending it as the Rebels, and way-to-go Empire! To combat them as the Rebels use the nearby Tower Turrets. They can take one down, but not head to head. Head to head if they both have full health, the AT-ST will barely win. For the Rebels, its a little harder. The Viaduct and the Dry Pool are almost identical command posts; a turret by some ruins which has some health and ammo droids under a viaduct. They are very difficult to take, because it is a small fight- ing area with two turrets. The easiest way to take it is either to sneak around the back, take out the turret gunners, and then kill the guys around it, or if you're really good, hide behind the trees because of the turrets and then wipe them out in cease fire, but you will lose a lot of lives normally if you try this. Once the Viaduct is taken, the AT-STs will stop coming into the Rebel's main command post, the Temple. If you control the Viaduct, Alter, and Dry Pool, the AT-STs won't threaten the defense at the Temple. To take the enemy's back command post for either faction (either the Overlook or the Temple) simply take a speeder bike and rush up there. It's harder for the Empire because they have to get off their speeder bike in the huge assembly room, then run up the stairs into the room you see in A New Hope where you can see the Death Star in comparison to Yavin 4. This has no effect on the game, because the Death Star is already destroyed. For the Rebels, it's easy because they just have a small area to go to, and it is not hard to take, unless you encounter an AT-ST. If one comes, find the nearest cover (although there isn't much) and if one spawns, shoot anyone who nears it. The Fountain is fairly difficult to take, because when at the center it is hard to keep watch around a 360 degree area, but easy for an approaching enemy to spot you. You also have a flank of enemies to deal with before you can even enter, and two turrets. The Fountain is usually captured in the last few seconds of the game, if at all. Alternate Strategy (From Adurbin 09): If the enemy is taking over a lot of places, and you can't quite get them back, grab a speeder bike and drive up one the slants on the Temple SLOWLY. If you're a sniper this is a perfect spot to snipe. If you want to see out farther just fall one level. This will hurt but barely. DO NOT JUMP! This could hurt you severely and possibly kill you! You usually aren't supposed to get this high so the game can't know how to react when you jump. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4bf. Hoth: Echo Base Default Player: Rebels Difficulty: Hard Command Posts: Echo Base, Control, Outpost, Generator, Bunker, Forward Camp Key Command Post: Echo Base/Generator/Forward Camp MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH This level is hard, unless you know what you are doing. Grab a Airspeeder and tell people to get in. Fly towards the towering AT-ATs, and then switch to co- pilot. If there is someone else in the Aispeeder, they will fly low towards the AT-AT's legs, and that is when you aim at the leg and press R1. If you catch on, your rope should stick to that. Then release R1. The pilot will fly in circles around the AT-AT's feet until it gets destroyed. Keep doing this, and keep all your command posts and you are good. If they take Echo Base, you have no Aispeeders, and then you have no Generator, which means you have no victory. If they don't have the Forward Camp, their AT-ATs can't spawn. As the Empire, it is wise to get in an AT-AT, but I usually don't because your kills will hit rock bottom and start to dig into the negatives. This is because your dim-witted ally pilots will get under the feet of the AT- AT and stomp, they get crushed. You also have to worry about the airspeeders. It is helpful if you want to destroy the shield generator, but isn't helpful if you don't want to be considered traitor. I suggest hopping in an AT-ST and going to the Outpost. Kill the defenders, and try to take the Outpost. If it stops being taken and you can't find anybody around, go out of the little building to the front of it and you will find a little Rebel bugger standing there. Once the outpost is taken, go to the Control, and then to Echo Base, then have fun killing all your remaining enemies. Hoth is usually a fam- ous level for people, because it is one of the best scenes in the movie. It is fun because as the Empire, you can just massacre all your enemies and as the Rebels, you have the fun challenge of manning an airspeeder. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4bg. Bespin: Cloud City Default Player: Rebels Difficulty: Moderate Command Posts: Rear Entrance, Chamber, Forward Flank, Courtyard, Walkway, Rear Flank Key Command Post: Chamber MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH This battle consists of everything but vehicles. There are massive battles with at least twenty men on each side. There are snipers and turrets picking off enemies. There are close quarter combat fights to the death. The last unit you want to play as on this level is the Heavy Weapons unit, because you are going to be one bored little soldier. There are absolutely no vehicles on this level. This is one of the very few (if only) level without vehicles. The only thing a heavy weapons unit is good for on this level is the destruction of turrets. The most effective stratgey that I have discovered either you die a lot or die none. Take a soldier and spawn at either the Forward Flank or the Rear Flank. Take the enemy's opposite command post, by fighting your way through the hallways. Watch out for grenades! The little things that jut out of the main hallway provide good cover. The enemy's command post should be taken quite easily, but when taking it, watch out for enemy's units spawning. They come in pairs of two, so observe them and take down the harder one first. Then, proceed to the next command post, either the walkway or the Rear Entrance. Both are critical to the battle, because the Rear Entrance gives you easy access to the Carbon Freezing Chamber, which normally is taken by your allies no matter what side you are on. The Walkway allows you to flank your enemy on two sides in the courtyard, which allows for a control of most of the area. The Carbon Freezing Chamber is necessary, and if it falls take it back, but you don't have to take it back right away. The Courtyard always contains a fight with turrets and ground units, making it a full scale battle. It is hard to survive long at the Courtyard, so be prepared to use your best tactics. Mines should be placed in this level, especially by the Carbon Freezing Chamber. Put mines in all the doorways, but do not put them on the white ground of the hallways, but the black and orange ground of the Chamber. They cannot see them if they are on their, unless they are vigorously watching for them (which you should be if you attack the Chamber). Alternate strategy: (From Kasha_kamsue): Instead of the main strategy which involves losing a few lives, if you are a talented sniper, then this will work. Start out at whatever area is on the top story of the level. Be a sniper and wait behind all the other units. When you see storm troopers, droids, clones or rebels (your enemy) fire at them and try to get head shots (duh). After a few minutes if you see some of your units in the base, capture it. Then move on to the next command post and capture it. Then stay above the battle and snipe at your enemy from above. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4bh. Bespin: Platforms Default Player: Rebels Difficulty: Moderate Command Posts: Dock, Fuel, Command, Extractor, Control, Landing, Depot Key Command Post: Extractor MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH The first thing you want to do is take a soldier and head to the Extractor. Normally you'll get there faster than the enemy, which is an advantage. A group of allies usually comes with you, so the enemy will CONSTANTLY BE THROWING GRENADES AT YOU!!! When the assaults of the Extractor cease by either your surrender or you being angrily aggressive and ferociously killing all enemies in sight, the battle should move onto the bridge leading towards your enemy's most important command post, either the Control or Command. There battle should break out ferociously. You have to fight there, or your troops will be hammered back into the Extractor, and eventually be pushed back to your main command post. The bridges are usually full of mines and grenades, so beware. The little pieces of wall sticking out of the main wall provide as cover for you. This battle is very wierd for me. I take the Control faster as the clones than as any other faction. It should be the hardest, because the clones are naturally the toughest to play as, due to droidekas. But as the Rebels or Empire it takes me longer. I don't know about the CIS, I never play as them. You may have some of your back command posts fall victim to aerial attacks. Don't worry about them. You can retake them (if your allies don't) when you have the Command/Control. Once you have the Command/Control, you will probably want to empty the turrests. Tough. If they see you, your dead. The best thing to do is get close enough to them so they can't shoot you, and then shoot them. They can be seen in the back of the turret. You can only get a glimpse of them since the turrets move so fast. But it's possible. Alternate strategy: (From kikibigdog2): Take a ship up to the top of the Extractor as a sniper. Face your enemy's main command post. Then, lie prone and shoot away. They almost never find you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4bi. Endor: Bunker Default Player: Rebels Difficulty: Moderate Shield Bunker, Barracks, Camp, East Trail, Village, Rebel Outpost Key Command Post: Camp MULTI-FACTION WALKTHROUGH Spawn at either the village or the Barracks, and grab a speeder (or an AT-ST, if you want) and head to the neutral command post. Capture it. If you are in an AT-ST, either you or your enemy will have already capture it. If you are in an AT-ST, watch out for the Ewok traps. When you're heading down the largest trail, there will be logs that are suspended on trees by rope. There will be one on a tree and one on the tree opposite to it. If they are tilted up, then when the next AT-ST walks through, they will release and bust it in one hit. You may notice them in Return of the Jedi. There are two or three of these. In an AT-ST, go to the farthest south command post and take it. There will usually be little defense there. If you are a Rebel, you might want to go to the Shield Generator, but it is difficult to destroy by yourself, so it's best to destroy when the Empire is weakened and you can take a large group down there. A Rebel Vanguard is a smart unit on this map, because of the vehicle amount of the Empire. There will usually be groups of enemies on this level, because you cannot have widespread forces due to the lack of vision and the trees. Watch out for the Ewoks as the Empire. They are hard to see and are very embarrasing to be killed by, especially in multiplayer. This level is very different from this scene in the movie, because on this level there are a lot of Rebels and not as many Ewoks. It is still a fun level, though. On this level, you will notice your kill amount is usually higher than normal. I don't know why, maybe because its a small map. =============================================================================== 5. Galactic Conquest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5a. General Info Galactic Conquest is where you choose a historical point in time. Each one makes you play as a specific faction, but some let you choose between two of them. You then fight your opponent (CIS vs. Republic, Empire vs. Rebels) on all of the planets that have two battles. Once you beat one of the ones originally available to you, you can play the others, most of which allow you to choose your faction. Then, you select a planet to attack. All but one of the planets will be the enemies. Bespin is a good first attack; because you need to take it early or else your vehicles will be smoking at the start if they choose Bespin as their planetary bonus. Here is a list of the planetary bonuses: Bespin: Sabotage Enemy vehicles come into play damaged. Naboo: Bacta Tanks Your troops are injected with Bacta Syrum, which makes your units heal overtime (unless you are the droids, then the droids are replaced with self-healing droids). Kashyyyk: Reinforcements You are given secondary reinforcements. Rhen Var: Orbital Sensors They can't see units on the map. Tatooine: Jedi Hero A Jedi hero will fight alongside you. Yavin 4: Elite Training Your units will be more skilled. For the next ones, the planetary bonus becomes available once you have completed four battles. Endor: Death Star Destroy a planet. You also get to see footage of Alderaan getting destroyed! Hoth: Rebellion Overthrow a planet. You get to see the footage of stormtroopers on Endor ambushed by Ewoks. Geonosis: Blockade Overthrow a planet. You get to see the Trade Federation blockade Naboo from Star Wars: Episode 1. Kamino: Rebellion Overthrow a planet. You get to see the clones landing their ships on Geonosis and clones piling out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a list of all the Galactic Conquests. 5b. The Birth of the Rebellion Difficulty: Easy Side: Rebels 5c. The Dark Side Rising Difficulty: Easy Side: Empire 5d. Attack of the Clones Difficulty: Easy Side: Republic 5e. Revenge of the Sith Difficulty: Average Side: CIS 5f. Galactic Civil War Difficulty: Average Side: Empire/Rebels 5g. A Galaxy Divided Difficulty: Average Side: Empire/Rebels 5h. The Clone Wars Difficulty: Hard Side: Republic/CIS 5i. The Balance of the Force Difficulty: Hard Side: Republic/CIS Each Galactic Conquest has a final planet. After you've conquered all the planets, you have to beat the one where your enemies main base is on. Here is the list of final planets if you are playing as the indicated faction. CIS: Kamino Republic: Geonosis Empire: Hoth Rebels: Endor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5j. Planet Order You will chose what planets you want to attack in what order. The Prima Strategy Guide says you should have Kashyyyk first, but I don't agree. Here is the order the planets should be taken in my opinion: 1) Bespin: The sabotage really hurts your enemies and his a pain to deal with if against you. 2) Rhen Var: It sucks not seeing units on the map! 3) Tatooine: The last thing you want to see at their main command post is a Jedi. 4) Yavin 4: It's easy fighting regular old units, not smart ones. 5) Kashyyyk: You don't want them getting extra reinforcements, do you? 6) Naboo: Though you may think the ability to heal yourself is great, its not. It's not a big advantage to them, because when I see them, I don't like wounding them, I like killing them all at once. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's all I have to say about Galactic Conquest. Stick to the same strategies as the Historical Campaign and Instant action. =============================================================================== 6. Instant Action This section is fairly short. In Instant Action, you choose one of the maps and play it as any faction. But, if the planet has one map, it can only be played as the two groups that fought each other there in Historical Campaign (ex. Hoth has to be played Rebels vs. Empire, etc.) This is a good way to touch up on skills and prepare for Multiplayer. You can play with both Jedi fighting (not against each other) if you change the setting on Options. Instant Action is also good if you start to play just for fun. It can familiarize you with the factions, and help you pick a favorite faction. I use this most because basically I play this game for fun now, not to say "I beat the game!". =============================================================================== 7. Vehicles Here's your scale: Wimpy, Threat, Problem, Lethal Speed: Sloth, Slow, Average, Fast, Very Fast ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7a. CIS STAP Weapons: 2 Blaster Cannons Scale: Wimpy Type: Scout Crew: Pilot Top Speed: 400 KPH Size: Small Manufacturer: Baktoid Armor Workshop Movie: The Phantom Menace The only thing these are good for is to get where you want to fast. AAT Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, 1 Laser Blaster Scale: Problem Type: Medium Assault Crew: Pilot, Main Gunner Top Speed: 55 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Baktoid Armor Workshop Movie: The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith You will seriously want to watch out for these. Especially when your in a vehicle. Hailfire Droid Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon, Hailfire Missiles Scale: Threat Type: Medium Assault Crew: Pilot Top Speed: 45 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Haor Chall Engineering Movie: Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith These thing are bad because they can run over you. Watch out for these, if they are coming at you. Spider Walker Weapons: 1 Beam Cannon, 1 Laser Cannon Scale: Problem Type: Assault Walkers Top Speed: 90 KPH Crew: Pilot Size: Medium-Large Manufacturer: Baktoid Armor Workshop Movie: Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith You really want to watch out for these, especially if you are infantry. Geonosian Starfighter Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon Scale: Problem Type: Fighter Craft Crew: Pilot Top Speed: 1000 KPH Size: Small-Medium Manufacturer: Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrights Collective Movie: Attack of the Clones These things are the key to taking down the powerful AT-TEs. Droid Starfighter Weapons: 2 Blaster Cannons Scale: Threat Type: Fighter Craft Crew: Pilot Top Speed: 1180 KPH Size: Small-Medium Manufacturer: Xi Char Movie: The Phantom Menace, Revenge of the Sith These are basic Fighter Craft, and are faster than the X-wings and the Y-wings, though they don't have to fight them. But compared to the Jedi Starfighter, these things move very, very slow. MAF Weapons: Rockets, 2 Beam Cannons, 1 Cannon Turret Scale: Problem Type: Air Transports Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot, Turret gunner Top Speed: 820 KPH Size: Large Manufacturer: Haor Chall Engineering Movie: Revenge of the Sith These aren't all that common, and are slow and easy to kill. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7b. Republic TX-130S Fighter Tank Weapons: 2 Blaster Cannons, Missiles, 1 Beam Cannon Scale: Problem Type: Medium Assault Crew: Pilot, Main Gunner Top Speed: 193 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Enginneering Movie: Attack of the Clones You will want to watch out for these. They are similar to AATs. AT-TE Weapons: 4 Laser Cannons, 2 Laser Cannons, 1 Projectile Cannon Scale: Lethal Type: Heavy Assault Transports Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot, Main gunner Top Speed: 60 KPH Size: Large Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering and Kuat Drive Yards Movie: Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith If you are an enemy of these, the only possible solutions are the Geonsoian starfighters or a whole lot of AATs. If you have one, you are lucky. These are the secret to destroying the Techno Union Ships and victory at Rhen-Var: Harbor. These are weaker than the AT-ATs, but more armed. Jedi Starfighter Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, Missiles Scale: Problem Type: Fighter Craft Crew: Pilot Top Speed: It says it goes 12,000 but that must be wrong. That's 12 times faster than the Geonsosian Starfighter. I'll say its a typo and it goes 1200 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering Movie: Attack of the Clones, Different version in Revenge of the Sith These are probably your best Fighter Craft, with there unimaginable speed. Republic Gunship Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, Rockets, 2 Wing Lasers, 2 Beam Cannon Turrets Scale: Threat Type: Air Transport Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot, 2 Turret Gunners, 1 Transport Position Top Speed: 620 KPH Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering Size: Large Movie: Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith The only reason these things aren't that bad is that they are slow, allowing starfighters to easily destroy them. Gian Speeder Weapons: 2 Gian Blasters, 1 Laser Scale: Threat Type: Special Craft Crew: Pilot, Main Gunner Top Speed: 160 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: SoroSuub Facilities Movie: The Phantom Menace These only appear in Historical Campaign in Naboo: Theed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7c. Empire TX-130T Fighter Tank Weapons: 2 Blaster Cannons, Missiles, 1 Beam Cannon Scale: Problem Type: Medium Assault Crew: Pilot, Main Gunner Top Speed: 193 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Imperial Department of Military Research and Rothana Heavy Engi- neering Movie: None Your probably thinking "Hey doesn't the Republic have those?" and yes they do. Everything is EXACTLY the same, the size, the speed, the guns, only the color is different. It says this has better turning and better guns, but barely if any. AT-ST Weapons: 2 Blaster Cannons, 2 Light Blaster Turrets Scale: Problem Type: Assault Walker Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot Top Speed: 90 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Imperial Department of Military Reseearch, Kuat Drive Yards Movie: Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi These are seen a lot, and are fairly dangerous. AT-AT Weapons: 2 Heavy Lasers, 2 Blaster Turrets Scale: Lethal Type: Heavy Assault Transports Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot Top Speed: 60 KPH Size: Largest Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards, Gen. Maximillian Veers' design Movie: Empire Strikes Back Watch out for these. They are just as deadly as the AT-TEs, but with a few weaknesses. The AT-TEs can shoot from all directions, whereas the AT-ATs can only shoot from the front. And, you can rope their legs. TIE Fighter Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons Scale: Problem Type: Fighter Craft Crew: Pilot Top Speed: 1,200 KPH Size: Small Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems Movie: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, The Return of the Jedi These are fast, and are perfect for destroying an X-Wing. TIE Bomber Weapons: 2 Laster Cannons, Proton Torpedoes, Proton Bombs Scale: Problem Type: Bomber Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot Top Speed: 850 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Sienar Fleet Systems Movie: The Empire Strikes Back These can not only destroy Aircraft, but can destroy ground soldiers with their bombs. They are slow, though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7d. Rebels Combat Landspeeder Weapons: 2 Blaster Cannons, Missiles, 1 Blaster Cannon Turret Scale: Problem Type: Medium Assault Crew: Pilot, Main Gunner Top Speed: 227 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: SoroSuub Facilities Movie: None These are dangerous, especially to infantry. SoroSuub lost the design in a bet to the Rebel Alliance. X-Wing Weapons: 4 Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes Scale: Problem Type: Fighter Craft Crew: Pilot Top Speed: 1050 KPH Size: Small-Medium Manufacturer: Incom Corporation Movie: Different version in Revenge of the Sith, normal version in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi Ah, the infamous X-Wing. Very useful, but the TIE Fighters are faster, but I think X-Wings are more efficient. Y-Wing Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, Proton Bombs, 1 Laser Cannon Turret Scale: Problem Type: Bomber Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot Top Speed: 1000 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Koensayr Movie: A New Hope, Return of the Jedi These are like TIE Bombers, but faster and with some advantages and weaknesses. Watch out for them on both the ground and the air. They have back guns that are used to destroy ground units. T-47 Airspeeder Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, 1 Harpoon Gun Scale: Problem Type: Special Craft Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot Top Speed: 1100 KPH Size: Medium Manufacturer: Incom Coroporation Movie: The Empire Strikes Back These are problems only to the AT-ATs, because they are just about the only thing capable of taking them down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7e. All Faction Vehicles These vehicles are made and spawned by all or most of the factions. Speeder Bike Weapons: 1 Laser Cannon Scale: Threat Type: Scout Crew: Pilot Top Speed: 500 KPH Found: Tatooine: Dune Sea, Yavin 4: Temple, Endor: Bunker, Naboo: Plains Size: Small Manufacturer: Aratech Repulsor Company Movie: Attack of the Clones, The Return of the Jedi These are used to zoom across the map in no time. Not available for CIS. Sand Skiff Weapons: 3 Heavy Gun Turrets Scale: Problem Type: Special Craft Crew: Pilot, Three Gunners Top Speed: 250 KPH Found: Tatooine: Dune Sea Size: Medium Manufacturer: Ubrikkian Movie: Return of the Jedi These are very, very useful, for just needing a ride. But while you are getting your ride, why not kill some enemies on the way? Cloud Car Weapons: 2 Laser Cannons, Rockets Scale: Threat Type: Special Craft Crew: Pilot, Co-pilot Top Speed: 1500 KPH Found: Bespin: Platforms Size: Small-Medium Manufacturer: Bespin Motors Movie: The Empire Strikes Back These things are used for many things at Bespin, but aren't that great as star- fighters. Fastest vehicle in the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7f. Turrets Gun Turret Scale: Problem Faction: All Map: Several These are very common, and pilots need to construct them before use. Geonosian Sonic Plaster Scale: Wimpy Faction: CIS Map: Geonosis: Spire These will to a little damage, but will knock you backwards. Tower Turret Scale: Problem Faction: Rebels Map: Yavin 4: Temple These are very high up, and look a little like trees. Anti-Infantry Laser Battery Scale: Problem Faction: Rebels Map: Hoth: Echo Base These are useful for killing ground troops at Hoth. Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon Scale: Threat Faction: Rebels Map: Hoth: Echo Base These are supposed to be used to destroy AT-ATs, but really do not to much to them. Anti-Air Turret Scale: Lethal Faction: All Map: Bespin: Platforms These are deadly to aircraft and to ground units. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7g. Creatures Creatures are only used for transportation, and will be killed in one or two hits. You also cannot attack with them. They count as vehicles, so killing them is a simple way to get the tank buster award. Kaadu Faction: Gungans/Republic/Rebels Map: Naboo: Plains These are just big animals. Nothing much. You can't attack from one. They are just fast. They are weak, too. Tauntaun Faction: Rebels Map: Hoth: Echo Base These are like Kaadu, but will flee if there is enough combat. =============================================================================== 8. Weapons You might be confused at some of the units weapons, so here is a section devoted to each weapon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8a. CIS Wrist Blaster Used By: Super Battle Droid Technical Name: Wrist Blaster Weapon Type: Blaster Rifle? Manufacturer: NA The Wrist Blaster is ideal for killing huge groups of clones. Tri-Shot Used By: Super Battle Droid Technical Name: Wrist Blaster Weapon Type: Shotgun Manufacturer: NA Tri-Shots are like the Dark Trooper's and Rebel Pilot's Blast Cannon, but they shoot three shots, instead of four, and they always are in the same spots. Wrist Launcher Used By: Super Battle Droid Technical Name: Wrist Launcher Weapon Type: Missile Launcher Manufacturer: NA Wrist Launchers are built in missile launchers which make the Super Battle Droids efficiant for any time, unless it's repairing. Missile Launcher (CIS) Used By: Assault Droid Technical Name: BAQ E-60R Missile Launcher Weapon Type: Missile Launcher Manufacturer: NA Aim these at vehicles or at large groups' feet. Blaster Pistol (CIS) Used By: Assault Droid, Pilot Droid, Assassin Droid Technical Name: Separtist Blaster Pistol Weapon Type: Blaster Pistol Manufacturer: NA A weapon used by most classes of every faction, these fire slow, weak, and inaccurate shots, but beat killing people than missile launchers or sniper rifles at close range. Thermal Detonator (CIS) Used By: Assault Droid, Assassin Droid Technical Name: Merr-Sonn V-1 Thermal Detonator Weapon Type: Grenade Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn Lob these at large groups to send soldiers flying off-screen. Mines (CIS) Used By: Assault Droid Technical Name: Conner Ship Systems HX2 Mine Weapon Type: Mines Manufacturer: Conner Ships Put these in places where no one will see them, and when an enemy is near, boom! Grenade Launcher (CIS) Used By: Pilot Droid Technical Name: Merr-Sonn RD-4 Grenade Launcher Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn Grenade Launcher. Again, nothing much. Fusioncutter (CIS) Used By: Pilot Droids Technical Name: SoroSuub F-187 Fusioncutter Weapon Type: Fusioncutter Manufacturer: SoroSuub (visit the SoroSuub factory in Podracer Revenge) A fusion cutter repairs vehicles and repairs/builds turrets. Health/Ammo Dispenser (CIS) Used By: Pilot Droid Technical Name: Health/Ammo Dispenser Weapon Type: Health/Ammo Dispenser Manufacturer: NA These are probably the only weapons identical to every other faction, even in technical name. Sniper Rifle (CIS) Used By: Assassin Droid Technical Name: BAW E-5s Sniper Rifle Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle Manufacturer: NA From a distance, shoot enemies with this weapons powerful zoom capability for extreme damage. Recon Droid (CIS) Used By: Assassin Droid Technical Name: Arakyd Mark IV Recon Droid Weapon Type: Recon Droid Manufacturer: Arakyd Use these to scout enemy territories for sniping spots. They can also call orbital strikes. Repeating Blasters Used By: Droideka Technical Name: Repeating Blasters Weapon Type: NA Manufacturer: NA These are probably the most lethal weapons in a game that a character already has. Personal Shield Used By: Droideka Technical Name: Personal Shield Weapon Type: Shield Manufacturer: NA These will create a small shield that can hold off fire for a short time. This makes the droideka a very feared enemy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8b. Republic Blaster Rifle (Republic) Used By: Clone Trooper Technical Name: Republic DC-15 Blaster Rifle Weapon Type: Blaster Rifle Manufacturer: Republic These are automatics used to deplete enemies fast. Blaster Pistol (Republic) Used By: Clone Trooper, ARC Trooper, Clone Pilot, Clone Sharpshooter Technical Name: Republic DC-15s Blaster Pistol Weapon Type: Blaster Pistol Manufacturer: Republic (See "Blaster Pistol (CIS)") EMP Grenade Used By: Clone Trooper, ARC Trooper, Clone Sharpshooter, Jet Trooper Technical Name: Merr-Sonn V-6 Haywire Grenade/Merr-Sonn V-1 Thermal Detonator Weapon Type: Grenade Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn These explode and give out electricity. These are similar to the Gungan boomers. Concussion Grenade (Republic) Used By: Clone Trooper Technical Name: SoroSuub LXR-6 ConcussionGrenade Weapon Type: Grenade Manufactuer: SoroSuub These are handy. They stick to whatever they hit (except people) and explode, so are ideal for vehicles. Missile Launcher (Republic) Used By: ARC Trooper Technical Name: Merr-Sonn PLX Missile Launcher Weapon Type: Missile Launcher Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn (See "Missile Launcher (CIS)") Mines (Republic) Used By: ARC Trooper Technical Name: Conner Ship Systems HX2 Mine Weapon Type: Mine Manufactuer: Conner Ships (See "Mines (CIS)") Bolt Caster Used By: Clone Pilots Technical Name: Drever Corp "DN Bolt Caster" Plasma Disruptor Weapon Type: Misc. Manufacturer: Drever Corp Bolt Casters shoot out beams of electricity, and their damage can be improved by holding down the fire button. Fusioncutter (Republic) Used By: Clone Pilots Technical Name: SoroSuub F-187 Fusioncutter Weapon Type: Fusioncutter Manufacturer: SoroSuub (See "Fusioncutter (CIS)") Health/Ammo Dispenser (Republic) Used By: Clone Pilots Technical Name: Health/Ammo Dispenser Weapon Type: Health/Ammo Dispenser Manufacturer: NA (See "Health/Ammo Dispenser (CIS)") Sniper Rifle (Republic) Used By: Clone Sharpshooter Technical Name: Republic DC-15x Sniper Rifle Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle Manufacturer: Republic (See "Sniper Rifle (CIS)") Recon Droid Used By: Clone Sharpshooter Technical Name: Arakyd R-1 Recon Droid Weapon Type: Recon Droid Manufacturer: Arakyd (See "Recon Droid (CIS)") EMP Launcher Used By: Jet Trooper Technical Name: Merr-Sonn EM Pulse Launcher Weapon Type: Missile Launcher Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn These shoot out blasts that are a mix between an EMP Grenade and a missile launcher. Commando Pistol Used By: Jet Trooper Technical Name: Republic DC-17 Blaster Pistol Weapon Type: Pistol Manufacturer: Republic These pistols fire faster, use less energy, recharge faster, and do more damage than regular pistols. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8c. Empire Blaster Rifle (Empire) Used By: Stormtrooper Technical Name: BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle Weapon Type: Blaster Rifle Manufacturer: BlasTech? (See "Blaster Rifle (Republic)") Blaster Pistol (Empire) Used By: Stormtrooper, Shocktrooper, Imperial Pilot, Scout Trooper, Darktrooper Technical Name: BlasTech SE-14r Light Repeating Pistol Weapon Type: Blaster Pistol Manufacturer: BlasTech (See "Blaster Pistol (CIS)") Thermal Detonator (Empire) Used By: Stormtrooper, Shocktrooper, Scout Trooper, Dark Trooper Technical Name: Baradium-Core Thermal Detonator Weapon Type: Thermal Detonator Manufacturer: Baradium-Core (See "Thermal Detonator (CIS)") Concussion Grenade (Empire) Used By: Stormtrooper Technical Name: SoroSuub LXR-6 Concussion Grenade Weapon Type: Thermal Detonator Manufacturer: SoroSuub (See "Concussion Grenade (Republic)") Missile Launcher (Empire) Used By: Shocktrooper Technical Name: MiniMag PTL Missile Launcher Weapon Type: Missile Launcher Manufacturer: MiniMag (See "Missile Launcher (CIS)") Mines (Empire) Used By: Shocktrooper Technical Name: Golan Arms KE-6b Mine Weapon Type: Mine Manufacturer: Golan Arms (See "Mines (CIS)") Grenade Launcher (Empire) Used By: Imperial Pilot Technical Name: Merr-Sonn V-6d Mortar Launcher Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn (See "Grenade Launcher (CIS)") Sniper Rifle (Empire) Used By: Scout Trooper Technical Name: Modified BlasTech E-11s Sniper Rifle Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle Manufacturer: BlasTech (See "Sniper Rifle (CIS)") Recon Droid (Empire) Used By: Scout Trooper Technical Name: Arakyd R-4 Recon Droid Weapon Type: Recon Droid Manufacturer: Arakyd (See "Recon Droid (CIS)") Blast Cannon (Empire) Used By: Dark Trooper Technical Name: Golan Arms Blast Cannon Weapon Type: Shotgun Manufacturer: Golan Arms These are similar to Tri-Shot, but they shoot four bullets, and are not perfectly in the same spot every time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8d. Rebels Blaster Rifle (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Soldier Technical Name: BlasTech DH-17 Blaster Rifle Weapon Type: Blaster Rifle Manuacturer: BlasTech (See "Blaster Rifle (Republic)") Blaster Pistol (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Soldier, Rebel Vanguard, Rebel Pilot, Rebel Marksman Technical Name: BlasTech DL-44 Blaster Pistol Weapon Type: Blaster Pistol Manufacturer: BlasTech (See "Blaster Pistol (CIS)") Thermal Detonator (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Soldier, Rebel Vanguard, Rebel Marksman Technical Name: Merr-Sonn Munitions Class A Thermal Detonators Weapon Type: Thermal Detonator Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn (See "Thermal Detonator (CIS)") Concussion Grenade (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Soldier Technical Name: SoroSuub LXR-6 Concussion Grenade Weapon Type: Thermal Detonator Manufacturer: SoroSuub (See "Concussion Grenade (Republic)") Missile Launcher (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Vanguard Technical Name: Golan Arms HH-15 Missile Launcher Weapon Type: Missile Launcher Manufacturer: Golan Arms (See "Missile Launcher (CIS)") Mines (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Vanguard Technical Name: Conner Ship Systems 3HX3 Mine Weapon Type: Mines Manufacturer: Conner Ships (See "Mines (CIS)") Blaster Cannon Used By: Rebel Pilots Technical Name: Golan Arms CR-1 Blaster Cannon Weapon Type: Shotgun Manufacturer: Golan Arms (See "Blast Cannon (Empire)") Fusioncutter (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Pilots Technical Name: SoroSuub F-187 Fusioncutter Weapon Type: FusionCutter Manufacturer: SoroSuub (See "Fusioncutter (CIS)") Health/Ammo Dispenser (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Pilots Technical Name: Health/Ammo Dispenser Weapon Type: Health/Ammo Dispenser Manufacturer: NA (See "Health/Ammo Dispenser (CIS)") Sniper Rifle (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Marksmen Technical Name: BlasTech E-17d Sniper Rifle Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle Manufacturer: BlasTech (See "Sniper Rifle (CIS)") Recon Droid (Rebels) Used By: Rebel Marksmen Technical Name: Arakyd R-4 Recon Droid Weapon Type: Recon Droid Manufacturer: Arakyd (See "Recon Droid (CIS)") Bowcaster Used By: Wookie Smuggler Technical Name: Wookie Bowcaster Weapon Type: NA Manufacturer: Kashyyyk Weapon Crafters These are what you see Chewbacca fighting with. They pack a powerful punch. Grenade Launcher (Rebels) Used By: Wookie Smuggler Technical Name: Merr-Sonn HH-4 Grenade Launcher Weapon Type: Grenade Launcher Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn (See "Grenade Launcer (CIS)") Time Bomb Used By: Wookie Smuggler Technical Name: Merr-Sonn TB-47 Time Bomb Weapon Type: Mine? Manufacturer: Merr-Sonn These are like mines, but explode in seconds, not whenever something come by it. =============================================================================== 9. Multiplayer 9a. Splitscreen Splitscreen mode. Both harder and easier. You don't have a full view of the screen, so that is harder. But, two human characters will trample the enemy. Splitscreen is basically a normal game, but with a big line down the middle, and two screens. Everything is the same, except that Galactic Conquest doesn't have all of the options it had. Splitscreen can ready you up for the real multiplayer, and can be fun if you are fighting someone else, especially in aircraft. Well, there's not much to say about splitscreen. There's no chat, because, duh, you're sitting right next to the person. 9b. Online Coming soon! =============================================================================== 10. Cheats All cheats are found on They are submitted by DarthVader1 and by EPNeo on the site. 1) Unlock All Planets At Historical Campaigns planet selection, enter Square, Circle, Square, Circle. 2) Small People Enter this as a profile name: Jub Jub (has to have lowercases, not all caps) They will use the frame they used for the Ewoks. You will look really fat and your limbs will be all screwed up. Otherwise you play the same, except a different point of view. It's hard to play like this. 3) Unlockables: Bespin Concept Art Beat: Bespin: Cloud City Endor Stills Beat: Bepin: Platforms Geonosis Stills Beat: Geonosis: Spire Hoth Concept Art Beat: Hoth: Echo Base Instant Action Mode Beat: Any Historical Campaigns mission Kamino Storyboards Beat: Kamino: Tipoca City Naboo Stills Beat: Naboo: Theed Star Wars Battlefront Art Beat: Kashyyyk: Islands Tatooine Concept Art Beat: Tatooine: Mos Eisely Weapons and Units Stills Beat: Rhen Var: Harbor Yavin Concept Art Beat: Yavin 4: Temple *All levels must be beat in Historical Campaigns If the cheats don't work, don't email me, submit a problem at GameFAQs Contributor Central. =============================================================================== 11. FAQ 1) Can you play as a Jedi? No. I wish you could, but no. They are NPCs, which stands for Non-Player Character. In Battlefront II you can, but that's not out yet. 2) Are there any unlockable units? No. I'm 99% sure that you can't. You might consider a Super Battle Droid, a Dark Trooper, a droideka, and a Jet Trooper to be unlockable, because they can't be played in every Historical Campaign. 3) How do you construct a turret using a pilot and a fusioncutter? I don't think I was specific enough, which is my fault. Go by an area with a metal platform with an image of a wrench, and use the fusioncutter as a secondary weapon near the area, and a gun turret will soon appear. 4) Are you able to save in the middle of a battle? Unfortunately, no. 5) Can Jedi phase through droideka shields? With one stroke they will take it down, with the next they will destroy the droideka. 6) How do you play splitscreen? I have two controllers! The controllers have to be made for the PS2. They cannot be compatible with PS1. Also, you need two profiles. 7) Why do I see pictures of Jabba the Hut? For PC, there is a downloadable level called Tatooine: Jabba's Palace. You can't get it for PS2 or Xbox (dang). 8) On Splitscreen Mode, I can only played a few Galactic Conquests. Why? For some reason, they made so only the easier Galactic Conquests can be played. 9) How do you destroy an AT-AT with a soldier, if no vehicles are available? Basically, you can't. The concussions are useless (unless there are fifty guys throwing them at once) so, get in a vehicle! Or play as a heavy-weapons unit. You may notice you asked these questions. They aren't all "frequently asked", I just take the best ones and post them. =============================================================================== 12. Strategies NOTE: These are not placed in order of importance! They are in the order either I thought of them, or they were mentioned to me. 1) Take the center command post. Then you can launch attacks from the command posts around it easily. 2) Always, always, always use the Airspeeders to destroy AT-ATs when they are available. 3) Never tangle with a Jedi. You will almost never win. 4) Diving to the side is a good way to escape grenades. To do that, strafe and jump at the same time. 5) Listen to your ally's commands. If they tell you to follow, follow. And most importantly, if they say "Grenade! Grenade!" or "Get down" something like that, get out of there! 6) If you start losing, capture the key command posts. 7) If you want to destroy a lot of troops, don't rely on your blaster pistol. Use a unit with an automatic (soldier). 8) Use the Prima Strategy guide. I get tons of information from it. 9) Know what units do and and what to use in a certain situation. For example, use a pilot if you are on Rhen Var: Harbor because there are a lot of turrets that need to be build and a lot of vehicles to be repaired. 10) Know your enemies weaknesses. Dark Troopers have poor ranged abilities. Snipers are useless in close combat. 11) Don't ever stand still when you are out in the opne. You may think you are safe, but you never know when a sniper is aimed at you. 12) Use the mini-map. You can tell what command posts need you and where the battles occur. 13) Use Instant Action to improve your skills. 14) Use vehicles to your benefit. Don't walk across the map when a speeder is available. Don't go plunging into a huge battle when an AT-ST is available. 15) Watch the skies. Especially when you are the Empire and Y-Wings are zoom- ing over your head. 16) Survey the area you're about to attack from a distace. Make sure there are no enemies in turrets or anything. 17) Use the terrain to your advantage. If there is tall grass, lay prone and crawl. If there are stacks of logs, crouch by them to provide cover. 18) If you are defending a command post, use the droids around you, such as the health and ammo droids. 19) Watch out for mines. Especially in Bespin: Cloud city in the Chamber. The orange lights make mines nearly invisible. Mines can be destroyed. 20) When in a ground vehicle, kill the units with heavy weapons first. 21) Get the command posts where the vehicles are first, so you don't have to worry about taking tanks out when you are in the heart of the battle. 22) You are the difference in the battle. 9 times out of 10 the battle will be lost without you. You have to be in the frontlines. 23) If you are in a vehicle, try to have a co-pilot, a main gunner, etc., so you are not alone. Then you can double weapons. 24) Know what you are about to fight if you are doing a sneak attack. Observe a little, use a recon droid. If you are a heavy-weapons unit, don't go plunging into battle against soldiers. 25) Make sure that there are no snipers in the area before you attack. The best thing is to take a recon droid and survey the area. 26) To take out droidekas, use a Jet Trooper's EMP Launcher and fire one or two shots to take the shield down, then another to kill it. 27) If you are in a speeder bike and you see an enemy Jedi, that is the only time to purposely mess with him. Run him down! 28) Watch out for anti-aircraft turrets, even when you are on the ground. They are lethal to aircraft (hence the name) and can kill anyone who tries to come up and take it down on the ground. 29) If you plan to be in an aircraft for a long time, be a Pilot. If you get hit, you can hover over your own territory, automatically repairing (or in Platforms, you can go under the platforms, where you are guarenteed to be safe) 30) If you are losing, don't do a "suicidal charge of sheer rage". You may deplete a few forces, but it will be impacted heavier with expert battle techniques or vehicle assaults will impact their reinforcements more. 31) If you see a group of enemy units bunched together (and you are in an aircraft), land on them. If you see a Jedi from an aircraft, land on him! 32) As a Jet Trooper, you can fly up to mountaintops and building tops where you can easily assault droids. 33) If you have a Jedi on the team, stay with him for protection, or order him to follow you for elite assaults. 34) If you are in aircraft and are looking down at masses of enemies, go in for an attack run, but be sure to pull up. This is another way to destroy medium- assault vehicles easily. 35) If in a medium assault vehicle, go in front of an army to escort them, if possible. 36) Always check your map to make sure that there isn't a huge battle that needs your help or a command post you didn't know got taken. 37) Kill the most dangerous units first. Take down soldiers first, and snipers last (if in close combat). 38) Don't underestimate the distance of a fall. Don't jump down anything higher than a normal house-roof in Mos Eisely. 39) Never underestimate the power of aircraft, especially bombers, if you are on the ground. 40) Know the armament of your enemy. Don't pick a nose-to-nose fight with a Rebel Pilot or a Darktrooper. Don't try to snipe the sniper as a soldier. 41) Missile launchers can be used for enemy dispatch very effectively (if you know what you're doing). 42) (This is one of my favorites) As a HWU, place mines on MAVs or SVs and just get in. If you go through a group of enemies, the mines will detonate and kill the enemies nearby. 43) Though droidekas are hard to beat, they are also hard to play as, unless you have a lot of experience with them. Travel in groups of two as droidekas for best results. 44) Move a lot to avoid snipers. 45) Always use the best weapon available for each situation that you have. For example, don't shoot five clustered enemies with a blaster pistol if a grenade is available. =============================================================================== 13. Battlefront 2 Preview (From information received from Maddogonfire93) In Battlefront 2, you can finally play as a Jedi! All those questions about playing as a Jedi, and come September you can play as one. They will have a time limit on them, though. Also, you can only use them once. The better combos you do, the more time you get. Also, there will be battles in space, where you can board enemy ships and dis- able them. Sounds fun! (My info) Well, I just watched the trailer. There are going to be battles on planets like Utapau and Mustafar. Plus the other levels will be remade. There are not just one Jedi per faction, because I saw Darth Maul, General Grievous, and probably Count Dooku. Pilots are only available on the space battles, and on the ground battles they will be replaced by technicians. Your decision will more heavily impact the battle. Enemy and ally units will be smarter, using tactics and such. There are going to be more battles from I, II, IV, V, and VI such as Princess Leia's blockade runner Tantive IV, and the interior (and exterior) of the Death Star. The story follows the 501st Airborne Division, a group of clones (I think). Jedi will fight Jedi (I saw Obi-wan vs. Grievous) and can use the Force. There are screenshots on on basically any gaming website (for some reason, GameFaqs doesn't have 'em, but GameSpot does). I think LucasArts is in post-production now. Traditional features will still be held, like the command posts and such. I think it will be excellent new features and levels layered on top of the already great Battlefront I. I will probably write a guide for this game, but it won't come out until the end of 2005 or beginning of 2006. The game comes out this September, 2005. =============================================================================== 14. Contact Here are the contact rules. 1. All emails sent to me must have one of the following things in the header or it will be sent back telling you to reread this section. System starts July 15th. Questions: Star Wars BF Question Suggestions: Star Wars BF Suggest Strategies: Star Wars BF Strategy Battlefront II: BFII Errors: Star Wars BF Errors 2. Emails that do not pertain to the guide (spam, "have you played this game?" etc.) will be deleted immediately. 3. My email address is strider42 at alltel dot net. Replace the at and dot with the appropriate symbols. 4. Use the best English as you can. No AOL language (i.e. hey u kno bout um yavin arena i gt a gud wy 2 win). Use the best spelling you can, I can for- give stuff like immediately being immediatly (as long as its not on purpose) 5. As for fonts and stuff, please use black print and a white background, none of this bright green yellow crap, and use either Times New Roman, Arial, or Tahoma. 6. If you have a suggestion or strategy and think you may be put in the Thanks section, please sign it with the name you'd like to use. I prefer either a name like Strider42 or a first name and last initial. 7. In case you're wondering, I wasn't born in 1942. 8. If you have a suggetion for a certain level that is on a planet with two levels, be specific. If it is about Geonosis: Spire then you can use Geo- nosis, but if you're talking about Yavin 4: Arena don't just say "on Yavin". 9. See the FAQ section before you ask a question. If it's not there then ask. 10. No profanity or other inappropriate words. The limits is sucks and crap. 11. Do not share my email address with anyone. 12. Do not point out small spelling/grammar mistakes, like "You said your when you should have said you're" or "you spelled immediately wrong". Unless you cannot understand the word or it changes the meaning of the sentance, let it go. 13. Make sure the message has a clear point and is more than "On Kashyyyk: Is- lands its good taking enemy ships." A better example would be "On Kashyyk: Islands if you take enemy ships you can gain better air control and slow the attacks on your main command posts." 14. Please don't make this a message that's too personal like "Yo, what's up?" and don't make it in the form of a business letter, like "Dear Sir, greet- ings. I come to inform you about the game Star Wars: Battlefront II, for I have discovered a website on the World Wide Web that could aid you in your guide for the PlayStation 2 entertainment system." =============================================================================== 15. Copyright This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Sites this guide should be found:,,,, Ziff Davis Media, (If you're site isn't there, you've emailed me and I've gave you permission to post it, I haven't updated it since. I update every month or so.) All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. =============================================================================== 16. Version History and Plans 0.1: Started Guide, finished Table of Contents 0.2: Finished Basic Gameplay and Controls, started Units 0.4: Finished Units section, started Levels 0.7: Finished Levels section, started Vehicles 0.9: Finished Vehicles 1.0: Finished Guide, Posted at GameFAQs. 1.2: Added Galactic Conquest Section and Instant Action Section. Reached 15 Strategies. 1.3: Added "Command Posts" section to the Levels, and added "Speed" Section to vehicles, reached 20 Strategies. 1.4: Started Weapons section, re-did Geonosis: Spire, Tatooine: Dune Sea. 1.6: Finished Weapons section, reached 25 strategies, redid Kamino: Tipoca City and Rhen Var: Harbor, and made minor changes to a few other maps. 1.7: Added "Size" and "Movie" to vehicles, added Cheats section 1.8: Guide posted at SuperCheats, added FAQ section. 1.9: What I call "the big change". One by one, the walkthoughs became twice as long. Lengthened Endor: Bunker, Bespin: Platforms, Hoth: Echo Base, Naboo: Plains, Naboo: Theed 2.0: Guide posted on GamerHelp, lengthened Kashyyyk: Docks, Rhen Var: Harbor, Yavin 4: Arena, Tatooine: Mos Eisley. This is the first update in a while. 2.1: Reached 30 Strategies, added multiplayer section, lengthened some maps (sorry, can't remember which ones), Guide Posted on Ziff Davis Media 2.2: Reached 35 Strategies, added the "Manufacturer" and the "Top Speed" section to vehicles, rewrote the Basic Gameplay, added "Battlefront II Preview" section, added "Planet Order" to Galactic Conquest. 2.3: Lengthened Bespin: Cloud City, Rhen Var: Citadel, Kashyyyk: Docks, Yavin 4: Temple, first time abbreviations appear, reached fourty strategies, got 42 strategies, added more BFII info. 2.4: Put separate faction walkthroughs for Kashyyyk: Islands and Geonosis: Spire, Put separate unit guides for Rhen Var: Harbor, reached 45 strate- gies, all guides lengethened to 300 words or more, more BFII info, guide posted on What To Expect in 2.5: 1) All maps 350 words or more. 2) The ultimate goal: 50 strategies. 3) Separate faction guides for at least five maps. 4) Separate unit guides for at least three maps. 5) Command post tutorials for at least one map. What to expect in the future: 1) A separate guide for each faction for each map. 2) Online Multiplayer section. 3) A separate guide for each unit on a map. 4) Command post tutorials for every map. =============================================================================== 17. Thanks The personal tips are placed in order received, in case you were wondering. Everything else is in order of importance. If you don't like the name I put you as on this list, just email me. I never give out email addresses, but sometimes the name, and not the server. Thanks to Prima Strategy Guides. I used a whole lot of information from it in this guide. Thanks to GameFAQs for posting my guide. Thanks to SuperCheats, GamerHelp, Ziff Davis Media, and AtoZ Cheats for allow- ing my guide to be on their site. Thanks to Addison Fox for the sniper strategy to Yavin 4: Arena. Thanks to Alex Grover for reminding me that I left out Yavin 4 for planetary bonuses on Galactic Conquest. Thanks to Mike Smithen for reminding me that Jet Troopers use Commando Pistols and some information about them. Thanks to Brad Burleson for giving me strategies 21 and 22 and giving me new info for Geonosis: Spire. Thanks to Dan Lebrek for Strategy 26 and for telling me that only the CIS gets a vehicle at the Hangar in Tatooine: Mos Eisely. Thanks to Choya Amai for the second way to kill a Jedi and for Strategy 27. Thanks to Eric Davis for telling me the movie that TIE Bombers are in. Thanks to Coder Cable for the strategies for Bespin: Cloud City and for Kashyyyk: Docks and for telling me that there is no Jedi Starfighter in Return of the Jedi and a combat landspeeder never appears in the movies. Thanks to Alex Bade for the strategy to get a ton of kills in Tatooine: Dune Sea. Thanks to Patsdamop for telling me Y-Wings are in A New Hope. Thanks to Zak Garcia for the third strategy to kill a Jedi. Thanks to CGR7690 for the health strategy to get the East/West box. Thanks to Spencer Pace for reminding me I put Rhen Var: Harbor where Rhen Var: Citadel should. Thanks to Baradnorodh for telling me the planetary bonuses for the final planets in Galactic Conquest. Thanks to Mike Carey for telling me that Jawas heal droids. Thanks to Blake Appleton for reminding me that you need two profiles to launch a Splitscreen game. Thanks to Harry Rendell for the fourth Jedi killing strategy. Thanks to Jake Ahola for telling me that MAFs are in Revenge of the Sith. Thanks to Jonathon Acosta for the landing-ship-on-enemy technique (fifth Jedi killing strategy) and Strategy 31. Thanks to kikibigdog2 for the Bespin: Platforms sniper secret. Thanks to Susan Sharp for the Geonosis sniper strategy. Thanks to Kasha_kamasue for the Bespin: Cloud City sniper secret. Thanks to Digiiam for Strategy 32. Thanks to RogueAngel7 for the Bespin: Platforms Strategy 3. Thanks to Rexraptor14 for the CIS strategy on Tatooine: Dune Sea. Thanks to Maddogonfire93 for the info on Battlefront 2. Thanks to ClevelandKid2049 and Mitchell Shepherd for reminding me that I switched up the Kamino and Geonosis planetary bonuses in Galactic Conquest. Thanks to Adurbin09 for Alternate Strategy 1 for Yavin 4: Arena, Alternate Strategy 1 for Yavin 4: Temple, Alternate Strategy 1 for Kashyyyk: Docks, and Strategy 41 and 42. Thanks to Robodog011 for the seventh killing strategy. Thanks to DarthWaffle7 for the Jet Trooper secret on Rhen Var: Harbor. Thanks to you to reading my guide. =============================================================================== THE END</p>