Dynasty Tactics FAQ Version 1.1 Email me: calibordr17@aol.com Aim: calibordr17 8/1/03 NEW: SEND ME YOUR TOP COMBO DETAILS: calibordr17@aol.com SEND ME MORE MISSING EVENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This FAQ should only be found on: www.gamefaqs.com faqs.ign.com cheats.de Version History 1.1 (8/30/03) - Flow Chart update, Tips, Tricks, Misc. and Secrets updated 1.0.1 (8/1/03) ñ Properly Formatted, secrets, skills & items updated. 1.0 (5/27/03) - Created Guide ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Tips & Tricks III. Liu Bei Event Flow Chart (59% Complete) (29/49 Unlocked) IV. Liu Beiís Best Ending Walkthrough V. Cao Cao Event Flow Chart (84% Complete) (31/37 Unlocked) VI. Cao Caoís Best Ending Walkthrough VII. Sun Ceís Event Flow Chart (89% Complete) (30/34 Unlocked) VIII. Sun Ceís Best Ending Walkthrough IX. Generals X. Unit Types XI. Tactics XII. Skills & Trumps XIII. Items XIV. Secrets XV. FAQs XVI. Misc./Top Combos ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for taking the time to read my FAQ. I hope you find it enjoyable and useful. If you would like to comment please email me at Calibordr17@aol.com Note, if you have unlocked events I havenít please email me the character they are for, the names and their position on the flow chart. Dynasty Tactics is set in the Three Kingdoms time period of China. You can choose to play as either Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Sun Ce. Each of the three main characters has several routes they can take throughout the game. This FAQ reveals all the routes and provides a step by step walkthrough of the events necessary to receive each characterís best ending. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. Tips & Tricks ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Battle: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Pay close attention to the land type when fighting battles. Unit strength is not affected by grass or plains, but grass allows you to execute some tactics that would not be usable otherwise such as ambush or fire attack. -The best set up in my opinion is flat, level, ground, which is only grass and plains and barren type. Mountains and shoals only complicate things. Flat terrain make it easy to use the pit and taunt tactics. -PIT and TAUNT are the most important tactics to have. Make sure most of your units have at least one of these two tactics. They make it so you can drag an enemy unit away from the other enemy units and isolate it, which makes defeating it super easy. -Target the enemy commander if you are ever having trouble with a battle. Simply have one of your units use pit or taunt on the enemy commander and then surround the enemy commanderís unit and the battle is over. I have used this many times it helps you win tough battles that you donít really want to fight when your units arenít at full strength. -Marines fight better in shoals while rangers fare better in mountain areas. Normal units perform more poorly when in these land types. -Combos are the key to winning ANY battle no matter how outnumbered you are. -Take much care in appointing your strategist. Their ability to link tactics can be the decisive factor in a battle so make sure it is a unit with many useful tactics. -Linking tactics is key in forming combos. Linking is basically targeting a unit with a tactic and then waiting to execute it until another one of your units performs a tactic on a different target unit. This is beneficial because it contributes to the number of tactics in a combo, and combo damage goes way up after 3 or 4 tactics (ie, hitting an enemy unit with surround as tactic number 1 in the combo might kill 4000 but if it were number 5 in the combo it would do 50,000). -Use Spies! Thatís what they are there for. Appoint any general with the spy skill as an envoy and then send him to the battle location. Do this with TWO spies per battle location. They will usually be successful and will set up either towers or depots for the battle and will provide you with two more units to use in battle. -Spies can destroy enemy towers and depots in just ONE turn instead of two. They can also destroy castle walls AND gates in ONE turn, making spies essential in capital sieges where the enemy is in the castle. -Spies can also entice enemy units with morale under 40 to defect. Win the battle and the defecting units will join you permanently even if they are defeated in the battle. There are some units you cannot entice, such as the enemy commander. -Keep your morale high. Have units with Revive, or Boost to raise morale. This is essential in assuring better fighting and moving sooner. -Keeping morale high (above 80) also ensures that your units skills will be utilized. For example if a unit has morale of 84 and the Overlord skill they can use unlimited LEA and INT tactics in the battle, but if their morale is below 80 they can only use each tactic once. -Donít be afraid to have one or two Builder type units. They can build depots which raise morale or towers which attack enemies in a two square radius. When they get enough experience they can build catapults that attack at medium and long range and do more damage to enemy units. Itís a great way to crush enemies inside castle walls. -You randomly get "super tactics" with high level generals and/or famous generals. They happen more frequently with STR type tactics like Raid or Charge. See the FAQ for more Info. Outside of Battle: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -ALWAYS SAVE AFTER EVERY BATTLE because when you start a new battle the unit formations and the terrain are always random. If you get a bad terrain set up you can load your last save and get a much better terrain set up. I cannot stress enough how important this is. It is a foolproof plan it works every time just keep reloading till you get a good terrain set up. -RECRUITING generals is vital to your survival. You can recruit a general by sending a character in an army or as an envoy to the generalís location. There are two ways this works. General A (recruiting unit) can be in General Bís (unit to be recruited) friend list, or General B can be in General Aís friend list. Then simply travel to the location where general B is a civilian and he will join. -Sometimes it is a lot easier to recruit a character with the friend general as an envoy. Envoys can go through enemy territory without having to fight, which you usually do to get to the best generals to recruit. -Donít be afraid to waste a couple of turns to recruit a useful general. As long as you leave yourself enough turns to complete the eventís objective itís okay to send your best generals out recruiting for a few turns. -Troop numbers increase with deeds. Deeds increase by winning battles. You gain 26 deeds even if you did nothing, 2 more for a 1 tactic, 4 for a 2 tactic combo and so on. Killing the enemy commander gets you 100 deeds and almost always a level up with more troops. -EXP goes up by 2 every battle. More if you kill enemy commanders or generals. -During Cao Cao's campaign, several of your generals rebel. It would be wise not to build up their levels and zeal during the course of the game. See Cao Cao's walkthrough for details on which generals are involved. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Flow Charts --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Flow Charts detail every path you can possibly choose as each character. While they may be a little confusing to read in this form, just look at the flow chart in the game under the game history and then (player name saga) and it should make sense. I have put in all the event names that I have unlocked so hopefully it should help you make sense of the path you are choosing. You can see which events you have unlocked and you can tell what path you are on. The events I havenít unlocked are left as ??? like in the game. I will come back in a later version when I have unlocked all the events and fill it in completely. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. Liu Beiís Event Flow Chart ( 29/49, 59% Complete ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oath in the Garden | | Lu Bu, Honored Guest / | \ | | | | | | Lu Bu, Ally Lu Bu's Invasion Lu Buís Assault | | | | | | | \ / Lu Bu, Crazed Tiger Guan Yuís Escape | | | | Lu Bu, Once Again Jing in Turmoil / \ / \ / \ | | Lu Bu at Lu Bu & Cao Cao ??? Sleeping Dragon the Court | | | / \ | | | ??? Zhuge Liangís ??? | | | Plan / \ | | | | \ ??? ??? ??? Zhuge Liang In Wu | The War \ | \ / \ | | for the Seal Xi Liang ??? ??? ??? Cao Caoís Fate \ | Jing Alliance <--_|____/ | | \ | / \ / | / / Liu Bei and Shu Ma Chaoís Ma Chaoís ??? | / / | Defeat Return / ??? <-- War With Liu Zhang | | / | / Sun Liís Liu Beiís Resolve |______________/______________ Dilemma | | / | | Unification | | | Two Dynasties | | | | | | __________|________ Three Kingdoms \ / / \ | | / ??? ??? King of ??? / / \ | Han Zhong | / | \| | | ??? | ??? Joint attack on Wei ??? | | \ | / | | Two Kingdoms \ / ??? / \ ??? ??? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- IV. Liu Beiís Best Ending Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Oath in the Garden -This is a really easy event. Simply win the battle against your foes to move on. Itís not very hard to do since you have more troops than the enemy. 2. Lu Bu, Honored Guest -In this event, choose to ally with Lu Bu by sending an envoy with the diplomat skill to Lu Buís capital and then click yes when it asks to negotiate a truce. - IMPORTANT, send Liu Bei as a diplomat north to a city that has Zhao Yun as a civilian. He is a VERY important character to recruit as he will help your army out greatly. -If you canít do it in this chapter do it soon before Zhao Yun disappears. 3. Lu Bu Crazed Tiger -Another straightforward event, just defeat your enemies and watch Lu Bu as he begins to become crazed. Capture the city you are told to. 4. Lu Bu Once Again -You are allied with Lu Bu again and you defeat your enemies. -There is only one option so this is easy to navigate the right path through. Simply capture Xu Chang to win. 5. Lu Bu at the Court -Lu Bu tries to sack Xu Chang but Liu Bei stops him. -Lu Bu comes to slay the emperor and knocks Liu Bei away. -Donít attack Lu Bu, instead Liu Bei has to choose to unify southern Jing. Do this by occupying all three of the glowing cities. 6. Xi Liang ñ Jing Alliance -Send an envoy with the diplomat skill all the way northwest to Ma Chaoís capital and form an alliance with him. -At the same time send a diplomat to Sun Ceís capital and ally with him. If you donít you will go to war with Sun Ce and not get the best ending. -RECRUIT Zhang Liao!!! After Lu Buís defeat Zhang Liao is sitting around as a civilian at a city near Liu Beiís capital. Like Zhao Yun, Zhang Liao will greatly benefit your army as he is very strong and comes with a lot of troops. 7. Ma Chaoís Return -Ma Chao and Ma Dai join you. -Sun Ce dies and Sun Quan succeeds and attacks Cao Cao. -While they are fighting each other you have to attack Liu Zhang and capture the Yi province by occupying Cheng Du. 8. Liu Beiís Resolve -With Ma Chaoís help Liu Bei controls Yi. Now you control 2/3 of the land. Cao Cao forms the kingdom Wei, ending the Han Dynasty. Cao Cao allies with Sun Quan, king of Wu. -Liu Bei has to defeat this new alliance to win. - Do this by occupying the glowing cities of Jian Ye, Xu Chang, Ye, and Han Zhong. -RECRUIT Yan Yan, Fa Zheng, and Pang De who are sitting as civilians north of Liu Beiís capital. They are all strong units and will help out forming your armies to fight Wu and Wei. 9. Unification (best ending) -Liu Bei defeats Cao Cao and Sun Quan and unifies the land. -The people demand that Liu Bei become emperor and so Liu Bei does, lamenting that the Han Emperor never lived to see the time of peace. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- V. Cao Caoís Event Flow Chart ( 31/37, 84 % Complete ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emperor | War Council / \ / \ | | Yuan Shu the Pretender Fate of the Beast | | | On Heroes | | The Beast Departs The Noble Guan Yu / | \ / \ | | | ??? Farewell, Guan Yu Liu Beiís Betrayal ??? Truce / | | \ | \ ??? Deathbed | \ | \ / | The Beastís Plan ??? Two Strategists Guo Jiaís Death | / \ | Power Guo Jia North and South South or East? | at Chi Bi | / \ Greed | Rise of Wu Villian Farewell | ??? \ / Guan Yu Zhuge Liangís Shadow | Liu Bei Flees to Wu | | ??? | Ma Chao's Heroes Divided | Late Unification Revolt | ??? | Victory To Han Zhong | Guan Yu Comes North | The Three Kingdoms Apparently you can also go: The Beast Departs -->Liu Bei at Guan Du-->The Noble Guan Yu-->Deathbed--> Farewell, Guan Yu--> etc... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. Cao Caoís Best Ending Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Emperor -Cao Cao declares his troops the Imperial Army. -Just win the battle you are in at Chang An to advance to the next event. 2. War Council -Liu Bei asks for aid against Lu Bu. -Choose to ignore Liu Bei and attack Yuan Shu in Ru Nan. (NOT Yuan Shao. Read Carefully) -Donít attack Lu Bu and help Liu Bei or you will be on Cao Caoís bad path. -Recruit many generals before killing Yuan Shu. You have plenty of time. - Get Dian Wei, Ju Yin, Ji Ling, Xun You, Xu Huang, Xu Zhu if you can. 3. Yuan Shu The Pretender -After Killing Yuan Shu, Cao Cao turns his sights on Lu Bu -You have 20 Turns to kill Lu Bu. -Capture Xia Pi and take out Lu Bu. -Try to capture Zhang Liao in battle, or recruit him after you win this event. 4. The Beast Departs -Cao Cao defeats Lu Bu, who joins him. Sima Yi also joins. -Yuan Shao lets Liu Bei join him and his massive army threatens Cao Cao -Choose NOT to ally with Yuan Shao when he sends his envoy. -Attack Zhang Xiu and capture Wan to recruit Jia Xu. -Send Cao Cao and Lu Bu to Xia Pi to recruit Cheng Gong and Zhang Liao if you already havenít. -Wait until your last turn to capture the border city and Cao Pi will join. -Occupy one of Yuan Shaoís border cities: Chen Liu, Pu Yang, Ping Yuan, He Nei or Jin Yang to continue. 5. Liu Beiís Betrayal -A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE HAVING TROUBLE WITH THIS. LET ME BE CLEAR: SEND YOUR ARMIES INTO YUAN SHAO'S CITY ADJACENT TO THE NORTH OF YOURS -After invading Yuan Shaoís territory, Liu Bei offers to defect and take out Yuan Shaoís supply depot. -Accept Liu Beiís offer and send a diplomat envoy to form an alliance with him to complete this event. 6. The Beastís Plan -Liu Bei and his followers (Zhang Fei, Guan Yu) join you. -Lu Bu takes Zhang Liao, Chen Gong and Gao Shun and goes to invade Jing. -Yuan Shao dies, leaving Yuan Tan as leader. -Defeat Yuan Tan and occupy Bo Hai in 15 turns to move on. 7. Power -Lu Bu rebels along with Zhang Liao, Cheng Gong and Gao Shun. -Recruit Zhao Yun along with anyone else you can by sending Liu Bei as an envoy to Jen Ding in the North. -Kill the rebelling Lu Bu and occupy Jiang Ling in 10 turns. 8. Greed -Zhuge Liang joins you. -Cao Cao plans to attack Sun Ce and Wu. -Just end your turn to go on to the next event. 9. Zhuge Liangís Shadow -Liu Bei comes takes Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei & Zhuge Liang and leaves you to attack Ma Teng as part of Zhuge Liangís plan. -Cao Cao is left to attack Wu by himself. -Defeat Sun Ce and occupy Jian Ye within 15 turns. 10. Heroes Divided -Cao Cao defeats Sun Ce -Meanwhile, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Liu Zhang, Sima Yi, and Ma Tseng rebel against Cao Cao. Liu Bei takes his followers and Sima Yi takes many of your generals such as Deng Ai. -Other pockets of rebellion spring up over China. -Defeat Liu Bei, Sima Yi and Liu Zhang in 60 turns to get Cao Caoís best ending. 11. Victory -Cao Cao defeats the rebels and unites China under his iron fist. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- VII. Sun Ceís Event Flow Chart ( 30/34, 89 % Complete ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sun Ceís Beginning | Sun Ce at Jiang Dong | Kingdom of Wu / \ Cao Cao Takes the North Sun Quanís Stand | | Shoot for the Sun Night Before Chi Bi / \ | The Fleeing Liu Bei Liu Bei Borrows Jiang Xia Zhou Yuís Chi Bi | \ / | Assault on Mt. Jiu Tie Zhou Yu's Chi Bi ??? Liu Bei Takes Jing | | / | Sun Ce and Zhou Yu Sun Quan's Sta / Sun Quan and Guan Yu / \ | \ / | Sun Ceís Determination Sun Ce &| Yi \ / Liu Beiís Vengeance | \ | \ / | | Advance on Cao Cao \ | Liu Bei ??? Zhuge Liangís Death | Advance on Yi betrays Liu Zhang Zhou Yuís Departure | / \ | Liu Bei | \ Zhou Yuís Return Defends Yi ??? Broken | | | Swords Journey Sun Quan's Stand | | \ | ??? \ | Unification ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIII. Sun Ceís Best Ending Walkthrough ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Sun Ceís Beginning -Sun Ce declares he will become Conqueror on his father Sun Jianís sword. -Borrowing troops from Yuan Shu, with Zhou Yu, Sun Ce marches to Jiang Dong -Just win the battle you are in to go to the next event. 2. Sun Ce at Jiang Dong -Zhang Zhao, Cheng Pu, Han Dang and Huang Gai join. -Defeat Liu Yong, Yan Bai Hu and Wang Lang and occupy Wu, Jian Ye and Hui Ji to move on. -Recruit Gan Ning in this chapter or as soon as possible before he disappears. He is very useful. 3. Kingdom of Wu -Sun Ce earns the nickname Little Conqueror -Zhou Yu sends spies to Xu Chang -Choose to attack Liu Biau and Jing Province. Occupy Lu Kou to win. -WARNING Do not send Sun Ce or any unit above your capital towards Cao Cao. If you do, Sun Ce dies and Sun Quan becomes ruler, and you are stuck down the bad ending path. ONLY send units towards Lu Kou. 4. Cao Cao Takes the North -Sun Ce moves to attack Liu Biau. -Occupy Jiang Xia and kill Liu Biau to win. 5. Shoot for the Sun -Cao Cao begins to advance South -Cao Cao demands Sun Ceís surrender -Sun Ce refuses. Zhuge Liang comes with an offer of alliance to Sun Ce. - Kill Fei Zhan and reoccupy Shi Shin. -Do NOT ally with Liu Bei. -Donít attack Cao Cao. 6. The Fleeing Liu Bei -Liu Bei is scattered by Cao Cao -Cao Caoís forces occupy Lu Kou -Sun Ce decides to target Cao Caoís supplies -Occupy Lu Kou to win. 7. Assault of Mt. Jiu Tie -Sun Ce personally leads an attack force on Cao Caoís supply depot at Mt. Jiu Tie. -Cao Cao retreats to Xu Chang -Sun Ce is badly wounded but does not tell any of his officers -Sun Ce campaigns into both Northern and Southern Jing in the wake of Cao Caoís retreat. -Occupy the glowing cities of Jiang Ling, Jiang Xia, Xiang Yang, Cheng Sha, Ling Ling, Gui Yang and Wu Ling to move on to the next event. 8. Sun Ce and Zhou Yu -Zhou Yu discovers Sun Ce is wounded, he asks Sun Ce to rest but Sun Ce refuses saying it would be cowardly. -Sun Ceís younger siblings, Sun Quan and Sun Li join. -Defeat Xu Gong and Shi Xie and occupy Wu and Nan Hai. 9. Sun Ceís Determination -Sun Ce realizes his wound is taking its toll and wishes to attack Cao Cao before he dies. -Your advisors say to attack Yi and defeat Liu Zhang but Sun Ce will not listen. -Stop Cao Caoís advance and prepare to march on Xu Chang. 10. Advance on Cao Cao -Occupy Xu Chang 11. Zhou Yuís Departure -Cao Cao forces the emperor to issue an edict against Sun Ce. -Ma Tseng and Liu Bei agree to the edict and ally with Cao Cao against Sun Ce, who finds himself suddenly surrounded. -Zhou Yu mysteriously disappears, leaving Sun Ce shorthanded. 12. Zhou Yuís Return -Sun Ce grows reckless without Zhou Yuís guidance -He finds himself surrounded by Cao Cao deep in enemy territory -Sun Ceís wound prevents him from fighting free -When all hope is lost, Zhou Yu arrives leading reinforcements. -Together they rout Cao Caoís army and then Zhou Yu convinces Sun Ce to admit his failing health due to the wound to all his generals. -Sun Ce allies with Ma Teng -Defeat Cao Cao and Liu Bei and occupy the glowing cities of Ye, Chang An, Luo Yang, and Cheng Du to win. 13. Journey -Sun Ce defeats all of his enemies and conquers the land of China. -A mortally wounded Sun Ce leaves for a journey with Zhou Yu while he still has time to live, ceding all his power to his brother Sun Quan. -Sun Quan ascends to the Imperial Throne and leads China to a time of prosperity. -It is said that Sun Ce and Zhou Yu continued to fight in faraway lands. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- IX. Generals ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have included a list of the best generals for each of the Three Kingdoms. This list includes only those generals you can recruit or that you start out with NOT ones you can capture. For a complete general list check out my Dynasty Tactics General Database FAQ coming soon to gamefaqs.com (207/225 complete right now) Liu Bei- Guan Yu Zhang Fei Zhao Yun Zhuge Liang Jiang Wei Yan Yan Ma Chao Zhang Ren Pang De Cao Cao- Guo Jia Xiahou Dun Zhang Liao Gan Ning Xun Yu Tian Feng Cheng Yu Xu Huang Xiahou Yuan Jiang Wei Sun Ce- Zhou Yu Huang Zhong Taishi Ci Lu Xun Zhou Tai Gan Ning Sun Quan Cheng Pu Xu Sheng ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- X. Unit Types ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are four types of units in Dynasty Tactics. Infantry- Type EXP Needed Atk/Def/Special ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Footmen 1 25/30 Infantry 25 30/40 Spearmen 30 40/30 Rangers 50 30/40/Good in Mountain Pikemen 70 40/50/Melee skill ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archers- Type Exp Needed Atk/Def/Special ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bowmen 1 20/25 Archers 25 30/20 Hvy Archers 40 40/15 Marines 50 35/20/Good in Shoal Crossbow 70 50/10/Lure Skill ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cavalry- Type Exp Needed Atk/Def/Special ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Horsemen 1 35/25 Cavalry 30 45/30 Bow Riders 40 35/25/Bow attack Brigadiers 70 45/45/Press Skill ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Builders/Special- Type Exp Needed Atk/Def/Special ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special - 5/5 Spies are this type Builders 1 20/15/Heal, Build depots Hvy Arms 40 25/20/Heal, Build weapons ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- XI. Tactics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tactic Type Effect ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aid LEA Help ally attack enemy unit if facing same dir. All Attack LEA All enemies adjacent to enemy unit attack All Charge LEA Charge enemy with ally, pushed back 3 spaces Ambush INT Unit in grass/forest attacks/confuses enemy Awe STR Enemy units pushed back, morale lowered Boost STR Ally unit morale up, moves forward one space Charge STR Enemy is attacked, unit follows them 3 spaces Circle LEA Atk pushes enemy forward one space, confuses Decoy INT Enemy follows unit forward one space after atk Feint INT Enemy moves forward one space after attack Flank STR Atk lowers morale/pushes forward (side only) Flood INT Enemy in shoal/river attacked, confused, moved Fire Arrow STR Confuse, atk & push back enemies within range Fire Attack INT Adjacent enemy in grass confused, pushed, atk Gather INT Enemy units gather around targeted enemy Mislead INT Adjacent Enemy pushed back 3 spaces no atk Muddle INT Two Adjacent enemies attack each other/- morale Pierce STR Unit attacks enemy, moves through 3 spaces Pincer LEA Multiple foes between allies attacked, confused Pit INT Enemy unit pulled across map to unit Pursue STR Unit facing enemy rear moves 1 square, morale - Raid STR Unit attacks multiple enemies lined up Repel STR Attacks adjacent enemies, pushes back one space Revive LEA Adjacent allied units morale up Rockslide INT Enemy adjacent to ally on hill confused, atked Shift LEA Adjacent ally shifts with unit, enemy attacked Surround LEA Ally unit moves to surround enemy if lined up Swarm LEA Unit, allies lined up atk push back enemy Switch INT Unit and enemy exchange places Taunt INT Enemy unit pulled across map, morale up Volley STR Atk and push back enemy units within range ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- XII. Skills & Trumps ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Effect Condition ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archery Bow attack up Morale 80+ Brute Attack Str Up Next to enemy w/morale 40- Conqueror Atk/Def UP Unlim. STR Tactics Morale 80+ Diplomat Can make treaties as Envoy - Fame Attack Str up Adjacent to Army Commander Fortitude Attack Str up Morale 40- Genius Enemies confused by tactics Morale 80+ Guard Def Up Morale 80+ Hero Unlimited use of LEA Tactics Morale 80+ Menace Unlimited use of STR Tactics Morale 80+ Might Attack Str Up Morale 80+ Overlord Unlimited use LEA/INT Tactics Morale 80+ Rage Morale and Atk rise Allied unit defeated Speed Movement like plains always Morale 80+ Spy Can join battle as Envoy - Strategy Unlimited use of INT Tactics Morale 80+ Support Adjacent allies attack + 50% Morale 80+ Wile INT tactics more effective Use INT type tactic Zeal Receive twice the deeds - Trumps ñ These are randomly available by Strategists Trump Effect ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Panic All enemies are confused Contain Enemies cannot use tactics Rally Raise Morale, atk, def for one ally Haste Make unitís turn first Slow Make unitís turn last Rage Change all units to Rage Guard Change all units to Guard Muster All allies morale +5, all enemies morale -5 Confuse Confuse one enemy unit Threat Lower one enemy's morale, attack and defense Scout Enemy cannot use skills for one turn ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- XIII. Items ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item Location Effect ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Strategies Occupy Ye Change Skill to Wile 6 Books Occupy Wan Change Skill to Strategy Arabian Occupy Jiou Chaun Change Skill to Speed Arbalest Occupy Cheng Du Archer type Exp + 30 Analects Occupy Zi Tong Lea + 15 Avenger Occupy Chang An Str + 15 Blue Blade Occupy Xu Chang Str + 15 Blue Dragon Kill Guan Yu w/combo Change Skill to Might Book of Arms Occupy Xiang Yang Special Type Exp + 30 Book of Gods Occupy Liao Dong Int + 20 Crescent Kill Lu Bu w/combo Change Skill to Menace Histories Occupy Yu Lin Lea + 20 Harness Occupy Tian Shui Cavalry Type Exp + 30 Lao Tzu Kill Yuan Shao w/ combo Change Skill to Hero Legends Occupy Bei Ping Change Skill to Fortitude Meng De Kill Cao Cao w/combo Change Skill to Overlord Mo Tzu Occupy Ru Nan Change Skill to Guard On Archery Kill Huang Zhong w/combo Change Skill to Archery On Policy Occupy Pan Yang Change Skill to Diplomat On Valor Occupy Ling Ling Receive 2x deeds Spell Book Occupy Jian An Int + 10 Pike Occupy Pu Yang Infantry Type Exp + 30 Seven Star Occupy Luo Yang Str + 20 Sun Tzu Occupy Jian Ye Change Skill to Genius Sun Blade Kill Sun Ce w/combo Str + 10 Treatise Occupy Jian Ning Lea + 10 War Manual Occupy Han Zhong Change Skill to Spy Way of Peace Occupy Ping Yuan Int + 15 Wu Tzu Occupy Yun Nan Change Skill to Support Xun Tzu Occupy Xia Pi Change Skill to Fame ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- XIV. Secrets ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Easy Event Flow Chart Path Unlocking- Look at my event flow charts. When you reach an event that branches out into two paths, save the game. When you go down one path and beat the game you can simply reload the saved game at the branching event and go down the other path without playing the game all over again. Unit Experience Trick- You can unequip an exp + item and after changing a unitís type remove the item and the unit type will remain the same. Example: Guan Yu has cavalry exp of 40. Equip the harness and now he has 70. Change his type to Brigadiers and unequip the harness. Unit type is still Brigadiers. Battlefield Layout Trick- If you get a bad setup on a battlefield itís always random so if you saved just reload the save and try again. Large Troop Number Trick- Equip a unit with the On Valor item to double deeds gained which raises troop numbers significantly. Twice the Skills Trick- You can unequip items from certain generals and they will still have their skills. Example: Unequip the Meng De from Cao Cao and he still has the overlord skill. You can give someone else the skill now to by equipping the Meng De. Across the Map Army Switch Trick- Fighting a two front campaign? Need to switch some of your stronger armies to the other side of your territory? As long as your cities are connected as in, the AI hasnít occupied any of your cities, breaking a continuous line of cities under your control, you can do it easily. 1) Take the army you want to move and remove them from their unit one by one but MAKE SURE TO ADD ANOTHER ARMY COMMANDER TO KEEP THE ARMY IN PLACE 2) Take the army you want to move the 1st army to and remove all the units then add the units you removed from the first army across the map. 3) Take the units you took out of the 2nd army and put them in the 1st armyís old spot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- XV. FAQs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What is up with those tactics where the name is on fire??? A: dmcgeever@zoominternet.net says this about the "super tactics" "Very rarely, when doing a tactical combo, it will show the tactic name, and then show it covered in flames. The music changes for the rest of the combo, and instead of the normal cutscene, it shows the officer killing enemies in slow motion, and he/she says something. Generic officers say, "have you learned your lesson yet?". So far, I have seen this for raid, repel, and charge tactics. I have seen it in a combo as short as 4 tactics, but never early in the game. A quick way to see it is to save on the turn of the last guy before a combo, then run through it 5-10 times. If it has more than 1 of repel, raid, and charge, you will probably see it at some point." Q: Why canít I add any more Officers to my Army??? A: If you are only in control of one or two cities the amount of officers you can add to your armies is limited. This will probably only be a problem in Liu Beiís first couple events. You can still form a second army, you just canít add more officers to it. Q: How come my troop numbers arenít increasing? A: Your officer(s) arenít receiving enough deeds. Try killing all of the enemy officers before the enemy commander and try to use lots of high level combos. This helps you gain deeds. Q: Why canít Officer X get Tactic Y? A: Some officers canít get certain tactics unless you steal them from an enemy by attacking from behind. Most officers are more likely to learn tactics that are their type ie, Guan Yu gets more STR tactics and Liu Bei gets more LEA tactics. Q: How can I get general Z to join me? A: Check all of your officerís friend lists. If they have general Zís name send them to the city he is in to recruit him. Also check General Zís friend list to see if any of your officers are on it. Note, this only works to recruit civilian generals. Q: You said to recruit general xyz but I donít see them at any city? A: If you wait too long one of the other armies will recruit generals that are just sitting as civilians. Also, check all the cities that have a white feather, which means civilians are present. Q: How can I capture enemy officers? A: Only certain enemy officers can be captured. The army commander (Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Ce, etc) and his strategist (Guan Yu, Guo Jia, Zhou Yu) cannot be captured. Otherwise, execute a high level combo, more than half of the general you are trying to captureís level and make sure you kill their unit with the combo and you capture them. Example: Liu Bei finishes off a 6 tactic combo and Lu Bu (level 13) and Zhang Liao (level 10) are killed during the combo. Zhang Liao is captured, Lu Bu is not. Q: How do I entice enemy officers to join me in a battle? A: Again this only works on certain enemy officers. Move next to an enemy that has morale less than 40 with a spy and see if the entice command pops up. Q: What is your best # of combos/total damage? A: My top # of combos is 8. I did it using both strategists linking and another attack. My highest total damage is a 6 combo involving Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, Jiang Wei, Liu Bei, Ma Chao and Guan Yu for a total damage of 133,154. My lowest combo on the list is for 62,669 damage. Q: Can I view event X over again? A: After you beat the game go back into the saga history and click on an event to view it again. Q: What the hell? I canít understand your flow chart at all! A: Go into the game and load your history. Then, go to the bottom choice where it says history and look at one of the three sagas. My flow charts are copies of the sagas but in the game they go horizontal and mine is vertical. Itís much easier to visualize when youíre looking at the game. Q: I can't get the Liu Bei's Betrayal event to work as Cao Cao? A: Make sure you complete the events in this particular order: Emperor ---> War Council ---> Yuan Shu the Pretender ---> The Beast departs If you do not sucessfully follow these events in that path, there is no way to get Liu Bei to join you. And you do NOT ally with him, you KILL him and he joins you. You kill Liu Bei in the beast departs event by invading the city he is in and then he joins you. Q: In the Liu Bei campaign I cannot form an alliance with Sun Ce and Ma Chao keeps getting beaten and disapearing? A: Make sure you send an ENVOY with the DIPLOMAT skill to Sun Ce's CAPITAL. During the Xi Liang - Jing Alliance event. Also make sure you arrive in his capital before your turns run out you cannot be landing in his capital with your diplomat on the end of your last turn you must have at least 1 turn remaining when you arrive. If you do not do exactly this you cannot ally with him in time. Also be sure you completed the events in this order leading up to it: Oath in the Garden ---> Lu Bu, Honored Guest ---> Lu Bu Crazed Tiger ---> Lu Bu Once Again ---> Lu Bu at the Court Q: I canít follow your walkthrough! The event I get is different than the one you described!? A: Check again carefully to see if you maybe made a wrong decision. Once you are down a certain path on the event flow chart you are out of luck. Q: How come Iím not getting any Trumps in battle? A: They are seemingly random and donít pop up early in the game. Otherwise, just have a high level strategist with lots of tactics and trumps appear in battles. Q: What is the max damage from one tactic? One Combo? A: For one single tactic it is 99,999 and that can only be from a tactic in a high level combo. From one combo I would imagine it is 999,999 but I haven't seen above 400,000 done. Q: I canít beat event xyz. Help me! A: Try moving to the enemy capital and targeting the enemy commander in the battle. If you can draw them over to your units with a taunt or pit tactic you can surround them and win the battle very quick and easy and beat the event. Q: Iím still having trouble with event xyz! A: Email me, maybe I can help: calibordr17@aol.com Q: I have a suggestion or question not otherwise answered! A: Email me: calibordr17@aol.com they are welcomed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- XVI. Miscellaneous & Top Combos ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If anyone has unlocked an event that I havenít please tell me the name and the location on the flow chart so I can add it. Also, if you know of any items or trumps or skills or tactics I missed let me know! Thanks to: mstalisman@cox.net - For providing more info on Trumps I was missing Darkfire 7 - Directing my attention to the "super tactics" and giving me info on his DT experiences thrasher@iquest.net - Giving me MANY MANY missing events to fill in gaps on my flowcharts A thank you to gamefaqs.com for providing an outlet for my three kingdoms fanaticism. Thanks to Koei for bringing Dynasty Tactics over to the states for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to all my fellow Dynasty Tactics fans, without whom I would never have written this FAQ. And Yes, I know, I really should have finished my Kessen II FAQ before doing this one but oh well, thatís next I swear! If you are interested in using my FAQ on your website or something just GET MY PERMISSION FIRST. Almost always I will say yes, I just like to be asked first. Email me at calibordr17@aol.com if you want permission to use my FAQ/Walkthrough or a part of it. Top Combos: General Tactic Damage ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Submitted by "Darkfire 7" I. Xu You Mislead 0 II. Xiahou Dun Aid 6526 III. Xu Huang Charge 5503 IV. Xu Zhu Shift 2163 V. Zhong Yao Surround 30960 VI. Lu Xun Decoy 4415 VII. Cao Cao All Attack 39857 VIII. Cheng Yu Surround 33262 IX. Dian Wei Charge 81450 X. Zhang Liao Surround 99999 Total damage: 304,135 2. Submitted By Calibordr17@aol.com I. Zhang Fei II. Zhuge Liang III. Jiang Wei IV. Liu Bei V. Ma Chao VI. Guan Yu Total Damage: 133,154 NOTE: This faq is copyrighted by international copyright law. Using it without expressed consent of the author, Sean Twomey, is a violation of the law and subject to prosecution.</p>