Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside FAQ v. 1.0 Paolo Magayon ( July 2, 1998 Contents 1. Introduction 2. Controls A. General B. Offense a. Offensive Sets C. Defense 3. Team Breakdowns A. Sonics B. Lakers C. Jazz D. Pacers E. Bulls 4. Team Rankings 5. Cheats and Codes A. Alley-Oop B. Replay the Replay C. Replay Glitch D. Hidden Teams E. Disco Floor F. Big Head Code G. Fadeaway Jumper H. Hang on Rim I. Jump Pass 6. Strategies 7. Multiplayer Tips 8. Notes 1. Introduction Okay, this is the first FAQ I've written, so bear with me. Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside is about the best N64 basketball game out right now, surpassing NBA in the Zone '98 and NBA Hangtime. Up to four players could play simultaneously. You could call your offensive set, set your own picks, do alley-oops, and knock down some threes. 2. Controls A. General Moving players Control stick. Jump ball B when the ball is in the air. Turbo Press Z for a burst of speed. The energy bar shows how much energy the player has. The Energy bar will gradually regenerate while not in use. Pause Start. Press Start again to get back in the game. B. Offense Inbound pass Use the control stick to move the player cursor (four small arrows) to the player you want to pass to and press A. Normal pass Same as inbound pass. Position pass Press R and Z simultaneously to activate the passing icons. Each player has an assigned icon. Just press the button that go with the player to whom you want to pass to. Pick up dribble Press B. Shooting Hold the B button to jump; release it to shoot. Dunks/Finger rolls These are performed by heading towards the hoop and pressing B. Post Moves Get the ball handler in the key and hold R for the protection dribble and pressing B to shoot. Pump Fake Press B. Pivot After your player stops after a pump fake, or if you picked up your dribble, use the Control Stick to pivot. Protection Dribble Hold R. Roll to hoop Hold the R button and back down a defender. Hold the control stick towards the hoop and release the R button. Your success rate is based on your player's rating and the defender's defensive ability. Special Moves Press C-Left while you are moving to perform a special dribble. You are limited by the energy bar to the number of special moves you can perform. Post Pass Press C-Up to pass to the player closest to the hoop. Set Pick Press the C-Right button to have one of your players set a pick. You'll set a pick yourself if you're in multiplayer. Hand Switch Press the C-Down button while moving to switch the ball to the other hand; if you are stationary you will do a crossover dribble. Spin Move Press R to do a spin move. a. Offensive Sets Use the control pad with/without the L button to choose an offensive set: Up Box Down Low Post Left Perimeter Right High Post L + Up Motion Down Outside Tri. Left Isolation Right Inside Tri. More detail is coming soon. C. Defense Jumping Jumping lessens a shooter's accuracy and sets up blocking shots. Rebounds Press B to rebound. Blocking Shots Use the B button to block shots. Releasing the button at the same time the shooter releases the ball increases your chances of blocking the shot. Stealing Press A when your energy is available to attempt a steal. The energy bar limits you the number of steals you can perform consecutively. Defensive Shuffle Hold the R button. If you hold R then point away from the hoop, you'll run backwards. Intentional Foul Press C-Right. DO NOT foul someone without the ball, this will be called a flagrant foul. Closest to the ball/hoop To switch to the player closest to the ball, press C-Down; to switch to the player closest to the hoop, press C-Up. Box Out C-Left. Free Throws Press B. A hoop will start moving from either the left or right corner. Use the Control Stick to align the fake hoop with the real hoop. It will stop and the shot will be released automatically. Note: It is easier to move the hoop will a good free thrower like Jeff Hornacek than with Shaq. 2. Team Breakdowns I only have the team breakdowns for the "best" teams. A. Sonics Best: Shooters Dale Ellis Detlef Schrempf Hersey Hawkins Gary Payton 3 Pointers Dale Ellis Hersey Hawkins Sam Perkins Detlef Schrempf Gary Payton Low Post and High Post Jim McIlvaine Vin Baker Detlef Schrempf Rebounding Vin Baker Aaron Williams Jerome Kersey Detlef Schrempf Stealing Gary Payton Jerome Kersey Hersey Hawkins Greg Anthony Nate McMillian Blocking Jim McIlvaine Aaron Williams Vin Baker B. Lakers Best: Shooters Rick Fox Nick Van Exel Eddie Jones Derek Fisher 3 Pointers Rick Fox Nick Van Exel Eddie Jones Derek Fisher Low Post and High Post Shaq Elden Campbell Rebounding Shaq Corie Blount Sean Rooks Elden Campbell Steals Eddie Jones Rick Fox Derek Fisher Blocks Shaq Elden Campbell Robert Horry Sean Rooks C. Jazz Best: Shooters Jeff Hornacek John Stockton 3 Pointers Jeff Hornacek John Stockton Low Post and High Post Karl Malone Shandon Anderson Rebounding Karl Malone Greg Ostertag Adam Keefe Antoine Carr Greg Foster Steals John Stockton Bryon Russel Karl Malone Blocks Greg Ostertag Greg Foster D. Pacers Best: Shooters Reggie Miller Chris Mullin Fred Hoiburg 3 Pointers Reggie Miller Chris Mullin Fred Hoiburg Low Post and High Post Rik Smits Dale Davis Antonio Davis Rebounding Antonio Davis Dale Davis Rik Smits Steals Travis Best Chris Mullin Mark Jackson Blocks Rik Smits Dale Davis Antonio Davis E. Bulls Best: Shooters Scottie Pippen Steve Kerr Roster Player 3 Pointers Steve Kerr Scottie Pippen Toni Kukoc David Vaughn Scott Burrell Low Post and High Post Luc Longley Scottie Pippen Rebounding Dennis Rodman Luc Longley David Vaughn Steals Scottie Pippen Randy Brown Ron Harper Blocks Dennis Rodman Luc Longley Bill Wennington 3. Team Rankings 1. Sonics 11. Knicks 21. Kings 2. Lakers 12. Hornets 22. Magic 3. Jazz 13. Wizards 23. Grizzlies 4. Blazers 14. Spurs 24. Clippers 5. Heat 15. T'Wolves 25. 76ers 6. Pacers 16. Nets 26. Raptors 7. Bulls 17. Celtics 27. Warriors 8. Hawks 18. Bucks 28. Nuggets 9. Suns 19. Cavs 29. Mavericks 10. Rockets 20. Pistons 4. Cheats and Codes Alley-Oop Make sure there is an open player with a free lane to the hoop. Press C-Up. The other player will do an alley-oop. Replay the Replay In the special cameras in preferences, select replays. After a block, goal tend, lay-up, dunk, or three, it will show a replay. After that is done, press B and Z repeatedly. Replay Glitch After a dunk, substitute the person who made the dunk with someone else. Then replay. Hidden Teams Hold L and select Pre-Season, Season, or Playoffs. Three new teams under Special will appear. They are Left Field, Nintendo 2, and N64. Disco Floor Start a game then pause. Press: A, C-Up, Control Pad Down, Control Pad Up, C-Down, R, R, B, C-Right 2X, and Z. You will go into instant replay mode as you enter this code. Big Head Start a game then pause. Press: Control Pad Right 2X, Control Pad Left, R, Z, Start, A, Start, A, Start, Z. Don't worry what happens as you enter the code-just keep pressing the buttons until the sequence is complete. Fadeaway Jumper Press B and hold back on the control stick. Hang on Rim Whenever you do a two handed dunk, hold B to hold the rim longer. Note: If you hold on too long you will get a technical. Jump Pass Press and hold B and press A. 6. Strategies --This will help you a lot. In the pause menu, select Team Settings. Turn Full Court Pressure On, and all defense to High, Yes, Yes. This will set up easier steals. --Stand in the no charge area when the other team is on a fast break. When and if they attempt a lay-up or steal, press B to block the shot. --Set picks often. This will help you to either get an open lane to the hoop, or for a three. --When attempting to steal, don't steal BEHIND the player, go in front. --Don't be a ball hog! --Don't pass a lot on one possession. Chances are that the other team will steal the ball. --Don't always take threes! --Box out during free throws. 7. Multiplayer Tips --Don't be a ball hog! --Turn defense to High, Yes, Yes, and Full Court Pressure On. --Take the open shot! You might make it. --Use some cheats. --Try to block the other teams shots. --Get the rebound! This is really important! --Steal or at least attempt to steal often. --Don't always take threes! --Post-up. --Use Special Moves and the hand switch if your opponent tries to steal. --On a fast break, do the lay-up or dunk instead of a three. --If your opponent always passes to the post, turn off Full Court Pressure. --Try boxing out on a free throw. 8. Notes Okay, the posting date for this is different than the date I finished this due to the time it took Secrets of the Game Sages to process and post my FAQ. Don't worry, I'm working on the Offensive Sets FAQ, and it should be ready in at least a couple days. If you have any questions, comments, or anything else about this FAQ or about Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside, e-mail me at Also, if you use some or all of this content elsewhere, please credit me for the info. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>