GUNNM: MARTIAN MEMORY for the PSX Mini FAQ and Mini Walk Through Version 1.0 Written Jan. 3 1999 by Shaper Legal: Gunnm: Martian Memory is trade mark of BANPRESTO Disclaimer: I would like to start out this first edition of the FAQ by stating that I do not know Japanese. What this basically means is that all translations will be rough in their meaning. This FAQ version is just to help anyone who is having difficulty getting started. I have not yet beaten the game but am getting there. I know as a gamer that it is difficult to get started on the game due to the large amount of Japanese text. The game can go slow at points but donÂ’t get discouraged; it will all pay off due to the great fighting engine. Legend: O=accept (open doors) X= cancel Start=Pause (menu) R1=Run R2=Jump Select=Battle Mode Pause Menu: Items: this is where you can select you items like health *WHEN YOU START YOU ALREADY HAVE TWO ITEMS OF HEALTH* Weapons: Select from list of weapons ?: ?: Options: Choose from Difficulty, Audio, ?, and cancel. Load: Select from mem card which game to load. Cancel: cancel Opening: In the opening you can press start and get in to a two-option menu. The first is game start, the second is options. Options: The first option is a difficulty setting and the second is a sound setting (stero:left, mono:right). *If you wish you can wait and see an excellent movie of compiled elements of the game to get a feel for what you are getting into.* Options 2: After pressing game start you go into a menu with four settings; Start, mem card 1, mem card 2, and cancel. Start: Start sets you into the game. Mem card 1: If you have a saved game on the mem card in slot 1 select this option. Mem card 2: See mem card 1. Cancel: Returns you to the previous menu screen. Starting a new game: The new game opens up with a decent movie of the day that Cybernetic Doctor Ido finds you (Gally) in a scrap pile from the dumping of the higher community of Zalem. The mark of Zalem can be found on the forehead of Ido because he was a former resident, in fact one of the best known cybernetic doctors on Zalem. When he finds you, you are just the upper torso of the former self. After realizing that you can be fixed he takes you back to his lab where he and his assistant fix you up with a new body. DonÂ’t be discouraged by the small girl body, when it comes down to it you can pack a punch. In the text questions you guess is as good as mine, but from what I have played it doesnÂ’t really matter what you pick. When you Exit the room there will be an elevator if you enter it the options are simple; the floors go in descending order all the way to basement. You are currently on floor four. The third floor has another lab of sorts (no current use). The second floor contains your room. Your room can be helpful in times of need. On the desk across from the door there is a book in which you can save data. Saving: Two options will appear, the top is to enter save menu the bottom one cancels. In the save menu you have three options; save on cartridge one, cartridge two or cancel. When you select the cartridge you want to use you will get a screen with three blank spaces and a cancel. Choose the empty space of choice and press O, It will then save your position and time. Choose cancel. After you have saved you can sleep on your bed. Sleep refills your health in time of need. Accept is the first of the two options on the list. After this exit your room and proceed to the fourth floor and pass the operating room and go up the ladder where you and Ido will take a look at Zalem from the ground. From this point proceed to the basement where Ido assistant will explain something to you about the basement, this is needed to proceed. After this return to the first floor and exit out the main entrance. At this point Ido will scorn you for leaving. At this point you will appear in you room. From here return to the first floor where you will find IdoÂ’s assistant collapsed. After this it will be the next day and you will be talking to Ido. He has an injury on his arm and you question him about it but he makes up a story. From here you can leave the apartment and go to the city out of the main entrance. When you arrive at the city go to the far upper left corner under the tubing. There you will find a man who wonÂ’t let you pass and he will explain that someone was beat up back there. When you return to the main part of the city go to the lower right part of the city and talk to the woman. From here return to the apartment and you will find Ido, and he will scorn you for going into the city because it is dangerous for a girl. You will find yourself back in your room at this point. I would recommend saving. After this exit the apartment and go to the city. You will follow Ido into the alleys. After you catch up with him you will watch a pathetic scene where Gally questions Ido as to what he is doing. The creature that Ido was fight will threaten you and you will get your first opportunity to fight. This is the first taste as to what the fights are like. After you defeat the creature you will be taken back to IdoÂ’s lab where he will give you a check up. During the check up you and Ido will get into an argument because you want to be a bounty hunter like him, but he thinks it will be too dangerous. After you find yourself outside of the room exit the building and go to the city. In the City re-trace your steps taken to find Ido the night before. When you get to the area where you pushed the creature off, instead of going down follow the rail all the way to the right (off screen) where you will be taken back to a map. A new dot has appeared at the location of F33, go to it. This is Factory 33 where you can register your brain as a Hunter-Warrior (bounty hunter). To register enter the factory and follow the corridor all the way down and take a left. Go to the cylinder labeled 3 and press O. Talk to the robot and choose the top section. This will register your brain as a hunter-warrior. After the process the robot will test you on your speed to get into battle mode, to do this press select after 3. Last Note: The last thing that I will leave you with is what each of the cylinders does. 1:Save 2:Hunting Results=Cash in on your kills. 3:Fighting Results=check up on yourself. 4:Items shop=buy items 5:Weapons Shop=buy weapons 6:Cyberne:Buy upgrades on HP DP and Health. In next addition I hope to have Further walk through, and a complete move list. The last tip that I can leave you with is in fighting press the block button. Also save frequently. This text is copyright 1999 Matt Williamson *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>