Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- From FAQ: Top Gear Rally PAL version (New Zealand). DATE: 1/1/97 DEATIL: General Overview and tips. CREATOR: DrX. ---------------------------------------------- Top Gear Rally (PAL) ---------------------------------------------- The PAL version of Top Gear Rally is not that much different from the US version. Improvements were the main concern of the developers. Because we get most of our games after anybody else in the world, we seem to manage getting the most complete versions. The bugs, glitches and other silly facets of the US version have been fixed, except for the odd occasion when the car still gets stuck aimed at the sky or ground on the side of a wall :( The cars seem to be the same and are listed as follows: 1) LD 2) IP 3) M3 4) PS 5) SP 6) RS 7) NS 8) ES 9) CE and of course the Helmet, Cupra, Milk Truck and Beach Ball. The cars are all earned via winning the championship seasons. Upon each new season, a new car or pair of cars becomes available. The hidden cars are accesible after completing entire years. I'm not going to go into detail as the US FAQS answer these quite well. The courses are the same, with mirror courses becoming available later on (see previous paragraph). ============================================================== TIPS: ============================================================== Driving Top Gear Rally is similar to Porsche Challenge (PSX). The cars feel extremely heavy when utilising the exterior view. Once you get over this, the game really opens up. No one in charge of their mind will use anything other than Handling Type 3. The reason for this is reaction speed. It takes some time to get used to a car that handles as well as this type allows, but its a darn site better than driving an M3 BMW that handles like a large windowless building ;) First impressions of the game led me to believe the game was not a game of track mastery, but rather one of driving skill. Not the case it seems, Kemco have outdone themselves with a game that requires both. Track mastery is essential, but if you cant drive Miss Daisy, you'll leave empty pawed. Cornering is probably one of the trickier parts of your driving success that you will need to work on constantly. Enter the corner with high velocity and aim for the apex the whole time. When the car is half way to the apex, let the gas off (never brake in a corner) and drift to the apex. Once you reach the apex slam your pedal down hard and let your vehicle slide gently into the straight. Of course this looks nicest with the PS, sunny, and Mountain, but thats the raw thoery (IMO). You will have to adjust your technique for the varying climactic conditions presented, however... Some of the FAQ writers out there will try to convince you that *this* type of suspension/tire combo is better for *this* track under *these* conditions and *your* driving skill. Bollocks! Thats all I gots ta say to that rubbish. Well, its not rubbish, but, every one of us is going to handle the cars differently. Some people may feel comfortable taking on Desert/Night with Normal tires and Normal Susp., others may prefer a different setup. Remember also the the cars are weighted differently, a 4WD, evenly distributed car may not need the soft/hard susp., that your driving technique demands simply because of the way the car is designed. What I'm trying to say is, feel it out. Stick with norm/norm until your comfy with trying different combos on different surfaces. Or alternatively, play with all the kids at once...Its up to you! Thats all I can think of putting down for now... BTW, The PAL/New Zealand version of TGR was completed by Kemco/BOSS on the 25th of September, 1997 at 13:46:05. Write me with your country and date/time details if you can be bothered (hold all four C buttons [yellow buttons] at the game startup and wait for the title screen. The date/time will appear). v.1.0.a . *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>