Destroy All Humans! Created 07-06-05 Version 0.99 =============================================================================== Table of Contents =============================================================================== 1. Introduction 2. General A. Crypto Screen Layout B. Flying Saucer Screen Layout C. Crypto Controls D. Flying Saucer Controls E. Weapons F. Abilities G. Tips 3. Walkthrough A. Turnipseed Farm: Destination Earth B. Rockwell: Earth Women Are Delicious C. Rockwell: Citizen Crypto D. Santa Modesta: Alien Pool Party E. Santa Modesta: Television of Doom! F. Santa Modesta: Aliens Stole my Brain Stem G. Santa Modesta: This Island Suburbia H. Rockwell: Teenage Zombies From Outerspace I. Santa Modesta: South by Southwest J. Santa Modesta: Foreign Correspondent K. Santa Modesta: Suburb of the Damned L. Area 42: Whatever Happened to Crypto 136 M. Area 42: The Mutant Menace N. Area 42: Duck and Cover! O. Santa Modesta: It's A Wonderful Armageddon P. Union Town: Furon Down! Q: Capitol City: Mr. Crypto Goes to Capitol City R: Union Town: Armiquist vs the Furons! S: Capitol City: The Lone Gunman T: Capitol City: The Furon Filibuster U: Capitol City: Shocking Developments V: Capitol City: Attack of the 50ft President! 4. Probe Positions A. Turnipseed Farm B. Rockwell C. Santa Modesta D. Area 42 E. Union Town F. Capitol City 5. Minigames A. Turnpiseed Farm B. Rockwell C. Santa Modesta D. Area 42 E. Union Town F. Capitol City 6. Pox's Lab (Upgrade Information) 7. Archives 8. Legalities ============================================================================== 1. Introduction ============================================================================== When I first heard of the idea for this game I was intrigued and knew I would definitely want to play it. I just hoped that the gameplay justified my curiosity about the game. Personally the game did not let me down. It was fun to play and enjoyable to write about. My hope is the information I provide is helpful and easy to read. Have fun destroying all humans. ============================================================================== 2. General ============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A. Crypto Screen Layout ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 111111111111 B Y O R 222222222222 [ * ] T ooo S 3 C o o X o 5 o 444444 o o ooo 1: Concentration meter- Decreases when using any psychic power 2: Health/Shield 3: Ability- Appears upon pressing L1 4: Weapon- Will display which weapon is in use and amount of ammo left 5: Map B: Blue Exclamation Point- A civilian is aware of your presence Y: Yellow Police Badge- The police have been alerted O: Orange Star- The military is on alert R: Red M- Majestic has been alerted ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Flying Saucer Screen Layout ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B Y O R 1111111111111 [ * ] ooo o o o 3 o 222222 o o ooo 1: Hull Integrity- The health of your saucer 2: Weapon- Will display which weapon is in use and amount of ammo left 3: Map B: Blue Exclamation Point- A civilian is aware of your presence Y: Yellow Police Badge- The police have been alerted O: Orange Star- The military is on alert R: Red M- Majestic has been alerted ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ C. Controls (Crypto) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Start: Pauses game Left analog stick: Moves character throughout the environment Right analog stick: Changes the camera angle, moves crosshairs, moves objects when Psychokinesis is activated Square: While holding L1 activates Hypno Blast, in psychokinesis moves objects In (closer to Crypto) Triangle: While holding L1 activates Psychokinesis (tap twice to throw objects) Circle: Holobob, while holding L1 activates Brain Extraction, in psychokinesis moves objects away from Crypto X: Activates jet pack for jumping or hovering, While holding L1 activates cortex scan L1: Makes the ability menu available when held L2: Not used L3: Not used R1: Fires weapons (hold or tap) R2: Cycles through weapons R3: Not used D-pad: Not used ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Controls (Flying Saucer) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start: Pauses game Left analog stick: Moves flying saucer Right analog stick: Turns flying saucer R1: Fires weapon R2: Changes weapon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Weapons/Equipment ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Zap-O-Matic- Fires an energy beam that, well, zaps humans. Doesn't require ammo but must be allowed to recharge. 2. Disintegrator Ray- Fires what appear to be balls of fire that turn enemies crispy. Requires ammo. Can be upgrade to twin shot and triple shot. 3. Ion Detonator- Fires bombs at enemies. The bombs can be self-detonated or will detonate itself as time passes. Requires ammo. Very effective against robots. 4. Anal Probe- Need I say more? Using the anal probe will cause humans to run away grabbing their butts. If you allow the probe to charge first the energy from the probe will cause instant head explosion (to charge hold R1). 5. Jet Pack- Pressing X allows Crypto 137 to jump. Holding X down allows him to hover longer distances but not infinitely. 6. Death Ray (Saucer)- Your initial saucer weapon. Must be allowed to cool after extended use, but it doesn't take long to cool. 7. Abducto Beam (Saucer)- When humans are under the saucer they can be picked up by the abducto beam and placed wherever you choose. 8. Sonic Boom (Saucer)- Excellent for destroying buildings, robots, and missile launchers. Can fire a single boom or a burst. This weapon requires ammo. 9. Quantum Deconstructor (Saucer)- The deconstructor is even better than the sonic boom for destroying buildings. The drawback is reload time and once unlocked you can only hold 2 shots before upgrading. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Abilities ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Cortex Scan: This is used to read the mind's of Earth's creatures. 2. Psychokinesis: The ability to lift and move objects with Crypto's mind. Hold the L1 button down and then hit triangle. Objects can be moved closer or further away using the square and circle buttons. 3. Hypno Blast- After targeting a human hold L1 then hold square. This will allow you to hypnotize a human. The human can then be instructed to sleep, create a distraction, or various other things as you progress through the game. 4. Brain Extraction- This is the way to collect DNA from humans. Hold L1 to bring up the ability menu then repeatedly tap circle. Brains can be extracted from dead human bodies and live humans. 5. Holobob- Target a human and press circle. This allows Crypto to take the appearance of a human. As you are disguised, the concentration meter will be drained. To keep from losing your disguise, cortex scan other nearby humans to gain concentration. Majestic agents have the ability to jam your holobob disguise allowing everyone to see the alien you truly are. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G. Tips ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Anytime you Holobob someone your concentration meter will decrease. To maintain the meter and not lose the disguise you have to scan the brains of other humans. 2. If you have made it to the Rockwell map the cow killing side mission is an easy way to collect DNA. Especially with the Disintegrator Ray. 3. Stay out of the water. Furons hate water. 4. You can Holobob dead people too. So if some is alerted to your presence zap them and Holobob their carcass. 5. You can't Holobob or use your abilities through fences. 6. If you are in a gun fight you are not winning you can run to avoid getting hit and your shield will repair. 7. When using your jet pack, look at Crypto's back you should see 3 green lights when your start. As energy is drained from the jet pack the lights turn red. When the last light turns red you begin to fall. 8. You don't have to kill someone before extracting DNA. If you have enough concentration you can extract directly from a living human. 9. Only Crypto can pick up DNA, probes, and ammo. So if you are in disguise you will have to unHolobob to pick up items. 10. PK is a good stealth way to dispose of humans that may attack (police, soldiers, and Majestic). 11. When you have to collect DNA to move on to the next mission, the DNA does not have to be collected at your correct mission site. You can return to the Mothership and collect DNA at any of the areas. =============================================================================== 3. Walkthrough =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Turnipseed Farm: Destination Earth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mission is basically a tutorial to familiarize the player with the controls. The first skill you learn is the Cortex Scan. You need to read the minds of 2 cows. Then there is a cut scene where Crypto gets up close and personal with a cow. Next use Psychokinesis to lift 6 cows off the ground. Do with them as you wish. A cut scene follows. You have been seen by a human and he is not happy. Hopefully, he doesn't greet all his guests with a shotgun. Use the Zap-O-Matic to take care of the farmer then extract his brain. Harold's wife and friends are not pleased with your treatment of their fellow human and try to come to his rescue. Zap 3 more farmers, 1 is in front of you, 1 on the left and the last is on the right. Oh no, its the law. They really shouldn't try to enter a vehicle that doesn't belong to them. Head back to the saucer and take care of both cops. Enter the saucer for some more mayhem. Use the Death Ray to take care of the four building indicated by pink diamonds on the map. The destruction of the Turnipseed farm bring the attention of the military. Two transport trucks and a tank appear on the road the police came on. It would be advisable to destroy the tank first, then the 2 trucks. Four more tanks appear and try to take you out. There will be one from each direction. Turn the ship around and take out the tank behind you. Continue to rotate to the right and destroy each tank one by one. The last tank will appear where the first trio of military vehicles arrived. You need to collect at least 250 DNA before proceeding to the next mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Rockwell: Earth Women Are Delicious ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The over all objective is to find some feeble minded earthling to question. Your first object upon landing is to enter the fair. Pox's tells you it is best not to be seen. As you exit the ship move to the left and forward using the trees for cover. You will see a person standing alone at the road, Holobob and enter the fair grounds just ahead. Now read the minds of 3 particular humans. They are the ones that have purple thought bubbles with question marks above their heads. Once in the fair grounds head to the right the 1st human to question is just past the ice cream stand. Continue right and the 2nd human is next to the Ferris wheel. Keep going right until you see a man on stage he's the last human to scan. They all talked about the Ms. Rockwell pageant winner. Pox feels she is the perfect one for testing due to her peanut sized brain. She is in the tent at the center of the fair grounds. Hypnotize her and tell her to go to your saucer. Follow Ms. Rockwell there. After the cut scene, the authorities will be on the way. Enter the saucer and destroy the fairgrounds. Use the death ray to blow up the 13 buildings. As you proceed be careful missile launchers will fire but are no match for you death ray, move toward them and destroy if you'd like. Upgrades are now available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Rockwell: Citizen Crypto ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During this mission you need to avoid a police alert. First objective is to scan a radioactive cow. The cow is straight ahead. Pox does not like the fact that humans changed these gas bags into exploding zombie cows and asks you to kill the scientists involved. Move toward the right and you'll pass a gray wooden building and a silo, straight ahead is a military truck, 3 scientists, and multiple cows. All these scientists can be Zap-O-Maticed from the tall grass. One is to the left and the other two are straight ahead. There are 2 soldiers behind the army truck. If anyone sees you as you are zapping the scientists you can run back toward your saucer and zap them as they follow (or just zap them on the spot). After the scientists are dead the mayor sees you and runs. Now you have 2:30 to seek and Holobob him. Move past the dead scientist and Holobob the first person you see. Continue left down the road until you reach the mayor's house. Two flag poles are at the entrance and 2 cops are guarding it. It doesn't matter though, cause you are in disguise. Circle to the left of the podium with the red, white, and blue banners to the back of the house. Here, you will find a cop protecting the mayor. When you unHolobob the mayor will be frightened, Holobob quickly into the mayor and a cut scene will advance the story. You are now the mayor talking to your constituents. The options I chose were: Pretend glowing is normal, Blame communism, Act patriotic, Threaten communists (the crowd didn't like this choice), Make empty promise (they didn't like this one either), and finally I Blamed the cows. Everyone is at peace and the mission is over. Saucer Upgrade Available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Santa Modesta: Alien Pool Party ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now you need to find the mayor without alerting the police. As you begin the police are heading toward you as Pox is describing the mission. Don't wait for him to finish talking, quickly head up to beach to the right. As you approach the houses you can see a woman with a purple question mark over her head. She's walking toward the building and the house. Holobob her then scan her for information. She's disappointed she didn't get invited to the pool party the mayor is having at the hotel. Its time to crash the party. Go to the front of the house and follow the hedge to the right. Continue down the street passing 2 houses and a Yumsicle billboard. The hotel is ahead and to the left. Scan the mayor (purple question mark). Pox is upset at the mayor and wants you to clear the party of humans. Zap-O-Matic the 8 party goers. Unfortunately this action alerts the police. To help you with the police Pox offers you the Disintegrator Ray. Now you must reduce the Santa Modesta police to 1/2 strength. A % will appear below your shield/health meter, when it reaches 50% the mission is complete. I just ran around the pool area and allowed the police to come at me. They were sitting ducks and there's plenty of ammo around. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Santa Modesta: Television of Doom! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Majestic is planning to send subliminal messages through the TV. Pox wants to beat them to the punch. The goal is to destroy Majestic's car before it arrives at the TV station. I just ran to the car and repeatedly fired the Disintegrator Ray. The car will make a left and then the first right. Hit the car as many times as you can up to the point after it makes the right and you can't keep up. Continue left until you reach the gas station. Behind the station is more ammo (It took me approximately 115 shots to get the briefcase.) Wait on top of the station for the car. As soon as you see it jump down and fire. The car should be destroyed. Get the briefcase. At this point everyone may be on alert. If you need a good place to hide, to the left of the gas station at the top of the hill is a donut shop. I was able to hide behind it without being seen while the alert level went down. The information in the briefcase leads you to Sleepy Ernst. The first right (as you are running from the station) will lead you to the TV station and Sleepy. Pass a TV antennae to the left and a building with SMCBS on the top thats on the right. Sleepy is laying in front of the large tree, destroy him and his car. You'll need to take out the cops surrounding Sleepy too. With Sleepy gone, you need to head to a human dwelling. Leave the TV station toward the donut shop and take the first left. Head straight toward purple beam in sky. When you arrive Pox will tell you to align the antennae so the transmission will be successful. He gives you 3 minutes to align them. Using you map locate the closest antennae, then use your jet pack to reach the top of the house. Hit L1 to bring up you abilities and press triangle (use) with the antennae in your site. The antennae will bend. Hover to the next roof and repeat. Disentegrator Ray upgrade is available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Santa Modesta: Aliens Stole My Brain Stem ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Collect brain stems that are left from the previous mission (12 stems) and extract 300 DNA from living humans. Your told Majestic can jam your Holobob disguise. You'll know Majestic is nearby because your disguise will pulse red. So avoid Majestic when possible. The brain stems are guarded by cops, Majestic, and devices that send a wave to temporarily deactivate your weapons. To get the brain stems I pulled out the Disentegrator Ray and ran to each stem firing. The pink diamonds indicate the position of the stems. The stems are scattered in 7 different areas. Five places have 2 stems while the remaining sites have 1 stem each. It would be wise to destroy the EMP mines (devices that deactivate your weapon) as you go. Some of the stems are in the wooden and metal crates, so the crates should be destroyed too. An easy way to collect DNA is to go to the beach cops will follow in waves, you can zap them and extract the stems easily. Before going to the beach though I holobobed and laid low until the alert level went decreased. Then made my way to the beach where the saucer landed during the Alien Pool Party Mission. Depending on what alert level you are at 2 police (military) will repeatedly cycle down the hill no matter how many are killed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G. Santa Modesta: This Island Suburbia ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Investigate scientist activity and establish a connection between them and Majestic. Find the scientist and scan their minds. They are at the Star Diner and Cassidy's diner. Just head straight from the saucer and the Star Diner is just across the street (Cassidy's is just past the Star Diner). Be patient if you don't see the scientists at first they will drive up in ice cream trucks and start walking around the building. You learn that Majestic has placed mind altering chemicals into the food. Instead of destroying the scientists, destroy the source of the food---the diners. Enter your saucer and destroy the buildings and those that run from the buildings with your Death Ray. Four people will run from the 2 diners you destroy. The trailers beside the diners need destroyed as well. This action brings about a Majestic convoy and the military. Now you need to stop the convoy and destroy the military vehicles. If the saucer is taking too much damage the mini-saucers are available to repair your ship. There is a Majestic agent in the center of town. I used the saucer to take out most of the threats surrounding this agent. Land you saucer and proceed on foot. Hypnotize the agent telling him to go to the saucer. Follow him there. Alternatively, if your quick and accurate you can use the Abducto Beam and pick up the agent. Take the agent back to the home on the map and drop him. Land the saucer, walk over to the agent, and hypnotize him. He will get up and walk to the saucer. I wasn't careful in moving the agent (he hit many buildings on the way back to the beach) and he appeared to be dead. Even so he still got up once I hypnotized him. Also, you will take lots of fire when trying this method. The agent is well guarded by missile launchers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H. Rockwell: Teenage Zombies From Outer Space ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You land in the fair grounds and are to proceed to the drive-in. Jump the wall and Holobob the person about to cross the bridge. Move across the bridge and move down the street running under the Annual County Fair banner. Pass between the barber shop and laundromat (there's a blue truck parked in front). Go through the fence opening to the right and you've arrived at the Blue Moon Drive-In. There are 3 enemies at the drive-in (2 operating the projector and 1 in front of the concession stand). From the drive-in sign go right around the drive-in perimeter. There will be an opening in the wall where you can sneak behind the 2 at the projector and fire on them without the 3rd knowing. When they are gone head to the front of the concession stand and dispose of the 3rd Majestic agent. While looking at the drive-in screen move right against the wall and go behind the movie screen. Go through the fence across the dirt road into the next fenced in area. There are 4 military personnel here. Two ahead near the film, one to the right near the truck and the last is in the near left corner. Disintegrate the military men and grab the film. With the film in hand head back to the projector the way you came. Pox tells you to enjoy the movie, but you are interrupted by Majestic trying to stop it. Protect the playing film for 1:30. They will come from in front (side with big screen) and from behind (where you initially entered). If you go to the roof of the concession stand and stand in the corner near the projector you have a good view and shot of the agents as they come toward the projector. There is ammo on the roof and you are more a difficult (not impossible though) to hit target. Death Ray upgrade available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. Santa Modesta: South by Southwest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the start you get more powerful, an ion detonator. This mission is to practice using the new weapon. There is plenty of ammo in the area where your saucer is located. Destroy 10 vehicles. Now make Majestic aware of your presence (if they aren't already) and cause $20,000 worth of damage to Majestic forces. You can (if you want) complete the first parts of the mission without leaving the bowling alley's parking lot. Now destroy Majestic's base. Enter the saucer and you now have Sonic Boom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. Santa Modesta: Foreign Correspondent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harness the power of TV to brain wash everyone in the country. To do so you need the help of Bert Wither, a person all humans will trust. Follow the human that talks to you from the beginning. He will want you to scan him as you go. He leads you to a the only man that can get close to Wither. Holobob the cook and hypnotize him to deliver food to Wither. Follow the him and be careful because as he gets close to the beach you may lose your Holobob ability due to the Majestic agents that are around (try to PK them if they get to close). When the cook talks to the guard and goes through the force field that has been turned off, Wither will be just ahead. Hypnotize him and tell him to go to the saucer. Holobob him then follow Wither all the way back to the saucer. You can also destroy the force field yourself if the cook doesn't work for some reason. Just to the left of the shack is a mainframe that controls the front portion of the force field use your PK ability to throw something (crate/barrel) into it. There is also a similar mainframe on the other side of Wither's position. Sonic Boom upgrade available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K. Santa Modesta: Suburb of the Damned ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your mission here is to protect the towering transmission towers from military destruction. Pox will let you know which tower is under attack. You will see 2 health meters (one for each tower) below your own health meter. The first wave is only military men and are easily dispatched with the Disintegrator. Next they bring in the tanks and finally robotic armor. The Ion Detonator should be used to destroy them. The PK ability can also work pretty well against the tanks and the giant robots. You will need at least 1000 DNA to continue to the next mission. Tower 2 TV Station ------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------- --------------------- | | | | Tower 1 | | | | | | | | | | Ion Detonator upgrade available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- L. Area 42: Whatever Happened to Crypto-136? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inspect the radioactive area that could be Crypto 136's crash site. You need to recover Furon technology and rescue 136. The crash site is straight ahead. Head between the arching rock and the warning/photography prohibited sign. Don't venture past the line of trees to the right (there is a turret and Majestic). Go just past the large rock and take cover behind the next set of rocks behind the metal trailer. Holobob the guy in the orange jump suit. The 1st piece of technology is just to the right. Put the guy in the white to sleep, take off your disguise, and get the technology. Quickly Holobob again. As you proceed beware of land mines (they resemble straw hats on the ground). Just to the right of the 1st piece of technology is a path leading to the 2nd piece. Go just past the yellow road block signs, around the rocks to sneak up on the Majestic agent. Use PK to lift Majestic out of the way. Remove disguise, grab technology, and re-Holobob. Head back down path. You'll come to the 3rd piece guarded by 2 Majestic agents and a turret. Several options exist: use PK push the agents, lift and throw them, or use the rocks to hit them. Get the technology. When you lose your disguise the turette will fire. Hover backwards and use the rock for cover. Holobob the next guy you see. Continue on path and enter fenced area. Wait for a truck to come to the gate and it will open. Look to the left and move between the first two barracks allowing you to sneak up on the 2 Majestic agents. Dispose of them as previously described. Holobob again. Follow road to the right. The road will curve at this point go between the 2 buildings to the right. The last piece is just to the left. Take care of the agents as before. Hover over the fence after the last piece is acquired. Follow the dirt road to find 136. There are numerous agents guarding the base. To avoid them head right to move to the back of the base. As you proceed you will run into the large robots. Use your Ion Detonator to take them out. Continue until you find a crack in the wall. Enter the base here and move to the right. Take cover behind the trash bin next to the ammo. Holobob anyone nearby and head to the building in the center. Look up and you will see agents patroling above. Find a place where you won't be seen, lose your disguise and jump the hedge. Slowly head around the building to the left. When you see an opening in the hedge you are near the entrance to 136. PK push the mine then shoot the 2 Majestic that come to investigate. You can't enter due to the force field. If you like stealth and skill, move back around to the rear of the building where there are scientists (purple ?) standing near the cylindrical building with arches. Jump hedge and hypnotize a scientist. Turn around jump back over the hedge and head toward the lab entrance keeping an eye on the hypnotized scientist all the way. The scientist will shut the force field off. If you like though you can just shoot the force field with the Disintegrator Ray and it will go off. 136 is dead. Pox says destroy the evidence: the broken saucer and 136's body. Recover the tape and head back to the saucer. PK upgrade available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Area 42: The Mutant Menace ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to the data tape recovered in the last mission humans have discovered how to unlock their latent psychic abilities. To thwart this new threat enter Majestic's lab. Enter just like above you did in the last mission. This time though once you kill the 2 guards at the lab entrance there is no force field. Enter the lab and to the right is a scientist among the boxes. Hypnotize him, telling him to deactivate the force field above. Let the scientist climb the stairs and get to the force field. When he is there destroy the boxes and the weapon deactivator. Once the force field is gone climb the stairs and cross the walkway. Stand to the left of the doorway for cover before moving down the stairs. Two Majestic agents will try to attack from behind but since you know this you'll be waiting. Proceed down the stairs and kill the psychic mutants with your Disintegrator ray. When they are enveloped in a green ball they are invincible to your attacks. Once their dead destroy the computers, head back up the stairs and across the walkway. Below 2 Majestic and 1 psychic will block your way out. Destroy them. Pox orders you to destroy the 4 Tesla Coils located in the base. Upon leaving the base head left to the first coil. It takes 3 Ion Detonators to destroy 1 coil. When you fire the Ion detonate it before it lands. This way you can fire quickly and move on. Head to the right for coil 2. Next go toward where you entered the area through the crack. Stay along the wall and destroy coil 3. You are now out of ammo. Before you get to the last coil jump inside a fenced area where the radioactive cows are and destroy the boxes to get more ammo. Arrive at last coil and destroy. Head back toward saucer following the wall. Enter saucer and using Sonic Boom destroy the lab area. Disintegrator Upgrade available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N. Area 42: Duck and Cover! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mission challenges you to go to the atomic testing site with no police alert. Move left around the path until you see a military truck. Holobob a soldier. Take dirt road right and enter through the gate. Head straight toward pink beam and hypnotize the driver. Escort the truck to its destination. Use your PK on the box with the red light to open the gate. Next use PK to move the military truck off the road. Several cows block the way. MOOOOve these cows from the road. 2 soldiers and a tourette are next, be aware and destroy them if not in disguise. Ahead are 3 more soldiers and rocks blocking the road. Move the rocks and continue. The truck is then stopped by road block signs. Don't move them just yet. Continue ahead of the truck shooting each of the mines, 14 total, with your disintegrator ray. Go back to the truck and remove the barriers. The truck then arrives at another gate with several soldiers and road block barriers. PK them all. Move in the fenced area and when the truck stops you must defend it from being disarmed. The scientists will try to disarm while the military will try to kill you. With about 1 minute left Pox will tell you to run to avoid the atomic blast. Keep moving away to the right until the cut scene takes over. Sonic Boom Upgrade available ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- O. Santa Modesta: It's A Wonderful Armageddon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You acquire a new weapon: the Quantum Deconstructor. Your mission is to destroy Santa Modesta. There are 15 buildings. Repairs and more ammo are around the town as well. Using the Deconstructor is the easiest way to destroy a building. You will need 1500 DNA before the next mission is available. The cow mission at Rockwell is an easy way to get DNA. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P. Union Town: Furon Down ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crypto crashes and is captured. You begin in a force field activated cage and are to escape. Hypnotize the scientist into turning off the cage. Holobob the scientist and then use your PK to dispose of the 2 Majestic agents. Now you must arm yourself: retrieve your gun. Take a left before the metal trailer, move past the red crane and make a right. Your gun is ahead among the humans. Unfortunately, your gun doesn't have a clip. Retrieve the powercell for the gun. It is just to your left under the crane. Pox is surprised you are still alive, but it takes more than a massive head trauma to keep Crypto down. In order to find your ship you need to scan the dock workers. The first one is just to the left of the power cell, behind the crane. The 2nd is straight ahead on the other side of the crates. The last one is in an orange jumpsuit. Move to the right and pass a crane. He is on the other side of the crates. The password is Marilyn. Continue along the edge of the ship to the right until you find the barge driver. Start a conversation, tell him the password, and I guess he will take you to the island but I was discovered along the way. Pox knows an alternate route to the island, but you'll need your jetpack. Head toward the pink diamond to find your jetpack in a nearby warehouse. Once the jetpack is equipped, leave the warehouse and head left toward the water. You should see numerous blue lights in the water. Hover to the light first light and land. Continue this process until you reach the dock. Hopefully, during your time on the ship you have acquired some ammo, if not you still at least have the Zap-O-Matic. Holobob someone and head right along the far wall. You need the Holobob so you are not destroyed by the turrets. Once you come to a metal trailer enter through the crack in the wall. To release your ship hypnotize the worker in the orange jumpsuit next to the crane on the right. Something is wrong with your ship though, the humans have removed the powercells and you can't take off without them. There are 6 powercells to find. The first is just behind you (turn around and move right). Leave the area with the saucer and hover across 3 barges and onto a ship. There are Majestic and turrets aboard so be careful. The next powercell is in the depressed area ahead. At the end of the tunnel you will find another cell. Hover out of this area and head down the ship to the right the 4th probe is on the second level. Continue past the smoke stacks and the next powercell is on the row boat ahead. Go back to your saucer. Run directly past it and make a right when you pass a metal trailer. The last powercell is between a couple of wooden crates. With the powercells in your possesion go back to you saucer and destroy the island base. I believe there is a total of 12 structures to destroy. You must have at least 2000 DNA to unlock the next mission. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q. Capitol City: Mr. Crypto Goes to Capitol City ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to the White House and investigate. Pox wants you to go without making a scene, so be stealthy. If the military is alerted the mission is over. Head straight into the alley between the 2 buildings ahead. Holobob someone and make a left. At the end of the street go right continue forward avoiding detection by Majestic agents. The road will eventually curve to the left and you have arrived at the White House Front Gate. Scan the mind of the lead scientist leaving the White House. He mentions General Armiquist so Pox asks you to follow him. He leads you to the pool in front of the Washington Monument. Continue up the street and take a left across the bridge. Once across take the first right and head toward the gate. Press X to start a conversation with the guard and give him the password Blue Rider. He will open the gate. Alternatively, you can hypnotize the guard into opening the gate. Go immediately right upon entering the fenced area to avoid Majestic agents. To find the General move along the fence. You will come to a portion of the building that appears to have been destroyed. Continue along the building wall and pass some stairs. One set of stairs has a man lying on them. Just past this man is the bunker where Armiquist is stationed. Move toward the bunker until a cut scene allows you to see and hear him. Now the humans have found your saucer and are planning to steal it. Run back to your saucer to protect it (there's a 3 minute time limit). You no longer have to worry about alerts so you can lose the Holobob or keep it; your call. There are several Majestic agents on the bridge so you probably won't be able to keep it once you get there. Use the map to direct you to your saucer and clear the area before entering. Once in the saucer the mission is complete. Ion Detonator upgrade is available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- R. Union Town: Armiquist vs the Furons! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humans are trying to unite vs. the Furons. Follow Armiquist's car to the meeting site with the other leaders of the branches of the military. While following the car you must avoid a military alert or the mission is over. Head immediately to the right and Holobob the first person you see. As you follow the car be on watch for Majestic agents they will try to undo your disguise. The car will eventually leave the paved road and take a left down a dirt path. Follow behind slowly and on the right and when you get to the tree opposite the Uncle Sam billboard move further right along the water toward the building ahead. Armiquist is in this building but Pox wants you to take control of the leader of the Navy and convince the other branches that Armiquist doesn't know what he's talking about. The Navy officer will come approach you at your current position from the rear of the building. Hypnotize him to sleep then Holobob him. Proceed to the front of the building, where the General's car parked and enter. I chose to Blame Rowdy Kids and then Did You Catch the Assassin. The other military leaders agreed and left. During the cut scene your Holobob disappears and the General will enter a giant robot suit. I used the Ion Detonator on Armiquist and the Disintigrator ray for his pals that come along. Psychokinesis upgrade available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S. Capitol City: The Lone Gunman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your initial objective is to check out the black vehicle outside the White House without alerting the police. Turn around and head out the open space behind you and go left. Holobob someone on the street and follow the road left. As the road curves to the right continue down this path. Take the next available left. You will come to a road block guarded by soldiers. Move past the road block and to the right. Continue down this road until you see a motorcade of black cars. Pox tells you to follow the motorcade, but be careful their are Majestic around this area too. As you follow you don't have to be directly behind the motorcade use the area on either side of the street to avoid Majestic detection. Once you see a parked military truck ahead you've reached the stopping point for the motorcade and an AMBUSH! Fight your way out of the ambush and destroy all the humans. There are approximately 10 men and 3 robots to destroy. If you find yourself low on health run up the street to give Crypto time to recover. Once you've destroyed everyone its time to find and assassinate the president. You have 1:40 seconds to find him and kill him. He is well protected with Majestic, robots, and psychic mutants. I ran in firing but never actually saw the president. When I reached the podium I was instructed to return to the saucer and protect it within 1:45. Once the landing area is cleared enter the saucer and mission is complete. Zap-O-Matic upgrade available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T. Capitol City: The Furon Filibuster ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mission is really quite easy. Pox wants you to kill all the senators before they can vote for a new president. Just use the Disintigrator Ray to shoot anyone heading toward the capital stairs. A meter appears below your health 0/20 (I think it is the number of senators that have successfully passed but the meter never changed so I'm not sure). There's plenty of ammo around so don't be shy shoot anything that moves. Disintegrator Ray upgrade available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U. Capitol City: Shocking Developments ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Destroy all Tesla Coils in town. Just as in Area 42 Mutant Menace. You have to do this on foot. You can't use your saucer. There are at least 2 that have control consoles that you need to destroy as well. Head right from the landing zone and you will see the first coil. Holobob and walk up to the scientist, hypnotize him so he will overload the coil. This coil and 3 others will be destroyed. From this point, I just went on a rampage using the map to run to the Tesla Coils and the Ion Detonator to destroy them. Along the way Pox will ask you to kill the scientists so the coils cannot be rebuilt. Quantum Deconstructor upgrade available. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V. Capitol City: Attack of the 50ft President! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pox says that victory is complete. Go to the capitol building straight ahead but when you arrive try not to gloat. There is a black car and two robots in front of the capitol. When you arrive a cut scene takes over. Silhouette the Majestic leader tells you he killed your predecessor (136) and you find out he's a chick. Thats right not a he but a she. She also unleashes her ultimate weapon, Robo-Pres. Run to your saucer, you'll need it to combat this monster. Each time you knock off about 1/4 of his energy he will run. Follow him and don't let up. Continue to move in and out, left and right to avoid fire. There is repair kits and ammo around. Be sure to watch the saucer's hull integrity meter so your ship doesn't go up in flames. Switch back and forth between the sonic boom and quantum deconstructor. If your taking too much fire you can use the death ray to take out some of the missle launchers, but try to save the big guns for the President. Once the president goes down use the map to find the Octagon and land. This next level part of the mission is difficult to say the least but its the final boss so what more do you expect. I don't know a good way to do this, I was constantly on the move and constantly firing. It may help to take out the robots with the Ion detonator when possible. Silhouette has her own weapon and will do repeated cartwheels to avoid fire. She also will recover health after turning pink. Keep at her and retrieve more ammo and health as you need them. Alternate and seemingly easier (I must admit) way to kill Silhouette, courtesy of Kyle Dickey on July 8. I haven't tried this yet but it appears that Crypto can avoid some damage by following Kyle's instructions. I read you guide recently and I have found a diffrent way to kill the final boss, Silhouette. If you stand outside the fence to the octagon and shoot your ion detonator. Her health will go down to about 1/4 and then she re-heals herself. So I shot her more and she did the same thing. When I ran out of ion detonator ammo I used the Disintegrator Ray. But if you look enough you can find more ammo for the ion detonator. This time she will die and the final cut scene will roll. From Matthew Bailey on July 9. Ok a really easy way is to stand next to the fence outside the battle zone and she (Silhouette) will come right up close to the fence. If you then fire at the fence with disintergrater for a full round you will hurt her reaaally bad (about 3/4 health without getting hit) you can then leave a few ion bomby things next to the fence and finish her off before she heals herself. =============================================================================== 4. Probe Positions =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Turnipseed Farm Probes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Head north from the saucer (opposite the Blue Moon Drive-In billboard) there is a probe to the left of the shack in the fenced in area with 3 farmers. 2. Continue to the other side of the fence and jump it. Climb the hill and probe 2 is in the clearing. 3. Move to the right and you will find a probe behind the Turnipseed home. 4. Find the chimney on the Turnipseed home. Standing with your back to the chimney move up the incline to the left. The probe sits in front of the trees. 5. Move back toward the Turnipseed home and head left past the dock. There is a probe on the back side of the red barn to the right. 6. Go back around the front of the barn and go down the path to the right of the white, block building. Move past the Farmland Fiasco mini-game. When you arrive at the truck go left up the hill and there's probe 6. 7. Go back toward the truck and there is a probe just behind the shack to the left. 8. Move to the front of the shack and run parallel to the wheat field. Go past the line of trees at the end and turn left for a probe. 9. Head away from the wheat field into the woods ahead. On the other side you will find a missile launcher. From here go right and over the hill. You may have to jump to get across. There's a probe in the valley on the other side. 10. Continue up the next hill and the pond is on the other side. Probe 10 is in front of the pond. 11. Follow the pond to the left. You will pass a single large rock and come to a group of several rocks go left and climb the hill. 12. Head back down toward the pond. Go left, there is one near the rocks ahead just before the billboard. 13. Make a left at the billboard and head down the dirt path. Probe 13 is on the left side of the path. 14. At the end of the dirt path there is a vegetable stand to the left. Turn right and move inside the fence. At the top of the hill in front of the shack is another probe. 15. The next probe is at the front steps of the house to your right. 16. Run down the hill and jump the fence. Cross 2 paved roads. You will find a probe behind the corner tree. 17. Turn left and run parallel to the paved road. Follow the pond that is on the right. Pass the leafless tree, a bush, and another lone tree. Amidst the shrubs ahead is probe 17. 18. Continue to the left past a different leafless tree and enter the field. Just past the scarecrow and to the right is a probe. 19. Walk through the line of trees and enter the next field. There is another scarecrow and a shack ahead. Make an immediate left into the lower field you should see a probe to your right next to a bail of hay. 20. Move toward the shack you saw describe above. Ahead in the open is a probe. 21. On the opposite side of the red barn straight ahead is the next probe. 22. Walk down the hill toward the paved road. Cross the first road into the grass. Behind the lone tree to the right is a probe. 23. Cross the 2nd road and move through the line of trees into the field. There is a probe behind the shack on the left. 24. Continue into the next field (do not head toward the road to the right). Run straight through the trees and pass a shack to the left. Continue forward and run through a green field. Pass through another wooded area and pass another shack. Straight up the hill next to a 3rd shack is probe 24. 25. The last probe is in the field just past where 24 was found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Rockwell Probes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. From the area where your saucer landed at the begining of Earth Women Are Delicious, head down the dirt path and look to the far right of the county fair banner. You've found the first Rockwell probe. 2. Continue down the road until you see the Santa Modesta sign, make a left and follow the outer fairground wall until you see a red barn on the hill to your right. There is a probe beside the barn. 3. Return to the wall and continue to follow it to the right. Probe 3 is at the end of the wall. 4. Move straight ahead until you see the river. Turn left and follow the river. There is a probe on the giant rock just before the bridge. Hover across. 5. Go back to the fairground wall and jump it. Circle all the way around to the left. There is a probe in the 2nd corner you come to. 6. Continue around and pass the next exit. There is a probe along the wall straight ahead. Just follow the wall to the right and you should run into it. 7. Exit the fair grounds just ahead to the left. Move straight across the road and jump the wooden fence. A probe is near the rocks beside the river. 8. Head right along the river bank. Probe 7 is behind the single tree ahead. 9. Continue to follow the river. When you are close to the bridge you will notice a probe right beside it. 10. Cross the bridge and go right. Follow the river for until you see a giant cow sign saying Rockwell Population 3200. A probe is beside the cow. 11. Proceed to the paved road with the yellow double line and head left. Enter the wheat field on the right and continue to the red barn in the distance. A probe is next to the white silo beside the red barn. 12. Move to the back of the silo and turn left. The probe is in front of the shack just ahead. 13. Continue ahead past the shack. You should come to the Drive-in. Don't enter move to the right along the fence. Follow the fence until you come to a 2nd entrance and turn right. Move past the red barn and head for the white silo in the distance. A probe is next to the shack beside the silo. 14. Move past the white silo and you should see an old truck. Climb the hill past the truck. When you arrive at the next field go left and head toward the trees, you should see a large house to your left. The probe is where the tree line makes an L. 15. Head back to the drive-in. There's a probe behind the big screen. 16. Leave the drive-in and go toward the military truck. There is a probe between the fence and the last barrack. 17. Turn around until you see the red barn. Jump the fence and proceed around the barn. A probe is positioned between the barn and the tree line. 18. Walk toward the military fence and go right. Proceed to the wheat field and turn left. Just past the trees is another probe. 19. Continue forward through the wheat field. Cross the road and there is a probe under the Precious Atom billboard ahead. 20. Move down the paved road away from the bridge. Pass the police station and go left just before the laundromat. A probe is next to the dumpster. 21. Continue moving behind the buildings, pass 5 dumpsters, and make a right for the next probe. 22. Walk to the other side of the Blue Moon Drive-In sign for another probe. 23. Head back to the main road and go left heading back toward the giant cow. Once you go under the yellow fair banner pass 2 houses and then go behind the next house probe 22 is in the pool. Hover over top of the probe and begin to fall, before you hit the water hit X again to avoid death. 24. Stay behind the houses and move back toward the two houses you passed. When you see the next pool go left and a probe will be in front of the building. 25. Continue between the houses and there's a probe just ahead on the left near the bricks. 26. Turn right and jump the fence ahead. Probe 25 is next to the dumpster. 27. Jump back across the fence and continue down the same path. Cross the road and head toward the Mayor's home. At the rear of the house is a probe. (You may have gotten this one during the Citizen Crypto mission). 28. Jump the hedge ahead. Bear right and enter the fence area. There is a probe straight ahead between 2 barracks. 29. Turn around. There is a probe in the warehouse on your right. 30. Leave the warehouse and jump the fence ahead. To the left of the home is probe 29. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Santa Modesta Probes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Starting from the beach saucer landing site (where the pool party mission begins). Look to the right. 2. Climb the hill to moving just left of the two tree in front of the saucer. There is a probe on the other side. 3. Head left back down to the beach and follow the shore line to the right. 4. Return to the circle area the cars drive around. To the left is a baseball field. A probe is behind the scoreboard. 5. From the scoreboard cross the pitcher's mound and look in the dugout on the left. 6. Head toward the side walk and go left. Cross the street, pass a telephone pole and one house. On the left in the woods is a probe. 7. There is another probe in the woods behind the next house. Go to the back door, turn left, and head straight into the woods. 8. Head back to the road and follow it left. Follow the road as it curves and make a left at the next intersection. The probe is behind the gas station. 9. Move across the street into the wooded area. The probe is floating in the air just behind the trees, in clearing. You will need your jet pack for this one. (This was the last one I found but it fits in easily here. I'd like to thank Zachery Seres for e-mailing me the location of this one. I was in this area before but never thought to look up. Thanks Zachery). 10. Head up the road and behind the donut shop on the left. 11. On top of the church beside the donut shop. 12. Move into the tv station through the gate where there are SMCBS signs on the ground on either side. In the tower 2 area behind the tree where you found Sleepy Ernst is another probe. 13. Head to the back of the tv station and jump onto the lower roof. Now up to the actual roof. The probe is on top of the first antenna you see. Get close then hover straight up into the air. When you see it move forward. 14. Head back to the church (beside the donut shop) and go down to the shore. Take a right and follow the shore line for the next probe. 15. Turn around and climb the hill. The next probe is next to the Modesta Massacre II mini-game. 16. Continue to the road and go left. Go behind the house that sits where the road curves. 17. Continue between these houses. The last house on the left has a probe on its roof. 18. From the rooftop go left to the beach. Follow the shore left for a probe. 19. Head back up to the road and turn left. You will pass a gas station to the right. Continue into a fenced in area. Enter and head toward the lighthouse. Hover to the top of the lighthouse. 20. Climb off the lighthouse and start to head toward where you entered. Instead of going back though, once you descended the hill the lighthouse sits on turn run and go through the tunnel. I believe this is where Bert Wither was hiding in the Foreign Correspondent mission. 21. Move to the left of the shed and head toward the water. Go left and follow the fence until you see a probe. 22. Head back the way you came and hover across to the first dock you see. Once on the beach go left and there is a probe on top of the large rock in the ocean. 23. Head back toward the dock you landed on above. Continue past it until you reach then next dock. Go to the front of the building and look in the water to the left of the ramp. Hover down and get the probe. 24. As you leave this dock move straight ahead to the wall. 25. Go back to the beach and head left. There is a probe on the porch of the next dock. 26. Climb down the ramp and move to the left. There is a probe on top of the large rock with the grassy top. 27. Jump off the rock and go into the shed up ahead. 28. From the shed go up to the road and head left. You should see Lou's Diner ahead. There is a probe on top of the diner. 29. From the top of the diner stand facing the sign. Go left and jump off the diner. There is a parking lot straight ahead. Climb the hill beside the lot 30. Continue straight ahead and make a left (passing the tv station and the donut shop). Continue to the gas station and go left. Keep moving until you come to Bowl World. Hover to the roof. The probe is on the large bowling ball on the sign. If you continue to the end of the street you can jump onto a lower area and then onto the roof. 31. Move around to the parking lot of Bowl World. Underneath the Bowl World logo is a door way. The probe is here. 32. Leave the Bowl World parking lot and make a left. Go behind the laundromat. A probe is next to the dumpster. 33. Head back toward the bowling alley and make a left. The next probe is on top of the tall rock where you can play the Santa Prix mini-game. 34. Jump of the rock and head towards Cassidy's Drive-In Diner. Make a left and head to the beach. 35. Return to the main road and go left. Follow the road as it curves by the diner. At the T-intersection cross the road and climb the hill. The probe is to the right on top of the rock. 36. Start back toward Cassidy's but when you get to the road, follow it right. Pass Martin's Electrical and go behind the wall just ahead. 37. Follow the wall until you reach the billboard and a probe will be found. 38. Continue left past the end of the wall and move to the beach. The probe on the beach to the right, behind the boat (sometimes there isn't a boat but a man standing there). 39. Go back to the road and enter the hotel area (where the pool party was). There is a probe just to your left. 40. There is another probe on top of the beach side Motel sign. Standing with your back to the pool jump on the hedge to the right. From there jump to the 2nd floor of the hotel and then onto the roof of the hotel. Now you can hover over to the probe. 41. Jump off the sign toward the ocean. Turn right and follow the road. Take next right and then the next left. There is a probe at the gas station. It is inside the wall to the left behind some oil drums. 42. Jump the small gas station wall and cross the street heading toward the ocean. Make a right behind the line of houses. The probe is behind some flower boxes on the patio of the 2nd house. 43. Move to the front of this house and cross the street. Go between the houses ahead. There should be an in-ground pool in front of you. Turn left at the pool. The next probe is in the above ground pool. 44. Return to the road and go left. Pass the gas station (the motel is just ahead) and make a left. Head straight through the next intersection and you should be at a Smith and Hodges building. Enter the alley, pass the dumpster, and go behind the building. Hover to the top. The probe is to the left on top of the adjacent building (Martin's Electric). 45. Jump down off the Martin's (toward the area where you had to hypnotize a Majestic agent in the This Island Suburbia mission) and cross the street. Head to the right behind the wall. Pass two trees and you get a probe. 46. Continue down the alley. Cross the steet and go between the buildings ahead The probe is on the building at the end of the street just past the billboard. 47. Head back the way you came. When you get to the street go right. Take the next left as you move down this street you should be heading parallel with the diamond patterened orange sidewalk. Hover onto the building to the right (Frank's Barbershop) for another probe. From here you should see the Modesta Mall sign on your left. 48. Move to the right (away from the mall sign) and jump off the building. Make a left cross down the steet. Across from Bowl World there is a probe in the big tree before the fountain. 49. Hover over the fountain to the next tree and you will get another probe. 50. Jump off the tree and move toward the gas station. The last probe is behind the house directly across the street from this gas station. It is up against the hedge. (While I had found all the Santa Modesta probes, I mistakenly gave directions to 1 twice. Thanks to Charles Cresawn for finding the error and letting me know which probe was omitted in the guide) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Area 42 Probes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Beginning from the landing site where you began the Whatever Happened to Crypto 136 mission. Turn around head opposite of the arch of rocks and head toward the ammo. You should see a probe just behind the rocks. 2. Now head back to the arch and there is a probe on top of it. Move to the right of the arch and from this higher elevation you can hover up to the top and get the probe. 3. Head to the crash site from Whatever Happended to Crypto 136? Start up the dirt path but go left up the hill. There is a probe at the top of the first tall rock. 4. Go back to the dirt road and follow it. Before you get to the base's entrance go right up the hill. There is a probe in the air next to the large rock. 5. Enter the base. Follow the road to the right. After passing an exit from the base enter the next concrete fenced area. The probe is behind the shack on the right. 6. Head back to the road and go right. Follow this road until you reach hangars to the right (these are/will be destroyed during a mission). Continue running to the end of this runway. The probe is at the end of the fence on the left. 7. Head back down the runway and there is a probe on in the air next to the first hangar you see. 8. From here jump onto the hangars and you will see the next probe on top of the next hangar. 9. Jump to the ground and head right, you should find a fenced area with a sign reading S-4 Ammunition Compound in front. Follow this fence until you can enter. Behind the bunkers on the left is the next probe. 10. Continue forward and jump the fence. Head toward the rocks and shrubs ahead. When you get there look left. There is the next probe. 11. Climb this hill. You will probably have to jump/hover a couple times to make it up because it is steep in this area. When you get near the top there are giant satellite dishes. Move to the left toward the big rock. There are 2 probes close to each other at this rock. 12. See above. 13. Follow the main road to the right and exit where there are 3 human shaped practice targets. There will be a sign reading Live Fire Range 800 m Helmet Required. Follow the dirt road begin looking to the right. You will see Ion Detonator ammo (red light) head toward it and you will also find a probe. 14. Continue down the dirt road and pass the cow race mini game. Just past the next speed limit sign is a probe on the right. 15. Follow the road until you see a small fenced area to the left. Jump the fence and the probe is in the right corner. 16. Jump the fence and head up the hill moving slightly to your right. Pass a tall rock on the left and head toward the tall rock straight ahead. As you proceed a 2nd rock will materialize. The probe is on the tall rock in the distance. You may have to jump on the rock that materialized then over to the probe. 17. Head back to your saucer (the home icon on the map). Go past the saucer until you find a paved road. Follow the paved road left until you have left the mission area then go left. You should now see the base where Crypto 136's body was found. Look on top of the tall rock to the left there is a probe up there. 18. Run along the wall to the right until you find the place where the wall is cracked. Climb up the hill to the right of the crack on your left there is a probe floating next to the green health. 19. Enter the base and move to the left. Jump into the first fenced area and there will be probe in the far right corner. 20. Exit the fence and head toward the center toward the building/rubble where you found 136's body. Follow the hedge to the right and look up. There is a probe above where you first saw majestics psychic mutants. 21. Look back toward the building where 136's body was. There is a probe above it. 22. Exit the base through the main entrance. Head left up the hill and hover to the top of the very large rock. There is a probe on top. 23. Jump of the very large rock and head to the military base. Enter through the side gate. Head straight for the center building. On the roof of the lower portion to the left is a probe. 24. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Union Town Probes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Beginning from the landing site near the lake across Admiralable Appliance Corp. Head straight for this building and go to the left. There is a probe on the roof of this first small elevation. 2. Jump down and head past the houses on your right. Take a right. When you see the dog bone sign reading MUTTZ Foods Inc., the probe is on the small roof. 3. Jump back down to the road and make a right. Move down the road and go past the dumpster to the left of the Warehouse 25 sign. The probe is behind the warehouse next to the truck. 4. Move back to the front of the building and go left. At the next street you come to on your right go left behind the 2 shacks. Head right down the alley and should come to a probe. 5. Continue to the end of the alley to the street and make a right. You will come to a dirt road (the one Armiquist's car went down as you were following it). Keep moving until you reach the Maritime Museum, the probe is on top of the museum. 6. Head back the way you came and go left at the paved road. When you get to the end of the road (a circle around) head right and there is a probe next to the warehouse ahead. 7. Head toward the woods and follow them to the right. A probe can be found a head in the woods. 8. Turn around and go towards the wall. Jump the wall and hover to the small roof for a probe. 9. Head to the street and go right. When you get to the curve in the road next to the large tree look up an to the right. A probe sits on the small roof. 10. Return to the road and move past the large white cylinders. Pass 3 of these cylinders and then move to the left between the 3rd and 4th one. Go left and you will find another probe on a small roof. 11. Jump to the right and then on top of the cylinder. Hover to the next cylinder to the left and continue to do so until you reach the last one. Look to the right and hover across the road. This probe is on the cylinder on the other side of the road. 12. Move to the left and jump down. Ahead a probe sits behind the Dreaming of Santa Modesta billboard. 13. Continue forward and pass one danger sign, then go left between the 2 buildings. The probe is to the left in the corner. 14. Go back to the road and go left. You will arrive at a billboard reading the Navy Wants You! The next probe is behind this sign. 15. Enter the Port Authority just ahead on the right. Once inside head toward the exit next to the building on the right. After exiting turn right, there is a probe at the end of the wall next to the large cylinder. 16. From the above probe go toward the water and right. Look down, a probe sits on a platform next to the water. 17. On your way back to the Port Authority entrance look in the water to the right you should see blue lights. Hover toward the light and land. Continue across until you reach the island. Arrive at the dock. Head up the hill past the warning signs. Move right following the waters edge. There is a probe on the back side of the military installation in some bushes. 18. Continue along the same path and climb the next set of stairs you see. The probe is just ahead. 19. Head left and go down the incline. Look immediately to the left and the last island probe is hidden behind the tree. 20. Head back toward the Port Authority. Once back a probe sits just ahead. 21. Continue just to the right and straight ahead toward the collection of metal crates. In the distance a probe should be visible. 22. Head toward the water and follow it left. Destroy 2 sets of crates (with weapon of choice) and you should come to a large red crane. With one of those whie cylinders behind it. Pass under the crane and jump the fence for a probe. 23. Hover to the top of the cylinder. Position your self so that you can see the two mini-games in the distance. Jump to the next cylinder and on the right is another crane. The next probe is at the top of this crane. Jump to the building on the end of the crane and you can walk up the cables to get to the probe. 24. Jump down away the opposite way you came. There is an empty warehouse ahead. The next probe is behind the warehouse. 25. Go to the front of the warehouse. Move past the closed gate and next to the cylinder ahead. Jump the wall to the right. If your behind a billboard jump over the next wall. The last probe is straight ahead. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Capitol City Probes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Beginning from the landing site next to the Silhouette battle site. Head as if you were going to the bridge, but when you arrive at the fence follow it to the right (avoiding the land mines) for a probe. 2. Jump the fence. There is a probe to the left near all the crates. 3. Another probe sits in the rubble just before you get to the actual Octagon building. 4. Climb the rubble that is connected to the Octagon. There is a probe on the second level of rubble 5. Continue moving up to the top of the Octagon to find a probe. 6. Walk along the top of the Octagon toward the center and you will find a probe on your left. 7. Move to the far end of the octagon. On the left you will see a beam sticking from the end of the structure. The probe is just below this beam. 8. Drop down to the ground. There is a probe in the crate behind the first bunker you see. 9. The next one is inside that same bunker. 10. Leave the bunker and head right. Go up the hill and straight down into the rubble for the next probe. 11. Head back toward the Octagon rubble. There is a probe on the left side of the 2nd level. 12. Move back toward where you found number 10 and look up. On top of one of the steel beams is a probe. 13. Jump off the beam and follow the fence toward the gate entrance. Pass the entrance and see a probe inside a crate. 14. The next probe is above the Tesla Coil just ahead. 15. Turn and move toward the bunkers. There is a probe inside a metal crate in front of the bunkers. 16. Leave through the front gate and turn left toward the bridge. There is a probe on the right side of the bridge. 17. Cross the bridge and go left. Head toward the building with numberous pillars. The probe is on the left corner. 18. Continue in this direction an there is a probe behind the statue of the man on the horse. 19. When you come to the road go right and then left at the next intersection. Look left and you should be passing The Unreserve Bank. Stand on the stairs of the bank and hover to the top. Look right and there is a probe. 20. Jump back down to the street and cross it. Hover across the fence and head toward the white house. The probe is on the roof opposite of the side where the Capitol Tour mini-game is. 21. Jump back down and head toward the bank. When you arrive at the road go right. When you arrive at the Taxi Hunter Mini-game, jump the hedge to receive a probe. 22. Hover to the top of this building and look across the street. There is a probe on top of Finkelestein's. (From this point, I couldn't figure a way to get up there so I moved on). Jump down and head down the street to the right. Take the first street on the right you come to. Pass Walfords and jump onto Harry's Seafood Restaurant. Pass the billboard and jump up 2 levels. You should now be on a building with a billboard directly across from another building with a billboard. Climb onto your billboard and hover across to the building across the street. Now look to the right there is another building with a billboard, hover to it. From here hover across the street to the tall building. You should be able to see the probe from here. There probably is an easy way to get this one but I haven't found it yet. 23. Hover to the building diagonally across the street. One more building over to the left and you have another probe. 24. Hover back to where you found 22. Go to the next building on the left and then across the street to the right. 25. Jump off this building toward the water and go down the street to the right. Take your next right and look to the left for an Insurance sign. Hover up past this sign. 26. You should see a green fence ahead go out the opening to the left. Head right down the street. On the left you will see a moving barracade like those that are at paid parking lots. Head past it. Near the top of the green building to the right is the next probe. (Again I couldn't figure out a way to get to it from here). I went down Harry's Seafood Restaurant. Just head straight past the probe site until you get to the road. Follow it and take your first right. Hover on the top of the buildings until you arrive back at the probe. 27. Head to the White House/Capitol building (the place where you killed all the senators.. A probe is between the stairs along the wall, under an arch. 28. Another is at the far right steps. 29. Go to the opposite side where you found 27. It is on the balcony on the side of the building. 30. Head past the capitol building, there is a probe on the roof of the next building. =============================================================================== 5. Mini-games =============================================================================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. Turnpiseed Farm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Armageddon -Destroy all buildings in 3 minutes, 200 DNA -Destroy all buildings in 2:45, 200 DNA 2. Rural Race -Travel to each checkpoint within 2:00, 175 DNA -Travel to each checkpoint within 1:30, 175 DNA -Travel to each checkpoint within 1:00, 175 DNA 3. Turnipseed Terror -Collect 4 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA -Collect 5 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA -Collect 6 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA -Collect 7 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA -Collect 8 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA -Collect 9 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA -Collect 10 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA -Collect 11 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA -Collect 12 brain stems in 2 minutes, 150 DNA 4. Farmland Fiasco -Destroy 6 farmers in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 8 farmaers in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 10 farmers in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 12 farmers in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 14 farmers in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 16 farmers in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 18 farmers in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 20 farmers in 1:30, 200 DNA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. Rockwell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Rockwell Rampage -Destroy 12 civilians in 1:30 using Zap-O-Matic, 200 DNA -Destroy 15 civilians in 1:30 using Zap-O-Matic, 200 DNA -Destroy 18 civilians in 1:30 using Zap-O-Matic, 200 DNA -Destroy 20 civilians in 1:30 using Zap-O-Matic, 300 DNA 2. Armageddon -Destroy all buildings in 3 minutes, 200 DNA 3. Start Rockwell BBQ -Destroy 6 cows in 30 seconds, 200 DNA -Destroy 9 cows in 30 seconds, 200 DNA -Destroy 12 cows in 30 seconds, 200 DNA -Destroy 15 cows in 30 seconds, 200 DNA -Destroy 18 cows in 30 seconds, 200 DNA -Destroy 20 cows in 30 seconds, 300 DNA 4. Rockwell race -Travel to each checkpoint in 2 minutes or less, 175 DNA -Travel to each checkpoint in 1:35 or less, 175 DNA -Travel to each checkpoint in 1:10 or less, 175 DNA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. Santa Modesta ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Modesta Massacre II -Destroy 12 females in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 16 females in 1:30, 200 DNA -Destroy 20 females in 1:30, 200 DNA 2. Santa Prix -Travel to the checkpoints within 3 minutes, 175 DNA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D. Area 42 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Armageddon! -Destroy what is left of the human base within 2:45, 200 DNA 2. Majestic Mayhem -Destroy 12 enemy humans in 2 minutes, 200 DNA -Destroy 15 enemy humans in 2 minutes, 200 DNA -Destroy 18 enemy humans in 2 minutes, 200 DNA -Destroy 20 enemy humans in 2 minutes, 300 DNA 3. The Great Cow Race -Race the cows using your jet pack, 200 DNA 4. Desert Rally -Travel to each checkpoint within 4:00, 175 DNA -Travel to each checkpoint within 3:30, 175 DNA -Travel to each checkpoint within 3:00, 175 DNA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. Union Town ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Union Town Tour -Travel to each checkpoint in no longer than 2:45, 175 DNA 2. Union Stem Collection -Collect 15 brain stems in 2:30, 150 DNA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. Capitol City ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Taxi Hunter -Destroy 10 taxis in 4:00, 200 DNA 2. Capitol Tour -Travel to each checkpoint within 3:00, 300 DNA 3. Monument Mayhem -Destroy all buildings within 5:00, 200 DNA 4. Capitol Carnage -Destroy 18 humans within 3:00 (Zap-O-Matic only), 200 DNA =============================================================================== 6. Pox's Lab (Upgrades) =============================================================================== A. Zap-O-Matic 1. Chain lightning to 1 additional target, 250 DNA 2. Chain lightning to 2 additional targets, 750 DNA 3. Chain lightning to 4 additional targets, 1500 DNA B. Psychokinesis 1. Pick up vehicles, 500 DNA 2. Pick up tanks/robots, 1500 DNA 3. Doubled concentration reserve, 3000 DNA C. Disintegrator Ray 1. Increased ammo capacity and fire rate, 400 DNA 2. Twin shot, 1000 DNA 3. Triple shot, 2000 DNA D. Ion Detonator 1. Increased ammo capacity 2. Increased area of effect, 1250 DNA 3. Increased ammo capacity and damage, 2500 DNA E. Death Ray (Saucer) 1. Increased recharge rate, 500 DNA 2. Increased damage, 1000 DNA F. Sonic Boom (Saucer) 1. Increased ammo and area effect, 750 DNA 2. Increased area effect, 1250 DNA G. Quantum Deconstructor 1. Increased ammo capacity and area effect, 1000 DNA 2. Increased ammo capacity, 2500 DNA =============================================================================== 7. Archives =============================================================================== A. B-Movie Theater 1. THQ Logo 2. Pandemic Studios Logo 3. Credits 4. Intro Movie 5. Furon Down! 6. Outro Movie 7. Teenagers From Outer Space 8. Plan 9 From Outer Space B. Furonigami- Some Assembly Required 1. Intro Movie Animatic 2. Outro Movie Animatic 3. Evolution of an Alien 4. 5. 6. 7. Pathetic Humans! 8. The Concept Barnyard C. Furon Propaganda 1. Making of Movie 2. Selling the Furon 3. E3 2004 Trailer 4. Game Trailer 2 5. Developer Darwinism: Evolution of the Game 6. E3 Booth Footage 7. Goofy Screenshots and VO D. Furon Handbook: So you can review the tips Pox provides on your abilities and weapons. E. Invasion Report: Tracks a lot of stats (people killed, DNA collected, probes found, etc...) =============================================================================== 8. Legalities =============================================================================== This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. E-mail: Copyright 2005 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312</p>