Dracula Resurrection "Th& Pl@gue" End of the prologues - Start in front of the Inn Outside the Inn Go into the Inn Inside the inn On entering, Animation with Dracula's henchmen and welcome by the Barina. Visit the bottom of the inn (the entire inn can be visited but later on in the game it will be possible to visit the rooms concealed at this time). Go to the two characters and question them about the castle (Dialogue icon right at the top). Leave the inn. Path Outside the inn, carry straight on. At the intersection, take the Bridge path (post marked "Pons") on the left as the signpost shows. Signpost Take the small path where the sign says " Cuemeterium " (the one that is bordered by a low wall and a barrier). At the intersection of the cross and the cemetery, turn right to the cemetery. Cemetery Enter the cemetery. Carry on to the back and turn right to the tool shed. Take a pickaxe. Return to the entrance and go to the VR between Dracula's tomb and the Dragon's pit (Where strange blue halos can be seen). Right click to display the inventory. Click on the pickaxe (the small icon, not the zoom) and place the cursor on the dragon's pit. The "pickaxe" cursor is surrounded by a green ring showing that is the right object to solve the problem. Click! After the animation with Jonathan digging the pit, we come to a Fixed View (Plan Fixe - PF) of the destroyed pit's bottom and the Dragon's ring. Take the ring and leave the Fixed View (Plan Fixe - PF) . Leave the cemetery. (Optional: See the Saint George fixed view above the broken stone and the vampire's tomb's VR) Path Come back to the intersection of the cemetery and the cross and turn left this time to the Cross. Cross Go to the cross and take the sling in the PF at the foot of the cross. Leave the cross. Path Retrace your steps to the junction. There, return to the signpost. At the post, take the opposite direction. We are going to the well and the bridge. The bridge Iorga is warming his hands on a brazier. Go to him. Suddenly, he blocks access to the bridge. Continue along the path to the well. This is the path in front of the bridge. The well Nothing doing for the moment. We can just see that there is an object to be used to open the well on the PF (Gear cursor). Go towards the inn. Outside the inn You arrive from the barn. The crown is hanging above the empty space. Go to the inn door and enter Inside the inn Question the characters on the new dialogue icons. Come back out of the inn. Micha, the old peasant spoke of the tree near the lake. Let's go! Outside the inn Go straight on leaving the inn behind you. At the intersection, go to the right (Post marked - to the cabin). Follow "Lacus" at the Inn - Mine - Lake intersection. The cabin and the old oak Go to the cabin. Goran, the clumsy oaf, is at the cabin entrance. If we click on him, he prevents us from going any further. Retrace our steps to the intersection of the path to go to the old oak. Go to the old oak tree. Click on it to climb it. At the top of the oak tree, you have to take the sling from the inventory (Right click) and put it on the bird tree. Click. (Animation with Jonathan throwing the stone, the birds flying away and Goran going to the end of the pontoon). Goran is now on the pontoon. Come down from the tree and go to the cabin. The way to the cabin is free but only to the door as Goran is on the pontoon. Take the club lying on the wall then go to Goran, take the club from the inventory (Right click), and put it on Goran. Click. (Animation with Goran being knocked out). Goran senseless, take the flute in the barrel and the knife on the platform barrel. Path Return to the inn and enter. Inside the inn Go down to the cellar. Click on the cupboard and take the telescope. Ask Micha about the bandit's flute (it is the one that gives the code). Come back to the ground floor and go upstairs using the staircase. Follow the corridor and go into la Barina's room. Go to the cupboard at the back of the room and click on it. (Animation with Jonathan pushing the cupboard). Get up on the cupboard and get hold of the hatch handle. Then go to the inventory (Right click), take the handle and put it on the hatch. Click to open and click again to get up. In the loft. Go towards the crown. Put the telescope on its tripod. Look through the telescope. We see Iorga warming his hands. Take the flute from the inventory put it on him. Click! (Iorga from the bridge under the sign). Then, go to the edge of the loft and click on the cord. Here we are in the PF where we will be able to cut the cord. Take the scissors from the inventory (Right click) and put them on my cord (Animation with Iorga being knocked out by the sign. Barina's room Go down into the room (Animation with la Barina who is explaining that she will close the doors of the inn for reasons of safety because Viorel, chief henchman, will be furious.) You cannot leave by the ground floor door, but the door at the back of la Barina's room (that was closed) is now open. Barina opens it in the animation). Leave by this door and go through the hole in the balcony to get outside. Outside the inn. Go to Iorga and click on the belt. Take the keys. They are the keys to the well and the cabin. But sadly, Viorel is blocking access to the paths to the cabin. You have to go to the bridge as it is free. The bridge Go to the bridge, try to cross it but it collapses. You'll have to find another way to get to the castle! Retrace your steps. The well The well was closed but now we have the key because we took it from Iorga. Open the well with the key (they one in the middle between the handle and the other key). Go into the well. Go to the end and go up the stairs. Take the lamp at the top and go back down. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right towards the dark corner. A magnifying cursor forms on a hook in the darkness. Click to go to this PF and take the lamp in the inventory and put it on it. The dark corner is now lit up. Take the grappling hook from the recess. Come back out and go under the inn's balcony. Inside the inn Once under the balcony, use the grappling hook to climb back up onto the balcony. Enter the room. And go back down to the ground floor. Question la Barina about the bridge. She gives you a key. Go to the red cupboard in front of la Barina's kitchen. Click on the door to open it. Use the key of the draw to open it (Right click). Once the draw is open, take the lighter and the key and click on the innkeeper's notebook. When the animation is finished, go to the cellar, it is the door in front of la Barina's kitchen. The Cellar Enter the cellar. Click on the candle to get it close up. Light it with the lighter taken in the drawer (Right click or F1). Now you can go down into cellar and can go in front of the barrel (impossible if the candle is not lit). In front of the barrel, take the big key that we just obtained (The one with the innkeeper's notebook). Use it to open the panel in the barrel. Once the panel is open, use the dragon's ring (2nd object in the wheel of the inventory) to open the barrel and to get to the other side. The Mine The Mine Now you are on the other side of the barrel, but this one is closed up. You'll have to forge on then. Go to the end of the tunnel. Look around and go to the door right at the back. There is a stone ball. Click on it. You are in a close up with the ball and a cursor " Action ". Click to make the ball turn. Put the dragon's ring in front of the mechanism. A noise can be heard, it is the door of the mine that has just opened. Click to leave. You will find yourself outside again and the mine door has just closed. The Cabin Through conversations, particularly with Micha, it can be guessed that the cabin conceals an access to the castle. Now is the time to go. In any case, Viorel is blocking the way back to the inn. The cabin is then the only alternative. At the cabin, go to the door. One of the keys taken from Iorga is the cabin's. Put this key in the door. Enter. Inside the cabin Go towards Barrels. Click on the nail claw fixed view, take the nail claw. (Animation with barrels falling) Come back to the VR and to click on the lift free of barrels. Click on the gate (Cursor " Action ") The quarry The lift has fallen down, Viorel having cut the cable. Fortunately, Jonathan gets away unscathed. Go the bottom of the quarry, to the left coming out of the lift. There are some chains held together there. Take the nail claw from the inventory and use it on the intersection of the chains. The building collapses. Take a plank of wood and go to the end of the stone outcrop, in front of the precipice. In the inventory, take this plank and put it over the precipice. Once in place, click to cross. You'll arrive on the opposite level. The landing Go to the pile of stones. Take the nail claw from the inventory and put it on the right stone. Click. The loosened stones fall and a skeleton appears behind. Take the arm of the skeleton and go to the front of the gate. There, you have to light the lamp with the lighter. You can then see what is behind the gate. With the arm of the skeleton, you can take une chevillËre from behind the gate that you would not normally have access to. Once you have la chevillËre, continue your descent. The platform room We are here at the top of a room with a broken bridge. Come down in front of the bridge and put the chevillËre on the chains. Click (Animation with Jonathan going to the other side of the bridge. Go down, there is a passage in front of the table. Click to go a bit further down. The station In the station, go to the wagon, the one that is perched right on top of the rails. Turn the lever (Animation with the wagon leaving the platform, a can frees a cord connected to pulley and falls into the wagon in question). The platform Click to get to the other side of the wagon. From there, you can lift up your eyes and see a "magnifying" cursor on the pulley. Click and take the hook attached to it. Leave and set off to the station on foot. The station Go to the points. Click to go to the points fixed view. Put the hook down and leave the PF. Then turn the points. It puts the tracks in the right direction. Set off up the platform on foot by the stairs. The platform Come back to the wagon and turn the wagon mechanism. As the tracks are in the right place now, you will have a wild ride to the engine shed. The well The wagon has just crashed at the bottom of the blocked well. If we, go in front of the tracks, we see that they have been destroyed we cannot therefore get across the empty space to the other side. In its mad rush, the wagon crashed into two doors. One of them was left up against the wall. Click on it ("Action" cursor) as it hides a passage. Jump into the passage. The technical room Go to the mechanism and click to open the tube. Put the dragon's ring on the mechanism and click. The tube closes up and works. When it opens, take back the ring. It then closes up again. The tracks rise up. Go up to the level of the arcades. The well Go to the other side of the well ... a swarm of bats stops you getting across. Move back and wagon lamp on the ground. In the fixed view, light the lamp with the lighter and take it. Then go back to the rails but no further. You can see the barrel that has spilt its petrol in the well. Put the lit lantern on it and click. (Animation with the well catching fire and gets rid of the bats. You can now pass over to the other side. Go close to the lever that operates the tip in the passage on the right and click. ========== Go to the second CD Animation with Dracula saying that Jonathan is going to die. Le Chateau de Dracula The castle cemetery In the castle cemetery, go straight ahead and, at the bottom of the steps, turn right. There, you will find a spiral staircase. Go down it. Dorko's cell We are in front of a closed door. Click on the lock on the left of the door. We're used to it now, it is the Dragon's ring that will unlock this door. On using the ring, the door will open. Go into the cell. At the back of the cell, light the lamp in the fixed view. On leaving the PF, animation presenting Dorko. Afterwards, go to Dorko and ask her questions about Mina. When Dorko has finished talking, go up to the top of the spiral staircase. Here, Dorko has followed us. Click on Dorko and she will open the door leading to the castle hall. The door closes behind you. The castle hall Go to the steps of the great staircase. Here, you have access to the vestibule. Go in and place yourself in front of the entrance. A magnifying glass on the lock lets you in. to take the key, click on it. The key breaks but you now have it in you inventory. Come back in front of the great staircase and go up. There is a door. It gives access to a chamber that leads to the room. Dracula's room Once you are in Dracula's room, go to the fixed view of the ball. Click on it and it will rise and unlock the chest. Take the ball. Then go to the chest and open it. Take two objects, the picture and the enamel plate with an eye in the book. To leave the room, do not use the door from where you came but the other one, it leads to the Great Library. The Great Library We are on the library gallery. Turn right straight away and open the door. The Hall's balcony We are on the balcony overlooking the hall. Click on the mechanism and we get to the fixed view. Click on the handle. The chandelier comes up between the two parts of the hall. Leave. The Great Library Back on the gallery, go down to the great room. Once down there, go to the end of the room. On one of the pillars in the library, a magnifying glass shows a fixed view. Click, it is a little uneven area in which you should put the enamel plate taken from the room. Having hung it, go to the large ladder. Click to go to the top of it. (Animation with Dracula's letter). Click on the handle, the ladder will go to the other side but is blocked. Having hung the enamel plate with the eye means that the eyepiece at the top of the ladder can be opened. Click on the eyepiece. (Animation with the ray that has just hit the writing desk) Go to the writing desk. A magnifying glass shows the location of the hatch. Click on it and the writing desk opens. It has a drawer. Open it and take the 4 objects inside. Leave by the door at the far end of the library. The Hall Go to the bottom of the stairs and see where the chandelier was. You will find a shield under which you should take a gauntlet. Go back up the stairs. You have gone up the chandelier that shows you a passage to a spiral staircase. Go down it. Go to the end of the corridor. You are in front of a door. Take the key that you broke in the vestibule and open the door. Dorko's cell Once on the other side of the door, you are in the castle cemetery. Go back to see Dorko. Several subjects of conversation have been added. Listen to them all because some of them will transform the objects you took and these transformed objects will solve problems, particularly the medal and the wooden ball. Dracula's room Go back to Dracula's room and put the crystal ball down. This gives a zoom on the picture and you will discover symbols on cards. Make note of these symbols and, still in the room, open the drawer. Link the symbols on the picture and the cards. They will give you graphic equivalents of the symbols. Now go to the broken mirror and the chimney unlocked by the crystal ball and click in the order of the figurines that correspond to the symbols. Once this task has been accomplished, the secret passage in Dracula's room opens. Go into it. The Dragon's passage You are now in the Dragon's passage. Right at the end, you will find the lock with which we are now familiar. Put the dragon's ring on it. The dragon in the passage moves back and shows a dagger. Take the dagger and come back to the lock. It has a crack. Put the dagger in the crack and turn it. It opens the figure's mouth. In this mouth, put the gauntlet found under the shield in the hall. Once inside, click on the ring. The drum must be turned to show an icon. Take the Saint George icon taken from the drawer in the library. Placing it will make a golden FabergÈ egg rise up. Open the egg with the key found in the library draw. Finally, take the key and the diamond. Do not forget to take the dagger in the crack. Leave the passage. The Great Library With the key taken from the egg, unlock the library clock. The hands are turning like mad before settling on midnight, then at 11.40. The portrait of Vlad in the genealogical tree turns. Here you must put the medal of the order of the dragon in that Dorko repaired with your blood! Put the medal in. The hands go to 11.45 and that frees the cursors of the world map. Go to the table. Move the small world map to free the map under the parchment. This map is the constellation of the dragon. Go to the map and put the dragon's ring on the last square in the bottom left hand corner. In the dragon's claws, you can read 40 horizontal (blue circle) and 25 vertical (red circle). Go to the large world map and connect marks to this information. The world map opens and the hands go to 11.50. Take the dagger that you removed from the crack and put it in the dragon's back. The hands of the clock will go to 11.55. One more operation and something will happen. Click on the top of the dagger. The claws open. Put the diamond found in the egg in the dagger's claws. The hands show midnight and the writing desk's ray comes into action. (Animation showing the library's secret passage opening). The Secret Room Go into the secret passage, you are in a chamber. Go up the stairs and into the secret room. Go towards the lectern. On the tables on the right and left there are fixed view. First go to the one on the left and click on the letter on the desk (animation with Dracula talking about Leonardo de Vinci about a mysterious flying machine). Then look to the right and click on the book (Animation with the acid bottle). Take the bottle. Finally, go to the lectern. Put the cross you showed to Dorko on its intended spot. The lectern turns. Take the de Vinci icon. The parchment rolls up, finally click on the top of the lectern to get to the magic square. Recompose the magic square (the first line must be SATOR and the last ROTAS), the balls then turn and free the imprisoned cross. Take the cross and return to the chamber at the bottom of the stairs. Once in the chamber, put the TENET cross (the cross freed by the balls) in the recess. It turns and the stairs drop giving access to the crypt. The Crypt Go down into the crypt. Go to the front of the small alter and free the gate by breaking the chain holding it with the flask of acid found in the secret room. Once the gate is open, take the charm. (Animation with the 3 vampires in the crypt). The 3 vampires are blocking the passage but there is a handle on the right. Push it! (Animation showing daylight entering and the vampires fleeing). Go to the opposite side of the room. There, you will find an identical recess to that at the top of the stairs. Put the TENET cross in it. The stairs rise to show a staircase below. Take the staircase. The attic When Dorko shuts you in the attic, you must go to the bottom. There, there is a plate with a mechanism. Put the flying man icon found in the secret room on it. Click on it. Put the Dragon's ring on it. This opens the iris and lowers the stairs. Go towards Mina and click on her. You talk about the castle! (not without difficulty!) End of the game</p>