Faq/Walkthrough for Die Hard: Vendetta Platform: Nintendo GameCube Initially submitted: February 18th, 2003 Author: MLenyo Version 0.45 Contact: sexymitch15@hotmail.com You can contact me by email with any questions, comments, flames, praise, so on and so forth with the above email address. I will happily answer any questions you may have that are not addressed in this FAQ. If you'd like to contact me, put either "DHV" or "dhv" in the subject line (without the quotes, of course). Otherwise, my filters may accidentally delete your email, and we wouldn't want that, now would we? Any tips, tricks, or suggestions you email me will be used at my discretion. You will receive credit accordingly, of course, as I am a firm believer in giving credit where it is due. Also keep in mind that some sections are still under construction (and/or are being speculated upon, thought about, and planned) and if you suggest to add one of said sections, chances are, you will not receive credit because the idea was already being implemented. But what are the chances of that, right? The bottom line is that credit WILL be given where it is due. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v.31 Added Walkthrough for Chapter 4 - The LA Subway. Various styling and some grammar changes. v.45 Added Walkthrough for Chapter 5 - Century City Police Department. Various styling changes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction 2. Concerning Controls 3. The Weapons (under construction) 4. The Walkthrough Chapter 0 - Police Training The Missions: Chapter 1 - The Townsend Mansion Chapter 2 - Hollywood Boulevard Chapter 3 - The Chinese Cinema Chapter 4 - The LA Subway Chapter 5 - Century City Police Department Chapter 6 - Hollywood Film Studio (under construction) 5. Author's Note 6. Copyright Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my Die Hard Vendetta FAQ/Walkthrough! I hope you enjoy reading/using it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This FAQ is constantly being updated, and will very soon be completed. This FAQ tells what you can expect to face in every room and recommended strategies for each room. There are different ways to go about your missions, most of which are explained, so you'll almost always have a decision to make. Said decision is always up to you, and the differences in the game depending on which route you choose to take are usually minimal. Also take note that there are several ways and angles you can kill bad guys from, and what may work for me, may not work as well for you. That being said, some situations in the game may require a little bit of experimentation on your part. To wrap up my introduction, I'd like to say that I enjoy playing this game, despite the several bad reviews it has received, and I hope you do, too. ---------------------- 2. Concerning Controls ---------------------- I use the default controls in this game. I generally do not tell which buttons control which action/actions because different people have different tastes in controlling their character, much like different people like different flavors of ice cream. If you want to see which button does what and such, while you're playing, pause the game (using the Start button), and select Controller Setup from the menu. From here, you can change your controller settings and check which buttons do what by selecting Controller from the menu. The actual controls for this game will be added in due time, and will be described in detail. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. The Walkthrough ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *************************** Chapter 0 - Police Training *************************** If you're new to this game, I HIGHLY suggest that you do this to get a feel for the game's controls. To the training facility! Walk straight forward to the desk and the girl will tell you how to open doors and such. Follow her instructions, and go through the door behind her. Walk through this next corridor and turn right. An officer will tell you that you're going to be doing some target practice. Let the fun begin! Target Shooting 1 As the officer tells you, look down at the bin and press the action button to recieve a 9MM handgun. You'll be doing this quite frequently while you're here, so get used to looking downwards, as it can be a task when you aren't used to the controls. Just center your sight onto the middle of the target so you can get the best score possible. Don't worry if you mess up, the controls are tricky at first, and the points don't actually matter anyways. Target Shooting 2 Open up the bin to get your SMG. You'll probably want to hold the L button (default) as you fire so that you don't move around while shooting this gun (it has a kick to it). Target Shooting 3 This time, you get an assault rifle. Don't worry, this gun is much easier to handle than the SMG. Hold L (if your controls are default), and you can press up and down on the d-pad to zoom in and out. Even if you haven't gotten the controls down (which, if you're new, I'm sure you haven't), this one should be easy for you. Target Shooting 4 In this room, you get a sniper rifle (oh yes!). Hold L and press up on the d-pad to zoom in on the target. There's no reason for you to NOT get a perfect on this test, as when you aim, the sight doesn't jerk. After you finish, you'll be going into a shooting gallery, and it won't be as much fun as it sounds.. Anywho, the officer will tell you about your inventory screen and how to access it. Listen to and follow his instructions. After you do that, grab some more ammo from the bin, you'll be entering the shooting gallery now. Shooting Gallery Here, pick whichever weapon you liked the best and just shoot ten bad guys (red targets). Avoid shooting civilians (green targets). If you mess up or run out of ammo, you can go back into the previous room to get more ammo. Walk into the green area to begin your test. After the test, you'll have to give all your weapons up.. Because you'll be going to the obstacle course! AHHHHHH! Don't worry, it's nothing like freshman P.E. Obstacle Course Walk right into the ladder to climb up it (Goldeneye vets should know what to do). When you're at the top, tap X once to crouch, and twice to go into prone mode. It's much easier crossing the beam in prone mode. If you don't like going so fast, press B to go into Stealth Mode. You can then cross the beam slower. If you fall while crossing, just climb up the ladder and try it again. Once you cross the beam, stand up again by either pressing Y or by tapping X twice (only once if you were only crouching). Run straight forward and you'll perform an auto-jump. Now wasn't that fun? After you land, turn around, hang a left, and jump up the stairs. When you reach the top, just run straight forward and don't stop until you're at the other side of the room. Go around the corner and you'll have to ride a moving platform to the other side of the room. Go around the corner and run down the stairs. You'll need to crouch to go under a wall, then you'll need to jump over a block (it's easier to jump over things while you're in Stealth Mode), and finally go prone and climb under another wall. Stand up and go through the doors, and now you're done. Facing Humans This is your first REAL test. It's also your first fun test. Get a paintball gun from the bin to train with some humans (other cops). This training session starts once you go through the doors. Go in, hang a left, and go to the edge of the wall on your right. I won't tell you the location of the five humans (after all, this IS a training exercise), but it's easy enough to figure out. And if you wuss out and want to know, just run into the open, get shot, and you can walk around and see where they're all hiding. Hero Time If you haven't played the game, this should be your first encounter with hero time. You get some more paintballs in the next briefing room and the test starts once you walk through the doors. Walk in, walk past the yellow line and the cop will count down until the test begins. Once it starts, activate your hero time (default L + Y), and shoot everyone here. This test is horribly easy, as it auto-aims at everyone for you. Throwing Grenades This test is the only reason that I go through the training course. It's just so fun.. Anywho, get your ten smoke grenades from the bin, listen to the cop's instructions, and walk on into the testing room. The objective here is to throw a smoke grenade in each of the five bins. It may take some practice and expiramentation on your part to get a grenade into each bin (the longer you hold the fire button, the farther the grenade will go), but you'll manage. Stealth Mode Now you get to officially learn about, you guessed it, stealth mode. This is one of the more aggravating tests, because the third room can really get on your nerves, and if you're spotted, you have to return to the very beginning of the test to start over. If you get caught and get mad, you can always take out your frustrations on the cops in this test. It's quite fun, I assure you. If you want to cheat, you can purposely be seen and check out the whole test, like on the paintball test. Room 1 Go into Stealth Mode and enter the room (or vice versa). A cop will be patrolling back and forth in this room, and you have to make it past him without being seen. Room 2 Stay behind the camera on the ceiling while going through the room. The cop from the previous room can still see you when he's at the corner of his room, so be careful. If the camera is facing away, you can just run right across the room. Room 3 This room SUCKS. You have to basically crawl around without being seen by the two guards patrolling around. Chances are, you'll be caught a few times. BUT! I have devised a brilliant scheme so that you don't get caught by the cops. Don't go prone in this room (just crouch) and make sure that you dont go into Stealth Mode (it makes you move around slower). First, follow the first cop around the set of boxes. From there, you can either go forward and left around a long row of boxes, or just hang a left and go on the other side of said boxes. Do not pass the boxes first, just go left (the long row of boxes should be on your right side at this point). Go to the edge of the boxes, turn right, and go straight. You'll see a couple of boxes stacked in front of you, hide behind those. If you position yourself just right, you can see through a crack between the boxes and the wall. From here, you can watch for the other cop. Once he passes, hurry up and go around the boxes you're hiding behind, and make a right (this is there you saw the cop). Go straight, and go fast. You'll pass a corner and then another corner and the cop will tell you that there are motion sensor beams. End of Room 3 You'll be able to see the motion sensor beams. Go into prone mode to crawl under them. Just be extra careful not to run into one, because all of your hard work will have been in vain. Go on through the doors. Grabbing and Interrogating For the next test, you'll learn to sneak up on and hold hostage gang members, criminals, etc. It's quite the cool test and you'll be using it in the game, so pay attention. The cop will tell you some important stuff, so listen to what he has to say. Make sure you're in Stealth Mode and go on into the next room. Walk up behind the cop thats not pointing a gun at the hostages (the leader will always be doing something different than his lackies, or he'll be wearing different clothing). When you get close enough to hold the cop hostage, your Damage Meter will turn red, and you can then grab the cop by pressing your action button. When you do this, the cop leading the training exercise will tell you more about grabbing guys and holding them hostage. Disarming Bombs It isn't as glorious as it sounds, don't expect to have fun during this test. This is the last test you'll be required to take and then you'll be free of this God-forsaken training facility. Look into the bin for your Circuit-Breaking Device, this is what you'll be using to disarm the bombs in the next room. Select this item from your inventory and the cop will tell you how to work it. Now you're on your way to disarm some bombs. Walk on into the testing room, and follow the arrows. After disarming three bombs, you'll be done with your training. Great job! WOO HOO! You'll have to give up your circut-breaking device and then you'll recieve some words of encouragement from the cop. Now, my friend, you're ready to tackle the game itself. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Missions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you did the Police Training, I know what you're thinking, and I'll clear it up right now. It's MUCH easier to control your character during missions than it was during training, and mostly because of auto-aim (you should leave this on at least while you're get the hang of the controls). It's controls are just as easy and simple as Goldeneye's default settings, with a few added features. ******************************** Chapter 1 - The Townsend Mansion ******************************** This mission is easy. Very easy. Easier than the Police Training, in fact. Select the mission from the list of chapters and watch the nice FMV, if that's your bag. If you want to know the story, you'll have to watch it, because this is a walkthrough, not a story summary. After the FMV, you'll be shown the chapter objectives as the game loads. Once it loads, you'll be in front of the museum. Not much to do out here, there's just a Medkit (straight forward, and hang a left. It's right by the police officer and the girl with the blue shirt. After you get the Medkit, go straight up to the cops looking at blueprints on the car, talk to Al (you may recognize his voice and looks, because hes Carl Winslow from the TGIF show Family Matters. Did I do thaaaaaatttttt? Yes, he was also in Die Hard). Keep talking to Al until the cops get the door open, and then you can enter the museum. Enter and walk backwards and to the right. You'll hear an explosion and then the doors in front of you will fly open, shoot the criminal that comes out. Go over his body to pick up his Revolver, now you have two! Go near the room he came out of and take out the guy behind the desk, and the other guy near the stairs. Walk into the room and shoot the guy on the second floor, shoot him dead. Walk in and pick up everyones ammo on the first floor and there's a Medkit to be found behind the front desk. Climb the stairs and face the right, a guy will come out of the room in front of you, shoot him. Get his ammo and leave that room, because the door is locked. Walk straight and get the ammo of the guy you killed earlier. Another guy will come out of the room in front of you, when he does, kill him and get his ammo. Turn to the right, and another guy will come out of the room in front of you. Shoot him, get his ammo, go back to the end of the hall, and enter that room. You'll need to turn left, and you'll see a glass door in the next room. Open it, and sidestep around the corner. Walk straight and you'll see some display cases with vases in them, you can shoot them later if you want. But for now, shoot the guy that walks past, and wait for the other to come into view. Shoot the second guy, and then pick up both their guns, now you have 2 9MM semi-auto pistols, much better and faster than your 2 Revolvers. For saving the hostage, you'll have recieved some hero time. Save it, you can use it later in the chapter. Shoot the vases if you don't like art, or if you want some kicks, and then open the doors to the next room. Face left, and sidestep into the corridor. Two bad guys will be in front of you, blow them both away and then walk forward. When you reach the door, turn right and kill the other guy. Go get that guy's ammo, and go around the corner (left) to kill yet ANOTHER bad guy. Collect everyone's ammo and then go to where you killed the last bad guy. Theres a Medkit sitting next to the stairs. Get it, face left, and proceed down the stairs. You can hide behind the pillars so you don't get shot. There's only one bad guy down here, but he keeps running to the right. For an easier kill, you can run behind the pillars and shoot him when he stops at the end of the next corridor. Run down the corridor the bad guy did, facing left, because there's a guy hiding under the stairs, and somewhat behind the boxes. Shoot him dead. A man will run out of the doors to your right, don't shoot him, he's that loser TV reporter. Talk to him if you want, and then walk over to the boxes. A sniper rifle is sitting on top of them. It's not necessary, but it's kind of fun. Go into the doors the reporter came out of, and before you reach the end of the hall, face right. There will be two bad guys around the corner, and they'll be ready to shoot, so watch out. Get their ammo, and open the doors leading to the next room. You'll see a guy, and John will comment (to himself) about how he looks important, and hints that you can hold him hostage. You now have 3 choices. -Shoot him -Hold him hostage, drag him back to the reporter, and shoot him -Hold him hostage, take him into the next room, and disarm the criminals If you shoot him, a man will be held at gunpoint in the next room. If you hold him hostage, drag him outside, and shoot him, the man won't be held hostage; you'll just have a few bad guys to deal with (four more). If you hold him hostage and take him into the room with his lackies, you can disarm and arrest him and all four other bad guys. I always just shoot him, shoot his (3) lackies and then shoot the fourth lackie holding a man hostage (this can be a risk, you could possibly hit the hostage and fail the mission), but the choice is yours to make. Another choice you have, if you just shot the first guy, is to shoot his (3) lackies and then use your sniper rifle to shoot the fourth bad guy holding the man hostage. Afterwards, walk over the dead guys to get two submachine guns, the most powerful weapons in this level. Face right, and go through the doors to the next room. Theres a guy smoking on the balcony, shoot him dead, and McClane will comment. Slowly walk out onto the balcony (you can crouch if you like), and shoot the guy to the left. Make your way down the stairs, and there will be two guys in the pillars to the right. A guy will come from around the corner of the building (maybe, it depends on how long you dilly dally), so you'll have to deal with him, too. If he doesn't come around the corner, you'll have to deal with him along with 7 other bad guys. Once those 3 (or 2) guys are dead, round the corner of the building, and there will be 2 or more bad guys in front of you. Kill them, and proceed along the side of the bulding. You should see a Medkit at the end of the building, but before you get it, face right. If you have hero time, before rounding the building is a good time to use it. Walk around the corner, and shoot the several bad guys in front of you. THEN you can get the Medkit. If the guy came from around the corner earlier, there will be 7 bad guys, if he did not, there will be 8 bad guys. Now comes the end of the mission. A man will be holding Lucy hostage. You now have 3 choices. -Pick him off with your sniper rifle -Shoot him while aiming carefully, as not to shoot Lucy -Or if you aren't too confident about your sniping/shooting skills (or if you want to see something funny), you can shoot the pot above the criminals head, a "pot shot" if you will (I am SO hilarious!). The pot will bonk him on the head and he will let go of Lucy (allowing you to shoot him without worry) Whichever you choose to do, once you kill the criminal, talk to Lucy. While you're talking to her, the sleazy reporter comes up to you and starts yapping. Congratulations, you've finished the first chapter. You can now access Chapter 2, Hollywood Boulevard. ******************************* Chapter 2 - Hollywood Boulevard ******************************* Hollywood Boulevard is the first chapter to consist of 2 parts. ====== Part 1 ====== If you didn't like the sickeningly easy first chapter, this is the chapter for you.. You start off facing a man who tells you a little bit about a gang. This whole mission has to do with gang activity, so naturally, you get to kill a lot of people. On to the mission. First off, talk to the guy if you want to know more about the gang. Then, turn around, and run straight, then make a right. Go straight, and you'll find Fat Larry, with a gun. Talk to him, then go on into his restaurant for a Medkit. Go into the diner, make a right, and pick up the Medkit on the counter. After you get the Medkit, you have 2 choices. -Make your way outside and shoot the 3 punks -Shoot the 3 punks through the diner's window Whichever you choose, get 2 9MM's and some ammo from their corpses, and then go to the right. If you like funny stuff, make a right in the alley along the way (pesky teenagers). Your cop friends will radio you telling you that they need you to get to the bank, so hurry up and get there. 3 guys will be standing at the entrance, and a fourth will be holding a man hostage. Run to where the pay phone is, stop, and shoot the 3 guys who don't have the hostage. Once you kill the 3 laggers, be sure to keep a safe distance from the fourth who has a hostage, or he'll execute him. When I shoot him, I go off to the right so I can get a better shot, but whatever cuts down your rainforest is fine with me. When you enter the bank, there's a door to the right, but it leads to a dead end. To the left, there will be several hostages behind the counter. Talk to them if you like, or just run up the stairs. Run up one flight of stairs, and just wait at the bottom of the second. You'll hear a bank worker talking to a gang member, so just wait until you see the bank worker walk out of the room, because shortly after, the gang member will. When he does, shoot him. Then run up and get his ammo, but stay there. There will be one guy to the left, shoot him, and then quickly face left and run. Shoot the 2 gang members in the room you're facing, and turn around quickly. Another guy will be walking out of the room the gang member and bank worker came out of. Make short work of him, then run around and collect all the ammo. It's easy to get ambushed here if you get caught off guard or make a mistake, so don't do either. Run to your left to pick up 3 of the dead gangsters' ammo. Talk to the bank worker in the corner if you want, or just turn around and head to where the bank worker/criminal walked out of when you were at the bottom of the stairs. Pick up the dead guy's ammo, and take a right into the vault. After that, turn around, and there will be a guy behind the desk in the next room. Let your gun auto-aim, and fire away. Pick up his ammo, make your way around the desk, and hop out of the window on the left (note: it's much easier to jump while standing still if you are in Stealth Mode). ============================ Hollywood Boulevard - Part 2 ============================ You'll start below the window you just hopped out of, and you'll hear a man plead not to be shot. Make a 180, and head straight. Go into Stealth Mode at the edge of the building, and turn the corner. You have one of two choices now. -blow all the gangsters away. This will cause you some trouble, you'll have to arrest other gangsters later to get some information you can get easily here -or sneak up and grab the gangster in the white shirt, disarm his buddies, and talk to the leader (the one you disarmed) to get some information Whatever you choose, leave the alley, and make a left. Run up to the dumpster and hop on it. Then hop up onto the building. If you were jumping in Stealth Mode, go back into Action Mode so you can make the jump from the building to the ledge on the adjacent building. Run along the ledge until you make it to the rooftop, then jump to the next rooftop. There's a door to your right, go on in. Go down the first flight of stairs, turn so you'll be able to see down the second, and sidestep into it. A guy will come to the doorway, so shoot him. Grab his ammo, and then apply the same tactics for the doorway in this room. Grab that guy's ammo, then hang a right and exit through the door. When you exit, make a right and head down the alley. To the right is a pool hall (which you'll be visiting a little later), and to the left is a couple of things. Head right and go into Stealth Mode. You'll be going into the clothing store to your right, but go slow and be careful; there are hostages inside. Before you enter, crouch, or John will talk to the gangsters, therefore giving up your edge of stealth. Sneak up on the gang member in the white shirt, careful to not be seen, stand back up, and grab him. Disarm his buddies, and then get some info from them if you didn't get it earlier in the alley. After you deal with the gangsters, pick up the gangster disguise slung over the counter. Talk to the clerks if you want, then go into the dressing room. The first dressing area to your right is empty, in the second, there's a scantily clad female, in the third there's a gang member (kill him), and the fourth is empty. Once you kill the gang member (and sneak a peak at the girl), turn around and exit through the door on your right. In this room, face the door on your right, and get ready; there's a bunch of gangsters outside stealing merchandise and you'll need to be careful if you don't want to be shot. Once you exit the door, stay close to the building. Go near the edge of the building, and shoot the gangster standing out in the open. He'll probably see you first, so you may as well run out into the open and kill all 4 gangsters at this point. There are 3 standing around, and one in the truck. After you shoot them all, hop into the truck for another Medkit. Exit the truck, and go into the alley on the right. Go into the door, and you'll hear a gangster talking to an obvious hostage. The door is already open, so go to it and face the right. Sidestep out and take care of the gangster under the counter. You'll get a Pool Club Card. Remember the pool hall we saw earlier? Well, we're going there now. Exit the store, and make a left. If you haven't put on your gangster disguise, you should do it now. Keep going left from the entrace of Vinyl Fantasy, and you'll get to a parking lot. Make a left to enter it and go to the upper right corner of it to the door to the pool hall. Let's hope you have some hero time left over.. If you didn't get the required information from the gangsters, you won't be able to enter the pool hall, so let's hope you did. Go through the door and up a couple flights of stairs to a guy standing behind some buletproof glass. He'll ask for your membership card, so stand in front of him and select it from your inventory. He'll tell you not to speak unless spoken to, worthy advice if I do say so myself. Go through the door, make a right, and go straight. Sorry, you can't kill the guy behind the glass; the door to his room is locked. Keep going straight, and go into the door on your right. Don't talk to anyone, and in a few seconds, you'll hear the guy behind the glass get shot and then a rival gang will bust into the pool hall. Once the rival gang is killed, the gang in the pool hall will realize that you aren't a gangster and will start to shoot you. This is where you use your hero time. Make short work of all the gangsters and walk around picking up ammo. You'll find some keys to the cinema while you walk around. Behind the bar is another Medkit. After you get these items, go to the entrance of the pool hall, but dont open the door. 3 gangsters will be standing in the parking lot. Open the door and blast away. Get their ammo, and go back in the direction you came from to get to the pool hall. At the second right you can take, a gangster will pop out and try to shoot you, so be ready for that. Another gangster will pop out just past the clothing store you were in earlier, so also be prepared for that. Stop near the entrance of Vinyl Fantasy. In front of you will be a big hole in the ground. In it are two gangsters. You can.. -Shoot them -Hop onto the machinery and press the action button, which will drop the beams of wood onto them (you'll have to do this anyways to be able to cross the hole in the ground) On the other side of the hole, there are 6 more gangsters. If you aim from the right angle(s), you can get them all without crossing the hole, but you may end up needing to cross it to get one of them. The one you may not get will be to the right of you as you hop out of the hole; he's hiding behind the tree. Once you kill all the gangsters, press action on the middle doors, and you'll be done with chapter 2. ****************************** Chapter 3 - The Chinese Cinema ****************************** The Chinese Cinema, like the chapter before, consists of 2 parts. ====== Part 1 ====== You start this chapter right where the last one ended. You're in the Chinese Cinema, facing a Galaxy Thief 3 poster. Turn to your right, and face the doors to enter the theater. Do NOT go through the doors, or you'll accidentally kill the hostage inside. Instead, shoot out one of the windows to the left or right of the doors. Hop through it, and talk to the hostage until he runs and hides. For this, you'll recive some hero time. Save it, you'll probably need it later in the level. From here, you can do one of several things. -Go upstairs (there's nothing but bad guys up there, but where there's bad guys, there's ammo) -Go through one of the openings in the wall (either the left one or the right) -Go behind the concessions counter, and through the door there If you want to go upstairs, I suggest that you finish this room first, because there's body armor to be found. If you're a swell guy or gal, and you'd rather arrest someone than kill him, read section 1.15. If you don't mind killing criminals, read section 1.25. 1.15 Go behind the concessions counter (you'll have to crouch to get back there). Go into Stealth Mode and go up to the door back here. Stay crouched, face left, and when you hear someone talking in the next room, go in. You'll have to sneak up behind this guy, stand back up, and grab him. From there, arrest him and you get his body armor and such. Then leave the room and blow his 3 friends in the hall away. Personally, I think this is a waste of time, but whatever cuts down your rainforest is fine with me. (Note: if the guy here finds out you're in the room, you'll have to shoot him anyways, and then his 3 pals will come into the room to see what's going on.) 1.25 It's quicker to go through an opening in the wall than to crawl behind the snack counter, so sidestep on through the one on the right, facing left. Forget the first guy you see (through an opening in the wall), you'll see him shortly anyways. When you pass the corner, there will be 3 guys standing in the hallway, so kill them and wait for their buddy (the one you just saw) to exit the room he's in, and then shoot him too. Get their ammo, and the guy who came out of the adjoining room will have some body armor on, so grab that and continue. If you want to go upstairs, read on (part 1.5). If you choose NOT to go upstairs, skip to Part 1.75 === 1.5 === Go over to the staircase on the right (it doesn't really matter if you go to the right or left one, but for the purpose of keeping my directions simpler, go to the one on the right). Go up the first half-flight of stairs and stand at the bottom of the second. Your auto-aim should have picked up the guy standing at the top of the stairs by now, so shoot him dead. Face left, and go into the door the criminal was facing. In here, there are 2 bad guys standing in the hallway, so kill them before they shoot you. Walk straight up the hall, and on your left, there are two bathrooms. Go into the men's bathroom. You'll be in a room between the hall and the men's bathroom, and you'll be able to hear some gangsters chatting. Open the door, stand right in the doorway (so the door can't close), and shoot the guy that comes out of a bathroom stall. Then face to the left, sidestep into the bathroom, and shoot the guy standing in front of the urinals (ah, the sweet smell of urinal mints in the morning). Get their ammo, and exit the bathroom. Once you're back in the hall, take a left, and turn the corner. Be sure to listen to what the gangster behind the door in front of you says, because it's one of the most hilarious things ever. When you're ready, open the door and shoot him. Go on down the stairs, and you'll be back where you started. Go back through the opening in the wall on the right, and read on to part 1.75. ==== 1.75 ==== You should now be in the room where you massacred those 3 criminals (or 4, depending on if you're a swell guy/gal or not). There are 2 doors in this room. Head to the right one, but don't go in. There will be 4 guys in this room, so face to the left, open the door, sidestep in, and fire away (just hold down the fire button until the bad guys are all dead). Once they're dead, hop over (or walk around) the boxes, pick up their ammo (and a nice submachine gun), and head to the two sets of double doors in the middle of the room. You can go into either side, but let's stick with routine and go through the right one. In this next (small) room, just walk right on through the doors in front of you, and into the next room until a "Chapter Objectives" screen pops up. Congratulations, you are now on part 2 of The Chinese Cinema. =========================== The Chinese Cinema - Part 2 =========================== In front of you to your right is a Medkit, and to your left (leaning against the ash tray) is a crossbow. In the room in front of you, there will be 8 bad guys (6 on the ground, 2 up on the balconies on either side of the room). If you shoot one of the bad guys before you've gone up the first flight of stairs, most of them will follow and come right up to you, but you may have to wait for a little bit. Once you deal with the 6 guys on the ground, you'll have to deal with the 2 bad guys in the balconies. Go to the extreme left or right of the stairs with your back to the wall (until you're right next to the wall) and look upwards; you should be able to shoot the guy on the balcony within a couple of seconds. Do the same for the balcony on the other side of the room. Go up the stairs, do a 180, and look up. At this point John will probably remark about the banner hanging there. Shoot the banner; it's your way upstairs after you get everyone's ammo. Collect everyone's ammo, and among that ammo is "The Enforcer" (which is actually a Desert Eagle hand gun, horribly powerful). You have only seven shots with this gun, and you'll need them for later, so switch back to whatever gun or guns you were using. Note: in this room, there's an organ. You'll be returning here to use it later. Also, ignore the wooden plank leading up to the stage. If you walk onto it, it'll just break and you'll fall down. Climb on up the banner. Once you reach the top, there will be one guy on either side of you hiding behind a seat (they're in plain sight, though). Deal with them, get their ammo, turn right, and head straight through the double doors in front of you. In the hall, turn left, and on your right, there's a door. As you get close to it you'll hear some guys talking. Open the door, and two guys will be there, so blow them away. Walk to the end of the hallway, and get your Enforcer ready (that is, if you picked it up; if you didn't, just use whatever gun you want). This next room is what you've been saving your hero time for. Open the door, activate your hero time, run in, and shoot the two guys in this room. Keep on running, and go into the door in front of you to the right. Shoot the other two guys in here, and collect their ammo. You can talk to the office workers if you feel like it. When you finish in this room, turn around, and straight in front of you, sitting on a desk, is a Medkit. Grab it, and turn around. Now go into the door on the left. In here, there's a door in front of you, and a door to the left. There's nothing of interest in the room to the left, so go straight. Go up the two flights of stairs, and into the next hallway. Turn left, and go over to the corner. Just pick off the criminal holding the guy hostage; you can use your crossbow if you want, but be careful not to go too close to the criminal or he'll execute the hostage. To the left of the hostage, there's a switch on the wall that sends power to the organ in the theater. Activate the switch, and then go through the door right next to it. Go down the stairs, through the door at the bottom, and go through the double doors to your left. In this hall, look to your left and you'll see an opening in the wall that leads downwards. Take it, and once you reach the floor below, turn right. Go straight and about halfway through this room are two double doors. Go through either set of them, and then go straight forward. Shoot the 2 guys standing on the stage, and then shoot the 2 chandeliers on the ceiling. The chandeliers should take out a few of the guys in the room, so there will probably be a couple guys left over; shoot them. Remember the wooden plank near the stage? Go ahead and walk on it now (if you did it earlier, just hop over the guard rail to the floor below). If you'd rather not jump down (for some reason), you can take the exits on either side of the room, and you'll end up in the same place (if you take the right exit, go left, then left again, and vice versa). Go into Stealth Mode, hop onto the organ, and stand so you can see the switch on the left side of it. Activate the switch, and the organ will start to rise. When you get close enough to the stage, hop up onto it, and turn right. Go behind the screen and there will be a Medkit waiting for you. Grab it, turn left, go to the end of the room, turn right, and walk to the very back of the room. You'll see a board hanging against a wall. On either side and above it, there is a weight hanging on a rope/wire/whatever it is. Shoot both weights, and the board will rise, revealing a doorway. Go through the doorway and down the stairs. At the bottom, wait by the door, and be ready for the 3 guys in the next room. When you enter, there will be one to your right, one to your left, and one in front of you (hiding behind a big beam). After you deal with the bad guys, go through the doorway in this room. In the next hallway, ignore the door in front of you, as it's locked, and go into the opening to the right. John will comment, and you'll have to shoot out (our Punch-Out!) the vent, and hop in (crouch beforehand, of course). Whew! That was less fun than you can shake a stick at! Anywho, get ready for chapter 4! ************************* Chapter 4 - The LA Subway ************************* You know how in each FPS there's that ONE level that you could live without? Well, this one is mine. You start off in the vent you hopped down in chapter 3. You'll need to crouch, go forwards, and you'll get to the vent cover. Punch it out, to conserve some ammo. Hop out of the vent, go to about the middle of the room, and turn left. Go straight through a few sets of pillars until you reach some make-shift houses (made out of wood, cardboard, and such). On top of one will be a hobo disguise; get it, and put it on. Walk to the corner, turn left, and hide behind the pillar. At this point, you should hear some guys talking, and you should be using your fists, not guns. Go into Stealth Mode, walk slowly up behind the guy wearing the hat, and grab him. Disarm his pals, and arrest him. You'll get a couple of submachine guns and a second 9MM. Then, go through the grate-like door. Walk through this hall into the next room. In here, there's a door and a vent. The door's locked, as usual, so shoot out and crawl into the vent. Go straight a bit until you can turn right, and then do so. If you were quick, you'll see 2 guards in the next room. I always go quickly and deal with them both while in the vent, because it's less of a hassle, but I'm sure some folk enjoy disarming people. From here, you (could) have 1 of 3 choices. (Note: when you get out of the vent, you should land on the first painting piece, and you'll automatically take it.) -Kill both guards while in the vent -Kill them separately (if one of them is gone by the time you get there) -Disarm the guards (once one has left) Kill them both while in the vent This one's simple. Just shoot both guards. Collect their ammo and a pair of Rigel Night Vision Goggles afterwards. Kill them separately If one guard already left the room by the time you got there, shoot the one you see, collect his ammo (among which is a pair of Rigel Night Vision Goggles), and go into the next room to kill the other guard. Disarm the guards If one guard hasn't already left the room, wait until he does. Then, punch out the vent, go into Stealth Mode, and hop out. Sneak up and disarm the guard, and you'll get his ammo and a pair of Rigel Night Vision Goggles. Regardless of what you choose, go up the stairs and into the next room. In this room, there are two yellow generator looking things, and in between them is a Medkit. Grab it, and go back into the previous room. You'll now be running around on the train track (no, seriously). Go to the opening to the train tracks, and face to the right. Pop on your Rigel Night Vision Goggles, too. Ok, this part can be tough (not to mention intimidating), if you let it get to you. First of all, be ready to run run run, and be sure you can easily and quickly go into and out of prone mode (by tapping crouch twice). Once you're sure you have that under control, you should be ready. First of all, you have to wait for a train to pass. Directly after it passes, run out into the track very quickly. If you'd like, you can just run along the wall and you'll end up going into small openings where you can wait for another train to pass, then go to the next opening, and so on. What I do is run down the center of the track. At certain places there are holes in the ground that you can go prone in, wait for a train to pass, and get up to run to the next one. -If you run along the wall, the fifth opening is where the mission continues. -If you go prone in the holes in the ground, you'll hide four times, and then take the opening on your right. (Note: you can also just run straight when the tracks open, but who wants to give up their element of surprise?) Whichever you do, you'll know you're at the end when you see the tracks open up on either side. Once you're in the opening, Walk on down the hallway until you reach the end, turn right, head up the stairs, and turn left. Head straight for the door, and be ready to shoot 5 bad guys. Once you enter, there is one bad guy on either side of the support beam, one guy down by the stairs, and two on the other side of the tracks. Deal with them as you will, and collect their ammo (the guy down by the stairs had a hand grenade on him, mmmmmmm). After you get their ammo, watch for trains and cross both sets of tracks. Once you cross, a couple of guys will most likely come from the other side and say something about you being across the track, and then they'll run right out and most likely get hit by trains (see, crime DOESN'T pay). Anywho, once you're on the side of the tracks with the mounted minigun, there's a Medkit on the box in front of the support beam, so grab it. Wait, wait, wait.. Did I just say there's a MOUNTED MINIGUN?! SWEET LORD OF VIDEO GAMING! THANK YOU! *cough* Yesss.. So, go behind the minigun and press your action button to grab onto it. If the bad guys on the other side of the tracks didn't get hit by trains, you can shoot hem with the minigun! Back to the mission. While you're aiming the minigun, pull a 180 and shoot the door down. Then, press action once again to let go of the gun. Say your good-byes, and go on down the stairs to the opening of the next room. Face left and sidestep in, because there's a bad guy out of sight (those two boxes are blocking him from view). Shoot him, and hop down into the sewer. Put your back to the ladder (if it isn't already) and walk up the door right in front of you. This will trigger a little FMV sequence and then you'll start part 2 of this mission. ====================== The LA Subway - Part 2 ====================== (Note: when I say directions (for example, straight, straight, left, right), I'm referring to the doors you will take. If you're in a hallway with a door at the end, that door counts as one direction, even if there are no other doors in the hall.) Don't do a lot of turning around in here (and later in the level, when you go through more sewers), especially if you want to follow my directions, because it's quite easy to get lost. Go straight, straight, right, and straight. You should be at a manhole. Hop down and grab the Medkit in front of you. One of the pipes here has been broken open so that you can climb through it, crouch, and crawl on through. Near the end of the pipe, you'll hear a criminal. Go forward, and shoot him dead. In this room, you have to be quick, because there are 3 other guys in here. Go straight out of the pipe, jump out of the hole in the ground that you're in, pull a 180, and shoot the guy in front of you. Turn right, run straight ahead to the red light, turn left a little bit, and shoot the guy standing up on that rafter type thing. Hop onto the "median" in the middle of the room, turn around, and shoot the guy standing there. That makes four guys. Turn BACK around, and on one side of that "rafter" the bad guy was standing on is a ladder. Climb on up, and cross the board connecting to the other "rafter" (some may find it easier to crouch or go into prone mode to cross the board). Once on the other rafter, jump across to where the stairs and door are located. Once you go up the stairs, there will be a guy DIRECTLY to your right and a guy in the upper left hand corner of the room. While still on the stairs, you can hug the right hand wall and position yourself correctly to kill the guy in the left corner of the room, and then face the right hand wall, sidestep out from behind it, and shoot the guy standing there. This room isn't that tough, not much to worry about. After you kill the guys, hop over the obstacles blocking your way, and head down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, you'll see an encasing of glass in front of you, a hall beyond that, a closed off door to your right, and a doorway leading to a couple of rooms to your left (by the way, you can shoot out the glass if you need to work off some tension). Take the room to the left, and shoot the guy in the room beyond that through the door or the window. In the room you're in right now, to the right of the door is the second painting piece, and to the left of the door is a toolbox. Grab the painting piece, and shoot the toolbox and get the generator key inside. Then, go into the next room and up to the computer "Rico" was using, and press the action button for awhile to engage in conversation with the guy on the other end. Afterwards, grab the computer, and head back out into the room with the glass encasing. Once you get back into this room, the closed door will now be across from you, the hall you came from will be to your right, and the other hallway will be to your left. Take the hallway to your left, but stop before turning the corner, because there are bad guys holding hostages in the next room. Carefully dispatch the bad guy right next to the hostages, and then kill the other bad guy in the room (he's to the left of the generator in the middle of the room). Talk to the hostages if you fancy that, and then turn the generator on (the door to the control pad is open). Get ready to shoot some guys in the next room.. As you head for the stairs, angle your view to the right a little bit and put your back to the left hand wall; a guy will be standing just around the right corner at the bottom. Hang out at the top of stairs until you see him (won't take long) and shoot him, then do the same for the other corner. Once you get them both, go down the stairs hugging the right hand wall. A guy will be standing atop a "rafter" like before, so gun him down. Keep looking in the same direction, because there's a guy in the upper left hand corner, hiding in the dark. After you get these 4 guys, you've gotten them all in this room, so breathe easy. To your right, you'll see a crane and a biiigg cement pipe. The puzzle here is to hop into the crane and manipulate the cement piping so that you can get to the other side of this room. It can be tricky, and this particular puzzle requires more experimentation than explanation, so have at it. I do, however, have one tip that could help. If you're really having trouble with this part, jump earlier so that when you LAND you'll end up in the pipe, as opposed to jumping straight INTO the pipe. (Note: to get the crane working, go over to the driver's seat, hop in, and press your action button. From there, use your control sticks to manipulate the crane. Once you get it to a position where you feel you can work with it, press the action button once again, jump onto the platform in front of the operator's seat, and hop into the cement pipe. It can get on your nerves, very easily, but you'll just have to give it time. And hey, you might even get lucky and get into the pipe on your first try.) Once you make it across, go into the double doors next to the closed off stairs. There's a bad guy in here, so before you get to the corner, face left and sidestep into the open. Once you shoot him, pick up the third painting piece on the floor (you'll no longer have to bother with them not that you have all three). Go through the door to the next room. In here, there's a ladder going upwards. Climb on up, and don't worry, no bad guys are waiting for you at the top. In the next room is a Von Laben, so don't shoot him. Once you enter the room, turn to the left to get yourself a nice Medkit. Von Laben should be whining about now; he's afraid that you're there to kill him. Once you get the Medkit, talk to Von Laben for awhile until he runs down the stairs. Follow him down, and try to open the door. Locked, of course. You're in luck, because Von Laben can open it up for you. Go on in, turn left, and shoot the guy behind the door there. You'll probably want to pop on your Rigel Night Vision Goggles again, as it's quite dark down here. Go through the door the bad guy was standing behind, face the door to the left, and wait. This is where it can get pretty tricky, so don't turn around much, and follow my directions carefully. Unless, of course, you enjoy wandering around in the sewers. I will do two sections for the sewers; a short walkthrough that tells ONLY which direction to go in, and a longer one which describes the direction to go in, and where the bad guys are. (Note: these directions start from the first ROOM you are in, not the first hallway.) ----------------- Short Walkthrough ----------------- Here's the short walkthrough for the sewers. It doesn't tell where the bad guys are, only the directions to go in. But don't worry, down here, you can ALWAYS see the bad guys before they see you. Straight, straight, straight, straight, left, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, right, straight, straight. ---------------- Long Walkthrough ---------------- Go straight into the next hall, shoot the guy in the next room, and go straight through the door into said room. Shoot the guy in the next hall, then go through the door (straight), and then straight once again. In this room, go left (there will be a guy in front of you, so shoot him) and then straight through the next door. In this room, collect the guy's ammo if you want (without turning around, as not to get lost), and go straight twice more. Shoot the guy way in front of you, and go straight through 2 more doors. In here, go right, then straight, then straight again. If you followed my directions, you should be in a room with water flowing down from the ceiling. (Note: if you go through the sewers the way I described to, at least one bad guy will still be living when you get to the end. Is it worth it to go off course to kill the other guy(s)? That, my friend, is up to you.) Now, in the room with the water flowing from the ceiling.. Be careful, if you fall into a gap or jump into the water, you're dead. Wait until the water stops to jump across the first gap, then quickly turn the valve that's on your left (to insure the safety of Von Laben). Repeat the process for the second gap, and then once again for the third gap (be sure to press action on the valves after each gap). When Von Laben gets across, let him unlock the door in front of you. Open the door, walk on in, and activate the valve next to the floodgate. Great job, you just finished chapter 4, and my least favorite level. ****************************************** Chapter 5 - Century City Police Department ****************************************** This is the most challenging, and quite possibly the most fun chapter yet. This chapter consists of 3 parts instead of 2. ====== Part 1 ====== You start this chapter with one seemingly simple objective; to meet Lucy in the interrogation room. Soon after this mission begins, you'll realize that this is no walk in the park. First off, go into action mode. Run allll the way to the end of the next parking lot. Before you reach its end, turn so you're facing right. Shoot the guy standing near the elevator, and 3 more guys will come around the corner. Collect all the ammo, ignore the elevator (it takes you to the bottom parking lot, but the middle one has some more bad guys and ammo=) and walk to the end of this parking lot. At the end of this lot, face the right and sidestep down the ramp. Once you're out in the open, there will be 4 guys hanging around, so shoot them. Among their ammo is some proximity mines. Before the end of this parking lot, face the back of the parked police car and wait. Sidestep out onto the ramp. There are a whopping FIVE bad guys here, so kill all of them. Be careful, there is a proximity mine on the wall under the surveillance camera (next to this camera is a locked door, you'll be coming back to enter it shortly). Keep a safe distance, and shoot the mine so that it blows up; thus eliminating the threat. Now, go to the end of this parking lot, and you can now do one of two things. -Shoot the criminal through the window (or from inside, whatever you fancy) -Sneak up on and arrest the criminal Whichever you do, afterwards you should talk to the security guard for awhile (until he gives you the key to the armory), and then activate the switch behind him to open the door at the other end of the parking lot. Before you leave here, check the locker to the right of the switch to get a Medkit. Head back out of this room and go back to where the surveillance camera and previously locked door are (near the elevator). Go through the door and go to the end of this long, twisty hallway. You'll probably hear some guys talking outside. Well, they're cops. And they're being slaughtered. Stay near the door and shoot the guy on the balcony to the right, then move over and shoot the guy on the balcony to the left. Move up a bit and do it again. This time, the balconies are farther to the right and left. After this, do it once more, but this time you'll have to go on the walkways to the right, then to the left to hit the bad guys (or vice versa). After you dispose of everyone, go up the steps in the center of this opening to the green gate. It's padlocked, as you can see, so go ahead and shoot the padlock right off (it's fun, I know). Stop at the bottom of the two flights of stairs and get ready to shoot the guy who's waiting patiently at the top (he WILL see you first, so shoot quickly). After you shoot him, take note of the proximity mine (on the second pillar) on the right hand wall. Shoot it, and then continue. At the end of this hallway is a walkway (don't go onto it yet, there's a mine on your left hand side that you won't be able to shoot) and a guy will jump out from behind a wall and, very unconvincingly, tell you to "Die!".. Shoot him, but only because he's so dense that it would be mean to let him live. Now run across the walkway to the other side, so you don't get blown up. Once you reach the other side, Gruber will start talking to you from his chopper. Soon after, he'll start shooting, so run fast. When you hear a beeping noise, you've just triggered a mine you probably wouldn't have been able to get, so run past it, and move a little to the left if you can (don't slow down to move over, do it as you run). After a little bit there's an opening to the right, but keep running and there's another Medkit. Grab the Medkit, and run back to the opening. Once you get to the glass doors, keep in mind that there are 2 guys inside. Face left, open the doors, and sidestep in with your guns blazing. After you shoot these suckers, go to the end of the hall. You'll have to turn right. Do so, but keep your back to the right hand wall and sidestep out. There's a guy placing proximity mines on the wall, so shoot him, go near the plant in the corner, and then shoot the mine closest to you. It'll get all the mines, so you'll be free to go forwards. Going forward, you'll go past a room with glass windows. Stop at the windows and kill the 2 criminals in there (they're shooting at cops through the window) and go on in. In the corner (by that map of a portion of California) is another Medkit. Grab it, and then turn on the projector if you want. Leave this room, and go left through light double doors. At the top of these stairs is a wounded cop. Talk to him if you want, and then in the room through the glass (in this hall), three guys are holding Dick Thornberg hostage. You'll probably want to use your hero time to make sure you can get all three before they shoot him. Or you can just wing it, whatever. After you save Dick, talk to him and this will initiate a little FMV, and then you'll be in part 2 of chapter 5. Congrats. ======================================= Century City Police Department - Part 2 ======================================= Walk through the door that Dick is facing. Turn right, open the double doors, and run straight and to the right to get a Medkit. Gruber has a little surprise for you here, so you better hurry. After you get the Medkit, hightail it to the other side of the room. Walk up to the double doors, then quickly get back, because you just activated a proximity mine. This will most likely kill one of the bad guys in this room, so you'll have 2 more to kill (that is, if he dies. If not, then you have 3 to kill, of course). Grab their ammo and shoot out the fans if you want (I always do). In the center of the room there are some light colored double doors. Take them. In this next room there aren't any bad guys, but when you turn the corner you see Al (Carl Winslow) being held hostage inside a room by 2 bad guys. If you have some hero time you can use it here, though you don't really need it. I always just shoot them through the glass, because they're slow. After you dispose of Al's captors, talk to him until he gets up and starts walking out. Follow him, and when you get to the corner 2 guys will be there, so shoot them. Turn the corner and another criminal will be shooting at you from the left, so shoot him, then turn the corner he was at and shoot another criminal. Pick up their ammo, and go around the corner. You'll see a stairway, but it's rigged with proximity mines. Shoot the mines (there are 3), and go back to the previous hallway (where you can see into a room with glass windows). Go all the way down this hallway and shoot the three guys through the window. Then, go into the room, collect their ammo, and grab yet ANOTHER Medkit from the desk. After you grab your Medkit, go back and talk to Al until he realizes he's hurt and McClane tells him to "sit this one out." Then, go back to the stairway where the mines were. At the bottom of the stairs, a guy will be waiting for you behind the corner. Shoot him, then turn the corner and face the two openings. Remember that armory key? Well, the right opening leads to the armory, and there are 2 bad guys trying to get in. Shoot them, and then go up the hallway and into the armory to collect some might fine stuff. First, the SWAT Vest will be on your right hand side. Grab it, and go into the next door. Open the locker on the right for a combat shotgun, grab another Medkit off the desk, and leave. Go back to the other opening in the wall, and go on forward. You'll see 3 observation rooms. These rooms have no purpose other than for you to watch some criminals harass and shoot some other criminals. Watch if you like, then go to the corner, face the left, and sidestep out. Shoot the guy in the hall, get his ammo, and go into the hall to the left. Now you'll be able to shoot the criminals that were harassing the other criminals. Fun! There isn't anyone in the first room on the left, but in the second room there's one guy, and in the third room there's 2 guys. Once you shoot, the guys from the next room will hear you so be quick about executing the criminals. After you shoot them all, go to the end of the hallway, turn right, and go into the I.D Parade Room. Look through the bulletproof glass and you'll see Lucy in the next room with Von Laben. Talk to her on the intercom near the door. Eventually, John will try to shoot the glass out but to no avail. After that, Lucy will try to break the bulletproof glass with a chair. Just shoot the glass at the same time Lucy hits it with the chair (but be sure not to hit Lucy or Von Laben). Once the glass breaks, talk to Lucy until she gives you the keys to the holding cells. You can shoot the mine by the door (in Lucy's room) if you want. Then leave the room, turn left, and then turn left again. You'll now be facing the door to the holding cells. Go on down into the holding cells.. The third guy on the right is the first guy you want to let out (use the switch next to his cell). Isn't it kind of strange to have the cell release switch right next to the appropriate cell? I mean, wouldn't they be able to get out?! Yes! Yes they would! But I digress.. Talk to the Mexican guy behind you for awhile about the explosives in the building. Wait until it says the Communications are back online (it should say it just about as you finish talking to Nitric) and then open Nitric's cell. Talk to him and then when he leaves, follow behind him. You'll end up following Nitric to the front doors (do NOT open them, they have C4 on them). He won't disarm the bombs unless you go back into the previous room and watch him from there. Just wait in the previous room, and after a little while, Nitric will finish disarming the C4 and he'll bolt. You are now on part 3 of chapter 5. ======================================= Century City Police Department - Part 3 ======================================= You'll start off in the room you waited in while you were in part two of the chapter. Leave through the front doors Nitric ran out of. There will be 3 guys standing by the cop car in front of you, so shoot them. Then turn to the right and there will be 3 more guys for you to deal with. Get the ammo, and go to where the second trio of guys were. The briefcase you need will be sitting by the burned-looking cop car. Once you get the briefcase, look to the right (look to that big opening). 6 bad guys will be there (if there's not six, just wait for the other to come out). 3 will be to the right, and 3 to the left. Run to get their ammo and SEVERAL more guys will come out. Just get your combat shotgun if you have some shells left and start shooting and walking forward until you kill them all, (there are ABOUT nine guys more you'll end up killing) and once you do, you'll see on FMV and you'll be done with this chapter. Congratulations, you're almost halfway done. ------------- Author's Note ------------- I have aspirations of one day opening my very own video game store (with a little help from my friend(s)). If you'd like to, you can donate some money (every penny counts, there's no sum too small) to my noble (hah!) cause. You are in NO WAY obligated to contribute anything, as this FAQ is completely free and meant to be viewed by the public, but donations are always welcome and will be placed in a very empty bank account to await the day I use the cash within for a down payment on a store. If you're interested, you can contact me by email. 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