NBA Courtside 2002 General FAQ Written by ProtoDude and RoyalEclipseKing ======================================================================= Table of Contents A. Introduction B. Version Updates C. Reviews D. Game Menus and Controls E. Modes of Gameplay F. Teams and Team Stats G. Players and Player Stats H. Offensive Plays and Strategies I. Defensive Sets and Strategies J. Scenarios K. Legal ======================================================================= A. Introduction-This FAQ for NBA Courtside 2002 on Gamecube will break down the basics of the game, giving insight on how to call plays, read defense, watch for picks while on defense, and picking the right team. ======================================================================= B. Version Updates -Version 1.0 1/27/02-FAQ written. ======================================================================= C. Reviews Review by Protodude- When NBA Courtside was originally released one the N64 it had some Stiff competition with NBA Live and NBA Jam. Even up against the Established franchises Courtside was a Player's Chioce million seller. Left Field Productions decided to give gamers more of the great basketball action with Courtside 2. All the good stayed and all the bad was replaced with more of the good stuff. Now Nintendo's new system get it's own dose of Courtside and the newest addition, NBA Courtside 2002 is one top-notch baller. Beautiful graphics, realistic AI, complete roster, smooth player animations, a variety of moves and jukes, and plenty of options all contribute to make this a great game. Take your favorite team to the NBA Finals, smoke your friends in some sweet street ball, or kick back with a three-point contest. Amazingly, even though all saves take up only 7 blocks on your memory card, all season stats, game scores, and created players are saved. The graphics are some of the best in any basketball game. Ultra -realistic facial scanning makes every player look so much like the real guy, you might forget it's a game(but probably not). Silky smooth motioned captured player animations and a solid 60fps framerate bring the action to new levels of realism. Players on the sidelines move around and when you want to make some subs at the next whistle, your players will get up and go to the scorer's table. Even the crowd moves in a somewhat realistic manner, standing up and clapping after a big play. The only drawback is some transitions from one move's animation to the next are awkward. Graphics-10 The controls are also very sharp. GC's controller puts more functions in less buttons giving you complete control on exactly what jukes, spins, cross-overs, shots and defensive moves you want to. Control-10 The sound is on of the games weak points. The somewhat comical announcing(for about 10 minutes) makes you want to scream. The two announcers seem to be more into commenting about each other's comments than moving onto the next play. The crowd on the other hand has been done much better though. Cheering for the home team, booing the visitors. Sound-6 Courtside has so much to do that you'll be playing it for a while to come. Complete seasons will last for a long time, not getting boring, but keeping you working for that NBA title. In between season games you can take a break with a solid version of 3 on 3 street ball. Three point contests and and Practice mode allow you to perfect your skills. Lasting appeal-9 Just because Courtside is the only basketball game on the Gamecube Market doesn't mean it can't compete with other systems. It does a great job competing with the veteran b-ball games. If you're a basketball fan you owe it to yourself to pick this up today. ======================================================================= D. Game menus and controls 1. Main Menu a. Quick Play -Team Selection Menu b. Arcade Mode -Team Selection Menu c. NBA Season Play - d. Skills Mode e. Create A Player f. Update Rosters 2. Options -Difficulty-Easy/Normal/Hard -Quarter Length-3/5/9/12 -Foul Outs-On/Off -Defensive Fouls-Off/Low/Medium/High -Offensive Fouls-Off/Low/Medium/High -3 Sec. In the Key-On/Off -5 Sec. Inbounds-On/Off -8 Sec. Half Court-On/Off -Shot Clock-On/Off -Backcourt-On/Off -5 Sec Backdown-On/Off -Goaltending-On/Off -Out-of-Bounds-On/Off -Injuries-On/Off -Fatigue-On/Off 3. Preferences -Game Speed-Slow/Normal/Fast -SFX Volume-Set the SFX Volume -Commentary Volume-Set the announcer Volume -Music Volume-Set the music Volume -Ambient Volume-Set the stadium and crowd Volume -Audio Output-Mono/Stereo/Surround -Rumble-On/Off -Score and Clock Display-On/Off -Statistical Updates-On/Off -C-Stick Pass Trigger-Press/Release -Pass Indicator-On/Off -Arcade Mode Hotspots- 4. Pause Menu -Call Time-out-Call a Time-Out -Instant Replay-View the last 10 seconds of play -Camera Controls-Press/Sideline/Behind/Overhead/Zoom Press -Controller Setup-Pick which team to play on -Game Settings- -Options -Preferences -Stats-Team/Player Stats -Strategy -Injuries -Substitutions -Exit Game 3. Controls Note: L can be depressed with two amounts of pressure. I will say "1/2 L" when you should depress it without "clicking" it and "Full L" when you should press it down all the way. a. Defense -A: Jump for rebound/Block shot -B: Attempt steal -X: Switch to player closest to the basket -Y: Switch to player closest to the ball -R: Defensive stance/Box out(when a shot goes up) -C-Stick: Cycle through defensive players -Start/Pause: Pause b. Offense -A: Shoot/Pump fake(tap A) -B: Pass -X: Crossover -Y: Through-the-legs crossover -Y+ 1/2 L: Behind-the-back crossover -Y+ Full L: Spin move -C-Stick: Pass in the direction pressed -Z: Double team the man with the ball -Start/Pause: Pause ======================================================================= E. Modes of Game Play 1. Quick Play 2. Arcade Mode 3. NBA Season Play -Season -Playoff 4. Skills Mode -3-Point Contest -Practice Mode 5. Create a Player 6. Update Rosters -Trade -Sign -Release ======================================================================= F. Teams and Team Stats Offense Defense Overall 1.Atlanta Hawks 75 86 76 2.Boston Celtics 85 81 81 3.Charlotte Hornets 77 97 87 4.Chicago Bulls 72 82 72 5.Cleveland Cavaliers 79 84 78 6.Dallas Mavericks 97 85 95 7.Denver Nuggets 90 74 82 8.Detroit Pistons 88 77 80 9.G. State Warriors 81 72 73 10.Houston Rockets 92 91 86 11.Indiana Pacers 82 92 83 12.LA Clippers 80 90 79 13.LA Lakers 98 95 98 14.Memphis Grizzlies 76 75 75 15.Miami Heat 74 99 92 16.Milwaukee Bucks 99 80 94 17.Minnesota T-Wolves 94 87 88 18.New Jersey Nets 78 79 77 19.New York Knicks 73 90 90 20.Orlando Magic 95 83 84 21.Philadelphia 76ers 86 96 99 22.Phoenix Suns 84 94 93 23.Portland Trailblazers 87 95 91 24.Sacramento Kings 98 88 97 25.San Antonio Spurs 89 98 95 26.Seattle Sonics 95 76 86 27.Toronto Raptors 96 89 89 28.Utah Jazz 91 93 96 29.Washinton Wizards 90 80 85 ======================================================================= G. Players and Player Stats Coming Soon... ======================================================================= H. Offensive Plays and Strategies 1.Perimeter-Either 4 players spread out around the perimeter and your center is left alone or 3 players are outside and two are on the low blocks. If 4 players are outside, work the ball around the perimeter for a 3 or dish to your center for a one-on-one lane to the basket. 2.Box-Your players spread to the four corners of the court with your point guard at the top. Look for a mismatch to send your center to the hoop. 3.Motion-Your players spread the floor continuously, setting picks and making cuts to the basket. Look for a good pick or a slower defensive player and dish the ball to the open man. 4.Outside Triangle-Two perimeter players and 1 post player make up this triangle. Look for mismatches or double teams. If your post man is guarded by a smaller player, get it to him. If he gets the ball and is double teamed, pass the ball back outside for an open 3. 5.Inside Triangle-Made up of 2 post players and 1 perimeter player. It relies heavily on a bad post match up. If there isn't one call for a pick with your perimeter player and drive to the rim. 6.Isolation-Your players spread to the court's 4 corners leaving your point guard 1-on-1 with a defender. If you have a good point guard, this is your play. Crossover and take it to the rim. Also sometimes 3 players go to one side leaving your center open on the other side. Get him the ball and back up the defender for a shot. 7.High Post-Your number 1 post player, most of the time the center, plays the high post. Get him the ball. If you see a good cut, get the ball to the cutter for an open lane to the basket. If not, back up the defender with your big man to get close to the rim and shoot. 8.Low Post-Your number 1 post player will play the low post. If you have a great post player like Shaq or Mourning, this is your play. You'll already be close to the basket with them so back the defender down and shoot or dunk the ball. ======================================================================= I. Defensive Sets and Strategies Coming Soon... ======================================================================= J. Scenarios Coming soon... ======================================================================= K. Legal This document Copyright 2002 Protodude and RoyalEclipseKing. All credit must be given if it is used.</p>