.::Final Fantasy X-2::. ~Japanese Version ~Walkthrough and FAQ ~By IiNcX.z (a.k.a Eric) ~Version FINAL Introduction ------------ This is my first time writing a walkthrough so please bear with me all right if I don't meet your expectations. This walkthrough will guide you on getting a 100% for your Story Level Completion. I'll try my best to make this guide as useful as possible to help fellow gamers to get through this wonderful masterpiece created by Squaresoft. Really hope it helps you ^^' . Many thanks to those who have helped me, especially members of the FFX-2 Message Board on GameFAQs. To those who are using this walkthrough, all the best! Websites -------- This section contains websites who have posted my FAQ on their sites. ~ www.gamefaqs.com (original site) ~ www.epiGamer.com ~ www.cheatcc.com ~ www.ffx2online.com ~ www.neoseeker.com ~ www.cheathappens.com ~ www.computerunderground.com ~ www.loochoo.com ~ www.fffusion.com ~ www.cheats.de ~ www.ffextreme.com ~ www.SPOnG.com ~ www.hostultra.com/~zanmato_net ~ www.gamedreamin.com ~ www.rpgamer.com ~ www.ff.warcry.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -WALKTHROUGH- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .::STORY LEVEL 1::. Mission 1 --------- After the first CG scene, there will be a battle between Paine and Rikku against Yuna. Defeat her and she'll run away from the stage. Now, you'll be in control of Rikku. Chase after Yuna. You'll notice that Paine will be chasing her as well. Few soldiers will be in your path. Take them down. An easy job if you're a FF player. Remember to take a left turn at a junction to the harbour to meet with a moogle. It'll heal your HP. After a few rounds of battle, another scene will take place. The REAL Yuna will be introduced. A plump guy (Uno) and a tall guy (Sano) will battle with you. Defeat them with ease. Now who's the FAKE Yuna? The FAKE Yuna is actually a sphere hunter's group leader known as Le Blanc. She reveals herself and another battle will occur. Defeat her and you have completed your first mission. Mission 2 --------- By this time, you are back on board of Celcius. Talk to everyone on your plane. Do not FORGET about the guy at the resting area in your airship. Take the lift to the resting section and talk to him. After talking, emergency lights will go on. Head back to the cockpit. Click on the mission link and off you go for your second mission. you'll be dropped off from Celcius on top of a big shiny ruin. A scene will occur. After that, just follow the trail and go down the stairs. See the shiny blue switch on the wall? Activate it and you'll fall to the lower ground. Make your way down the cliff and climb up again on the cliff situated at the right corner of the screen. Proceed to the open area. What a surprise? The Le Blanc group is here again. After the talking scene with them, Boss fight! -|Bosses ~ Le Blanc, Uno & Sano|- Level 3 Le Blanc's HP: 120 MP: 320 Uno's HP: 130 MP: 10 Sano's HP: 100 MP: 25 This is an easy battle. Just finish off Uno, followed by Sano and lastly, Le Blanc. Remember to cast blind unto them using the Singer/Dancer dress if you want to avoid their physical attacks. Keep attacking and healing at the same time. They can't do much harm to you. After the battle, a time limit of 6:00 mins have been set for you to get them. Now, head straight to grab a treasure chest, then turn back, do not ascend the pillar as there is nothing up there. Notice that there's a platform to get over to the other tower. By pressing the action button, jump over to the other side. Head to the entrance. Sano will appear with a group of soldiers. Defeat them. Now go into the tower. Look at the map, there'll be a left and right junction. Activate both the switches. This will lower the platform for you to climb on. Go back to the straight route and run after them. You should be in the open area now after exiting the tower. Go around the tower. Go on top of the fallen pillar and jump across to the other section. Climb up the tower and you'll notice a save point. If you reach the Le Blancs on time, you'll see them clinging on to a cliff. Grab the item in the treasure chest and head up. Another scene will occur. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Bory Spider|- Level 4 HP: 804 (Oversoul) MP: 0 Depending whether the spider is oversouled or not. If not, it's quite easy to beat. Just keep on healing with potions and maintain a good timing of attack. If it's oversouled, it'll release static web that causes your party to stop moving. Don't worry, it'll wear off in time. Just follow the strategy above to beat him with ease. Once you're back on the ship, you'll see Aniki lying down on the floor. After the scene, talk to Shinra and he will give you the Black Mage Dress Sphere. Immediately after that, Celcius alarm signal goes off! Time for some missions! Side Missions ------------- Go to Macalania Forest and head to the place where you first obtained your first Jecht Sphere in FFX. It's the place where Auron cut through the forest. Upon reaching there, talk to Tromell Guado in the middle of the lake for 3 times. You'll then get the Paine's special dress sphere. You can get this Special Dress by completing the "Where's My Musician" in Macalania forest too if you have missed it here. Now, head to the Mushroom Rock Road. There's a group of soldiers standing together. Talk to the leader and a mission will start. Talk to Clasko who is standing behind them. Then head on to the next scene. You'll see Sano and Ano running towards something. Follow them and you'll get a sphere. Now return to the main path and take the elevator up. You'll have a conversation with Irma. Mission completed. After the conversation with Irma, head to Nooj's base camp and talk to Ruchiru at the entrance to the base. As you are leaving the base, Maechen will appear. Let him walk towards a corner, next to Ruchiru and he will sit there. Talk to him by choosing the second option. From there onwards, he will talk for a very long time, regarding Spira. This event contributes 1% to your story completion. *Note* [This event is only available when you play the game a 2nd time] Also known as Dark Gunner dress. Go to Moonflow. Head to the right side of the save point and you'll see a short red guy, Toberi, walking around. Talk to him and he will ask for your help to escort a peddlar back to him. After talking to him, head down south of Moonflow. The peddlar will be on the right side of the road. Talk to the peddlar and agree that you'll accompany him along his journey. Mission starts. Defend the peddlar's luggage from bandits. Make sure there are luggages left when you reach the end of the road. As a reward, you'll receive the sphere. Mission completed. *Note* If possible, do not lose any of your luggages during the mission as this is important in getting an Episode Complete in Moonflow later. *Note* If you want to do this mission in Story Level 1, you won't be able do get an accessory dealing 9999 damage when your HP is yellow during Story Level 2. It's your choice. You can get this dress later in the game by helping a guy to sell tickets. On the other hand, getting this accessory will not give you an Episode Complete in Moonflow as well as getting the Mascot Dress Sphere. It's your choice too. ^^ Head to Macalania forest. Take the shiny route to the end of the forest. Exit the forest and you'll see some Al-Bheds attacking a house which belongs to O'Aka. You'll then see O'Aka running away from them. Mission starts. Chase O'Aka. Take the shortest route back to the front of Macalania forest. Follow him to the next scene. In the next section, there's 4 routes, take the north one. You'll see a person standing there. but where's O'Aka? He's hiding on top of a tree on the left screen. Move Yuna to the left side and you'll see him there. Choose the first option. O'Aka will now be on your airship. Mission completed. A scene will occur and you start with Yuna in a moogle suit. Now go down the stairs. A man in uniform approaches you. A conversation takes place. After that, you got to look for the man who spoke to you. He's right beside a stall where there's a woman standing near it. It's quite hard to spot him because he is squatting down. Talk to him and you'll be asked to pass out balloons to 10 people. 8 people are in the square and 2 are in a hidden room below the big blue monitor screen up north. Do this and the story will go on. Mission completed. You'll get a Result Plate for completing the mission. First, head on back to Djose Temple. Line up in the queue to enter the tent just outside the temple. Talk to the guy at the counter and choose the first and second option. You'll be allowed to enter the temple after that. You'll now meet another new character. His name is Gabriel. Talk to him. After that, go outside the temple and head on south. Gabriel will be there talking to another guy. Talk to him again and choose the first option. He'll give you a pass. As a result, another active link will appear on the map. After the conversation, you'll be back on Celcius. Go to Sanubia Desert. There'll be a guy talking to Paine and Rikku at the right side. Approach them. After the conversation, talk to the guy in front of the machina vehicle and choose the first option. Then talk to two other guys who are chatting with each other beside a machina vehicle. A lady will then appear. Talk to her. Mission starts. Talk to the guy in front of the machina vehicle and choose the first option. You'll be brought into the desert. All you got to do now is to find the yellow cross on the map and dig the treasure out. After getting it, return to the vehicle and back to the base. Mission completed. You'll be rewarded with a Result Plate. *Note* There will be a treasure chest here which you will not be able to open it until Story Level 5. Therefore, in SL 5, go and meet Clasko at Nagi Plains and send your chocobos to the desert island. Then go dig at the Central Desert until you find the Desert Key. The chest contains a Result Plate that allows you steal money while attacking the enemies. This mission takes a long time to complete. Firstly, head on to Calm Lands and talk to anyone of the 2 people beside the machina vehicle. Choose the option with the word "PR", choose the first option and you'll then activate the mission. The sole purpose of this mission is travel around Spira and ask the opinions of the people. By pressing the square button when you talk to a person, it'll open up a menu. Choose the 1st option. It will then open another menu with 5 options. You've got to guess which question suites the people most. The correct answer will be given more PR points. Not all people have this PR option. Collect a total of 400 PR points. Mission completed. After initiating the PR mission, head to the travel agency in the middle of Calm Lands. Talk to the guy near the save point, at the right counter. Choose the first option to accept the offer to help him to look for a bride for the man who's seen squatting down behind him. This side mission is resembles the PR mission stated above. You have to go around Spira and ask the people's opinions, especially the ladies, whether they are interested in that particular man. By using the square button, another option will appear. Note that the first option is for the PR mission, the 2nd option is for the marriage mission. To pass this mission, you have to at least gather over 80 points. [All credits go to Mike Villarin a.k.a Nacudar for this wonderful section] Below are the options you should choose for each person asked. You have 5 questions to ask each person,and I've labled them with #1,#2,#3,#4 and #5. Here's an example: Besaid Island: Village Eg.Woman at counter of item shop. PR:#5 Bride:#3 It means in Besaid village, go to the woman at the counter of the item shop, press square and you can ask her questions about PR or Bride. Choosing the PR option will open up another menu, choose the #5 option for the best answer. This will earn you 5 points. Same goes to the Bridal Mission. Here are the list for of the options you should choose: Besaid Island: Village 1.Man in house located at lower right section of the village. PR:#1 2.Woman in front of house mentioned above. PR:#2 Bride:#3 3.Woman at counter of item shop. PR:#5 Bride:#3 4.Woman with dog following her. PR:#4 Bride:#4 5.Keepa(in the house located in the upper left section of the village) PR:#1 6.Kid in Besaid Temple. PR:#3 Kilika Island: Southern Area 1.Man on western side. PR:#5 2.Man on eastern side. (near the treasure chest) PR:#4 Kilika Island: Northern Area 1.Man walking to the left bottom edge of the screen. (when you first enter) PR:#5 2.Man near the left bottom edge of the screen. PR:#4 3.Man in front of house next to Dona's. PR:#5 4.Woman on eastern side. (near ship) PR:#2 Bride:#3 Luca: Area where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle in FFX 1.Woman on left bench. PR:#3 Bride:#2 2.Woman on right bench. PR:#5 Bride:#3 Luca: Central Square 1.The old woman sitting on the left most bench. PR:#5 2.Kid standing next to balloon stall. PR:#4 Luca: Inside Stadium 1.Woman sitting alone upstairs. PR:#2 Bride:#2 2.Man walking around. Luca: The Port 1.Woman walking by PR:#4 Bride:#2 2.Man walking around PR:#1 Mihen Highroad: Near the stairs from Luca 1.The two women on the left side of the road. A.The left one. PR:#1 Bride:#1 B.The right one. PR:#2 Bride:#5 2.The man on the right side of the road. (a wide area) PR:#3 Mihen Highroad: Before the travel agency 1.Al Bhed woman on the left side of the road. (with some machina) PR:#4 Bride:#2 2.Man on right side of the road. (next to the hovercraft) PR:#2 Mihen Highroad: Travel Agency 1.Man sitting on the ledge in front of the travel agency. PR:#1 2.Man at the table inside travel agency. PR:#3 3.Woman at the table inside travel agency. PR:#2 Bride:#4 Mihen Highroad: After the travel agency 1.Woman on the 2nd bridge. PR:#4 Bride:#1 Mihen Highroad: The Old Road. 1.Man in northern part of road(looks like Wantz,O'Aka's bro) PR:#2 2.Woman near the save point. PR:#4 Bride:#1 3.The 2 men sitting at the end of the road. A.The upper one. PR:#1 B.The lower one. PR:#3 Djose Temple: Outside the temple 1.Woman near the save point. PR:#3 Bride:#4 2.Al Bhed woman near the small house. PR:#1 Bride:#5 3.The man standing most left. PR:#2 Djose Temple: The 2 stone bridges 1.Al Bhed woman walking by. PR:#3 Bride:#5 2.Man on left side of the northern bridge. PR:5 3.The 2 men on the right of the northern bridge. A.The upper one. PR:#1 B.The lower one. PR:#4 4.The woman on the lower left side of the southern bridge. PR:#3 Bride:#5 Moonflow 1.Woman on the most southern part of the road where you defended the cart in Story Level 1. PR:#3 Bride:#1 2.Kid near the save point. (looks like Shinra) PR:#5 Bride:#2 3.Kid near stairs of the shoopuf port. (southern wharf) PR:#5 4.Woman at the shoopuf port. (northern wharf) PR:#5 Bride:#4 5.Woman at entrance of Guadosalam. PR:#1 Bride:#5 Guadosalam 1.Man in front of the inn. (the middle one) PR:#1 2.Man at counter of inn. PR:#2 3.Item shopkeeper. PR:#2 4.Man inside item shop. PR:#4 5.The blue alien guy standing outside Toberi's office. PR:#3 *Note* I can't really say this is all the people in Spira but it's sufficient enough to pass both the PR mission and Bridal Mission. Keep getting back to them in different story levels and choose the same options. Some of the people in Spira have different locations. You have to go and look for them. The options given will still remain the same. Head to Bevelle. As you approach the entrance of the temple, a priest will speak to you. A scene will occur. Baralai will then make his first appearance before you. There will be a conversation between Baralai and Yuna about a sphere called Ebon. After the talk, enter the temple and take the lift to the second floor. Talk to Baralai again to get an accessory from him. You can head back to the airship after the event. This event contributes % to your story of completion. Who's Dona? She's a summoner from FFX and Barthello's lover. Remember? Go to Kilika Island. A little introduction of Kilika Island by Yuna will occur. Head to the next section of the village. Dona's house is located on the left side of the beautiful village with a red curtain covering her front door. Enter the house and talk to her. This event contributes % to your story of completion. - Head to Mount Gagazet to talk to Kimahri. You should do this too in Story Level 2. If you miss this 2 events, you won't be able to get the Animal Dress Sphere from him in Story Level 3. - In Kilika Island, talk to a camera man in a ship. Talk to him again later in Story Level 3. He will only bring you to the other side of the island to get the "Invincible" accessory in Story Level 5. Mission 3 (Active Link - Besaid Island) --------------------------------------- Enter Besaid village. Go into one of the huts on the right to look for Lulu. After the greetings, Lulu will walk out. Talk to her. You'll have another scene with her on top of the hill, she'll give you a sphere. Back in the village, Lulu is backin her hut, talk to her and choose the first option. Lulu is now outside her hut, approach her and your mission starts. Your mission is to look for Wakka. He's not in the village. You have to look for 4 numbers to open the door just before the entrance to the beach. Here are the locations: *Note* it's labelled RED on the map. ~On top of the hill where your conversation with Lulu took place, click on the monument. ~On top of a stone. Press the action button to reach it. ~Beach. On top of the hill where's there's a woman standing. ~Beach. Far end of the beach near the dock. Now, head back to the door and enter the digits. You'll find Wakka inside. Explore the dungeon to find another sphere. After getting the sphere, Boss Fight! -|Boss ~ Flame Dragon|- Level 12 HP: 980 MP: 84 This dragon is immune to fire magic but weak against ice. Cast blind unto it to avoid his physical attacks. This will buy you some time to heal your characters. Keep using potions if necessary. Return to Wakka and speak to him. Mission completed. You'll get White Mage Dress Sphere, Besaid Sphere and a Resuit Plate for completing the mission. Mission 4 (Active Link - Zanarkand Ruins) ----------------------------------------- As you enter, you'll notice a lot of people. Go up the hill and talk to Isaru. Choose the 2nd option when he asked you whether you remembered his name or not. After that, proceed to the main entrace of the Zanarkand ruins. 3 kids will be having a conversation. Follow them into the ruins and into a chamber. Take the lift down to the basement and talk to Cid. Then talk to the other guy near Cid. Keep going until you reach the place you fought Yunalesca in FFX. A voice will shout out to you. Choose the 2nd option. It's the letter "I" for Isaru. He'll reward you with a Resuit Plate. After that, proceed to the bottom level using the stairs. Head on straight in the dungeon and then, Boss fight! Defeat it. Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Sanctuary Keeper|- Level 14 HP: 2886 MP: 1000 Do not cast any magic because it won't work on him. Just use physical attacks. Power break and armor break are useful here if you have them. Cast blind unto him too. Maintain a high HP level and he is quite easy to defeat. Mission 5 (Active Link - Kilika Island) --------------------------------------- Head straight to the gate entering the pathway to Kilika temple. Plenty of commotions going around. Take the left route and head north. Find your way up to the north section to a dead end. Choose the first option and you'll hide behind the trees to listen to the soldiers' conversation. After that, go to the save point. Give them the password and you'll be free to pass. If wrong, you got to fight them. Each time you pass without fighting, you'll get an item. The answers for the questions are 1st, 4th, 1st, 4th and 4th. With all the questions answered correctly, you'll earn yourself a Result Plate. Head to the the top. A scene will occur. Boss fight! Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Zero Type Machina|- Level 15 HP: 1935 MP: 0 Just be careful with his single punch attack with can kill your characters in one hit if your party members' level are low. It may prove useful by using Blind to avoid his attacks. Use a white mage to concentrate on healing and the other two as warriors. .::END OF STORY LEVEL 1::. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .::STORY LEVEL 2::. After the talking scene, go and talk to Shinra. Choose the first option. This will be followed by a CG scene. After that, talk to Aniki (Brother). Now head to the resting area. This is an accessory which allows you do to a 9999 damage when your HP is yellow. Take note that this accessory is only available if you have skipped the side mission in Story Level 1. If you've done the mission I've mentioned, then follow the instructions stated below numbered as 1. If you did not do the mission, follow 2. 1. You'll notice that there will be a group of musicians. Speak to the one who's playing the drum and choose the first option. The blue guy from the resting area will appear. What are you suppose to do now? Start pushing the musicians into the lift. Push them according to their size, from the smallest to the largest. 2. You'll notice that the short red guy (Toberi) will be with the group of musicians. Speak to the one who's playing the drum and choose the first option. Then start pushing Toberi into the lift first. Followed the trumpeter, the harp player and the drummer. After pushing 4 of them into the lift, Toberi will reward you with the accessory. *Note* If you want to get this accessory, you won't be able to get an Episode Complete in Moonflow as well as getting the Mascot Dress Sphere. Look in Story Level 5 section for more information about Episode Completes. After pushing them into the lift, a scene will show Yuna singing on top of Celcius. You'll be back on the bed after that, proceed down the stairs and talk to O'Aka, you'll notice he's in debt of 100000 GIL. If you clear the debts he has by buying stuff from him, you'll be able to buy them at a very cheap price! A high potion costing 500 GIL, he'll sell it to you at 50 GIL. Head back to the cockpit and talk to Aniki and choose the first option. There will be 2 active links on the map. Choose either one. The storyline continues automatically from there. The first option makes you join Seinen Doumei (Nooj's Side) and the second option lets you join Shin Ebou-tou (Baralai's side). Choosing Shin Ebou-tou results in having Story Level 3 starts with an active link in Bevelle rather than Mushroom Rock Road and vice versa. If you have chosen to be on Baralai's side, you should choose Nooj's side during your New Game+. These 2 sides do contribute % to your story level completion. The storyline may differ a little depending on which side you've chosen. Therefore you have to play both sides to get all the events. You'll be back in Celcius' engine room. A short scene. Then mission starts! Before carrying out this mission, let's go for the side missions first. Side Missions ------------- Rion is a Ronzo kid. Together with his friend, he can be found in Calm Lands. Talk to him to guide him and his friend back to Mount Gagazet. Later in Story Level 3, talk to them again at Thunder Plains, under the shelter which Rikku had a scene in FFX. Remember to do both this events as it is important to get an Episode Complete in Mount Gagazet later. <"Shooting" Minigame> Head to Besaid Island. You'll notice that the Besaid Blitzball gang is there. Approach them. Short scene. Then a guy in blue will appear. He'll ask you a few questions. Choose the first option to accept his challenge. Missions starts. The main objective of this mission is to score above the marks set by him. Here's a few tips on playing. X - Target O - Fire R1 - Change weapon mode Single shot - shoots one enemy at a time. Double shot - shoots two enemies at the same time. Death shot - kills one enemy instantly. Volley shot - Kills multiple enemies instantly. To gain more points, make sure you maintain the combo bar at the bottom of the screen as long as possible. More scores will be awarded if you have a high combo level. Pass this and mission is completed. If you get more than 1000 pts, you'll be rewarded with an accessory that boost HP by 40%. Go to Mihen Road. Enter the inn and you'll see a girl asking about chocobos at the counter. After the scene, approach Hikuri. Choose the second option when she asks you about her name, then the first option to start the mission. You are required to chase after the chocobo. Follow Rikku. You'll be now running south of Mihen Road. When Rikku asks you to stop, choose the second option and continue chasing it. This will occur three times, always choose the second answer. Go to the next scene. Approach the chocobo. This time, you've got to guess which direction it'll be running by moving the cursor keys. Guess 3 to 4 times correctly and you're on to the next phase. In the third section, follow Rikku and Paine wherever they go. Until the point the chocobo runs away from you when you're in the middle of the road with Paine sighing in despair, turn around and talk to the guy in the south. Choose the first option. Then talk to the girl beside the machina vehicle. Choose the first option as well. Your job's done. A scene starts. Then Boss fight! Just follow the red arrow on the map and you won't get lost. -|Boss ~ Chocobo Eater|- Level 18 HP: 2350 MP: 230 He is vulnerable to Fire magic. Do not cast blind on him because he's immune to it. Armor Break can be used here to lower down his defences but not Power Break as he's guarded against it. Preferably to have a fencer/warrior, black mage and and a gunner in your team. The rest is up to you. You'll get a Result Plate for winning. Mission completed. Head back to the area where you met Hikuri. You'll now see her with Clasko and a chocobo. Talk to Clasko and choose the first option. You'll then be able to get Clasko and Hikari on board of Celcius. / Head to Nagi Plains again and go to the Monster Arena. Talk to Clasko and choose the first option. Your objective is to locate the real monsters in the dungeon. There are 5 of them. All the others are just holograms, there's only 5 real ones. So how do I differentiate them from the real one? Easy. Look at their positioning. Eg. 4 monsters will be facing front while the odd one will be facing left. Get it? After clearing the 5 monsters, defeat the last monster that attacked Clasko and he will award you with the Item Shooter Dress. Mission completed. And addition to it, the arena will be converted into a Chocobo barn. Chocobos that have been caught by you will be placed here, taken care by Clasko. Finally, his wish came true. ^^ Fly to Luca. Go down the stairs, which will then followed by an event. You will see Shirinda hosting an interview event. In the camera view mode, walk towards her and talk to her. You'll be asked a few questions. Choose the first option. After the interview, you'll get a Result Plate. This event contributes 1% to your story level of completion. Head to Thunder Plains and look out for Cid. He will be standing near the travel agency, between the Y-junction. This event is needed to activate another event later in the game. Head to Macalania forest and talk to the blue guy along the old pathway. Then head to the place where you first obtained Paine's special dress. Talk to the guy playing the harp. You are required to look for his musicians. Talk to him again and he'll pin point one of them to you. Locate several places with butterflies. Here are the locations. ~ 2 groups near the harp playing guy. ~ 1 group on a cliff in the old Macalania pathway. Press the action button and jump to reach it. ~ 1 group along the shiny route. New pathway in Macalania. ~ The last one is at the pond where Tidus and Yuna had a romantic night in FFX. You'll be rewarded with Paine's Special Dress if you have missed it in Level 1. Mission completed. Now go to Moonflow and talk to the Short Red Guy. You have to help him to sell his tickets. Choose the first option to help. Here's the list of people with the amount of money you ask from them. ~ Dock - A guy standing - 2000 GIL - old man sitting on the stairs - 1500 GIL ~ Save point - A guy sitting on the bench - 1000 GIL - A lady with a child - 1500 GIL ~ Around the red guy - Another lady with a child - 1000 GIL - A lady standing the peddlar - 1500 GIL ~ Mihen Road - A lady at the end of the road - 1500 GIL ~ Take a ride on the shoopuf to the other side of Moonflow. There'll be more people that you can sell the tickets to. - A guy on the shoopuf station - 2000 GIL - Little girl at shoopuf station - 2000 GIL - Girl above a group of musicians - 2000 GIL - Lady at noticeboard - 2000 GIL - A guy along the road - 1500 GIL - A guy near the entrance to Guadosalam - 2000 GIL Return to the red guy. Mission completed. For those who has missed obtaining getting the Magic Gunner dress, you'll get it here as a reward as well as a Result Plate. *Note* You must make a profit from selling all the 10 tickets in order to get an Episode Complete in Moonflow later. Go to Mushroom Rock Road. Approach the group of soldiers. Talk to Clasko and enter the next area. Mission starts. Just defeat all the soldiers and head to end of the canyon. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Irma|- Level 16 HP: 1640 MP: 450 Irma will cast auto-haste unto herself and Slow unto your party members. Use a white mage to clear off the status if you have the Dispel ability. Take out the 2 soldiers that fighting alongside with Irma first. Followed by her. Use potions when necessary and you will have no problem in defeating her. After the fight, proceed to the lift. You'll get a Resuit Plate for winning. Mission completed. *Note* [This mission is only available if you chose to go to Bevelle and not Kinoko Canyon when you were asked to decide between this two.] Head to Zanarkand Ruins. Go straight into the ruins until you see Isaru standing right at the entrace before the Chamber Of Fayth. Talk to him and you'll initiate a mini-game. You are required to pair up those cute little creatures, found mostly in all sections of the ruins. You've got to look for one creature with a love symbol and pair it up with it's partner. Here are the orders for pairing up: Sect. 1 - Where you first had your conversation with Isaru. Sect. 2 - Section before the elevator. Sect. 3 - Elevator section. Sect. 4 - The place you had conversation with Cid. Sect. 5 - Area with a lot of treasure chests. Sect. 6 - The place you fought Yunalesca in FFX. I'll be putting it like this, Sect. 6 + Sect. 4. That means the creature with the love symbol is in Sect. 6 and the partner is in Sect. 4. Get it? Follow in order: i. Sect. 6 + Sect. 4 ii. Sect. 5 + Sect. 2 iii. Sect. 1 + Sect. 6 iv. Sect. 5 + Sect. 3 v. Sect. 3 + Sect. 6 vi. Sect. 5 + Sect. 3 Vii. Sect. 4 + Sect. 1 viii. Sect. 3 + Sect. 4 iX. Sect. 5 + Sect. 1 x. Sect. 3 + Sect. 1 xi. Sect. 4 + Sect. 1 xii. Sect. 1 + Sect. 5 You'll be rewarded with an accessory which raises magic offence with a certain ability if you've paired up each and every one of them. Proceed to Mushroom Rock Road and enter Kinoko Canyon. Head to the place where you first obtained your first Akagi Sphere (no.9). You'll see Nooj there in front of the secret dungeon. He'll give you an Agaki sphere after you've talk to him. Now we are ready to continue on with the mission that we had left aside at the beginning! Mission 6 (Active Link - Guadosalam) ------------------------------------ Head to the Guadosalam Mansion and talk to two of the guards there. You'll notice that they won't let you in. In order to get it, you have to get three uniforms as disguise. You have to complete 3 side missions in order to get them all. Side Missions ------------- <**0000 GIL Richer> Head to the underground room in Guadosalam located near the save point. Talk to the guy at the counter and choose the second option. You are required to look for another guy described by him. By paying him 10000 GIL, he'll let you have the job. The guy he mentioned is doing an undercover. You have to look for him and he will reward you with *0000 GIL. Therefore, you'll be *0000 GIL richer within a few minutes. All you have to do is to approach a a guy who you think is the undercover. You'll have 3 chances, each chance you used will deduct 10000 GIL from your maximum amount of reward. by pressing the square button, find that guy. In every new game (I don't mean the minigame, I mean starting FFX-2 all over again), the undercover guy will change. Therefore, it's advisable that you save first before you go and look for him or her. If you lose, you'll lose 100000 GIL. Locate the right person and get your reward. *Note* I've put it as **0000 GIL because the reward changes each time you start a new game. Go to Mount Gagazet and talk to Kimahri. Choose the first option. Then talk to Kimahri again. Choose the first option again. After the conversation, go to the teleporter behind Kimahri, choose the first option and you'll be transported to the top of the mountain. Go up the hill and head on straight. A scene will occur when you reach the cliffs. You'll see that there'll be a female soldier climbing the mountains. There are 2 choices that you can make here. 1st Choice - Follow her. Climb up the cliff and enter the cave at the top. Exit the cave and you'll see another scene of that female soldier running pass the save point. Follow her again. Another scene will occur showing two ladies bathing in the hot spring. Uno (plump guy) will appear. Boss fight! Defeat him as well as the two other soldiers to get your uniform. Mission completed. 2nd Choice - Follow her. Climb up the cliff and enter the cave at the top. Exit the cave and you'll see another scene of that female soldier running pass the save point. Do not follow her. Instead, keep on climbing up the cliff to the top right side of the mountain. Enter the gaps between the mountain. There will be a scene between Uno and 2 female soldiers. Yuna and the gang will suddenly fall into the hotspring causing Uno and the soldiers to run away. You'll get the uniform left by them. Enjoy the rest of the scene. Rikku seems to be comparing her breasts' size with Yuna's and Paine's. You'll get what I mean when you watch it. It's a very funny scene. ^^ After the scene, descend the mountain. On the way down, you'll be ambushed by 2 female soldiers. After defeating them, Boss fight! Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Uno|- Level 16 HP: 1350 MP: 22 Basically it is quite simple to defeat Uno. Just attack him with normal attacks and heal with potions when neccessary. You'll do just fine. If you want to avoid his attacks, just cast blind on him by using the Singer/Dancer job. Go to Djose Temple. Exit the temple and travel down south to Mushroom Rock Road. You'll see a talking scene between two female soldiers. After that, follow them. As you walk along Mushroom Rock Road, you'll notice a shiny sphere lying on the ground below the arch. That's Yuna's Special Dress. After getting it, Uno will appear again, together with Sano (tall guy). Boss fight! As usual, defeat them and you'll get the 2nd uniform. Mission completed. -|Bosses ~ Uno & Sano|- Level 17 Uno's HP: 1150 MP: 22 Sano's HP: 1030 MP: 48 Try and bring down Uno first. His attacks are more damaging than Sano's. As usual, cast the blind spell unto them. All their normal attacks will be useless against you. Keep your HP levels high by using potions. Finish Sano at the end. First, head on back to Djose Temple. Line up in the queue to enter the tent just outside the temple. Talk to the guy at the counter and choose the first and second option. You'll be allowed to enter the temple after that. You'll now meet another new character. His name is Gabriel. Talk to him. After that, go outside the temple and head on south. Gabriel will be there talking to another guy. Talk to him again and choose the first option. He'll give you a pass. As a result, another active link will appear on the map. *Note* If you have done the side mission in Story Level 1, you can skip the steps above. After the conversation, you'll be back on Celcius. Go to Sanubia Desert. Talk to the lady near the machina vehicle and choose the 2nd option. Then talk to the guy beside the lady. Talk again to the guy to initiate an option. Choose the first option. You'll be brought to an oasis where you'll get Rikku's Dress Sphere. Bad thing is, Sano will appear. Or is it a good thing? Defeat him and you'll get your last uniform. Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Sano|- Level 17 HP: 1220 MP: 46 Take out the 2 female soldiers first. They can be a nuisance at times. Sano is a bit weak in his offense. So take him out with ease. Just remember to constantly heal your characters. He won't be able to do much harm unto you. "Mission 6" Mission completed as well. You'll be back in the airship and you'll notice that 3 of them will be dressed in the soldier's uniform. What's next? Head to Guadosalam! Mission 7 (Active Link - Guadosalam) ------------------------------------ Approach the guards at the door and a scene will occur. Choose the first option and the girls will change into the uniforms you've got earlier. Mission starts. Enter the mansion and you'll see another scene between Le Blanc and Nooj. After that, Le Blanc will walk away. Don't follow her yet. Enter the room below the stairs. You'll see Uno and Sano having a conversation. Now head back to the living hall and up the stairs, into the room Le Blanc has entered. Approach her and a mini game will start. And you're suppose to massage her?! Oh please... ^^ Now, here's how it works. There are 9 boxes given and you're suppose to guess which area she wants you to massage on. Find the yellow love and keep pressing it to gain more points! If you've found the red love, it'll reset the 9 boxes and you've got to start from scratch again. Exceed the points given and a scene will occur. Talking about a switch in the room where Uno and Sano had their conversation. Go there now. Search the left side of the huge blue wall and you'll open up a underground passage. Another scene will occur. Back in casual outfits, head to where the red arrow points you to. But before that, Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Uno|- Level 19 HP: 1640 MP: 40 Use the normal strategy that has been stated for the earlier battles against him. Take out the two guards first. Defeat Uno and you'll be free to roam around. Enter the room near the save point to get an accessory. Follow the red arrow. Enter the room and you'll see an Akagi Sphere no.10 on the table. Get it and a scene starts. Boss fight! -|Bosses ~ Uno & Sano|- Level 20 Uno's HP: 1344 MP: 45 Sano's HP: 989 MP: 70 This time, you may want to take out Sano first due to the low amount of HP he has. Strategy used is same as above. After that, head down a slope to a section which you've got to climb walls. There are switches in between the walls. Activate all of them. A booby trap has been set! Run for your lives! Just kidding, all you got to do is go to the other end of the room and wait for it to come to you. A scene will occur and you'll be brought into another room. Activate the switch and another one at the far end. It'll open another path. Just follow the red arrow from now. Boss fight! Mission completed. -|Bosses ~ Le Blanc, Uno & Sano|- Level 21 Le Blanc's HP: 1380 MP: 460 Uno's HP: 1344 MP: 45 Sano's HP: 989 MP: 70 Special Dresses may prove useful here. You can use them if you like. Cast Blind to avoid their physical attacks. Armor and Power Break can be used on Sano and Uno but not Le Blanc because she is immune to it. Take out one of them as fast as possible to stop them from using their Trio Attack, preferably Sano. Mission 8 (Active Link - Bevelle) --------------------------------- After the conversation, head on to Bevelle. Mission starts. Enter Bevelle Temple. Head to the right pathway and activate the switch on the block. Now go back to the main entrance and enter the left pathway. Activate the bottom hologram, lowering down the lift. Back to the main hall and head straight. Take the lift to the bottom level of Bevelle Temple. This place looks familiar to you? Proceed right to get 2 treasure chests containing 3 remedies each. After getting them, go down the pathway to the left side. Head down the slope and get 3000 GIL. Now head up the other slope. Take the left route to get 6 High Medicines. Turn around and follow the red arrow. Take the lift to the second level and turn right. Head on to the Chamber of Fayth. After that, you'll be in another section. Go to the corridor to have a view over the area. A scene will occur. Head to upper section of the screen and Yuna will slide down a large chain. You'll see that there's a lot of towers around you. Go to the first tower on your right and activate it. This will then release a platform which is used later in the game. After activating the 1st tower, skip the 2nd tower and activate the 3rd one. Followed by the 5th one. After the 3 towers have been activated, Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Spectral Keeper|- Level 22 HP: 3680 MP: 9999 Use Power Break, Mental Break and Armor Break on him. This will surely decrease both his offense and defenses. Once in a while, he will cast Slowga unto your party members. Use Dispel to clear off the status. Make use of the jobs that has high attack points to finish him off quickly. -|Boss ~ Geosgaeno|- Level 23 (Optional) HP: 4420 MP: 9999 All Break abilities work well here. He's much weaker that Spectral Keeper but he can still deal some powerful damage to your party members. Equip with accessories that boost your magic defenses because he usually casts magic spells. Blind is useful here too. *Note* This boss will only appear if you have activated the other 3 towers. You'll notice that after the boss fight, you still have 3 unactivated towers. What do they do? They control three other platforms leading to another room which you'll gain access to a treasure chest containing a Ribbon. An accessory which protects you from all status ailments. My best advice to you is that you line up the platforms in a spiral pattern which will lead you that room. Now, proceed down the platforms you've activated and enter the room. Head on straight until you reach a T-junction. Go right to get a treasure chest containing a "Regenerate" Resuit Plate. Head back to the T-junction and to the left section. Climb onto the left block to activate the switch, and then the right one. Proceed to the next area. In this section, you'll see a huge contraption in the middle. You can control it by activating the switch at the left bottom screen shaped like a star. Manipulate it to get two useful accessories from there. Climb onto it once you've lowered the platform using the switch. Head on to the next section. In front of you, you'll see 3 lifts. Take the left lift up. Then travel down south and jump down back to where you originally were. Now take the middle lift and to a place to activate a switch. Take the lift back and take the right lift up now. Then take the left lift from the upper section back down to the original area. Take the middle lift again, you'll be brought to another area to activate another switch. Back to the main area, take the right lift up to the upper level. Now activate the 2 blocks on the 2nd level to release a lift at the far end corner. Take the lift down. You'll notice now that there's a pathway leading to a treasure chest. It contains the Dark Knight Dress. Phew! After all that hard work. ^^ Back to the main mission, after saving, head on straight and you'll meet Baralai. Boss fight! He's one tough guy! Steal the "Encounter None" accessory from him. After defeating him, you might want to save your game again first because in the next section, Boss fight again! Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Baralai|- Level 25 HP: 3380 MP: 540 For a guy like him, he's pretty powerful. Be careful of his attacks as they can deal heavy damages unto your characters. Make sure your HP levels are always high as he can wipe off your entire party with one swing. He has no elemental weaknesses, therefore don't use Black Mage here. You may want to cast Blind on him if you think his physical attacks are too strong. Constant healing is the key to success. Head on to the next section after you've beaten Baralai. Another Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Dark Bahamut|- Level 26 HP: 8400 MP: 9999 Break abilites works well on him. Try to defeat it before it launches its Overdrive which can damage your characters pretty bad. Casting Shell and Protect unto your party members is a good way to decrease his physical and magical attacks. It's good to have an Item Shooter in your group as she can mix items. Mixing a L-Grenade with another L-Grenade can cause some heavy damage unto him. Remember to keep healing all the way. .::END OF STORY LEVEL 2::. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .::STORY LEVEL 3::. Now you'll be back on board of Celcius. After the SOS briefing by Aniki, you have to complete this Active Link first before starting the side missions. Mission [Optional] (Mushroom Rock Road - Active Link) ----------------------------------------------------- This mission appears as soon as you enter the world map screen. I state it as an optional mission because the Active Link disappears if you've selected other missions first. In order to avoid that from happening, head on to Mushroom Rock Road and approach the group of soldiers. A conversation between Gatta and Yuna will occur. Ruchiru will come in later to join the conversation. After the talk, head to Djose Temple and you'll see Gabriel at the entrace. Talk to him to complete the event. After completing the event above, we can now concentrate on the side missions. Side Missions ------------- It seems like the machinas found in Mihen Road have gone haywire. Your mission is to destroy them before they hurt any citizens around the area. As soon as you reach Mihen Road, you'll be given an option to choose whether you want to help out or not. Choose the first option. Mission starts. Now how do you look for them? Look at the map and search for green boxes. The green boxes show where the machinas are. Wipe them out as soon as possible. As you can see that there's a counter below the bottom right of your screen, make sure the number of machinas you've destroyed is higher than the number of machinas destroyed by the another Al Bhed group who's also involved in destroying them. As a reward, you'll be given 10000 GIL and a Result Plate. Mission completed. Head to Guadosalam and enter the mansion. Approach Uno and Sano, a conversation will start. After that, go to Le Blanc's room on the upper floor and have a chat with her. Then go back to where Uno and Sano are, talk to them again. You'll notice now that the underground passage door is open. Head on to Sano's room where you've obtained Agaki Sphere no.10 in the beginning. Sano will appear and he'll give you two new spheres containing info about the mysterious behaviour of Nooj. After getting the 2 spheres, search the room for another sphere at one corner. Another scene will occur and Maechen appears. Approach him and choose the first option. He will then explain what had happened 1000 years ago between Zanarkand and Bevelle together will all those strange happenings. After the conversation, head back to the ship. Head to Moonflow. Exit the save point area and meet with the short red guy. You'll see that there's a band performing there. Talk to the red guy twice. Paine that insists that you leave the area. This event contributes % to your story completion. Proceed to Macalania forest. You'll end up near the shop in the snowy area, surrounded by monsters. Seems like the area is being attacked by the beast. Your mission, as usual, dispose them. Mission starts. Choose the first option to begin. You'll engage in a few battles with the beasts, some of them are quite powerful, if you can't take it, make sure you choose the 2nd option to back out and reheal your characters before continuing. Finish them up and you'll be awarded with a resuit plate. Then enter the shop, there's a man lying on the ground half dead, he'll give you the Berserker Dress Sphere and another sphere. O'Aka will be seen running in the shop if you've cleared his debts earlier in the game. Exit the shop. O'Aka will run to you and have a conversation with you. Mission completed. Go to Nagi Plains now. Or also known as Calm Lands. Approach the group of people at the entrance to the Cave of The Stolen Fayth. An old lady will appear before and ask for your help to save the people trapped in the cave. Choose the first option and mission starts. Basically there are 15 people to save in the cave. You can only escort 5 of them out at one time. The first 12 people are easy to locate. The 13th guy is hiding a corner that cannot be seen with your eyes. Just simply press the O button around the corners and you'll see him hiding there. The last two guys are hard to find, you've got to activate the teleporter to take you to the two unaccessible area. There's one guy on the left and the other on the right. To activate the portal to go right and left, talk to a man outside the cave after saving the first 13 people. He will then give you an item to activate the portal which then allows you to save the 14th and 15th guy. After saving them all, proceed to the Chamber of Fayth and Boss fight! Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Dark Yojimbo|- Level 28 HP: 22000 MP: 9999 First of all, equip all your party members with Anti-Poison accessories. Secondly, make sure you have a good supply a Mega Potions which heal all characters 2000 HP. When Yojimbo does his Zanmato attack that reduces your party members' HP to 1, quickly use a Mega Potion to heal them as fast as possible before his dog comes and knock you out. No abilites work on him, therefore just concentrate on physical attack. Maintain the steps above and you'll manage through. / Go to Mount Gagazet and talk to Kimahri. After receiving the Animal Trainer dress from him. Accept his challenge and climb up Mount Gagazet without using the teleporter. As you enter the mountains, you'll see a trail of Ronzo's going up the mountain. Just follow them until you reach the cliffs. Do not climb the cliffs. Take the left pathway and head on straight. Enter the dungeon and up the stairs until you reach a T-junction. Take the left route. Go straight and ascend the elevated pavements. You'll meet Gariku on the way up. Boss fight! Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Gariku|- Level 27 HP: 6880 MP: 238 He's not guarded against Blind, Silence and Poison. Cast them on him if you have the spells. Some may find it difficult beating him when he casts Mighty Guard unto himself which gives him the Protect, Shell and Haste ability. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to cast Dispel on him. As easy as that. He will be very weak when he doesn't have all the status mentioned above. Remember to clear off both his sidekicks first. *Note* You've got to talk to Kimahri in Story Level 1 & 2 in order to get the dress sphere at Story Level 3. / Next, head to Luca Harbour. A scene will occur. After Rin (the guy in yellow) finished talking to you, head up the stairs to the save point. Talk to girl near the save point and activate the coin game. After beating her, head back down to the area where Rin is standing. There'll be 2 kids jumping around that area. Approach on of them and defeat them in the coin game. After that, another guy will walk pass Rin, talk to him to initiate the coin game. And again, defeat him and an event will occur. Remember to save each time you win a game! You'll challenge Shinra at the end. If you lose to him, don't worry, later in the game he can be found hanging around the blitzball locker rooms area in Story Level 5. Challenge him again to win Gambler Dress Sphere. *Note* You should defeat Shinra in Story Level 3 rather than Story Level 5 because his difficulty level is much higher in Story Level 5. Therefore, I advise you to keep loading your game if you've lost to him until you win him. This is a minigame found in Thunder Plains. Talk to the guy bending down near a tower twice. Choose the first option to initiate the game event. Go to each tower labled as green boxes on the map. By going to each one you'll activate a game. Even if you don't know Japanese, it's easy to know what the game instructions are. There are ten towers all together. After completing the 9th tower, head to a lake in the North Area of Thunder Plains to the 10th tower, which is not shown on the map. You won't be able to reach that tower, just press the action button on the lake and the game will automatically start. The tower is located across the lake. After beating all 10 towers, head to the shop in Thunder Plains located between North and South area of Thunder Plains. Speak to the guy near the counter and he will reward you with a Result Plate. Head to Zanarkand and back to the area before entering the Chamber of Fayth. Isaru will be seen standing in the middle of the path. Talk to him. This is an important event in order to get an Episode Complete in Story Level 5 later. Mission 9 (Besaid Island - Active Link) --------------------------------------- As you enter the village, go to the 2nd hut on your right and talk to Lulu. Exit the hut. Conversation with Shinra. After that, you'll see a scene between Wakka and a guy in blue. His name is Bechrem. Right after the scene, enter Besaid Temple and talk to Bechrem. Mission starts. Enter the Chamber of Fayth. Proceed ahead until you see Wakka lying down on the floor due to exhaustion. Probably he's getting old already. ^^' Talk to him and take the elevator down. Boss fight! A scene will then occur. Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Dark Valefor|- Level 26 HP: 8430 MP: 9999 Use Power Break on him to reduce his physical attacks. He has two Overdrives. One is much more damaging than the other. Therefore it is advisable to use Dark Knights here so counter it's physical attacks. Dark Knights usually have a higher defensive point than the rest of the jobs. Keep healing your party members to avoid being wipe off by him in a single strike. Mission 10 (Kilika Island - Active Link) ---------------------------------------- Head to Dona's house to talk to her. This will then activate an event which requires to you pass the guards in order to reach Kilika Temple. When Dona tries to distract the guard, you look for the right time to rush through the gates before getting spotted. Use the R1 button to change views and O button to rush through. It's a bit hard. If you can't get through, just press the X button to quit and choose the 1st option. You'll eventually pass the gate. Now you are in Kilika Forest. Each route has been blocked by the guards. Approach all 3 gates to initiate an event. Automatically Paine will lead you to jump onto a tree to get to the other side. Head straight to Kilika Temple. Mission starts. Proceed to the Chamber of Fayth. You'll meet Barthello on the way in. In the temple, there'll be blue flames blocking your pathway. Approach them to activate battles with monsters known as Varunas. After a battle with 2 Varunas, while you are on your way to the Chamber of Fayth, you'll see a shiny sphere lying on the ground. Pick it up and you've gained another dress to your collection. Enter Chamber of Fayth. Boss fight! Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Dark Ifirt|- Level 28 HP: 8820 MP: 9999 Before you enter battle, equip your party members with Fire Nullify Ring. This will not only help you in avoiding his Fire attacks but heal your party members too whenever he uses Fire magic. Break abilities work well on him too. Have plenty of Mega Potions to heal your characters whenever he uses his Overdrive against you. Keep steady throughout the battle and you'll do fine. Side Missions ------------- Once you've completed Besaid and Kilika Island Active Links, fly to Bevelle. You'll see an event once you've arrived. Head to the area where you've fought Dark Bahamut in Story Level 2. On your way to the Chamber of Fayth, you'll see Gabriel walking past the save point. Head on straight to Bahamut's resting area. You will see another scene between Nooj, Gabriel and Baralai talking about the existence of Vegnagun. After Baralai is possessed by Shuin's spirit, he summons a Malboro to attack your group. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Malboro|- Level 28 HP: 5877 MP: 110 There should be no problem in defeating it. As it is not protected against Blind and Break ablities, you can decide whether on using them or not. Just keep hitting him with normal physical attacks and he'll be gone. After the battle, you'll find that the Akagi Sphere is lying on the ground. pick it up and your job is done here. *Note* Get this sphere before heading on to Djose Temple. You won't be able to get it later in the game. Mission 11 (Djose Temple - Active Link) --------------------------------------- Head on to Djose Temple. Another Aeon attack had occured. As usual, head to the Chamber Of Fayth. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. Located at the far end are 5 pedestals. You need to choose the right one and push it in to deactivate the electric barrier that prevents you from entering to the chamber. If you pushed the wrong one, you'll end up in a battle. After deactivating it, head up and Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Dark Ixion|- Level 29 HP: 12380 MP: 9999 Equip your party members with Thunder Nullify ring. This would ease the battle a lot. Use Break abilites here as Ixion is not immune to it. This would definately reduce his offensive power. Use the same strategies that you've used in the past previous battles with other Dark Aeons and you'll find this battle to be quite easy. After the conversation, head to the top of Celcius, the open area to talk to Paine. She'll be there alone. After that, head back to the cockpit and talk to Shinra. Choose the first option. You'll open up a list of destinations. Here are the places that you should visit using the Tsuushin Sphere. ~Besaid Island - A conversation with Wakka. - 2 kids running around. ~Kilika Island - A conversation with Dona. - Dona talking to herself in her sleep. - Barthello talks to you at the Kilika Temple. ~Mushroom Rock Road - A conversation with Gatta. (If you chose the Youth Alliance). Or else you'll have an underwater view. ~Bevelle - A conversation with Maroda. After viewing the scenes above, talk to Dachi on the airship and he will brief you on your next mission. After talking to him, talk to Shinra once again. Choose the first option to use the Tsuushin Sphere again. Below are the list of places you should visit as they contribute % to your story level completion. ~Kilika Island - Dona will chat with Yuna while walking around the village. ~Mihen High Road - Rin will ask Yuna to assist him in an investigation. Look at the side mission below for further information. ~Luca - You will see Shirinda interviewing some people. View this sphere 3 times to watch all the interviews. ~Djose Temple - You'll see two Al Bhed men chatting. Wait for one of them to approach the sphere to let you know something about Gabriel. ~Moonflow - A chat with few of the blue aliens. ~Guadosalam - Wait for Uno to come out of the mansion. He will have a chat with Yuna. ~Macalania Forest - Sphere 1 - The musicians will talk to Yuna. Sphere 2 - O'Aka will come out of his shop and talk to Yuna. ~Sanubia Desert - The lady in charge of the desert, Nadara will talk to Yuna. ~Bevelle - Yevon soldiers will shoot at the sphere. (If you chose Youth Alliance). If not you'll see Kodomodan fighting some guards. View this scene 3 times in all. ~Calm Lands - You'll see people walking in and out of the Travel Agency. ~Mount Gagazet - Sphere 1 - Kimahri will have a conversation with Yuna. Sphere 2 - You'll see a Ronzo taking a deep in the hot spring. *Note* I may have missed out some of the events. Therefore, you are advised to keep viewing all the communication spheres as many times as possible until you see no changes in them. There goes for events I've stated below as well. Each time you have the chance to view the Tsuushin spheres, view the spheres until either no changes occur or the spheres break. It shouldn't be much of a problem later in the game if you've watched all the necessary scenes. Side Missions ------------- Using the Ze Shin Sphere, Rin will ask Yuna to help him in an investigation on why the machinas had gone wild in Story Level 3. Choose the first option to assist him in his investigation. Here are the controls used during the investigation. Cursor keys - Camera movement R1 - Zoom Square button - Quit R2 - Change view X button - Call Rin Your mission is to look at all the seven spheres located around Mihen High Road and you need to let Rin know right away once you notice something is wrong or weird in the scenes viewed. For eg. When you first viewed one of the screen, the road is empty. But on the 2nd, you see a machina walking along the road. That's something ackward. Therefore you press the X button to call Rin to come and investigate. Here are the list of the weird scenes you'll see: ~Chocobo Eater behind the Travel Agency. ~A small machina robot strolling down Mihen High Road. ~A man looking for his small Chocobo Eater. ~3 people gathering before the bridge. ~A Chocobo Eater chasing after a bird. ~A lady approaching the machina behind Travel Agency. ~A man standing inside the Al Bhed ruin. ~3 small machina robots moving about. ~A man in blue sits with 2 other guys in the Old Mihen Road. ~Rin talking to a man. ~A man repairing the Rin's Travel Agency's roof. (1-3-2-5-4-5-2-1-4-2-1) View the spheres in this following sequence to get all the events stated above. Complete this and you're done for the time being. will be featured in Story Level 5. Mission 12 (Mihen High Road - Active Link) ------------------------------------------ Mission starts as soon as you arrive. Approach the group of guys in front of you. You'll see that the short red guy is running away from them. Your mission is to find him. In the beginning, just follow the guys wherever they run to. Head to the save point area in Moonflow. A scene will occur. Turn around and follow the guy who ran pass you. Head back south to where you came from. Along the way, you'll see that guy puffing due to exhaustion and another scene will occur. Then make your way back up to Moonflow. This is tiring... ^^ Next thing you've got to do is ride on the shoopuf (big giant-like elephant) to the other area. Leave the port and you'll see a couple of funny scenes on your way to Guadosalam. Talk to the short red guy and you'll receive a Result Plate. Mission completed. After completing the mission, we shall look at the Tsuushin sphere once again. Here are the list of events you'll see for viewing it the 2nd time: ~Besaid Island - You'll see Bechrem standing in front of the sphere. Connect again after that and he will talk to you. ~Kilika Island - Sphere 1 - Zoom to Dona and she will talk to Yuna. ~Luca - You'll see an overall view of Luca. ~Mushroom Rock Road - Ruchiru will speak to Yuna. - Conversation with Gatta again. - A scene with Gatta. - A conversation between Yuna and an unknown soldier. ~Djose Temple - An Al Bhed guy will speak to Yuna. ~Moonflow - Conversation between Yuna and Irma. ~Guadosalam - Uno will speak to Yuna. ~Macalania Forest - Sphere 1 - The musicians will speak to Yuna again. - Sphere 2 - O'Aka will speak to Yuna. - A scene with a blue alien guy. ~Sanubia Desert - A scene with Nadara. An explosion will occur. - Conversation with Benzo. - Another talk with Benzo. ~Mount Gagazet - Sphere 1 - Conversation with Gariku. - Sphere 2 - Move the camera view around and you'll see a Cactuar running here and there. ~Zanarkand Ruins - Zoom to Isaru and he will speak to you. After viewing the scenes stated above, head to the resting area. Rikku will be waiting for you there. Finish the mini game and you'll get an accessory for playing. / You'll notice that the screen will be split into half. One side Yuna, the other side Rikku. All you got to do is to press according to the button showed on Rikku's screen. Press the button in a rhythmic fashion. You don't have to press the button once only if it changes. You can press it twice or thrice, but you have to follow the timing of the song. The higher score you can get, the better the accessory you'll get. If you manage to get a score higher than 150 points, you'll be rewarded with another Ribbon. An accessory that protects you from all status effects. If you get higher than 200 points, you'll be able to get another accessory that grants you Ribbon ability as well as +30 to both your defense and magic defense. Unfortunately, this accessory casts slow onto the character you've equipped the ring with. Therefore, it's your choice to choose between 150 and 200 points. After the minigame, head back to the cockpit. There's new scenes to see using the Tsuushin sphere. What next? Talk to Shinra of course! Here are the list of events: ~Besaid Island - Conversation between Yuna, Wakka and Lulu. - Connect again to have a conversation with the Besaid Aurochs. - Connect another time to speak to one of the members of Besaid Aurochs. Then wait until somebody approaches Wakka. You will see a funny scene here. - Connect one last time to see another scene. Almost similar to the above but involves different characters. - Two kids running about, playing hide and seek. ~Kilika Island - Sphere 1 - Conversation with Dona. - Connect a 2nd time and Dona will bring the sphere around the village and attaches it to a balloon. - Sphere 2 - Yuna will talk to Barthello. ~Djose Temple - The same Al Bhed guy will talk to Yuna again. - An Al Bhed lady will speak to Yuna. - Conversation with the Ronzo kids if you chose to sent them here when you met them in the previous story levels. ~Moonflow - The blue alien guy will talk to Yuna. A shoopuf will then walk past the sphere. ~Guadosalam - Conversation between a female soldier and a blue alien guy. - Conversation with another male soldier. ~Macalania Forest - Sphere 1 - You'll see a scene here. - Sphere 2 - You'll see Wakka's brother looking around. ~Mount Gagazet - Sphere 1 - A Ronzo will walk past the sphere and talk. - Kimahri talking to a bunch of Ronzos. - The female Ronzo speaks. - Sphere 2 - Toberi will be having a hot bath in the spring. - Dona will be seen swimming in the spring. - A conversation between Irma and Ruchiru. - A group of blue alien guys. - A shoopuf taking his bath. - Dachi in the hot spring. - Nadara, Rin and Cid will be there. - O'Aka in the hotspring? ^^' - A scene with Clasko. - Another scene with Maechen. - Wantz with 2 girls. - Isaru with the Kodomodan. - Toberi with 2 girls. ~Zanarkand Ruins - Isaru will talk to Yuna again. - Isaru seems to be talking to himself. Mission 13 (Thunder Plains - Active Link) ----------------------------------------- It's dragon slaying time. The mission starts when you reach there. Just follow the red arrow to the dragon's hideout. Just to let you know that the blue guy standing at the entrance to the dragon's hideout can heal your HP back. As you enter the lair, you'll come to a T-junction. Take the left route. Then make your way to the dragon. There'll be treasure chests lying around but I suggest that you defeat it first before getting them. No point getting them and get defeated by that dragon. Once you approach it, Boss fight! Leave the area after that. Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Salamander|- Level 38 HP: 14243 (Oversoul) MP: 276 The only thing that you can do with this guy is to blind him. He has a powerful tail swing that will heavily damage your party members as well as increase your party's recovery time. Just make sure your characters are equipped with accessories that boost defenses. Keep a healthy stock of Mega Potions whenever he uses his tail. 2 Dark Knights and a White Mage is recommended. Back on board the airship, talk to Shinra. He'll show to you on what is being projected by the sphere. After the scene, talk to the short red guy. Then sit back and enjoy the CG scene. After the scene, head back to the cockpit. A conversation between Yuna and Maechen will occur. When Maechen leaves, head to the engine room on board of Celcius. You'll meet Le Blanc there. Talk to her and she'll give you the sphere. Head back to the cockpit and talk to Shinra again. .::END OF STORY LEVEL 4::. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .::STORY LEVEL 5::. Just for your information, this is going to be the final level in the game. After the conversation you've had with Rikku and Paine, head back to the cockpit. A group discussion will occur. Talk to Aniki. You are then required to choose the posing style for 'Kamomedan'. Choose any one from the list given. Mission 14 ---------- This is not an active link mission but it is compulsory. It starts right away after choosing the posing style. There's only one thing left to do now. Just follow the route and head down. Boss fight! -|Boss - Dark Shiva|- Level 45 HP: 14800 MP: 9999 Her attack rate is a lot faster than the rest of the Dark Aeons you've fought in the past. Therefore it's advisable that you take her down as fast as possible to avoid her further attacks. Use power break, mental break and armor break against her to decrease her offense and defence capabilites. It'll help a lot to have a white mage in your party to do constant healing while let the other two to do the attacks. Keep your party members' HP levels high just in case she sets off her Overdrive attack. Keep this up and she'll be defeated in no time. The save point will appear after you've defeated the Dark Shiva. You've got two choices to make. You can either continue on going down the spiral route or head back to the airship to do the side missions. Here are the side missions if you're interested in completing them. Side Missions ------------- As you can see, as soon as you talk to Dachi, a huge number of Active Links appear on the map. We'll start of with Besaid Island first. *Note* Let me explain to you what's the difference between an "Episode End" and "Episode Complete" first. When you get an "Episode Complete", that means that you have completed all the necessary events in that particular area. If you do not see a sign saying "Episode Complete", it means that you've not completed all the events in that area. Therefore, you'll just get an "Episode End". All the events include stories from Story Level 1 to Story Level 5. Once you reach there, you'll see Wakka running towards you with much joy and zeal. What do you think has happened? Of course, Lulu has finally given birth to a baby boy. How sweet! ^^ . When Wakka leads you to Lulu, do not enter the temple or talk to Lulu but talk to Wakka. Or else you'll find yourself entering and exiting the temple wondering "why can't I talk to Lulu"? After the conversation with the lovely couple, head on to Besaid Beach until you reach the port. Talk to Bechrem standing in front of the port. He will hand you a special sphere. After that, you'll see that Bechrem is a very skillful Blitzball player. You'll know why when you watch the scene. Head back to the village. On the way back, you'll see Wakka walking towards the monument. Talk to Wakka and Yuna will hand the sphere over to him. In the sphere, you'll see a scene between Wakka and Chappu. And yes, Chappu has a voice! After the scene, make your way to the vilalge. Wakka will be celebrating his baby's birth. After the celebration, Wakka and Lulu will have a lovely couple talk. Sugoi~ Episode Complete. Firstly, head to Besaid Temple. Enter the right room and open the treasure chest found there. You will get a radar which enables you to search for hidden spheres that you can use to look for the password needed in opening the large wall. After getting the radar, press the X button to locate the spheres. If it detects a sphere nearby, the blue bar below will change to red at the end. The beeping of the radar will be louder than usual too. Here's the location to get all the 4 digits needed to open the door. 1. In Besaid village itself. Around the small mining area located on the left side of the village. Press the O button to dig the sphere up. Zoom to the roof of Besaid Temple. You will see a small sphere with a digit on it. 2. Near the save point outside Besaid village. It's on the far left of the screen. Zoom around to look for it. 3. Before the bridge heading towards the beach. The sphere is behind the waterfall on the cliff. 4. The place Wakka pushed Tidus into the water in FFX. The sphere is located on top of a tree. After getting all 4 numbers, head to the dungeon where Wakka was sitting in Story Level 1. On the right, there's a panel for you to enter the digits you have found. Input accordingly from no.1 to no.4. It'll open up the door and let you through another section. Head on up until you reach the open area. You'll notice that you'll be on top of the waterfall. Head left to get a treasure chest. You'll earn yourself a Result Plate. Upon arriving there, head straight to the gate leading to Kilika temple. You'll notice that there'll be a group of people wanting to get to the other side of the gate. After talking to the guard, the villagers will be allowed to enter. Head to Kilika temple. On the way up the stairs, Barthello will appear. He will then have a mushy talk to Dona that made everybody there laughed. Finally, Barthello was reunited once again with her beloved Dona. Episode complete. You'll get a Result Plate for completing the episode. This accessory allows to you to deal damages exceeding the 9999 limit. It is found in a treasure chest located at the Youth Alliance Base. This base is a small island located near to Kilika Village. In order to get to the other side, you have to speak to the camera man on board of a large ship situated on the right side of the village in the second section of Kilika village in Story Level 1 and 3. In Story Level 5, when you speak to the camera man again, he will give you an option. Choose the first option and a boatman will carry you across the sea to the base. Look at the map, the yellow box indicates the treasure chest containing the "Invincible" accessory. *Note* There is also another yellow cross on the map. By pressing the O button when you approach it, you'll get yourself a "Coin" for the Coin Minigame. Head to Luca. Firstly, you'll notice that the rest of the Kamomedan gang will be with Yuna in front of the Blitzball counter. Flag of the first season of Blitzball by participating in one of the games. Then head to the place where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle in FFX. That place is near a save point in Luca. When you reach there, a scene will start and a magical moogle will appear. Mission starts. Follow the moogle as it floats away. Yuna will then have flashbacks with Tidus during FFX. It's really touching. Just follow the moogle until Luca harbour. Episode complete. / This event proceeds automatically when you reach there. A girl will approach Yuna and have a talk with her. Choose the first option and you'll end up in the travel agency. Exit the shop nad you'll see Rin with a group of people. He will then reveal to you who's the culprit behind the machinas that went wild. You'll be very surprised to see who the culprit is. ^^' After the funny scene, Episode complete. You'll get a "Ragnarok" accessory which grants the ability to cast magic without using MP. *Note" The culprit changes depending on how you view the spheres. I won't let you the characters that can be the culprit as it can be a spoiler later. ^^' You won't be able to get the "Ragnarok" if you did not follow the sequence I've stated earlier. Head to the area leading to the Chamber Of Fayth. Speak to the guy standing next to the giant machina. Choose the first option and mission starts. You'll end up in a battle with the machina in the first place. The sole purpose of your mission is to get the necessary parts for this guy to upgrade the machina to Level 5. These parts can be found by through the treasure hunt at Sanubia Desert. Gather all the parts needed. Just try to collect as many treasures as you can from Sanubia Desert by digging at the yellow crosses. You can look at how many types of parts you've collected by accessing a menu in the right room of Djose Temple. Click on the pedestal which will open up a menu. Choose the 3rd option. Here are the minimum requirements needed for upgrading the machina to Level 5: 1st section - A ~ 3 S ~ 11 Z ~ 10 2nd section - A ~ 7 S ~ 10 Z ~ 10 3rd section - A ~ 5 S ~ 14 Z ~ 11 5Z + 3S + A > 38 For all three sections, if you know your Algebra well, you will know what the formula given above means. ^^ Getting all the 3 parts above 38 points will be sufficient enough to upgrade all the parts to Level 5. *Note* The parts given above is the parts I've got for my game. Either you can use them as a reference guide or by using the formula given above. After you've beaten that machina, you've got to find a repair item for that guy to fix it. There are several locations that you can get the repair tool. Here are 3 of them: 1. Talk to the guy standing near the 5 pedestals in Djose Temple. He will ask for a password. Enter the password Ma Ru Ne Ra (Katakana) to get a repair tool from him. Look at the menu below to get the answer. a i u e o ha hi hu he ho ka ki ku ke ko ma mi mu me mo sa shi su se so ya yu yo ta chi tsu te to ra ri ru re ro na ni nu ne no wa o n [Next Page] [Previous Page] [End] [End] This is a translated menu. Just look out for the words above and input it in accordingly. After inputing all the 4 letters, choose [End] and you'll get the repair tool. 2. A guy sitting in the left room of Djose Temple. Talk to him and he will give you the repair tool. 3. Three monkeys jumping outside Djose Temple, located at the right side of the temple. To get it, wait until the 3 monkeys jump together, then quickly press the O button to get the repair tool from them. 4. At the end of Mihen High Road, the scene before entering Mushroom Rock Road, talk to the machina located behind 3 people near the entrance to Mihen Old Road and you'll get the repair tool from it. 5. Found in the secret dungeon of Calm Lands. It is in one of the treasure chests. For further information on this dungeon, look at the side mission . *Note* You can save your trouble from finding all the repair tools by upgrading the machina straight from the start. Dig as much as you can from the beginning so that you only need one repair tool to finish off this mission. Make sure you get all the parts before asking the guy to repair it. Or else you have to find more repair tools for him to upgrade the machina. After getting all the parts. Head back up to where the Al Bhed guy is and speak to him. Re-enter the section. A scene will occur. The machina has finally been upgraded to Level 5. Choose the first option. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Ikusu's Experiment|- Level 45 HP: 18324 MP: 0 This machina Level 5 is much harder that the lower levels that you've fought earlier. He can do quite some heavy damage unto your party. Do not use power break or armor break because it is immune to it. Make sure you keep your party HP levels high. The machina's multi-missile attack can lower your party's HP in just seconds. If possible cast Protect on all your characters. This will reduce the damage caused by him. Continue to heal your party members and give him all you've got. After you've defeated him. A scene will occur. Episode complete. Head out to Moonflow. Head to the area where the peddlars usually hang around. Talk to the short red guy and he will give you an option to choose. Choose the 1st option to watch and listen to the music played by the musicians on top of a shoopuf. Talk to Toberi again and you'll be invited to play with his band. You'll then Yuna, Rikku and Paine will be with the other band members on the shoopuf. Enjoy~ Episode complete. You'll see a group of musicians performing as soon as you arrive. Tromell will strike a conversation with you first. After that, talk to him again to initiate another event. Episode complete. (Can be done in Story Level 3) Fly to Guadosalam Mansion and enter the underground passage. Head to the room situated on the left of the save point. Jump onto the wooden boxes to reach a treasure chest containing the sphere on the upper rim of the room. Head to the entrace of the temple. Yuna will then have a conversation with Maroda while a group of people gathers around Isaru. Then, Pacce's Kodomodan group will run pass Yuna. After watching the whole event, you'll receive a Result Plate from Maroda. Episode complete. Head back to Bevelle Temple once again. Take the right route after you've entered the temple. You'll see Pacce's Kodomodan group gathering around a blue portal. After the conversation, take the portal down to Bevelle's 100th Level Dungeon's first floor. An old man will speak with Yuna's group. After the conversation, you'll see Akagi Sphere no.6 lying on the ground. Pick it up and head on straight. Jump into the hole at the far end. Keep on proceeding down the dungeon until you've reached the 20th floor. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Arachnea|- Level 40 HP: 18280 MP: 178 This boss is not affected by any status ailments. So, just concentrate on your physical attacks. Equip your characters with accessories that boost offenses to finish him quickly. He has not much of devastating attacks. Just keep healing and hitting him. He's not much threat to you if your party members' levels are high. After defeating him, you'll see Akagi Sphere no.8 lying on the ground. Pick it up. You should have 10 Akagi Spheres by now. *Note* Look in for more information regarding this particular dungeon. (If you chose the Youth Alliance) Upon reaching there, you'll be greeted by Ruchiru, Irma and Gatta. After the conversation, talk to Gatta and choose the first option. Mission starts. Ruchiru hopes that you'll train up her soldiers. Therefore, the objective of this mission is to defeat all the soldiers. After defeating all of them, Boss fight! Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Irma|- Level 35 HP: 4882 MP: 870 Knock out both the guards first. Irma likes casting supporting magic. So, be sure to cast Dispel on her as soon as she uses that kind of magic. Break abilities work well here. To avoid her attacks, which I don't think it's necessary because her attacks are weak, cast Blind. Keep use physical attacks and she'll be gone in no time. -|Boss ~ Ruchiru|- Level 36 HP: 7324 MP: 370 Although Ruchiru is more powerful than Irma, this battle is going to be easier than the latter one. This is because it's a 3 on 1 battle. Just use the same strategy above to defeat her. After the boss fights, another event will occur. Ruchiru will be giving out a speech back at the base. After the event, episode complete. You can head back to the base later to talk to Ruchiru. She'll hand you a sphere. After collecting all the 10 Akagi spheres, go back to Mushroom Rock Road, to the area where you received an Akagi sphere from Nooj in Story Level 2. Place the 10 Akagi spheres onto the door and it'll open up a passage way through the dungeon. Just follow the red arrow on the map. When you've reached the area, a scene will occur. Followed by a FMV. After the scene, Boss fight! This is going to be a continuous battle, therefore equip your characters properly before starting. -|Boss ~ Rikku|- Level 40 HP: 7800 MP: 92 Not guarded against blind, sleep and confusion. You can decide whether you want to use them or not. Rikku's attack speed is faster than yours. Therefore, she's capable of attacking you in a short period of time. You have to be quite consistent here. I suggest that you use Fencer. The job has a fairly good offense and defense. Besides, it's recovery time is much faster than Dark Knight's. Hit her 2 to 3 times, then use a Hi Potion. Continue on like this until she is defeated. -|Boss ~ Paine|- Level 40 HP: 9200 MP: 92 She has the same stats as Rikku. Just use the same strategy stated above. One thing that differs Paine from Rikku is that Paine is much slower in her attacks. -|Boss ~ Baralai|- Level 40 HP: 12220 MP: 720 This guy is really quick in his attacks. Break abilities work well on him. Try to lower down his offensive power by using Power Break as soon as you start battle with him. Keep using Mega Potion when necessary to keep your party members' HP high because you will go straight into battle after finishing. Going into a battle with a low amount of HP may cause you to be on the disadvantage side. Try to finish him off when your characters' HP is high. -|Boss ~ Gabriel|- Level 40 HP: 14800 MP: 235 His attacks are much slower than Baralai's. But that does not mean he's not dangerous. His multi missile attack proves to be quite damaging when it hits all your party members. Remember to maintain a high amount of HP, or else he will wipe your entire party out in one strike. Statistically, he's same as Baralai. No elemental weaknesses here too. Therefore don't bother about using Black Mage here. -|Boss ~ Nooj|- Level 40 HP: 23260 MP: 720 This is going to be one tough battle. He has on attack that could easily damage a character up 1500+. It is advisable to have all your characters HP above 2000 or so. Just for safety sake. Level 40 is the minimum requirement for defeating him, you can defeat him at lower levels too but it'll be a heavier task for you. Make sure you have plenty of X-Potions and Phoenix Downs. A couple of Mega Phoenixes and Mega Potions comes in handy too. Protect against all status ailments, just focus on physical attacks. Although Break abilites work on him, it does not really affect him due to his high physical defense. Just keep healing, reviving and hitting him in a consistent manner. Once you've defeated all of them, a scene will occur. A conversation starts between Yuna, Rikku and Paine. Episode complete. You'll earn yourself some of the most useful accessories in the game. One which grants 50+ to your offense and another one which grants 50+ to your magic offense. There's another ring which provides you 40+ in both offense and defense too. A Result Plate is given to you as well. Back in the airship, talk to Shinra and choose the 3rd option. It will then open up the sphere menu. View all the 10 Akagi spheres you've collected in the past in an orderly manner, if you want to get a better understanding between Nooj and his companions, Baralai and Gabriel. Some of the scenes are very interesting to watch. View them all and you'll get 1% for your story level completion. When you reach there, you'll see an Al Bhed guy crying for help. Mission starts. You'll see that each tower is occupied by a fiend called Chimera. Defeat all of them. You'll get some cool accessories along the way. After beating the 9th one, a scene will occur. After the scene, just follow the red arrow on the map. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Funbaba|- Level 60 HP: 27772 MP: 785 Protected against everything except the Break abilities. Just keep focusing your physical attacks on him and keep healing your characters when they are hurt. This guy is pretty easy if your characters' level are high. Make sure you have a high amount of HP when you give him your last hit because he's going to cast meteor on your characters once he's defeated. To avoid your party members being killed, just be sure to have a considerable amount of HP. It's good to cast Dispel on him to clear off his Protect status. After the battle, a conversation starts between the Kamomedan group and the Al Bhed guy. Choose the 2nd option first. Head to the travel agency to save. Then return to the guy again to choose the first option. You'll be now in a dungeon. Just follow the red arrow to look for Cid. A scene will occur. Boss fight! Episode complete. -|Boss ~ Bansua Machina|- Level 61 Bansua's HP: 30500 MP: 1247 'A' Recorder's HP: 1248 MP: 1024 'S' Recorder's HP: 1240 MP: 1024 'R' Recorder's HP: 1240 MP: 1024 Enter the battle with a Dark Knight in your party. Use Dark Wave to clear off the 3 recorders in one hit since they have low amount of HP. Then concentrate your physical attacks on Bansua. You can use Break abilities to lower down his status. Remember not to use lightning magic on him because you will just heal him, which you don't really want that to happen. In order to master Special Dresses, you have to get both the upgrade items for "HP Limit Break" and "Damage Limit Break". For Yuna's Special Dress, head to Besaid Island to get the "Damage Limit Break" item. Go to the area where the waterfall is. Just before the brigde, at the corner, you can jump down to another area where there's a treasure chest containing the item. Next, head to the Cave Of The Stolen Fayth in Calm Lands. Use the transporter to get to the area where you've fought Yojimbo earlier in the game. It's located in another treasure chest found in the Chamber of Fayth. By getting these items, you'll automatically upgrade your dresses. To get the "Damage Limit Break" for Paine, head to Mihen High Road. Upon reaching there, rent a chocobo from the lady for 200 GIL and ride it up to the north section of Mihen High Road. After passing the two bridges overlooking the area where you've fought the Chocobo Eater, you'll notice that there's a chocobo feather lying on the ground near a grey monument on the left side of the cliff. Position your chocobo on the feather, wait for a moment, an option will appear. Choose the first option. The chocobo will fly up to another section to get a treasure chest containing a random item. After getting the item, the chocobo will fly down. You'll see that the chocobo feather is not there anymore. Repeat the same procedure as above, stand at the area where the chocobo feather initialy was, another option will appear. Choose the first option again. This time, the chocobo will fly down to another section with a treasure chest containing the "Damage Limit Break" item. For the "HP Limit Break" item, head to Thunder Plains. Go to the north area of Thunder Plains and talk to the Al Bhed guy to enter the secret dungeon, where you first rescued Cid. Explore the dungeon for the item contained within a treasure chest. For further information on how to get through the dungeon, look at the section. For Rikku's "Damage Limit Break" item, head to the lift in Mushroom Rock Road which takes you to the base of the Youth Alliance Movement. Search the area around the lift to find a treasure chest containing the item. To get the "HP Limit Break" item, there's a few things you ought to do first. You have to train a group of chocobos, preferably 3 to 4 of them. Send 3 Level 1 chocobos to any places around Spira. Followed by 3 Level 2 chocobos and so on until Level 5. In order for your chocobos to return, you must encounter 3 to 4 random battles. After sending Level 1,2,3,4 and 5 chocobos out to Spira, when you return to the chocobo ranch, an event will occur, which opens up a passage way leading to another secret dungeon located in Calm Lands. Explore the dungeon to get Rikku's "HP Limit Break" item. After talking to the Al Bhed guy, you'll find yourself inside the dungeon again. Open the treasure chest in front of you. A menu will pop up, teaching you how to get through the dungeon. The first one will be automatically opened for you. Just input the digit given. Before we start off, here are few of the basic instructions you should know. This is solely for people who are Japanese illiterate. Below are the explanation on how to decipher the instructions given. 1. If digits are given, just follow them. 2. If there are 3 kanji words before a given number, it means that you should add up the sum you've got previously for opening a numbered door. For eg. x=A kanji. A sentence is given in this manner, [x x x 11 x x]. This means that you should add the number you used to open door no.11 to another given number. 3. A sentence without any digit means that you have to add the total amount of GIL you have collected so far. 4. A sentence with a lot of kanji words as well as a given digit means that you have to add up the total of battles you've encountered from a particular door to another door. For eg. You'll see a sentence stating door no.11 to no.13 in kanji, this means you have to remember the number of battles you've encountered from no.11 to no.13 and add it to another given number. A few tips before getting started: 1. If possible, equip yourself with a None Encounter accessory. This will save the trouble of memorizing the number of battles you've gone through. This means that if the instruction given is to add the total number of battles to another given digit, the number you need to add with is always 0. 2. Each time you manage to open a door, 2 treasure chests will appear. Don't open them. As a result, you won't gain any GIL. Therefore, you don't have to memorize how much GIL you have. The amount of GIL you have will always be 0. 3. Have a piece of paper as well as a pen to jot down all the numbers given. When you open the first door, the instruction given will be like this. This is just an example given. >>Start (Non-available) 3>> 12 After opening the first instruction, close the menu and follow the red arrow to another door to open up another instruction menu such as below. >>3 42 8>> 60 This is what the instruction means: In order to open door number 3, you have to add the number 12 from the previous menu to the current menu you've opened at door no.3, which is 42. Add both numbers, 12 + 42 = 54. Input 54 into the option given and the door will be opened. After getting through the door, follow the red arrow to another door. By using the same procedures, another menu will pop up with the following instructions. >>8 [x x x 3 x x] 6>> [Amount of GIL collected] This is what the instruction means: In order to open door number 8, you have to add the number 60 from the previous menu to the current menu you've opened at door no.8, which is the answer you used to open up door no.3, which is 54. Add both numbers, 60 + 54 = 114. Input the 114 and the door will be opened. And again, follow the red arrow to the next door. Instructions given will be: >>6 125 9>> 359 This is what the instruction means: In order to open door number 6, you have to add the amount of GIL you had from opening the treasure chests. If you didn't open them, the amount of GIL you have will be 0. Therefore, just add 0 + 125 = 125. Simple as that. Input the digit into the option and the door will be opened. *Note* Hope that the explanation given above will help you to get through the dungeon. Open up all the blocked paths to get Paine's "HP Limit Break" item as well as a White Magic Result Plate. All the best! ^^ In order to get this dungeon activated, you will have to do some chocobo catching first. How do you catch chocobos? When you encounter a chocobo during battles, feed them with Gysahl Green. This will stop it from running away or attacking your party members during battles. You can get some Gysahl Greens from Clasko in his chocobo ranch. Just talk to him when you first helped him to clear off the monsters in the ranch and he will give you 20 Gysahl Greens. If you don't know Japanese, the item is usually located at the bottom of your item menu. Feed the chocobo for a second time to tame it during battle. After winning the battle, the chocobo will be automatically sent to the ranch. In the ranch, level up your chocobo by feeding it with appropriate Greens. This menu is available by talking to Clasko. Level your chocobos until Level 5 and sent them out to Mihen High Road for treasure hunt. It'll take some time for them to return. Once they return, Clasko will notify you that a hidden dungeon in Mihen High Road was found by a chocobo during the hunt. What next? Head to Mihen High Road. When you're in Mihen High Road, rent a chocobo and ride to the section where you fought the Chocobo Eater in your Story Level 2. You'll notice that there will be a green fog near the save point. Approach it and choose the first option to enter. Once in the dungeon, open the treasure chest in front of you to get some S Grenades. By using the square button, choose the amount of grenades you want to use to blow up the wall. Explore the dungeon for some very interesting accessories. You might be wondering later which wall you can use grenade on. It's pretty simple. Just move Yuna towards the wall and you'll notice that blue cloth/skirt attached to her hip will be swaying due to the movement of the wind. Walls that can be blown up will have wind passing through them. Therefore it causes Yuna's skirt to sway. Keep exploring the dungeon. However, there are walls that can be blown up with no wind passing through. At the end, Boss fight! -|Boss ~ King Vemin|- Level 65 HP: 39857 MP: 872 Equip yourself with Fire Nullify Ring as this guy casts Fire magic. Use Break abilities on him. Besides that, nothing seems to be useful. Start the battle with 2 fencers and a dark knight. Keep using physical attacks on him and heal whenever necessary. He will be gone in no time. You'll get a Result Plate for winning. You'll end up outside the dungeon after the battle. This is the same place where you first obtained the 2 Akagi spheres. This dungeon is located inside Bevelle Temple. Once inside the temple, take the right route to a another section. The Kodomodan will be there as well. Take the portal down. If you've been to this dungeon before, choose the 2nd option to go back to the initial level you went through earlier. Proceed down to Level 40. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Black Elemental|- Level 75 HP: 9999 MP: 2380 Enter this battle with a white mage. Quickly cast Reflect onto your characters to avoid his Ultima which can seriously kill all your characters in one shot. With Reflect on your characters, he can't do any harm to you except casting magic that lowers your offenses and defenses. Remember not to cast any magic on him as he has the Auto Reflect ability. Just use physical attack on him. Although his physical defenses are high, it shouldn't be any problem since he can't hurt you. Upon beating him, a treasure chest will appear, awarding you some really useful and expensive accessories. One of the accessory allows you to break the normal HP limit 9999. Proceed down to the next section and head on to Level 60. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Mount Mai Mai|- Level 85 HP: 343280 MP: 170 Before battle, equip your characters with a Result Plate that boosts defenses. Enter the battle with 3 Dark Knights. He has an attack which will kill off one of your characters instantly. Revive her as soon as she's down. Keep using Dark Knight's Dark Wave ability which will constantly do a damage between 7000-9999. Physical and magic attacks won't do much on him as he has Auto-Protect as well as Auto-Shell. Use Mega Potions and Mega Phoenixes when necessary only because you need them for the later bosses. Make sure your Dark Knights have the Anti- Poison ability already before entering battle. This will surely make the battle much easier to handle. After this battle, you won't get anything for winning. Head on down to Level 80. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Chaku|- Level 90 HP: 459743 (Oversoul) MP: 820 Before getting this boss, it is advisable to oversoul her first before battling her. To oversoul her, look for normal fiends that look like her, the smaller version of this anacondar known as Basilisk. After oversouling it, then only you start the battle. Once you enter the battle, Chaku will automatically be oversouled. Once oversouled, Chaku will have a different type of attack strategy. Although she has a higher amount of HP, stronger than a non-oversouled Chaku, she will not cast the most feared skill which is the "Sound Wave" which can kill all your characters in one hit. Enter the battle with 3 Fencers equipped with Haste Rings. If you don't have Haste Rings, try using Thieves instead. Besides that, use Result Plates and accessories that boost your physical defenses. If you characters are stoned, quickly heal them. If they are poisoned, just leave it as it is until Chaku stones her. After stoning, the effect will be gone. Keep a good timing on your attacks and she will be not be able to attack you much. All the best! Now, proceed down to the final level of the dungeon. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ "He Who Abandoned Everything"|- Level 99 HP: 200000 MP: 9999 Enter the battle with a Gambler equipped with a haste ring. Equip the others with Result Plates and accessories that will boost your defenses which you will need them for the next battle. As soon as you enter the battle, use the "Wairu" option of Gambler to bribe him. In order to succeed, you have to have at least a million GIL. This will then give you a better start for your next battle against Torema without using your precious items during this fight. After the battle with him, an old man you've met earlier called Torema will appear. You will go straight into battle after the talking scene. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Torema|- Level 99 HP: 999999 MP: 999 Once battle starts, quickly change one of your characters to Thief to steal all his MP from him. This will then stop him from casting Flare and Demi unto your characters. Unfortunately, he will still be able to cast Meteor, therefore make sure your characters' HP is always high. After depleting his MP, he will just use physical attacks on you. Change all your characters to Dark Knights and use the Dark Wave ability on him. Normal attacks won't hit him due to his high evasion rate. Now it's the time to make full use of your X-Potions, Elixirs, Mega Potions and other precious items. Use the item that can double your characters' HP. If you're at level 99, you should be able to get a maximum HP of 9999. Cast Protect unto your party to decrease his attacks bu using items. Keep using Dark Wave and heal when necessary. If possible, try to equip your party with the Result Plate that grants +20 to both your magic and physical defense. All the best! After beating him, you'll get an extremely useful accessory called the Iron Duke. This accessory will double the stats of one particular character. You will see "He Who Abandoned Everything" at the far end section. You can challenge it once again without bribing him this time. ^^ Back again in Macalania forest. Head towards the snowy region where O'Aka's shop is located. You'll be surprised to see another person with him too. After the conversation with him. Leave the shop. He will then come running out of the shop. Another conversation will occur. Episode complete. You can head back in the shop now and buy some extremely useful accessory from him. It's very expensive, around 50000 GIL each but it's worth it. Enables you to cast magic and use other abilities although you're using another dress. [This section is only applicable if you've helped O'Aka in Story Level 1, cleared his 100000 debt and completed the mission in Story Level 2.] When you manage to reach 400PR points for the PR mission which you have activated in Story Level 1. When you reach Calm Lands, an event will occur automatically. The short red guy, Toberi will appear and he will merge both the companies found in Calm Lands together to form another company. Somesort like a partnership. A new minigame will appear too. When you talk to Toberi, he will invite you to his upcoming concert in Luca. Episode complete. Head on to Sanubia Desert. You've probably activated the mission while you're in Story Level 3. A girl will approach you to ask for your help to look for the little cactuars so that they'll be returned to their respective places in Sabotender Desert. It seems like the desert is under attack by a group of snake-like monsters. The cactus needs protecting the desert needs the help from his fellow cactus members around him but in order to go that, you have to find 10 little cactuars to activate them. After talking to the cactus labelled as red box on the map, talk to the cactus labelled green. He will give you a clue to where the location of the cactuar is. Each time after you have return a cactuar to it's respective place, you have to talk to another cactus labelled as green box for another tip. There'll be a machina vehicle that will take you back to Sanubia desert at the top right side of the screen. Here are the locations of the cactuars. 1.Head back to Sanubia Desert. Talk to the man near the machina vehicle. Choose the 3rd option to go to the Oasis. You'll find the first one there. 2.Go to Besaid Beach. You'll see it sitting by the seaside at the far end of the beach. 3.Proceed to Guadosalam Mansion and into the underground passageway. It's hiding itself in a treasure chest in one of the rooms. 4.Calm Lands. Found near the bridge. The area where you can go to the Cave of The Stolen Fayth. It is riding on a chocobo. 5.Same as above. (Basically no.4 and no.5 are on the same chocobo. Therefore there will only be one shooting game with both of them together.) 6.Go to Thunder Plains. It's located near a cactuar stone which is situated opposite a shelter area. The shelter area is a tower with somesort of a roof covering it. It's the same place you met with Rian and his friend. The two Ronzo kids. 7.This one is a bit hard to find. It is in Kilika Forest. When you reach the 2nd crossroad in Kilika Forest, take the right route. Make sure you have your X button remained pressed down so that as you proceed along the path, you'll jump onto a tree and to another area. You'll see it sitting on the cliff enjoying the scenery. 8.Mount Gagazet. Head down the mountain and to an open area where you first fought Seymour in FFX. 9.Head back to Kilika Island. It's found Dona's house. 10.To get the 10th one, head back to Sabotender Desert and talk to the cactus labelled as red box. It will then command the 9 cactuars you've found to do a cactuar dance to break the Cactuar Cave's seal. You'll then be allowed to enter the cave to look for your last cactuar. You'll be awarded with a Result Plate that gives you double AP and experience if you get to beat all the cactuars' minigames. You won't get the plate by just finding them all. Please take note of this. As you enter the cave, remember to save. Proceed to the inner section of the dungeon. There's one section where you've got to run across the quicksand within a given period of time. Just forget about the treasure chests at the moment and run for your life towards the end of the dungeon. Get the 10th cactuar and Boss fight! After the scene by the cactuars, you'll get another scene showing you that the Al-Bhed treasure hunt group has been attacked by a mysterious enemy. The girl who approached you earlier will ask for your help once again. Choose the first option to accept. And immediately after that, Boss fight! You'll get a Ribbon accessory if you manage to defeat him. Mission completed. -|Boss ~ Anra Manyu|- Level 70 HP: 333444 MP: 9999 You will meet this guy a couple of times when you're doing your treasure hunts at Sanubia Desert. This time, you will have to fight him for real. It is better to have your characters' level as high as possible because he's going to be one tough enemy. It takes approximately about 30 minutes to defeat him with the required level I stated above. Make sure you have tons of Mega Potions as well as Phoenixes when you enter battle. Start off the battle with 3 Dark Knights. You'll notice that his right arm will be doing physical damages wherelse the left wil be busy casting magic. Either way, both the arms will be irritating if you don't knock them out early. Use Dark Knight's "Dark Wave" ability to wipe out both his arms simultaneously. This is the ability that consumes a little of your HP, but trust me, it's worth it. Keep on using the ability whenever he revives both his arms. Without his arms, basically just use physical attack on him. Equip a White Magic ring onto one of your Dark Knights so that she'll be able to cast white magic. This accessory can be bought from O'Aka at his shop in the snowy area of Macalania forest for 50000 GIL. You can choose to cast Reflect onto your party members too. This will help you to avoid his Flare magic cast by the left arm. Instead, it will hit himself back with the magic, probably with a 9999 damage. If you're out of Mega Potions, you can always rely on the Item Shooter job. Change on of your Dark Knights to Item Shooter to use Mega Potions as frequent as you like. By maintaining a good pace of healing and attacks, he will be gone within 30 minutes or so. All the best to you! *Note* To initiate this event, you have to speak to Cid in Story Level 2 at Thunder Plains, near the travel agency. Head to the engine room of Celcius. Upon leaving the room, Dachi will appear and have a conversation with Yuna. After that, head to the open area of Celcius to look for Cid. After seeing Cid mumbling to himself, head back to the cockpit. You'll see a scene between Rikku's happy family. After the scene, you'll notice that Dachi and Aniki are missing. Go to the resting area on Celcius. Head up the steps to the second floor where the beds are. There's a conversation in Al Bhed between Cid and Rikku about Aniki's love life. Talk to Cid and choose the first option. After that, head to the top of Celcius to meet with Aniki, Dachi and Cid. Right after the conversation, head back to the cockpit. This event contributes % to story level of completion. A scene will occur when you arrive. It seems like there'll be a duel between Kimahri and Gariku up at Mount Gagazet. Without using the teleporter, make your way up the mountain. You'll meet both of them on the way there. And yes, Kimahri looks very cool and macho indeed. ^^ After the fighting scene, you'll see a monument dedicated to Kimahri. Episode complete. You might want to come back to talk to Rion and his friend to get a Result Plate from them. *Note* You can choose to have Yuna instead of Kimahri for the monument. All you need to do is to answer the Ronzos' questions during your earlier levels. You can do this during your second time through the game. Choose the 1st option for the female Ronzo near Kimahri and choose the 2nd option for all the rest of the Ronzos including Kimahri and Gariku. You'll meet Meichen there when you arrive. Talk to him and a conversation will occur. He'll tell you another story about the past. Episode complete. If you met him earlier in the game at Mushroom Rock Road, he will tell you something extra that contributes % towards story level completion. To get this final dress, you have to get all "Episode Complete" in all areas around Spira. From Besaid Island to Zanarkand Ruins, each and everyone of them. When you've completed them. Back on board of Celcius, talk to Aniki and he will give you the dress sphere automatically. *Note* You need not complete Bevelle's 100th Level Dungeon but you have to get an Episode Complete for Bevelle's initial active link, the one I stated above. It's advisable to complete the Akagi Sphere's Dungeon because that event alone has an Episode Complete for Mushroom Rock Road. Last Mission (Battle Against Vegnagun) -------------------------------------- When you're on board of Celcius. Go and talk to Aniki. Choose the first option. You'll be back to the underground world. Proceed down the spiral route. When you reach the large platform, Boss fight! -|Bosses ~ Dark Magus Sisters|- Level 48 Mindy's (bee) HP: 9788 MP: 9999 Sandy's (wasp) HP: 10330 MP: 9999 Cindy's (ladybird) HP: 12240 MP: 9999 This girls are real tough. They have really a high attack speed. Firstly, take down Mindy first as her Pasado (stinger) ability is really threatening. By beating her first, the sisters won't be able to use their Delta Attack ability. Make sure you can Dispel on any of the sisters you're attacking because Cindy will be constantly casting a magic which gives Protect, Shell and Reflect ability for the sisters. After taking Mindy down, go for Cindy next. She's really irritating when she casts supportive magic for her sisters. Keep your characters constantly healed. Use three of your most powerful jobs to finish one of them off first, then change one of your party members to a white mage to do healing after that. Sandy will be very vulnerable at the end when she stands alone in battle. Head back up to the save point area to save. Then proceed down the spiral again to the next area. Upon reaching another platform, Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Dark Anima|- Level 50 HP: 36000 MP: 9999 Dark Anima is much easier to beat compared to the Dark Magus Sisters. Enter the battle with 3 jobs that have the highest attack status. This time, make good use of the items you have such as the Mega Potion that heals 2000 HP for everyone as well as a good supply of Remedy. When Dark Anima unleashes Pain that causes multiple status on your character, use Remedy to cure. There's no need for White Mage to be here. Keep on attacking and healing. Make sure your party members' HP levels are high to be on the safe side. Just in case it uses its overdrive. After defeating the boss, a familiar person will appear. A conversation between Yuna and him will occur. After that, you'll be in a place full of beautiful flowers. Approach the Le Blanc. A scene will start. A portal will appear. Save before you enter the portal. When you reach the other side, there'll be a blue beacon on the ground. Stand on it and a melody will be played. Then approach the piano to key in the appropriate notes stated at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will deactivate the electrical barrier. Now you'll see 2 routes. Take the left route first. Step on the blue beacon. Head on and you'll reach a junction. Go down south to find to more beacons. One is long the way down south. To find the other one, look at the map, you'll see that you can jump down to another route on your way down south. Locate the beacon and head up straight to the piano. Play the notes to deactivate the barrier. After passing the barrier, you'll reach a Y-juntion. Take the right route. Jump down to another route that located underneath the current route you're on. Head down to locate a beacon and then up to a higher ground to stand on another beacon. Jump down and take the left route now. Step on the beacon and head on straight to the piano. Input the notes and it'll deactivate the last barrier. You'll find Gabriel up ahead and Le Blanc will arrive with Uno and Sano. He will give you Paine's sphere. After watching the sphere, you'll be in a new area. The purpose of this section is to play the tune accordingly by moving the appropriate block. There will be two blocks for you to start with. One after the save point and another one before the save point. Take the one on top. Then jump to the right block. 3 notes will be played. Jump to the right again. Then up and onto another big block to play 2 more notes. Now head back to the save point area. Take the block before the save point to a higher area. You'll then see two blocks in front of you. Take the block which is higher than the other one to a bigger block to play 1 note. Then head back to the save point area again. Take the block after the save point again. But this time, jump left. It'll transport you to a higher ground. Jump on to the next block to play a note. Then take the previous block another higher level. Jump to the block next to the block containing a treasure chest. 2 notes will be played. Head back to the save point area. Take the same block up again. Jump left. Jump left again to a lower block. 1 note will be played. Finally, head back to the save point area and take the block before the save point. Jump onto the lower block. 2 notes will be played. Head on up to the electrical barrier and stand on the beacon to play all the notes. The gate will then be deactivated. Phew~ That was a lot of hard work. ^^' Head on to next section. Maybe you want to get back down to save first after all the work. Just go straight now. There's no other paths that you can take. Climb onto the elevated panels and you'll meet Nooj on the way. A scene will occur. After the long conversation. You'll be able to hear Auron's, Jecht's and Braska's voice giving advice to Yuna. Head down again to save because this is the last time you can save. Head up the straight path leading to Vegnagun. Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Vegnagun (Tail)|- Level 52 HP: 34200 MP: 9999 From what I know, it has only two attacks. A single laser attack and a swing attack that hits all party members. Just maintain a high HP level to survive his swing attack. It's laser attack won't hurt you a bit. Use your strongest jobs to attack him. It'll be dead within a few minutes. Make sure you've got plenty of Mega Potions and Hi Potions because they are pretty handy in battles. After beating him, head up to the next area. Climb the platforms to reach Le Blanc's group. After the talk, Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Vegnagun (Leg)| - Level 53 Arm's HP: 18220 MP: 9999 Red Sphere's HP: 300000 MP: 9999 Green Sphere's HP: 300000 MP: 9999 Yellow Sphere's HP: 300000 MP: 9999 Looking at the amount of HP the spheres have, just concentrate your attacks on the arm. Quickly finish it off as soon as possible. It's wise to use Dark Knights here as they have the best overall offense and defense. Not only physical but in magic as well. Keep your characters HP high by using items. Due to the low amount of HP the arm has, it's easy to defeat it if your characters attack power is high enough to inflict around 2000-3000+ damage. Make use of accessories and Result Plates to increase your attacks. Head on up. After the scene, Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Vegnagun (Body)|- Level 55 Body's HP: 33040 MP: 9999 Right Arm's HP: 3000 MP: 9999 Left Arm's HP: 3000 MP: 9999 Strategy to beating this guy is to clear off both his arms first. Then it will not be able to cast Protect and Shell onto itself. The best way is to use Dark Knight's Dark Wave, the ability that consumes a small amount of HP. This will easily knock off both the arms in a single move. After finishing both arms, hit it's chest with all you've got. If it revives it's arms, knock it off again. Carry on like this until it's defeated. Be sure to cast Dispel to clear off his supportive magic abilities such as Protect and Shell. After another scene, Boss fight! -|Boss ~ Vegnagun (Head)|- Level 56 Head's HP:38420 MP:99999 Right Tusk's HP:2500 MP:99999 Left Tusk's HP:2500 MP:99999 Use the same strategy same as above. Clear off both it's tusks and there will be less problem to face. Each time you've cleared the tusks, concentrate all your attack on his head. The rest is up to you. When Vegnagun is defeated, a scene will occur. Prepare for your last battle! -|Final Boss ~ Shuin|- Level 58 HP: 23850 MP: 210 All Shuin's attacks resemble to Tidus' overdrives. It's quite powerful if your characters level are low. Just constantly heal your party members after each attack by him. All the best! You'll finally see the last scene of FFX-2. Just remember to keep pressing the O button when Yuna reaches the area with a lot of flowers. Keep pressing until Inoringo appear. He will ask you whether you want to be reunited with Tidus. Choose the first option to accept. Congratulations! You've completed Final Fantasy X-2. Sit back and enjoy the FMV. .::END OF STORY LEVEL 5::. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ)- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is a walkthrough without a FAQ section? Therefore, this is a section that I'll put up answers for questions that people usually asked regarding the game. 1.What are the necessary steps in order to get the "Good Ending"? -You've got to complete side mission in Story Level 3. -When Yuna is left alone in the dark underworld, in the area with flowers, keep pressing the O button to activate a whistling event. Tidus' figure will appear and lead her out of the the underworld in Story Level 3. -Flag off the first season of Blitzball and head to the area where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle in Story Level 5. -Complete in Story Level 5. -After the battle with Shuin, when Yuna enters the area with flowers again, press the O button to call upon Inoringo and choose the first option. 2.How come Tidus' figure appeared and hugged Yuna when I pressed the O button? Why didn't Inoringo appear? -This is because you did not manage to complete to 5 steps stated above. You will end with a "Normal Ending". 3.What is the difference between a "Normal Ending" and a "Good Ending"? -The "Good Ending" features an extra FMV at the end, showing Tidus and Yuna being reunited. The "Normal Ending", however, does not have this event. 4.What about "Perfect Ending" and how do I get it? -"Perfect Ending" contains an extra scene between Tidus and Yuna. You have to complete the game with a 100% Story Level Completion. 5.How do I use the Special Dress Sphere (SDS)? -To use it, you have to activate all the dresses on your Result Plate. Meaning, you've got to change to all your dresses on the Result Plate. After that, when you press the L1 button again, you'll see another option, which is the R1. By pressing it, you'll be able to change into the SDS. 6.How come some of my accessories are not working in Bevelle's 100th Level Dungeon? -This is because before you enter the dungeon, there's a WARNING stating that accessories may not work if you've entered the dungeon. 7.Why can't I access some of the missions you've stated in the walkthrough? -This probably will happen in Story Level 2 when you were asked to choose sides between Nooj's Youth Alliance Party and Baralai's Yevon Movement. Depending on the sides you've choosed, you may not get some of the side missions. 8.Can I get 100% Story Level Completion by playing the game once? -This is not possible. You have to play at least twice in order to get 100%. That's the function of New Game+. 9.New Game+? What is that? -It is another option given to you after you've finished the game once. This option allows you to use all the Result Plates, Accessories and Dress Spheres that you have collected in your first game. However, the level of your characters will be reset. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -THE END- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: CJayC, Kuppo, Yuna4ever, Lyam, Kyot, QuacoreZX, Dominique, aiR takeR, Terces17, boynick, MysteryPig, Kirk, Holystar, TheSirAuron, George, DestinF, Nacudar, Arhang, lywnn, Shuuin X2, skuldnoshinpu, KIYO, blahblehblah, runedh, baka neko, Ardee, Aurican All the names that have been mentioned above, I just want to say thank you so much for giving me tips, ideas, information as well as correcting my mistakes during the whole process of creating this walkthrough/FAQ. Thanks! Copyright 2003 IiNcX.z Email me at Eric@bassplayer.st MSN Messenger - Email same as above. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>