PlayStation 2 PlanetPlayStation 2 PlanetXbox PlanetPC PlanetNintendo DS PlanetPlayStation Portable PlanetGameboy Advance PlanetGamecube PlanetPlaystation PlanetNintendo 64 PlanetDreamcast Planet Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Solution to Might & Magic 3 1. Objective The objective of this game is to locate Sheltem and re- activate the space shuttle. This will allow you to go after him in M&M 4. 2. Basic survival techniques 2.1 Uasge of Spells There are a couple of that are extremely useful. When using them correctly, it can save you lots of trouble and speed up game play. wizard eye - great spell to have, good for exploring beacon - VERY important spell. Casting it place a marker in the current location. Casting it the second time, you can return to this spot or set a new one. Note that not all place allow you to cast this spell. jump - let you skip a single square just infront of your party. Use it to avoid those swing blade, pits, etc. teleport - a much better spell than jump, allows you to move up to 9 squares ahead. Work in both dungeon and wilderness. town portal - very useful spell. Allows you to go back to any one the five towns. etherealise - very good spell. Allows you to walk thru doors and traps. Good for avoiding those traps that are place round the corner or just behind a door. For traps around the corner, cast etherealise, then side step to move away from the trap. In dungeon, don't bash down all the door. Cast etherealise to get through a door, and the monsters won't be able to follow you. Heal your party and go back for the monster. Great way to take cover. walk on water - only a druid/ranger can cast this spell. allows you to travel on water for a day. implosion - do a 1000++ demage to a single enemy. work best against those tougher opponents. recharge item - another great spell. find some items that cast some spells you wanted a lot but don't have enough spell points to cast. e.g. a medal of implosion, walk on water, etc. 2.2 Travelling great distances You'll need to travel to locations that are quite far away quite often. Knowing how to save time is very important, especially when you want to keep the temporary effects of the fountain, i.e you must be able to go anywhere from any place and complete your mission within a single day. Each town have a mirror that can teleport you when you say the right word: HOME - Fountain Head SEADOG - Baywatch DOOMED - Swamptown FREEMAN - Wildabar REDHOT - Blistering Heights ARENA - fight in arena EARTH FIRE WATER AIR By using the mirror, you can always go to a town/place that is near your destination. Once reaching there, you can either walk or teleport to your destination. 2.3 Hints and tips If you level is low, get a temporary increase to your stats and then try again. Donate to temple to get blessed, the number of time you must donate is relative to the current day. The amount of blessing you get is also proportional to the amount you donate. There are many fountains that increase your stats temporary, once you have found them, note down their location, because you'll need to visit them often when you aren't strong enough. Leave a beacon at the place where all the tough guys were, then visit temples, fountains, etc. Once you think you strong enough, cast the beacon spell again to go back to those guys. See the part on travel to shorten your time needed when you intend to visit many fountains. To bash down a door, the total strength of your first two characters is used to determine success or failure. So, try to let them have the strength increase whenever possible. When you can't pick a lock, you can either bash it down or casr etherealise. 2.4 Bugs in the program If you exchange items inside an inn they will be lost forever. Instead, do all your exchanging outside. If you are exchanging with a character that is not in your party permanently, include him/her, leave the inn, exchange, and then re-enter. There is one square in area F2 where the game freezes. You can get new disks by sending in your old disks with a note requesting the new ones (I suggest you confirm this by calling New World first). There is no charge. There is one problem however. The new version saves games in a different format from the old, so you have to start from the beginning. 3. Guided Tour - Towns 3.1 Fountain Head - HOME (A1) a. Buy pass into Ravern's Guild (only for those who can cast spells). Obtain all spells available. Go to ARENA at mirror portal to gain experience points. b. Learnt Mapmaker skill. c. Store gold and gem in bank and earn interest. d. Find skulls and give them to skull master. Give 20 skulls to the miser to get the password to reach the rat king. e. Go to cavern and save the good spirit from King Rat (RATS). Learnt all skills available in cavern (Swim, direction sense, danger sense). f. Approach all fountains after you have saved spirit. Exchange gold for experience points at one of the fountain. 3.2 Baywatch - SEADOG (A3) a. Get a pass to Albatross' Guild. Learnt all spells available. Obtain Mountaineering and pathfinding skills. Having two person with the same skill will enable you to cross forests and mountains. b. Look for the brothers -- Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Zeta. Due to a bug in the program, you'll never complete this quest. c. Wish at Nymph fountain many times and you will get lucky. 3.3 Wildabar - FREEMAN (B4) a. Get a pass to Falcon's Guild. 3.4 Swamptown - DOOMED (E2) a. Get a pass to Buzzard's Guild. b. Say MIRROR and STAIRS at Yad and Yud respectively. 3.5 Blistering Heights - REDHOT (D3) a. Get a pass to Eagles' Guild. b. Get magically enhanced with resistance to fire, poison, electricity and cold by visiting the 4 statues. 4. Guided Tour - Castles There are a total of 31 UPOs in the game. You'll need to give 11 Ultimate Power Orbs to one of the king. It's doesn't matter who you give them to. But bare this in mind, if you give 11 UPOs to the Good, all party member change their alignment to GOOD, and the other two castles are destroyed. Approach the kings carefully, you don't give them ONE UPO at a time, but instead the king take all you have carried. Don't bring 5 UPOs with you if you only intend to give one away. Upon giving 11 UPOs to any one of the king, you'll be allow walk pass the force field to reach the end game. A message saying 'Only the worthy shall pass' is at the entrance of that door. 4.1 Whiteshield (A1) a. Give Ultimate Power Orbs (UPOs) to King Righteous. Earn 1 million experience points for each orb. b. Return Artifacts of Good to the advisor. c. Say JOABARY to enter cavern. Say SMELLO to open magic chests. 4.2 Blood Reign (B4) a. Give UPOs to King Chaos and Artifacts of Neutral to the advisor. b. Say OGRE to enter cavern. c. The clues are: In Oh Are Tea Eye Sea Read them out: N O R T I C Use it to open magic chests. 4.3 Dragontooth (E1) a. Give UPOs to King Malicious (Evil) and Artifacts of Evil to the advisor. b. Say 20000 to enter cavern and 11 to open magic chests. 4.4 Greywind (C4) a. Here is how you solve the puzzle: RANGER -> RAN GER -> RAN REG -> REGRAN ARCHER -> ARC HER -> ARC REH -> REHARC CLERIC -> CLE RIC -> CLE CIR -> CIRCLE b. In the cavern, do NOT dig any gold or you'll lose all your gold. Invert all the four sandglasses. Strike the gong. c. Release the spirit of Greywind and obtain half of initialisation sequence 645. d. Sit on thrones on day 50 to get treasure. 4.5 Blackwind (D4) a. Say TEN to enter cavern. b. In the cavern, pay tribute to all the three statues. Require some technique to approach the statues. It is best to trace your steps carefully or you'll be teleported all over the place. c. Release the spirit of Blackwind and obtain half of initialisation sequence 231. d. Sit on thrones on day 60 to get treasure. 5. Guided Tour - Caverns 5.1 Cyclops (B1) a. Get yourself magically enhanced before entering this cave. b. Obtain green (for Halls of Insanity) and red warrior (for Dark Warrior Keep) keys. c. Increase attributes and obtain great treasure by entering red pools. 5.2 Arachnoid (B4) a. You can find Brother Zeta here. He will not reveal anything (bug?). b. Lord Luck tells you to multiply by 52. This is a typo, and it should be multiply by 2. c. Say 20301 for the puzzle posed. d. Obtain yellow key for Fortress of Fear, blue unholy key for Cathedral of Carnage. e. Increase your attributes and skills. 5.3 Magic (E4) a. You can find a lot of magic spells here. They are guided by powerful monsters. b. Get gold master key for Maze from Hell in a stone tomb. c. Increase your attributes in blue pools (understanding and wisdom) and in green pools (speed). 5.4 Dragon (F1) a. Obtain great treasure and 2 UPOs here. 5.5 Cursed Cold (D1) a. Obtain Black Terror Key for Tomb of Terror. b. Obtain artifacts and treasure. c. Say TOMORROW at the Statue of Silver Hooves; Say ICICLE at the Statue of Iron Hooves; Say ECHO at the Statue of Golden Hooves; Say CHAIN at the Statue of Copper Hooves. 6. Guided Tour - Tombs, Fortress, Keep 6.1 Fortress of Fear (B2) a. Play with 8 pairs of levers to get 4 head at the corner. See picture below. o x o x @ x o x o o - head x - electric field @ - teleport to Mummy King's chamber Each pair of levers control one head. For each pair, one activates while the other deactivates the head. b. Kill Mummy King and obtain Hologram Sequencing Card 001. 6.2 Slithercult Stronghold (B1) a. Say EPSILON to get pass the guardian. Note: Epsilon is the missing brother, Zeta is supposed to tell you. b. Play the game with those special Quatloo coins to increase your attributes. o o o accuracy endurance might 6.3 Temple of Moo (A1) a. Talk to statue to become a crusader. b. Obtain treasure and skills here. 6.4 Halls of Insanity (A3) a. Say BLINK at the Eyes of Eternity (South); Say EYES at the Well of Tears (East); Say TEARS at the Blink of Destruction (West). b. Pay 100 000 gold to learn all the skills at the Golden Mane. c. Obtain 2 UPOs here. d. Obtain sequencing card 002 here (unsure about this!). 6.5 Dark Warrior Keep a. Say 314 to gain deeper access into the Keep. Obtain 1 UPO in this hidden chamber. b. Obtain Hologram card 003 here (unsure about this!). 6.6 Cathedral of Carnage (B3) a. The key, lock and cup puzzles must be solved to obtain the 2 UPOs. key : from left to right -- NWNES lock : WEEDS cup : drink all the cups. Better to have resurrect and raise dead spells available. b. Say JVC to deactivate the force field in order to get the UPOs. c. Obtain Hologram card 004. 6.7 Maze from Hell (E3) a. Medusa and Minotaur are found here. b. Drink from fountain to become Ultimate Adventurer. c. Obtain 3 UPOs and the Hologram card 006. 6.8 Tomb of Terror (F3) a. Obtain artifacts and 2 UPOs. b. Obtain Hologram card 005. c. Do not sit on any of the thrones as they will reduce some of your attributes. 7. Guided Tour - Isles These four words (EARTH, FIRE, AIR and WATER) can be spoken at any mirror portal to be transported to the respective isles. For other isles, you can either use the walk-water gem or teleport spell to reach them. 7.1 EARTH (E4) a. There are four wells here which exchanges gifts at the expense of age. Well of cure Well of experience Well of magic Well of remembrances b. Locate the monsters' huts and destroy them to gain experience points. 7.2 FIRE (D3) a. This is the most dangerous isle. It has 3 types of powerful monsters. Locate the monsters' huts and destroy them to gain experience points. b. Locate the hut which give resistance to all the elements. South of the town. 7.3 AIR (E1) a. There are four statues which enhance attributes at the expense of gold. o Endurance o Accuracy o Might o Health b. Locate the monsters' huts and destroy them to gain experience points. 7.4 WATER (E3) a. There are skull poles located here which give clues. b. Locate all the monsters' huts. Beware of quicksand. c. Obtain the Golden Alicorn from Princess Trueberry in the hut NW of the town. Do this by presenting 10 person who are in love to her. Give the sea shell of serenity to the mermaid to fall in love with her. You can find the mermaid on the bottom left hand corner on the map. You`ll need to go there at least 2 times in order to get 10 persons in love with her. Note that this only applies to male characters. This item will release the Unicorn (A2) from captivity. d. There are five heads here which request for gold to be remembered and forgotten. I have not found the meaning of this yet. Perhaps you could fill up this gap. Betrayer : 10 000 gold Purveyor : 1 000 000 gold Obeyer : 100 000 gold Slayer : 200 000 gold Soothsayer: 500 000 gold e. Talk to the head that remember you and then visit the well of rememberance. 7.5 Piranha Isle (B2) a. Drink the water from the fountain to regain youth. This only reduce you to your natural age. There is no way to lower your natural age in this game unless you hack the files. 7.6 The Frozen Isles (C1 to D1) a. Kill the werewolves and the cyclops. b. Drink the water from the fountain which gives resistance to energy. 7.7 The Isles of Illusion (C4 to D4) a. Open the treasure chests on Onesday only. You will be cursed on other days. Same thing for the well. b. The southermost island is known as the Rainbow Island as said by the brothers. Brother Zeta is supposed to reveal the date as to when the shell of serenity can be retrieved. But due to a bug in the program, this day is never told. According to New Worlds Computing personnel, the day is 99. You can only get a single shell per year, so don't miss it. 7.8 Land of the Gargoyles (B3) a. There are two grave stones which pose the following questions: i. Say DARKNESS for question: "The more of it, the less you see." ii. Say SECRET for question: "What is too much for one, enough for two, but nothing for three?" b. Locate the monsters' graves. Praying at the shrines will let your evil characters increase AC for a day. 7.9 Mount Keystone (B3) a. Break the glass with Fantastic Might and obtain the gold card to gain access to all the pyramids. 7.10 Main Isle a. You can a lot of gypsy tents, huts and treasure chests. Search carefully. b. You can also locate Wells of Health and Bless, Fountains of Might, Speed and Level, Huts of Magic and Knowledge, Heads of Fire and Cold Resistance, and a jetty to travel to Swamp Town. 9. Guided Tour - Sea a. Get a druid/ranger to cast WALK ON WATER to explore the sea. Hire one if you don't have them in your party or get an item that cast the spell. b. Dragon Worm at NW of Fire Isle. c. Kudo Crab at W of Fire Isle. d. Octopus at SE of Fire Isle. e. ARENA at N of Fire Isle. f. Pirate Queen in Frigate at NE of Fire Isle. Remember to have the Pearl of Beauty or else all your gold will be gone. You will get 25 000 gold if you have the pearl. 10. Guided Tour - Pyramids Don't touch gems carelessly, some of them aged your party naturally (i.e. permanently). Even the fountain off youth can't help you. But then, among them, some of them will teleport you to some hidden room or reveal some passwords. Save before touching any one of them. 10.1 Forward Storage Sector (A2) a. Say YOUTH to raise the Piranha Isle. The fountain on the isle will return your characters' youth. b. Explore all the pyramids thoroughly as they have many things to reveal. 10.2 Alpha Engine Sector (F4) a. Say PRIMARY to go to Main Engine Sector. Say WARP to return. b. Get 3 UPOs here. 10.3 Beta Engine Sector (F1) a. Say PRIMARY to go to Main Engine Sector. Say SUBLEVEL to return. b. Get 3 UPOs here. 10.4 Main Engine Sector (F2) a. Say SUBLEVEL to go to Beta Engine Sector. b. Get 3 UPOs here. You need to search area thoroughly. 10.5 Central Control Sector (C2) a. Say CREATORS to access the data banks. b. Gain access to the Main Control Sector by becoming an Ultimate Adventurer in the Maze from Hell (F3). You also need 6 sequencing cards and a blue priority card (by giving at least 11 UPOs to any of the three kings). Everyone in your party will change their alignment to that of the King who received 11 UPOs and the other two castle will be destroyed. Look for the secret word which allows you to get special reward from the Ancients. Activate all the levers. c. Use initialisation sequence 645231 to activate space shuttle. Obtain final score. 11. Items list Tired of paying hard-earned money to have your items identified? Frustrated with forgetting exactly what's so special about a Pearl Ring? Well, here's a partial list of items I picked up on GEnie... NOTE: I did not write this. Don't send questions to me. Might & Magic III Item List Might & Magic III (tm) is Copyright (C) 1991 New World Computing. This list is Copyright (C) 1991 by Andrew C. Hatchell Please send additions and corrections to Andy Hatchell (75126,420). This is a preliminary item list for M&M3. To use it, look up the basic item in the first list, then refer to the second list of modifiers. Damage and to hit modifiers apply only to weapons, and the modifiers in the AC column only apply to armor. Modifiers in the resistances/attribute modifiers column apply to both weapons and armor (thus an Armored weapon gives +4 AC). "?"'s indicate unknown quantities (in other words, I haven't yet found a flaming weapon or diamond armor). This list should have everything a beginning party is likely to find. I will upload regular updates as my party progresses and as I receive mail on additional items. I hope this helps you! Items ===== Melee Weapons ------------- Item Classes Damage ------------------------------------------------------------ Bardiche KPA TN R 4-16 Battle Axe KPA T B R 3-15 Broad Sword KPA T R 3-12 Club KPACSTNBDR 1-3 Cudgel KPAC TNBDR 1-6 Cutlass KPA T R 2-8 Dagger KPA STNBDR 2-4 Flail KPAC TNBDR 1-10 Flamberge KPA R 4-20 Glaive KPA TNB R 4-12 Grand Axe KPA T B R 3-18 Great Axe KPA T B R 3-21 Halberd KPA TNB R 3-18 Hammer KPAC TNBDR 2-10 Hand Axe KPA TNBDR 2-6 Katana KP N 4-12 Long Sword KPA T R 3-9 Mace KPAC TNBDR 2-8 Maul KPAC TNBDR 1-8 Naginata KP N 5-15 Nunchakas KP N 2-6 Pike KPA TNB R 2-16 Sabre KPA T R 4-8 Scimitar KPA T R 2-10 Short Sword KPA T R 2-6 Spear KPA TNBDR 1-9 Staff KPACSTNBDR 2-8 Trident KPA TNB R 2-12 Wakazashi KP N 3-9 Ranged Weapons -------------- Item Classes Damage ------------------------------------------------------------ Crossbow KPA TNB R 4-8 Long Bow KPA TNB R 5-10 Short Bow KPA TNB R 3-6 Sling KPA TNB R 2-4 Armor ----- Item Classes AC ------------------------------------------------------------ Chain Mail KPAC T R +6 Leather Armor KPAC TNBDR +3 Padded Armor KPACSTNBDR +2 Plate Armor KP +10 Plate Mail KP +8 Ring Mail KPAC TN R +5 Scale Armor KPAC TNB R +4 Splint Mail KP C R +7 Miscellaneous Items -------------------- Item Classes AC ----------------------------------------------------------- Amulet KPACSTNBDR 0 Belt KPACSTNBDR 0 Boots KPACSTNBDR +1 Box KPACSTNBDR 0 Broach KPACSTNBDR 0 Cameo KPACSTNBDR 0 Cape KPACSTNBDR +1 Charm KPACSTNBDR 0 Cloak KPACSTNBDR +1 Coin KPACSTNBDR 0 Crown KPACSTNBDR 0 Gauntlets KPACSTNBDR +1 Gem KPACSTNBDR 0 Helm KPACSTNBDR +2 Horn KPACSTNBDR 0 Jewel KPACSTNBDR 0 Jewelry KPACSTNBDR 0 Jewelry, Ancient KPAC TN R 0 Medal KPACSTNBDR 0 Necklace KPACSTNBDR 0 Orb KPACSTNBDR 0 Pendant KPACSTNBDR 0 Potion KPACSTNBDR 0 Ring KPACSTNBDR 0 Robes KPACSTNBDR +1 Rod KPACSTNBDR 0 Scarab KPACSTNBDR 0 Scroll KPACSTNBDR 0 Shield KP C T B R +4 Tiara KPACSTNBDR 0 Wand KPACSTNBDR 0 Whistle KPACSTNBDR 0 Substances & Properties ======================= Substance/Property To Hit Damage AC Attribute/ Resistance,etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Accurate +5 Acc. Acidic +2 Acid/Poison +10 Acid/Poison Amber +3 +3 +3 Arcane +25 SP Armored +4 AC Blazing +14 Fire +25 Fire Brass +3 -4 -2 Bronze +2 -2 -1 Buddy +2 Per. Burgler +6 Thievery Chance +10 Lck. Charisma +12 Per. Charm +5 Per. Cold +10 Cold +20 Cold Coral +1 +1 +1 Cryo ? +25 Cold Crystal +1 +1 +1 Defender +6 AC Dense +4 Energy +9 Energy Diamond +9 +30 ? Divine +16 AC Ebony +4 +4 +4 Electric +15 Elec. +20 Elec. Emerald +7 +15 +12 Exacto +30 Acc. Fast +5 Speed Fiery +7 Fire +7 Fire Flaming ? +15 Fire Flashing ? +12 Elec. Flickering ? +5 Elec. Force +23 Mgt. Fuming +5 Fire +12 Fire Genius +30 Int. Glass 0 0 0 Glowing ? +5 Energy Gold +4 +8 +6 Icy ? +5 Cold Incandescent ? +7 Energy Iron +1 +2 +1 Kinetic ? +25 Energy Knowledge +12 Int. Lapis +2 +2 +2 Leadership +17 Per. Leather -4 -6 0 Leprachauns +30 Lck. Life +10 HP Lucky +20 Lck. Marksman +10 Acc. Mystic ? +5 Magic Noxious +32 Acid/Poison +40 Acid/Poison Obsidian +10 +50 +20 Ogre +8 Mgt. Pearl +2 +2 +2 Personality +8 Per. Photon +47 Mgt. Platinum +6 +10 +8 Poisonous +8 Acid/Poison +20 Acid/Poison Power ? +13 Energy Precision +15 Acc. Protection +2 AC Pyric ? +9 Fire Quartz +5 +5 +5 Radiating ? +20 Energy Rapid +8 Spd. Rogue +15 Thievery Ruby +6 +12 +10 Sage +5 Int. Sapphire +8 +20 +14 Scorching ? +30 Fire Seething ? +20 Fire Sharp +3 Acc. Shocking ? +15 Elec. Silver +2 +4 +2 Sonic ? +11 Energy Sparking ? +7 Elec. Static ? +9 Elec. Steel +3 +6 +4 Thought +8 Int. Toxic +16 Acid/Poison +25 Acid/Poison True +20 Acc. Velocity +30 Spd. Venemous +4 Acid/Poison +15 Acid/Poison Warrior +5 Mgt. Wind +17 Spd. Winners +15 Lck. Wisdom +23 Int. Wooden -3 -3 -3 Special Attributes ------------------ Special Attribute Effect ---------------------------------------------------------------------- of Acid Spraying Acid Spray of Acid Stream Acid Stream of Aid First Aid of Antidotes Cure Poison of Awakening Awaken of Beacons Lloyd's Beacon of Blessing Blessed of Cold Rays Cold Ray of Curing Cure Wounds of Detect Magic Detect Magic of Distortion Time Distortion of Duplication Duplication of Elements Prot. from Elem. of Enchantment Enchant Item of Energy Blast Energy Blast of Feasting Create Food of Feeble Minding Feeble Mind of Fiery Flails Fiery Flail of Fireballs Fireball of Fists Flying Fist of Frost Biting Frost Bite of the GODS! Divine Intervention of Half for Me Half for Me of Heroism Heroism of Holy Bonuses Holy Bonus of Identification Identify Monster of Immobilization Immobilize of Incinerating Incinerate of Jumping Jump of Levitation Levitate of Light Light of Lightning Lightning Bolt of Mass Distortion Mass Distortion of Megavoltage Mega Volts of Moon Rays Moon Ray of Monster Finding Detect Monster of Nature Nature's Cure of Paralyzing Paralyze of Power Cure Power Cure of Prismatic Light Prismatic Light of Raising the Dead Raise Dead of Recharging Recharge Item of Resurrection Resurrect of Revitalization Revitalize of Ropes Create Rope of Shielding Power Shield of Silence Silence of Sleeping Sleep of Sparking Sparks of Storms Elemental Storm of Stone to Flesh Stone to Flesh of Teleportation Teleport of Undead Turning Turn Undead of Vaccination Cure Disease of Water Walking Walk on Water 12. Conclusion That's all I have for you guys and gays. If you have any extra information, please feel free to update this file. Let's join together and improve on it. That's all, folks! Compiled by: Wong Chee Kong Date: 21 Nov 1991 Updated by: VOLUME ( Final score: 1,380,309,035 Date: 2 DEC 1991 (1st update) Date: 6 DEC 1991 (2nd update) Date: 10 DEC 1991 (3rd update) Date: 12 DEC 1991 (4th update) Updated by: Date: Updated by: Date: Updated by: Date: Updated by: Date: Updated by: Date:</p>