P D Tari's Guide to Magic & Mayhem VERSION 0.1 Last updated: 28 April 2001 AN RPG/STRATEGY GAME FOR THE IBM PC Email: PDTari@hotmail.com The latest version of this guide can be found at www.gamefaqs.com ======== WELCOME ======== Welcome to my guide for Magic & Mayhem (known as "Duel - The Mage Wars" in US) I've played this game and have really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd write a guide for it! So why, you might ask, I decided to write a guide for the game that was released two years ago (about 40 in game-years)? Few reasons... Firstly and foremost it is a great game that is fun to play. Secondly it is freely available for download from freeloader.com site (first 14 episodes last time I checked - could be more by the time you're reading this). Thirdly if you are keep getting beaten in all those multi-player RTS games (or just need to polish your RTS skills) Magic & Mayhem will be the perfect tutor for you since it has some elements of RTS (but you can pause it any time). And finally, a full 3D sequel called "Art of Magic: Magic & Mayhem 2" comes out soon so we better get ready. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Have fun! ============== GUIDE HISTORY ============== Version 0.1 Began the guide. ====================== WHAT'S IN THIS GUIDE? ====================== Introduction Walkthrough Shortcuts Battle Tactics Spells Frequently Asked Questions Feedback My Thoughts Thanks Disclaimer ============= INTRODUCTION ============= This guide was not designed to restate Grimoire (which worth reading) or the manual but rather provide you with useful information about the game. The game has four levels of difficulty: Initiate, Apprentice, Adept and Wizard. The main differences are the number of hostile creatures you meet and extend of enemy wizards using AI. If you played recently released "Sacrifice" you should feel pretty comfortable playing this game. The main differences between those two are: 1. Might & Magic uses overhead view (Diablo style) so it is easier to get into (no camera rotating required) and more fun to play. 2. You don't need souls to summon creatures so you can have as many as your Control Limit allows (which can be increased between the mission). 3. You can change your set of spells any time between the mission by rearranging the ingredients in your talismans. 4. If your wizard killed you fail the level. A thing to note about creatures in the game is that they get an experience and can gain status (usually after a certain number of kills) of Lord - denoted by the silver halo over the creature head or King denoted by the golden crown. Lords gain 50% increase in all their stats and Kings gain 100% increase and can subvert enemy creatures of the same type by attacking them. ============ WALKTHROUGH ============ FIRST ISLAND Forest of Pain Achievement Experience Points Talked to Camulos 10 Defeated Camulos 40 Total Experience Points Gained: 50 / 50 Notes: If you play this level on Initiate Hermes The Crow will give you mini-tutorial. Follow the brown-brick-road to the Place of Power and occupy it (by any means necessary). Cross the bridge (with a few Zombies / Brownies to keep you company), continue to follow the road, find the wizard and send him into the next level. Here's the tricky part - it is so easy to just send your creatures to deal with the enemy wizard, but this way you'd lose 10 point. You have to talk to him first by getting your character close enough to him. Finally enter the portal and be on your way. The Plains of Greenhenge Achievement Experience Points Talked to Regus 10 Killed Camulos 60 Found Tincal 40 Total Experience Points Gained: 110 / 110 As the mission starts grab the Mana Sprite and follow the road the Hermes showed you as fast as you can. Talk to the unicorn (I am serious) and when you get to the enclosure with two huts and Place of Power in the middle summon as many creatures as you can. Send them to clear the place. You can use the huts to hide from the Storm (at least until the roof holds). When done - put one of your creatures on the Place of Power and couple to guard it. And don't forget to pick up any goodies you find inside the huts. Near the entrance to the enclosure you'll see a sign - follow it and you should arrive to the Stonehedge. Capture the Place of Power in the middle of it. Camulos (never say "die") should be nearby - send him to the next level and pick up the Tincal he drops. When you enter the portal the level will end. Fiddler's Green Coming soon. ========== SHORTCUTS ========== Here are some of the useful shortcuts from the manual. Note: For the right mouse button command the creature you want to give the command to has to be already selected with left mouse button. "SHIFT" + Left mouse button = Toggle selection (add a creature to the group or remove it from the selection). Mini-map + Left mouse button = Center on the selected location. "CTRL" + Right mouse button = Force attack. "ALT" + Right mouse button = Guard and follow. "SHIFT" + Right mouse button = Add waypoint (double right click for flying waypoint). "CTRL" + 0 to 9 = Create a team from currently selected creatures. 0 to 9 = Select pre-created team. "ALT" + 0 to 9 = Select team and center on it. =============== BATTLE TACTICS =============== Where possible try to attack enemy wizard rather than his/her creatures. Try not to get your mage in the middle of hand-to hand battle - keep him at the distance just close enough to cast spells or summon creatures. Try to occupy all the Places of Power you come across (unless stated otherwise) and leaving at least one creature to guard it, since the creature on the Place of Power will be too busy to fight. There are many ways to clear Place of Power - you can either quickly run to it, cast Earthbind on yourself and Tornado on the Place of Power; or cast Storm on it from afar. ======= SPELLS ======= Note: All Creature Summon spells have range of 7. Mana Cost Spell Range Comments Fireball 6 15 1 Magic Sphere 8 15 2 Cure 10 16 3 Storm 16 24 4 Raise Dead 25 11 5 Comments: 1 - Can be used as your wizard's main weapon due to its low mana cost. 2 - Bounces off the walls and can hurt your creatures or your wizard. 3 - A "must have" spell for most of the missions. 4 - Perfect for clearing open spaces and hurts everyone in the area. 5 - Gives resurrected creature "undead" status. =========================== FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS =========================== Q: What are the best creatures to use in the game? A: Kai Hortmann gives an interesting answer in his mini-FAQ. Here's an extract: "At the start you can only summon weak creatures that cost little mana. The spell components you find later allow you to summon stronger creatures but of course cost more mana. You need creatures for different tasks: - Hand-to-hand combat: In this category you have the widest choice. I like Skeletons in the first world, but I recommend experimenting until you find your personal favourite. - Archers: In the first world there are only Redcaps and Elves. The Elves are easier to kill but are better archers. - Scouts: For this you better use fast, flying creatures. Bats are very good and cheap, later you could try Phoenix. Note that you can (and should) capture undefended Places of Power with a single Bat and get some mana before the enemy finds it. - Defenders: Once you capture a POP you will need to defend it against counterattacks. Tough and slow monsters are good for that. - Mage killers: When you kill the enemy mage the level is more or less won. Controlling more Places of Power than the enemy helps a lot, especially if you want your mage to battle the enemy mage with spells at close range. But you could also use the sneak attack approach. Large groups of weak but fast monsters can take down a mage! I killed Bertilak, the mage of the last level of the first world with a stack of 10 Bats before even entering the castle (which then became rather easy). Other good mage killers are Phoenix because they tend to "grill" the enemy and Basilisk because they poison him." ========= FEEDBACK ========= I would really like to know what you think of my guide, as well as what you think of the game. If you would like to give me suggestions, comments, battle tactics etc. or if you have found an error you can e-mail me at PDTari@hotmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Well, I look forward to hearing from you! ============ MY THOUGHTS ============ Writhing guides sucks. But the game is really good and it deserves its own guide. So here it is. ======= THANKS ======= Kai Hortmann - for his/her mini-FAQ ...to me. =========== DISCLAIMER =========== I have written this guide for your personal use only. You can copy and distribute it online to your friends if you keep it AS IS. Do not use this guide for profitable reasons (e.g. games magazine, a book or any other publication) without my prior knowledge and consent. This is the work of me and nobody else, so please don't steal ideas from this guide, think of your own. If you see this guide on somebody else's page please e-mail me the URL of that site, so I can create of list of the availability of this guide. (c) P D Tari 2001</p>