Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- *** Procyon Lotor, author of five Mega Man FAQs, the Super Mario RPG FAQ *** *** and the HTML Super Mario 64 FAQ, is proud to present his eighth FAQ: *** __ ____ __ _ ___ __ ___ __ / |/ (_)__ ____/ / (_)__ / _/ / |/ /__ _/ /_____ _______ / /|_/ / (_- 1 green gem 2 green gems -> 1 yellow gem 2 flowers -> 1 throwing star 3 t. stars -> 1 boomerang 4 grenades or mines (any combination) -> 1 bomb Springing: Some balls are attached to springs. You can hold onto them and air boost to make the spring compress. When you stop, the spring will release and fling you away. Some springs can be directed in different angles. WORLD I - Planer Clancer ------- Level 1 - Meet Marina!! Objective: Talk to Geold, and learn about bombs. Beneath the large pile of red blocks is the star that leads to the exit. *Yellow Gem: Inside the first hut after the little fire, there is a Clancer statue that you must pick up and drop on the fire. Level 2 - Meet Calina!! Objective: Learn more about air boosting and digging. Air boost over the row of flames. On the other side, press down and B at the purple block with stars rising from it to get red gems. Take the first star to the next board which is a Clancer hospital and reach the exit in the upper left wing. *Yellow Gem: Above a green house to the left of the row of flames are some purple blocks. You must jump, air boost up, and quickly move right to make it on to the high ledge containing the gem. Level 3 - Clanbll Land Objective: Navigate the Clancer's carnival. Learn about ball tugging, springing, and ball hopping. In the first area, tugging on white balls release stars. The one at the top releases the star to the second area. In the second area, advance to the left where the baller-coaster is and tug at the fast moving white ball. Ride it towards the top and get off when you reach the new white ball in the glowing circle. Tug that one and find the new ball above and to the right of the bally-go-round. Tug that to make a new star appear above and to the right of the ball spring. Take the star to the exit. *Yellow Gem: In the baller coaster, the very fast orange ball drops bombs when you tug at them. Wait until you get over the red blocks and tug at it to drop a bomb and reveal a star that will transport you to the gem. Level 4 - Spike Land Objective: Learn about spike-balls. If you hit them they hurt you and then disappear from the screen shortly until they come back. Tug the white ball at the right to make another ball appear. Then continue up and left to reach the exit. *Yellow Gem: Just before the moving circle of spike-balls, jump high to the right to reach a ledge. Avoiding the rotating spike-balls, run right. Level 5 - 3 Clancer Kids Objective: You must capture 3 Clancers kids and return them to the beginning of the stage. The small one jumps back and forth over the fire. To get the medium one, tug at the orange ball over the flames to make a spring appear. Use it to fly up, and use the next spring to fly left to grab the medium one who is jumping over spike balls. The last one is to the far right. If he runs away from you, he will continue to run upwards until he reaches the top and jumps down. If you don't catch him before he jumps down, go back the way you came and try to grab him before he jumps up to the ledge and repeats the process. In order to get him back, you'll probably have to throw him left over the spike balls that are in your way. Do so and quickly get back to him so he doesn't return to where he came from. Bringing all three back will get you 10 red gems and the exit star. *Yellow Gem: After you capture all three Clancers, direct the spring to face right, push it down and fling yourself to the right. You'll have to air boost up at the last moment to reach the high block. Dig in the block with the stars for a bomb. Take the bomb and run back to the maze and reach the red blocks in time to blow them up. Shake up the guy behind the wall, and you'll get the gem. That Clancer is the lady's husband, and you can bring him back to the house for more, albeit weird, dialog. Level 6 - Blacokman Rises Objective: One Clancer named Teran will help you out in this mission by destroying everything in your path. Move him left and right by air boosting. Air boosting up will make Teran punch up, and boosting down twice will make him attack on each side. The only things you must worry about are the spike balls that you can make Teran punch, and the grenades thrown by some of the enemy Clancers that can loosen your grip on Teran. *Yellow Gem: This one is found on the third and last grenade tossing Clancer. Get off Teran and grab him and shake him up to get the gem. Level 7 - Wormin' Up!! Objective: The lady Clancer's garden is being attacked by a giant worm. You may grab the worms head and attack it by throwing it against either cliff side wall or even faster, right into the ground. Don't be alarmed when it charges you, just time your grab so that you pick him up when he passes by. *Yellow Gem: It's on the worm. Pick him up and shake him once and he'll give it up easily. Level 8 - Crisis Nepton Objective: Help Teran and another Clancer defend the Clancer's gem collection by fending off waves of invading cowboy Clancers. *Yellow Gem: All four gems will be yours if you successfully defend the gems without causing either Clancer to become overly hurt. As long as Teran and the bigger Clancer aren't crying when the fight is over, the gems are yours. Level 9 - Western World Objective: Learn how to use machine guns for clearing out blocks. Destroy the little tank that the gun rests on and take the gun to shoot the dark brown blocks. Reach the end by first destroying the gun wielding Clancer so you may get past the first blockade. Then dig in the star block for a bomb to destroy the next red wall. Take another bomb and continue right to destroy the wall blocking off the exit. *Yellow Gem: After you reach the bomb, you will notice a series of floating blocks. Take one bomb up and along these blocks to the right, until you see the gem in a room blocked off by two red columns. Use the bomb on the first one and repeat the process to destroy the second one and grab the gem. Level 10 - Volcana!! Objective: Avoid the falling volcano rocks and reach the end. *Yellow Gem: When you first come to the pair of purple and white platforms, jump on the bottom one, then reach the top, and continue back to the left. Jump across every platform to reach the Gem above where you first started. WORLD II - Migen's Shrine -------- Level 1 - Sea of Lava Objective: Run right until you reach a green ball. Tug on it to make a star appear back to the left. Use the star and continue right. Avoid the lava flows rising over the platforms. Reach the lower platforms and run until you find the ball that you can ball hop from to reach the upper ledge. Go back left once more and time your crossing over the flame shooting blocks. *Yellow Gem: You can clearly see towards the end of the stage and with clever air boosting, you can grab it without falling in, although it's still yours if you happen to fall in while getting it. Level 2 - Vertigo!! Objective: When you take the bomb out it's container, immediately throw it to the right. Ball hop off the rising white ball, and tug on the green ball to make the red blocks reappear. Continue up and along the platforms and reach the next bomb. You'll have to quickly throw the bomb away twice. Tug the green ball to reset the screen again. The next bomb has to be thrown diagonally up and to the right. Again, tug the green ball. The next bomb has to be thrown so you have time to run ahead of the explosions. Stop at the blue platform and jump to the green to exit. If you mess this up, tug at the green ball below to start again, but wait until the explosions have stopped. *Yellow Gem: From the exit, continue to the yellow platform and up the red blocks ahead of the explosions. Jump to the lifting platform in time and ride it to the top to reach the gem. Level 3 - Sink or Float! Objective: Learn about throwing stars. They hurt you if you touch them unless you catch them at the right moment, and you may throw them back if you wish. Run right until you reach the moving ball. The platforms you are in sink with continuous weight so keep jumping if you have to keep them above the lava. Ball hop to the next platform and the next ball to reach the exit. *Yellow Gem: From the exit, dash jump and air boost to the right to another platform, then do it once again to reach the gem. This one can be extremely frustrating as it requires precise timing. It's usually best to try to air boost up once before air boosting forward for additional height, but it won't always help. Most importantly, jam on that right C button. Level 4 - Hot Rush Objective: Escape the board before the lava destroys the platforms. Race to the right to keep ahead of the explosions. Grab the first star to get ahead faster. Dash over the blockade when it is clear. Grab the second star to get teleported near the exit. *Yellow Gem: You need to get to the white circle enclosed in the red blocks. You might try to very quickly dash backwards to tug on it after the first star and turn around, but it might be easier try something else. Stand above it and wait for the blocks to explode. Grab it as you fall, and then ball hop off of it and air boost to the star. It's not easy and it has to be done quickly or there won't be any platform left to teleport to. When you tug the white ball, another white ball will appear just before the exit. When you arrive, jump back to it and tug on it and grab the gem as it falls out. Level 5 - Searin' Swing! Objective: Learn to swing from the Clancers. You can grab them at any height and use them just like balls. Position yourself to grab the most gems. Swing along until you reach the exit star. *Yellow Gem: From the exit continue to swing across Tarzan style until you reach the gem. Then swing back to the exit. Level 6 - Flambee!! Objective: Grab the bees head as he attacks you, and air boost off the side of the platform you're closest too into the lava, dragging the bee after you so it gets burned. If you're concerned about health, let the bee dive bomb you and grab it's back and tug on it for blue gems. *Yellow Gem: Grab the bees head and tug on it for as long as it will take for the gem to appear. Grab it before it disappears. Level 7 - Tightrope Ride Objective: Navigate the moving balls over the lava. When you come to a stop, you can tug the ball in the direction that you want to continue in. Avoid the spike balls to keep from losing your grip. When you get to the ball pin-wheel remember that you can lengthen and shorten the distance of the rope by air boosting in a particular direction, and that the pinwheel can be rotated. Use the star. Ball hop off the balls that move downward. Learn the pattern and move quickly so you can progress up. The exit star will be in sight. *Yellow Gem: From the exit, continue moving up as fast as you can until you reach a platform high up to the left where the gem is. Level 8 - Freefall!! Objective: Fall down and grab the right stars to exit the level. The first star is just before you reach the bottom. If you miss it, take the rising platform to a star that will bring you back to the top. When in a side passage, the correct star is always closer to the middle part way down. *Yellow Gem: As you are falling and the pathway splits in two around the enclosed star, bear right and find the opening in the wall. Hit the spike balls if you have to to get inside. Once in, begin falling and stay as close to the left wall as you can and the gem will come into view. Grab it quickly. Level 9 - Magma Rafts!! Objective: Start by riding the black platform and switching to the red one with the Clancer when it comes near. Use the Clancer to kill the spike ball. Jump to the next black platform and repeat. Get to the spring ball and wait until it starts moving down. Air boost it back and let it fling you across. Start riding the sinking platform. In order to prevent it from going under the lava, you must kick anyone who tries to stay on it off. Don't forget to jump a lot when no one else is on it so it rises again. Keep the platform aloft and you'll reach the exit. *Yellow Gem: Just after the spring ball gets started, there's a Clancer standing on the platform. Jump down and shake him for the gem and continue back on the spring ball. Level 10 - Seasick Climb Objective: Reach the top by jumping from platforms and ball hopping. Ignore the back and forth motion and focus on when the platforms are moving in and out of the walls. Jump when they begin to approach you so you can make it on. Many of the balls located near where spike balls fall from stop the flow of spike balls when you tug on them. Other balls make platforms appear so you can keep moving on. Reach high enough and you will find the exit. *Yellow Gem: From the exit, continue moving up, timing your ball hops so that you land on the platforms. Go as high as you can and jump left behind the wall of blocks. Fall down to the gem. LEVEL 11 - Migen Brawl!! Objective: Migen Jr. stars out with his companion teleporting from one side to the other. If you attack Migen first, his companion will help him out, so you must destroy the companion first. To grab Migen's fists, hold up while press- ing B, and you'll catch them as they come down. Throw the fists into the companion three times to get rid of him. Now you must wait for your oppertu- nity to catch Migen's fists and throw them back up in his face. The more damage he takes, the less cooperative he'll be. To get him to throw a fist that you can hold try grabbing the sideways fists. You'll miss, but it will anger him more. Enough hits to the face frees the Professor. *Yellow Gem: Beat Migen Jr. without getting hit once. Remember, you can hit back the fists that you can't catch. You'll bounce off them, but you won't get hurt. WORLD III - Mt. Snow --------- Level 1 - Clanpot Shake Objective: Learn about the jar. Place the jar under each of the balls and tug on them to make the contents fall in the jar. Collect two grenades from one of the balls and continue on with the jar. Catch two more grenades from the skiing Clancers and reach the red blocks. Mix the 4 grenades in the jar to make a bomb. Then dig the bomb out and blow up the red blocks. Take the star to the top to reach the springing Clancer. Grab hold of him and press left or right to make him move. Hold up if you want him to bounce higher and down if you want him to bounce lower. He can safely bounce over the spike balls and up to the exit. *Yellow Gem: Using the Jar, collect 6 blue gems from one of the first balls in the stage, and collect six more after the red blocks are cleared. Mix each 6 into a green gem and mix the two greens into the yellow gem. Level 2 - Clance War Objective: Avoid the mines and grenades to reach the star at the end. Once you take the star, you must beat the Clancer in the mecha-pod by destroying the pod. *Yellow Gem: Between the first two Clancers in flying Saucers is a guy with throwing stars that tends to get taken out very quickly. Grab him before he dies and shake him for the gem. Level 3 - Missile Surf!! Objective: Ride the missile through the passage. Jump on the missile as it flies by. Run to the back to tilt it up, and forward to tilt it down. If the missile comes in contact with the wall, it will blow up and you'll have to start again. Towards the end, be sure to grab the bomb for the red wall coming up. Do not let it get hit by the smaller missiles firing upwards. Throw the bomb at the wall to reach the exit: *Yellow Gem: Once you reach the exit, keep going with the missile pointed up. As it flies towards the ceiling, you will see the gem come into view. Catch it and then air boost your way back to the exit star. Level 4 - Clanball Lift! Objective: Start by riding the balls to the middle of the level. Adjust the position of the balls so that you are safe from danger. Reach the high plat- form and fall down. Ball hop across the gap, and air boost up off the last one to get over the barrier. Grab the swinging Clancers and reach the exit. *Yellow Star: It sits above the swinging Clancers so air boost over them when you have the chance to grab it. Level 5 - Go Marzen 64 Objective: For the first part of this board, you need only reach the star all the way to the right. Nothing else is needed, but you can play around with the jar which comes ready to mix up a bomb and some other weapons. The second part has more tricky jumps and springers which you must get across. Navigate around to the right and through the maze to reach the next star. Now you must fight the hover Clancer by throwing the smaller Clancers that he chucks at you right back at him. When Marzen is out of his ship, attack him directly to finish him off. *Yellow Gem: After air hopping from some orange balls with blue gems between them in the second part, drop down and find the white ball. Tug on it to drop a bomb, but you must catch it instead of letting it hit the red blocks below. Bring it left and drop it above the area with the jar. Grab the jar before it falls through the floor. Mix it up and a jet-pack Clancer will appear that will actually allow you to fly all over the board. Fly up to the top and grab the yellow gem among all the red gems. Level 6 - Chilly Dog!! Objective: Beat the Frost Wolf. The strategy here is similar to the rest. Grab his head when he charges you and throw it down into the ground to hurt him until he dies. *Yellow Gem: When you grab his head and tug it down, he reluctantly gives off blue gems. Keep tugging and eventually he'll give you his yellow gem. Level 7 - Snowstorm Maze Objective: First ride the tricycle into the open space above where it's found. Then, similarly, ride the springing Clancer into the compartment opposite from the other Clancer to make the true star appear. Take it and tug the white ball you see when you arrive to get a jar. Tug the next white ball and let the bombs fall into the jar. When you reach a wall and three white balls, throw the jar over the wall and ball hop across. Retrieve the jar and dig out one of the bombs and place it over the star under the red bricks. Take that star and get a jar from the next white ball. Now you must collect all the children Clancers that are playing in the snow into the jar. When you have collected them all, bring the jar all the way up the hill and release them in the snowman area for the true exit. *Yellow Gem: At the beginning, grab the springing Clancer, take him under the star and up from the right side. Holding up, move left and make him bounce off the spike balls higher and higher to reach the gem. Level 8 - LUNAR!! Objective: You must beat Lunar to proceed. The easiest way to do that is to catch some of the grenades he drops behind him and throw them back at him. *Yellow Gem: Actually catch a couple of the large energy bursts he fires from his gun. Level 9 - The Day Before Objective: Reach the end at the right. A lot of tha Clancers that paid a lot of money to stay at this hotel are pretty upset and will run to the owner when you talk to them. *Yellow Gem: Just past the exit are some Clancers playing jump rope over spike balls. Join them and jump the rope a bunch of times to win the gem. Level 10 - The Day of Objective: Go for the gold. You must beat out the other Clancers in the Clancer Olympics. There are 7 events: 100M/200M/400M Dash: Tap right as fast as you can until the finish [NOTE: Do NOT use C-right!] Long Jump: Jump as far as you can from the line. You may use air boost. Use the technique to get the yellow gem in 2-3 and you can reach 500 Obstacle Course: Like the dash only you have one opponent and you must jump over blocks. Air boost when you can. Ball Toss: Catch more White balls in the jar than Red balls to win. Math Contest: After the equation appears, grab the corresponding numbers to create the answer. If there are two digits in the answer, pick the ten's digit, let it go, and grab the single's digit next. If you make a mistake, grab the arrow to erase your answer. *Yellow Gem: Do the 100M dash in under 11 seconds. You must nail the start right on time to do this. Level 11 - Cat-astrophe!! Objective: Beat the dodge ball kitty. The easiest way to do that is to throw one ball in the far corner, and wait for the kitty to pick it up and nail her with the other ball. *Yellow Gem: Beat the kitty without getting hit and the kitty will release it when the exit star appears. You also may not step over the line. Level 12 - CERBERUS alpha Objective: The dodge ball kitty will help you beat the next boss. She is capable of grabbing on to a missile and riding it, so do so by jumping on one when it flies overhead. Lunar has four stages in this level. Stage 1 - He attacks behind you, firing his gun and a large cannon. After getting on top of one of the missiles, pick up another missile that flies by and throw it back at Lunar. You can shake the missiles to make them larger and more powerful. Stage 2 - After hitting him a couple of times from the front, he leaps ahead of you and starts the attack from the front. Repeat stage 1 and throw the missiles back at him. Stage 3 - Lunar transforms his bike into an animal and leaps off. He'll take you head on now. Try to leap over him when he charges and he'll be vulnerable for a short period of time. Grab him and slam in into the floor a few times. Stage 4 - Lunar hops on the back of his machine. Grab the gun that's bouncing around and try to fire at Lunar. Shaking the gun will build up a more powerful shot that kills him quicker. *Yellow Gem: You must kill Lunar without getting hit once. No, I'm not kidding. Stage 1 and 2 can be gotten through after a lot of practice, but Stage 3 is where you must be careful. Jump away as soon as you slam him and prepare for the next attack. Stage 4 can be finished quickly if you charge up the gun fast. WORLD IV - Aster's Lair -------- Level 1 - Rolling Rock!! Objective: Beat the boulder down to the bottom. You may not touch the boulder from any side. Take the first star and get rid of the brown blocks quickly (throw one into another). and keep going down. If you are too slow, you won't beat the boulder down to the exit on the left and you'll have to take the star on the right and start all over. *Yellow Gem: There's a star in the green area right next to where the gem is that will simply transport you to the gem. One of the containers has the bomb you need to get back out and continue. Level 2 - Toadly Raw!! Objective: Beat the frog. Catch his tongue when he whips it out at you and tug on it to shake the frog up. After a while, he'll call on a Clancer to throw lightning at you. You can catch this lightning and throw it at the frog to finish him off. Continuously hit B to gatehr the lightning and make it more powerful. *Yellow Gem: Unless I did something I don't know about it, looks like the frog just gives you the gem for winning. Level 3 - 7 Clancer Kids Objective: Rescue 7 members of a Clancer clan and lift their curse. Through- out the maze, there are 7 Clancers that will transform into a monster that you must beat in order to save them. The will transform into three different possible monsters: Spike ball: Grab any of the mines from the circle and toss it at him. Every mine will be replaced by a ball with spikes on it, so be careful towards the end. After all mines are used, the spike ball dies. Jar: Grab the rocks that fall from the jar and toss them back up at the jar. Every now and then a green gem will fall so look for them. Laser ball: A ball with lasers on either side will mine into the ground and unearth rocks. Take the rocks and throw them at the ball. The stage is over after all 7 Clancers have been beaten and saved. *Yellow Gem: As you rescue each Clancer, you must talk to them to move on. Before you begin talking, pick them up and shake them and one of them will have the yellow gem on them. Make sure you do this before you start talking. Level 4 - Rescue! Act 1 Objective: With Marina out of commission, you must guide Teran through the next two stages. Teran moves much like Marina, except that he can punch instead of grab, and he can do three consecutive mid-air jumps. After passing through the first hall of friendly talkative Clancers, the real stage begins. Teran must punch through the brown blocks. Try pressing down and A to slide tackle the gunman on the other side. When you reach the tricycle, hop on and guide it to the end. Unlike Marina, Teran can hop with the tricycle and control it, rather then letting momentum carry the bike. Place it in the room opposite other tricycle to exit the stage. *Yellow Gem: After break through the brown blocks, move right, and backtrack to the left on the high route. From here on, you'll find stars. Some stars have flashing points of light blinking near them. You'll will be teleported to wherever one of the flashes happens to be present at that moment. Make the right choices and eventually you will be on a very high route made of blocks that form the letters MARINA. At the A, you will see a star with three flashes indicating possible teleportation sites. Obviously, you want the one in the middle where the yellow gem is. Time your movement correctly. Level 5 - Rescue! Act 2 Objective: Teran must beat the Lolita Clancer. He can do this simply by pressing up and B to give her an uppercut when she hovers directly over his head. Watch out for the bombs which blast away the blocks supporting Teran. *Yellow Gem: It can be found in the right most blue block. Teran must let her drop bombs over this column of blocks to gain access to the gem. Falling while grabbing the gem is fine. Level 6 - TARUS!! Objective: Beat Tarus. He will either try to stomp on you, or punch you. Sometimes when he stomps, he jumps straight up and slams the ground. If you're too close and standing on the ground, you'll be hit by the shockwaves. After he does this, rocks will fall that you can catch and throw at him. If he tries to charge and punch you, grab his hand and throw him in the direction he was going as soon as you can. *Yellow Gem: As mentioned above, you can grab his hand and throw him in what ever direction he was coming at you. Stand by a wall and wait for him to charge at you, and grab his fist and slam him into one of the walls and he'll release the gem. Level 7 - Ghost Catcher Objective: King Aster would like you collect 13 Clancer ghosts in his special gray Spirit Jar. All you need to do is place the opening of the jar under the ghost and it is collected. Here are descriptions of the ghosts: 1) Right past the first elevator cloud. 2) Just past the brown destroyable blocks. 3) Take the first cloud up and go left. Pluck the flowers. 4) Grab a bomb from the container just past ghost 2, take the first cloud up and go right. Bomb the two statues and one will reveal a ghost 5) To the right of the second cloud, shake the gold statue 6) Take the second cloud up, go left, and bomb the two gold statues 7) In the very same room as 6, bomb the gray statue as well. 8) Take the second cloud up, go right, and tug on the green ball to receive a boomerang. Use the boomerang (actually, you don't have to) to clear the four spike balls to reveal a ghost. 9) From there continue right past the third cloud, and capture the flame throwing ghost in the room. 10) As you take the third cloud down, you will see a ghost behind the wall on your right. Get off the cloud, position yourself under the ghost, even though you can not see it, jump, and throw the jar at the ghost to get it. 11) After coming down the third cloud, go right, and capture one ghost... 12) ...and the other. 13) Now go left. Stand next to the gap in the green wall, and throw the jar through the hole. It will capture the ghost. Now go below, and tap down twice to roll underneath the gap in the floor and repeat the process the other way to get back out unless this is your last ghost to collect. Now return the jar to King Aster to exit. *Yellow Gem: In the room with ghosts 11 and 12, bring a bomb and destroy the gray statues. Level 8 - Aster's Tryke! Objective: King Aster awaits your return with a tricycle. You must have the tricycle when you reach the end of the level or you must repeat it. As you move the tricycle, waves destroy the path behind you so move as quickly as possible. Moving fast helps you gain enough momentum to carry you over many of the gaps. *Yellow Gem: easy to see, hard to get. When you make the last launch off the tricycle and arrive at King Aster, try to keep the dive of the bike shallow to pick up the gem before you hit the ground. If you do hit the ground and don't go too far, you might be able to backtrack for it. Level 9 - Moley Cow!! Objective: Beat the Mole. This is very simple, pick up his head and slam him into the ground. Do it enough and he'll self destruct. *Yellow Gem: When the mole is lying on his back, you can jump on his tummy. Among blue gems, you'll eventually be given his yellow gem Level 10 - Aster's Maze Objective: Navigate the teleport maze. There are two structure exactly the same, only one has green numbers and one has red. You must figure out how to use the stars to make it to red 8 and exit the stage. Here is a map: g1->g2 -> | g2->g1 r1->r6 -> | r2->g4 g4->r4 | -> * g3->r4 r4->g6 | -> * r3->g2 g5->r1 * <- | g6->r3 r5->g3 * <- | r6->g2 g8->r8 -> * g7->r2 r8->exit * r7->g8 *Yellow Gem: the Clancer right of g4 has it. Shake him up. Level 11 - SASQUATCH beta Objective: Beat Tarus in his vehicle. He has two stages. Stage 1: Riding his tank, he will chuck rocks at you which you can just throw back at him. When his cannon charges up, quickly grab it and star air boosting it up and wait until the shot is fired. This will get rid of him much faster. Stage 2: His tank transforms into a mecha-bot. It will come after you until it is close enough to kick you. When it does, grab it's foot, and jerk it back so the cyborg falls out. While he's on the ground, air boost the mecha up, and then quickly slam it down on the cyborg. All together, you need to press B, C-right, C-up, and C-down very fast. It only takes a couple of tries to kill him. *Yellow Gem: Beat him without getting hit once. Don't worry, this one is much easier to beat perfectly than Lunar. WORLD V - Imperial HQ ------- Level 1 - Clance War II Objective: Reach the end of the war zone. You must keep pushing right, getting past all of the foes. You will have to face four Clancers in Mecha pods and defeat each one to move on to the next part of the stage or to the exit. *Yellow Gem: As you pass through each leg of the stage, you will notice a predominate color theme matching the boss of that leg. Among the normal colored Clancers will be a few gray ones. I have found the gem on the first gray one in the fourth leg of the stage among all the green Clancers. See if you can find him and shake him. It may take a few tries. Level 2 - Counterattack Objective: Beat the General Clancer using an ostrich. (Where'd an ostrich come from all of a sudden?) Catch the balls he sends you and throw them back. *Yellow Gem: You can catch the energy bursts he sends to you. Catching one will get you the gem. Level 3 - Bee's the one! Objective: Ride the bee to the air fortress. All you have to do is let the bee do the flying and avoid the missiles and rocket pack Clancers. You can throw the missiles and Clancers all you like. *Yellow Gem: It will be on one of the missiles, but never the same missile each time you play this stage. There doesn't seem to be any chance of missing which missile it is, just keep picking up missiles and shake them until one of them reveals a yellow gem. Be sure to catch it. Level 4 - MERCO!! Objective: Beat Merco. When Merco attacks you, grab him, and yank his sheild away from him. This will enable you to attack from any direction. If he has his shield, he is only vulnerable from behind. To defeat him, pick him up, and slam him into the ground a few times. *Yellow Gem: When he lunges at you with his sword, grab it and yank it away from him, and give it a shake. Level 5 - Trapped!? Objective: Infiltrate the air fortress. First beat the guy in the mecha pod. In the next room, you must figure out how to get through the room using the teleport stars. (Hopefully you're only reading this if you're stuck...) Do not let the bomb fall on the red blocks. Instead, yank on the pink ball first, use the star, yank on the green and blue balls, go back to the pink one, and tug the new blue ball. Place that statue directly under where the bomb will fall from so when it does appear, it won't detonate. Release a bomb and use it on the right wall. Repeat once more on the farther set of red blocks and your out. Now you have to deal with the pirate Clancer. If you back him into a corner, he'll shoot a grappling hook and swing over you. Try to grab him and air boost down when he's more than half way through his swing so he lands on his back. Do it enough times and he's gone and the exit star is just beyond the door. *Yellow Get: After getting rid of the second set of red blocks, go back and destroy the very first set to reveal a star. Use it, tug on the ball you arrive next to, go out, and tug on the new ball, and go back to tug on the pink ball that appears which contains the yellow gem. Level 6 - PHOENIX gamma Objective: Defeat Merco and his vehicle. He has three stages: Stage 1: First he will dive at you. When you get the chance, grab him and yank away his shield. Next chance you get, yank away his sword. Be careful because you can still get hit by the drill while you're doing this. When he loses his stuff, he will try to charge at you. Take his shield or sword and throw it at him after he's banged against the side and is vulnerable. Stage 2: He will jump on his bird, and the bird will try to peck you. When it stops, grab his head and air boost down until it springs back up. Now watch out for the laser blasts coming from his wings. Dodge them all and repeat. Stage 3: After pulling his head back, the bird will chase you, firing a machine gun, missiles, and some kind of blast. When he fires the missiles, start grabbing everything in sight. You only need to manage to catch one missile, and the rest is history. *Yellow Gem: As you might have guessed, beat him without getting hurt once. Level 7 - Inner Struggle Objective: Beat the Monolith. Grab the bad words floating by, shake them up to turn them into good words and throw them at the Monolith. Dodge the balls that he sends back at you. *Yellow Gem: Eventually the word Dire will appear. Grab it and shake it into Lucky, and smash Lucky on the ground to reveal the yellow gem. I've never seen the word Dire appear more than once per chance in the stage. Level 8 - Final Battle Objective: Beat Beastector. Straight out of a Voltron nightmare, Lunar, Tarus, and Merco team their machines up into one gestalts machine to kick your behind. Strategy is pretty simple. Grab the foot before it slams down on you. If he runs into the background, he is preparing to fire at you. Keep running all the way to one side to avoid the shot. The way to kill him is by grabbing the arm he fires at you and aiming back at him. He will run from side to side to avoid you, but he usually pauses after he's run in one direction. So if he starts by running to the right, aim a little to the left of him. A couple of hits with the fists take him out. *Yellow Gem: You can figure this one out by now. Beat him perfectly. "Level 9" Ending Objective: There is none! You did it! You won the game. Now depending on how many yellow gems you got, you'll either see a little or a lot of the ending, while the yellow gems slowly count down until they reach 0. Now if you managed to get through the game with a GPA of A, and you have all 52 gems, you will have the oppertunity to catch Teran as he approaches you, and the ending will change slightly. Then you can move on to... "Level 10" Credits Objective: OK, just kidding again. You get to see this no matter what. Hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>