Hitman - Blood Money Walkthrough v1.2 ===================================== Based on the X-Box version (although, according to emails I've received, it should work fine for X-Box360, PC and PS2 as well) By Simon Curtis simoncur@gmail.com Also thanks to the following for some alternate solutions! Ian Mason - A Vintage Year Knight Ducharme - A New Life Dante Redfield - A House Of Cards Dave Haire - A House Of Cards ******************************************************************************** As per usual with Hitman, there's many completely different and sometimes strange ways to complete the missions. (As an example, the first time I played Dance With the Devil, I was having my very first look around when things went wrong and I got into a shootout with some guards. One thing led to another, until I'd eventually killed every living thing in the level - 122 kills. Still, I'd completed all goals and was happy with that!) So, all I'm doing here is giving the path I used to get Silent Assassin rating in each level. I'll also start each level with a brief description of how I plan to complete it. This is for anyone who wants to get some help, but not necessarily a step-by-step guide. This guide worked from Rookie through to Expert - haven't tried the Pro yet! Feel free to disregard everything here, bring some big guns and just kill everything, sometimes you just have to let rip!!!!! This is my first attempt at a walkthrough, so any questions or comments, please email me! I'm not going to bother running through the opening mission - you're already guided through that. So on with the rest... ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** A Vintage Year ************** Weapons: Just bring the Silverballer with silencer (you did already buy the upgrade didn't you?) For this, I used the guided tour in the cellar to get access and get a worker's suit. I then took out Manuel in the cellar. Then head up to the main house and it's easy enough to get Don Fernando alone. Step-By-Step Follow the two people through the door and into the courtyard. Just hang around there for a couple of minutes until you see a group gathering near the SE corner of the yard. They'll follow a guide into the wine cellar where he'll be giving a tour. Just stroll along with the group down into the cellar. Don't worry if the guards seem to get anxious at your presence, just keep strolling with the group and they'll leave you alone. The third stop the guide makes is in a circular room with a guard in it. Just stick with the group for one more stop. This is just outside the circular room and results in most of the tourists standing in the shadows. Move towards the corner (close to the couple making out). As the group moves on, the guard will leave the circular room. Give him a moment to get out of earshot and then quickly move through the circular room, through the doorway to the South and over to the large barrel on the East side of the room, this is the secret door to the labs. If you've timed it right, you can just run through to the small room to the south where there's a worker's suit waiting for you. If there's already a worker in the room, just wait for him to leave the room, he doesn't seem to mind your presence, or alternatively, hide in the nearby closet till he's gone. After donning the suit, wait in that room until you see two men enter through the secret door and on into the lab. The first of these (in the pink shirt) is Manuel Degado, one of your targets. After he's walked past, walk back through the secret door into the wine cellar. You'll see a guard directly ahead of you, just walk past him and continue West to the room with the red table. Go to the other side of this room, where you'll find a container just waiting to be filled with you're first body! Wait near the container for a while and you'll see Manuel come into the room and stop by the table. Keep waiting and eventually, he'll walk over to the door in front of you. As he's opening the door, pull your pistol and take him out, preferably with a single shot to the head. You might hear his men give a shout, but they don't seem to bother investigating, so you can grab the body and stash it in the container. You may want to save it before attempting this. Depending on your difficulty level, he can catch you drawing your gun and let out a shout before you get him. Also, by saving you can experiment with trying to kill him using the Fibre Wire or Poison. Once he's taking care of it's time to head up to the mansion proper to take care of Daddy dearest. Walk back past the guard and through the secret door. Take the corridor to the right and into the lab. Continue to the far side and down the corridor. You'll see a lift to your right, ignore it for now, but take note of it's location (that's our escape route). At the end of the corridor you'll see a closet and a door. Go through the door to see a staircase going up. If there's no guard at the bottom of the stairs, move into the corner and wait for him. When he comes down the stares, he'll give you a dirty look, but otherwise ignore you, wait for him to take up his position facing the door and then take him out with the sedative. Drag his body up two flights of stairs and away from the door and then relieve him of his VIP Guards suit. Continue on up the stairs and through the door at the top. Immediately to your right is another door (be careful as a guard pops through here and stop just inside it). Wait for the guard and then follow him back through the door. Swing to the right half way down the corridor and you'll see the grand staircase heading up to the second floor. Head up the stairs and then go left, East, down to the door at the end of the corridor. You need to be careful here as the doors need to be picked. While facing the door, swing the camera so you can see back down the corridor. You should be just able to make out the head movements of the guard standing in the middle of the corridor. He looks right, left, then straight ahead. You need to time it so that the patrolling guard is heading away from you and the stationary guard has just looked away from you. Pick the lock and walk through. If you look to the right in the next room you'll see a grand piano and a chair facing a balcony beyond it. Wait just inside the door and you'll see Don Fernando Maguel sit down in the chair and begin playing the cello. You can kill him with whatever you choose as he'll sit there with his back to you. Once he's down it's simply a matter of walking out. Head back the way you came, down the stairs to the first floor, head left, through the doors and down to the lab. Go to the elevator we passed earlier, call it up & head down to the hangar. You can ignore the two guards here and just walk around to the plane (although it is fun pushing the first guard into the water!). ******************************************************************************** Thanks to Ian Mason for the following: In the "Vintage Year" level, to kill the son; there is a handy pile of barrels suspended above the side of a staircase in the basement, on the son's route. Placing a bomb at the winch of this, then detonating when he passes beneath, will kill him in what appears to look like an accident. Then, in the courtyard in front of the hacienda (the one with the garage and a VIP guard at the house's entrance), there is a drainpipe in a small alcove on the right hand side of the garage. Climbing up this will give easy access to the Don's Window. You can leave out the same window, jump from the roof and follow a cliff path down to the jetty. ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** Curtain's Down ************** Weapons: Bring no weapons. I went for the pure accidental approach here, swapping the prop pistol for a real one and then using that to bring the second target down from his balcony, to where he can be killed using the main chandelier. Step-By-Step Head through the doors and over to the cloakroom to the left. Chat to the guard there andyou will get the REAL WWII Pistol. Now go straight through the door to your right and into the toilets. After a short wait, a technician in a green suit will arrive. Sedate him while he's doing his business, take his suit and dump him into the container in the corner. As you leave the toilets, you'll see his toolbox on the ground, place the pistol in there and grab the box. Head down the steps and take a left. Follow the corridor to the end, where you'll see two security personnel guarding a door. Go through the door (one of the guards will search you, but that's not a problem as the only weapon you have is in the toolbox). Go down the stairs and through the door into a large workroom. Turn left and go down a few steps, you should see a set of double doors on the Western wall. Go through those and you'll see two workmen having a break right on the other side. Go through the door directly across from you, just behind the workmen, and down the corridor and into the next room. Around here, you can take the pistol back out of the toolbox, holster it and dump the box. You should be in a room with a load of garbage bins and bags. Head around the corner at the end and through the door. Down the corridor, up some stairs and through the door at the top. This will bring you to a corridor with two doors on the Eastern wall. Head for the one further away (you can go through the first one, but it leads into the women's changing rooms and they don't take too kindly to your presence for some reason!). On the other side of the changing rooms, you'll find yourself in a long corridor. If you turn right, you'll see a set of double-doors to your left, go through these and up the metal stairs to the top. This leads to a metal catwalk above the stage. There's one door up here, which will bring you to a room above the main chandelier. Set your bomb here and then head back downstairs the way you came. When you get to the bottom of the stairs and back into the long corridor, head South and stop at the first door with a star symbol outside. Depending on the difficulty lever, you can just go through this door now, or you might have to wait for the black suited man sitting at the end of the corridor to go to the toilet. Either way, go in here and hide in the closet. This is the changing room for the other actor on stage, not your target. Eventually, they'll take a break from the stage and he'll return to his room. He'll walk around a bit before leaving to take a toilet break. As soon as he's gone, leave the closet and you'll see his PROP Pistol on the table. Take it and leave the REAL one instead. Now leave the room and head all the way back from whence you came! Everything is set up for both kills now, so you can go all the way back to the toilets where you started. Change back into your own suit and then head down the stairs and through the double-doors, into the main auditorium. Take up a position here, near the back beside the scaffolding is good, and watch the show. Eventually the actors will re-enact the shooting scene again, but this time the main actor, Alvaro D'Alvade, will be killed. Once your second target, Richard Delahunt realised this, he'll rush out of his balcony and down the centre of the seating area. half way down, he'll trip and fall, this is your cue to hit the detonator. The chandelier will fall straight on top of him. Now, just casually stroll out the front doors and home! ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** Flatline ******** Weapons: Don't bring any weapons. This is a more complicated one. Once access to the medical centre has been gained, I got a therapists suit which I used to finally get an orderly's suit in the basement. That gave me access to the cell area of the medical wing where I found the CIA Agent and poisoned him. Then I was able to use accidents for all 3 targets and make my escape via the morgue with a freshly revived agent. Step-By-Step First thing will be to get through the doors of the clinic. You'll need either a patients suit or some admission papers. The papers are the easier option. You'll see a square building directly ahead of you, walk around and up to the top where you'll find a man complaining to himself. The admission papers are sitting on the bench behind him. Sneak in, grab them, and head up to the clinic. Go through to reception and give the girl the admission papers. She'll send you into the dressing room beside her where you'll find a patients suit waiting. If you did bring any guns, you can leave them here. Change and head back to reception. Go through the door beside the guard (he'll search you as you pass) and into the hospital. Take the stairs across and to the right. Head to the left and go through the second door on your left (it should already be wide open). You'll find a therapist's suit here. Once changed, head back downstairs and look West. You should see a set of double-doors. Go through these into a short corridor with two doors on either side. Go through the first door on the right and down some stairs into the basement area. This is probably the trickiest part of the level. You need to get an Orderly's suit, and the only two around are currently occupied! The most successful way I found was to get the orderly who wanders through the two rooms to the right and out into the main corridor. Head into the first room, where you'll see a table and chairs and a coffee machine. You might be tempted to sedate his cup of coffee on the table, but the other orderly across the hall always seems to see him collapse! If you stand at the door beside the coffee machine and wait till the wandering therapist has come and gone. Then, when the orderly stops to drink his coffee, throw a coin to the NW corner of the room. He'll kindly go and stand in the corner for a moment, giving you time to sedate him. Get his suit and his cell key and then drag the body back out the way he came in - there's a container just outside the door. You need to be careful of your timing dragging him out because of the patrolling guard. If you're having trouble with taking him out as per above (I found that on the harder difficulties, he tended to just ignore the coin toss), you can try standing just behind where he drinks his coffee. Then just wait for him to walk in front of you and turn his back. Quickly take out the sedative syringe and take him out. On the easier level, this kept alerting the other orderly, but for some reason, when on Expert, it worked like a dream! Once he's nicely tucked away, continue on to the end of the main corridor and up the stairs. You are now in the Medical Wing. Go through the door straight in front of you and into the cellblock type area. Go down the metal stairs and you'll find the missing CIA agent in a the third cell on the left. Have a chat with him and then sedate him. You may need to watch out for the orderly who patrols the cells, especially on the harder difficulty - he can sometimes see you from the cell across the room. Once he's taken care of, you'll now have three targets to take out. Head back to where you left the therapist's suit but don't change back. If any of your targets see you in the therapist's suit, they'll head for your office for a session. You can use this method to get each of them alone and easily kill them, but it means hiding the bodies and making your presence felt. Alternatively, you can kill all of them by accidents. Continue on down the corridor from where you killed the orderly and head up the stairs. You should find yourself back in the corridor with 2 doors in either side. Head back through the double-doors to the room with the large fireplace to the left. Head up the stairs just before the fireplace and turn down the corridor to the right at the top. The first door on your right is your own room- room A, but much more interesting is the next room on the right. There is normally a guard leaning against the wall just outside the room. Just wait a moment and he'll head outside for a smoke. Once he's out of the way, head into the room, where you'll see a pot connected to a blue gas tank. Go to the tank and sabotage it. Now go back past your own room to the top of the stairs. There is a door just at the top of the southern staircase, go through there into the therapists office. Go through the doorway just past the mirror and straight ahead to the balcony. There is a wall-mounting to the right of the balcony - place a bomb here. Head back downstairs to the room with the fireplace. From here you can see into the room below the balcony. You'll recognise it from the large golden globe in the centre of the room. One of your targets keeps a hidden bottle of booze there. If he's in his room, wait for him to go to the globe and then blow the bomb. If he's not there, move on to the next target and you can get him later. With the fireplace on your left, head through the double-doors to the east and down to the end of the corridor. Go to the last door on the right, should be an open door. This will bring you to the gym. One of your targets likes to lift weights here. Wait till he's starting lifting and then move behind the bench so you're standing at his head. When he finishes, he puts the weights back and then lies there resting for a moment. Make sure no-one else is about, and you can just push the weights onto his neck, killing him. Head back to the room with the fireplace. If you haven't blown the bomb yet, wait here till the target is at the globe and blow it now. Once that's done, that should be all three targets eliminated (and all by accidents, how unfortunate!). Once they're all taken care of, you can head back to the changing rooms where you left your suit, change and head back to the gate where you started. The morgue is the building to the East of the gate. Wait till the patrolling guard is heading back to the main security hut, and slip inside. Once there, give the CIA Agent the antidote, and head for the exit. ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** A New Life ********** Weapons: No weapons needed. For this one, I used some drugged donuts to take out the surveilance agents and hence get a suit, then was able to isolate the wife for sedation and to get the microfilm which is hidden in her necklace. Then it's just a case of waiting upstairs to get the main target alone and make a quick escape. Step-By-Step Follow the road around the corner till you see the yellow hot-dog van. As you arrive, the caterer will have just gone to head inside. In the back of the van are some donuts. Give a quick glance to the left of the house - an agent stands there for a short while - and when the coast is clear, inject some sedative into the donuts. Now just move to one side and wait for the caterer to return. When he does, he'll take the donuts and bring them to the white surveillance van across the road. Give the agents a chance to get the donuts and bring then inside, then it should be nap time for them both! There are two advantages to taking them out. The first is that you get immediate access to an FBI Suit, but also, you can steal the video cassette, stopping all the cameras from working, not necessary for this walkthrough, but can open up a few more options for you. (There is also a mobile phone in the van which you can use to call the target. Doing so makes him stand right in the window in front of the house - easy target for a rifle if you were so inclined!) So, once you have the suit and video, leave the van, but don't head for the target's house just yet, you have one more item to get. Directly opposite the target house is the local vet's place. Head around the side of the house (beside the garage), and at the back you will find a window you can climb through. Inside you will find a bottle of ether. Grab that and hop back out the window. Now we can go to the main house. Just walk straight up to the front door and inside. Head straight for the double-doors in front of you and then up the stairs. You might meet the target on the way, but just ignore him and go through the door in front of you. Take the door to the right and again directly in front and you should be in the daughter's bedroom. Pour the ether on the panties and then head back down stairs. The ether will take care of the agent who patrols upstairs (should teach the pervert a lesson!). Once back downstairs, go through the patio doors and head into the indoor swimming pool on the right. If you're lucky, the target's wife will be there, if not, you may have to wait for her. When she's finished in the pool, she'll head through the frosted doors. Follow her through and use the sedative on her there. The timing has always worked out fine for me with the agent who sometimes comes into that room, but be aware of him just in case. Quickly drag her body into the steam room (you may have to manoeuvre her a bit to let the door close). Take the necklace from her and you've just acquired the microfilm. Now it's time to take out the target. Leave the shower area through the door into the house and take the door on the right, this should leave you at the bottom of the staircase. Head up stairs and move down to the far end of the hall, to the top of the second staircase. Wait here till the target comes up the stairs. As he's about to enter his room, move towards him and follow him inside. While he's at the desk, take him out with either fibre wire or poison. He has a nice handgun you can grab while there if you want. Leave the room and head back down stairs. You need to be quick now as it's only a matter of time before the body is discovered. (Basically you can just run from here on). From the bottom of the stairs, go South through the double-doors, out the front doors and run back over to the van. Get your suit back (saves you the suit retrieval money) and run back to the gates in the road beside where you started. ******************************************************************************** Thanks to Knight Ducharme for the following: I have figured out a much easier way to get the microfilm. Simply go into the basement, the door is in a room with a bunch of wet sheets hanging, and go through another door down there. On a shelf to the left you will find lighter fluid. Go back upstairs and exit to where there is the outside pool. At the front of the pool, near a little table, is a grill. Rig the grill and enjoy. The microfilm will be able to be aquired after she has 'cooled off' ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** The Murder Of Crows ******************* Weapons: No weapons needed, but some might find the Silverballer useful for taking out Raymond. Main problem here was finding the location for Raymond, even using the guide below, if you're not quick enough, you can run out of time, which means that either Raymond or Angela will kill their target. You can take as long as you like with Purayah he doesn't seem to get too agitated when the others seem to vanish! Step-By-Step From the start, you're supposed to follow the guy in the red bird suit with the briefcase. He uses a few different paths, but always ends up at the same location - the NW corner of the map where the crows have their HQ. Ignore the bird with the brief case and head towards the NW corner. You'll see the building that's guarded by the other crows. Just south of that is an alleyway. Head in there and you'll see two men sitting at a table to your right and a piano being held up by a rope in front of you. You need to get up there, so look to your left, East, where you'll see a platform you can climb onto, from there follow the platforms and ledges till you get to the winch holding the piano. Plant a bomb there and climb back down. Now we need the location of Raymond, he'll be above one of the three bars. The easiest way to find out which one, is to wait for the brief-case to be delivered and then go to each of the three bars. Just stand outside for about 30-40 secs. Raymond's patrol takes him out to the balcony, but he doesn't go outside until after the case is delivered. All three possibilities will basically work the same way - there'll be a side alley beside the bar, down which a waiter will come to dump some rubbish. The also all have their own resident drunks who wander in and out. Make sure the drunk isn't watching and sedate the waiter. Take his suit and stash the body into the skip. Now head into the bar and find the staircase (there's usually a lock to be picked so make sure no one's watching). At the top of the stairs you'll find a set of rooms with Raymond in them. Usually a good idea to save here. Find a way to sneak up on him and kill him, will differ slightly for each location. Once he's dead make sure to take his walkie-talkie. You'll then keep getting updates from Angelina as to her location. She'll also appear on the map. What you want to hear is that she's heading back to the music shop alley - that's where you planted the bomb. When she says that, make sure you're there, ready. When she nice and kindly stands under the hanging piano, blow the bomb and that's two down, one to go. To get into the crow's HQ is probably the trickiest part of the level. It's all down to timing. If you look down the alley beside the bookstore, a yellow crow will stand outside the back door for a smoke. You need to wait till he's gone inside and then make a dash for that door - but none of the other patrolling crows can see you. So, probably another good save point here! Just inside the door to the left is a closet, quickly hide in there. Wait for the smoker to go outside again, then leave the closet and go through the door to your right. Just inside this door on the right hand side is a chest-of-drawers. Go to the far side of this and crouch down. When the smoker comes back he'll stop right in front of you facing away. Sedate him and take his bird suit. You should probably drag the body back to the room with the closet as well - sometimes it's found, sometimes not! Now go upstairs and through the door into the room with our last target and the diamonds. It's easy enough to kill Purayah and stash the body in the container, just watch out for the patrolling crow who sticks his head into the room. Once he's dead, take the briefcase and leave the hotel, front door will do. Now go back to the alley beside whatever bar you killed Raymond in and change back to your suit. Then go straight to the exit. ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** You Better Watch Out... *********************** Weapons: None as per usual For this, it was a case of sneak upstairs, get hold of Santa's suit and using that for primary access. Then I had to use the aphrodisiac to get Chad alone and away from the party. Once he's gone for a flight off a balcony, it's easy to get an agent suit nearby and use it to get access to the Studio Floor where Lorne's bedroom is. It's simple enough to throw him off a balcony as well and make your escape. Step-By-Step From the start, you want to right up to the wall directly in front of you. There's a lift just around the corner to your left, but there's a camera above it. You need to stick to the wall as you go around the corner - squeeze between the staff member at the corner and the wall. That way you can call and enter the lift without the camera seeing you. When the lift arrives at the main house, you'll see a man in a white coat waiting to greet the visitors. Walk past him to the ledge directly behind him. Give a quick look to make sure no guests are watching and jump the gap to the balcony. Go through that door and through the door directly in front of you. This will lead you into the kitchens where, hopefully, you'll see a very drunk Santa. (If not, you may have to wait a bit for his return). Sedate him , take the Santa suit and stuff the body in the container. You'll also see some sausages in the kitchen - there's one on a counter and one on the floor beside the bin. Poison one of them and take it with you. You'll see two doors in the NE corner of the room, take the one to the East and go through the door in front of you. You should be standing behind the bar beside the barman. There's a bottle of aphrodisiac on the floor, grab that and go back through the door. Take a left in the corridor and go through the door. Continue to the end and take a left, this will bring you back into the bar. Go up to the bar, and there should be a martini glass on the counter to the right of the barman (if not, you may have to wait for a white coated waiter to bring it back). Once you find the glass, walk up to it and add the aphrodisiac (the barman doesn't seem to bothered - probably does the same himself!!). Now go through the double doors to the South out onto the balcony. Swing left and you'll see an outdoor pool with one of our targets - Chad - relaxing. You need to wait for the waiter to bring the glass out to Chad, he'll have a drink and the next time the girl sits next to him, they'll both get up and head off to a room. Wait for this and then follow them. As you follow them, you'll enter a pink corridor, in the middle of which are two people making out. As you approach, they'll stop and the man will walk away. The woman will gesture for you to follow her and go through the door beside her. DON'T FOLLOW HER! I'm not sure if you noticed, but when the level was loading, it showed the pictures of your two targets, there was also a third figure there in shadow with a '?'. This is your third target. We'll come back to her in a bit. Keep following Chad to their room. They'll go in where the woman will proceed to 'entertain' him. If you stand to one side you can keep opening the door to admire the show! Once they're finished, the girl will head back to the party, but Chad will turn left and go through the door at the end of the corridor. Follow him down the stairs and he'll come to a balcony where he'll stop for a smoke. What else can you do, but give him a gentle shove over the edge! Go back up the stairs to the pink corridor. There's a bodyguard who patrols through here regularly. He goes through the same door that Chad did, but stops at the top of the stairs. Wait for this, then sneak up and sedate him. Don't take his suit just yet, leave him there. It's time to take care of our mystery guest. Go around the corner to the room where the woman went. This is definitely a good save point as the timing for the next part might take a few goes. Enter the room and it will jump to a short cut scene which will end with the woman standing behind you, where she's about to pull a syringe of her own and kill you. Quickly turn around and head-butt, punch her to knock her out. Once she's down, use the poison syringe on her to finish the job. That should give you a nice silent kill that won't screw up your rating at the end. Don't bother taking her gun. Go back to the bodyguard you put to sleep and take his suit. Go back through the pink corridor to the double-doors and straight till you see the waterfall to your right. Walk through this and out the other side, continue straight and take a right to where you'll see a door guarded by two bodyguards. Go through that and to the lift ahead. Take the lift up to the Studio Floor. We have two tasks here, to kill Lorne and to steal a video cassette. We'll grab the video first. Go through the double doors ahead of you and take the door to your left. This will bring you to a security area where you'll see a few desks with computers on them. One of the desks has the video at the corner, just make sure no one's looking and grab it. Once you have it, go back through the door you entered. Check you're map to see where Lorne is located, he'll either be in his bedroom - straight ahead and to the left - or in the studio - behind you. Hopefully he's in the studio, if not, go back towards the lift and wait here till he is. Once he's out of his bedroom, go through there - the large room with a balcony to the South. As you enter, you'll see a door to your left leading to his bathroom. Drop the poisoned sausage outside this door and then go in to the bathroom. Use the map to watch as Lorne enters the room and passes the bathroom. Wait for him to go to the balcony - gives the poison a chance to shut his annoying mutt up! Then leave the bathroom and go straight to the other side of the bedroom. Turn left and you'll see Lorne through some doors standing with his back to you. Another perfect opportunity to test if man can fly! Sneak up and push him over the edge. Right, it's time to vacate the premises! Leave the bedroom and go back through the double-doors to the lift. Take it up to the Helipad. Follow the corridor around and go through the door. There'll be a guard beside some doors in front of you, walk up to him and let him search you for weapons, then go through the doors and up to the helicopter. ******************************************************************************** Thanks to Daniel Loughran & Andrew Donnelly for pointing out the following potential problem: Apparently, sometimes, at the end of the level when you try to escape, you enter the lift but there is no option to bring you to the Helipad. It looks like this is something that either happens if you've alerted guards to your presence, or it's possibly a bug in the game. If anyone else has come across this, can they let me know? Specifically whether it only seems to happen when there's been an alert. If it does happen, you can also finish the level by going back down to the yacht where you started. ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** Death On The Mississippi ************************ Weapons: None The first three targets on the lower levels of the ship are easy enough to get alone and push over various railings. Then it's a case of managing to get a 1st class pursers suit to get access to the top level, where I had to isolate each of the other targets to take them out (being careful with the bodies in the process!) Step-By-Step You've seven kills to make on this level, so let's get to it. First thing you need is a change of clothes. Go up the stairs in front of you and through either set of double-doors at the top. Ignore the stairs here, but go through the double-doors between them. This should lead you to the main cabin deck. Go right down to the end and through the double-doors there. You are now in the more exclusive cabins. There's a purser here wondering around whom we need to sedate. He uses the toilets, but you're more likely to get caught there. Instead, look to the room towards the SW corner of the room, room 324. Wait near there and the purser will come over to the room, look around and then go inside to have a drink. Follow him inside and sedate him while he's drinking. Take his suit and his master key card. You can leave his body where it lies, it should be fine there. Now it's time to start taking out some of these gang members. Go back through the double-doors to the main cabin hallway. About half way down there's another corridor running East-West. Turn left, East, here and go through the door in front of you. One of the gang members comes out here for a smoke. It's just a case of waiting till there's no one else on deck and pushing him over the railing. Go back through the door and straight across the hallway where you'll see a staircase going down in the right-hand corner. Go down there to the staff deck. Go through the door, take a left along the hallway and left again at the end. Take the door on the right in the corner and down the steps. Turn around and go through the door in the corner. Turn right in the middle of the corridor and through the door ahead. This will bring you to the main engine room. Directly in front of you is a large machine going round and round. If you wait just inside the door, another gang member will come towards you and lean on the railing here. Just make sure the guy to the right isn't looking and push him over. Go back the way you came - through the door, take a left, up the stairs, through the door, take a right in the hallway, down to the end, take a right, through the door in front of you, up the stairs, left, left again on the carpet and through the double-doors ahead back into the VIP Cabin area. Look for the room to your right - 323 - and use the key card to enter it. Inside you'll find a tuxedo suit and a VIP Pass, grab both and leave the room. Straight ahead and to the right is a staircase going up to the VIP area, it's guarded at the top by two men. Go up there and through the door ahead of you in the North wall. This will bring you to the VIP bar. If you look left you'll see a set of double-doors with a guard and another single door beside that. It's that last door you want to go through. It'll bring you to a small room with a poker table. There's another door on the opposite wall, but you need to be careful here. Two men come into the room to play poker, who don't like to see you picking that lock or entering that room. There's also a guard who patrols the room ahead, but you can open the door and look into the room when he's there, just don't enter it till he's left. Might be a good save point! In that room, you'll see a closet straight in front of you, there's a 1st Class Purser's suit just to the right of the closet, you need to get that. Once you have it, you're safe in the room. Leave via the other door - East wall - and turn right. Take the first door on your left which should bring you back to the top of the staircase guarded by two men. Across from them, you should see another door, in the East wall, with Private beside it. Go through that and head to the right. As you go around the curving walkway, you'll a staircase going up, ignore that but stop underneath it. Another gang member patrols along this walkway and when he comes from straight ahead and gets beside this staircase, he stops to admire the view. Another simple push and that's three down! Unfortunately that's the last of the easy kills! Continue around the walkway and take the door on the right into the kitchens. Just inside the door on your right you'll see a cake. Grab that and you'll be told to bring it up to the bossman. Head back out the door and around the walkway. Take the first staircase you see which will bring you up to the private deck. In all, there's four targets and two civilians permanently up here, with another civilian who comes and goes. You need to kill each of the targets without anyone seeing you and get the body stashed out of sight. I'm sure there's numerous ways of doing this, but this is the one that worked for me! Go past the guard on the door - he'll search you as you do - and through the door. We'll dump the cake first, go straight ahead through the door and straight again into the Skip's office. Put the cake on his desk and return the way you came. Just before you go through the door to the guard who searched you, take the door on your right into the bathroom. One of the gang members stops in here to relieve himself, make sure he doesn't leave alive! Now you need to take out the guard on the door. You'll need to time it around the other gang member who comes along the West walkway and the purser in the game's room who sometimes head's back downstairs. When you do kill him, drag him to the bathroom, but don't forget to take his shotgun with you - anyone who sees that lying around becomes alerted! As an alternate to the bathroom, you can drag him down the East walkway about half-way, he should be fine there. Now for the awkward one! He seems to change his route sometimes, but way I found to get him was to place the shotgun and stand beside it so that he would walk past me and stop to pick it up. As he does so, take him out and hide the body - and the shotgun! That just leaves the bossman! Go back to his office and just wait for a good opportunity to kill him. Be careful of the other purser (his VERY close friend!) who comes out of the bathroom. Drag his body through the door to the West into his bedroom. Here you'll find his safe which contains the pictures you need. That's the lot, now you just need to head down to the emergency raft to escape- I'm sure you can find the way! ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** Till Death Do Us Part ********************* Weapons: None Possibly I got lucky here, although I tried it a few times the same way and it worked each time. I was able to catch the groom alone and get his body hidden without anyone seeing him. Then it was just a matter of waiting upstairs in the father's room for his arrival and an easy kill. Step-By-Step This is quite a simple mission after the last one. You have just two targets and will need only one change of clothes, which is simplicity in itself. Walk along the boardwalk and take a left, take the passage to the right between the two buildings. This will lead you to the front garden where many of the guests are partying. The closest guest to you - ahead and to your left - has obviously been partying too much and is feeling the worse for wear. Follow him into the building to your left and wait for him to pass out. He's now as good as sedated, so relieve him of his Party Invitation and Guest Suit. Now head up to the main house and go through the main doors with the two guards. Take a right around the staircase and take the corridor to the right before the double-doors. (If you see the bride on the way, you can have a chat!). You'll see a door with a Private sign beside it. Go through into the kitchens. Don't worry about the waiters, they don't seem to mind your presence. (This is a good save point!). You'll see the wedding cake on a table, when no one's looking, poison it. Now hide in the closet. After a short wait, the groom should come into the kitchen for a taste of the cake. As the poison starts to kick in, leave the closet and get beside him. As soon as he's down, drag the body to the container beside the closet and hide it. Once that's done, go back into the main hallway and straight across to the washrooms. You now need to sneak upstairs to Papa's room. You can take you're time as he won't be here for a few mins. When you're in the washrooms, you want to pick the lock on the door to your left. Make sure the door you came in is closed first. When you pick the lock, don't go through yet. There's a guard who constantly patrols back and forth in the hallway ahead. You can keep opening the door and watch him pass, he won't bother you as long as you stay in the washroom. When he passes to your left, wait a moment and then make a dash up the stairs. Stop as soon as you get to the top. You want to turn left and go through the door on your left, but be careful to stay close to the wall as there's some guards at the other end of the hall and if you step out too much they'll see you. This will bring you to an empty room, just follow it around and go through the door. You are now in Papa's room. Go hide in the closet. You may have to wait a few mins for Papa to turn up, but if you get the message that the priest has asked for the bell to be rung, that means he's finally on his way. You just need that essential requirement for any good assassin - patience! When Papa finally shows up, he'll turn on the TV and sit in the chair directly in front of you, how convenient! Just sneak up and take him out. You can hide the body in the bathroom behind you if you want, but nobody ever discovered it when I just left it in the seat! That's basically it, now you just need to return back to your boat. Go back the way you came to the top of the stairs. Move the camera so you can see downstairs and go for the door back into the washrooms when the guard goes past. Don't worry if he sees you, he'll just tell you to leave the area, so just go into the washroom. Go back to the main hallway, out the front doors and go back to the building where you changed suit. Change back and go back to your boat to escape. ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** A House Of Cards **************** Weapons: None Only problem with this level is the amount of waiting involved, I'm sure there's much quicker ways to finish it, but this guarantee's the Silent Assassin every time. I took out Schmutz out in the lift and used his suit to meet the Sheikh, eventually got him alone for an easy kill. Then it was a case of using the fire- alarm to get access to the scientists's room for another short wait and easy kill. Step-By-Step I've always enjoyed the hotel levels of the Hitman series and this one is no exception. The only problem is that if you want to get the Silent Assassin rating, you will definitely need a lot of patience! So, go through the front entrance of the hotel and around to the main reception area. Go to the reception desk to your right and talk to the receptionist. She'll give you a key card to your room and explain that it will only work to get you to your own floor. Now head up the nearest set of stairs and over to the two elevators. Throughout this level you will only use the lift on the right! Enter the lift, but don't send it up to your floor. Instead, when the doors close, climb through the hatch and get comfortable for your first wait. Eventually one of our targets, Schmutz will use the lift. If you look at your map and you see a target get in the other lift, don't worry about it, he's the scientist and we'll be coming back for him later. Schmutz usually heads for the lift about the same time as the Sheikh arrives. If you want to keep an eye on him on the map, switch it to the Casino level and he'll be between the bar on the right and the toilets just below it. If you're tempted to try to take him out in the toilets, feel free to try - I just kept getting interrupted by other people! When he does come to the lift, wait for it to start to move and strangle him. Take his suit and the key card to his room. Hop back down (make sure the doors are closed first) and exit the lift onto the 7th floor. Turn left around the corner and take a right where the corridor branches. go right to the end, turn left and follow the corridor to the room in the corner, suite 707. You'll find the DNA Case just inside the door. Grab that and head back to the lift. Go back to the Lobby, head down the stairs and swing around to the right to enter the Casino. Stick to the right-hand side and you'll see a set of double- doors ahead. Take them (it means you'll avoid all of the cameras covering the casino floor) and go through the doorway to the left. Go straight through the double-doors ahead of you to the bar. On the far side of the bar you'll see a cordoned off area with two guards, approach them and allow yourself to be searched. Take the first left and the right and you'll see the Sheikh sitting there. Approach him and he'll talk for a moment before sending a courier to get the payment case. This is the next long wait. Finally the payment case arrives, but you can't go anywhere yet, the DNA case now has to be brought back up to the scientist for testing (if you try to leave now you'll be shot). Eventually the Sheikh will receive a call on his mobile from the scientist during which he'll leave to go outside. Take the payments case and follow him out and when he stops to talk on his phone kill him. Make sure you still have the case and head back to the bar. Return past the toilets and up the stairs to the main reception area and the lifts. Take the lift up to the 7th floor, and while it's travelling, climb the hatch and leave the payments case there. Hop back down and turn left after exiting the lift. Go to the end and turn left again and you'll see some doors on your right leading to a balcony with a member of staff having a smoke. You can ignore him, he's too engrossed in his smoke to notice anything else, and between the sets of doors is a lattice you can climb up. At the top, shimmy to the left and climb through the window (keep an eye out for the patrolling cop. Head to the right and around the corner. There's a door on the left marked Staff Only. In there you'll find a member of staff who walks about and then sits down for a bit. Use the map to see when he turns away from the door and goes to sit down. Quickly sneak up and sedate him. Take his suit and 8th floor key card and dump the body in the container. Head back out the same door and go straight to the end of the corridor. Turn to the left and follow the corridor around until you see the emergency exit doors on your right. Activate the alarm beside them and go through. Go up to the next set of doors, but don't open them. No one can see you head for the scientists room, so you're best bet is to wait here till the fire alarm stops and then open the doors and go straight to the room at the end. You have plenty of time before the scientist and his guards get back. Once in the room, go into the bathroom on your left and wait just inside the bathroom at the opposite door. Get your weapon of choice ready! Watch on the map as the scientist leaves his guards and enters the bedroom. As he does so, open the door and you'll see his shadow pass by as he goes to look out the window. Take him down and then go back through the bathroom. Sneak up and sedate the guard in the other room and take his suit. Now you can walk out of the suite and head back to the lifts. Take the lift back to the lobby and climb the hatch to change back to your suit and grab the case. Leave the lift, swing around to the right and head back into the casino, but keeping to the left this time. You'll see a set of double-doors ahead with an Exit sign above them. Go through them, through the doors ahead and up to the car to escape. ******************************************************************************** Thanks to Dante Redfield for this alternate (and definitely quicker) solution: Firstly you'll want to take the W2000 with the best scope and silencer that you've got avalible also get the bolt action and light frame to make your shot all that more satisfying (I'm not sadistic...honest).Go into the hotel but ignore the reception instead head staight into the casino and then into the toilet, hide around the side of the cubicles and wait for the civilian there to stand in front of the mirror SNEAK behind him and use the seditive syringe on him then drag him around to the side of the cubicles too (the reason will become clear soon). Run back into the lobby and head up the stairs and enter the lift on the left and climb onto the roof then wait until the scientist enters the lift, use the fiber wire on him then take his room key card, drop back down into the lift and take the diamonds, leave your rifle case on the top of the lift, not like it's gonna go for a walk. Ride the lift back down to the lobby and go back to the toilet and go back to where you left the civilian and bring up your map, what your looking for is the guard that was with the scientist he stands in the bar between the two pillars, you really can't miss him. All you've gotta do is wait for him to enter the toilet, he always uses the cube nearest to where you should be hiding. When you see him heading towards the loo move out infront of the mirrors and wait, He'll see the civilian and run over to investigate, whip out your seditive syringe again and use it on the guard before making sure his body is nice and hidden naturally you'll want to be taking his pistol and outfit, the only other person that uses the toilet is Henrick but he won't notice two bodies flat out on the floor. Now you need to run back into the lobby, up the stairs and into the right hand lift your second mark uses this one, as before get in and climb up and wait for Henrick to use it, then fiber wire him too. Take his pistol if you want to fill up your armoury at your hidout. Drop down out of the lift then call up the lift with the scientist on the top. Nip in and take back your rifle case, leave the diamonds there for later, Ride this lift up to the 8th floor and walk around to the scientists room (not hard to find, it's got two guards outside and one inside) use the key card to get in then sneek up behind the guard in the lounge area and take him as a human hostage then knock him out. Walk into the bedroom and call the sheik on the cell phone and head out onto the ballcony and get your rifle out and wait, check your map on the casino to keep track of the shik, then he's out side take your shot. He walks right into the corner opposite the door and stands there so it's easier to get a fatal head shot. Once he's down pack up your rifle and leave. Enter the lift with the scientist on it and ride it down to the 7th floor, if you look at your map theres a point of interest over to the left, check it out and feel sorry for her...it's not her fault....probably. Follow her in and watch her...purely for the comedy value, when she's done her thing head out onto the balcony and leap over to the balcony leading to what would be your room. Enter and unpack your rifle (reason will become clear) put your rifle into the case this way you'll avoid the 'Custom Weapon Retreval' fee, sling any other weapons in there for ease, next walk out and get into the lift that has the diamond case on it, pick it up and leave your now empty rifle case and ride the lift all the way back to the lobby, head into the casino and head for your exit point and leave. If all goes well then you'll have 3 kills, 2 close combat, possibly one body found and no witnesses. one Silent Assassin rating coming your way. I've tried this route several times and I swear on my Xbox's grave that it works. ******************************************************************************** Thanks to Dave Haire for this alternate solution: Loadout: Silenced and as accurate as possible sniper rifle. Step 1: strangle the chemist in the left elevator as he gets in, take his keycard. Step 2: Go to your room (701) and assemble your sniper rifle and place it on the balcony. Step 3: strangle the afrikaaner in the right hand side elevator . Step 4: as in your strategy set off the fire alarm to let you into room 803. Use the mobile phone to call the arab dude downstairs. He'll go outside to take the call. Step 5: Sprint to room 701, elevator is quicker than trellis, grab the rifle and climb over your balcony onto the handy ledge. Head shot would be best here. Step 6: pack your rifle away and escape. Now I never had any problem with not taking the payment briefcase with me while I escaped, and you have to pay for weapon recovery if you leave your rifle to it's best to take that. I managed to get all of this done in 10 mins quite easily and it means no sneaking up on people and no messing about with outfits. ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** A Dance With The Devil ********************** Weapons: None This was the level I first completed by just going on a kill-frenzy and leaving no one alive - didn't even affect my notoriety (no witnesses!). It's easy enough to get the guard's suit from the receptionist and then get a suit for the heaven party (not forgetting the video cassette!). Once up there you can get both the CIA Agent and Eve alone for easy kills. Then, using the CIA Agent's suit for access to the basement party, again it's fairly easy to get Vaana alone. Not to forget Maynard, who leads you to a room for a private shootout. Step-By-Step Go through the glass doors into the building and talk with the security guard behind the desk. Don't worry about the camera, it's unavoidable but we'll be getting the video cassette soon. Follow the guard through to a small room and sedate him when he stops. Take his suit. You don't need to worry about his body, it'll be fine where it is. Go back into reception and through the door to the NE. Go down the stairs and through the door into the garage. Head up the ramp to the small security room to the left at the top. Inside are two guards and, just behind the door, the video cassette for the cameras. You should have no trouble stealing it, the guards never seem to be looking. Now head back down the ramp, take a right and go left when you see the further down-ramp. There'll be a stretch limo in front of you, but if you look to the back door of the white trailer to your right, you'll find a guest suit for the heaven party. Change into that and head back up the ramp. Go to the lift on the right, you'll be searched by the guards on the way in. Take it to the top floor. Welcome to Heaven! Go through the doors in front of you into the main party. Go through the doors to your right, around the staircase to your left and through the doors. Take the first door on the right into the ever reliable toilet (is it just me, or is it a very dangerous world to need to take a piss!). If you wait here, the CIA agent will arrive and use one of the cubicles. Kill him there and take his suit. You can leave his body in the cubicle, though you may have to move it a bit to get the door to close! Also take his Desert Eagle - you might need some firepower later. Don't worry about the rifle - there's very little ammo - unless you want it for your collection. Now go back to the large staircase and go through the doors to the South. Walk to the end of the corridor and through the first doors you find. This is Eve's office. Hopefully she's still finishing off her performance, in which case hide just beside the door - on the side of the window. When she enters the office, she'll stop right in front of you - too good an opportunity to miss! If she's already here, you'll have to let the door close as you sneak up on her! Either way, once she's dead, check out the laptop on her desk to retrieve the information you need. Then head back out of the office, go left, through the doors and back to the lift. Return to the garage, but climb through the hatch on the way down. This way you can cross to the lift to the basement without being searched for weapons again. Take the lift down. Welcome to Hell! Go down the hall and through the doors. Follow the corridor around till you see the doorway to your right. Wait around here for Vaana to come along. When she meets you, she assumes you're the CIA agent and asks you to follow her to her office. On the way, don't walk too close to the bar - your last target is the barman and you might as well finish with Vaana before taking care of him. Once ye get to her office she asks you to remove the mask. Use the short time before she asks you again to knock her out with the head-butt and punch. Once she's down finish her off with the poison. Now head back to the bar and trigger the talk with Maynard, your last target. He'll ask you to follow him and lead you to the torture chamber, which he'll lock and it's a fight to the death. Try to kill him with as few shots as possible and you should still maintain your Silent Assassin rating. Once he's dead, get the key from him to get back out and return to the garage, either via the lift, or head to the North to the staircase. The exit vehicle is marked on the map, go to it to escape. ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** Amendment XXV ************* Weapons: W2000 Sniper (Ensure you have it upgraded for precision and silence. Also you'll need the Foil Padded Suitcase!) The biggest problem here is making your way into and through the white house. Once I managed to get a museum guards suit, I found a way up to roof-level and up some scaffolding to a carpenter's suit. That gave access to the rooms where the VP roams. Then it was just a case of finding where an agent finally goes to be alone for a smoke (and a sedation!). That suit give access to the rest of the white house and the oval room. You can then have a shootout with Mark like in the last level, but it's just so much fun to have a use for the W2000 and taking as much time as you want to line it up on his head for the kill! Step-By-Step Follow the tourists through the front doors and place your rifle case on the conveyor. The foil padding will stop it setting off any alarms. Walk through the metal detector and retrieve the case. Look to the west and you'll see some double-doors with one guard. GO through the door to the left of them into a small bathroom. Wait here and a member of the museum staff will come in. Sedate him and take his suit. You can leave the body here, but you might want to move it towards the back wall a bit so as it's not as visible when you're leaving. Keep the rifle case with you. Go through the double-doors with the guard and into the first room on the left. In the table in front of you you'll find a key card for the main building and the video cassette to disable the video cameras. Leave by the same door, turn left and go through the doors in front of you into a dining area. Go through the doors ahead into a long hallway. Go through the door on the right most of the way down the hall and up the steps to the roof. If you turn around, you'll see some scaffolding and a ladder. Climb the ladder, but make sure to stop before the top. You'll be able to see into the window where two carpenters are talking. Wait for them to finish and not be looking at the window before climbing up. This bit can be tricky, so maybe save here! You need to sneak past both men to the second door on the left. Sometimes you're luck and they both leave the room, but you still have to be very careful entering the next room as they may see you there. Use the map to see when the coast is clear. You need to go through that door, turn left and through the door in front of you. You're safe now. Keep going straight, through two more rooms until you're in a bedroom. There's one more set of doors ahead to go through, but be careful as sometimes there's a guard here. Open the doors from the side and carefully look inside. Once the coast is clear you'll find a carpenter's suit near it. Change and climb out to the scaffolding. Leave the rifle case here for the moment and climb back into the room. Go through the door to the left and you should be at the top of the staircase. Head downstairs and through the doors to the right - you'll be searched by the guard there. Go through the doors to your left and wait over by the grand piano. Eventually the Vide President will come through from the circular room to the East. You need to take him out as he's passing through this room. Walk right up behind him till he stops and turn around then either use the head-butt, punch to knock him down and poison him or poison him as he turns and starts to walk away. Once that's done, take the West Wind Key card and dump the body in the container. Now head back to the West, through the doors to your right, up the stairs and through the door to your right back into the room with the open window. Climb through the window, grab your rifle case and climb down the ladder. Head straight West to the other end of the roof where you'll see some small scaffolding and two square blocks sticking up from the roof. Leave the rifle case between one of the blocks and the scaffolding. Now head along the wall, but stop short of the door. A Secret Service agent will come out for a smoke. Be careful here, a decorator also sometimes comes out! Sedate the agent and drag the body over to where the rifle case is. Again, this is definitely a good save point. Soon enough, all hell will break loose and some agents will run along this roof, so the positioning of this agents body can be tricky. If it gets discovered later, you'll have to reload it and try repositioning it. Take the agents suit and head through the door. It's time to make our way to our final target! Go to the end of the corridor and around to the right. Work your way through the cubicles and turn right at the end. Go through the door, down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Go left, then right, then left again to find the door to the oval office. Open it to trigger a cut scene. After the cut scene the hell I mentioned earlier will have broken loose. You need to follow Mark back to the roof where you left the rifle case, but you can take your time - he'll wait for you! Also, although all of the agents are now alerted and running around waving their guns, don't worry about them, they'll still ignore you. So, head West through five doors and turn right to get back to the offices. Go through the cubicles and back through the door to the staircase. Head up and through the cubicles again. Go left and through the door ahead to get back to the roof. It's during this that the body of the agent you sedated might be found!! Once you get to the roof, head straight for your rifle case. Take out the rifle and you should be able to get a clean shot at Mark who's waiting at the other end of the roof (kinda feels like cheating, but screw it, it guarantees a clean kill!!). Once he's down, it's just a case of making your way back to the start. Climb back up the ladder beside his body and through the window. Go through the door to your left and down the stairs. Go through the doors ahead into the hall. To your left near the other end of the hall go through the doors with the flag above them. Go through the door to your left, under the stairs and follow the corridor down and around and keep going straight through the doors until you're back in the first room you entered with the metal detectors. Go right into the toilet and change back to your suit and then head for the front door - you can go to the right of the metal detector - and straight to the gate to escape. ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** Requiem ******* You can't be rated for this level, it's really just a case of shoot everything that moves, and maybe a few things that don't move just to be sure! It's fun though! To get it started, when you're lying on the slab and you can hear your heart- beat, start wriggling the left analog stick. That should start the health bar rising. Once it hits the top, 47 wakes up and you can start causing havoc with your Silverballers. The first few seconds after he wakes up is in slow motion, make good use of that time to get a few head-shots in! ******************************************************************************** ******************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************</p>