EVIL DEAD: HAIL TO THE KING WALKTHROUGH (Dreamcast Edition) Written by Nocturnal =================================== Contents =================================== 01. Introduction 02. Legal 03. Updates 04. Weapons 05. Common Items 06. Hints 07. Walkthrough 08. F.A.Q. =================================== ================== Introduction ================== This is the walkthrough for Evil Dead: Hail to the King for the Dreamcast. I will update this baby as much as I can while I play out the game. If you have any questions or requests, e-mail me at knnykllr2000@hotmail.com. ================== Legal ================== Want this on your site? Contact me and we'll talk. Otherwise, don't copy, distribute, or alter this walkthrough in any way. So far, this has been authorized to appear on: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ http://www.videogames.com/ http://www.cheatcc.com/ http://www.neoseeker.com/ http://www.cheatplanet.com/ Copyright (c) 2000 Mark Tobin (Nocturnal). This may not be stolen, altered, or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced and stored on your computer, and printed for private or personal use. It may not be printed in a magazine or in any other type of publication. If you would like to contribute to this FAQ (you will be credited), please e-mail all questions, comments, corrections, or other things to the address located at both the top and bottom of this file. Evil Dead and anything pertaining to, is copyright of the respective owners. ================== Updates ================== This is version 1.4 Update for v.1.4: F.A.Q. updated. Update for v.1.3: F.A.Q. updated. Update for v.1.2: Walkthrough completed. Update for v.1.1: More added to the walkthrough, more tips, and weapon info updated. ================== Weapons ================== Note: 'Damage' is based on how much life is drained from the deadites per hit compared to the other weapons. 1-3 scale; 3 serves out the most damage. With upgrades, the weapons become much more powerful. Chainsaw: You start out with this. The chainsaw replaces Ash's severed hand and requires fuel to run. Damage: 2-3 Upgrade/s: Bigger fuel tank, Damasecles blade Axe: You start out with this too. It's just an axe... Damage: 1-2 Upgrade/s: None Handgun: The professor's sidearm. Kind of useful... Damage: 2 Upgrade/s: Nail Gun Sawed-Off Shotgun (boomstick): This sweet baby is found in the hellbilly house. Ash's weapon of choice. Damage: 3 Upgrade/s: Salt-rock Shotgun Rifle: Found in the archery range by the camp. Damage: 2-3 Upgrade/s: Nail Gun ================== Common Items ================== Converter: This little item changes some things into... other things. Useful on shrooms. Red Shrooms: These can be harvested to make gasoline. A paper must be found to be able to change them. Other Shrooms: These are harvested for health. A paper is also needed to make 'em work... Large Health Kit: Mucho health for Ash. Fills the entire bar. Small Health Kit: Small amount of health. Fills part of the bar. Large Fuel Tank: Whole lotta fuel. Completely fills the saw. Small Fuel Tank: Small thing of gas. Fills some of the tank. Film Reels: These save your game. ================== Hints ================== These are simple hints for those of you that don't need me to hold your hand all the way through this game... >Shovel is used near the camp >Ripcord is used by the OTHER house... >Crowbar is used inside of the other house >If something is missing, search the immediate area >Old ladies are untrustworthy >Weed killer is used near the cemetary >Battery is used in the mine >Scoutmasters aren't immune to the surrounding environment >The church is into "offerings" >Old friends die hard >It's not too hard to do puzzels in Damascus >Read the journals you pick up >Do you really need my help? >Pillars are the key to two bosses... ================== Walkthrough ================== This is the meat of the file. The main reason you are probably here... Before you get right into it, don't press the start button right away. You can hear some of Bruce Campbell's comments for a good laugh. Now press the freakin' start button... At the beginning, you start out in the cabin we all know and love. First off, you grab the tape reel from by the tape recorder. These are scattered throughout the game so you can save your progress. Deadites pop up like mad around here, so keep your guard up-- constantly. If the deadite begins to flail around, this is your chance to open a can. Plant your chainsaw firmly in his mid-section and nail his head with your other weapon, complete with one-liner. Expect A LOT of deadite encounters during the game. Make sure to turn off the chainsaw when not in use, it saves fuel. The cellar is locked, so forget going down there for now. Go over into the bedroom and continue to the next room. Over on the piano is a page of the Necronomicon, so take it. Don't go outside just yet. Move on over to the bathroom. Here, you will find a bottle of vitamins in the cabinet, and if you want, you can go over to the toilet and relieve yourself. Walk into the kitchen. In the fridge is a baloney sandwich with too much mayo. Out in the backyard, there is a gas can, a crowbar, and perhaps a couple of mushrooms. Move around to the front of the house. Over on the other side, there is a large gas can and the grave of Ash's old girlfriend. Go to the grave and take the shovel. She'll be poppin out of the ground, so expect that too. Now you want to head back around to behind the house again. Run away from the cabin, out down the path. It's common to get lost in this field-maze, but it will eventually become familiar. Search the paths until you find a lawnmower, walk up and take the ripcord. It should be around the upper-area of the maze. From here, make your way over to the hellbilly house, which shouldn't be too far off from this area. At the side of the house, there is a generator. Go over to it and use the ripcord. The sound will make two of the residents break out and come after you. Show them what dying feels like. Go into the house through the now-open door. You now have possession of your trusty boomstick. I suggest you equip it. Go back outside and get the crank from over at the left side of the house. Go into the house again and collect the items in the area. Get on top of the table and use your crowbar to get into the attic. The old woman blabbers on and you end up looking for some amulet. Search the house; pick up whatever you can find. Go into the pig stie and kill the porkers inside. On the far end is a piece of a machine. Take that to the room with the lake of blood covering the floor. Use that piece and the crank on the machine. This drains the blood down a grate. Walk over to the grate and go down. Kill Mr. Piggy and take the amulet. You should know by now what to do with that. Go up to the old woman and watch the cutscene. Seems that she's made a temporary fool out of Ash... The key to this boss is to get near the middle of it and swipe your chainsaw at the head, with a shotgun blast thrown in every once in a while for good measure. Once the boss dies, you get another page of the Necronomicon and a save reel, plus weed killer. Go over to the labyrinth of plants again. Near the cemetary area is a large plant blocking your path. Use the weed killer and prepare for another boss. Say hello to Tree-Bitch. One way to take the bitch down is to get in close, between the tongue and large branch. Take your chainsaw and cut it down like you would any other tree. Eventually, the tree dies and you get another page of the book, plus a reel. Now we get to meet another character, an old man. All this time, he's been hiding behind the gate like a little girl. You get the keys to your own car. He tells you that he needs all of the pages of the book to save the both of you. Sure. Now the weeds that were the annoying maze are gone, and clear paths are there. Go down past the cabin to your car. Use the keys and the car rolls back into the vertical beams that used to be the bridge. Take the trusty battery and climb onto the trunk of the car. Take the page from the beam. Now hop off, we have work to do. Go down the path that goes to the campsite. I suggest you avoid the "bats", they are just an annoyance. Over on the grill, by the picnic tables, is a can of lighter fluid, so make yourself some gas. Over at the area full of tents are some young whippersnappers that need some attention. You'll have to fight frantically, because they are quick little buggers. Once they are six feet under, go to the far tent, there is a journal inside. Now it's time to go up the stone path to the pile of rocks covering the mineshaft. Use the shovel... yes, Ash is an idiot. Go in, use the box if you want. If you haven't saved, save now. Stick the battery in the wall and head down the tunnel. Over the log we go... right over to the good old scoutmaster. We'll just say that the scoutmaster isn't on our side. The trick to pounding this guy is to run up to each of the three beams in the room and taking a swipe at the beam with your chainsaw when he comes up. If you're lucky, the rocks will hit him. If you are unlucky, they will hit you. After you beat the guy, you receive the key to the archery field. As you exit the mine, you find a tape reel. Go back around to the picnic table area and open the nearby gate, next to the church pamphlet. Once inside, go over to the tree and take the necronomicon page. At this point, three zombie campers start shooting arrows at you. Go to them and chop em up. The small cabinet/shed thingy is now open. Inside, there is the rifle. You now have all five pages of the book, so you can go back up to the graveyard. You can go straight up the path to get there. There is another tape reel here. Now old padre locks you in the graveyard and runs off to hide. Search the area and you will find a hat, a small tree, and a tombstone. Go to the front of the church and place the tombstone next to the doily, the hat in front of the second stone, and the tree in front of the last stone. The church is now unlocked. Go in and meet your third self. The "boss" is about as hard as a common deadite. All you have to do is keep a moderate area of space between the two of you and shoot him with your rifle and/or boomstick. He'll die (again) and you get a chainsaw upgrade. Now we get the pleasure of falling into the dark, evil ground. Now make your way through this place. Eventually, thing become oddly familar... Take the wrench from this area at the end of the tunnel. Go to the leaky pipe next to the projector and tighten the bolt. You get a face full of blood. Go back around to the room with the chest and go through the door. Guess where you are. Yep, the fruit cellar. Annie from Evil Dead 2 is here, but she's not quite on your side this time. This boss has the uncanny ability to heal itself over time. Attack and attack hard. In the beginning, take timed shots with your gun. At close range, use your gun and chainsaw at the same time. She'll turn part-way through into the long-necked witch from Evil Dead 2. After she dies, you go up to the cabin. The "old man" opens the rift in time & space and you, Jenny, and Evil Ash are sent back to Damascus, in medievil times. You fall out of the sky and are greeted by some primative. Walk around the area and kill some of the local evil. The skeletons will drop pieces of the bridge mechanism. Combine the three pieces and put the mechanism into the mouth of the bridge. Walk across and kill the skeleton in your way. At the other side of the bridge is Abdul, the old man in the cell that told of you showing up again. Talk to him and head back over the bridge. Go to the first door, inside is a box of metal you can use to upgrade a weapon. Talk to the shopkeep, then go around to a wall with a few switches on it. Press the switch and run over to those big-ass doors that were just unlocked. Inside, there is a pot of white powder. Take that. Go back outside and go over to the guy standing in his shop. He will give you fifty feet of rope. Combine the rope and the powder and go back to the shopkeep. He will then give you the gas tank to your own car. Combine the gas tank and the bomb mix. Return to the mad poet and blow his door up. He will take you back to the place with big doors. He gives you some instructions and lets you into the buildings inner parts. Right away, you will get a weapon upgrade and a tape reel. Go down one of the halls, doesn't matter which one, because they are both the same. Go to the unlocked door and go inside, you will find notes and an opening in the wall. Go into the opening and fight the cloaked guard. Take his key. Leave and go down the other hall. Go to the locked door and use the key. You get to fight two or three more cloaked guards. Take the orb and leave the room. Now do the same thing, just with opposite halls. Afterwards, take the two orbs and place them in their rightful spots on top of the pedestals. This opens a large doorway and you now must fight the boss in the wild gettup. This guy is easy, just go in and give him the beat-down. When he is dead, the water drains from the fountain. You are transferred to the stairway by means of cut-scene. Once down there, go up to the golden balance on the wall. Ash pulls a classic move, so you don't have to do this puzzel. Heh heh heh. Go into the steel door. In here, you are treated to another boss fresh off of Easy Street. Shoot this guy until he is deceased. Go over to the lever and pull it. More steps are drained. Exit the room and go down the stairs. Another tape reel is at the bottom of the steps. Inside of a room down here is a lever. Pull it and the drawbridge to the armory is lowered. Up the stairs you go... Leave the building and go over to the armory. Once inside, Ash realized how soon it is for another boss and decides to haul it into another room. Good move, because I don't feel like another boss right now. You get another tape reel in this room. Go down the hall and to the left. In here is two skeletons. Beat em and go into the next left-hand room. Kill this one and receive a hook and a tape reel. Stroll back out to the main hall and use the hook on the chain hanging on the wall. Go into the now-open doorway. First door here has a weapon upgrade kit inside. Up the stairs is a key. Back downstairs, in the hall, is the captain's quarters. Go in and you will meet the captain. The captain will try and kill you. Kill the captain. This guy was a piece of cake, because I had plenty of ammo. If you got the firepower, use it. The death of this guy will result with a mold for a key. Now, you remember that room with the molten metal and weapons and junk? Sure you do. Go there. Over on one of the tables is a thing for making keys out of molds. Use your mold, go up the stairs, and use it on the battlement placemet (that thing with levers). Watch the action unfold.. oh there's a problem. Go over to the jammed rail and take the broken piece. Go down and enter the room that is NOT the captain's quarters. Destroy the two fellas waiting here. Enter the door on the right. Kill skeleton. Enter next door. Kill skeleton. You now get the hammer. Go back to the blacksmith room and fix the rail. Go up and replace it. You, of course, fall down. Don't even bother using your weapons (I learned this the hard way), instead you run to each side, pulling the chain when Bigarmor comes near. This mix of hot and cold will eventually destroy his armor and he will die. You now get a tape reel and that groovy upgrade to your chainsaw. Go back down into the catacombs where all the water-draining took place. Enter the first room and put the lever in place on the generator. Go back out. Cut-scene takes over, a good-lengthed one at that. A monster comes out of the ground. And what do we do to monsters? Yes, we kill them. This blobby guy takes damage from your chainsaw and only your chainsaw. Get in close and carve. When he dies, the big door is unlocked. Inside is the old man. How did he get in here if the door was locked? Don't ask me buddy, HE'S the one that knows magic. Now he sends you off on some mission to retrieve something inside of the portal. This won't take long. Go in and kill anything that moves. As you maneuver your way through this strange place, you soon enough find your hand. It is abnormally still and lifeless. Take your hand back to the old man. Now he sends you to a library. Knock off the two robe wearers first off. Pick up the unlit torch. Up at the mantle, you'll notice that one torch is there. Light your torch and put it in the adjacent holder. Now you can see spots on the tables. Count and remember the spots, then go over to the books and push them in according to their number. After they are pushed in order, a doorway opens. Inside is a tape reel and the spell book. Collect them and return through the vortex. After a little time with being your own hand (not playable, just in a cut-scene), you and the old man are attacked. Sorrily, Abdul doesn't make it. Ash makes a leap for the vortex and runs into bad Ash and your girlfriend. Time for round one with your dark half. This round should go to you, no problem. Just make use of that handy saw you got strapped to your arm. Seemed rather easy, eh? Well sit tight, 'cause round two is a bitch and a half. This creature that Evil Ash has transformed into is a serious mother. The key to beating him is to run from pillar to pillar, swinging at each with your chainsaw. Pick up every mushroom you see, because you will need them. When all four pillars are hit, he becomes temporarily invisible. This is when you strike. Go at him with your chainsaw, no sidearms, just the chainsaw. Then you do it all over again. After a while, he will die. This is the end of the game. Hail to the king, baby. ================== F.A.Q.s ================== Q.>I own the playstation version, but my guess is there both the same. Anyway I beat the game and I just wanted to know if there's any secrets or hidden items to this awesome game to add replay value. Let me know if there are any. Thanks. A.>There are no secrets that I know of. (submitted by LittleMisfit555@aol.com) Q.>Does the one-liner button even serve a purpose? A.>Yes. If you are in an empty area, the one-liner button can bring the attention of some deadites, or, if you are currently engaged in battle with a creature, it can either make it attack more ficiously or make it run off in fear. Plus, it's fun to press the button. (submitted by Neo10101@webtv.net) Q.>Is there going to be a sequal? A.>They're thinking about making one, but no promises. (submitted by deviant-spy@webtv.net) Q.>I can't find the frickin pig stie!!! Is it inside the house? Somewhere on the gate??? HELP!!! A.>The pig stie is inside of the house, you get to it from the room with blood covering the floor. To unlock the door, you need to get the key from granny in the attic. Use the crowbar on the opening above the table in the living room to get to granny. (submitted by ChoPskiLz@aol.com) Any questions? Submit them to knnykllr2000@hotmail.com _________ _______ _______ ________ _______ | \ / | | | \ | /\ | \ |________ \ / | | | | |_______ / \ | | | \ / | | | / | /____\ | / |________ \/ ___|___ |_______ |_____/ |_______ / \ |_____/ H A I L T O T H E K I N G</p>