HERMIE HOPPERHEAD: SCRAP PANIC The Original FAQ FAQ Version 1.01 by Matthew Sephton ============================================================================= CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 1.1 The Game 1.2 Graphics 1.3 Gameplay 2.0 Playing Concepts 2.1 The Joypad 2.2 Friends 2.3 Baddies 2.4 Levels 3.0 Cheats 3.1 Hidden Options 3.2 Bonus Levels 4.0 What Do You Know? 4.1 Contacting The Author 4.2 Release 4.3 E&OE 4.4 Thanks 5.0 Version history --- 1.0 INTRODUCTION This FAQ aims to be the definitive source of information for the PlayStation game Hermie Hopperhead: Scrap Panic, henceforth HHH. It serves no other purpose. At this time no manual in any language has been seen by the author. 1.1 THE GAME HHH is a platform game in a similar vein the the various Mario platformers on the NES or SNES. It may seem a bit strange or bizzare at first, but getting to known the game will reveal its hidden depths. The game is made by Sony Creative Products Inc. 1.2 GRAPHICS You wouldn't really choose a platform game to show off what your PlayStation can do, but you will gasp in amazement at what the game gets up to in terms of graphics. At time there are tens of sprites on screen at once, multi-layer parallax scrolling and a graphical effect such as water, heat haze or snow! 1.3 GAMEPLAY Platformers are a starnge type of game. They require precise hand to eye co- ordination as well as the ability to plan routes through levels and solve puzzles. The only way to better these skills is to practice and experiment. Try different things with Hermie - see just what he is capable of. --- 2.0 PLAYING CONCEPTS As with any other game playing skills will improve over time. Perseverence is the key. Once you have done a few levels and started to get to grips with the controls and gameplay restart the game from scratch. You will find that your skills gained will let you race through the first few levels coming out with a better score and better friends. It may be worth noting that you jump higher if you run or even higher still if you bounce of an airborne baddie's head. You can also slide down slopes and kill any baddies on them. 2.1 THE JOYPAD Here is a list of the default joypad buttons and their functions. BUTTON GAME STARS SCREEN MAP Up Up Up Up Down Down/duck Down Down Left Left Left Left Right Right Right Right Cross Jump x1 Square Run x10 Run Triangle Release/catch x100 Circle Continue L1 Release/catch R1 L2 R2 Start Pause menu Continue Start level Select 2.2 FRIENDS There are four different types of friends available, each having their own characteristics. They are the Penguin, Turtle, Chicken and Dragon. In my opinion this is the order of ranking. Dragins are definitely the best as they can fly - meaning that they don't fall of the bottom of the screen every chance they get. They also spit fireballs to kill baddies as well as jumping on them. Chickens are similar but withoput the fireball capability. Turtles are interesting as when they arre released they simply go into their shell! This is better than it sounds, as they can then be kicked into baddies or left on the floor as make-shift mines. Penguins are the simplest friends. SIZE PENGUIN TURTLE CHICKEN DRAGON Hatchling 100 ??? ??? 160 Grown up 200 ??? ??? 400 Diver 2000 ???? ???? 4000 Use you friends to your advantage, that's what they are there for. Let them follow you and release them at key moments to kill the baddies. This is even more true when on the underwater levels where you can make your friends follow you and loop around so they come between you and the baddies, then releasing them at this moment will cause almost certain death to the baddies. 2.3 BADDIES The are numerous baddies all with their own attack methods. Take time to learn them as only then will you be able to kill them properly. Not the differences between similar baddies. For example, red sneakers run twice as fast as blue ones. Green pins can be jumped on, unlike their red or blue counterparts. Be careful. Most other baddies can be killed by jumping on their heads, or by sliding into them. You can do this most effectively by sliding down hills. Maybe a table of baddies if demand is enough? 2.4 LEVELS A level is shown on the game map by a coloured circle or square. The colour refers to the world the level belongs to. Circles refer to normal levels and squares to end of world levels. There are nine levels per world. When you compelete a level it will be filled in red, but if the red flashes then there is another exit on that level, most likely a shortcut exit, that you haven't found. Play the level again looking for hard to reach places. --- 3.0 CHEATS HHH seems to rely on button presses to activate cheats HEAD START If you hold SELECT whilst on the main menu, until the map screen is displayed, and press START on NEW GAME when Hermie is halfway across the screen you will start on World 0 - Level 0 - The Main Menu Screen! Here you can get three friends in egg form - a penguin, a turtle and a chicken. You can then use the game menu options to start a new game with these or load an existing savegame in to be played with these characters. FALLING STARS If you hold TRIANGLE+SQUARE+CROSS and start a NEW GAME you can press and hold SELECT and press START to make lots of starts fall from the sky. These can then be used as normal, to gain extra lives or for growing your egg friends. Also holding SELECT and pressing START will clear the stage. This is a sort of debug mode - you access a completed map to play on. 3.1 HIDDEN OPTIONS Apart from the cheats above I am not aware of any hidden options. But this game is so big who knows - there may be some? 3.2 BONUS LEVELS if you come across a red bin then prepare yourself. They are quite hard to find but well worth the effort - they lead to 3D bonus levels. The aim of which is to collect all the stars and the golden egg to finish the level. On your way around you can collect clocks to increase the time left but avoid any eggs with skulls on as they lead to instant death. --- 4.0 WHAT DO YOU KNOW? If you have any additions which you think should be included in this FAQ then please send them to me as below. Already there are a number of questions that need answering. 1 Are there any other cheats known? 2 Are there any hidden levels accessed via walkthrough walls or such? 3 Is there any way to play the 3D levels only? 4.1 CONTACTING THE AUTHOR The author of this FAQ, Matthew Sephton, can be contacted by e-mail or through his web page (which contains information about Bjork, other music, the Sony PlayStation and contains some of my Windows 95 Shareware). e-mail: u5ms@csc.liv.ac.uk www: http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~u5ms/ 4.2 RELEASE This FAQ is obtainable from various places on the internet, but the latest version can always be downloaded from this URL: http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~u5ms/PS/hhhspfaq.txt 4.3 E&OE All errors and omissions excluded. As far as I know the information in this document is accurate. Correct me if I'm wrong. Use at your own risk. 4.4 THANKS Original FAQ by Matthew Sephton. Falling stars cheat from unknown source. Kill by sliding omission spotted by Dr. Chris Harback . -- 5.0 VERSION HISTORY 1.00, 04 Sep 1996 Original release. 1.01, 28 Oct 1996 Killing by sliding added. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>