M M0 iMMMMMM M M M M0 WMM8 M M;;:7MM, 0; ,M SM SMMZ 2MMW2MZ, rMM; ,X,M MMMMMMM0 B2 SM MS MM MM Mi ,M:MMMM8 MM WM M M MM MM MM M MZ MMMM7M M MM MM M7 ,M XXi :M M; M, M M7MMSM ZM M MM M BM M MM MMZ SM MW SM MM M M0 MM MM M Mi MMM .M M ZZ MM .M WMMM MM Mr ZMMB rM SMM Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets FAQ/Walkthrough -Specifically for the GameCube Version -Will work with other Console Versions Version 1.2 By Alexander Slutsker (AKA Sasha Slutsker) Last updated: 1/17/03 Send Questions and Comments to: Sasha@thegnn.com Table of Contents: I. Introduction II. Version History III. Controls IV. Spells V. Ron's House VI. Knockturn and Diagon Alley VII. On the Hogwarts Grounds VIII. Day 1/ Night IX. Day 2/ Night 2 X. Day 3/ Night 3 XI. Day 4/ Night 4 XII. Day 5/ Night 5 XIII. Day 6 XIV. Credits XV. Legal Info -------------------------------------------------------- //// I. Introduction \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is definitely a good game. It might be a little easy (you could beat it in 12 hours or so) but it is very fun and it has tons of Replay Value. This is an FAQ to help you when you get stuck in the game. -------------------------------------------------------- //// II. Version History \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- Version 1.2 (?? KB) 1/17/02 - Controls added - Pray for it to be Gamecube now Version 1.1 (29 KB) 1/4/02 - Made it obvious which console this is for - Added a Spell Section Version 1.0 (26 KB) 1/3/02 - Started FAQ - The Walkthrough is complete -------------------------------------------------------- //// III. Controls \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- A - Action Button B - Cast Spell X - Cast Spell Y - Cast Spell L - Target Spell R - Set Camera behind Harry St - Pause Z - Inventory Control Stick - Move Harry Potter around [Note: Jumping is automatic when you are on a ledge, like it is in Zelda.] -------------------------------------------------------- //// IV. Spells \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Flippendo This is the spell that is available to you at the beginning of the game. Press the assigned button (X by default) and you will send a beam out of your wand that will "knockback" the enemy. It is your main spell and you use it a lot to fight with. 2. Lumos You get this at Knockturn Alley. (Check the Walkthrough.) This is used to light the wand and to find hidden passages. It I used a few times in the game, but not that often. If you are in a dark place you need to get out of, use this spell. 3. Diffindo This game has decided to associate the Severing Charm (that Ron uses on his robes in Book 4) with the Diffindo incantation (that Harry uses on Cedric when he is carrying his books so that he can talk to him.) Fine, it's not stated that they are the same in the books, but oh well. You get Diffindo on Night 1 in the Herbology III Greenhouse. You use it to cut curtains around the game. 4. Expelliarmus This spell was changed completely. No longer does it disarm. Now, it reflects attacks! It is very useful in fights with the Slytherin's and the Gargoyle. You get it on Day 2 during Defense against the Dark Arts. You use it often during the game. 5. Skurge Now this spell was completely made up. A spell that destroys green goop? Yes, that's what this spell does. You get it during Night 2 after destroying a Book Case during the Hogwarts: A History challenge. 6. Avifors This spell transforms eggs into birds. You learn it on Day 3 during Transfiguration. It is used for solving "egg" puzzles occasionally. That's about it. (There's a room in the library you can use the spell on.) 7. Incendio This spell sends fire shooting out of the wand. It is useful for destroying Aragog and opening a door in the library. It can also be used for tearing down webs. It sounds cool, and it could have been, but it isn't used nearly enough. You get it on Day 4 during Charms. 8. Alohomora This spell will NOT unlock the Hogwarts doors. Instead, it will merely unlock certain (a few) chests. Very useless, but it could have been cool. Really, just use it if you want all the Wizarding Cards. It costs a hefty 100 Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, so watch out. -------------------------------------------------------- //// V. Ron's House \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- When you get out of the flying car, Ron's mom will yell at her son's, and tell them to de-gnome the garden. You go outside to help them. The first thing you have to do is Flippendo the glass. This is achieved by pressing X (unless you switch the default button for Flippendo, however I found that Flippendo remained my X spell for the entire game, it's just a nice spell to keep on you at all times.) After you Flippendo the glass, you'll be asked to go into the barn to knock down the gnomes. Go in and target the gnomes by pressing L. Then, hit each of them with Flippendo. They will all fall and run into the garden. You have to go after them, but first you need to walk into the place you started out in. Here, you will see a washing machine. Fred wants you to practice dueling. The washing machine is very easy to beat. All you have to do is dodge it's attacks. Then, when it opens up, Flippendo it. You will eventually finish it off and then you can go into the garden. Once you are in the garden, you can start de-gnoming! Flippendo each of the gnomes and then pick it up with A. Then, hold A to spin it around and let go at just the right time to send it flying. It doesn't REALLY matter how good you do it, as long as they are all gone. You can check how many are left by looking at the meter. When they are all gone, you get to go to Diagon Alley! -------------------------------------------------------- //// VI. Knockturn and Diagon Alley \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- You mutter the words incorrectly and end up in Knockturn Alley. Walk past a door and you will hear Lucious Malfoy come in and speak to the store owner. Then exit back into the shop. Here, you have to walk up to the spell book and learn Lumos. However, whenever you get close to the book you get hit. Target the book and the press A continually as you near the book, to dodge it. Then, walk up to the book and learn Lumos! Lumos is a spell that lights the wand. It is useful for finding secret passages. With your new spell, go back to the same place you overheard Lucios talking. Keep walking on the path and you will come to a dead end. Aha! You have Lumos, so use it to open up a Secret Passageway that leads... straight to Diagon Alley! (First you'll need to Flippendo an enemy, cross a big gap, cage an enemy, use the cage as a step, go to the right for Hedwig's treat, call Hedwig, give him the treat, climb up the latter he leaves behind, and avoid the holes that will appear to crawl through a passageway.) Here, talk to Ginny and she will tell you that she lost her books. Harry Potter has to go get them. It still puzzles me why he does, he just does. First, you should buy your own spell book. Go to Flourish and Blotts to purchase one. Then, it's time for Ginny's stuff. First, go to the Magical Menagerie. Walk along the narrow path and through a door to be in a room with someone who doesn't know you are there. If he finds out, you will be kicked out of his room. Sneak past him and stay on the right side. Hit the switch and rush to other side of the room to open the door where you will get what you seek. Head over to the Joke Shop and get ready to get what you want. This is very easy. Walk through the door to the left of the clerk and you will see a bunch of barrels surrounding something. Break the barrels using Flippendo and get the thing in the center. Time to go to the Leaky Cauldron. Enter the Leaky Cauldron and you will see Hagrid. Go straight to the right and you will see what you want! And then you will fall through a trap door. Flippendo the enemies and run past them. Keep going, following the path. Use the crate to get past the next area and walk all the way to the end of the path. Use Lumos to get back into the Leaky Cauldron. Go back to where you fell through to get what you want. Now, go and buy your Potion Vial, and then talk to Mrs. Weasly and then you can go back into Flourish and Blotts. Here, you will talk to Professor Lockhart, get into a fight with Draco, and allow Lucios to give Ginny a book. You'll be late to Hogwarts after all this so go to the Leaky Cauldron and you will find Ron standing outside. To the flying car! -------------------------------------------------------- //// VII. On the Hogwarts Grounds \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- Ron, using his amazing aiming abilities, crashes the car straight into a tree. The tree apparently likes attacking red heads, so it captures Ron, sending Harry on a mission to rescue him. Follow the obvious path to the bottom of the tree. You will be attacked by small critters. Just Flippendo them. When you get to the bottom, continue walking over the tree. You'll have to crawl through a hole soon. Destroy the enemies and continue on. You will call Hedwig soon, but all that happens is that you see a note about killing dogs with Lumos. Next thing you need to is crawl through another hole, and get your Lumos out! Kill the dogs and continue through a hole to the Whomping Willow. The Whomping Willow is easy to destroy. First, dodge all of it's attacks. Then, the hands will become green. Quickly shoot a Flippendo at it to make the tree start swinging Ron a lot. Attack the tree at this point in order for you to damage it. Continue doing this, watching out for the car, and you will beat it. When you try to sneak back in, Snape catches you. Go into the Castle and head for the staircase. (To the right of the scroll.) Then, go up to the last floor and meet Ron near the portrait. Walk in and go through the door. Easily sneak by Percy and meet Fred and George. When you are done talking, end the day. -------------------------------------------------------- //// VIII. Day 1/ Night 1 \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- Start by talking to the Ron and he will say that you have flying lessons first. Go down to Madam Hooch and start by flying up and down. This will set your flying controls as Reverse or Normal. When you are done, you will have to fly through a few rings. When you are done with that, the examination will begin. To do this, you have to fly through as many rings as you can in a set time. Press A and go quickly through the rings. It doesn't REALLY matter if you miss one, as long as you keep going. If you get over 30 you will get an A. You will get an A+ if you get over 35. (You want an A or A+ for maximum points.) When you are done with the flying, end the day. You will be at Night one after you do that. You will see that Neville managed to get himself stuck behind a curtain-looking-like thing. It's your job to get the Severing Charm and save him. (You think Hermione would already know it.) To start, go to the second floor. Go down the hallway and enter the Library Annex. You need to sneak past the prefects to get to the other side, but I found that merely running as fast as you can works just as well. When you get to the library, you will find the book you want on a desk, in between the two stairs. Take it, get some beans from the jars if you want to, and go back to the staircase. Now, head for the Entrance Hall and go outside. Take the path that goes strait-forward and you will be in the Herbology Greenhouse. You will see a bunch of plants blocking the entrance. The book says to pick them up and that is exactly what you should do. (First Flippendo them so that they don't sting you.) When they are all gone, enter the greenhouse, Flippendo the enemies on your path, and get the Severing Charm. (Diffindo.) Now, head back the way you came until you get to the Seventh Floor. You'll have to Flippendo the enemies in the Greenhouse first, though, as they reappear. You will see Nearly Headless Nick attacked on your way back. (They skipped the cat and Justin in the game.) When you get back to Hermione and Neville, use the Severing Charm on the curtain and Neville will be saved. After this, end the day. -------------------------------------------------------- //// IX. Day 2/ Night 2 \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- Meet Hermione and he tells you that your first class is Defense against the Dark Arts with Professor Lockhart. (Hermione seems quite pleased with the first lesson.) For some odd reason, Lockhart sends Harry into a chamber to learn the Expelliarmus Spell. You will be in a long room that you are apparently trapped in. Or are you? Look to the left and right of you upon entering and you will see two buttons. Press one of them and three mines will come out. Run away from them and they will start going after you, one by one. Dodge them and then Flippendo them on their way back. Do this to all of them for both of the switches and you climb up them. On the path you will see a curtain similar to the one Neville was stuck behind. Use Diffindo on it and continue on. (You can use Lumos on the other side to get some Wiggewald, if you need it.) Here, you will see four spikes. Start going up the path. When you reach a dead-end, use the Severing Charm to knock down a spike. Do this until you get to the end of the path. Open the door and you will find yourself in a room with two spike moving really fast to your left. What to do? Well, you should Diffindo the two ropes on the left side, than continually Flippendo the two gnomes. (They come back if you through them off) until the spikes are moving slowly. When they are, cross quickly to the center. Wait again and cross quickly to the other end of the room. Open the door and you will find a long room with a small enemy at the end. Get the Pumpkin Pastry on the left and then continue on. Flippendo the enemy at the end of the room and go to the left. Go up the path, remembering to constantly Flippendo the enemies to prevent getting burned. Turn to the left after the second one to get a Pumpkin Pastry. Keep going until the end. When you start going down a path, you will see a final enemy at the end. Use the same strategy on him and then go to the left for a Pumpkin Pastry. Then, go to the right side and open the door that is there. You will see a big spike. Go behind it and get the two Cauldron Cake pieces. Then, Diffindo the spike and you'll be back at the start. Walk through the door and get the Expelliarmus Charm. Now, the REAL charm disarms, but this one for some odd reason deflects. Whatever. You'll be zoomed into a battle with a Gargoyle. Use the Expelliarmus Charm to deflect all his fire attacks back to him. He will start deflecting too a little later. Four successful hits and he is a goner. Return to the Classroom to start a duel. This duel with Draco is pretty easy. Just deflect his spells and send some of your own spells in return. It's not that difficult. When your done, watch Harry talk to snakes and then head over to the Quiditch Stadium for practice time. Here, just fly through the rings, going really fast. You'll want to boost yourself to get closer to the Snitch. Watch out for Bludgers cause they will hit you. When you are close to the snitch, press A to grab it when it's around your hand. You'll want to get an A for Maximum Points. When you are done, end the day. It seems like it is time to get Hogwarts: A History for Hermione. Go to the second floor and wait outside the door on the end. (The Annex.) Walk in, but don't go into the library. Go just to the right of it and open the door to enter. When you are here, sneak by the prefects carefully. I ran a lot, occasionally checking if they were in the way. It is pretty easy. When you get to the end, go through the door into a room where the shelves are very high and filled with books. Start going up the area, sneaking across when necessary. When you get to the top, go through the door here to enter another room. You will be in a huge room, with books everywhere. Go to the right and get an Owl Treat. Now, head back to the left side and call Hedwig. Feed him the Owl Treat. Go back to the right and go up the latter. Jump across until you get to a jump where the curtain is on the other side. Diffindo it and THEN jump across. Walk along the path here and keep going until you get to a large room. You will be attacked by a bookcase. What you need to do is Flippendo it a lot of times in a row, or it will recharge it's energy. When you finally kill it, move the large block on the left so that is under the steps Climb up onto it and jump all the way across to the platform on the other side, where you will learn the Skurge spell. Use it on the Green stuff on the right. Keep walking, using it when necessary, and you should be out of the library soon. Here, you will find yourself in a room with Skurge blockades everywhere. Use the Skurge on them to hit the switches within. When you hit them all, you will meet someone. Goyle will confront you so you will have to duel him. You should try using the Expelliarmus spell to deflect some of his spell, but don't forget to cast some Flippendo's yourself! When you are done, walk through the door, go back to the common room, talk to Hermione, and end the day. -------------------------------------------------------- //// X. Day 3/ Night 3 \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- Your first class for this day is Transfiguration. Go down to the first floor and enter the classroom. You will be sent into a dungeon to learn the Avifors Spell. Go in and you will be in a dungeon. Go to the bottom and head to the left and right. Hit the switch on each side to open a door in the center. Head through the door. Go to the right here and keep going to open a door. You will be in a huge room you will soon learn to dread. Go into the center and open the door. Go to the right of the entrance and cast Lumos to reveal a secret passageway. Head through here and climb up to the top. Jump across the large gap and carefully to turn the camera to cross two more difficult gaps. Then, sneak across to a platform and cross two easy gaps. Here is the hardest one. No matter what, the camera WILL NOT adjust to this one. Therefore, you must jump without adjusting. Keep jumping and then sneak at the end to make it. Skurge the green stuff and continue on. You'll be in a huge room with the Avifors spell in the middle. Learn it and then start transforming the eggs until one of them lets you onto the path with a path you need to crawl into. Crawl through it and you will be at the start. Here, go to the right and cast Avifors on the bird over there. Then, go to the other side and do the same thing. Crawl on each of the walls and you will lower a ground where you will have to fight another Gargoyle. Basically, do the same thing you did last time, that is deflect it's spells using Expelliarmus. Do this four times. When you have defeated it, exit the room to be back in the classroom. You are back in the classroom, ready to begin another exciting match of Quiditch. This particular match is against Hufflepuff. Go to the Quiditch Stadium to start the match. There are a few strategies to keep in mind during this particular Quiditch Match: - Hufflepuff will fall behind in points in the beginning - Later, right before their seeker catches the snitch, they will be ahead - Their seeker stays behind you for most of the match - Catching the Snitch early, therefore, will make you win by the most points. - But losing will make you lose by a lot. That is bad. - This is the easiest match, so winning is essential When you are done with the fast-paced match, you will go back outside onto the grounds. End the day now so that you can be woken up at night for another long and strenuous quest. Ron will tell you to go to the girls bathroom to meet Hermione. Walk down to the second floor. Walk into the first door on your left. This is the girls bathroom. Here, you will meet Moaning Myrtle and Hermione. You will get some of the Polyjuice Potion, which will transform you into a Slytherin. Go to the Library Annex across the hall. Walk into it and get caught by a prefect. Slytherin will lose points. Do this as many times as you like and then exit the Library Annex and go to the Entrance Hall. I recommend you save here. Walk to the left of the stairs and make a U- turn. Walk into this area and you will be in THE SECRET SLYTHERIN AREA! Walk normally past all the prefects and get to the other side of the room. Walk through here and go around the bookcases to find Draco Malfoy. Talk to him and find out he is innocent. Walk away and you will transform back into Harry Potter. Now, you'll need to sneak past the prefects... FOR THE LAST TIME EVER DURING THIS GAME. Basically, run past them when their backs are turned and use a few stink pellets if you have to. When you gave snuck past all of them, go back up to the second floor. Walk into the bathroom to talk to Hermione and then, when you are done talking, end the long day. -------------------------------------------------------- //// XI. Day 4/ Night 4 \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- The first class you have is Charms. Go back to the second floor (you go there a lot) and enter the classroom. This is charms class and the teacher, Professor Flitwick sends you into a challenge (surprise) to learn the Incendio Charm so that you can make fire. When you enter this chamber you will see a Gargoyle statue come to life. You will have to fight it, but remember that this one is really fast. Deflect the fireballs (with Expelliarmus) that come directly at you and dodge the ones that go next to you, as you can be hit by there reaction. Get the statue four times to beat him. Walk through the door that will open up. This room has four "boxes" and they are all around a central fire breathing enemy. The boxes look like quadrants and you can freely move right and left between them but not up and down. Go to the lower-left box and destroy the Gargoyle statue here just like you did earlier, except it is a bit easier this time. Go back up through the lower-right box and go to the upper-left box. Destroy the gargoyle here, he is just like the one in the lower-left. Exit through the upper-right box and head through the door that should have opened now. Here, you will find the Incendio Spell Book in the center. Learn the spell and walk through the door on the right. Wait, you can't! It's locked! Turn around and quickly light the torches on the right and left side. Then, quickly go through the door. Slide down the chute to be in the room where you started out in. Go to the left and press the button on the right. Then, go back to the center and light the two statues of animals under the platforms on the left side. Then, Flippendo them so that the platforms go up. Jump across the platforms and hit the switch at the end. Now, go to the other side of the room and do the exact same thing and the door will open. Go through it and you will be in the classroom. After Professor Flitwick congratulates you, talk to Ron and you will both go up to the Quiditch Stadium for a big match against Ravenclaw. Walk into the Stadium and the match will begin. (I find it strange that the match always begins when you come in, no matter how long it takes you.) This match is a little harder than the Hufflepuff Match, but not a lot harder. It is still doable. - You should still have plenty of time to catch the Snitch. - The points stay about even for most of the game - Use boosts That's really all. The really interesting match will happen tomorrow, so I expect you'll be there, going full force! Well, after this match is over, end the day. It was a long day When the night begins, you will find out about the diary and you will think Hagrid opened the Chamber of Secrets. After that, you decide to go to Hagrid's Hut and ask him some questions. Go outside and take the path right of the Quiditch Path. You see Hagrid being taken to Azkaban. He hints secretly to you that you should follow the spiders. You will see a trail of Spiders near Hagrid's Hut. Follow them so that you can enter the Forbidden Forest (Just open the wooden door.) Keep going in this forest, using Flippendo on the spiders in your way. Use Incendio to break the webs on the way. You will soon see Aragog. In order to fight him, you must make him fall off of his web. Go around the web on the "high" paths, knocking the spiders as you pass them. When you Incendio all of the webs, the spider will fall, and the battle will begin. Well, technically it doesn't begin until after he is done talking to you and you find out Hagrid is innocent. But when that is over, the battle will begin. This is a really easy battle. Whenever the spider "stands" up, Incendio him. Try to avoid his little spiders by using Flippendo. When you have "defeated" him, (as in making his meter 0) Ron will come rescue you in a Flying Car. When you are done talking to him, end the day. -------------------------------------------------------- //// XII. Day 5/ Night 5 \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- Go straight to the Quiditch Field right now. The match against Slytherin will start. There are a few things to keep in mind during this game. - Malfoy will start at the very beginning behind you. - He will be ahead really soon - He catches the Snitch fast - You must get far ahead at the start. - Don't get hit by Bludgers - When Malfoy gets hit by Bludgers, go ahead and fast - Use as many boosts as you can, but don't crash After this match is over, the Quiditch Cup will be awarded. When that is done, you will find out Hermione has been attacked and Ginny has been taken into the Chamber of Secrets. Ron will make a plan with you, so end the day. (That was an easy day.) Now that night has settled, go down to the bathroom on the second floor. Enter it and talk to Moaning Myrtle. You will unlock the Chamber by speaking in Parsletounge. Then, you will go into the Chamber. Here, you will find out that Tom Marvolo Riddle is really Lord Voldemort. (If you rearrange the letters Tom Marvolo Riddle becomes I am Lord Voldemort.) When he is done, the final battle begins. This is a very easy battle. The first thing you should do is pick up the sword. (This sword originally belonged to Gordic Gryffindor himself.) Pick it up and a ray of light will come from it. When the snake opens it's mouth shot it with the sword. After you do this, the sword will be knocked somewhere else. Keep doing this four times and you will beat it. Remember to watch out for it's yellow breath. It can also come out of any of the six spaces so try to stay in the middle, turning, ready for whichever it chooses. Also, keep in mind that none of your spells work as long as you have your sword in your hands. When you beat him, you will rescue Ginny who will confess to doing it. However, she will also say she didn't mean it. (Because the Diary was controlling her.) When you are done, end the day. -------------------------------------------------------- //// XIII. Day 6 \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- This is the last day at Hogwarts for you. You have saved Hogwarts from Voldemort (Tom Marvolo Riddle) and now the house ceremony is about to begin. You can go to flying or to Quiditch practice, to ensure that you get the House Cup. You won't be able to save after the ceremony, so make sure that you save first. When you are ready, walk up to Dumbledore at the side of the Entrance Hall. Talk to him if you like and then walk in for the ceremony. Once that is over, there will be a meeting where you, Harry Potter, explain what happened. When it's all done, the credits roll, and the game is over. -------------------------------------------------------- //// XIV. Credits \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- I appreciate anyone willing to help me with my FAQ. Sasha@thegnn.com I would like to thank: God, My parents and friends, GameFAQs, and EA. -------------------------------------------------------- //// XV. Legal Info \\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ is Copyright 2002-2003 Sasha Slutsker It is currently on: http://www.thegnn.com http://www.gamefaqs.com http://www.neoseeker.com http://www.ign.com This FAQ is protected by US and International Copyright law. It is not public domain. Therefore, you may only use it in it's unaltered format, for yourself and ONLY yourself. You may save it and print it, but you may not publish it, host it (on you site), or use it any way that infringes on the copyright. If you wish to publish/host it, please contact me. If you are cheat cc, get a life and stay away from me. (That means you Dave A.)</p>