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It features Kurt Hectic, the hero of the original, but also lets you play as Dr. Hawkins the scientist and Max, Dr. H's dog with 6 legs. The game is a mix of action, shooting, and puzzle solving and is one of the best games available for the Dreamcast. The graphics are outstanding, though a little rough around the edges in some places, the sound is superb, and the control is tight and responsive. MDK 2 also has it's share of difficulty , but it's nothing overwhelming. This type of game reminds of me of the olds NES days when games like Astarax and the like were the norm, updated for the current generation of systems. The story is as follows(from the Instruction manual): Prologue Kurt Hectic never wanted to be a hero. He would have been content with a normal life, living his years in quiet, dignified anonymity, but it was not to be. Kurt was a loyal employee, and working for eccentric genius Dr. Fluke Hawkins meant occasionally doing the extraordinary. In utter disbelief, Kurt was eventually called upon to leave his beloved Earth,assuming the title of first janitor in space. Dr. Hawkins had long suffered ridicule from his fellow scientists. They claimed he was too eccentric, and that his methods were questionable at best. In time Hawkins grew tired of hearing such things, and seeking to work undisturbed he fled the Earth into a self- imposed exile. His ship, the "Jim Dandy" was launched without fanfare, and he swore not to return until he had vindicated himself in the eyes of his peers. Weeks turned to months and months slowly turned to years. The greatest of the Doctor's inventions in exile was a six-legged canine named Max, the first succesful attempt by Dr. Hawkins to create an artificial intelligence. "Successful" meant that he never tried to kill the good doctor, and had no plans for global domination. The perfect assistant, Max kept the Doctor grounded in reality, and performed much the same function as the safety-catch on an assault rifle. He was eager to please and adaptable to any task, his gentle soul oddly balanced with an affinity for firepower. The time for Dr. Hawkins to prove the real merit of his genius came sooner than anyone could have expected. Creatures from a strange dimension attacked the Earth, riding "energy streams" to the surface and stripping it of all mineral wealth. They landed great machines: "minecrawlers" that destroyed everything in their path and laid waste to entire cities. The forces of Earth were helpless before the onslaught. Watching the devastation on Earth, the crew of the "Jim Dandy" knew they had to act. Kurt was outfitted in the most radical of the Doctor's creations: an untested "Coil Suit" with a chain-gun and a sniper rifle ordinance that could target enemies a mile away. Leaping from the ship on an unconventional parachute of ribbon, Kurt had to make his way to the pilot of each minecrawler and hopefully disable the machines. Kurt was reluctant, but he had no choice. He was Earth's last hope. Kurt valiantly fought through the alien defenses, driving to the very heart of each minecrawler, defeating pilot after pilot after pilot, with each falling to his desperate determination. He ultimately challenged the evil mastermind behind the attack, a grotesque, sadistic creature by the name of Gunter Glut. With the aid of Max and the Doctor's inventions, Kurt was able to take the fight directly to this diabolical beast, and was eventually victorious in the climactic battle. The invasion crumbled and the aliens retreated, their tails between their legs, leaving the Earth battered, despoiled, even ruined, but not beaten. No, not beaten. Now, with the aliens routed and order restored, out heroes can return to their normal, everyday lives. Or can they? Only time will tell. ------------ MDK 2 STATS ------------ Released: April 2nd, 2000 Rated T(Teen) 1 Player only VMS use: ? blocks VGA cord compatible Jump Pack compatible ========= 2.CONTROL ========= MDK 2 uses a unique contreol scheme that fits the game very well. While each character has their own little control types and variences, this is the general control scheme. Analog Stick: Look around D-Pad: See character controls Y Button: Move forward X Button: Strafe left B Button: Strafe right A Button: Move backwards L Trigger: Jump R Trigger: See character controls --------------- Kurt's Controls --------------- D-Pad Left/Right: Select items D-Pad Up: Use selected item D-Pad Down: Enter Sniper Mode(see below) In Sniper Mode: Y Button: Zoom in A Button: Zoom out X Button: Strafe left B Button: Strafe right D-pad Left/Right: Select ammo D-Pad Down: Exit Sniper Mode R Trigger: Fire While in Sniper Mode you're available ammo is displayed along the left side of the screen, your field of view is in the center with crosshairs, and a display of your position is shown in the top right. When you fire, the display will track the last bullet you fired. -------------- Max's Controls -------------- D-Pad Left/Right: Select weapons(shown on the bottom of the screen) D-Pad Up: Activate selected weapon D-Pad Down: Deactivate selected weapon R Trigger: Fire Max can only have four active weapons at any one time, when a weapon runs out of ammo Max automatically tosses it away. Max will always have his Magnum with infinite ammo, so you'll never be totally unarmed. --------------------- Dr. Hawkins' Controls --------------------- D-Pad Up/Down: Scroll through available items D-Pad Left: Select item to hold in Left hand D-Pad Right: Select item to hold in Right hand R Trigger: Combine items in Right and Left hands Dr Hawkins' levels are more puzzle oriented than Max's or Kurt's. While playing as Dr. Hawkins you want to pick up every item you can(they have a "glow" effect around them) and use them in some manner. Items you pick up are placed in either the left or right hand column. Use the D-Pad to move up and down the columns, then hit left on it to equip the highlighted item on the left side in the left hand, and right to do so in the right hand. Some items, such as food, can be "used" on their own by hitting left or right twice when it's highlighted. Some items can be combined by pressing the R Trigger. Some examples are: Toaster+Loaf= Piece of Toast Duct Tape+Cord= Ladder Ditry Towels+The Sauce= Molitov =========================== 3. WEAPON/ITEM DESCRIPTION =========================== You'll come across various weapons and items while playing MDK2, this section describes those. Please note that there are some weapons and items that aren't here yet, but they'll be added as I come across them in the game. Also note that as of now, I don't have any plans to list all of the items available for the Doctor yet, maybe after a couple more revisions. For some of the basic items I've just used the decription from the manual. ------------------------ Kurt's Weapons and Items ------------------------ Grenade The Basic Grenade, thrown at enemies to create concussive damage. The higher the angle you throw the Grenade, the further it travels. You can be hurt by your own Grenades. Not very powerful. Black Hole Grenade A very cool item, throwing the Blackhole Grenade slows down the game for a couple seconds, then causes a Black Hole to open and suck in anything nearby. Then it explodes. (Thanks to Justumaru) Super Chaingun An upgrade to Kurt's basic chaingun. The Super Chaingun is more powerful but you only have a limited amount of bullets(500 or so). Usually it's best to save the Super Chaingun for when it's really needed. Laser Chaingun More powerful than the Super Chaingun but not as accurate. Best used on larger enemies Dummy Decoy An item from the original. A wind-up dummy of you(replete with bad drawing) that distracts the aliens so they'll leave you alone, making them easy pickins'. Lasts a short time Cloak Using the cloak renders Kurt invisible to the Aliens so he can sneak around unseen. Again, it's best to save this item for when it's really needed. Apples and Meat Apples are worth 25 Health and the Meat is worth 50 points. Kurt can have a maximum of 100 Health points SNIPER ITEMS Sniper Bullet Your basic sniper bullet, infinite supply Homing Bullet Tracks it's target, but can get confused if there's more than one target nearby. Sniper Mortar A mortar shell that travels in an arc, like a mortar shell^_^, and explodes after a short while. Sniper Grenade Flys like a regular bullet but explodes like a Grenade upon impact Bouncing Bullet Ricochets off walls to hit it's target Sniper Shield Shields you from damage for a short amount of time, there are 3 levels to the shield represented by 3 layers on your Sniper Screen. ----------------------- Max's Weapons and Items ----------------------- Magnum The Magnum is the least powerful of the guns, and fires relatively slow. Max has a special Magnum that never runs out of ammo Uzi Fully automatic and fires very fast. Second only to the Gatling Gun in speed Shotgun Slow but very powerful Gatling Gun Very powerful and very fast, Max's best weapon Ray Gun Like the Laser Gun that Kurt gets, fires at a higher rate though Guided Missles Only shoots 1 Rocket at a time, but it will track and chase nearby enemies, doesn't work on bosses. AA and Car Batteries AA Batteries are worth 25 points and Car Batteries are worth 100. Max can have a maximum of 200 health points ================ 4.GAMEPLAY TIPS ================ 1.Utilize the "Circle Strafe" Technique Circle strafing is the easiest and most effective way to defeat enemies in the game. To circle strafe, strafe to the left or right while tapping the opposite direction(and firing of course^_^) to keep the enemy centered in your screen. Learning this technique is essential to playing the game. I refer to this as the CST throughout the WalkThru, so if you see: "Use CST to defeat the enemy" that means Circle Strafing 2. Easy way to kill Bifs and Bottrocks(from Psycho Kirby 13) To kill Biffs with one shot, face them(making sure they don't see you), and go into Snipe Mode. Look at his belt, and in the center of it, there's a slightly bigger section. Wait for it to open and you'll see an eye. Shoot it, and he's dead instantly. With Bottrocks, shoot them in the head while in snipe mode. That'll instantly kill him. <> =============== 5.GAME WALKTHRU =============== MDK 2 picks up about 2 minutes or so after the crew has returned to the Jim Dandy after the first game. Usually you progress by playing a level with Kurt, then Max, then Dr. Hawkins. Much like the first game, each level is composed of a number of rooms divided by hallways, there are frequent checkpoints where your position is saved automatically. This WalkThru is broken up into Levels and then the Checkpoints within the Levels. ---------------- LEVEL 1- ---------------- KURT *You start out riding the energy stream down to the Minecrawler, much like in the first game only you don't get any items or anything on the way down. Just avoid everything^_^ The laser blasts are easy to avoid, but the missles can track you so move around alot. This is pretty easy and was one of the best parts of the first game(where you did it before each level). ==Level 1,Checkpoint A== *Do what the Doctor tells you and get used to the controls, gameplay etc then exit the room and go through the long tunnel. *In the next room, snipe the target the alien is holding through the small opening in the barrier, the barrier will fall. Use the CST to take out the alien and go through another tunnel. *In this room, your first target should be the Alien Spawner down to the left, then the leftover Bottrocks. You can ride the floating platforms for life if needed. To exit snipe the lockball near where the Spawner used to be, then rise to the exit by floating in the updraft of the fan. From Roman: *Now directly behind where the key/globe was there is a hole or duct in the wall that you can get into (usually by riding the fan and floating down into it). Inside you'll see 9 boxes. Snipe/shoot these and you'll find(10)grenades, (10)sniper grenades, and a cloak. There are also two 50% healths. *The next tunnel has some Alien Orbs in it so take them out and proceed. ==Level 1,Checkpoint B== *There's 2 Bottrocks and an Orb in this room, as well as some Grenades and Health in the corners. Take out the enemies then snipe the lockball to move on. *Just around the right bend of the tunnel are a couple Laser Guns, you have to snipe them to take them out. It's possible to get in a position where you can see them but they can't see you. Just face the guns and slowly strafe till they come into view and shoot, be sure to strafe left and right to dodge their fire. *In the next room, grag the cloak and use it right away. Run to the steps on the other side of the room keeping close to the left side wall so you run into the Super Chaingun(save it!). Go up the steps and backtrack along the higher ledge till you come to a small hole in the wall, snipe the lockball inside and run back to the exit. *The tunnel has an Orb and Lasergun in it. *Blast the Orbs from the entrance in the next room, there are two. Then snipe the 4 lockballs you can see from the entrance platform(3 on the left and 1 on the right)then strafe a bit to the right and snipe the lockball at the opposite end of the room, then take out the Laser Gun directly under the platform, and finally, hit the last lockball at the bottom of the room to start the fan. Drop down and collect the Homing Sniper Shells and follow the curling path back up to the fan, jump over to the fan, and float upwards into the long tunnel ==Level 1,Checkpoint C== *Grab the Sniper Mortar(and 25 Health if needed). You have to get a mortar shell in the open space on top of the next 3 platforms to proceed. Alien ships will buzz by occasionally, firing at you. So be wary of them while lining up your shot. *For the first one, stand at the edge of the platform you're on and enter SniperMode. Center on the piece of tunnel that's over all of the platforms and aim about 3 inches or so above it. Watch the Display in the top right corner to see where your shell goes and adjust accordingly if you miss (Don't worry about running out of ammo, you get more when needed). Once the barrier is gone, 2 aliens will appear, you can take them out from your current position or jump and glide over to the 1st platform and get up close and dirty. *Once you're on the first platform, go to the very edge and enter Sniper Mode, aim about 3 inches or so above the top of the opening in the next platform's barrier. Once the barrier is gone, you can take out the aliens from you current place again,then use the fan to get a lift and float over to the 2nd platform. Again, go to the very edge of this one and enter Sniper Mode, aim roughly 2 inches above the next platform's barrier opening and fire. No aliens come on the is one though. Use the fan to get the height needed to make it over to the 3rd platform. *From this platform, jump and float over to the structure on your left and run around to the door and enter the steep tunnel. There are a few Laser Guns in here. The 1st is near the center of the tunnel right at the beginning. the 2nd is just after the slight right curve, and the 3rd is on the right as the tunnel starts to descend. Exit the door and jump over to the platform with the fan that's a bit to the left. Float up the long tunnel and prepare for a Boss Fight. From Roman: *Ride the fan up and float over onto the tube/tunnel that you just had to go through, and you'll find a Black Hole Grenade. (I haven't been able to utilize it quite yet, but there is one there.) Now ribbon chute back to the fan platform and ride the fan up to the boss. ==Level 1,Checkpoint D== Boss This boss may seem overwhelming at first, but it's really very easy once you know the trick. Also, to make the fight a bit easier stay at the back of the area to keep the aliens from bugging you. To defeat this Boss, you have to snipe the first 4 lockballs near the center of the Boss, then another lockball in the center, and then you have to hit the actual pilot of the ship 3 or 4 times to get him out of the ship. Finally, you have to fight the pilot up close style. *Once the little cutscene ends, enter Sniper Mode and wait for the 4 lockballs to appear, center on one while they're still inactive, then fire on one as soon as they activate. Now, stay in Sniper Mode even as everything around you blows up, you just have to strafe left and right while you center on the remaining lockballs. You have to hit the first 4, then the boss will stop firing for a few seconds as it's next layer opens up. There's only one lockball this time, but the boss starts shooting before it activates, again just strafe left and right as you aim up your shot on the ball. After you've hit this lockball, the pilot is open to exposure. Using the same method, shoot the boss 3 or 4 times to shut down the machine and eject the boss. *Now you have to confront the boss up close, like a regular enemy. The items that will make this much easier are the Super Chaingun(that's why you saved it) and the Dummy Decoy. Use the Super Chaingun, and once the Boss lands near you, throw out the Decoy and he'll go after it. Then just unload on him with the Super Chaingun till he's dead. If the Decoy runs out you should still be ahead enough on energy to take a couple hits and still kill the boss. ----------------------------------------- LEVEL 2-Alien Orbiter,Earth Orbit 10:10am ----------------------------------------- MAX The first thing you'll have to do is pilot your torpedo through some asteroids to make it to the enemy ship. You can use the Analog Stick, D-Pad, or Y and A buttons to move up and down. I find the buttons are the most repsonsive. ==Level 2,Checkpoint A== *Listen to the Doctor *Shoot out the left wall to go to a room with a Shotgun and 4 aliens inside. The right wall leads to a room with an Uzi, Magnum, and an enemy Bif. Shooting at the window washers causes them to fall, heheh. From doninss: you didn't mention the car batt. in one of the hidden rooms.(one with the bifs i think) *To advance, shoot out the front wall(with your ship crashed into it) and then shoot the lock off of the next door to open it. Watch out for the little aliens that come at you quickly in the tunnel. *In the next toom, grab the guns you need first, then blast out one of the glass sides and destroy the thing on the ceiling inside the room where the aliens are walking to, then repeat with the next side. After that, exit through the newly opened area, shoot the lock off the door and run through the tunnel to Checkpoint B. ==Level 2,Checkpoint B== *In this part, just run and shoot the walls that block your way and avoid fighting the individual enemies, they just keep coming so it's not worth it. Shoot the lock off the door and enter the tunnel, watch out for the 4 Laser Guns along the tunnel. *In the big room you want to take out the 3 Alien Spawners. There's one directly across from the entrance, and two more way to the right side of the room. The Spawners are in little "bunkers" so look for them. Once they're gone, pick up the guns you need then go through the tunnel and shoot the lock on the other end of the tunnel and proceed. ==Level 2,Checkpoint C== *Grab the Jetpack and walk near the Gas Pump to fill it to 100. If you need a gun or health, go to the doors on the left and right with the ?'s behind them. There's a Magnum and AA Battery. You probably should practice hovering at this Gas Pump since you'll need to know how later. To hover, just tap L while in the air to stay near the Gas Pump. *Fly up to the Orange part of the ceiling and when it opens, land on the outer blue edge of the next level and take out 4 Laser Guns in this part to open the next level up. There's 3 levels like this, with 4 Laser Guns each, where you have to hit all 4 of the Laser Guns to advance. After you've gone through the 3 levels, I recommend dropping down and refilling on fuel before advancing to the next part. *After the initial 3 levels of Laser Guns, you have to fly up to another large room like the first one but without any floor in the middle. You should fly all the way up to the platform in the center and take out the two Bifs first, then turn your attention to the Alien Spawners and aliens below, and take them out one at a timeto make it easier. *Once all the enemies in the room are gone, drop down to the platform with the Gas Pump and refill. If you need guns, go to the other platforms. Then,fly up through the orange section and get ready for the next set of 3 levels of 4 Laser Guns. Go through them the same way as before. *After these 3 levels of Laser Guns, refill and fly up to one of the ledges in the top room. 2 have doors with ?'s behind them(Magnum,AA Battery) and the 3rd has the exit. Shoot the lock off and go through the tunnel, after the second door there's 5 or so Laser Guns waiting. *Collect the guns and AA Battery at the entrance and get ready for another "run-n-shoot" experience. The only enemy you have to worry about is the Bif in the center of the room, kill it but don't worry about any others. Shoot the lock off of the door and run through the tunnel. ==Level 2,Checkpoint D== *This next section involves some jumping and you even get an audience in the form of some aliens in a protected ship, they gasp when you jump, cheer when you make it and boo if you miss. There's a couple more doors with ?'s that give you health on the bottom floor if needed. *Wait for the lowest platform to come down and jump on it, the alien ship will kind of tell you where the next platform is going to be. Just wait for the two platforms to get near level, then jump across to the next, there's about 6 in all. *Once you get to the last moving platform in this part you'll have to jump across to a floating Gas Pump and hover there as it fills your JetPack. Jump over to it and as soon as your Jetpack starts filling, release the Y and L buttons till you start to fall, then hold L again for a second and repeat until you're full. Then fly up to the orange section of the roof and get ready to blast some more Laser Guns. The first level also has a floating Gas Pump in the center you can use. *There's 3 levels of blasting Laser Guns, then fill up on fuel to make it to the top room. Once there, the Checkpoint is on one of the 3 platforms and the others have doors with ?'s that each hold a Magnum. ==Level 2,Checkpoint E== Boss Fight The tunnel before the boss has about 6 Laser Guns in it so take them out on your way by strafing left and right as you shoot them. *Inside the Boss room there's weapons and health on the outer edges, and a Gas Pump on the floor. Be sure to refill on what you need as you fight this boss. To kill the Boss: 1.Shoot all the glowing parts 2.Shoot at the main part of the boss, it's broken up into 5 parts 3.Shoot at the boss, now just a glowing orb 4.Shoot at the smaller boss until it's dead To Begin you have to blast all the glowing spots on the boss to get rid of them, they fire out tracking fireballs. Once a glowing spot is gone, light shines from it and can hurt you. When all the glowing spots are gone you have to shoot the main part of the boss itself and break off the "plates" there's about 5 different sections in all. Then blast the exposed Boss. All this time the boss will be spinning in a few different patterns. It'll spin with beams travelling vertically, making their way across the whole chamber. It'll spin the beams horizontally either just above the outer ledges or directly on them. You can't really avoid the vertical spinning beams of light, but you can stay out of the way of the horizontal ones. If they're above you, just stay on an outer ledge and blast away, if they're lined up with the outer ledges then use the Jetpack to float in the safe area between the beams. After you've taken down the exposed boss, it turns into a small star or something and shoots light everywhere, but only the solid beams hurt you. Don't bother dodging the beams when it's at this stage, just shoot it till it's dead. ------------------------------------------- LEVEL 3-The Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit 10:42am ------------------------------------------- DR. HAWKINS ==Level 3,Checkpoint A== *Listen to the computer *Grab the 2 MR. FIZZY in the fridge, go left behind the bar and grab the DIRTY TOWELS and the 3 THE SAUCE, then go through the double doors and the hall till you come to a room with 3 doors. *Go to the middle door(The Lavatory) and get the two other DIRTY TOWELS and combine them with the 3 THE SAUCE to get 3 MOLOTOV. Then go to the stall and take a pitstop, heh. After the "incident" collect the PIPES where the water is leaking, and the HAND DRYER. Wash your hands, then leave. *Go to the door on the right when you come out(The Bridge). Get the DUCT TAPE and leave. *Combine the PIPES and HAND DRYER to make the LEAF BLOWER and use it. Then go to the door across the way(The Lounge). *In The Lounge, use the LEAF BLOWER, by pressing the R Trigger, to blow the aliens to the back of the green hallway and near the Venus Fly Trap. Keep using the blower till they're all eaten. *After all the aliens are gone, head towards the door and the plant will thank you by upgrading your toaster. You can now use the ATOMIC TOASTER and LOAF to shoot enemies. ==Level 3,Checkpoint B== *Walk out on the beam in front of you, jump over to the left beam. Look down to the left and fall to the pipe, then turn and face the big central pipe and look down to the left, you'll see a leak in the big pipe. *Fall down to the girder next to the leak and use the DUCT TAPE to patch it up. Jump down to the floor and grab the CORD that's plugged into the pipe. Combine the PIPES and CORD to make the LADDER, then use the Ladder while standing on the glowing square that's near the patched up leak. *From the pipe you're on, drop back down to the glowing square that's on the girder(just above the 1st square) and use the LADDER on it. Then walk to the opening at the edge of the room and go through it to the next room *In this next area, walk onto the short girder and jump to the one with the glowing square and use the LADDER. From the large pipe, jump to the nearby girder then drop down to the lower one and head left. Use the short girders you come upon to jump up to the the next opening and go through it From IBF: *shortcut, instead of using the ladder out in the large circular area after the duct tape room, step down(towards the center) turn left, aim for the beam below, run off and you'll land on the beam. go to the end, make the jumps up to the door. drop down to the checkpoint. (bypasses the room with 3 poopsies and the tough jumps) *This room has some aliens in it, so put the ATOMIC TOASTER in your left hand and the LOAF in your right so you'll have something to hit them with. Face the opening into the room and strafe left till you see the first alien, he's a bit to the left in the room. Hit him with the Atomic Toast shots and strafe right away form the opening to avoid his shots when needed. The 2nd Alien is a little higher and on the opposite side of the room, use the same method to destroy it. The 3rd, and last, alien is just to the right of the opening and up high. *From the first girder, jump to the short girder on the right, then to the one ones on the left to the next set of 4 long girders, jump to the outer part of the room and walk around to the opening in the wall. *Next area, walk on the small girder, carefully drop down to the long girder directly below, then head left and jump up to the next opening on the right. ==Level 3,Checkpoint C== *On the outer edge of the room walk to the right side and jump up on the small girder then jump to the one on the right protruding from the central pipe. Then turn around and jump to the next one behind you, then to the next one on the left. Wait for the elevator to come down and jump onto it. *From the elevator(when it rises), jump to the pipe on the left and go to the opening. In the next area, drop on to the short girder and carefully jump to the longer one in front of it. Head left to the glowing square and use the LADDER, then on the next girder carefully drop down to the small girder by the opening. *Walk around to the opposite side of the next room and go through the door. ==Level 3,Checkpoint D== *Go to the hall on the left in the big room, walk up the hall to the smaller room and grab the lighter and fishbowl, then head back down to the big room below. For some quick, but deadly, fun light one of the rockets' fuses..heheh *Use the fishbowl on the small crate and you'll take control of "Chuckleberry Finn" the fish. __ __ Analog Stick moves you up,down,left,right Y Button moves you forward slowly L and R Triggers give you a burst of speed, but you have to rest after each one *Just follow the right wall the whole way through until you come to the goal, if you die at any point be sure to check behind you as sometimes you start out at the end of the maze but facing the other way. __ __ From IBF: hidden room, after regaining control of the doc,(after chuck finn finds the red buttton underwater) hug the right wall, there is a hallway where the security door met the wall. (2 fizzes, 3 molotovs) the fizzes come in handy for 3e. *The far wall of the big room will now be open and a bunch of aliens lie in wait, use MOLITOVS(combine them with the lighter) and the ATOMIC TOASTER to destroy the Alien Spawner and clear out the remaining aliens. Then get on the elevator and make your way to the door. ==Level 3,Checkpoint E== *First, take out the Bif using the Circle Strafe technique and the ATOMIC TOASTER *Head to the other end of the room and hit the big switch to open the doors that lead onto the bridge. Once you get the MAGNET in your inventory combine it with the DUCT TAPE, then use the FISHBOWL. *Walk to the open doors and turn to the right to see the alien spaceship, it will fire huge rockets at you as you make your way across the bridge (which spells out Jim Dandy). The best way to avoid the shots is to strafe left and move forward and backward as necessary. You want to have as much energy as possible for the upcoming Boss fight. Make your way to the doors across the bridge and head right to the set of double doors. From Segacide: It's easier to just walk in diagonals alternating forward and left and right. The ship fires at your last position, so when it fires, simply change direction. ==Level 3,Checkpoint F== Boss Fight This boss a few energy draining attacks, such as: -Drops huge bombs that bounce around -"Left Brain Attack" pieces of his brain follow you around -"Right Brain Attack" a wave of energy makes it's way across the floor *To defeat this boss you have to hit the big switches on opposite sides of the room and then step on the red button when he's near the energy stream. Tips: -Pick up the Mr. Fizzy near the entrace -You have to time your jump over the "Right Brain Attack" almost perfectly, when you hear him say this attack, turn to where he is and wait to jump over the wave -When you hear "Left Brain Attack" start jumping like crazy, and jump in different directions until the brain pieces explode -Use the Teleporter on the entrance side of the room whenever you can ------------------------------------------ LEVEL 4-Alien Orbiter, Earth Orbit 11:50am ------------------------------------------ KURT ==Level 4,Checkpoint A== *Turn around and grab the Sniper Shield, then shoot out the window. *Go into Sniper Mode and activate the Sniper Shield, then search for the Bifs in the wide open area. Take out as many as you can before the Sniper Shield runs out, then exit Sniper Mode and utilize CST to take the rest down, you want to only have 1 or 2 left by the time the shield runs out. In the open area grab the Super Chaingun along the left wall and the 50 Health in the far left corner if needed. Shoot out the window on the other end of the open area and head into the tunnel From Segacide: *Go into sniper mode first, use the shield, target a Bif then snipe out the window and continue sniping while still in the cell. The flying enemies are easily avoided by strafing. Continue shooting to kill both of the two Bifs up front, then turn left to snipe the one in the back corner. Go back to the left of where your cell was and get the bombs behind the girder, run to the chain gun then the ham. Then continue to the exit window From Justumaru: *After the first room with the Biffs , while falling, land on the first engine. Now, leap over to the second, but hang to the left to get a Cloak. Then, quickly swoop over to the right and enter the second engine from behind for a Grenade, a Decoy, and a Black Hole Grenade! I usually use the cloak and snipe the generator and lockball, then run out of the room. *In the next room you should snipe as many of the floating Alien orbs (not the lockball ones) as you can from afar, it will make the next part much easier. *Go to the center area and snipe the lockball under the middle platform to activate the updraft. *Float up the updraft to the next ledge, find the 4 balls that are close to each other and lead to another fan platform. Snipe the 4 balls (starting with the closest)and quickly leap across all 4 to the fan platform to activate the lockball under the platform. Then snipe the closest lockball, jump to it and quickly snipe the lockball under the platform to activate it, then jump back over to it. *Use the Fan to jump up to the nearby ledge just above you(against the wall) and look up to the set of 3 lockballs leading to a 3rd fan platform. To activate the lockball under the 3rd platform you have to land on all 3 of the blue temporary platforms that appear when a lockball is sniped. The easiest way to do this in my opinion is to Snipe 1 or 2 of the lockballs and quickly jump into the updraft, then use the platform that is still active when you make it up there to jump over to the 3rd fan. Then, once you are on the fan, turn and snipe the 3 lockballs in order and jump on all 3 blue platforms and float back down to the last ledge you were on. Then, snipe the now-activated lockball under the 3rd fan and use the same method as before to get back up to it. *From the 3rd fan platform, float up to the next center ledge and follow the path to the door. ==Level 4,Checkpoint B== *Think of the Lockballs in this next section as little fans, they give you a boost when you float over them. You must use these lockballs to make it up the cylindrical room to the exit. Watch out for the Alien Orb at the very top, it will shoot at you and you can't hit it until you're on the 3rd platform or so. *From the entrance, glide over to the first ledge then snipe one of the lockballs at eye level, and another one just a bit higher. The distance between the platform you're on and the next one up isn't as great as it is for the next few platforms. *Float up to the next ledge and snipe the frozen lockballs to get them moving again. On this ledge, snipe the closest of the 3 so it's the lowest(low enough so you can jump over it but not too low), then the left one should be next and the right one(closest to the next ledge) should be the highest. Then jump and float over the first, to the 2nd, and finally the 3rd and onto the ledge. This part is kinda tricky but keep trying till you get it. *From this ledge you should be able to shoot the Alien Orb and get it out of your life, then continue using the 3 lockballs to advance up the room. The closest lowest, then the one on the right, then the one on the left highest. *One more to go! This time the order should be right, center, then left lockball the highest. Use them to float up to the exit on the left. There's a 25 Health above the exit as well. *In the tunnel there's 4 laser guns past the door, get somewhat close to the door and snipe them as you strafe left and right. Take out the closest first and then on back. The next part gets a bit tough, so get ready. *After the tunnel you come to a room with a couple Bifs and some grenades. Jump down and use CST to take out the first Bif, you want to stay away from the center of the room or the Bif's shots from above will nail you so stay to the left of the room, under the ledge the 2nd Bif is on. From Justumaru: *A secret room is accessable if you kill the biffs near the stage BEFORE you drop down, then chute to the elevated platform. I don't know what you get, but you get some stuff. From Segacide: *Here's the easy way: Run into the room with the black hole bomb, throw it to your diagonal left and !RUN! back to the door. after about 30 seconds the bomb will be over and both Bifs should be dead. Sometimes one or both survive, just go into snipe mode while still on the ledge (use a shield)! and take them out, or lob a whole lotta bombs down at him. Now parachute to your right and on the platform, it's an updraft and ride it up then to the ledge where the Bif was. You end up behind the theater where you collect bouncing bombs and apples. Leave quick because the enemies on stage will be able to hit you without you being able to hit back. Now run down and through the tunnel underneath where you exit, take out the enemies then dance and kill the audience. Then run back to the dark room with secret doors to get "lifted-up" *Once the Bif on the floor is gone you can deal with the 2nd Bif above rather easily. Look up and fire until you start to hit it(it's energy bar shows up), then stay in that position. When the Bif fires wait until the shot starts to descend, then strafe left or right, the shot should hit the floor right next to you but not damage you at all. Just keep doing this until the Bif is dead. *Once the Bifs are gone head to the door on the right side of the room, there's a 25 Health inside the next room. The room will turn black and a bunch of doors will appear. Look for the door with the little section of wall lighted above it, then go to the door that's directly right of it, all the others are boxing glove traps. The wall will explode and reveal a short tunnel with some Health inside, the tunnel leads back to the first room where the Bifs were. *Now head over to the other door on the left side of this big room. In this room you have to deal with a Bif, a Bottrock, a Conehead, and a seemingly invincible robot. There are a couple ways to go about handling this room. First, you can try to take out the "invincible" robot quickly since it can be a nuisance. To do this you should enter Sniper Mode right at the entrance of the room and try to snipe the orb with the green sparks inside. You'll probably take some damage this way, but it's worth it. The other way to handle this room is to leave the robot until all the other enemies are gone, but if you do you'll still have to knock it down from time to time as you take out the other baddies. Either way, this is the order in which you should take out the other enemies. The Conehead should be first, then the Bottrock, then finally the Bif. Rush into the room to get closer to the enemies, since it's easier to dodge their shots that way(especially the Bif's) and once inside DON'T STOP MOVING! You'll have to be pretty nimble to dance around the barrage of shots and still center on the enemy you're currently going after. Once all the enemies are gone and you've taken care of the robot, head to the stage and you'll be ordered to "DANCE!" just hit directions and stuff until the 3 Bottrocks get fed up with you and break through the shield to attack you. Once they're gone go through the newly opened door at the back of the stage. *In this next room there's 3 Spawners like in Max's stage, you can take them out if you want or just run through to the door on the far right end of the room. ==Level 4,Checkpoint C== *Quite honestly, this room SUCKS! You're probably low on health after going through the last Checkpoint, but you'll have to run through a room with 3 Bifs to continue. Total bummer. I suggest going through the middle, around the little "volcano" and then run like hell to the door on the other end while strafing left and right. Just keep trying and you'll get it, there may be an easier solution I'm not seeing for this room, but I don't know. From Justumaru: *I tend to used the wall as cover while i snipe the Biffs. If you strafe behind the wall, the shots will probally not hit you. OR, you could use the Black Hole Grenade... Once the Biffs die, jump, INTO the volcano and open your chute. Hot air rises, buddy boy. SECRET ROOM! Grenades and 50 health! *In the next area there are Laser Guns under each of the four pieces of tunnel around the top of the room, including the one you're in. The first one you have to deal with is the one under the opposite piece of pipe, enter Sniper Mode and zoom in to take it out with a few hits. Then do the same for the one on the left, and then the one under the right tunnel. Use the good ol' strafe-shoot-strafe method to take these guns out with minimal damage to you. *There's still the Laser Gun under the tunnel you're in to deal with, but you have to handle the two Bifs in the lower part of the room first. The first one you can shoot from the tunnel and the 2nd you'll have to drop into the room to get at. For the first, stand at the edge of the tunnel and blast away, the Bif's shots should hit the bottom of the tunnel instead of you, if you are getting hit then back up a bit. Dealing with the 2nd Bif is harder, but can be done easily with a little positioning. Drop down into the room and into the little "bowl" area(but not the lowest level with the lockball and 25 Health) right by the Bif so that it's shots hit the fan platform and the Laser Gun can't see you. Then just snipe the Bif till it's dead and run around to the other side of the bowl to deal with the Laser Gun. It's possible to get in a position where you can see part of the Lasr Gun but it can't see you. Next, snipe the lockball to activate the fan and float up to the tunnels. Face the one you came from(where you destroyed the last Laser Gun) and the tunnels are as follows: Left: Grenades Right: Roomful of Bifs Behind: next Checkpoint *Go to the left and/or right tunnels if you want then head to the rear one and beware of the Laser Guns en route to the next Checkpoint. ==Level 4,Checkpoint D== *The Bottrocks on the opposite ledge of this wide open room keep coming from a Spawner just out of your view, so you'll have to be wary of them while you go about your business. Glide to the left on the updraft and collect the Bouncing Sniper Shells, then float back to the updraft. There are two tunnels, one on each side, next to the entrance to this area. The right one leads to 25 Health and the left leads to a Cloak. You;ll have to float out, grab the item, then float back to the center of the area where the updrafts are. *To move on you have to use the Bouncing Sniper Shells to hit the two lockballs. Float over to the tunnels again, but this time turn around at the entrances and enter Sniper Mode, choose the BSB and zoom in on the little targets with alien writing near them. On the left side, it's in the 3rd block on the wall from the column. On the right side you have to stand on the little ledge jutting out from the tunnel then aim at the target, it;s on the 2nd block from the exit at your level. Once both lockballs are sniped two platforms extend from the entrance and exit area. You can now make the jump over to the exit area. ==Level 4,Checkpoint E== *Use the Cloak in the next tunnel to avoid the Super Laser Gun fire, then run around the next room collecting the Health, Sniper Shield, and Super Chaingun before entering the chamber in the center of the room and fighting Schwang. BOSS FIGHT-Schwang Schwing *For the first part of the fight, you have to hit Schwang in his shades 3 times. Just keep shooting and watch where you're hitting him to direct the fire towards his glasses. The boss attacks two ways during this part of the fight. He slams the ground with his hand and shoots fireballs from his eyes. The pattern is usually 3 pounds and then some fireballs. Jump and float as you shoot to avoid the ground pounds and then strafe to dodge the fireballs. This part shouldn't take you too long. *Once you've hit him 3 times the chamber around you crumbles and you move on the 2nd part of the fight *First thing you want to do is free Max from Schwang's clutches, to do this you have to snipe Schwang's hand 3 or 4 times. During this time Schwang has 3 methods of attack. First, he shoots lasers from his eyes as he runs around the outer area, just strafe to dodge these. 2nd, he throws a couple of those little screaming aliens at you every now and then, use you chaingun on these.And 3rd, he will jump to the center area you're on, to dodge this just jump up and float away from the platform then float back once Schwang jumps away. You should activate the Super Chaingun now to deal with the aliens the boss throws quicker, then you can get in a quick snipe at his hand more easily. The best times to hit Schwang are after he throws(and you've killed) the little aliens, and after he lands from jumping. *Once you've hit his hand four times, Schwang will toss Max to the center area with you. A couple things change for this last part of the battle. First, instead of throwing little aliens at you, Schwang summons them from under the platform which makes them harder to deal with. But, secondly Max is there to help deal with them(you shouldn't give them much thought though really). And 3rdly, there are a couple generators around the outer rim of the room that are now active. There's a lockball in the center of each generator you can snipe. When you do it charges an energy beam and shoots in the general vicinity of the generator. Obviously, you want to nail Schwang with these blasts of energy. Schwang's pattern is pretty much the same. Run->enemies->run->enemies->jump, repeat. This isn't exact, but close enough. Activate the Sniper Shield if you haven't already and get ready to snipe the closest generator when Schwang gets close. It should only take 4 hits or so from the energy blasts to take Schwang down. A couple tips: -Just stay in Sniper Mode with the Sniper Shield once you've freed Max. You won't have to worry about the little aliens that come running at you. -There are a couple ways to deal with Schwang's jump. First, you can jump away from the center platform. 2nd, you can just stay in Sniper Mode and let the shield take the damage, and lastly, you can snipe one of the generators when Schwang takes off. You don't take any damage while the little "cutscene" of the energy blast plays. ------------------------------------ LEVEL 5-Jim Dandy,Earth Orbit 2:47pm ------------------------------------ MAX ==Level 5,Checkpoint A== *You start out flying a spaceship and have to make your way through asteroids coming from both sides of the screen. You can use the Analog Stick, D-Pad, or buttons to move. I prefer the buttons. Y-Up X-Left B-Right A-Down (*See Secrets section for a little Easter Egg) *After crashing into the Jim Dandy, grab the 2 uzis on the left and shoot at the grated floor then drop down. Look for the grate and shoot it out, watch for those little screaming aliens as you're down there. Go through the tunnel and shoot the grate on the other side. *There's two rows of four spinning lasers below. You have to drop down and shoot the 4 computers around the edge of the chamber as you jump to avoid the bottom row of lasers. Once you hit all 4 there's a grate on the floor that opens and you can drop down. Some fire aliens drop when when the lasers are gone as well. Go through the first grate and look for another on the floor below, shoot it and do the same for the next few floors. *After shooting out the last grate take out the Alien Spawner and then take care of any remaining Bottrocks in the room. Next,blast the little grate in the center of the room of drop through. There's a AA Battery if needed, then look for the grate in the wall and shoot it out to move on. *In the next room, take out the Bird Brain then run down the hall to the right, those little screamers will attack you now. At the end of the hall there's a Bottrock with a large gun and another Bird Brain. Take out the Bottrock first then the Bird Brain, keep an eye out for the screamers as well. *Go down the next hall, again watch out for the little screamers, and you'll come to another room with a Big Gunned Bottrock. Take care of it then grab the AA Battery by the door if you need and shoot out the grate in the wall to continue. ==Level 5,Checkpoint B== *Shoot the first couple grates you see for some Uzi's, then continue down the hall to the last grate and shoot it to move on. *This next room can get rough. There'll always be 3 or 4 Bird Brains attacking you as you make your way up the room, so don't worry about shooting them until you really need to. What you have to do in this room is find the tank on each level with the control panel on the back and blast it to activate a moving platform that will (slowly) take you up to the next level. When you blast the control panel on each level you also cause the tanks to open, each one has a Bottrock inside. It's a good idea to blast these guys as it makes the section easier(which is good!). When you're on the floating platforms keep moving in small steps to avoid the Bird Brain fire. There's an Uzi on each level as well. *Once you get to the 4th floor there's a grate you can shoot through to get out of this room. You can blow up the tanks on this level for a AA Battery, Shotgun, and an Uzi before you leave though. From IBF: if you get to the center when riding the discs up(in the room with the geenish incubators, and birdbrains and poopsies) the birdbrains can't seem to hit you. *In the next room there are a couple Gatguns up high you can reach by dropping onto the first pipe directly below, then jumping back up to the outer edge of the room near the entrance, then dropping on the beam on the left side and walking to the center pipe of the room, then jump up to the pipe on the left, and finally drop down onto the beam with the guns. Then drop down and you'll be attacked by fire aliens. You'll recognize this room from Level 3. *The only room you can enter of the 4 is the one to the Lavatory. Take out the 2 Bottrocks inside then shoot at the wall between the stall and the urinals, it's the wall that broke in Level 3 when you picked up the PIPES as the Doctor. You have to keep blasting the wall as it breaks in small pieces. Once it's gone go through the opening and drop down to the next checkpoint. ==Level 5,Checkpoint C== *There's a AA Battery down the one end of the hall. You're facing it when you drop down, but it's to your back when you restart from this Checkpoint. Grab the Battery then turn back and go the other way. This part is like a maze. Make a left then when you come to a fork in the path go right. There's 2 Shotguns behind a cracked wall. There's another AA Battery down a little hall to the right, go down the hall backwards as a couple Fire Aliens will drop down and come at you. Grab the Battery and continue to the right. Keep an eye out for Fire Aliens for the remainder of the maze. After the left turn, take the next left and then continue down the hall until you come to a hall on the right with a few Gatguns and is a bit brighter than the rest of the maze. *Get the 3 Gatguns as the floor give way. You will be in a room full of Bottrocks and crates. The Bottrocks respawn when you kill them so there's always 5 or so in the room. In this room there's a grate you can reach at the back left wall. It's in a darkened area and you have to climb up a couple crates to reach it. Shoot it out then go through to another room full of Bottrocks and crates. In this room you can leave right away by shooting the cracked panel along the left wall when you enter, or you can go for the Guided Rockets that will help in the Boss Fight coming in the next two Checkpoints. To get the Rockets, run to the area where the grate was in the first room, but this time you have to climb a stack of crates. Climb the left most stack to the top then shoot out the grate and drop into it and collect the Rockets, then turn around and leave the tunnel the way you came and make your way to the cracked panel in the wall near the first grate to exit. *Shoot out the panel in the wall then stand at the end of the girder that extends into the cylindrical room. Drop down to the girder on the right(ignore the guns, they're a trap) near the edge of the room. The next one down is across the room, jump over to it then face the nearest wall and drop down to the girder directly below it. The next one is down to the right when facing the center of the room, the next is also to the right. This last one has a AA Battery on it. From here you have to drop down to the floor, you'll take about 10 points of damage from the fall. *Once on the floor, enter the opening and pick up the Uzi, Gatgun, and Jetpack. At the end of the tunnel there's a Car Battery and a Fuel Pump to fill your Jetpack. This next part requires you to hover near the Pump as it moves about the room. If you touch the goop on the floor you instantly die. *The Pump starts out travelling along the near wall and then travels in a snake like pattern across the room, it also moves up and down. TIP: You want to be above and behind the Fuel Pump rather than below and/or in front of it. It's easier to see where the Pump is going and adjust accordingly *There's a tunnel at the other end of the room that the Fuel Pump comes to a rest under. Hover and fill up your Jetpack, then fly up the tunnel to the hallway with the next Checkpoint. ==Level 5,Checkpoint D== *There's an easy way and a hard way to go through this next room. If you have at least 15 or Fuel left in your Jetpack you can take the easy way. When the "bridge" falls away , just use the jetpack to float to the next part of it with the Car Battery. Then shoot out the other end and drop onto the large pipe and exit the nearby door. *If you don't have enough Jetpack Fuel to go the easy way, you'll have to go the hard way. This is much more involved, as you might have guessed^_^ First, walk backwards onto the "bridge" and when it gives way, drop onto the large pipe. Use up any Fuel you have left to make the jumping easier. Once you're on the pipe, jump down to the piece of debris to the left when it gets close. When you make it on the piece, a Bottrock will appear on the next piece you have to jump to. This happens all the way through this room. Just shoot the Bottrock as it appears then jump onto the next piece when they're close enough. After 4 pieces, you have to jump onto the first piston thing in the center of the room. To jump from the 1st to the 2nd, just wait until the 1st one is above the 2nd and walk onto the 2nd. From here, jump to the next few pieces, then another piston, then the last large piece of debris. From this last piece, jump to the tube in the goop. Once you're on it, 2 Bottrocks will appear and start turning the tube. You have to strafe to the right as you blast the Bottrock in front of you. Once it's gone, run to the ramp that leads up to the other large pipe and take out the other Bottrock. Then go through the door to the next level. This is alot of work, so you really want to keep enough Jetpack Fuel to go the easy way. Get ready for the Boss fight ==Level 5,Checkpoint E== BOSS FIGHT-Bad Max *The easy way to win the fight with Bad Max is to control the Car Battery that's in the small area inside the "rocket." Shoot Bad Max as you go there, he usually gets the 1st one but after that it's all yours. Just stay in that little hall with the Battery as Bad Max comes and goes. It doesn't matter how much damage you take from B.Max as long as you keep getting the Car Battery. Do this until Bad Max's energy is in the red and he'll run back to the platform you started on. Save the Guided Missles for this last part of the fight. *Once Bad Max's energy is in the red he'll run back to the starting platform. Get your energy to 200 and head back that way along the upper ledges, grabbing any guns you need along the way. Activate the Guided Missles as well. Blast him as he shoots fireballs at you, but stop when he raises his force shield and shoots the tracking shots. Once it's down continue blasting until he's dead. The best way to kill Bad Max is to stay on a ledge,near the platform and strafe as you shoot. If you need energy, run back to the little cove with the Battery when the boss' force field is up. ------------------------------------- LEVEL 6-Jim Dandy, Earth Orbit 4:23pm ------------------------------------- Dr. Hawkins ==Level 6,Checkpoint A== *You start out with the ATOMIC TOASTER in the left hand, and the LOAF, LADDER, LIGHTER, and 5 MR. FIZZY'S in the right. In this level you'll have to disable a bunch of bombs that the BFB leaves for you. To disable them you have to check the generator where the wires come from, and hit the button that has the red section of the generator. Do this until all the buttons have been hit and the bomb is disabled. *Walk down the hall and the 1st Bomb will activate, you have two minutes to disable it. Enter the familiar room and go to the blue steps on the left. From there jump onto the closest piece of pipe in front of you. From this pipe jump over to the one on the right with the button right in the center of it, at it's apex. Now you have to jump over the button to get to the other part of the pipe. The easiest way is to start a little to the left of the button and jump straight ahead so you're only jumping over half of the button or so. From this pipe jump to the next one with the glowing square on it. Use the ladder on the glowing square to get up to the girder. From this girder jump up to the outer edge of the room and walk around to the button on the girder to the left and step on it. The next one you have to hit is the one on the apex of the 2nd piece of pipe you jumped on(the one you had to avoid earlier). Jump back up to the outer edge and walk around to the girder just above that pipe, then drop down and hit the button. Then jump across to the pipe with the glowing square and hit the button on there, then finally hit the button on the floor to Deactivate the bomb. *Take the blue steps to the Bridge and use the ATOMIC TOASTER and LOAF to take out the farters. Then pick up the BAQUETTES and MR. FIZZY then head back to the room that had the bomb. The door to the left is broken and the one on the right leads back to where you began the Level, so go to the one on the opposite side from you to the next Checkpoint. ==Level 6,Checkpoint B== *For the first section of this Checkpoint you have to jump from chunk of floor to chunk of floor. You have to lineup and jump quickly before the piece you're on tips over. In all there are 5 jumps. Just line them up and jump from the edge of each platform and you'll be fine. *Next you have to disable another bomb, but this time all the buttons are on one platform. Just use the LADDER on the glowing square and hit the one to your left, then the one that;s opposite the first, then turn around and hit the left then the right one to Deactivate this bomb. Then go to the right towards the Big Plant "Kermit" and he'll give you some Plutonium to drink. *Get closer to the Bottrocks and use the Plutonium to change into Hyde Hawkins. Use the R Trigger to punch the Bottrocks. When they're all gone a new passage will open up to the next Checkpoint. ==Level 6,Checkpoint C== *Oh...boy, another bomb. This one seemed random at first but it fell into a pattern after a few tries. This order should work when the first red section on the generator is at the top. *Drop down into the center area and use the LADDER on the glowing square that's near the beginning of the curving path to the platform above, keep using the LADDER to make your way up to the platform with 3 Buttons. Hit the furthest button first, then turn around and hit the left button, then last one on the platform. Make your way back down to the ground and stand near the generator facing the wires that go up to the platform you were just on. From here, hit the button on the ground to the right, then the other one on the ground. Next, use the LADDER on the glowing square that leads to the last button on the raised area on the outer edge of the room. Once the bomb is Deactivated a Bird Brain will appear and attack you. Just go through the new opening that appear and onto the next Checkpoint. ==Level 6,Checkpoint D== *Guess what? That's right, another bomb. Unfortunately this is the hardest one, that also happens to be random each time you start the Checkpoint. Joy...Hopefully in the future revisions I'll have some better info on this part, but for now here are a couple tips to help you out: TIPS: -Don't walk directly on the wire you're following, walk next to it instead. It's easier to see this way. -Be sure to pause and turn the lighter off every now and then so the Doc doesn't get hurt by the flame. -Don't walk too fast. -Use the ATOMIC TOASTER and LOAF to hit the Button that you can't reach From Mason Jackson: Here is some bomb help for the final bomb in the doctors level. X 5 X 3 X 1 X 2 X 6 X 4 X 8 X (Wall) 7 This is a mark of all the buttons (X) and the light on the detenator is the number next to it. Counting down. Such as to deactivate the 7th light down hit the button on the wall. Hope this helps. *When you're done, go to the door on the right side and get ready for the Boss ==Level 6,Checkpoint E== BOSS FIGHT-BFB *Use the Plutonium to turn into Hyde Hawkins then climb the tallest stack of crates. Then, when the BFB gets close enough jump on top of it and you'll slap it around. After 3 times doing this, the force field will be gone. *The BFB unleashes a barrage of "Left Brain Attacks" as soon as his force field is gone, so use MR FIZZY'S to restore health when needed. Use the ATOMIC TOASTER to beat the BFB once and for all. ------------------------------------------------- Level 7-The Upper Reaches, Swizzle Firma, 2:40pm ------------------------------------------------- ==Level 7,Checkpoint A== *You have to run from the big ship that's chasing you for the first part of this level. Run away from the ship, then go right at the fork in the path and run to the door. Go through the tunnel then wait at the entrance to the next room. *In this room, step in then back out again to get the attention of the robot to the left, snipe it then take care of the 3 Laser Guns by sniping them as well. Two of them are right at the entrance, and the third is along the right wall. *Now, take out the Coneheads and any enemies in the lower part of the room, then stand on the grate in that lower section to activate the first Lockball. It's in the right-most "afterburner" looking thing, snipe it and the left-most "afterburner" thing's lockball will activate. Run back to the higher section of the room and snipe that lockball. Different enemies will keep spawning from above as you are doing this, so keep a watch out for them. Now, with these two lockballs taken care of, go back to the grate in the lower part of the room and the fan under it will now be on. Float up to the ledge above and snipe the lockball that's near the next fan, then drop back down to the lower room and snipe the final lockball in the middle afterburner thing. This will turn on the fan that's in the ledge area above. So float back up and go to the next fan and then float up again. From IBF: *there is a false wall(on the right) in the room with the two pink glass domes in the floor.(homing sniper shells, sniper grenades, cloak) *In this room, grab the Grenades then use them on the "bubbles" in the floor, then go under the the little awning on the left side of the room and snipe the lockball under there. After that, drop down into the left hole in the ground and snipe the Laser Gun as you strafe left and right to avoid it's shots. There's two more in the next little hallway. Grab the Sniper Mortar and float back up, there'll be two Robots waiting for you when you get back up so deal with them the usual way. Now you have to use the Sniper Mortar to blow up the pink glass stuff that's under the awning on the right side of the room. To do this stand just in front of the right hole in the ground and aim for the blue part of the column about a half inch above the top of the awning. Once you get a Mortar Shell in there, run over and snipe the lockball underneath, this opens another door in the hallway beneath you. Again, drop into one of the holes and this time you'll pick up the Bouncing Sniper Shells. When you come back up there'll be two more Robots waiting for you, so dispose of them then find the little pink hexagon on the floor. It's just to the right of the entrance(if you're facing the entrance). Stand on the hexagon and enter Sniper Mode, then aim for the larger pink hexagon that's on the back wall of the room. Aiming near the center should do. Pick the BSB and fire, the explosion from the BSB should trigger the last lockball in the middle. Drop into the hole and go through the little hallway again, but this time you can move on! *Float up to the various ledges and you'll come to the next Checkpoint. ==level 7,Checkpoint B== *Run out into the open area where you'll once again get shot at by Schwang's ship. Grab the 50 Health then jump down onto the green path and go to the right. When the floor is blown away, float to the next piece down and jump over to the next door. *In the next room, take care of the three robots then turn your attention to the 3 "pods" above you. Each one has a lockball and 3 Laser Guns inside. You can take care of these in any order by shooting out the barrier on the bottom of each pod then sniping the lockball that gets released. The tricky part is that now the lockballs bounce around when they're released from the pod things. To make this part easier, just do one at a time and try to lead the lockball as it bounces. Don't worry about the Laser Guns all that much, just keep an ear out for their fire. After all 3 lockballs are taken care of, go to the back-right(from the entrance) pod and snip out the Laser Guns, then float up to the next ledge. Snipe the Conehead then the two Robots, then go up the ramp and grab the Sniper Mortar. Next, shoot out the pink glass on right thing that looks like a telescope or something and then snipe the large lockball inside to release a small one that bounces around. Snipe this small one then move to where you can see the pink glass on the other telescope thing, this time it's facing up. Shoot out the glass then stand against the wall to your right as you face the opening, then enter Sniper Mode, select the Mortar, and aim about an inch or so above the opening. This will release another small lockball that bounces around, snipe it to activate a 3rd one. To get this one go back up onto the ramp and zoom in just above the right telescope doodad. Snipe it and a group of 4 Robots will come charging in. If you're quick you can snipe all 4 in row right at the beginning. If not, just take them down one by one, stepping away from the edge of the ramp when they fire. They usually stay under the ramp so you'll have the advantage. Once they're all gone, drop down into the hole in the ground that was previously grated off. *Grab the 25 Health then use the fans again to make your to the next Checkpoint. ==level 7,Checkpoint C== *Run out into the open again and jump as the ship fires at you. When you reach the end of this section just float to the left and look for the large platform below. Float down to it and pick up the Black Hole Grenade, Laser Chaingun, and some health then step into the portal and run into the door you appear by. *In this next creepy looking room, you go through a pattern. You have to snipe the lockballs in the columns one by one, then deal with the enemies that appear after each one. When all the enemies are gone in each "round" a stream of energy will shoot our from the column to the center area, and the next lockball in the line will activate. Each time you snipe one of the lockballs some items also appear on the ledge near the entrance. To get through this room you have use these items wisely. If you fall down to the lower area in the center of the room, just use the fan in the center to float up to the enclosed portal and you'll warp back to the entrance area. If you're ready for some fun, let's get started! 1. Snipe the lockball in the column just to the left of the entrance. When you snipe it, two Bottrocks and two Bird Brains appear. They're pretty easy to take out, so deal with them then collect the items. 2. Go to the next column and snipe the lockball. As soon as you do, use a cloak. 6 or so Robots appear now, including a couple of those hard to see, "phantom" ones. Just snipe and move, snipe and move and try to get the phantom 'bots first. Be sure to drop down into the center area to look for any Robots that fell down there, also check for any fallen but not killed phantom robots. Then Collect the items and health and get ready for the next round of fun. 3. When you snipe the 3rd lockball a bunch of Alien Orbs will appear. This time use a Super Chaingun and stand near the edge of the ledge and strafe out to blast a couple Orbs, then strafe back to avoid their fire. This is one of the easier rounds in this room. After all the Orbs are done with, collect the items and health and move on to the next lockball. 4. Snipe this lockball and 3 of the Level 1 Bosses will appear. As soon as you hit the lockball, throw your Dummy Decoy into the center area and use a Laser Chaingun. 2 of the Boss guys should follow the Decoy down into the lower area, and the 3rd will be to your right(when you're facing the center of the room). Run up and blast this guy as quickly as you can so you can do some damage to the other 2 guys while the Dummy Decoy is still around. If you need to use two Laser Chainguns then do it, the quicker you take care of these guys the better! Once they're gone, you know the drill. From Justumaru: *Using the Black Hole Grenade WILL kill the level 1 bosses... Try to save a cloak for when you've sniped out the last lock in the next zone. 5. Sniping the next lockball brings a bunch, about 10 or so, of the stronger Alien Orbs. The way I do this is to take it slow and not use any items. Some good ol' sniping will take care of these Orbs, but it will take a little bit of time. Stand near the edge again, but this time you only want a couple of the Orbs in view, then zoom in and snipe. Remember to strafe away from the edge when they start to fire. A mix of sniping and chaingun blasting will bring these Orbs down in due time. Once they're all gone, you should know what to do by now^_^ 6. This time around, the room will fill with Coneheads. I;ve found the best way to deal with then is to use the Cloak and Super Chaingun as soon as you snipe the lockball,then when you're surrounded by all the Coneheads just jump and float over them so they're all on one side of you. Then just strafe left and right as you advance on them cloaked with the Super Chaingun roaring. You'll take some damage but it shouldn't be anything the Health in the platform can't fix. Once all the Coneheads on the upper ledge are gone, drop down and look for any stragglers below. Then...bah, you know. 7. This is the last one, hooray! But you have to take on about 6 Bifs, nooo! It's not as bad as it seems though. You should have about 4 or 5 Sniper Shields in stock, and you're going to need them! Snipe the last lockball, then use a Sniper Shield, then Cloak yourself. Float down to the center area with the fan and the Bifs will come out of little rooms in the walls. Lock on to one and use Sniper Grenades until you run out, then just use regular sniper shells the rest of the time. When you're Sniper Shield is about to run out, use another. Stay in Sniper Mode the whole time and find the other Bifs and take them out. You want no more than 2 left when you're Sniper Shield runs out. When they do use a Laser or Super Chaingun and CST to take care of the rest. No items this time, but your DONE with this room. *Drop into the newly created hole in the ground and make your way to the next Checkpoint. ==Level 7,Checkpoint D== *In this room, take out the 2 Robots on the same level as you, then snipe one of the lockballs that bounce around to activate the fan. Use the fan to float up to the next section of the room and take out another two robots. Get the 50 Health and Laser Chaingun by walking along the tubes up to them. *Next, snipe a lockball again to activate the fan on this section of the room. Up here there's a couple of the "phantom" robots that you can't see too well. The best way to deal with these guys is to back away as they come at you and enter Sniper Mode and take a few shots at them, you have to hit them in Sniper Mode to do any damage. You'll either kill them, or at least bring them down so you can finish them off. Snipe the next bouncing lockball to activate the next fan, and you'll float up to another section of the room with a couple more phantom 'bots. Take them out the same way as before and then, once again snipe the bouncing ball to move on. Before floating up though, use a Cloak and Laser Chaingun. Then go up and take out the two big Bottrocks with the huge guns first. Then, go and grab the items on the tubes, this will(should) cause the next few phantom 'bots to fall down to a lower level so you don't have to deal with them. Now just float up the remaining fans and exit the door to the next Checkpoint. Which is a Boss, I guess. ==Level 7,Checkpoint E== BOSS FIGHT (*See Secrets section for a secret area) *Collect the 50 Health and run along the path to the large round platform with the two hubs on it. Inside one of them is a Sniper Shield and the other has a Super Chaingun. Grab and use both. Leave the 50 Health in each until you really need it. *What you have to do here is snipe all the glowing round parts of the ship that has been following you the whole level. There are about 11 or so in all, and some of them you have to hit a couple times to completely destroy them. As you're doing this though, the ship will be firing at you as well as dropping off Bottrocks and Robots. This is what the Super Chaingun is for. Quickly dispose of the enemies the ship drops then turn your attention to the ship itself. After each "wave" of enemies the ship will fly below the platform and come up near the back of it. This is the best time to snipe at the vulnerable parts of the ship. Snipe until the enemies are dropped, then blast them and return to shooting the ship. This shouldn't take too long. *If you want to get away from the enemies, there are some items on the large crashed ship to the right of the platform. Once you're on this ship though you can't float back so you'll have to snipe the ship before it realizes you're over here. There's not much room to manuver away from the ship's shots over here. From Don: the item on the roof at the entrance to 7e can be had by gliding to the low end of that roof from the highest point on the "crashed ship" you mention in your walkthru. From RSilveram: You asked about how to get the item positioned above the entrance in the level 7 Boss fight. It's a little tricky but here's how. Remeber the "crashed ship" you talked about where the items are located? First, float down there (you can make the "float from just about anywhere, including the walkway leading to the main platform). Then work your way all the way to the top of the ship, where it comes to a point. And I do mean THE VERY TIPPY TOP! Kurt needs to be right at the very tip! Then do a nice jump/float toward the entrace roof, right to the item (which, btw, is a dummy decoy) Note: You must start your "float" to the item with a solid jump, and then fly in a very straight line. If you veer too far to the right (toward the rear of the entrance) Kurt will plummet. Give it a few trys, you'll make it eventually. Also, you can always jump off the the crashed ship and make it to the main entrance. This allows you to make a long "circuit" of sniping, without having to engage all of the enemies being dropped by the mother ship (ie, first snipe from the platform, then from the crashed ship, and then from the entrance or entrance roof). Sniping the ship (or even the enemies) from so far away looks damn cool, too. ---------------------------------------------- Level 8-Lower East Side, Swizzle Firma 4:23pm ---------------------------------------------- MAX ==Level 8, Checkpoint A== *All the Coneheads will disappear and a squadron of 3 ships and a Carrier that drops Bottrocks will begin chasing you. Run straight, then to the right when you can't go straight any more. Shoot the metal box to get a Gatling Gun. Then go right then make a quick left an you'll see 4 of the metal boxes stacked up and jutting out from the left side wall. Blast them, ignoring any enemies, and go through. Grab the two guns inside them shoot the grate on the right part of the little room, jump in and shoot the next one as well. From IBF: go straght to the end of the street. turn left, and near the frowny face sign is an area with recuring weapons. load up. *In this room you have to kill about 8 Bifs, two at a time. The first two are near the exit, and the rest appear near the entrance and the near-side wall. Make sure you're always firing 4 guns, and use CST to defeat the Bifs two by two. After the Bifs stop coming, collect the AA Battery and any guns in the room and go through the new opening, grab the Shotgun on the way to the next Checkpoint. ==Level 8, Checkpoint B== *Grab the Car Battery then enter the next roomm staying along the right wall and looking along the opposite wall at the little opening. Alarms will go off and the room will lock up. You have to destroy the two Laser Guns, then the 4 things near the exit that fire the white rings. Strafe left and right while keeping your back near the wall and take out the first Laser Gun that's in front of you, then turn around and deal with the one behind you(they're in the dark openings in the wall, below the Sirens). After they're gone, take out the 4 blue tips that are firing the white rings. You can shoot the Sirens if you want but it's just a waste of ammo. *Once you take care of the 6 guns, the opening to the next room will open. You have to hit the Chandelier type thing on the ceiling of the room to advance. The easiest way to do this is to stand by the entrance to the room and blast it. It;s possible to shoot alot of the surroundings in this room and grab a couple guns, but it's not worth it with the 2 respawning Bottrocks. Even if you end up with only your Magnum, stay behind the entrance and blast away till the Chandelier is destroyed, then run through this room dodging left and right to avoid any shots that may come your way. You're about to get plenty of guns so don't worry. *Run through the tunnel and grab the Car Battery at the entrance of the large, round room. *Your goal here is to shoot the 3 Connecters that hold the large pipes to the ceiling, they're the pipes that are coming out of the computer-type deal in the center of the room. There's 3 total, green, red, and blue(or purple, I'm kinda color blind so I can't really tell^_^). First things first though, if you need guns then take a lap around the upper ledge you're on to pick up some Gatling Guns. They respawn so you'll always have plenty. Unfortunately, there's 3 Bird Brains in the room that respawn as well. They aren't much of a bother though, until you start riding the little lifts. *Once you have all the guns you want, go to the little platform that's to the left of the entrance a ways. Wait there for the lift to come near and hop on. When it gets near the center area, jump off and onto the center area then head left(when you're facing the wall) and you'll see another lift that's just starting to float upwards. Wait for it to come back down and jump on it(it has blue lights on it). From this lift you can take out the blue connecter to your left and the green one a bit further away to your right. Just stay on this lift until it floats back down to the center area, and hop back to the center area. Now, run to the right and look for the entrance on the outer part of the wall. Wait facing it for the green-lighted lift to float down, then jump on it. From this one you can hit the red connecter on your right, and the central computer thing will fall through the middle part of the floor. *If you need to restock on guns, drop to the upper ledge and make another lap around. Then drop to the floor below(but NOT through the center opening yet). Grab one of the two Car Batteries, or both if you need them) then look for the part of the center opening that still has some of the green floor attached to it. You should take out the 3 Bird Brains now to give yourself some time to manuver this next part. *Run out to the edge of the green floor and jump to the tunnel that's jutting out from the wall below, it's in front of you from the green floor. Land on top and grab the AA Battery, then carefully walk out on one of the little antennas sticking out form the edge of the tunnel. Walk out about half the length of it, then turn around and jump to the opening of the tunnel. Run through the tunnel, picking up the Car Battery, and you'll come to the next Checkpoint. ==Level 8, Checkpoint C== *Continue down the tunnel and you'll drop into a room with 3 docked ships that fire at you, and a Spawner that makes Bottrocks. Drop down to the floor and take care of the Spawner first, it's near the exit door. Then run to one side of the ships, so that they're all in front of you. Now, run at them while strafing left and right to avoid their fire and blast away. Each one can take a large amount of damage, but with 4 Gatling Guns going they'll fall quickly. Once all three of the ships are gone, the Carrier from 8a flys in and starts dropping off Bottrocks. There's 7 or so total, just blast them all. If you're running low on guns there's a couple Gatling Guns near the force field you can grab. Once all the Bottrocks are gone the ship will lower and you'll be able to get inside. Jump onto the ramp, then at the top turn around and hop onto the left ledge. From the ledge hop through the window into the cockpit and step on the red button in the center. You'll blast the door down with the ship. Exit the ship, grab guns if they're still there and go through the door. *Grab the Car Battery and Atomic Jetpack at the other side of the tunnel. The Atomic Jetpack refills when it's not in use, a feature which you'll have to use wisely to get through this next room. Also, there's a few Alien Orbs in here that stay far enough away so you can't hit them, but they can hit you. Ignore them for the most part, just listen for their incoming fire. (*See Secrets section for an easy way to complete this room!) TIP: Most of the jumps you have to make in this room force you to refill in flight, the best way to do this is to get a good starting jump then use the Jetpack till it's fuel is down to 15-25 fuel, then let off the jump button to let it fill some, then use it, then refill, and so on. Practice this with the first part of room where the jumps aren't that critical. It's much less frustrating to mess up at the bottom than up near the top. *For the first part of this room you have to use the lighted "rungs" that stick out from the large column in the center of the room. The first one is near the Atomic Jetpack, so jump and fly up to the top of it. From this one, jump up to the higher one on the right, it has Rockets on it. Now, you have to continue working your way right(when you're facing the center column) to the next rung. This is the pattern of the whole room, but you'll be jumping to and landing on different structures the higher you go. From the first rung jump and fly to the right, over the single steam vent, to the next rung that has a Raygun on it. From here, jump and fly(remember to use the refill tactic for these jumps, and the rest of the ones you make on the room) to the right, over the two steam vents, to the next rung. This one also has a Raygun on it. From here, jump and fly to the right, over the 3 steam vents, to the next rung. This one is the bottom rung of a set of 3 that are right on top of each other. *Once on this "bottom" rung, look at the center column and up. There's a steam vent directly above you, and two more on either end at the top of the next rung. So jump to one side and fly up past the first steam vent, then manuver back to the center so the next rung is in front of you. Land and let your Jetpack refill, then do the same thing for the next couple rungs until you're on the top one and there's an antenna just above you. *Now, you have to use the little platforms on the end of the antennas to continue making your way up the column. Move in the sam direction you did to hop across the rungs, right when you're facing the center column. If you try to go the other way, the first antenna will shatter. Make your way around all the little platforms till you see one of those platforms that move in and out of the column that's lower than all the others. It's above and to the right from the last antenna. TIP: To make dealing with the moving platforms easier, it's best to hover above them till you're sure you can land on them for a second to let the Atomic Jetpack refill and also get a good jump off to the next one. Land on the platform as it is coming out from the wall and jump as it starts moving back in, or sooner if your Jetpack is full. *Jump as the first, lowest platform is receding back into the wall, you want to get above it so again use your Fuel till it's near the 15-20 mark, this should get you above the platform you're aiming for. Hover over the platform then land and jump off and fly up to the next one that's just above and to the right. Again, you have to make your way around the column to the right, this time using the moving platforms. Continue using the refill strategy and hovering above the platforms until you can get a solid landing on them to make your way across them. From the last moving platform you'll see the bottom of another rung, so fly up to the top of it and land. There's a diagram up there as well, that clues you in on what you have to do next. *Now you have to land on the next set of antennas above you, when you do you'll cause them to shift down. When all the antennae are down a set of 3 moving platforms will be triggered. Start with the antenna right above you, fly up and out to the little platform but only land on it for a second or so to let the Atomic Jetpack refill. From here go the opposite way you;ve been going around the column(left if you're facing the column, right if you're facing the outer wall). Fly and land on all them using the same tactics you've been using and try to land on them all quickly as they'll start shifting back up after a little while. Once they're all shifted back up the 3 moving platforms will stop working. *Make your way across all of the antenna and from the last one fly over and above the first of the new platforms. It's just above and to the right of the rung that had the diagram. Land on this one for a second then fly up to the next one that's a bit higher up and just slightly to the right. Hover above this one till you're sure you can land on this 2nd platform for a good second or two so you can fill the Atomic Jetpack completely and get a good jump to the next platform because the 3rd one is pretty high above the 2nd. Land, then jump for the 3rd one that's close but way above you. You may want to take a couple cracks at this platform. The first couple can be test runs to find out exactly where the platform is, and then you can go for it the quickest way. Hover above then land on the 3rd platform then jump and fly to the little platform that's on the end of the vertical "stem" that's nearby to the right. From here,jump and fly over to the opening in the center of the large tunnel with the five pipes all around it. *Once inside follow the tunnel to the next Checkpoint, picking up the Car Battery, Gatling Gun, and Guided Rockets. ==Level 8, Checkpoint D== More jumping and flying! Yay! *In this room you can't touch anything except the llittle green platforms you reveal by shooting out the top part of the columns with the electric bolts running through the middle of them. Bird Brains and ships will attack you in here but don't play much attention to them. They only get in the way when you're trying to figure out which way to go next, and with this FAQ you won't have to^_^ *Fly to and shoot out the first column in the center and land, then head to the next one on the left. It has a Raygun on the platform. Now head to the one in front fo you, the left-most column of the next set. From here, head to the next one in the center, from the center one head to the next one on the left, from this left one head to the next one in the center, from this center column head to the next one to the right, then to the next one on the right. From here go to the next one in the center from the center go to the one on the left, then head to the last column on the left. From the last column fly to the tunnel to exit the room. *The tunnel leads to the last Checkpoint and a Boss battle. ==Level 8, Checkpoint E== BOSS-Schwang Schwing *Schwang's only real attack is the beam he shoots every now and then, but you don't want to let him hit you himself either. *This battle can be really easy if you pull off the pattern just right. You have to hit the 6 traps(4 buttons and two you have to shoot) when Schwang gets near them, don't worry about hitting him yourself unless it's when you're on a button watching him get hit with the trap. Then feel free to blast until he turns toward you. There's also a time limit of three minutes for this fight, but it doesn't even come into play if you follow this guide step by step. *First, run straight towards the gun and jump up and head to the button on the left. Hover above the button till Schwang gets close then land on it to bring out a huge drill to hurt Schwang. Blast him as he gets drilled, and keep on blasting till he turns to face you again, then jump and fly away from Schwang towards the next button. Between the two buttons though, there's an important trap to hit. The big tank on the wall can be blown up by shooting it, so hover nearby and high enough to make it to the next button, then blast it when Schwang gets close to it and he'll take more damage. Now, fly over to and hover above the next button until Schwang gets close then land on it. This button causes some lights to flash and hurt Schwang. Again, blast him as he's getting hit with the trap and keep doing so until he starts to turn towards you again. Then fly over to and hover above the 3rd button until Schwang gets close, then land. This time a couple compacters come out and smash Schwang, blast him until he turns toward you then fly to the last, 4th, button and hover above it until he gets close. Land when he is and a giant saw will come out and hit Schwang. Blast him till he faces you then fly over to the valve and just to the left and above it. When you see Schwang coming near, blast the valve and it will fall off causing a jet of steam to shoot out and it'll be Goodbye Schwang Schwing! *If you mess up any part of the cycle, or fall to the ground. Just start over and give it another try. This Boss fight isn't too hard. ----------------------------------------------------- Level 9-Swanky Swizzle Heights, Swizzle Firma 7:19pm ----------------------------------------------------- *First, you have to dodge some Asteroids again. This time you're continually being pulled forward so you may want to hold back on the D-pad or X. The glowing white things warp you to another area on the screen, which is usually bad. *Once you make it through the Asteroids you'll find yourself in a large room filled with Coneheads milling about. DON'T ATTACK THEM! Run up the ramp to the higher area of the room and collect the PUMPERNICKEL, BAQUETTES, and MR.FIZZY's on each end. *You can the next part in any order,taking the different exits. This is just the way I did it, and the Checkpoints reflect that. I'm not sure if they change in lettering depending on how you go thought the level or not. First thing we'll do is get the PALATIAL LOCATOR by dropping back down into the lower area of the room, and going down the Lower Ramp to Checkpoint B. ==================== LEVEL 9,CHECKPOINT B ==================== *Grab the BAQUETTES near the first column, then take out the three Bottrocks (ignore the Coneheads), then go through the door on the right side at the end of the room. *This next part is a huge maze. You want to get to the center area where the Bottrocks are. I had planned to do an ASCII map for this part but I kept f'ing it up, so I dropped that idea. Luckily "doninss" a map up for this section. It's not to scale, and not too detailed but we'll take what we can get right? Drop him a line of gratitude won't ya? *Inside the maze there are buttons that you can hit, but I'm not sure what the result of hitting them all is. From doninss: if you hit all the switches, a short cut scene will show a hidden door open on the back of the large pillar at the end of the level. bunch of goodies inside. *You'll also encounter a number of hazards inside the maze. These include: Electric Rope-These rotate in a set area. The best way to get by them is to stand right where they stop coming at you then run when they lift up. Damage=10 points Steam-Steam vents in the floor where geysers of steam shoot from. Just stand near the edge of them, then when they die down run past them. Damage=5 points From Mr. Poopy Face: *You almost don't have to think about this one. It's one I learned navigating the halls of the game Wolfenstein 3D. Once you enter the maze just follow the wall on the right. It leads you to all the things on the floor to light up and you never get lost; unless you veer off the right wall. *When you make it to the center area of the maze, take out the Spawner and the Bottrocks, grab the PALATIAL LOCATOR, and teleport back to the Checkpoint A area. *Run around and collect the PUMPERNICKEL, BAQUETTE, and FIZZY's again. Then go though the opening in the upper area of the room, where the items are. Take the tunnel to Checkpoint D. ===================== LEVEL 9, CHECKPOINT D ===================== *In the first room you have to cross the red bridge. The trick is that the sections of the bridge dissappear in order. Only one section of the bridge is gone at once, but that's all it takes! Stand at the edge of the bridge and wait for the 1st section to go blank, then run to the first set of ledges on the side of the bridge. There's a ledge on each side, but stick to one side all the time. You don't have time to run zig zags. Stand at the first set of ledges and wait for the "blank" to go by again. Now scoot to the next set of ledges. Again, wait for the blank to go by, and run to the next set of ledges. The distance is a bit greater this time, so you may need to jump at the very end to make it. Do this one more time, then run to the end of the bridge where a couple Puker aliens are waiting for you. Take them out and go through the door. *In this area you have to hit the correct button to raise the section of wall that's blocking your way. If you mess up, you have to hit the first button near the entrance, but of course you won't mess up with this guide ^_~ *Hit the green button that's near the wall, then hit the right one of the next pair. Take out the Bottrocks that are in wait from now on using CST. This time there's three buttons, hit the middle one. Now there's four buttons, hit the 2nd one from the right. Next, there's a set of five, hit the one on the very left. Beyond this wall are 3 Pukers, so deal with them then exit through the door on the left side of the room. Go through the tunnel and you'll come to the next Checkpoint. From IBF: hidden door, right side, after all the fences are raised. (2 pumpernickels, 1 fizz, 1 baguette) ===================== LEVEL 9, CHECKPOINT E ===================== *You'll see another bridge, like the one at the beginning of Checkpoint D, only now there are two "blanks" that run across the bridge. The first one is about 5 sections long, then there's 4 or so sections between them, and the 2nd blank is about 3 sections long. It's still the same basic premise though. *Stand at the edge of the bridge and wait for the two blanks to go by, then run to the first set of ledges. Wait for both blanks to go by again and quickly run to the 2nd set of ledges. Again, wait for the blanks to by and make the big dash to the 3rd set of ledges. You may need to jump at the end of this one to make it. Next up is the longest run of the bridge. As soon as the 2nd blank goes by jump out and run, hugging the wall(but not too much so it slows you down) and jump again at the end to barely make it. Now just go to the end of the bridge when it's safe. *Two more Pukers lie in wait for you here, dispose of them and go through the door and tunnel to the next room. *There's another bridge in this room. At first it seems as if you've got it easy this time. But once you get close to the 3rd set of ledges the middle section of the bridge blanks out. Jump to the ledges and wait till the middle section reappears. As soon as it does, run to the 4th set of ledges and wait. *Once the _whole_ middle area of the bridge is back, start running. You'll see a section up ahead that's blank, you have to get to within 3 or so bars of this section before the whole middle part of the bridge goes blank again. Wait on this small section till the area in front comes back, then go to the last set of ledges. Wait here until the small area near the end of the bridge goes blank and comes back again, then run to the end. Two more Pukers are waiting here. Kill them and go through the tunnel and you'll come to Checkpoint F ==================== LEVEL 9,CHECKPOINT F ==================== *As soon as you walk in this next room a trio of Pukers and a Bird Brain will appear. The Pukers respawn, but the Bird Brain doesn't. Kill the Bird Brain and ignore the Pukers(not their shots though). *Grab the BAQUETTES and run to the other side of the room, up the little ramp, and hit the glowing button to activate all the buttons on the floor. Watch the light on the ceiling when you hit the button, as they tell you the correct order in which to hit the buttons. The sequence only flashes for a second so watch carefully. If you mess up, just go back to the glowing button and hit it again to get a new sequence. Once you're done, the door near the glowing button opens. *Get the DIMENSIONAL DESTABILIZER and head into the teleporter, run through the tunnel to the next teleporter and you'll be back at the Checkpoint A area. *Run around and grab the items again, then go to the area where you teleported back into this area. Step into the Up teleporter and you'll make it to Checkpoint C(my lettering anyway, just go by the looks of things if your's is different) ==================== LEVEL 9,CHECKPOINT C ==================== *A Bird Brain will come out of the space in the center of the room, destroy or run from it and make your way to the next Up teleporter across the room and teleport to the next area. *Grab the BAQUETTES then run straight ahead till you come to the 2 Spawners, one on each side of you. Destroy them and any Bottrocks, then continue forward till you come to the elevated maze. Use the LADDER on the Ladder Square in the floor to climb up to the maze. But wait a sec! *I suggest you use some BAQUETTES or the regular LOAF to take out the six Orbs from the ground, you'll be happy you did^_^ *Once you're on the first section of the maze, go to the very left end of the 1st piece and use the LADDER on the square there. *Go to the other end of this next piece and use the LADDER *Go left on the next piece and use the LADDER on the first Ladder Square you come to, it's in the middle of the curve. *Go to the right on this piece and jump to the next one, approach the wall and a secret room with 3 FIZZY's and some PUMPERNICKEL will open. Then go out and jump back to the large piece and follow it to where it juts out far to the right. Go right and use the LADDER at the very end. (Thanks to IBF for the location of the secret room) *Now you'll be on a curvy "L" piece, use the LADDER on the square at the other end. *You'll be on another "L" piece, follow it and jump to the one in the center. Follow that one to the square at the other end and use the LADDER. *Enter the teleporter *Now you're in a room with three square buttons, a tube, and a clear wall with some ledges inside of it. In this room a Conehead will walk out on the top ledge and you have to use the buttons to make it drop down into the fan at the bottom. When it hits the fan, it'll get chopped up and fill the tube with some Conehead liquid. It takes about 3 Coneheads to fill the tube and move on. If a Conehead escapes, an alarm sounds and a Bottrock will enter the room from the left hand side. *As soon as you enter the room, go and stand on the left-most button. If a Bottrock is already in the room destroy it with BAQUETTES. Stand on the left button until the Conehead falls into the small gap in the floor. Once it does, run to the right-most button and stand on it. You have to do this before the Conehead bounces off of the right wall and steps over the section where the gap opens. Once the Conehead falls, run to the middle button but DON'T stand on it yet. Let the Conehead rebound off of the left wall, then quickly stand on the button. Stay on it until the Conehead is on the section that opens so it won't turn around. *Repeat this sequence 2 or 3 more times to fill the tube. Once it's full a chime will sound and a teleporter will appear in the right corner of the far wall. Enter it for the next Checkpoint. From IBF: *hidden door in the room with the conehead "blender"(room with 3 square switches) add an extra conehead to the blender to open. (1 fizz, 3 baguettes) *bug. you can walk thru the exit door(in the blender room) without opening it. ==================== LEVEL 9,CHECKPOINT G ==================== *Take the next Teleporter up and you'll be in a large room with a lot of Orbs and Bottrocks. First things first, take out the Spawner that's in front of you and a bit to the left, hit the button underneath to activate the exit teleporter. Now, you can just run from the enemies. *There's an opening in the far end of the right wall to run through. Go through and down the ramp and make a hard right. A couple Bird Brains will float up from the lower section where the teleporter is. Head to the ramp that leads down into the lower section, and get the BAQUETTES and MR FIZZY on either side of the ramp. Then run to the teleporter. *In this next area you're faced with a couple Bird Brains, 4 or so Orbs, and a couple Bottrocks right away. Use BAQUETTES to take them all out for a little piece and quiet. *Now, you have to use the 3 buttons on the little side ledges to stop the lights in that circle on the floor. Each button stops a different light, and you want to stop them when they're on the blue lights. It doesn't matter what order you stop the lights in. *Just go up to a button, face the circle in the center of the room, and step on the button to see which light stops. Once you've got it step slightly off the button and keep track of the light. When it appraoaches a blue light, step back on the button. Simple,eh? Do this for all 3 to open the exit. *Once all the lights are stopped, go to the edge of the large platform and wait for the small moving platform to make it's way close to you. Jump over to it and stay in a good position to make the next leap. You want to jump to the little area to the right. Once you're on, grab the POSOTRONIC DOOHCIKEY and enter the teleporter to the Checkpoint A area again. *Pick up the PUMPERNICKEL. Now you have to shoot a PUMPERNICKEL inside the Phone Booth when the 3 Pukers open the door. Naturally you have to do this 3 times to get them all. Just get semi-close to the Booth and stay a bit to the side. Once the door opens, strafe past the front and fire a PUMPERNICKEL inside, then back away. You'll send a Puker flying each time you successfully get a PUMPERNICKEL in the Booth. Once all 3 are out, approach the Phone Booth. END OF LEVEL 9 ============================================== LEVEL 10-Imperial Palace, Swizzle Firma 9:01pm ============================================== MAX,DOC,or KURT *Now you get to choose which character you want to take into the final battle. The ending is a little different for each, but nothing major. It all depends on your personal preference and style of play. But certainly you want to beat the game with all 3 for "completeness" sake, right?^_^ Level 10 is just a small pre-boss area and then the final Boss: Zizzy Balooba ----------- DR. HAWKINS ----------- *From the start, head left and you'll see a Ladder Square near the palace wall eventually. Use the LADDER on it, and repeat for the next 3 squares till you're on top of the palace. Then turn left and drop down inside the palace and follow the the large hallway to the left. *You'll come across an open area with a Bird Brain and a Puker, dispose of the Bird Brain first, then the Puker. Grab the MR FIZZY in the corner and continue down the hall. *There's another Puker and a MR FIZZY nearby. Dispose, collect, continue. *You'll see another Puker and BAQUETTES down further. Kill ther Puker, grab the BAQUETTES and turn right. On the other side of the next left turn is a Bird Brain and a Puker. I just strafe out, fire a few shot, then strafe back to safety. Repeat until they're gone, then move forward and grab the PUMPERNICKEL and BAQUETTES. *Around the next turn is another Bird Brain. Strafe left and right as you fire to kill it. *Go through the door at the end of the hallway *There's a Ladder Square to your left as you walk in the next room. It's near the top of the stairs. Use the LADDER on it, then follow the red floor around the upper part of the room to the blue doors near the fountain. Go through the doors. *Go through the first small passageway. In the next, larger one there's a couple large Orbs waiting for you. Usually you can take one out before they start to fire, then just strafe left and right as you shoot at the 2nd one. Then go through the doors to face Zizzy Balooba. --- KURT --- *From the start, go to the right to the updraft. Float up, shoot out the grate and fly in the opening *Don't grab the items just yet, face to the right and enter Sniper Mode then strafe out slowly until you can see the tip of the Laser Gun. Snipe it then strafe out a bit more so you can see the other end of the tunnel. Snipe the Robot and the next Laser Gun, and the Laser Gun next to it you can barely see. Grab the 25 Health and Grenades and go down the tunnel. *There's another Robot around the turn, so enter Sniper Mode when you get near, strafe out, and take of it. Around the next corner there's a couple more Laser Guns, snipe the closest one then the further one, then the one that you can barely see around the next bend. Continue through the tunnel to the 25 Health. Don't grab it just yet though. Grab the Super Chaingun and get ready for the onslaught of Robots that's around the next turn. There's about 6 or 7 Robots and a couple Laser Guns in the next portion of the tunnel. Take out the closest Laser Gun first, then any Robots you can before they get too close. Keep switching in and out of Sniper Mode to keep the Robots pinned down until you can snipe their vulnerable spot. Strafe to safety when the robots start firing or too many of them get too close. It shouldn't take too long to take these guys out. Grab the 25 Health when all the Robots are gone, then snipe the other Laser Gun and continue. *Around the next set of turns there's about 7 Laser Guns and a Robot. Strafe out carefully and take out the first two Laser Guns. This should give you enough room to strafe out just enough to get the Robot before he get "riled" and starts running around. Take out the Robot then snipe the remaining Laser Guns and continue down the tunnel. You'll see and opening up ahead that leads into a large room. *In this room there's 3 Bifs and 2 Bird Brains. To make this room easier, approach the opening slowly and enter Sniper Mode, you should be able to see the first Bif's head just over the opening. Snipe it until it's dead, then keep slowly moving up towards the opening. Hug the right wall and look to your left a bit, enter Sniper Mode and look for the 2nd Bif. Hopefully you'll find it before it sees you. If you do, line up a shot at it's belt and wait for the eye to come out. If you can get the quick kill, go for it. If you don't kill it right away, just keep sniping until it runs up and starts shooting. If it starts shooting, hug the left wall and inch out until you can get some of the Bif in your Sniper Scope, then continue sniping it till it's dead. Once the 2nd Bif is gone, drop into the room and stay near the right wall where the Cloak is. Look to the far end of the room and search for the Bif with your Sniper Scope. Snipe it until it starts running at you and shooting, then exit Sniper Mode and run towards the Bif as you fire. Strafe to the left or right just as it's shots get near you. If you get close to it and the Bif is still alive, use CST until it's dead, then turn back to where you came in and grab the Cloak. Ride up one of the updrafts and land on the upper ledge, take out the Bird Brain with your Sniper Scope, then look for the other one on the other side of the room. Snipe it, then go towards the door on the far end of the room, collect the Homing Sniper Shell that's next to the exit door, then go through the door. *Grab the 50 Health on the left then go to the right, through the various turns and doors, till you come to another large area with some columns in it. *Enter the room and grab the Grenades to your immediate left. Follow the bending path around, grab the 50 Health when you see it, and continue till you come to the blue doors. You'll be in the room with the large fountain. Go up the stairs on the left, to where the Ladder Square is, and jump over to the red ledge. Follow the ledge to the blue doors near the fountain and go through. *Go through the small passageway and into the longer one. Around the bend at the other side there's a couple Phantom Robots waiting for you. Enter Sniper Mode when you get close to the turn and snipe them till they're both on the ground(or dead. Keep sniping them if you need to keep them pinned until they're gone. Go through the next door and small passage to face the final boss, Zizzy Balooba. --- MAX --- *Go through the front doors and grab the 2 Shotguns and Rayguns. Save the Rayguns for later. *Go to the end of the next room and collect the three Uzi's, leave the two Batteries until you need them. Now pairs of enemies will appear for a while. Just use CST and the non-Raygun guns that you have to deal with them all. The order is: 2 Bottrocks 2 Bottrocks 2 Bifs 2 Bifs 2 Bifs 2 Bifs *Once the last pair of Bifs is gone, grab any Health you need and go through the now-open door. There's a couple more AA Batteries in the next small hall- way if you need. Go through it and enter the fountain room. In the fountain room, go up the steps on the left to where the Ladder Square is and jump over to the red ledge. Follow the ledge around to the blue door and go through. In the longer hallway, there's a pair of Bifs waiting for you. Stay near the left wall as you approach the Bifs and you should be able to take one out without the other's shots getting to you. Just strafe in a small pattern till the 1st Bif is gone. Then face the other one and blast away as you strafe from it's shots. Even if you end up with only your Magnum, don't use the Rayguns yet. Once the Bifs are disposed of, make your way to Zizzy. ------------------------- FINAL BOSS-ZIZZY BALOOBA ------------------------- *There are two parts to the final battle of the game. The first is fighting Zizzy on the outside, and the second is fighting Zizzy from the inside. *When you're outside, Zizzy has 4 attacks that he can use. The first one is a regular laser he shoots from his staff. The 2nd, Zizzy shoots large energy fields from his hands. In the 3rd attack, Zizzy unleashes streams of lightning around the room. The final attack, Zizzy will raise his hands and a few seconds later the screen will center on him and he'll chant. When this happens you'll be dizzy and the screen will turn around for a few seconds. Check each character's section for specific tactics on avoiding these attacks. *In the second part of the fight, you have to destroy Zizzy's organs while inside of him. While inside, organisms like the BFB's Left Brain Attack will constantly come at you and snot or something will periodically shoot out from the orafices along the walls. If you fall into any of the holes in the ground you'll "fall" out of Zizzy and have to wear him down a little again to get back in. You'll occasionally just get thrown out from time to time as well. ----------- DR. HAWKINS ----------- *The Doc has it the easiest when it comes to fighting Zizzy, he doesn't get knocked down by his outside attacks, doesn't have to destroy the eyes, and can hit the Brain from the ground. Here's how to deal with Zizzy's outside attacks. LASER BEAM: Just stafe to one side and jump ENERGY FIELDS: Just take the damage and keep shooting LIGHTING: Strafe and jump constantly DIZZY ATTACK: Look away when his hands raise For the 1st part of this battle, use whatever BAQUETTES you have left first and just stay near(but not too close) to Zizzy as he flys around the room. No matter what, always keep shooting. Once the BAQUETTES are gone, switch to regular LOAF and keep shooting till the Boss' energy is gone. Once it is gone you'll be sucked inside of Zizzy. First thing to do in the Boss is to take out the Lungs. There's one on the left and right walls, and they each have an opening in them with a couple veins coming out. Fire a couple pieces of Atomic Toast into the holes to blow up the Lungs, after doing so a couple Eyeballs will be released into the "room." You want to get the Eyeballs into the 2 holes on either side of the room. There's a Leaf Blower outside of Zizzy(Thanks to doninss) you can use to blow the Eyes into the holes, or just use the Atomic Toast. Once you have them in there it's time to deal with the heart. The heart is in the center of the room. You'll need the Plutonium to break the Heart. It can be found on the thin ledge running around the room, it's usually on the left or right side of the Heart itself. If it's on the left side, you can reach it with no help, but if it's on the right side you need to jump up on the right eyeball then to the ledge and make your way to the PLUTONIUM. Once you have the PLUTONIUM, drink it and become Hyde. Then jump up and hit the Heart 3 times to break it into 2 smaller pieces. Now you have to ride the Bubbles coming out of the center hole up past the smaller pieces, then drop down and punch them as you fall. To get on the Bubble, jump on the right Eyeball again and jump to the Bubble when it gets close. Once the heart is completely gone you can focus on the last organ, the Brain. There are a couple ways to attack the Brain. You can ride up the Bubbles, to get close to it or you can bounce LOAF shots from the ground. I usually bounce shots from the ground because you seem to fall out more if you ride the Bubbles up near the mouth. The best position to bounce LOAF shots from is between the left Eyeball and wall. Look up and aim for the little notch in the opening to the Brain. Adjust your aim until your shots are ricocheting up and into the Brain. Now just stay here and keep shooting till the Brain's energy is gone, and you've defeated Zizzy. Be sure to use your MR.FIZZY's when you need. It;s best to use 2 or less in the first part of the battle, so you'll have the rest for the tough fight inside of the boss. CONGRATULATIONS! You've beaten MDK 2 with Dr. Hawkins! ---- KURT ---- *Fighting Zizzy with Kurt can be frustrating once you get inside, on the outside though Kurt can dodge Zizzy's attacks the easiest. LASER: Strafe left and right as you make small, quick jumps ENERGY FIELDS: Back away from Zizzy as you strafe to one side, when he starts to overshoot you, change directions. LIGHTNING: Strafe and jump constantly DIZZY: Look away when Zizzy's hands go up *From the start, use the Super Chaingun and stay just far enough away so that you can hit the Boss but still dodge his attacks. Once your first Super Chaingun is gone, run around and collect some items, like the Mortar Shell and another Super Chaingun. It's good to have some Super Chaingun left once you get inside Zizzy, but if not it's no biggee. Continue the pattern of shooting, dodging, and collecting. Get the Health when you need it, but don't take the 50 Health yet. The two 25 Healths regenerate every so often, but the 50 Health only shows up once. (The next part details how to destroy Zizzy from the inside, but there's no way you'll do it all without getting spit out a couple times. Just follow these directions when you're inside Zizzy and look at the paragraph after it to see what to do when you get spit out) *Wear Zizzy down completely and get sucked inside. If you have another Super Chaingun activate it, or use any you have left and blast the heart in the center of the chamber you're in. You have to kill 5 different pieces of the heart to get rid of it completely. Once the Heart is gone, use the Cloak if you have it and turn your attention on the Lungs that are on the left and right walls. You have to get a Mortar Shell in the hole in each of the Lungs(where the veins are coming out). The best place to stand is near the center of the room, and aim a little above each hole. If you have the Cloak on, you won't need to worry about the little organisms that fly around, otherwise run around a bit when you hear them chomping before standing to take out the Lungs. When both Lungs are blown up, ride one of the updrafts coming from the holes and float up to the ledge near the Eyes and Brain. Don't float up when the chomping things are flying around after you, run from them till they blow up or get you, and then float up. Next you have to deal with the Eyes. They're connected to the sockets at first. Shoot one so it falls out, now it will act like a large Alien Orb. The quickest way to dispose of the floating Eye is by sniping it. Snipe it till it's gone, then shoot out the next Eye and snipe it, too. When the Eyeballs are gone the only thing left is the Brain. To kill the Brain you have to snipe all the little lockballs that are orbiting it. Take it one lockball at a time. Track one and see where it goes, each lockball slows down at some point and gets real fast at one point. They usually slow down near the edges of the Brain. Get near the very left or right edge of the platform you're on and enter Sniper Mode, aim at the edge of the Brain and track one ball at a time. There's about 6 in all. When you hear the chomping things coming, exit Sniper Mode and strafe akk the way to the opposite end of the platform then all the way back. You should be able to avoid the little S.O.B.s most of the time with this tactic. Continue sniping the Lockballs until they're all gone and Zizzy's dead. *You'll get spit out ALOT when sniping the brain, there's not much you can do about it. When you do get spit out, if you need Health be sure to grab some of the 25 Healths that regenerate every few times you're out of Zizzy. Use the 50 Health in an emergency or when you're almost done with the Brain. Just grab what you need and wear Zizzy down again until you can get back inside. From IBF: the outside of zizzy is a lot like doc, shoot, avoid damage, collect the weapons.(and life when needed) inside anything works on the "hearts", sniper mortar for the lungs.(aim for the holes that the arteries go in, this will start the updrafts to the eyes and brain (only one goes clear to the top)) anything works on the eyes,(sniper rounds are faster but make it harder to avoid the brain attacks) the brain will have to circling blue orbs. shooting the brain will slow them for just a moment, making it possible to snipe them with normal rounds, but the best way is to save all the sniper grenades and just pepper the right side where the orbs come together as they approach that area. CONGRATULATIONS! You've just completed MDK2 with Kurt Hectic! --- MAX --- Max has a so-so time against Zizzy. His regular guns don't do much damage on the outside, but the Rayguns absolutely rip him apart on the inside. There's no special manuvers or skills you have to use to take out Zizzy's organs with Max. Just blast them. You NEED to have 4 Rayguns to have a chance at killing Zizzy from the inside. LASER: Fly up to one side with the Atomic Jetpack LIGHTNING: Float in the air till it's gone ENERGY FIELDS: Strafe(or fly) to one side as you back away DIZZY: Look away At the start, run around and collect some guns and the Atomic Jetpack at first. Save any Rayguns you pick up till you're inside Zizzy. Once you have the Jetpack, you can float up to avoid most of Zizzy's attack. Just dodge his attacks and keep a constant stream of fire on Zizzy till he's worn down. The guns in the room regenerate every so often so pick up as many as you need. There's a couple AA Batteries and a Car Battery scattered around the room. The AA Batteries regenerate as well, so pick them up when you need. The Car Battery can only be picked up once though. Remember to save the Rayguns(am i saying this enough?^_^) till you're inside Zizzy. When you get thrown out of Zizzy(and you will), de-equip your Rayguns and use other guns to wear him down again. Once you're inside Zizzy you just have to shoot the organs in any order. The trick is that they regenerate when not taking damage, so you want to keep constant fire on the organ you're aiming for. You can do these in whatever order you want: HEART: Strafe left and right as you fire, jump from time to time LUNGS: Face them one at a time and strafe jump as you fire at them EYES: Fly up to the platform using the Atomic Jetpack, then fire at them one at a time. Just take the damage from the chomping organisms if you're not low on energy. BRAIN: Strafe left and right on the platform as you fire at the Brain Once all the organs are gone, you'll have defeated Zizzy Balooba. From IBF: max is definately the hardest. save all ray guns for the inside of zizzy. (4 ray guns are almost mandatory for success) the type of weapons that appear in the throne room seems to be random. finding a ray gun the first time around the room is a good sign, more will appear regularly.(using up the regular weapons and picking up more will sometimes bring out some ray guns) practice at getting in and out of slow mo quickly. use slow mo inside zizzy always. the organs regenerate fairly quickly, so concentrate on one at a time. move constantly and fly. at the brain, position the camera down slightly(to see the brain attacks) and strafe back and forth while firing all 4 ray guns. Max doesn't get a lot of life in here so only take the batteries when needed. CONGRATULATIONS! You've just beaten MDK 2 with Max ----------- END OF GAME ----------- Yes, it's over. It's really, over. That game and the WalkThru, are over. =========== 6. SECRETS =========== ----- CODES ----- All codes come courtesy of CheatCC and Cheat Codes 2000, and are used by permission Kurt in Boxers: Hold L+R, then hit X,X,Y,X at Main Menu (Outof555@aol.com) Panning Camera: Pause, then hold L+R then hit B,A,B,A (Outof555@aol.com) Slow-Mo Mode: As Max, hold R and hit Up 4 times No Pause Menu: Hit X+Y while paused (MrShowBP@aol.com) Game Music: Listen to track 2 or higher in CD player Extra Stuff: Put GD in PC and look in MDK2 folder ------- SECRETS ------- From Greg Gonnerman: (Joshua Dallman 8C) 5A - After navigating several rooms and passageways, Max ends up in the telescope room. After dealing with the Bott Rock aliens, and the chute, take a few shots at the viewing end of the telescope to knock it down. Now jump up and have a look. The picture is of Russ Rice, the art director at BioWare, and a few of his friends. 7E - There's a hidden castle in 7E. As you get out into the open after leaving 7E, turn left and fly off to the structure protruding from the clouds. Walk to the very top of it, then glide back to the top of the structure you just left, where the dummy decoy is located. Walk over to the edge, and look for the blue area in the sky below you. It will be just to the right of the setting sun. Start shooting to the right of that blue area until you see your shots reacting with the solid surface of the hidden path. Once you've identified its location, glide out to it, being careful not to overshoot it. Once you landed safely on it, use your chain gun to determine the direction of the foot path. This path will zig-zag, but will eventually lead you to a yellow square. Jump directly up to open your chute. An invisible updraft will take you into the stratosphere. As you reach the highest point, start shooting again to find the second hidden path. This one will lead you to the hidden castle. The picture on the far side of the castle is the only reward for all of this work. There is no way to get into the castle. 8C - There's an elevator in 8C. Before you start looking for it, you really should pick up the two ray guns and the guided missile gun atop the first few vertical structures on the reactor. With that done, head over to the side of the reactor that's brightly lit. This is the one area where Max casts a pretty strong shadow. It's also the side of the reactor where the passageway leads from the top of the reactor to the outside wall. Once you get there, look up. Facing the reactor, you'll need to line up the the single platform at the very top with the arm directly below it on the lowest set of arms. With this done, and Max positioned slightly closer to the outside wall than the reactor, you should be very close to the elevator. It is completely hidden. There's no way to spot it. Just take small steps and pause for a couple of seconds each time. Max needs to stand on the elevator for several seconds before it will activate. This elevator takes Max all the way to the top. From BLKBRDxx: 7A - On level 7a after you activate the fans and advance to the upper room with the three lockballs. if you stand in the entrance to the upper room and look to the right side. where the wall meets the floor. you will see black oval ring (on the wall) with a grayish center, this is the entrance to a hidden room. in it you will find some sniper grenades, a cloak, and some homing sniper shells. you cannot see any hint of the entrance. ================ 7. NEXT REVISION ================ Well, the WalkThru is done so that will probably be it for ahwile, unless I get around to doing that enemy list thing. I'm really getting sick of playing MDK 2 at this point^_^ I hope this FAQ has helped you in some way, it was really fun to do(for the most part). I'm still open to any contributions anyone wants to send in, so feel free to mail me with whatever little piece of info you may have. Also, I'm pretty delirious as I write this(again) from staying up for too many hours straight(again), so some of the grammar may be a bit...spacey, to say the least. I'll shore up the writing a little in the future, but for now this FAQ is D-O-N-E Also, about the Interplay Board Folks stuff. If you feel that you're the one that found any particular hint or tip, mail me and I'll credit you with it. ============= 8.THANK YOU'S ============= CJayC-------------For creating and running GameFAQs Justumaru---------For the correct description of the Black Hole Grenade, ---------and for the tips for sections 4A,4B,4C, and 7C (darshu@hotmail.com) Rsilveram---------For the item name and tips for 7E (Rsilveram@aol.com) Don---------------For the item name in 7E (dmljc@nvbell.net) Cheat CC----------For posting the FAQ and letting me use their codes (www.cheatcc.com) Cheat Codes 2000--For putting the FAQ up and for the codes as well (www.fookes.clara.net) Al Amaloo---------For posting the FAQ, and a few others of mine (http://vgstrategies.about.com) Segacide----------For the tips for sections 3E,4A,and 4B (segacide@segacide.com) Greg Gonnerman----For the secrets in sections 5A,7E,and 8C (gregmg@eng.mcd.mot.com) Joshua Dallman----For finding the elevator in 8C Psycho Kirby 13---For the easy way to kill Bifs and Bottrocks (PsychoKirby13@aol.com) BLKBRDxx----------For the secret in 7A (1024zhp@concentric.net) Roman-------------For the tips in 1A and 1C (Roman_Edgington-CRE019@email.mot.com) doninss-----------For the map of 9B,sending in the IBF stuff, the -location of the Leaf Blower when fighting Zizzy, -and what happens when you hit all the buttons in 9B (dmljc@nvbell.net) IBF---------------For the numerous tips in a bunch of sections and Zizzy (http://feedback.interplay.com/mdk2/index.html) Mr. Poopy Face----For the quick tip for 9B (mister_poopy_face@excite.com) Min'na domo arigato! ================== 8.ABOUT THE AUTHOR ================== This is just one of a few FAQs I've written, all of which are available at GameFAQs and my personal site. A few my FAQs are on various other websites(usually with proper creditO_o) as well. I hope this or any of the other FAQs I've written help you in some way, or allow you to enjoy a game more than before, or maybe just get a good read out of it. If you have any questions about this game, or any other I've written a FAQ for, feel free to drop me an E-Mail. BUT keep in mind a few things: 1. Please don't ask when the next revision will be out, or if I can send it to you. I don't really have a set schedule for these things,and you can pick up the FAQ(s) at GameFAQs or my site. 2. Please don't ask about something already covered in the FAQ. Usually once a FAQ comes out I'm swamped with E-Mails and skip ones that are covered in the FAQ. If it's really desperate I may answer, but otherwise everything I know is in the FAQ. 3. Don't mail asking for codes, I don't have a Gameshark or keep track of cheat codes or anything. Other than that, I try to answer every single E-Mail I get and am usually pretty good at getting back to people quickly, but sometimes I lose letters in my computer or forget to keep them as new. If I don't answer in a week or so it's safe to say I screwed up somehow^_^ My E-Mail Address: ProfRev777@aol.com My Site: http://members.aol.com/profrev777/index.html The site hasn't been updated forever since I got a new computer and don't have an HTML/Web Page proggie anymore. I should get one soon though, so updates will continue at that time. === END ===</p>